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but that. will leave the roads to get close to a dictator the war drums struck an unlikely to be. shut. down. but slow to the sound from what it's news it was the weapon of choice stronger than bullets with such documentary but this time on al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more than one hundred people feared dead after flooding and mudslides hit the southern philippines. also russia warns the u.s. that its decision to provide arms to ukraine will worsen the conflict there. and shop limits on oil imports and a smuggling crackdown the u.n. approves more sanctions against north korea. also urging spanish and caribbean influences the cuban dance company that's taking the cancellation of its u.s. tools in its stride and i'm. new to south american officials.
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on charge of the racketeering in new york. welcome to the news hour more than one hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm time but now most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao dozens of people still missing it has more. flash floods and mudslides brought on by tropical storm tendon the towns of two baad n.p.r. on mindanao island the philippines second largest have been devastated dozens of homes are destroyed and rescue workers fear the number of casualties will rise we really want to go straight no and we're going to figure out. what you have so many people that are really. at the height of the storm winds of up to eighty kilometers an hour uprooted trees and triggered torrents of mud and rock from
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a nearby mountain volunteers are digging with whatever they can to try and recover bodies power cuts and the loss of communication lines have hampered rescue efforts . there i've not iraq and the area is pretty wide it's not just in one province but in several provinces. we are having a hard time communicating why there are areas that may have been. last week forty six people were killed in the central philippines in a similar storm the philippines is hit by around two dozen major cyclons each year on average many of them deadly but mindanao island home to twenty million people is rarely hit the region is still recovering from type which killed more than seven thousand people and affected millions in two thousand and thirteen and while the worst of storm tendon has passed it will take a long time before this area recovers. which is here. well the philippines is one of the most per most prone disaster areas in the world located just above the equator the country faces the western pacific now it's warm waters make it
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a perfect breeding ground for storms more than sixty percent of the population live in coastal areas and this exposes their homes to the worst ways caused by storms as they roll over low lying parts of populated islands and the philippines that lies on the ring of fire a vast area on the edges of the pacific ocean that's vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis well let's get more on this from meteorologist richard anglin and why is this particular storm turn been far worse than the high tech well you would think it would be wouldn't you bear in mind that the previous storm system dropped half a meter of rain you know that much that much rain phenomenal but this system actually drops a lot less and therein lies the problem sailed because the southern part the philippines is more vulnerable than the northern part because they get these storm systems much less frequently because much closer to the equator and usually these things don't get a chance to spin up as frequently of course is what would all assume perhaps that
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climate change or the environment or environmental changes are part of an element within the problem that the philippines faces as well in such a location yeah every single event like this i look for two things climate change element and the very very is is are a human element and there invariably is climate change elements a fact that the waters are warming ocean temperatures are rising and as a result there's more energy available and these storms tend to be more intense. and the other issue of course is the expanding populations of many countries poor countries such as the philippines and in southern areas a lot of the land is given in logging the trees are gone and steady got things like pineapples and anybody's ever seen a pineapple field knows tends to be very weak sunday so easily washed away and the the water simply takes all the land with it so there's the other element of the problem you mention just a moment ago the geography of the country can matter quite a lot north and south can affect how the weather affects it intents and purposes.
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in the philippines do anything can terms of the way that its position does that isn't unique area really can't do much about it situation nowhere getting better in terms of preparations you know communication social media means that people are made more aware of what's going on and you tend to find that that if you like the warnings about better twenty eleven the last big system like this resulted in more than twelve hundred deaths hopefully this will be much much less and that's point because a better warning system is the end of terminal quick spit more storms one way well i've got some weather graphics which will show what's happening so we just have a quick look at those and you can see the whole system there and it is moving away towards the west and it's going about eighteen kilometers about last time i looked so it will continue to move away the situation get better obviously what's fall is still going to work its way down through the rivers but the general situation across the philippines is for a marked improvement we'll see later in the brig for the moment richard thank you
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russia has warned the u.s. is encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev now the u.s. says it will give kiev and hand defensive capabilities to defend against pro russian separatists the conflict in eastern ukraine has claimed more than ten thousand lives and twenty fourteen charlotte palaces more. missile strikes hit a small town in eastern ukraine damaging homes a school and medical clinic just said. ukraine blamed the attack two nights ago on pro russian separatists civilians caught in the middle of the three year long conflict. the us has strongly opposed it cools russian aggression in eastern ukraine blaming russia for violence that has claimed more than ten thousand lives and displaced one point seven million people now it will provide weapons to help ukraine defend itself the state department announcing the
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united states has decided to provide ukraine in hunt's defensive capabilities as part of a if it to help ukraine build its long term defense capacity to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to deter further aggression. report suggests the support package if approved by congress would include anti-tank missiles. u.s. secretary of state ricks to listen has said russia's all keep ation of crimea or say u.s. wants return to ukraine is a may just stumbling block in relations between moscow and washington the issue that stands in the way is you crying. we can have differences in other arenas in syria we can have differences in other areas but winds of one country invades another that is a difference that is hard to look past. or to reconcile and we've made this clear to russia from very beginning that we must address ukraine that saying it stands as
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a single most difficult obstacle to us renormalizing a relationship with russia which we badly would like to do he blamed russia for continuing violence in the dinette screech and today we focus on is ukraine because that's where the level of violence is simply it's risen the shares i and it's up sixty percent we have to bring that to the end and this u.s. defense package appears to be their own. but one military analyst suggested it will do little to help ukraine and as a tactic by trump to show he's not in bed with the russians the truth is that this is not a game changer on the ground in ukraine with a promise now really are just sniper rifles this is not going to change things on the ground in moscow knows that this is not striking fear and the heart of anybody in the defense ministry moscow russia issued a response warning that the u.s. decision will embolden kiev in the conflict and only increase the use of force
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shelob ellis al-jazeera well correspondent to mock him and his life force all washington d.c. bureau and get a question we really can't ask in the moment tom is why is the u.s. decided to ukraine now. well this had this is based on a decision memo that reportedly defense secretary james mattis together with the secretary of state we just heard had been had been. delivered to the president and he had been sitting on it for quite some time and finally made the decision now to approve this this is a package that is as the state department had said is entirely defensive in nature in the sense that these are anti tank missiles reportedly two hundred ten antitank missiles and thirty five launchers. but and prior to that
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there had been approval of sniper equipment which and light weapons but this goes far short of what many people had hoped to see because back in two thousand and fourteen congress had approved had authorized the sale of weapons to the. ukraine government and the obama administration had been sitting on it so what they were looking for was something that could actually for example anti aircraft weaponry and that is not part of this package of course really does change in policy in contrast to the obama era and one wonders whether the opportunity for diplomacy has ended as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned that there was a potential conflict all support of a conflict to regain not territorial behalf of the ukrainians in the offing.
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it's a little premature to say exactly what the policy position of the administration is because rhetoric and actual action are far apart in many instances you'll recall that last year the republican party had modified the their traditional position on ukraine on support for ukraine and and only advocated appropriate assistance but not specifically weapons that could defend themselves against. russian or pro russian actions in the area and so this is in conformance with what we now see as a change in the in the trumpet ministrations acceptance of the general nato position that. that ukraine will require more help but again it's not clear to what extent this will be a ramping up of the tensions in ukraine in actual on the ground in so
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far as so far we can see these this weaponry is defensive in nature we'll see what the russian reaction is late for the moment tameka been there in washington d.c. thanks for your time now the russian president says moscow is not seeking conflict with anyone but will stand up for its interests not to me putin spoke at a conference of the ruling united russia party which has pledged its support to next year's presidential election not putin who is veges as an independent candidate is expected to win that would be his fourth term president. plenty ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including protests continuing ganser over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and no room to move by commuters a manilla rallying against the city's overloaded train system. and coming up with tatiana in small disappointment to host kuwait in the opening match of the gulf cup.
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now the u.n. security council has unanimously passed new sanctions and the latest attempt to force north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and missile programs the resolution put forward by the u.s. includes measures to cut most of pyongyang's petrol imports north korea is already under u.s. u.n. and e.u. sanctions after several nuclear and missile tests occurred this year now the new sanctions will try to cut deliveries of refined petrol products by nearly ninety percent although the koreans working abroad will have to return home within two years they won't be able to send foreign currency back home they'll be a battle the export of north korean goods such as machinery and electrical equipment and there will also be a crackdown on ships smuggling banged goods aimed at preventing the transport of coal and oil mike hanna has more from the u.n.
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. well what has been a sometimes divided year for the security council draws to an end with a display of unity the resolution on north korea tightening sanctions passed unanimously and tighten the sanctions it does there's a massive reduction in the amount of refining the fuel that is north korea would be allowed to import also or trouble bairn an asset freeze on a number of individuals and one entity the north korean army will this resolution followed intense talks between the united states russia and china to ensure that all were in agreement with the text today for the tenth time this council stand united against a north korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace the camera seen continues to defy the resolutions of this council the norms of civilized behavior and the patience of the international community their arrogance and hostility to anything
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productive has set their country on a destructive path the resolution also did not rule out dialogue committing members to pursuing the six party talks north korea south korea japan the u.s. russia and china coming together in some form of dialogue the u.s. still insisting though that there must be a sustained to say sion of north korean missile development before discussions can commence russia and china for their part within the meeting insisting that there should be some kind of quid pro quo shown by south korea and the u.s. perhaps suspending their ongoing joint military exercises nonetheless the security council coming to agreement a unanimous vote at the end of the year the whole slew has more from seoul. south korea says it welcomes this latest round of sanctions calling it's an indication the world will not tolerate north korea's nuclear development program relations
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between the two koreas are at their lowest point in decades previous south korean administrations have taken a more hardline approach when it came to dealing with north korea but president in who came into office in may leans more towards the liberal side so he's stressing dialogue as the way forward now south korea is also due to host the winter of the pits in february and it's keen to not do anything to heighten tensions on the korean peninsula ticket sales for the event have so far been slow with concerns that the the security situation is keeping spectators away so while south korea supports international pressure on north korea in the form of sanctions it says dialogue has to be the way forward now how is this north korea likely to respond to this latest round of sanctions while in the past north korea's previously third that sanctions will only have the effect of hardening its resolve and accelerating its nuclear program in august when the un s.c. when the u.n.
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security council voted to ban north korean exports of coal i n n seafood among other things it responded with testing a hydrogen bomb in september when the u.n. security council passed another round of sanctions in september north korea launched a missile test in november and we haven't yet had any official reaction from north korea but we can expect a statement perhaps in a day or two put out through official state media we can also expect to hear from north korean leader kim jong un himself who's made it a tradition to deliver a new year's day speech. there's a new leader. has named the former army chief as one of the two vice presidents constantine urchin wenger led the coup last month which ended robert mugabe's thirty seven year long grip on power the new president has already appointed several senior army officials to his cabinet since he took office on november the twenty fourth in liberia former football star george ways c.d.c.
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party is holding a major rally ahead of the presidential runoff vote next week where faces vice president joseph in choose days vote which had been delayed for weeks due to a court challenge though the first round was held on october the tenth but results were challenged by the third placed candidate to alleged fraud and irregularities the top court they to dismiss those claims and gave the go ahead for the runoff vote let's cross over now to mohammed al in monrovia where people are gathered ahead of that rally of course in the days after that first round of voting mohammed there was that real concern that the runoff could be indefinitely delayed after that candidate took to the high court and how has that changed the mood of the electorate and those attending the rally where you are. well yes. the some old goals thirty i'm here in monrovia where supporters overjoyed to we is coalition for democratic change. for his final rally
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in hunting for votes in the final hours of the company and peter which comes to an end tonight now. just days ago it was. whether these election runoff could actually take place. there was a legation so freudian the fuss round raised by both the candidate who came also joseph was the current vice president of liberia and candidate for the unity party of president ellen sirleaf joined some as she hasn't given her blessing to walk i used to running actually she's supporting me where underwear seems to be very popular with the use. up to sixty plus some thoughtful solution of this country that's largely because there is a lot of poverty here and he comes from a very poor background we're actually. i grew up in one of the slums of
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monrovia so he's trying to again us much support telling his supporters to come out in large numbers have been bowl it will be just a day after christmas that the vaulting will take place so just the mud rush for the final votes. much as they can take the vice president is campaigning in rural liberia today we're into the final hours of really the official campaigning. i mean what was your sense on the ground about how the candidates of at least speed able to put their policies and ideas forward for their support base. also while these elections are important in every way you look at them. since to my nine hundred forty two full there has been no peaceful handover of power here in liberia and these elections if successful would mark but they're not just about the
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bells though about the my the needs of the people of this country one of the poorest in the world the roads infrastructure clean water and health care as well as education which all these candidates at the two candidates have been promising to address. is going to father saying he will bring about change and he's going to create jobs pull the youth block i sees himself as the natural transition candidate he says he has served on the ellen johnson sirleaf for the last movie is and he's the perfect man for the place and we should see what happens certainly in the coming hours and days of that vote for the moment thank you. now three palestinians have died in the past two days after being shot by israeli forces a total of fourteen have been killed since protests began over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is the third weekend of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territory against
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a move welcome possible from gaza. this. mass in. the. people to die in the. declaration on the six of the seven by the jerusalem will be recognized by the west was the guy who may say. he was among the protesters here for three fridays it was the guns who were subpoenaed always one of the friends in the movement surrounds gaza to demonstrate that trying to pounce palestinian flags. and upright justice each friday have been met with some gunfire. back by the israelis. the stuff in the jerusalem deserve sekret fires from our people and we confirm that it's our eternal capital and that neither travelling or anyone else can change that our
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people will continue fighting for our rights until we stablish our independent state of palestine with jerusalem as the capital of photos and they are some of. it's normal for the political factions and the wings to sponsor the funerals of the people that are being killed in the protests this one sponsored by the armed wing of. the no opportunities lost to make a political statement and a show of strength. the ministry about says mood and ten people are being killed since the onrush began and no need of the repository infractions of course for the price s. to continue speaking just a short while ago here in gaza the leader of hamas. i was the palestinian resistance in there was on side so there's no sign of any of the political factions getting up anytime soon. though the wall street journal reports
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that saudi arabia's government is demanding six billion dollars to release prince albert will lead the bin talal from detention in riyadh and he's one of a dozens of high ranking government officials and businessmen rounded up last month in what's being called an anti corruption crackdown now the pool says the required some is one of the highest financial settlements demanded from the people under arrest. well to brazil now where abortion is illegal but exceptions are being made in the case of rape or if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother now a congressional committee has voted in favor of constitutional change that could remove those options as john holmes reports from received he it would leave brazil with one of the most restrictive abortion laws in south america. cool her emilia she suffered a double horror first rape and then discovering the child she carried was missing part of its brain. in her country brazil abortion is illegal but exceptions are
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made for extreme brain damage danger to the mother to life and in the case of sexual violence. that men emilia could terminate her pregnancy legally in a public health facility when i was really glad i found this place i was desperate i didn't know what to do here is more than the place for abortion is for women who suffered sexual violence they welcomed me not only with treatment but also with psychological help i'm still on the treatment because it's not at all easy. that could now be under threat brazil's influential bloc could be done jellicoe congress people are leading a push to amend the country's constitution they want to add that life begins at conception it's a counterattack against a proposal put to the supreme court by politicians and public prosecutors to allow all abortion up to twelve weeks. for us including this line in the proposal is
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a preventative measure because those people will try to discuss legalizing abortion they can't stop talking about it. but the pro-life politicians are not just playing defense defining life as starting from conception could alter matic lee make any abortion illegal. at the moment there are units like this one at least in brazil cities which offer women the chance to get an abortion under a very exceptional set of circumstances but if the constitution is changed then even women who have been raped or his pregnancy is in danger in their own life might be out of options that has government health professionals the plea worried yes that you know that if congress approves this changed. we foresee that women will look to kindest on abortion it's increasing their chances of dying the number of deaths related to illegal abortion in brazil a high already and if the cases that are now loud in the country become illegal we're looking at an epidemic. the majority of brazilian simply don't see the issue
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that way in a deeply religious country many consider life as sacred under any circumstance so congress is due to vote on the proposed amendment to the constitution this february it will need a two thirds majority in both houses to pass those on both sides of the debate holding their breath for what comes next john homan out does he had a receipt. well it's time for the weather here's richard with the very latest really intended yes us right thoughts how we start by summer look at the difference team tembin and the previous storm system which of course was kind time when across the central part of the philippines not an unusual occurrence it dropped a vast amount of rain because actually went very slowly for much of the time is less than walking pace ten minutes a very different piece this one started much further south and this part of the philippines is between six and nine degrees north of the quite as is not much spin
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to get these systems go which makes it quite rare but once every twelve years or so we see a storm system going across that part of the philippines so the region isn't really used to these sort of systems when they do us in the previous one washee two thousand and eleven we had twelve hundred people killed so in some ways things have improved probably because of social media i spend the warnings come out to people more readily well the massive cloud is a moving away agency from mindanao certainly across palawan island as we speak and it continues to move away still go out a fairly decent pace i'm pleased to say at least as far as the philippines is concerned so sustainment one hundred ten cape m.h. moving westerly at twenty k. in may so that's a good pace good for the philippines not so good for the far south of vietnam or in the mekong delta because in the coming twenty four to forty eight hours that system we heading there is light to do some flooding rain across those southern parts of vietnam. thanks richard well still ahead here on al-jazeera. delays all refugees
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waiting to reunite with their families in germany. and in sports the biggest game in football is underway tatyana we'll have the latest. on the surgery was scarred. shattered monument towards destructor powers. there's amid the ruins the defiance to resist. i'm strong survive. people in power investigate charges suburb of damascus refuse to crumble under the might of assets only. part two of this time. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our
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audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tab that they're on their computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into the true media network. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera you saw from doha so ho robin these are all top stories more than one hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by a tropical storm to have been most of the key. he's won the island of mindanao. and id percent cut in pyongyang's petrol product imports and workers abroad to be sent
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home these are the highlights of the latest u.n. sanctions aimed at forcing north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and missile program also russia has warned the u.s. that it's encouraging the bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev now the u.s. says it will give here and hans defensive capabilities to defend against a pro russian separatists. as twenty seventeen is approaching its end looking back at some of the biggest stories of the eyes of five families caught up in the in the first episode we talk to a family of refugees waiting to reunite with their relatives in germany lansley reports now from northern greece compared to the squalor of the camps on the greek islands refugee life on the edge of this lake in north increase looks bearable because earl is desperate with worry she lives here with her youngest son and her husband her oldest boy mahmoud is in germany with his nine year old brother. hasn't
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seen them for two years and the best she can do is see their faces on her phone my son every time he get away with their with phone or when he talked with me he got a man when did you come to any but it's very difficult. because i'll fly in iraq four years ago but it was overrun by i still and our family has been on the move ever since two years of camps in turkey before she got to the greek islands then it was athens it to many on the macedonian border the notorious picture camp on mount olympus and now here mahmoud had left them and has begun to build his own life in germany both he and his brother are in school but as he says he's having to be a parent as well as a brother. because it has all the papers she needs to be in germany as well but she isn't and is tormenting her it's not the right for the government government jet money it's not right there where the where there where did that. humans
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where we don't see the children in every every detail didn't get i didn't feel but i don't know why they stopped it. so this is where the new german politics is collided with the legal rights of refugees under pressure from the far right germany clamp down hard on his previously liberal policy of reunifying families during coalition the kosi asians right wing parties were demanding big caps on refugee numbers refugee aid groups say people have been promised they could leave greece and now not sure if they ever will i have the cases also fathers with children and the mother is in germany and the girls charlotte teenagers and they really need their mothers and they cannot go and the father really puts great therefore it's to support the children but still
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it's not enough because art isn't alone in her camp there are more than one hundred years e.g. women and children all with families already in germany if palin wanted to be efficient it could stick them on a plane tomorrow but politics has got in the way lawrence with al-jazeera and their appeal in the air refugee camp not increase the u.n. has flown around one hundred sixty african refugees stranded in libya to italy the group includes many women and children they were evacuated after vice groups condemned the libyan detention centers as inhumane and other flight is expected to bring more people later. now a u.s. government program that provides vital health care support to millions of children from low income families has got a temporary reprieve funding for the children's health insurance program lapsed at the end of september congress approved a short term injection of funds on thursday but it still leaves the most vulnerable families facing an uncertain future as kristen salumi reports from new york. a last
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minute infusion of cash from congress will get providers like the ryan community health center in new york through the holiday season here seventy five percent of patients rely on some form of government subsidized health insurance money but medicaid covers the poorest families while the children's health insurance program provides affordable care for parents who make more money but still not enough for private insurance congress has not been able to agree on a long term funding plan for chip just one of many uncertainties hanging over parents not only do we have problems with chip we have problems with community health centers not getting funded and that's that if we don't get the funding for that we know we're going to have to cut costs probably services as well the staff the umbilical hernia is getting smaller so i don't i don't think so a loss of services is a worry for sewell role who works in retail and could purchase insurance through his employer but doesn't earn enough to cover his one year old son disappointed because if that happens what were we going to do. nationwide nine million
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children get their medical coverage through the children's health insurance program known as chip how the program is administered varies from state to state but one thing is universal and that is the need for affordable coverage it's an incredibly important program for you know families who are oftentimes in transition maybe they've lost a job or they've gained a new job or divorce death of a family all those sorts of things can cause the need for children to enroll in the chip program and if the safety nets not there a lot of families just don't know what they'll do late night t.v. host and father jimmy kimmel sprang into action when some states warned they'd have to end coverage in january i've had enough of this i don't know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children in response to the public outcry congress provided a short term. fix but with republicans and democrats still at odds about the future
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of health care in the united states the big decisions have been left for the new year christian salumi al jazeera new york. let's go back to one of our top stories the u.s. decision to sell what it calls and hands defensive weapons to ukraine i'm joined now from our moscow bureau by dmitri babbitt she's a political analyst than sputnik international good to have you with us mr babich on the program again now this admission of support does increase the tension between the two countries is it also raises specter of a potential clash on the ground in eastern ukraine you are absolutely right i mean for now the reports are unconfirmed there was just a report in their source sheet of brass siding and more numerous washington sources saying that the states said in a tank weapons germany sales to their ukrainian regime or our share has
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warned me at times that this would lead to an escalation of tensions because ten thousand people already died in this conflict most of them ethnic russians similia and so even in the east of ukraine people there have been deprived all of our money supplies or food or water you know they don't get anything from ukraine so they're prepared to fight and they may acquire weapons there toward at least equal their job and that the ukrainian. army might get from the united states in terms of the tentative peace that is there at the moment or the cease fire such a guest earlier on al-jazeera suggested that russia has nothing to worry about it's the defensive capability is just symbolic to please the whole politicians in both kiev and washington d.c. would you agree with that it's just a symbolic gesture and that russia has nothing to worry about. well i don't think
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it's a symbolic gesture because those and sort of people have already died in the last. five or six months you know the dividing line between the rebels in the east and they are grainy and i mean this is a very very thin line where the fire exchanges almost every day people are dying and don't forget that russia considers these people its people you know they're russians they have been raised in the soviet union they went to the same school with us they watched the same television for many years we can see the citizens of the same country so it's going to be taken very badly in russia as for their symbolic amount of aid i don't think it's symbolic in december mr trump agreed to the quandary suggestion to allocate three hundred fifty million dollars water or weapons for ukraine you can imagine how many people you can kill for three hundred
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fifty million dollars it seems that it is escalating we got a statement from the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman he says maria maria is eric over she says arming ukraine about her group claimed tensions and pushing ukraine towards reckless new military decisions is this going to become a serious election issue for mr putin as we head towards twenty eighteen and a potential fourth term. well it can only enhance belgians chances because people in russia at least the majority the vast majority of the people they support his decision to get grainier back to russia a vast majority of russians concede. a russian territory you know it has been taken by russia back in the eighteenth century a from more than one turkey so the same is right about donbass where most of the population are ethnic russians russians were just meet by the hour stint of
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president jiang of korea which was not peace for it was very violent it continued it was a continuous wire and see in the center of here for five months so ear for there is an inflammation of tension civil war only increased chances or winning this election it will certainly not deal with walter his reputation where we should see what does a for the moment to be two ballots in our moscow bureau thanks very much for joining us again on the program so. if you go to france now where the french president manuel bakrie has paid tribute to the five hundred french troops stationed in the west african nation of new share and he says the g. five the whole force aim to find armed groups and traffickers in the region and is growing and will ensure more security in the future in other sahal fronts is the largest overseas military operation. african forces to take and will probably roll or. because it was that the good i have noticed the growing gateman of the countries of the sahil they are on the front line and it is the alliance of their
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efforts that will ensure their own security. the philippine capital manila how some of the worst traffic congestion in asia but its public well system is also under serious strain despite hundreds of millions of dollars of government investment. reports commuters have just had enough. every morning z. a cruise lines up for over an hour just to get a train ride to work she says this has been her life since she graduated from school three years ago. it takes me three to four hours to get to work going home it takes me around five hours. we took the train ourselves and the experience is overwhelming. more than half a million filipinos take this train every day that's more than doubled the allowed capacity we've spoken to passengers to say the situation is the greeting i the trains the engine died twice they tell us that everything is alright.
4:44 pm
the metro rail transit is the backbone of mandela's transport system it connects the southern part of the city to the northern side of the metropolis and the surrounding provinces. but it is the most illiquid a local study shows glitches and accidents happen at least ten times a week most of it during peak hours like this one. passengers have been filming their experiences videos like these online have gone viral raising fears that it could lead to a serious accident. there marty has always been controversial it has faced allegations of corruption and bad governance senate investigations have led to cases being filed against government officials but none of these appear to have changed much in the early years it was. but
4:45 pm
in the last decade or so it was simple. or. the projects there were serious but they bungled the implement they were looking at all options like. within the next three to six months overhauling all the trains right now probably buying new ones replace the old ones president of the good the third to promises to build new reliance on the so-called build build build program he says his government is ready to spend but transportation experts believe none of these projects will get completed by the time the terror to step down in twenty twenty two. so for the millions of filipinos like the accrues to take the mit every day they hope that change will come. but they accept that it
4:46 pm
probably won't happen any time soon. well still ahead on the news hour install the detroit pistons continue their winning streak in the n.b.a. those details ahead with tatiana if you stay with us here on. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have this brain that good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is right dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. well i think you're. welcome back it's time to support his tuxedo things very much the how to form a south american football officials have been found guilty of multiple charges a corruption herring in the united states the fast trial verdict and
4:48 pm
a probe of wild supports governing body pfieffer gabriel as under reports from new york. joe's a media made in brazil one and hill not a part of why each was a top football official in their country and each has been found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and other charges for their roles in what prosecutors described as schemes where sports marketing companies funneled hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to dozens of football officials it's been called the deep a trial because both men were powerful figures aligned with football's governing body newt was a former head of the south american football federation and was found guilty on three counts but not guilty on two other counts who are disappointed with the verdict as you can expect it is mr not but is going to continue fighting and who exploit our options and strengthening our record to feel better as an expander all very disillusioned. might in the former head of the brazilian football federation
4:49 pm
was found guilty of six of the seven charges against him the fact they weren't found guilty on all the charges indicates the jury at least partially believed the defense arguments that the corruption was part of a larger scheme the men were not fully involved with. both my dean and the puta claimed their innocence and they were the first defendants to stand trial here in new york two years after an early morning hotel raid in switzerland revealed that the us justice department had been investigating widespread corruption within viva more than forty people have been charged in total more than half have pleaded guilty. to trial has implicated major media outlets accused of paying bribes to taint broadcasting rights charges they've denied one former official says a corruption drama highlights how widespread the culture of corruption is a diva and the ongoing need to reform the culture that those days that he's still
4:50 pm
the same one that produced. those instances of corruption and that allowed those people to have the positions of power that the old. prosecutors clearly feel that justice was served this was a complex trial that lasted nearly a month and it took jurors six days of deliberations to reach their verdict but it's not completely over yet the third person man will berger the former head of the proven football federation the jury was unable to reach a verdict on him so they'll be back on tuesday to continue their deliberations gabriels on the al-jazeera new york. defending champion caught up in the gulf cup campaign against yemen later on saturday while iraq will be behind in that a second fixture but it was a disappointing night for five kuwait as they lost their first game to saudi arabia in a tournament is already marked with controversy friday's opening match was no different
4:51 pm
as some hamish records. after weeks of uncertainty the twenty third edition of the golf cup has finally kicked off with the spectacular opening ceremony the presence of a very special guest the president john ensign tino and nearly sixty thousand fans that packed the algebra stadium great city. fans have been counting down to this day ever since fifa lifted the ban few weeks ago they would not get to see their beloved national team taking on saudi arabia as expected the gulf crisis has spilled on to the pitch soggy team were bruised by the fans after their withdrawal from the media conference on thursday. after the game kicked off the saudis silas' the crowd with the first goal of the tournament coming from cell man and machine are in the thirteenth minute we're going to have the o.r.
4:52 pm
on the two thousand and eighty world cup qualifiers a saudi arabia doubled their advice. outage after the break. wait he celebrated their return to international football with the goal to juice the deficit. a little but i could send in the crowd into a frenzy. find a score saudi arabia to kuwait won the gold cup tournament is now up and running this by having just a few weeks to prepare the kuwaiti organizers can now breathe a sigh of relief next up on saturday is defending champions qatar versus yemen. to syria kuwait city well inside a second group a fixture the united arab emirates paid oman one mil a twenty eighth minute penalty was the only goal of that game in the english premier league all snow and liverpool played out an entertaining three or draw on friday liverpool when turned up at the
4:53 pm
emirates thanks to goals from philippe catania and mohamed salah but just office last goal also scored three in four minutes message briefly putting them ahead or better familiar than level to rescue a draw for liverpool i mean cup side stay fourth in the table a point above also but we gave them the open goal for them in these five minutes and i. respect them i took the chance and. the strange game for us everybody thought probably this is the little night and everybody thought of this five minutes most of the night. and we struck back and that's the point. i'm frustrated after the treatment but you can keep. the result but when we went to new say it. was a fantastic game. score two and going forward and to cite a small only company shoots the moon on some test you can
4:54 pm
try a titan pace and that's when it was always an interesting game. all the other eighteen premier league teams are an action later on saturday first place chelsea are already underway against everton and the score there is currently still no no elsewhere league leaders manchester city will try and maintain their unbeaten run against bournemouth and second placement of the united face and leicester. well one of the biggest games in club football has just finished in madrid with boss alone abating real madrid three nil and el classico luis suarez opened the scoring with lennon messi adding a second from the penalty spot after dani cabell sending off a for a handle on the goal line of the doll made sure of the when injury time it means ball for the fourteen points ahead of rail in the league as a title race now finally in the n.b.a. the houston rockets james harden has become the fast player in more than
4:55 pm
a decade to score at least a fifty points in back to back games since kobe bryant laughed at that in two thousand and seven meanwhile the detroit pistons got their fourth straight went on friday with victory over the new york knicks tobias harris scored twenty four points for detroit while andre drummond added eighteen points and fifteen rebounds one hundred four to one hundred one was the final call. and i thought of now more later thousand thanks. now one of the victims of washington's decision to stop issuing travel visas from its embassy in cuba is a unique dance company that is no stranger to restrictions both at home and abroad but lucien even reports from havana and i know all too well the show must go on. it's difficult to put a label on. it's a dance company with very obvious spanish influence. but it's not flamenco. it's much more the in the provocative movements the facial expressions something
4:56 pm
that is in fact very caribbean. this is the least of cuba dance company a work of art and love that began as an experiment in the opinion that miley i learned to dance ballet spanish dance in flamenco and popular cuban dances cha cha cha folklore kong and so on which i adore and the african union dances they have their own specific music and style. and we going down the rivers i wanted to fuse all that into one result a fusion of all those types of dances into one that's what we are a mixture of all this but this fusion style has been receiving brave reviews at home and of performances in more than twenty countries it's the first cuban company in fact to appear in the latin grammys but it's been a struggle but in the could be lending your own when i feel that because of the way
4:57 pm
we started as an independent company many people who control the cuban state institutions don't like it because it's a message that you can flourish in your own. eventually cuba's culture ministry agreed to provide the company a large building. it's allowed to expand her other key project a dance school for nearly fifteen hundred children and adolescents the next generation of police cell phones and dancers the waiting list is long these eight year old practise outside before going into their class knowing they're among the lucky ones. since i was small i wanted to be a dancer i would say mom mom i want to dance let's upon so dance cuba school has two years ago the school. receives the international spotlight award from former u.s. first lady michelle obama. but as always there are challenges the least of which are the handmade costumes in a way these costumes tell the twenty six year old history of this company and that
4:58 pm
includes political obstacles for example the trumpet ministrations recent decision to stop issuing visas from its embassy here in havana has forced the company to cancel planned tours to the united states. alphonso and her husband juan carlos the company's manager take it in stride as they go through their paces prepared to take the rest of the world by storm. to sea and human are just sita have than now. well you people actually i was there news i would be so robyn to back out of the break you stay with us. from toxic milk to fake meat food scandals continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its food moves when he goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in a system geared for profit when you step this time on al-jazeera. this big
4:59 pm
business is replacing humans with robots now who are those birds related to the government's a playing catch up terrified of what happens if millions of jobs cease to exist. but it is the workers whose livelihoods are at stake you have no say. the fourth industrial revolution and what it means for the future of humanity. a series of special reports on al-jazeera. we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if the piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen robert stokes to all disease at this time.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera you are making a point even mounts where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on saying no you will first just wakes up in the morning and say i want to color the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion. line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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one hundred people fed dad after flooding slides hit the.


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