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and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on saying no evil person just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. one hundred people feared dead after flooding and mudslides hit the south of the
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philippines. clubs a lot of you watching all this there along the headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next thirty minutes from russia was the u.s. decision to provide arms to ukraine well worse of the cold like that. also sharp limits on oil imports and a smuggling crackdown the un approves more sanctions against north korea. and protests continuing gaza over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. welcome to the program more than one hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm tembin most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao dozens of people still missing in. flash floods and mudslides brought on by tropical storm
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tembin the towns of two baad n.p.r. mindanao island the philippines second largest have been devastated dozens of homes are destroyed and rescue workers fear the number of casualties will rise. we really want to go straight no and we're going to figure out. what you have so many people that are really. at the height of the storm winds of up to eighty kilometers an hour uprooted trees and triggered torrents of mud and rock from a nearby mountain volunteers are digging with whatever they can to try and recover bodies power cuts and the loss of communication lines have hampered rescue efforts . there out there not iraq and the areas pretty wide yes in one province but in several provinces so we're having a hard time getting communicate why there are areas that may have been. last week forty six people were killed in the central philippines in
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a similar storm the philippines is hit by around two dozen major cyclons each year on average many of them deadly but mindanao island home to twenty million people is where they hit the region is still recovering from type which killed more than seven thousand people and affected millions in two thousand and thirteen and while the worst of storm tendon has passed it will take a long time before this area recovers indios time zero now russia has warned washington it's encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by giving weapons to kill have now the u.s. says it will provide ukraine with enhanced defensive capabilities to defend against pro russian separatists now the conflict has claimed more than ten thousand license twenty fourteen i shall have done this reports. missile strikes hit a small town in eastern ukraine damaging homes a school and medical clinic just said. ukraine blamed the attack two nights ago on pro russian separatists civilians caught in the middle of the three year long
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conflict. the us has strongly opposed to what it cools russian aggression in eastern ukraine blaming russia for violence that has claimed more than ten thousand lives and displaced one point seven million people now it will provide weapons to help ukraine defend itself the state department announcing the united states has decided to provide ukraine in hunt's defensive capabilities as part of a if it to help ukraine build its long term defense capacity to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to deter further aggression. report suggests the support package if approved by congress would include anti-tank missiles. u.s. secretary of state ricks to listen has said russia's all keep ation of crimea or so the u.s. wants return to ukraine is
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a may just stumbling block in relations between moscow and washington the issue that stands in the way is ukraine. we can have differences in other arenas in syria we can have differences in other areas but winds of one country invades another that is a difference that is hard to look past. or to reconcile and we've made this clear to russia from very beginning that we must address ukraine that say it stands as a single most difficult obstacle to us renormalizing a relationship with russia which we badly would like to do he blamed russia for continuing violence in the dinette screech and today we focus on as ukraine because that's where the level of violence is simply it's risen this year as i and it's up sixty percent we have to bring that to an end and this u.s. defense package appears to be their own. but one military analyst suggested it will do little to help ukraine and as
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a tactic by trump to show he's not in bed with the russians the truth is that this is not a game changer on the ground in ukraine with a promise now really are just sniper rifles this is not going to change things on the ground in moscow knows that this is not striking fear and the heart of anybody in the defense ministry moscow russia issued a response warning that the u.s. decision will embolden kiev in the conflict and only increase the use of force shelob ellis al-jazeera now tom a command has more from washington d.c. . this is the first approval of lethal weaponry to the ukraine government from the trump administration and marks a reversal from the position of barack obama who had resisted congressional entreaties to supply the ukrainians nevertheless these are as the administration as the state department explained entirely defensive in nature in the sense that these are antitank missiles and launchers and not for example anti aircraft weapons or or
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tanks for example some kinds of equipment that congressional proponents of more help to the ukraine had had advocated congress has thirty days to approve this sale and it is expected to go through without any kind of opposition or serious opposition here now the russian president says moscow is not seeking cold flicked with anyone but will stand up for its interests a lot of mia putin spoke at a conference of the ruling united russia party which is pledged it supports in next year's presidential election putin who is registered as an independent candidate is expected to win that would be his fourth term as president now the u.n. security council has unanimously passed these sanctions in the latest attempt to force north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and missile programs the resolution put forward by the u.s. includes measures to cut most appealing young petrol imports north korea is already under a u.s. un an e.u.
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sanctions after several nuclear and missile tests this year mike hanna has more from the u.n. . well what has been a sometimes divided year for the security council draws to an end with a display of unity the resolution on north korea tightening sanctions passed unanimously and tighten the sanctions it does there's a massive reduction in the amount of refining the fuel that is north korea would be allowed to import also or trouble barrel an asset freeze on a number of individuals and one entity the north korean army well this resolution followed intense talks between the united states russia and china to ensure that all we're in agreement with the text today for the tenth time this council stand united against a north korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace the camera seen continues to defy the resolutions of this council the norms of civilized behavior and the
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patience of the international community their arrogance and hostility to anything productive has set their country on a destructive path the resolution also did not rule out dialogue committing members to pursuing the six party talks north korea south korea japan the u.s. russia and china coming together in some form of dialogue the u.s. still insisting though that there must be a sustained to say sion of north korean missile development before discussions can commence russia and china for their part within the meeting insisting that there should be some kind of quid pro quo shown by south korea and the u.s. perhaps suspending their ongoing joint military exercises nonetheless the security council coming to agreement a unanimous vote at the end of the year both of your pilot in hong kong has been monitoring china's response. well the fact that china has agreed to that level of
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could cuts and will be transparent about how much oil it's sending north korea is seen as a major change in stance but china's top short of halting all feel supplies beijing's concerned it will lead to a collapse in the regime and as tensions even further something beijing does not want here's the chinese ambassador to the u.n. on new york is continuing to conduct nuclear tests and missile launches in defiance of the universal opposition by the international community all the parties concerned have continued to expand military exercises in scale up their own shows of force the escalation of tension on the peninsula which has reached a point of risking spiraling out of control is not in the interest of any party china's compliance with all these sanctions is possibly the biggest blow to north korea most of the north korean labor outside the country is in china the hard currency they send back supports pyongyang's nuclear ambitions and after the last round of sanctions in september all north korean companies and china will have to
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close in the next few days now with this round of sanctions on north korean workers will have to leave too though they'll have a longer time line pyongyang used to notify beijing in advance before it launched a missile are conducted a nuclear test now not anymore analysts say beijing no longer has the sway it once had over north korea. three palestinians and died in the past two days after being shelled by israeli forces a total of fourteen are being killed since protests began over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is the third weekend of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territory against the move now where it has moved from gaza. this this year to. a bass in was out of the latest people to die in the. declaration on the sixth of december the jerusalem will be recognized by the u.s.
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because they say. he was among the protesters here for three fridays in the way of the gun so where is the better we say all the friends in the movement surrounds was to demonstrate that trying to plant palestinian flags. and the price asked is each friday i've been met with some gunfire. ask right back by the israelis. what's the stuff in the jerusalem deserves sekret fires from our people and we confirm that it's our eternal capital and that and the other tribe nor anyone else can change that our people will continue fighting for our rights until establish our independent state of palestine with jerusalem as the capital of photos and they are some of the books the show. it's normal for the political factions and the wings to sponsor the funerals of the people that are being killed in the protests this one sponsored by
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the armed wing a factor but no opportunity to last to make a political statement and a show of strength. the ministry around says ten people are being killed simply on arrest began and. boston infractions of course for the price to continue speaking just a short while ago. the leader of hamas. the palestinian resistance in the. side said there's no sign of the little factions getting out anytime soon. still ahead here on al-jazeera after months without funding a critical children's health program in the united states gets a temporary reprieve and a new room to move commuters in manila a railing against the city's overloaded trains we'll tell you why straight after the break.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across parts of southern and eastern china and through towards taiwan is generally looking pretty good at the moment for a few showers on the coast of vietnam but nothing on toward hanoi so should be dry and fine and as you move through to monday not a great to change a lot of clouds but it should stay a draw and fine so let's head further towards the west and across south asia where the conditions here generally also fine to see some patchy clouds we've got visibility problems across northern parts of india much as you'd expect at this time of the year small conditions in delhi and elsewhere particular cross the punjab but to find conditions expected we're looking at quite pleasant conditions in chennai though twenty. degrees and we've lost a share of the time being across much of show like of the still chance of some more coming back as we head on through into monday but otherwise looking fine mumbai
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coming in at thirty two degrees celsius across into the arabian peninsula and here in qatar is a beautiful again although we have got problems with early morning mist and folk drifting around the gulf is the time of the year last couple of weeks of december first two weeks of general fog is a myth real issue but does tend to clear enough less elsewhere across the peninsula we have some a cloud across northern areas but it should be fine in mecca here a space in the high of thirty three. that's not the real good while shooting people are not so sure to themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a cult right open a war that the city's security people who pay the price clearly they're right top been prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on
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al-jazeera. welcome back to al-jazeera the whole robin a reminder of our top stories more than one hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm tembin most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao. also a ninety percent cut in pyongyang as petrol product imports and workers abroad to be sent home well these are the highlights of the latest u.n. sanctions aimed at forcing north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and missile programs and russia has warned the u.s.
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it's encouraging the bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev the u.s. there's little give kiev and hands defensive capabilities to defend against pro russian separatists. in liberia former football star george where c.d.c. party is holding a major rally ahead of the presidential runoff vote next week where faces vice president joseph book i choose states face which had been delayed for weeks due to a court challenge now the first trial was held a lot over the tenth but results were challenged by the third placed candidate who alleged fraud and irregularities top court later dismissed those claims and gave the go ahead for the runoff vote. ago has more from the capital monrovia. toward the way of a leading contender for the presidency of liberia is holding his last rally of the some will go to the i'm here in monrovia his supporters governing and he's expected
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to come on addressed them in the coming hours where is a form of into muscle football a form of. international football of the year and he is seen as the man who can bring change to liberia and he's been trying to market himself as such he's popular with the youthful the country form up to sixty percent of the population he got thirty eight percent in the foster round and he's cool. and the only month facing him in the ronald joseph walker is the vice president and has been flies president for the last twelve years under the first female elected leader in africa ellen johnson sirleaf. himself the candidate of transition the man most qualified to replace ellen johnson sirleaf this crucial elections in forty four years it will be the first time there's been a high peaceful handover of power but they're not just about are they also about
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the money and needs of liberians one of the poorest countries in the world. those involved ways the leader i'm assembling has named the former army chief as one of two vice presidents constantine led the coup last month which ended robert mugabe's thirty seven year long grip on power the new president has already appointed several senior army officials to his cabinet since he took office on november the twenty fourth. now the french president manuel micro has told or has paid tribute to five hundred french troops stationed in the west african nation of the share he says the g five the whole force aimed to fight armed groups and traffickers in the region is growing and will enjoy more security in the future. france's largest overseas military operation. was african forces to take a more prominent role because of that again mark i have noticed the growing gaijin of the countries of the sale they are on the front line and it is the alliance of
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their efforts there would ensure their own security. the philippine capital manila some of the worst traffic congestion in asia but its public well system is also under serious strain despite hundreds of millions of dollars of government investment and good reports commuters. every morning z. a cruise lines up for over an hour just to get a train ride to work she says this has been her life since she graduated from school three years ago. it takes me three to four hours to get to work going home it takes me around five hours. we took the train ourselves and the experience is overwhelming. more than half a million filipinos take this train every day that's more than doubled the allowed capacity we've spoken to passengers to say the situation is the greeting i the
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trains the engine died twice they tell us that everything is all right. the metro rail transit is the backbone of mandela's transport system it connects the southern part of the city to the northern side of the metropolis and the surrounding provinces but it is the most illiquid at a local study shows glitches and accidents happen at least ten times a week most of it during peak hours like this one. class passengers have been filming their experiences videos like these online have gone viral raising fears that it could lead to a serious accident. the m r t has always been controversial it has faced allegations of corruption and bad governance senate investigations have led to cases being filed against government officials but none of these appear to have changed much in their early years it was. but
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in the last decade or so it was simple. armature for. the personal projects there were serious but they bungled the implementing were looking at all options like dealing you know within the next three to six months or hauling all the trains are we have right now probably buying new ones that replace the old ones you president of the good to take your promises to build new reliance and the so-called build build build program he says his government is ready to spend the transportation experts believe none of these projects will get completed by the time to tear to steps down in twenty twenty two. so for the millions of filipinos like the crews who take the mit every day they hope that change will come. but they accept that it probably won't happen any time soon.
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again al-jazeera may know. a government program that provides vital health care support to millions of children from low income families in the u.s. has been given a temporary reprieve funding for the children's health insurance program lapse to the end of september congress approved a short term injection of funds on thursday but it still leaves the most vulnerable families facing an uncertain future kristen salumi has more from new york. a last minute infusion of cash from congress will get providers like the ryan community health center in new york through the holiday season here seventy five percent of patients rely on some form of government subsidized health insurance money but medicaid covers the poorest families while the children's health insurance program provides affordable care for parents who make more money but still not enough for private insurance congress has not been able to agree on a long term funding plan for chip just one of many uncertainties hanging over
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parents not only do we have problems with chip we have problems with community health centers not getting funded and that's that if we don't get the funding for that we know we're going to have to cut costs probably services as well the staff the umbilical hernia is getting smaller so i don't i don't think so a loss of services is a worry for sewall roll who works in retail and can purchase insurance through his employer but doesn't earn enough to cover his one year old son disappointed because if that happens what are we going to do. they should wide nine million children get their medical coverage through the children's health insurance program known as chip how the program is administered varies from state to state but one thing is universal and that is the need for affordable coverage it's an incredibly important program for you know families who are oftentimes in transition maybe they've lost a job or they've gained
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a new job or divorce death of the family all those sorts of things can cause the need for children to enroll in the chip program and if the safety nets not there a lot of families just don't know what they'll do late night t.v. host and father jimmy kimmel sprang into action when some states warned they'd have to end coverage in january i've had enough of this i don't know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children in response to the public outcry congress provided a short term fix but with republicans and democrats still at odds about the future of health care in the united states the big decisions have been left for the new year christian salumi al jazeera new york. peru's the president petro public option ski has thanked his supporters after surviving an impeachment vote in congress is accused of receiving illegal payments from the brazilian construction giant bird of arrest he denies any wrongdoing direct has been at the center of
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a massive bribery scandal that's caused a political upheaval across latin america. as a see we can say with calm and pride that our democracy remains standing dignified and strengthened but it all could have ended another way we were very close to travelling down another path that could have been deeply damaging for our political coexistence and our economy was twenty seventeen is approaching its end we'll be looking back at some of the biggest stories through the eyes of five families caught up in the in the first episode we talk to a family of refugees waiting to reunite with their relatives in germany lawrence lee reports an hour from northern greece compared to the squalor of the camps on the greek islands refugee life on the edge of this lake in northern greece looks bearable because earl is desperate with worry she lives here with her youngest son and her husband her oldest boy mahmoud is in germany with his nine year old brother . hasn't seen them for two years and the best she can do is see their faces on her
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phone my son every time he get away with their with phone when he talked with me he got a mom when did you come to me but it's very difficult for me. because i'll fly in iraq four years ago when it was overrun by i still and our family has been on the move ever since two years of camps in turkey before she got to the greek islands then it was athens it to many on the macedonian border the notorious petra camp on mount olympus and now here mahmoud had left them and has begun to build his own life in germany both he and his brother are in school but as he says he's having to be a parent as well as a brother. because it has all the papers she needs to be in germany as well but she isn't and it's tormenting her that's not the right for the government government gena money it's not a lie there where it where there were bad. humans where
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we don't see the tilted in every every detail didn't get i didn't feel so bad i don't know why they stopped it. so this is where the new german politics is collided with the legal rights of refugees under pressure from the far right germany clamped down hard on his previously liberal policy of reunifying families during coalition the kosi asians right wing parties were demanding big caps on refugee numbers refugee aid groups say people had been promised they could leave greece and now not sure if they ever will i have the cases also fathers with children and the mother is in germany and the girls charlotte teenagers and they really need their mothers and they cannot go and the father really puts great they're forced to support the children but still it's not enough because art isn't alone in her camp there are more than
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a hundred years e.g. women and children all with families already in germany if palin wanted to be efficient it could stick them on a plane tomorrow but politics has got in the way lawrence the largest and there are plenty a refugee camp not increase and tomorrow in our one year five family series we'll look at how the economic crisis in venezuela it's had families working for a better future. now the un has flown one hundred sixty african refugees stranded in libya to italy the group includes many women and children they were evacuated after rights groups condemned the libya detention centers as inhumane and the flight is expected to bring more people they to. the new art installation dedicated to the plight of refugees has gone on display at a london church titled suspended the artwork features hundreds of items that belonged to refugees who made it to the greek island of lands boss the clothing shoes and other personal items for a giant chandelier the exhibition is raising money for
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a charity that helps refugees i picked up some of these clothes and was struck by the hidden presence of the way. flecked is on the power of clarence to tell a story to that press. the space x. rocket has lifted off for a mission to upgrade the world's largest satellite network the falcon nine craft was launched from california's vandenberg air base on friday carrying ten new satellites space x. says it's one of the biggest tech upgrades in history but it was this side to the skies over california and arizona that really got people talking the rocket created a light show as it sped through the earth's atmosphere and the star gazers took to social media speculating it was an alien spaceship.
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you're watching al-jazeera homes the whole robin these are our top stories more than one hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm tembin most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao and at least one hundred fifty people are still missing. at ninety percent cotton candy and petrol product imports some workers abroad to be sent home well those are the highlights of the latest u.n. sanctions aimed at forcing north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and the sam programs. russia has war the u.s. is encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev the u.s. says it will give kiev enhance defensive capabilities to defend against pro russian separatists the russian president says moscow is not seeking conflict with anyone but will stand up for its interests but amir putin spoke at a conference of the ruling united russia party which has pledged its support in next year's presidential election putin who is registered as an independent
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candidate is expected to win that will be his fourth term as president. proves president republican has thanked his supporters after surviving an impeachment vote in congress because his skis accused of receiving illegal payments from the brazilian construction giant brett had to be that the center of a massive bribery scandal that's cause political upheaval across latin america. it liberia the former football star george where c.d.c. party is holding a major rally ahead of the presidential runoff next tuesday where faces vice president joseph in the vote which should be delayed for weeks due to a court challenge the first round was held a lot over the tenth but results were challenged by the third placed can did it. saying in africa zimbabwe's new leader airbus about a gag order has named the former army chief as one of his two vice presidents constantine led the coup last month which ended robert mugabe's thirty seven year long grip on power. three palestinians have died two days after being shot by
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israeli forces a total of fourteen have been killed since protests began over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is the third weekend of demonstrations of the occupied palestinian territory gates the move those were the headlines to stay with us up front it's next news has never been more in the label but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera he's the former somali refugee who now serves as kalidas immigration minister under justin trudeau but how good is the canadian government out all record on immigration and asylum issues and what does this muslim minister make of donald trump's muslim band i'll ask that hussein.


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