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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2017 2:00am-3:00am +03

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the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time. at this time on al-jazeera. is god because you can take shining in korea in building full glory. shift your attention to the disaster stricken regions of pakistan building upon traditional techniques and people with the knowledge needed to sustain their society. to take the traditional feel of this time to see a. zero .
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and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me and of the problem coming up in the next sixty minutes the number of dead rises in the philippines after a tropical storm causes flooding and mudslides on the southern island of mindanao. palestinians stand their ground with more demonstrations against almost trance recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital. delays for refugees waiting to join their relatives in germany and the first of a special series one of the biggest stories of the spear through the eyes of one family plus. the latest banish abkhazian influences the cuban company that's taking the cancellation of its u.s. tools at its stride.
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at least two hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm ten but most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao and dozens of people a still missing and reports flash floods and mudslides brought on by tropical storm tendon the towns of two baud n.p.r. on mindanao island the philippines second largest have been devastated dozens of homes are destroyed and rescue workers fear the number of casualties will rise we really want to go straight no and we're trying to figure out. what you have so many people that are really. at the height of the storm winds of up to eighty kilometers an hour uprooted trees and triggered torrents of mud and rock from a nearby mountain volunteers are digging with whatever they can to try and recover
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bodies power cuts and the loss of communication lines have hampered rescue efforts there even though they're out there not in iraq and the areas pretty wide it's not just in one province but in several provinces. we're having a hard time communicating why there are areas that may have been. last week forty six people were killed in the central philippines in a similar storm the philippines is hit by around two dozen major cyclons each year on average many of them deadly but mindanao island home to twenty million people is where they hit the region is still recovering from type which killed more than seven thousand people and affected millions in two thousand and thirteen and while the worst of storm tendon has passed it will take a long time before this area recovers indios time which is. a locals have described how the victims of the flooding had nowhere to go you know.
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houses were getting flooded but people could no longer exit their homes so they got trapped by the strong waters they were being swept away. houses the they used to be a hundred and three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out so that's what happened here all the hollings and livelihoods gone and we have nine thousand families as of today that are affected and listed to be in our backyard center's well let's get more on this now and speak with a david in daly city california via skype she is the secretary general of the u.s. based national alliance for filipino concerns very good to have you with us on al-jazeera firstly what is the latest that you're hearing from your people who are on the ground on the number of people who've been affected and how. so i understand they've heard that you know over twenty thousand people have been affected by this tropical storm tembin our winter look only over two hundred people have died and actually over one hundred are still reported missing and there in
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terms of you know ports there's six thousand passengers who are stranded chanted in different ports in mindanao and also two hundred cargo ships are stranded and the number of dead and missing are likely to rice as rescue operations continue and what services are being provided to those great numbers of people who've been affected are they getting the help that they need right now. yeah i'm still for relief. in terms of disaster in the philippines it's usually been very slow and one report even from someone who were stranded in a port was that you know there was was no working system in terms of the being stranded in ports in the mindanao area so it's been a report that there is slow relief and slow help coming to the victims and is that because even though the philippines is regularly hit by deadly tropical storms you
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know this is rare and analogize how prepared was this region for something like this yes that's a very great question because i'm to feel things do and counter a number you know over twenty severe storms annually and it is something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and to the philippines so it is also very questionable when the government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people in this things happen because they should be ready and there should be you know now there is also we should be asking what really is that precision of the government in having the urgency to save the lives of the people and preparing them in this kind of typhoons and disasters in the philippines and what are the greatest challenges right now especially in regions like little girls who would i know it's one of the if not the poorest province and the sort of patience and hundreds of thousands of people were already displaced there were they not from months of
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fighting between the government forces and militants in. right yes also and and also actually another tropical storm hit just the central the science region and as i asked just last week it was also killed fifty people and you know we can see that this storms hit the philippines but also that there is there is a responsibility by the government to prepare the people in this time of need i'm specially this are the provinces that are poor and doesn't usually already receive the got the government help and what's also worry worrisome is that i mean the not itself already is under martial law at this time. under the philippine government so just lastly again to stay with water one of the greatest rains and the greatest challenges right now. for the people for
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a partner of musicians the philippines they are calling for in the if the people do need food and medicines and of course they will go for them and evacuation centers so our partner going to the philippines are calling for relief and for an afghan in the united states you are going to be collecting when i tell you donations we have found in our experience over years of providing the nations that are philippines in time of need that monetary donations are down most efficient and that we cannot wait to get help to definitely no people so we are collecting those donations you can go to our website an afghan usa dot org to donate david thank you very much for your time on this that for every day for joining us live from daly city california thank you you thank. but let's move on to other news now russia says the u.s. is encouraging new bloodshed and eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev the u.s. says it will give care of and home defense capabilities to fight the separatists
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but the conflict in eastern ukraine has claimed more than ten thousand lives since two thousand and fourteen tom ackerman upholds the. missile strikes hit a small town in eastern ukraine damaging homes a school a medical clinic in ukraine blame the attack this week on pro russian separatists civilians caught in the middle of a three year long conflict. the us has strongly opposed what it calls russian aggression in eastern ukraine blaming the moscow government for violence that has claimed more than ten thousand lives and displaced one point seven million people. now it will provide weapons to help ukraine defend itself the state department announcing the u.s. has decided to provide ukraine and hands defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help ukraine build its long term defense capacity to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to deter further aggression the forty seven million dollar weapon faggots which congress is expected to approve includes
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more than two hundred antitank missiles and thirty five launchers as well as light arms. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said russia's occupation of crimea which the u.s. wants to return to your grain is a major stumbling block in relations between moscow and washington the issue that stands in the way is ukraine. we can have differences in other arenas in syria we can have differences in other areas but when one country invades another that is a different set it's hard to look past. or to reconcile and we've made this clear to russia for the very beginning that we must address ukraine that saying it stands as a single most difficult obstacle to us renormalizing a relationship with russia which we badly would like to do he blames russia for continuing violence in the done yet region the trump administration decision marking
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a reversal from barack obama's resistance to supplying lethal equipment deal crane i think it's a lot to call in size zero. zero. zero zero russia. rival. segments of the public. want. anybody russia's response a warning that the u.s. decision will embolden key have in the conflict and only increase the use of force tom ackerman al-jazeera washington robert hunter is a former u.s. ambassador to nato and he says on ukraine is a positive step and sends a strong message to russia. i think it's about time there was an effort under president obama and under president trump to see whether russia would stop where it was. and stop what's going on and and the dumbass but
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unfortunately russia and its satellites the people who would do its bidding have constantly violated the cease fire constantly escalated their own military actions and i think it got to a point where the united states was saying all right we tried one thing we tried. sweetness now we're going to have to show a little bit of steel to russia and maybe with a look at that mustn't message but this does show a willingness of the united states to stand up to the russians in an area where the agreement that is supposed to stop the fighting called means to get. there lewis will sign the russians and their people are just violating them and i think this sends a very good signal that yes we can have negotiations on this and other things but at some point you can't just have it all your own way. now the russian president says moscow is not seeking conflict with anyone but will stand up for its interests
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that even a person spoke at a conference of the violent united russia party which has pledged its support and next year's presidential election has registered as an independent candidate is expected to win it would be has to this president. i see in. if. russia is a clone tree with a one thousand year history we must not treat her like our beloved grandmother just giving her pills to relieve her pain not at all we must make russia young and aimed into the future. palestinian protesters for the israeli security forces in the town of bethlehem just two days before christmas they're angry at u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital israeli forces fired tear gas to try and disperse the crowd human rights groups have called for israeli authorities to stop using excessive force. well three
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palestinians have now died in the past two days after being shot by israeli forces a total of fourteen people have been killed since protests began all of that u.s. decision it's the certain kind of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territories against the my. web has more from gaza. this is the fear. bassin. was the latest people to die any other. declaration on the six of the same by the jerusalem will be recognized by the west because. he was among the protesters who for three fridays either way the consumer is the good always right all the friends in the woods around. to demonstrate try to pounce palestinian flags throw stones and the price just is.
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the stuff in the jerusalem deserves sekret fires from our people and we confirm that it's our eternal capital and that neither tribal or anyone else can change that our people will continue fighting for our rights until we stablish our independent state of palestine with jerusalem as the capital of photos and they also nickel to show that. it's no move for the political factions an arm wings to sponsor the funerals of the people that are being killed in the protests this one sponsored by the armed wing of fox but no opportunities lost to make a political statement at a show of strength. the ministry of al says moon in ten people are being killed since the onrush began oh and no need is the opposed to any infractions of course for the price s. to continue speaking just a short while ago here in gaza the leader of hamas. was. the palestinian resistance in the was on side so there's no sign of the any of the
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political factions getting up anytime soon. and as we mentioned earlier the political chief of hamas spoke about the us decision when it does you know no matter we have in summation from well informed sources that the american administration could take new decisions on jerusalem and the palestinian cause for example acknowledging it as a jewish state and recognizing the antics ation of settlements to jerusalem and to the so-called zionist entity they could also reject the palestinian demand for a right of return now liberians would go to the polls on tuesday and i ran off to choose the next president that follows weeks of uncertainty about whether the vote would actually happen following the supreme court hearing the former international football and chill which way is taking on the country's vice president joseph bloch i muḼammad the reports from the capital monrovia. streetcar raids on
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colorful campaign rallies in the liberian capital monrovia as the complaint season draws to a close kind of dates in liberia's runoff presidential election i know last minute hunt for votes for my international football a drug that will hold going to most polls in the plus round held it to the gathered his supporters a previous some world stage. i'm supposed to go out because when you change. we are almost twelve years. your job not knowing after sitting for the furniture. his opponent is just a block like b.d. is vice president for the past four seasons he's come failing in google life he's seventy two year old was complaining when a platform of continue to taking credit for months of the government of the flushed elected president in africa and then josel salif who he served under four to thomas the outgoing president has however chosen not to endorse her deputy and candidate
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ruling unity pedi and his state chosen to back george way most liberians hope the board don't choose their water they are from peace and democracy investment if there is also hold it will be the first time since my default default but that would be a pistol hundred ball of power and i believe the elections are also the first vote organized without the help of the united nations says the civil war ended in two thousand and three but they're not just that they also bought the numerous needles liberia's four point five million people from fixing roads and building new ones to improving the quality of education and health care liberia is still recovering from a diverse teaching civil war that's right between one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and two thousand and three more than fifty percent of its population also live in abject poverty it's no surprise therefore the media's expectations from the next president aha. i graduated. i graduated in one thousand nine hundred three from the
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technical school. for the last twelve years that this government was in power. as always all i have to eat every day and tired of it. they say to good times in the years to come. some bob was nearly the amisom on god why hasn't the former army chief as one of his two deputies in the boarding party. which ended robert mugabe's thirty seven year the appointment to see him as the first step towards becoming vice president biden has already appointed several. to his cabinet since he took office on the twenty fourth of november. we have plenty more head on the news hour including look at how characters from sesame street are helping children traumatized by conflict in syria. no room to move. a railing
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against the city's overloaded train system and coming up with. real madrid's hopes of retaining title. seventeen comes to an end we'll be looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year through the eyes of five families in the first part we meet a family of refugees waiting to be reunited with their relatives in germany lawrence live reports from the near camp in northern greece. compared to the squalor of the camps on the greek islands refugee life on the edge of this lake in northern greece looks bearable because al is desperate with worry she lives here with her youngest son and her husband her oldest boy mahmoud is in germany with his nine year old brother. hasn't seen them for two years and the best she can do is
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see their faces on her phone my son every time he get away with the with phone when he talked with me he got a mom when did you come to germany but it's very difficult. because all fled single in iraq four years ago when it was overrun by ice and her family has been on the move the since two years of camps in turkey before she got to the greek islands then it was athens it to many on the macedonian border the notorious petra camp on mount olympus and now here mahmoud had left them and has begun to build his own life in germany both he and his brother are in school but as he says he's having to be a parent as well as a brother because it has all the papers she needs to be in germany as well but she isn't and it's tormenting her it's not the right for the government government jet money it's not right there where the where there where did that in. humans
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where where i we do we don't see the till didn't every if it it didn't get i if it's in there if you start but i don't know why they stop it. so this is where the new german politics has collided with the legal rights of refugees under pressure from the far right germany clamped down hard on his previously liberal policy of reunifying families during coalition negotiations right wing parties were demanding big caps on refugee numbers refugee aid groups say people have been promised they could leave greece and now not sure if they ever will i have the cases also fathers with children and the mother is in germany and the girls who are the teenagers and they really need their mothers and they cannot go and the father really puts great therefore it's to support the children but still it's not enough because isn't alone in the camp there are more than one
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hundred years e.d. women and children all with families already in germany if palin wanted to be efficient it could stick them on a plane tomorrow but politics has got in the way lawrence and others in their appeal in the refugee camp in northern greece. and in part two of our one year five family series we look at how the economic crisis in venezuela has had families working for a better future. french president emmanuel that cohen has announced an additional twelve million dollars in funding to help educate girls in asia it's part of an effort to curb migration across also says france's way to strengthen its military forces fighting alongside african troops against rebel groups in the sahara region earlier he pledged four hundred seventy five million dollars to support other projects in the share on to twenty twenty one. plan an easier to offer free and mandatory education until the age of sixteen with
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specific provisions to protect young girls and keep them in school for as long as possible until at least periods of sixteen the advantages of this are two feet means avoiding premature marriage and avoiding premature pregnancies the third advantage is that it contributes to the creation of conditions of a demographic transition which. is now the un has flown around one hundred sixty african refugees stranded in libya to italy the group includes many women and children of evacuated after rights groups condemned libyan detention centers as inhumane another flight is expected to bring more people so. our plan for the next year is to resettle their country or to have a great for maybe every three five thousand and ten thousand refugees events the countries which will be generous enough like you to go for places where we consider it. now the philippine capital manila has some of the was traffic congestion in
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asia but it's public radio system is also under serious strain despite hundreds of millions of dollars of government investment as invoke on reports commuters have had enough. every morning z. a cruise lines up for over an hour just to get a train right to work she says. this has been her life since she graduated from school three years ago. it takes me three to four hours to get to work going home it takes me around five hours. we took the train ourselves and the experience is overwhelming. more than half a million filipinos take this train every day that's more than doubled the allowed capacity we've spoken to passengers say the situation is the greeting i the trains the engine died twice they tell us that everything is all right. the metro rail transit is the backbone of mandela's transport system it connects
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the southern part of the city to the northern side of the metropolis and the surrounding provinces but it is the most illiquid a local study shows glitches and accidents happen at least ten times a week most of it during peak hours like this one. passengers have been filming their experiences videos like these online have gone viral raising fears that it could lead to a serious accident. the m r t has always been controversial it has faced allegations of corruption and bad governance senate investigations have led to cases being filed against government officials but none of these appear to have changed much in their early years. but.
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there were. they. were looking at all. like. three to six months. probably buying new ones the ones who were president of the good the third to promises to build new reliance on these so-called build build build program he says his government is ready to spend but transportation experts believe none of these projects will get completed by the time. in twenty twenty two. so for the millions of filipinos like the accrues to take the mit a pretty big hope that change will come. but they accept that it probably won't happen anytime soon. to head.
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places. scientists claim a breakthrough that could help promote american communities new international efforts to bring stability to libya ahead of next year's elections and in sports. make a successful start to their title defense at the golf cup. just a little. welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across the americas now in north america we've got this area of snow across parts of the mid atlantic heading towards the eastern seaboard and sitting behind it some pretty chilly air so we're going to see temperatures dropping away across easy snows and also there the mix of minus eight and quite intense snowfall at times so cold weather pushing towards washington d.c.
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and down to wards are parts of georgia that atlanta just six degrees celsius dallas struggling maxim of seven had across more western areas we've got snow for up over the rockies let's head down into central parts of america we're still at the risk of some showers for panama costa rica nicaragua but further north cherry weather conditions on sunday don't look too bad the same goes for the islands plenty of sunshine there and we certainly don't expect any change there at all thirty degrees benchmark but shares scattered across the isthmus again nothing particularly heavy and for much of the time it is going to be fine into south america lots of showers around the amazon basin region much expect on a frontal system across southeastern areas giving some heavy rainfall across parts of paraguay thing was to see some heavy rain affecting rio at times when people bit brighter during the course of monday further so should be fine in buenos aires and respects in a high here of twenty nine. years
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documenting st john this book. was inspired to transform perceptions that we had the journalism to change to south africa and capture the vibrancy of the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people there kept said i'll be giving a speech but of course this is where. the new african photography. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. will and for your.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories at least two hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following a massive landslides and flooding caused by a tropical storm most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao dozens of people are still missing russia says the u.s. is encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev the u.s. says it will give kids and homes defense capabilities to defend against separatists the conflict eastern ukraine has claimed more than ten thousand lives since two thousand and fourteen. the. the u.n.
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has flown about one hundred sixty african refugees stranded in libya to italy to go up until it's many women and children they were evacuated after why it's going to condemn it libyan detention centers as inhumane and another flight is expected to bring more people soon well let's get more on this and european efforts to curb migration over joined by demetrios papademetriou he's the president of migration policy institute europe joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera let's start with those evacuations that have taken place by u.n.h.c.r. from libya to italy what do you what do you make of them well this is a good beginning and it's certainly a political move on the part you some in the to. meet mr right is negotiate with the libyan government. and this shows you cannot simply be you know that it's actually reduced the number of people who are trying to cross the central
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mediterranean by about two thirds or more has received an awful lot of criticism by humanitarians yeah this is a gesture but at the same time this is it challenge to the rest of europe your member states to emulate this initiative lately do you think can we expect that to happen and what do you make of the tactics that as family and other european countries have used in curbing migration that humanitarian agencies have been very critical off. right humanitarian agencies are doing their job that's what they're supposed to do but what governments are doing are also doing their job whether it is the keep deal or the libya deal there is an awful lot of unhappiness on the part of the people who feel that just about everyone should be able to make it to europe the responsibility of policymakers is to be responsible to their book to their
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society while also observing their legal obligations the n.a.c. arcus played a very good role in this because identified over forty thousand maybe forty four thousand people in the north of the be at that could qualify for a few g. or asylum status. the ones that came to italy in the last twenty four hours and the next group that may come in the next days have come from a detention center that is run by the government there about eight hundred thousand people in that detention center so this is a good beginning and this is a dashed year and i am sure we will expect more from east them immediately and as well as those moves there are of course other steps and preventing that are being taken to actually prevent a migration and we've had the french president emmanuel mccrone and major given money to educate girls and other programs and then there's you know the two point
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five billion dollars in new africa fund to stop people from leaving in the first place what do you make of these programs. well it is clear that the europeans will not have another twenty fifty twenty fifteen was the year were well over a million people spontaneously arrived in europe and walked their way to the bitter end northern part of the of of the of the e.u. leaders who will not happen again and you know ready for this not to happen again there's got to be a panoply of responses including much more money for development in other ideas that could create jobs in different parts of africa are assisting people who are in need to people who are in the north of libya to return to their countries with a little bit of money in their pocket and in these particular terry's creating these humanitarian corridors in other words safe ways in which. people are
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pre-selected can actually make it to europe but what one of the places that what about the places that some of these people are turning to are they actually safe and the criticism that that the e.u. the european countries a simply bribing poor countries to do europe's border management and some cases will just keep their poor people and others. it is exactly it is exactly as you said elizabeth there is an awful lot of the effort on the part of the european countries not to have spontaneous migration come in and they know that this is difficult for them they know that it's difficult for them trying to sort of figure out quickly who is there a few who's not and it's almost impossible for them to send back people who are not refugees were coming migrants so this is not a perfect world i think that if we can really reset the same way that you truly
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started if we can resettle any of people that once that italy has reset only quit if europe can resettle a hundred hundred twenty two hundred thousand people then everybody can sleep better at the conditions in the countries of origin of all of these people are very good or even acceptable now but that does not mean that they qualify for refugee status i must about the debate here it is good to get your thoughts on this that is that demetrius a puppet a major joining us live from washington they say thank you thank you elizabeth. and these foreign minister has traveled to tripoli to make sure the head of libya's u.n. recognized government of national accord and janine el al fatah stress as a support for the efforts to achieve stability in libya ahead of the elections planned for next year mark will add that one had as more from tripoli. this visit
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by the italian foreign minister and. to the u.n. bag the government of national accord here in tripoli is considered by many people as another supporter of italy. and that the government of national called it headed by phase during this visit has stressed his country's support to this into an internationally recognized government and he has also stressed his support to the special envoy to libya. and to the roadmap submitted by selema to the united nations to solve or to end the libyan crisis we understand that this road map includes conducting a parliamentary and presidential elections during the upcoming gear during this visit by fan or. national accord government face at the head of the national accord the government has called again on the international community to take fair mr
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against those parties derailing implementing the agreement that's the libyan political agreement signed by libyan rebels in december two thousand and fifteen. also last week that in the gaijin of three for hefted declared from his side the end of this agreement and all institutions created by that agreement ironically. has not spoken during the press conference about the migration issue understand that italy has been receiving major numbers of migrants sailing off libyan shores and also italy has been receiving libyan. civil times through the year. twenty five people have been killed by earth rights and gay men according to local officials a saudi. led coalition reportedly targeted
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a protest rally in the district of north of the capital it's thought some of the dead were probably the tribal leaders who organize the demonstration. now the conflicts in iraq and syria leaving behind an entire generation of children who have known nothing but war and displacement but now it's hoped a new version of sesame street will help them recover especially designed for refugee children the program uses characters from the t.v. show including elmo and big bird to teach children how they can overcome trauma and it's just been given a financial boost of one hundred million dollars from a u.s. base charitable foundation with sarah smith as the senior director of education at the international rescue committee she explained more about what they'll do with the money. the pilot programs that we then running in jordan and in lebanon focus on and helping. the providers who
2:41 am
work with families and children. to hung visitation and for our children and and parents ben i'm putting new parenting content with sesame characters into home visits and ensure that the kinds of services that many proper textile workers health care workers who are visitors are already providing but with very little support and in addition to this we've also i are see runs and supports preschools and center based services for children throughout the region and we started to put into these preschools and other center based service as the sesame contact with sesame characters from the region and starting to see how these kinds of stories and characters resonate with children and families
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and what kinds of stories children and their parents want to hear and will will have resonates most with them toxic stress is our scientific term for the why logical and physiological response that happens to children who experience as severe and prolonged forms of adversity and when i talk about the kinds of adversity that might cause toxic stress these are saying like experiencing violence. and poverty and the kinds of adversities associated with displacement losing. what is. a child and comforting to a child losing their home their school their neighbor their friend these kinds of
2:43 am
adversity that are so common and for children who have experienced war and who are refugees these are exactly the kinds of adversity that are likely to lead to toxic stress it most exciting thing about this program is that it will be the largest scale early childhood intervention in the history of humanitarian response and that's because we're bringing together both the power of media and direct services for the most vulnerable children through the new bride caste. street in the region will be able to reach nine and a half million children and with direct services to the most vulnerable children we're in visiting services and center based services such as preschools will be reaching about a million and a half children. right reporters without borders and amnesty international calling
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for the immediate release of al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein as nabil in more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt human rights watch has condemned the imprisonment the organization says his detention shows egypt's and deportation and tolerance for free expression the saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment and. the cost of fresh food as one of the many challenges for those living in canada this remote farm of cold temperatures lack of sunlight and portfolio mean that frozen vegetables have to be imported from thousands of kilometers away daniel left reports from churchill manitoba now a scheme to make it cheaper and even profitable for communities to grow food and. on the rocky shores of canada's hudson bay what is essentially an indoor farm with one crucial difference and turtle we don't have soil into greenhouses bill
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erickson and his wife diane have been growing vegetables for forty years some inexpensive imported soil others in water pipes full of fertilizer down a hill in a passive greenhouse we do peace being carers sparkly color we call a flower we don't market a lot of them and between october and may it's simply too cold for fresh produce to survive down at the tamarac grocery store government subsidies are the only way that local people can afford fresh fruit and vegetables it's more expensive than down south because you know simply because of the freight costs just about everything is subsidized i guess other than the dry goods which is still something that people are paying quite a bit more. than they do down so well hundred and eight hundred mature plant nearby in a heated shipping container known as a see can a start up called the grocer is working on
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a project using hydroponics chemical nutrient solutions pumped over the plant's roots it arrived by ship in late october and will be up and growing before the end of the year to have it in means that it can easily be taken to places that are maybe only accessed by ship which are as the case for many northern communities. our can be put on a train or could be you know put on the back of a truck and taken by a winter road not just portable but productive twenty four hours a day twelve months a year the container could potentially grow as much as it to heck terror plot of land it's estimated that could earn up to forty thousand dollars a year in profit in a part of canada where mounted tradition is more prevalent than anywhere else year round access to fresh green vegetables could literally change lives daniel lak al-jazeera churchill manitoba. sports news still ahead on the news out of slopestyle skiing action on. peterson had that just ahead.
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under certain areas scarred. up longer shuttered monuments towards destructive power as. their image the ruins the defiance to resist. and somehow or so far higher. power investigates how this suburb of damascus refuse to crumble under the mind of assets only. part two of this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is award winning programs to take you on a journey around the globe. expo. analysis. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will take in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's
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a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera that. it's time for sports now has peter thank you very much we start with football way abbas alona have all but eliminated defending champions real madrid from the spanish title race barcelona b. trail three nil in el classico on saturday to move fourteen points clear of the arch rivals in the league standings they'll know at half time it was luis suarez who opened the scoring in madrid's abene both stadium and off then he carvalho it was saying so for handling the ball on the goal line little missy doubled the lead
2:49 am
from the penalty spot late substitute alex of adel then made sure of the three points for both. us. they had a few counterattacks and we knew had a person here and that's what we did in the second half and thanks to that perseverance we managed to play closer to their goal and score goals and finish off the game. it's a loss that hurts a lot but nothing else is what we're going to do is look forward to everyone thinks lego is finished but i don't think so that i don't think the other managers think so either we're going to continue with our work because it wasn't a bad year. let's take a look at the top of the league standings now and confirmation of barcelona's dominance you can see there after seventeen games they got forty five points that is nine clear of the second place team athletico madrid who were beaten on friday valencia missed the chance to go second with defeated to veer yellow on saturday
2:50 am
you can also see real madrid on the table way down in fourth and they are fourteen points behind bar so although to be fair to them at least they do have a game in hand this edition of our class again kicked off at twelve g.m.t. years lego bosses were hoping to increase its asian viewership spanish football writer simon harrison says that that is something that will happen gradually rather than instantly i think it's of them will see more of in terms of joining the summer breaks that those kind of things in pre-season we're going to see a plus because of the last some of those one of them in america will see them you know with a global target being asia i'm sure that we'll see more games get around that i mean generally it is obviously going to be down to the atmosphere and saying that is that is the big thing i think for me is the fact you got to capture you go after it in the moments in the bernabeu income now and then that is the image that one brick at around the world and that's where you get the interest when the fans in
2:51 am
the stadium happy you're going to get much better product out of it in terms of age at the moment of this difficult difficult time zones it's difficult to keep everyone happy and for that you do wonder whether it will be quite a slow process to really get the feel as out in china but i'm sure that it will be more down to you know picking the games tactically during pre-season campaigns during tours that kind of thing i think that's when you get to get more of a connection with the fans that you know support the club my far. in the english premier league leaders manchester city have extended their winning streak to save in team matches they've beaten bournemouth by four goals to nil in a home game sergio aguero got the scoring under way in the twenty seventh minute with raheem sterling adding a second shortly after the break i went over and got city's one hundredth premier league goal of twenty seventeen to make it three no and a nolo completed the scoreline later on so here now thirteen points clear at the top of the table because all of you have dodge after a lot of games in rural winning winning games he's mentally ready to do it again
2:52 am
and again and that is what they impressed most about that guy. and every time they are ready. to do that here's a look now at the other results from saturday's match a second place manchester united could only manage a two two draw at leicester city actually equalized five minutes into stoppage time despite having a man sent off harry came god he's seven patrick up twenty seventeen as tottenham beat burnley while holders chelsea were frustrated at everton in the goalless draw . you don't need the game i wouldn't position. we should do the twenty six times only eight don't get close but i did it so did the ball on the line of the goal and yet for sure we must be. that point because these people who gave you that said to we said to get two points
2:53 am
. qatar got the defense of the gulf cup title off to a winning start on saturday that made yemen four know in kuwait taking the lead after just two minutes through our fifth and they soon moved past the. scored. early then made it three four carter inside just eighteen minutes and row row around it out the scoring for the defending champions with six minutes to go. in saturday's other groupie contest bahrain and iraq drew one one with both goals coming late on in that fixture gulf cup action continues on monday with the united arab emirates playing thirty arabia and hosts kuwait taking on oman in group a now slopestyle skiing made its debut at the last winter olympics in sochi and with just seven weeks to go until the next games begin in pyongyang the world's biggest have been fine tuning they preparations sixteen
2:54 am
year old tesla do had the chance to become the youngest ever olympic champion in freestyle skiing in south korea and she won the world championships earlier this year and was on top form again securing victory in front of a home crowd in france the men's title was won by twenty two year old swede oscar wester it sees him move into a joint lead at the top of the world cup standings. i feel good and it's my first win in the world cup and i put down one of the best runs have ever done and great weather and everybody was playing so yeah i'm stoked and runners in china have been getting into the festive spirit ahead of christmas these fun runners in beijing were all dressed as santa claus hundreds of sensors made their way around a six kilometer route on saturday. and that's all the sport more again later. now washington's decision to stop assuring travel visas from its embassy in cuba has not stopped the unique dollar company from getting worldwide attention the group is
2:55 am
no stranger to restrictions both at home and abroad and is here in human reports from havana. it's difficult to put a label on. it's a dance company with very obvious spanish influence. but it's not flamenco. it's much more. in the provocative movements the facial expressions something that is in fact very caribbean. this is the least of cuba dance company a work of art and love that began as an experiment in the opinion that miley i learned to dance ballet spanish dance in flamenco and popular cuban dances cha cha cha folklore kong and so on which i adore and the african union dances they have their own specific music and style song and we going down the rivers i wanted to fuse all that into one result a fusion of all those types of dances into one that's what we are
2:56 am
a mixture of all this. this fusion style has been receiving brave reviews at home and of performances in more than twenty countries it's the first cuban company in fact to appear in the latin grammys but it's been a struggle getting the call do lending your own when i feel that because of the way we started as an independent company many people who control the cuban steve institutions don't like it because it's a message that you can flourish in your own. eventually cuba's culture ministry agreed to provide the company a large building. it's allowed to expand her other key project a dance school for nearly fifteen hundred children and adolescents the next generation of lead cell phones and dancers to wait. list is long these eight year olds practice outside before going into their class knowing they're among the lucky ones. since i was small i wanted to be a dancer i would say mom mom i want to dance let's open so dance cuba school has
2:57 am
two years ago the school receives the international spotlight award from former u.s. first lady michelle obama. but as always their challenges the least of which are the handmade costumes in a way these costumes tell the twenty six year old history of this company and that includes political obstacles for example the trumpet ministrations recent decision to stop issuing visas from its embassy here in havana has forced the company to cancel planned tours to the united states. alfonso and her husband juan carlos the company's manager take it in stride as they go through their paces prepared to take the rest of the world by storm. to sea and human have than now. ok finally this bulletin the big ben bell and the british parliament famous clock tower has chimed again after months of silence to celebrate the christmas season.
2:58 am
the bell has been undergoing repair since mid august and prior to that the hanna struck the bell almost every hour for one hundred and fifty seven years well house of the clock is being dismantled the call examined and restored the works of expected to be completed in two thousand and twenty one. and more news for you just a couple of minutes.
2:59 am
for years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. green or forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest front to sides reduces stress hormones can relax us in the future the
3:00 am
time may come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine. as i want to finally with. that but that's not as well it's not as a. says they're lost in. order. to bunches of the top to bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping the endless chase this time. at least two hundred people dead in the philippines and tens of thousands food.


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