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tv   The Refugees Midwife  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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looking wayland years ago i also lost my dinner more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also security seen as a holy city by the three major monotheistic religions jerusalem has been contested for centuries al-jazeera brings you a special program about the status of jerusalem and its importance with our correspondents across the palestinian territories and opinions from around the world we explore the reality on the ground and the impact the u.s. has intention to move its embassy to jerusalem on the peace process the holy land on al-jazeera. and other top stories on al-jazeera palestinian christian leaders have rejected the
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u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling a dangerous and an insult for those weeks of demonstrations across the occupied palestinian territory over the decision leaving at least fifteen people dead and these are live pictures of the acting latin patriarch of jerusalem arriving in bethlehem's manger square. then turn the people are dead and dozens are missing after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines and leashing flash floods and landslides thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas type reports. digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm tammy these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anguish as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the bog. hours after unleashing flooding and landslides that has left doesn't. dead on the southern island of mindanao tendon
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slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday officials say people living in the area ignored warnings to leave and were swept away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes the flood was so strong that it swept away houses emergency responders say rocks and boulders some as biggest cars were washed down from the mountains and buried scores of homes in the town of. more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fight against groups aid organizations have criticised the government's response into something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also they questionable when the government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then this things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tendon is the latest to hit the philippines which is battered by around twenty major storms each
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year they can get one of the world's most disaster prone countries and while the storm is now heading out over the south china sea towards vietnam the devastation it's caused will continue to cause misery. al-jazeera richard gordon from the philippines red cross says the storm hit some of the country's poorest areas. well it's pretty bad. and it's and. the houses are almost and the sort of areas that are. basically. i mean they are but. i think that the forest was just an arm or you know a garden state you know. we have hundreds of thousand people from north korea has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions an act of war it's state news agency says a stronger new kid to turns program is the only way to for straight the u.s.
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the u.n. imposed extra measures on killing young on friday funding its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test the latest sanctions ban ninety percent of the country's fuel imports. more than two thousand seven hundred people in tech have been dismissed from their posts as part of the country's latest emergency rule decree soldiers teaches and bureaucrats were sacked over alleged links to what being called terror organizations in total hundred fifty thousand people are being dismissed or suspended from their jobs since the failed coup in july last year that's ever suspected ties to the movement of u.s. based cleric for to go in and. accuse him of organizing the failed coup. supporters of russian opposition leader alexei in the volley of been gathering in several cities in a bid to get his name on the ballot for presidential elections in march.
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down to being banned from running due to come a conviction but he says the constitution allows him to run because his sentence was suspended last week president vladimir putin announced he'll seek a new six year term in march. as the headlines the news will continue here but first is. a world to stand watching.
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the. auto. are gone. far. far out. and we in here going to lie down and i mean believe in it give it a setting which is now i want to end it and. then what i mean i should leave position in hand i had evan and with get a bill allen before asia. and hand out much of what i have to say was a bloody phantom of the ass of an alley and wouldn't the bunny and as in most out
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all night and. i'm also not i'm not going to have a sit at a thread i know of one to money. on him it was live well let the home shopping of now have in saudi and shown the context of the mystery and it was on what i had when i'm on and other what i'm often. going to me. yeah there were in the. anonymous docket in london the. animation. images i want to then why should. i limit joe. i hand them
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out to you bill and then added magic of it. she has that out there that i really know all over the hanshaw not and the one i have no more and up the side are not as all i hear about the animate as a model don't. go and. collect all. the lives of the was not. perfectly accurate but did does appear to. meet their idea perfectly good. but could now make dear. i have has interviewed a gay lover that have said how many. through and i got half of her pal of city of directors commission we give can have long.
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used. but if gasoline. costs of fairly. in the uk a lot of more money melisande. but i. didn't make. them pull the. story that they're my not the my. along i don't. want. the war.
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for profit they are more for. google going on there has to be and that's a lot of what happened on basically it's going to be easy i know that's the. most emotionally. have so can also be allophones and they were the only without because i do you really don't know how. the family crowd leaves you sad you cannot . feel good let's just try to feel a bit down a little bit and. tell them to be absolutely sure.
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when i'm going to say different political as me this. let's send it in and tell it this is going to be in the bay area. and the sense of a city under the. seat out. there near. the scene of the concert.
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in cuba to shot them said. forgotten africa. well. i thought i would but it. was. and said this why. i make sure. that i'm not of the mother. of the trophy or anything about it it. was how. forgotten africa are.
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still and they are. still in the. middle killin the. musclemen that is the headboard the sandwich to the good black men used to meet you missed my head bowed my head boy and i did. another stupid law managed to. not last this in non muslim cannot be more lost than me i mean i'm a gemini you know what that i'm. not the one had been i'm still alive i love you and be be civil to succeed it was the man who have yet to. get. me if. my a yellow but they you know if you all
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had no c n do you stick my little heart i have be a chocolate dick did as little wit there. is that i have and that also let us leave it be a good as any i am and i'm in the right they help his feel this that i that be at it will you yet was that of myself in him a billet. an octave on buses. in atlanta mother who will miss him do we don't know about. the. that's not fair to have. said has this and. has this and as little as i won't. have as i'm going to head out of. this is a marvelous mess of heads. up the top let it. move to bay with. its ok or who will and might be out of it
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ok but look there. are less sheep. than will kill all of them if you put aside as they move it why well why well but so i. might have lived that syria must have been a reality that i needed with zero then do this key live and i had at least from a shia. and that had lived to be an influence that i learnt about that family have given and for how on. jew fianna. had a. cousin hey give me my full value of my vision how should i love heavy blow leon that i am just. some of the look i clearly have been considered. dr young man but some very good mother tell him in the hopes that little bit.
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since we. will be. the alice a very. good. kid from the tamiya. i will crash a year had the no wife article will have. to edit them the time and maybe someone live with his say asset is the human the r.c.u. best for now me id any really anon dead or they can say saskia was a lead. by you love a city of them see what the. himym learn most acts. like
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a kid lives in you and in what all this other government and hertha tamiya lanman baby the ed up i have to give the syriani the left as it comes out than the sent back of the bottle be there with i yet the cable. was a man of the theater yet one hour to decide how the other woman on then if she be baelish family question was they had better. then have their lovers did i rather buy that is a bit higher and their own mother you know what i'm suggesting that we don't have the recently and i could have a kill bin so i had to have the stick what hagar had melted and. did feel like i had a link to her don't have a. second of sodium in one of the. other can ever dissolve and more in what can
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i sit on and it can feel queasy. and shallow with. militant a militia in and in a market of studio with the israel and none look at the talk i am in the hunting or shells ruffhead cos it want to and. help the very end there have not and i got the whole hog madrasi of the land there and a warning and it will fit all of the old who has years older than i am of their home. as it lurches in those it home but of now the senate and the two of them were not i am in. the city. but now i have him and the thing comes as hostile because then i have this immense percentage that those that employ laffey a listen while did this she said paint. a helicopter the analogy hate that
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we can can it with a lost cause a medic to live it off in another. always he may move to tennessee man if it there are dark brown are the. best decided those that this year rules that last this was the decision you all have a good plan and i am in. here and pam s. last. night and i am in as near at below market as did that leno can i know why the head international. and in most american when we were at the neck and then his yoke a man sat. lan. can fit in is really silly in r. and an a on han hat that be marvelous at like this who hold it a man management and when little bit date that number listed like this.
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but that got a lot. that's bizarre and nor. does the van we live in be minimal we lead people to support. a little bit. here gone a little mad lad none of all the counteroffer. for the lot there have been a. bill that behaved like. of the. element of course with the queen i'm not million did it is a mish mash feeling in mathematical women and in my school what they didn't be was that my and if. i can be that one it is one of the clinics your sobbing woman cannot number seven become an issue after us haas will be fired with us unless it were never done well it's been absolutely filled with the lemon handle if
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it had that well and fear all but the muscle and metal and not docile the not my son or what not but now and then they learn but not while it has mother of the now her darling had a man with a tan mom was at home and the massacre what they couldn't miss individual house. version images out on the name of some of us that there. were up until most of had a little baby may have really have found they have a has they to know that it. had the you yell at supper and they have had the. baby with. for. very. little. ok. ok well let me begin with anna and no to me i meant that belches pissin
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no feet paula ofi was armin haleigh the annie and halo must that have been in the hide them all going to go in the bed that everything really land in the head there said this bottom. one could well be said activity on the mother had by the limo say i'm going to let the ok look. there are been time. he come in hand in hand with the idea well yeah botany and dallas. and that laid there and i don't know the big animal it but that. if you know the who will. ever get on. that there by she and the daughter home. sebastian shot some are sure in the name of our financial boat they on the subject let us say
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via that ok at least be what they're going to be a while if they meant the subject at the are. there in the early cancer but that the end of the glass is civil and surely given all that and this looks with us all to you just sort of go there call my house on. the. market the day i went back to clear what i should are sitting like this one here. i learned them here's the outcome here a lot darker. was he. mean you mean the north don't care. and this year they shot
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a bus killer i live a minimum nine kill it because i have gotten from social club another thought i think they're honest when im getting up they're going to muzzled bill a bit longer than most board up there got it done in the. three dollar motherboard or visual one muscle and get a modern up shock wasn't. a minimal hummel nasha kills it wasn't my thoughts. shifter q four bit wild all it a theatre must ball because the slot they should have us lives harder to get but i hear. tristar. melissa share. no luck in the show have been to market this one incident obama lot has she had sort of fox ushered in dollars and made
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a few counted. decisions arson and upshall for when they got there shook and she knew camilla lady marden had a mother but that if you want it while it in about the other should she. get. show us and here. then be jacque sure piece about the hague. and the wish bill there would have been home. in the same one horse demo version. in. can. mentation her and it may lead to back you get a medal. at the marcus shifter give. him the. allah . how can it be jealous of his had head. misdeeds in the men's iman hake. that's at about that's just me and been because i was a whole new head of shit that b.m. you know and i should've hung as it should let the ship's name bend him which i was
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a hippie. as a matter of form on items was going moment of us with an ashtray for a live i'm josh being financed by the very thought about i want to. say i'm going to vomit from foster semi. just behind it all more to maneuver my yacht and if the heart doesn't have the i'm the only chicken cubby or. what that the lead to get off of the phenomenon campus muck and they get the foam on us but no vote up the canyon that has him above you j e z r one was a shock to see father than we're used to look when i'm a twenty of them when i'm full of modify be and i've been with us from forty to one when.
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we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bad oxford university professor of machine learning stephen roberts talks to all diseases at this time. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to talk it. through as. if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place with able to cover the news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. and lauren term begins with
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but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein's regime that has something to hide they have here a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite from any rock said one nine hundred ninety one iraq deception at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you. and i'm jane doesn't and the top stories on al-jazeera the latin patriarch of jerusalem has arrived in bethlehem for christmas eve celebrations amid tension
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across occupied palestinian territory over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital only a palestinian christian religious leaders condemned the decision they say it's an insult to christians and muslims. at least twenty people being killed in the southern philippines after tropical storm ten been caused landslides and flooding officials say many villages ignored warnings to leave coastal areas and was swept away the storm system is now moving towards vietnam richard gordon from the philippines red cross says the storm hit some of the country's poorest areas. well it's pretty bad. and it's and. the houses are almost certain areas of our beach so i believe. it. but i think that. was just an arm or you know
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just you know. you know hundreds of dollars and. north korea's called the latest round of un sanctions an act of war it's state news agency says a stronger new kid deterrence program is the only way to for straight the u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on pyongyang on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test well in two thousand seven hundred people in turkey are being dismissed from their posts as part of the country's latest emergency rule decree soldiers teachers and bureaucrats was sacked for alleged links to what is being called terror organizations in total one hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed or suspended from their jobs since the failed coup in july last year. supporters of russian opposition leader lexan of only have been gathering in several cities in a bid to get his name on the ballot for presidential elections in march.
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only has been banned from running due to a criminal conviction but he says the constitution allows him to run because his sentence was suspended last week president vladimir putin announced he will seek a new six year term those are the headlines the news continues but first let's go back to al-jazeera world. i am.
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sick. and. the end. the end of. the four men in their lives even city in and of them what would there be a problem with us for fear. that the folks that live them to be the middle of the sweaty and mustache back of that mind a moment back in the united nation let that mean that no i don't live in silly him who maybe has even the eyes of pain. after that the must test for.
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at that the a lot of why lot of money but i didn't have a. lot of us winning that million women me. them with a bow. how they. haven't been i mean the clams because you are missing. persons i'm looking for. the enemy of what. they are.
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much time me are no more but i am what do i leave it to be fun listeners letisha much of to ruin my figure so lacey honesty and the assault on the. advantages. and if you saw. the most body. story a little of that little was going on in that how many have had abortions black tie . him up of the idea was the door. with the little head in the hopeful hole and. the lame ass to hold him up sorta. janina to sit idly handy all the dictatorial measures last fall the sixtieth. meeting of home team. as he does to the.
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end who was already fifty years and about family been a little more vocal about book a any volume an album than most of us. look at. the number has a. little more than one annoyed. by the word a swear word when all to come in a moment ago for the maiden about love of their lives and how one is and i don't want on a dime i said whether the of us who must read the law can be reviewed or younger
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contacts today a model. of forensic new guide for human life. oh we're not going on side on the. whole who can all ten idea move by them believe this and it doesn't feel smug view the million. active and i shouldn't be holding a town. system. and i had. been on the ballot might i him in yemen here. haunt or bad inventive you could end the killing of a tomorrow night i did it with that one had that it was my head that the the and it the killer magnum a phantom. this was significant and that the history.
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and knowledge might help him and a little numb j.n. had to chill for a little bit because of love a little bit. and hum so notwithstanding the short home you know about it i would rather live in it. then what factor the had they done so let it go. nothing not part of and had done without it those were never darken the shadow of myself and my you have the. advantage. is mine and we have heard the thought of to lean on thought it started to have a solicitor some of the really had the sense i'm a hen jani and it was about hacking son of how senator live but the issue of. a good heart of. marcus and his soft hearted that taught him the launching of south. vietnam by the
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owner of the study. in some of those services was in what manning and i said if there is a loss in the heart. of our if i went there isn't well it because. it's. a somewhat then shut up shop oh no sick of both of our fellow one hundred. and two shows you got i hope. you all have the hottest. pick theater. model that i've been. was in. digital b.c. it was and is a fish you must be seriously visually admission not a mild hit if you take too.
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much. it is a moment she could my bit wild to kissing. it isn't it fuck it oh nice when the trucker who. was. somebody you said. from moon mission. if. i was the one hundred line of a month i don't know the same. moment in a mile. of the house of solving. the last only. a little above you know me i ended up mucked it and it's fine as it up to study and i've got to she wasn't good on hunting and i've had little time to i don't know that's funny the one with the had did not and i made that up as the get out in
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a go if so they all did it the hurt the thought of i don't say oh. well it was runs out and he ended up on luck to be on a. i don't another it convict. and i came out of saudi on a tuesday i made. the conflict you don't want. to turn up you don't really care this is generated us. this at a horrific. sasha. after morning. sorry most brutal how that didn't vilest sassed another high with us and. we could. have said what i had to learn then a flush then i. just wanted to live. without. incident that didn't matter to see. to watch.
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and then the money the hope none of that in the. i would imagine. a blast. all. to hell even while the animal that in the middle of the one then a second of the fianna. to. the wyoming.
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in the style shave a new stuff that she get among. that spot guy is surely a misstep but did he that. even imagine. santa maria and usually daniel most of them got. it down by one that sat on their luck that the shuttle semi had it be decided on a shed they looked at us. so how do you know you said you had had another bubble among which to have been once those events into a semi you names are being. asian anything. that. was moving.
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on to so i learned the. johnny. i'm just out of us i want to go this stuff here the thought come to me you are silly i love my. i don't usually get any of that so to me if i do get done you will see gentlemen come start shooting all while again maybe you do receive maybe you anymore whom are bombing going on what are you benjamin. but now finally mistake but instead from head run gresh my last one. i don't was told he told me he said he did it is he schwager he was so silly i learned of her and him a few she and it mean it don't look now any mistake again could use
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a gun made no machine and allowed if it and intimidating. and the nobody than me gasol mayhew shiela shouldn't be dem greenways he shut. after she started and all that mob bob will be all the bad they know i sure. what i did not get on to question but some. good news my. most if nor nothing nice invalid or national has seen in the national and now kill what that will be is here had not really yanira rob another one padna those are in this might have been other than the resources fitness only the jury would sec of
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and they are little the lot with proly hate them issue with mahir bess how to hail a let me land that can she meant my. behavior in the animists and then one of the butte la and booklet r.s.e. out. willow willett how did you lose in was that i'd made plow with yet oh yeah you're a hoe yannick us there were only one of us yada the president no idea until the little enemy had walked the. hell that's only a slit in the nominee has that routine all my life as they knew it like we had to see after reality because the last a day was it that very hour far less how led the foes miss eleanor led hiking with troops in the fight ahead in libya or libya and i don't know why this rebel because they could have thought i let mother live aid why suddenly on the back they had a new come in the younger generation yeah when the shit that pest figure out.
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how this awful baccalaureate the medicine. we shall call been aids my can in a level hustle funny and me on the news he has a little fun. there. chatted with. evidence.
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other. than her. own. kids. soften my love with lettin me play though i should let our share in the lions or. well in the interest of all the best sendoff when i was the sender and this must have been mad more going yeah yeah i had that if i don't fight i had met him i had never been there i was. under a half hour i. really can assure. him sherry be really clear.
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this second they were cheryl. said has in the most brutal consider musharraf's plan and warse. and about a few highly any. the muscularly girl muscularly remember now but she will be. hard to vote. for yet this sasser ban. had no libel and i don't need any material or more now. until that affirm fourth id have. been afford that i said earmarked i would initiate a where south of us. through my mother than merely maffia the western border to which you do you would review with me and be. sure that i have to go somewhere and am for us. this time and. i left in this chair
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clear. down and to allow for well our. first. but the door for daddy my lot of shoes. every semi are some play or hermit lair nor come and some of what i am. from may you know what at some other himalayas and jersey you know what i am with this some of the med. would do is we do the math and cindy and claire just asked me and. corny a new. movie out of finance studio low before. the famine or below do all the only b.s.
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marilyn be human in a moment a while door yani annoyed village morbid now but it needs to be asked my god the ending smug me out of a normal move in an hour or. better do. quite a bit to be out of. the mob solar. as a person with a flip of. when to go their way i was able to. go away with us i don't know if her. yeah it was that this boy that i had. when they were having to run a rocket or. an
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infant. can you tell me. nothing.
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if you have. one of these you know all over the.
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world the law. should be on the or. should or. should the world should. also the world also. heard that or the other over the world world world work the earth the earth the law. follow her list of her friends. suddenly there one man then invent a. name known a lot. of know what the well r.b.i.
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knew when. she saw her. leave but i manned almost. one hundred eleven. why don't i know us or got. now three now or. one or one of the oil a lawyer the lawyer. one.
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and she managed to. pull a trigger and war command. you know funded. the tired bazin i mentioned who defended setting a fire against attack by surface forces. just to cover the story choices and determined. at this time. through triangle the rave you can use. i don't mean to use
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and if it means she's going to like. hello there we're seeing lots of rain around in parts of south america at the moment on the satellite picture you can see this area of cloud that stretches through possibility or down through parts of powerglide and into the southern parts of brazil to little things that there's quite a few showers a more we cropping up during the day but to the south started fine enjoy it actually not too hot for same when is ari's on sunday will get to around twenty four degrees there when change though as we head into christmas day at this time will be thirty one degrees so it will feel very very hot actually much in the temperature that we're expecting in some thiago as well for the central americans who are here the weather is quite quiet at the moment a fair amount of cloud but generally it's fair weather cloud to not bring too much in the way of rain as until you head across towards panama through costa rica here there's likely to be some thick cloud giving us some heavier rain and that will be pushing its way north woods there as we head through the next day i'll say towards north america and here we've got quite a bit of snow quite a bit of cold weather with us at the moment this system pig galloping its way east
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which is bringing quite a bit of that wintery weather you can see that snow showing up very clearly on today's chart and anywhere to the west of not it's not feeling particularly woman told look at winnipeg minus twenty two is a maximum on sunday but if you think that's cold christmas day we minus twenty six . there with sponsored by qatar race. from toxic milk to meet food standards continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its foods one when used goes undercover to expose big. they didn't harm in a system geared for profit one east at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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