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tv   Food For Thought  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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shortage of food clean water and access to health care that's a gun aim has. more than twenty two hundred yemenis have died from cholera since late april the disease continues to spread in what the u.n. has called the world's worst cholera outbreak the international committee of the red cross says yemen now has one million cases. going to got even though it is figures that we did with the u.s. one hundred twenty seven humans. not that good idea yet but no he's an outbreak of these d.v.d.'s why because children have not been vaccinated and we want to know what next more than eighty percent of yemenis can't get food or clean water and lack access to health care and fuel adding to their misery aid groups have struggled to deliver supplies since november that's when the saudi led coalition blocked all ports of entry saying it needed to halt the flow of weapons to the rebel who thiis vowing to international pressure the coalition has allowed some aid
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in but the u.n. says it's still not at the level required to help the more than twenty million people in need a shortage of commercial goods is also driving up prices. the price hike will cost starvation of thousands of people many goods can't enter the market because of the closed airports and ports on the other hand we don't have enough money to buy things not only the people but the whole country struggling to survive more than two and a half years of war has battered the country's infrastructure making the water supply unreliable and yemenis are trapped in a dangerous cycle malnutrition compromises the immune system and cholera exacerbates malnutrition the majority of people can survive cholera if given fluids to rehydrate and antibiotics in extreme cases aid groups are trying to expand access to health care and clean water one giant obstacle remains the war
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natasha going to al-jazeera. cuba's president will stay in power until april that's two months longer than expected raul castro was due to step down in february after elections for a new national assembly but that vote has been pushed back by two months because of the destruction caused by hurricane september in a speech on thursday castro again denied accusations that cuba is behind so-called health attacks against u.s. diplomats working in havana you lost your. in two thousand and seventeen we have been witnesses to is serious and irrational deterioration of relations between the united states and cuba our country is absolutely not responsible for this setback i say again categorically that cuba did not and does not have any responsibility whatsoever with the incidents they have alleged to have affected the health of diplomats accredited persons or other foreign visitors. as
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trainees first naval submarine has been found more than one hundred years after it went missing the eighty one and its thirty five member crew vanished off the coast of papa new guinea in one nine hundred fourteen when the first world war it was the first submarine lost by allies during the war and it's hoped the discovery will shed new light on why it disappeared and over one hundred three years later the thirteenth search has been successful and the only one and the final resting place of the thirty five members of the submarines crew has now been found in over three hundred meters of water this is one of the most significant discoveries in australia's noble maritime history. kuwait will face saudi arabia in the opening match of the gulf cup tournament is being held in kuwait politics of overshadow the event sally and amorality officials left their news conference on thursday after
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taking exception to the presence of cast channels including al-jazeera. reports from kuwait city. this was a political football tournament from the beginning the news conference held on the eve of the gulf cup became a story itself when the saudi and m.r.i. teams that walked out leaving hundreds of media members confused. after a long exchange with the kuwaiti media organizer the reason behind the walkout was revealed the presence of qatar based news channels including al-jazeera. the saudis and him artes are part of a blockade of qatar that's been in force for more than six months they accuse qatar of sponsoring terrorism accusations variant he denies just a few weeks ago it looked like at this year's edition of the gulf cup wouldn't go ahead a tool in saudi arabia and emirates were threatening to boycott the banned neural
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event and in the regions of worth diplomatic crisis in years the gulf crisis saw the competition move from qatar to kuwait. the host nation who were themselves a band from international football by fifa until just two weeks ago they're hoping this story meant will help ease the tension between qatar and its neighbors it's not about for top to bottom think to give them footwork it's something we're going to run sport. for the proportion of teams that they are attached to it again describes how. how how how how how they felt. going to last two weeks and also the last two years this tournament is very close to the kuwaitis hearts they've won the title ten times the first was back in ninety seventy when it began for you know quite where they're sort of the very very.
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very little is very visible this is houston very overly will be. very very afraid to visit history. this is the first official training session for the kuwaiti national team in two years and despite the press conference a drama earlier on the home team are determined that nothing will spoil their party but there will be facing a tough challenge as they're getting ready to face the only team that is qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup. a sixty thousand capacity crowd is expected that the opening ceremony on friday including the fee for president giani in fun tino after two years of football league style the home fans are hoping for some great football action and a fierce contest on the pitch rather than off it. al-jazeera kuwait city. crews president petro publications he has survived an impeachment vote in
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congress over corruption allegations for twelve hours of debates vocations he is accused of receiving an illegal payments from the brazilian construction giant breasts he denies any wrongdoing bret's has been at the center of a massive bribery scandal there's cause political upheaval across latin america find a sanchez has more from lima. this was certainly not the expected outcome for four days now analysts have been saying all along that it was very possible that precedence in two thousand would be removed from office but the main promoter of this impeachment of popular force party did not get was eight votes short of the eighty seven goals needed to impeach the president said about a local teens. in part i think is because one faction of the left wing
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party that have promoted the motion to impeach the president had changed. is changed around in the last few days and now they were saying that this was in fact echo gresham those who are against the president and the other reason i think for these unexpected outcome is that. part of the members of. the party of the popular force party led by people from community abstained from voting at least ten members of her party abstained from voting un special envoy for syria staffan de mistura is joining ongoing talks in context on the eighth round of the so-called asylum a process aimed at ending the conflict began on first day meanwhile russia's parliament has approved the extension of moscow's lease of its naval base in syria for another five decades the united nations says of the sixteen people have died while waiting for a medical evacuation and serious to seize the east and goose
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a region head of the un's humanitarian toss fals for serious as many more will die unless the government stops blocking efforts to bring medical aid to the area yannick land also said he hopes the latest talks in kazakhstan will help bring an end to the obstructions. we are on the humanitarian workers doctors nurses we can. see each place you see. there without permission from those who we see that he is going to pull out just so we rely on the remote and the supposed to see the tension that. was not come. by fix his hair from paris where a news conference is set to begin any moments with asean president mahmoud abbas alongside french president and manual crime we're keeping an eye on that for you it
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comes after the u.n. general assembly has overwhelmingly adopted the resolution rejecting president donald trump's recognition of two islam as the capital of israel defying u.s. threats of aid cuts like hanna has more from the nice nations in new york. so the two thirds majority is comfortably reach this vote to were sweeping repudiation of president trumps unilateral action in recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel the result heralded by the apparent isolation of the u.s. delegation in the chamber and the enthusiastic welcome given to the palestinians. whose foreign minister addressed the assembly and insisted that jerusalem would be the capital of a palestinian state mr merrill yom we meet today not because of any animosity towards us but because of its decision which constitutes an aggression on the genuine and natural rights of the palestinian people to the city of jerusalem. the israeli ambassador holding up
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a two thousand year old coin as evidence of israel's claim to the city. it proves the ancient connection of jews to jerusalem and togo one dearest sent guatemala to join the six nations that had voted against a similar resolution affirming jerusalem status last month has been completed and the number of abstentions increased from nine to thirty five the special ops the result of the threats made by the us to retaliate financially against those who voted in favor this is bullying and this jumble will not bow to the uk it is unethical who think that works and dignity off member states are for sale let me put it in these three we will not be intimidated you can be strong but if this doesn't make you right dismissive u.s. reaction during the turkish foreign minister's speech and the ambassador once again
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adopted a threatening tone in her response the united states will remember the stay in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation we will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the united nations what's there are questions now about the future of u.s. led attempts to renew negotiations particularly as the palestinian leadership insists it will not talk to u.s. representatives in the light of president trump's decision the u.s. ambassador claimed the faute could determine the way in which u.s. citizens view the united nations in reality though the result reflects a global condemnation of president trump his strategy and his policies mike hanna out his era united nations. well we've been seeing protests against israel
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and the u.s. is recognition of jerusalem as its capital and we've got some pictures now of them taking place earlier today in malaysia thousands of people were seen gathered putra a mosque in the country's image of capsular of putrajaya just outside kuala lumpur from a center jeepers act was amongst those attending and addressed the crowds. let's cross over now to malcolm where he's in gaza and malcolm are we seeing palestinians broadly pleased with the reaction to the u.s. is attempts to get global support for jerusalem as israel's capital the globe rejecting that attempt. among political leaders of the different factions yes it's been widely welcomed they've said they welcome it the leader of hamas has said the. u.s. should have paid the international community's will to retract its recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel but for normal people people on the street the
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details of the diplomacy are really what's on their mind struggles of daily life here hard enough and after. decades of failed diplomatic you know peace processes and so on that just haven't changed the circumstances for people here people only engaged to a certain level with you know with the details of what's happening in new york but people here ever since the sixth of december when trump announced the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel that in many minds many people's minds crossed a red line people were very angered and incensed by that and that's why we've seen demonstrations here so much in the last just over two weeks since the six december when that started the prayers in the mosques just around where we are and throughout the gaza strip are just started and political leaders after prayers have called people to attend rallies again today for what they said will be a third day of rage against the statement one of the rallies are going to be held
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here this is organized by the islamic jihad faction they have staged intellect and set up down the street is another one being organized by hamas in the north of gaza to waiting for those prayers to finish and to see how many people are going to come here and see what's going to be said absolutely and meanwhile we've got palestinian president mahmoud abbas in paris waiting for him to speak what is it that palestinians want from the palestinian leader. people very clear that they want the you know the u.s. to retract its statement and. and they believe that jerusalem should be the capital of a future palestinian state that's the almost universally held belief here so what they'll be hoping from their political leaders is that is that they can achieve that and of course it's a big ask it's a tall order but the sense of anger and injustice that the u.s.
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president trumps declaration here is almost universal not seen in the protests over the last two weeks they've been biggest on fridays and waiting to see what's going to happen in that regard later today absolutely because these days of rage malcolm of generally tends to be more sporadic affairs getting a sense that people are now more boids to come out onto the streets as one and be united in their condemnation of the u.s. and israel. in the last two weeks here in gaza people it started with rallies like the one that's planned to be held here when a few thousands of people have gathered there have been speeches and after that few hundreds of people typically have headed towards the border towards the separation wall with israel confronted with the israeli forces there live throwing stones the israelis have retaliated with tear gas and with some live bullets palestinian officials say seven people have been killed dozens injured and hundreds detained in the last couple of weeks of on rest are people are still praying in the mosques
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here just now we're waiting to see if the same thing is going to happen today absolutely ok for the moment malcolm thanks very much change there from gaza. well as we mentioned washington has threatened to cut aid to nations that opposed its actions donald trump had already proposed deep cuts to foreign aid as part of his two thousand and eighteen budget currently egypt is the biggest recipient of u.s. aid behind israel followed by jordan afghanistan and kenya all nine of the top eight recipients after israel voted against the u.s. except for kenya but skipped the meeting but the trumpet ministration could have a difficult time passing for an. eight some programs like the one to egypt are mandated by congress the president can hold up the funding but new legislation to cancel it could face resistance in congress and any major withdrawal of u.s. aid to african countries that took the side of palestinians would further open the door to china which is competing for greater influence on the continent from
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washington d.c. roslyn jordan explains that it may be possible for the trump administration to make good on its threats we're not going to get roseland journal going to go live now to paris where we can see the palestinian president not among. men and women but he's is on his way the palestinian president mahmoud abbas jr to come into that room that was full of waiting journalists accompanied by the french present emanuel mark two to be. addressing. addressing the journalists there which is waiting to see them approaching the podiums this of course the day after the united nations general assembly vote in france joins one hundred twenty eight countries to object the u.s.
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recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital let's go back now to roslyn jordan she can fill in for us while we're waiting for those two leaders to come but it may warm the hearts of conservative republicans and christians here in the united states to hear the u.s. president donald trump in the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley say that there will be financial and perhaps other diplomatic repercussions for countries that voted for a resolution calling on the u.s. to rescind its decision to put its embassy in jerusalem and recognize that city as the ok let's take you back now to paris where mahmoud abbas and emanuel are now in the room addressing journalists. you know different today for your telephone exchanges i would like to trudy sang the press organs your presence here in paris and the brave and truthful. communication that we've hired
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out to the exchanges that i had with the. demo the israeli and palestinian matter was at the heart of our exchanges i told president to pass the right to not approve the decision taken by the us president when that with regard to jerusalem. but it is my support for. a launch of a new policy to have this is sustainable. policy which is vital for the relationship between israel and palestine eighty it can only exist in three and. a policy that we can help. to support on this point i wish to be very clear there is no alternative to the solution of a two state solution and no two states solution without an agreement between the
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two parties on jerusalem lucila over the last few weeks during the meeting in between the local arab league thing on the islamic cooperation and un security council the general assembly prepared assembly of the united nations which is of the palestine. consistent at the heart of the international community palestine is not alone and we will ensure that lives with security sure recognize that this side of. jerusalem as the capital of two states i know today that demonstrations. being carried out and i wish to thank president for his commitment in favor of appeasement right from the start that lee has shown a very great. feeling of responsibility and an appeal for calm france. says all violence and calls is a need for restraint france is
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a friend of palestine and we actually side over the next few months and it will be the last few weeks in new york. which is to pursue. constructive work with israel and that is why you have a few days ago i met the prime minister of israel and i asked him if it was for and courageous with gestures and action. negotiations and the role of france to be at the same time attached to a stable and stability and security in the region the place. and the security and security. for not only through israeli people i asked the israeli prime minister trying to contribute to restart negotiations and i also love him here. the stopping of the settlements that. some
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day and this is to preserve a credible when it's a little horizon this political arising will be felt by the process in progress and which. desiring for reconciliation palestinians we talked about it with the president and i touch a lot of importance to this process and i know the energy that you have expressed to. the current car agreements between fattah and the effort was that. it must be pursued in order to. have the return of palestinian authority and this commitment from peace is only vital in the period before us and once again i renew the call for calm for the responsibility and in particular in the mall holy places at
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a time when important religious. firstly the rest of it is this call for peace is all certainly our desire to maintain hope on all sides to raise a political solution. brought tomorrow that allows a sustainable. peace with regards to the overall israeli palestinian question in front. of you to be mobilized to come to each of the parties to find a. just solution in february. in the past and also. be able to deepen. onto me. agenda i will say i will be in palestine myself in palestine and israel to our exchanges with regard to the peace process on prime minister will also be in the
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region submitted it to the million dollars the second at. seven zero and on this occasion france and palestine will strengthen that links of support and friendship i thank you once again and thank you again mr president mr president for your presence your attendance and thank you for being here thank you. in the name of allah. president. to begin with. i would like to extend. graduations on. both the christmas. and the new year as well as your birthday. and i would like to welcome you in palestine and here twenty eighteen this.
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prospect visit will be a great honor to us would be an opportunity for you to take first hand information . on the developments simply for the reason that you have been and still are. exercising concerted efforts to provide support to the palestinian people at all levels political economical financial. and also. at the state level as a state of france and other public funds and then at the collective level within the european free law and i'd like also to thank you for the thing that took place in the you and the general assembly yesterday this is a living proof that you france. the state of freedom.
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and democracy together with the european union who are backing justice. rightfulness and peace in the middle east ladies and gentlemen i have a really great present drone that following the unilateral decision made by president trump of the united states transferring their. embassy to jerusalem and. as the capital of israel the united states has proven to be. honest. in the peace process and we will no longer accept any measure. by the united states of this unilateral better thing by united states. the united states and isolate itself from them a peace process well. transferring their embassy in.
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jerusalem is a violation of all the international resolution and i believe this is unable to provide just acceptable justifiable solution to the. crisis in the middle east mr president for us to get there with the european union and other friendly states worldwide have invested in building the state institution on the state of palestine as a sovereign state and this has been tested. witnessed by all and each we hope that all the efforts made by yourself and the european union would not be torpedoed and plunged into the unknown as a result of the illegal. settlement activities. of the. occupation forces of israel. its ten g.m.t. you're watching now to zero.


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