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thing in territories and opinions from around the world we explore the reality on the ground and the impact of the us intention to move its embassy to jerusalem or have on the peace process the holy land on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking. my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of real. ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line. at least two hundred people are dead in the philippines and tens of thousands forced from their homes as a tropical storm it's the out of them out. of
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. on the ground with continued demonstrations against donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital. a clarion call from candidate some liberia's presidential run office campaigning intensifies at this week's vote. in the second part of our special series we report from venezuela where community activists are working together to provide what the government call . at least two hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm ten bit most of the
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casualties were on the island of mindanao dozens of people still missing in just reports. flash floods and mudslides brought on by tropical storm tendon the towns of two baad n.p.r. on mindanao island the philippines second largest have been devastated dozens of homes are destroyed and rescue workers fear the number of casualties will rise we really want to go straight and we're going to figure out. what you have so many people that are really. at the height of the storm winds of up to eighty kilometers an hour uprooted trees and triggered torrents of mud and rock from a nearby mountain volunteers are digging with whatever they can to try and recover bodies power cuts and the loss of communication lines have hampered rescue efforts . there i've not iraq and the areas pretty well i guess in one province but in several provinces. we are having a hard time getting communicate why there are areas that may have been. last week
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forty six people were killed in the central philippines in a similar storm the philippines is hit by around two dozen major cyclons each year on average many of them deadly but mindanao island home to twenty million people is where they hit the region is still recovering from type which killed more than seven thousand people and affected millions in two thousand and thirteen and while the worst of storm tendon has passed it will take a long time before this area recovers. which is what locals have described how the victims of the flooding had nowhere to run. by houses were getting flooded but people could no longer exit their homes so they got trapped by the strong waters they were being swept away. house that's the they used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out so that's what happened here only hollings and
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livelihoods gone and we have nine thousand families as of today that are affected and listed to be a now evacuation center well so in the southern philippines dozens of people are feared dead in a fire at a shopping mall in the city of deval it started at a call center on the top floor of the four story building trapping people inside president reagan to tend to who previously served as deval as mayor has visited the site to comfort victims' relatives russia says the u.s. encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine after agreeing to provide weapons to kids the u.s. says they'll give you crying and hans defensive capabilities to fight pro russia separatists well the conflict in the east of the country has claimed more than ten thousand lives and twenty fourteen this time a common. missile strikes hit a small town in eastern ukraine damaging homes a school and medical clinic in ukraine blame the attack this week on pro russian separatists civilians caught in the middle of
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a three year long conflict. the us has strongly opposed what he calls russian aggression in eastern ukraine blaming the moscow government for violence that has claimed more than ten thousand lives and displaced one point seven million people. now it will provide weapons to help ukraine defend itself the state department announcing the u.s. has decided to provide ukraine and hands defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help ukraine build its long term defense capacity to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to deter further aggression the forty seven million dollar weapons back edge which congress is expected to approve includes more than two hundred antitank missiles and thirty five launchers as well as light arms. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said russia's occupation of crimea which the u.s. wants to return to your grain is a major stumbling block in relations between moscow and washington the issue that
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stands in the way is ukraine. we can have differences in other arenas in syria we can have differences in other areas but when one country invades another that is a different set it's hard to look past. or to reconcile it with a disclaimer to russia from the very beginning that we must address ukraine that saying its stance is the single most difficult obstacle to renormalizing a relationship with russia which we badly would like to do he blamed russia for continuing violence in the done yet region the trump administration decision marking a reversal from barack obama's resistance to supplying lethal equipment to ukraine i think it's a lot to call him what size zero. zero. zero zero zero zero. zero.
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zero zero probably. was. and both of russia's response a warning that the u.s. decision will embolden key have in the conflict and only increased the use of force tom ackerman al jazeera washington i mean all the russian president says moscow is not seeking conflict with anyone but will stand up for its interests not a man putin spoke at a conference of the ruling united russia party which has pledged its support in next year's presidential election hooten whose registered as an independent is expected to win it would be his fourth term as president. palestinian protesters a fort with israeli forces in the town of bethlehem just two days before christmas they're angry at u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital israeli forces fired tear gas to try and disperse the crowd even rights groups are calling on israel for it is to stop using excessive force and three palestinians
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have now died in the past two days after being shot by israeli forces fourteen the been killed since protests began over the u.s. position is the third weekend of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territories against the move malcolm wind has more now from gaza. this. bassin was out was the latest people to die in the. declaration on the sixth of december the seriously be recognized by the west because today's date. was he was among the protesters here for three fridays in. the consumer is the period always rather friends in the movements around the to demonstrate that trying to prod palestinian flags price down. and the price asked is each friday i've been met with some gunfire. tear gas cried back by the israelis. puts the stuff in the jerusalem deserves sekret
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fires from our people and we confirm that it's our eternal capital and that neither travelling or anyone else can change that our people will continue fighting for our rights until we stablish our independent state of palestine with jerusalem as the capital to look for us and we also mccook to show. it's normal for the political factions and the wings to sponsor the funerals of the people that are being killed in the protests this one sponsored by the wing of. the no opportunities lost to make a political statement and a show of strength. to me she says mood in ten people are being killed since the onrush began and the need is the way past any infractions of coup for the price s. to continue speaking just a short while ago here in gaza the leader of hamas was of the
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palestinian resistance in the was on side so there's no sign of any of the political factions getting up anytime soon. liberians will go to the polls on tuesday in a runoff to choose the next president follows weeks of uncertainty about whether the vote would actually happen on time it was reaffirmed by the supreme court hearing next international football and georgia where is taking on the country's vice president joseph blocky mama the bow reports down from the capital monrovia. street parade and colorful company morale is in the liberian capital monrovia as the company's season draws to a close kind of dates in liberia's runoff presidential election i know last minute hans for votes for my international football a drug that will hold going to most polls in the fuss around held in to the gathered his supporters a previous some whirlpools to. i'm supposed to go out because when you change. we are almost twelve years. your job no no you have to sit
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for over twenty two. he's opponent is just walk like beauty is vice president for the past four days he's come failing in rural life the seventy two year old was complaining when a platform of continue to taking credit for she laments of the government of the flushed elected president in africa and then josel salif who he served under four to thomas the outgoing president has however chosen not to endorse her deputy and candidate ruling unity pettitte and his tade chosen to back george way most liberians hope the board don't choose the world we are from peace and democracy investment free if that is also hold it will be the first time since my default default but that would be a pistol hundred ball of power and i believe the elections are also the first vote organized without the help of the united nations says the civil war ended in two
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thousand and two but they're not just that they also bought the numerous needles liberia's four point five million people from fixing roads and building new ones to improving the quality of education and health care liberia is still recovering from a diverse teaching civil war that's right between one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and two thousand and three more than fifty percent of its population also live in abject poverty it's no surprise therefore the media's expectations from the next president. i graduated. i graduated in one thousand nine hundred three from the technical school and the professional capitol for the last twelve years that this government was in power i couldn't get a job as always all i have to eat every day i'm tired of it think us over for now liberia's dance to what. they say to good times in the years to come muhammad it all just one groovy lot more so to come here and al-jazeera including china's changing faces what more people are going on the life and the quest for the body
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plus. pledging spanish and caribbean influences the cuban dolls company that's taking the cancellation of its u.s. tour let's try borked. from the clear blue sky of the dome home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of love. welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across the abound some western parts of asia for the most part things relatively quiet here tashkent their communities seventeen degrees as a high of find across afghanistan more courage to come further towards the west around the caspian sea region and on the eastern side the better train is all looking a bit unsettled with some heavy snowfall across parts of turkey still that does tend to die away as we head through into monday but proud to be cool conditions
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around the eastern side of the mediterranean just fifteen in beirut's with a threat of some rain and further towards the south the spike the cloud temperatures not too bad with twenty degrees in baghdad and twenty five in kuwait city as for the arabian pinchers looking largely fine but as is typical this time of year we've got some fog around parts of the gulf region so it tends to disperse fairly early morning forty for me again overnight so cross the rest of the region we've got some cloud across more northern parts of the saudi peninsula otherwise for medina and mecca looking fine the temperatures of twenty eight and thirty four respectively heading across into southern portions of africa we've got heavy showers effect and go through zambia and into zimbabwe where the rain was particularly intense that moment also some heavy showers on the eastern side of madagascar but across the rest the region finally in winter and it should be bright in cape town south africa highs of twenty. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's . just not going to talk about all the fun of
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a lot about shooting people are not able to shoot a gun themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into account right open war with the cities general security sure the people who pay the price clearly their writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least two hundred people are feared dead in the southern philippines following massive landslides and flooding caused by a tropical storm to have been most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao
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dozens of people are still missing. russia says the u.s. encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kill us says they'll give you prayed in the hearts defensive capabilities to defend against pro russian separatists and israeli forces of shot dead three palestinians in the past two days fourteen hours to get been killed since protests began over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. when i was twenty seventeen comes to an end when looking back at some of the biggest stories of this year through the eyes of five families in part two we report from venezuela where more than one hundred twenty people were killed this year and on to government protests inflation is rampant food medicines are scarce president maduro his government has been accused of human rights abuses yet he remains defiant as done in our reports. the pitot a neighborhood on the outskirts of caracas doesn't have rubbish collection or
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running water one of the more. we haven't had any water for three years we park our car here and fuel these containers more or less every day and a half. cathy is a community worker here suffering the same shortages everyone else but not prepared to just accept you know. they need look i turn it on but no water comes out so we have to shower with cups. she could jolt shames and encourages her neighbors to respond if the municipality won't collect the rubbish then they will. the government does not give resources to the local authorities so they do not pay the companies that do the work because they don't have the budget so everyone three but that is who is affected. katty like many venezuelans has put her dreams on hold in her case to bake cakes with inflation through the roof with jobs cash food and
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medicine scarce many venezuelans have lost faith in their politicians and they're increasingly looking inwards organizing themselves in the hope of a better future. they're all victims are rampant inflation food medicine shortages and rising crime it's important to work together we've forgotten that we're all brothers and sisters from the same land a land called when a so we're trying to take the reins of this country we're not politicians we don't work for any government agency we want to show that the citizens still have power. tens of thousands of venice wayland's have left the country got his daughter hannah says he's hoping to join an uncle in costa rica i know that the wages are not enough not even for their share or even to get through them and i'd like to live alone but you have to share. presidential elections are scheduled for next october president nicolas maduro will stand again hoping to extend the brand to socialism
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introduced in one thousand nine hundred nine by his predecessor charice the opposition is divided and some are being prohibited from standing. get a mock at all it's illogical the one person will solve all of them as well as problems every one of us is obliged to play their part in improving the country. then this way there is in crisis like kathy many like say where their politicians a failed they are going to do something about it they lack thought i had better. and they're out to see it caracas italy's foreign minister has traveled to tripoli to meet with the head of libya's un recognized government of national accord backcourt of the war had has more from tripoli. this visit by the italian foreign minister and. to the u.n. bag the government of national accord here in tripoli is considered by many people as another support of italy. and that the government of national accord headed by phase during this visit has stressed his country's support to this into an
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internationally recognized government and he has also stressed his support to the mission in void to libya. and to the road map submitted by selema to the united nations to solve or to end the libyan crisis we understand that this road map includes conducting parliamentary and presidential elections during the upcoming gear during this visit by a. national accord government face of the head of the national accord the government has called again on the international community to take fair mr against those parties derailing implementing the agreement that's the libyan political agreement signed by libyan rebels in december two thousand and fifteen and. also last week that in the gaijin of haiti for hefted declared from his side the
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end of this agreement and all institutions created by that agreement ironically. has not spoken during the press conference about the migration issue understand that italy has been receiving major numbers of migrants sailing off libyan shores and also italy has been receiving libyan. civil times through the years. well quad revolution in the way we work is happening all around us but some leading thinkers say governments are failing to keep the public informed automation and artificial intelligence creating a new world where millions of jobs will simply disappear in the first of a five part series on ai lawrence lee examines which jobs could be most under threat. and you play music who. in the
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future is likely many people will have one of these in their home. after all it will sing songs and dance for your kids or tell you how to cook a meal. will teach math this could be a classroom assistant exactly but what interests business about these robots is that they can be put in the supermarkets and tell you whether your guess is or go into the lobby of an office block and tell you where to meet your contact we're speaking to large blue chip companies who want to use them in their offices we're speaking to cab home providers we're speaking to hotels commonly factories to use in their showrooms. a whole variety financial organizations banks retail supermarkets quite a large sector businesses are extremely cagey about talking about their interest in artificial intelligence not surprising given that robots or algorithms could replace humans in any number of ways jobs insurance the law financial
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services other clerical roles are already being lost entire professions are projected to disappear. and if a robot can be designed to build a house in a couple of days and the movements of goods will be performed without humans then it's clear that in rich countries vast numbers of jobs in all pay grades could be at risk in agriculture designers are working on a robot which can distinguish between leaves and stalks to pick fruit very little appears outside the imagination someday let anybody asking what jobs there might be left for humans actually to do and one answer seems to be things with our hands because robots don't have motor skills so things perhaps like working with food all cutting hair all gardening but clearly much of this is monotonous and it's not very well paid. so who will give us money or pay for things if we no longer work or
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raise taxes increasingly it's being suggested that the so-called universal income may be the answer being paid not to work today suddenly universal basic income is a serious policy option there's lots of experiments going on as to how hard can be done what effect does it have it's moved much more into the mainstream and that i think is a consequence of all the changes that we have seen going on to provide the united states of america every six states america with a decent basic income one thing they're using it. would cost a quarter of the military so it's not feasible but the biggest question of all is whether it would make us happy or could it be that technology offers us the option of having almost all time to ourselves and if so is it a dream come true or would we get bored cautiously the world of business is asking where the boundaries are and what we are prepared to accept lawrence lee al-jazeera london. restaurant the indian city of chennai's using robots to improve customer
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service diners order using an i pad robot waiters bring the food to their table but only after a real person has cooked it similar restaurants have also been appearing in other countries including japan cosmetic surgeries on the rise in china making it the third biggest market for the sector worldwide after brazil and the us from shanghai there's a. eleven years ago chen lin decided she did not like the way she looked she since spent more than twenty thousand dollars on injections her visits to this beijing clinic have become his routine is going to the head dresses. for the injections made my chin more pointed and my face longer later i had surgery to my nose which was flat before now it's higher i also made my lips fuller and my skin smoother this was her pre-surgery and before problems with immigration began.
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once immigration stopped me and made me restate my id card number four times every time i go through immigration the expression of the officer as one of a big surprise the pursuit of physical beauty is big business in china last year three thousand operations were carried out it is beijing clinic alone one of the city's biggest the popularity of plastic surgery is driven by social media and the growing obsession with selfies in a shanghai park i met who didn't want to be recognised he thought a make over would improve his job prospects he had double eyelid surgery but it went badly wrong grr can no longer sleep properly and that's taking a toll on him. quite humble i can't close my eyes at all when i try to sleep. this is why it's so painful my biggest hope is that i can close my eyes and his
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sleep well to many people this is nothing but this is my dream he can only close his eyes by using a special lotion these razor scars are evidence of two attempted suicides in spite of the many well documented stories of botched operations there appears to be those shortage of chinese women and men who want to change the way they look but they are increasingly at the mercy of illegal practitioners and the government's now so concerned it's begun a campaign to shut them down that is not much comfort for good he's now saving for another operation so that he can hopefully close his eyes again adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai. well washington's decision to stop issuing travel visas from its embassy in have has not prevented the unique cuban dance company from winning widespread international attention the group is no stranger to restrictions both at
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home and abroad the same human reports in the capital have. it's difficult to put a label on the. it's a dance company with very obvious spanish influence. but it's not flamenco. it's much more the in the provocative movements the facial expressions something that is in fact very caribbean. this is the least of cuba dance company a work of art and love that began as an experiment in the opinion that miley i learned to dance ballet spanish dance in flamenco and popular cuban dances cha cha cha folklore kong and so on which i adore and the after a cuban dances they have their own specific music and style and song and we going down the years i wanted to fuse all that into one result a fusion of all those types of dances into one that's what we are
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a mixture of all this. this fusion style has been receiving brave reviews at home and of performances in more than twenty countries it's the first cuban company in fact to appear in the latin grammys but it's been a struggle getting the call dilemma and then your own when i feel that because of the way we started as an independent company many people who control the cuban steve institutions don't like it because it's a message that you can flourish in your own. eventually cuba's culture ministry agreed to provide the company a large building. it's allowed to expand her other key project a dance school for nearly fifteen hundred children and adolescents the next generation of police cell phones and dancers the waiting list is long these eight year old practice outside. before going into their class knowing they're among the lucky ones. since i was small i wanted to be a dancer i would say mom mom i want to dance let's dance cuba school has
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two years ago the school receives the international spotlight award from former u.s. first lady michelle obama. but as always there are challenges the least of which are the handmade costumes in a way these costumes tell the twenty six year old history of this company and that includes political obstacles for example the trumpet ministrations recent decision to stop issuing visas from its embassy here in havana has forced the company to cancel planned tours to the united states. alfonso and her husband juan carlos the company's manager take it in stride as they go through their paces prepared to take the rest of the world by storm. to sea and human i just have.
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a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera and it is give us some news just in north korea has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions against pyongyang an act of war but also want to pounce to consolidate its nuclear program the u.n. imposed sanctions on pyongyang's last week following north korea's recent intercontinental ballistic missile test in the southern philippines at least two hundred people are feared dead following massive landslides and flooding caused by tropical storm tended most of the casualties were on the island of mindanao dozens of people are still missing locals described how for victims had nowhere to run. houses were getting flooded but people could no longer exit their homes so they got trapped by the strong waters they were being swept away. yeah. they used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out so that's what happened here all day hollings and livelihoods gone
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and we have nine thousand families as of today that are affected and listed to be in our backyard. elsewhere in the southern philippines dozens of people are feared dead in a fire at a shopping mall in the city of devolve it started of a call center on the top floor of the four story building trapping people inside president rodriguez to turn to who previously served as devours mayor has visited the site to comfort the victims' relatives a u.s. federal judge has partially lifted president donald trump's restrictions that barred some refugees from the united states in october trumpet ministration halted refugee admissions from eleven countries in the middle east and africa pending a ninety day security review a ruling by the judge in seattle leaves restrictions on spouses and children refugees already in the u.s. russia says the u.s. is encouraging new bloodshed in eastern ukraine by providing weapons to kiev the
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u.s. says they'll give you crane and hands defensive capabilities to fight pro russian separatists. and israeli forces have shopped at three more palestinians in the past two days fourteen been killed since protests began the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera up front stage of that subject. swear every. he's the former somali refugee who now serves as kind of his immigration minister under justin trudeau but how good is the canadian government actually record on immigration and asylum issues and what does this muslim minister make of donald trump's muslim ban all ask hussein.


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