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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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continues to lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al jazeera and monday pointed on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. christian leaders in the holy land come out strongly against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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this is al jazeera live from coming up oh. more than seventy thousand people are homeless in the philippines and at least two hundred dead in the wake of tropical storm. north korea calls the latest round of u.n. sanctions aimed at its nuclear program an act of war. russian opposition. attempts a show of strength in his bid to challenge. for the presidency. more than two hundred people are dead and dozens are missing after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines unleashing flash floods and landslides thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas just type reports.
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digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm tammy and these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anguish as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the mud. hours after unleashing flooding and landslides that has left dozens dead on the southern island of mindanao tendon slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday officials say people living in the area ignored warnings to leave and were swept away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes the flood was so strong that it swept away houses. emergency responders say rocks and boulders some as big as cars were washed down from the mountains and buried scores of homes in the town of. more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fight against groups aid organizations
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have criticised the government's response and this is something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also very questionable when a government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then this things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tendon is the latest to hit the philippines which is battered by around twenty major storms each year they can get one of the world's most disaster prone countries and while the storm is now heading out over the south china sea towards vietnam the devastation it's caused will continue to cause misery. al-jazeera richard gordon from the philippines red cross says the storm hit some of the poorest areas so they'll be giving flood victims cash on monday. well it's pretty bad that you consider that scores but that. hundreds of them and. makes the house just about anywhere homeless and he said areas that are hard to reach that's why these are basically the errors
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i mean to hit urban centers but i think that the of the buddhist i have a sister and i are are you know a goddess that you know of muslim and out and you know i did seventeen thousand people like that. you know what i was that people with no hope at the moment and that i'm sure that basically. we are just you wonder i doubt if that water tankers are adjusting have. hopes that people are trying to provide a great example of. cash that's why tomorrow. we bring the cash directly there for five hundred families and the next day i do thousand five hundred but you can start to just like that with a one by. palestinian christian leaders have rejected the u.s. decision to recognize juice room jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous
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and an insult it follows weeks of palestinian protests across the occupied territories since president trumps an announcement at least fifteen protesters have been killed trans move was made to the international outrage hundreds of thousands of people rallied in countries throughout the middle east as well as muslim majority nations including indonesia malaysia and pakistan on thursday the un general assembly voted overwhelmingly for a non-binding resolution declaring the us decision no and void but trump isn't backing down he insists the u.s. embassy in israel will be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem breaking with fifty years of diplomatic convention. i mean it is live for us in bethlehem and what i'm just worried what the position of the church is when it comes to trump's declaration. well the churches have. by far a book widely all of them i would say condemned johns the clothes ration many
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saying that the does it distinctive school in jerusalem had to be protected kept as it is to keep the fragile balance between all the different communities especially in occupied eastern jerusalem and i think this strongest comments came from archbishop pierre but this the pizza is the. who is presiding over the celebrations here in bethlehem later on today well he said that the church was against any unilateral decision when it comes to jerusalem and he even said that if indeed the visit of vice president mike pence will go ahead next month it will be very difficult for the church to receive him in any of the holy sidestreet you. want to have an official visit to these holy sites he said that one must bear the consequences or must keep in mind the political consequences of such
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a move and then he when he was asked what advice would he give the american vice president and he said that the american private the vice president should listen more to all christians and that jesus was not the monopoly of the evangelicals so you can hear there are some very tough words and warnings by the church certainly we've heard them over the past three weeks and then yesterday those very strong comments by the top basically catholic woman official in the entire middle east and what's an impact has the politics had on events today and what we're expecting tomorrow to think. well certainly it is that this is a bittersweet it's atmosphere but there's a it's been all dampened by this political upheaval really i was speaking earlier to some people who were milling here in the square and they were telling me that
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they compared to last year this really no festive mood at the moment in bethlehem i spoke to some of the shop owners around and they said that their business has gone down by a third if not even a hard compared to this time last year and this is supposed to be the peak season for bethlehem specifically so certainly there is that atmosphere and you can also feel that people are worried about their future one man said something very interesting he said you know we're still sort of absorbing the enormity of trumps the collaboration and so far there hasn't been really a big reaction but he is very worried of what could happen in the new year he said the morning reaction is delayed the more i feel it will be bigger and more tragic so certainly there is a lot of apprehension of what's going to happen next and talking of reaction what is the israeli reaction been around this. well
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certainly these rallies have been we've heard that from for example the prime minister netanyahu he's been giving his support or of the way to. do president donald trump actually if you go to jerusalem you will find big posters on the roads where it says thank you president roh for making israel great again so certainly there is full support of that they also completely dismissed the non biding vote that happened at the general assembly a few days ago actually prime minister netanyahu called the u.s. embassy a church of the absurd so from their side they are quite satisfied with what's going ahead their mantra has always been that jerusalem is the a church and undivided capital for do jews certainly something that the palestinians don't accept very much and they they are also the palestinians now you hear them say exactly the same thing and certainly when it comes to occupied east
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jerusalem many will just tell you were there ever israel says whatever the israelis thing whatever trump says we don't care we still regard that part occupied east jerusalem as our capital and we'll go ahead claiming it claiming it until we get it as the capital of a future state so you have these very opposed points of view there but certainly prime minister didn't know this score some points among his constituency all right hala thank you and we are doing a special program on the tension of the status of jerusalem this christmas eve watch the holy land at twenty one thirty g.m.t. on sunday on al-jazeera. north korea has called the latest round of un sanctions an act of war its state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrence program is the only way to frustrate the u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on killing on friday following its recent intercontinental
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ballistic missile test has more from seoul north korea called the latest round of u.n. security council sanctions imposed on it as a threat as a violation of its sovereignty as well as an act that would violate peace and stability in the region it also seemed to direct much of its anger at the u.s. who led drafted and negotiated this latest round of sanctions now one interesting thing however is north korea seems to acknowledge that these latest sanctions are the toughest ever that it's faithing it called it tantamount to a complete economic blockade as not only a significant cap on petrol supplies the sanctions also call for the repatriation of north korean foreign labor as within the next twenty four months hitting an important income source for the isolated country it also calls for an ban on north korean exports including machinery and lumber again hitting north korea's income
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source there isn't however any indication in the statement that north korea will change its behavior in fact the tone is one of defiance but this is very much in line with previous statements in reaction to past sanctions many analysts have come to believe that the world is running out of sanctions options when it comes to dealing with north korea now the hope however is that these sanctions will have the effect of making it more difficult for north korea to carry out further tests. supporters of russian opposition leader lakes in the valley have been gathering in several cities in a bid to get his name on the ballot for presidential elections in march. of on the has been banned from running due to a criminal conviction but he still intends to announce his candidacy last week president vladimir putin announced he'll seek a new six year term in march his vote speaking to supporters in moscow novelli made
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his opinion of putin's clear or a challenge as more from moscow. sunday has been a busy day for russia's opposition and i think as we head towards the election three months away now this tussle between the north or a tease and the opposition is likely to heat up this rally here a small one two or three hundred people was organized by an ally of alexei. yashin was told that despite his position as the head of one of those municipal districts he could not authorize rallies like this and demonstrators were told that they had to wrap it up and go home valley separately to all this has been trying to get his name officially on the ballots for the presidential elections now one of the hurdles that he had to jump for that is to get at least five hundred people in one place and endorse him as an independent candidate so he held meetings
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in at least twenty cities across the country and in moscow earlier on seven hundred say yes he was and at that meeting he had a very pointed message for in the man he of course wants to stand against next year leaving laziness but even a syrian national it's you flatter me a putin who turned out country into a source of personal enrichment for yourself your family and your friends that is why you should not be a president anymore you are a bad president you don't have a positive program you don't know how to rule a country and we defy you in these elections and we is set to win one of course it's unlikely that he is actually going to be able to stand in the elections because the kremlin says his fraud conviction makes him ineligible me has always said that that was politically motivated but come march of next year there
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are many people who don't think the only a putin is going to be winning another six years in power. still ahead on the al-jazeera more house clearing from turkey's president brigitte type everyone he fires another twenty seven hundred people for alleged links to terrorism. and you play music i understand and. go to zero looks into how artificial intelligence is changing the workplace. hello there we've got quite a quiet spell of weather over the southeastern part of china at the moment when they're aiming down from the north though so it is feeling quite cool maximum temperature in shanghai probably struggling to eight or nine degrees as we head
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through into chews day though i think the temperatures will be rising this time at least into double figures think we'll get to around twelve may in shanghai and further south will see more in the way of cloud just be pushing its way northward say more of us here will see some great weather maybe just the old outbreak of rain at times if we head towards the west well here for many of us in india it's also generally quite quiet weather wise at the moment to twenty one of them a new delhi still a problem with the i call to him for the south we're looking at twenty eight in shan't i for sure langkow quite a few showers around to where expecting more of those as we head to through choose day some of them are likely to be very heavy particularly in the east now here in doha no major changes for us over the next few days so we're looking at around twenty seven degrees as our maximum on monday to the north of us you can see this area of cloud the stretching all the way up into parts of iran that may just squeeze out the old shower certainly making things rather great for us in q eight and gradually that'll be sinking its way south was for choose day a few showers making their way into way around behind it.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put out every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.
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again let's take a quick look at the top stories at least two hundred people have been killed in the southern philippines after a tropical storm caused landslides and flooding officials say many villages ignored warnings to leave coastal areas or was swept away the storm system is now moving towards vietnam latin patriarch of jerusalem is in bethlehem for christmas eve celebrations of attention across occupied palestinian territory over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital only a palestinian christian religious leaders condemned the decision they say it's an insult to christians and muslims. supporters of russian opposition leader alexei navalny have been gathering in over twenty cities in a bid to get his name on the ballot for presidential elections in march the valley has been banned from running due to a criminal conviction but he says the constitution allows him to run because his sentence was suspended. in the second part of our one year five families series we
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report from venezuela where more than one hundred twenty people were killed this year in mass demonstrations inflation is rampant food and medicine are scarce president nicolas maduro his government has been accused of human rights abuses yet he remains defiant and his family reports. the pitot a neighborhood on the outskirts of caracas doesn't have rubbish collection or running water one of the more. we haven't had any water for three years we park our car here and fuel these containers more or less every day and a half. and cathy is a community worker here suffering the same shortages everyone else but not prepared to just accept me to. look i turn it on but the water comes out so we have to shower with cups. she could jolles shames and encourages her neighbors to respond if the municipality won't collect the rubbish then they will.
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the government does not give resources to the local authorities so they do not pay the companies that do the work because they don't have the budget so everyone three and that that is who is affecting their katty like many venezuelans has put her dreams on hold in her case to bake cakes with inflation through the roof with jobs cash food and medicine scarce many venezuelans have lost faith in their politicians and they're increasingly looking inwards organizing themselves in the hope of a better future. they're all victims are rampant inflation food medicine shortages and rising crime it's important to work together we've forgotten that we're all brothers and sisters from the same land a land called been a soil and we're trying to take the reins of this country we're not politicians we don't work for any government agency we want to show that the citizens still have power. tens of thousands of venice wayland's have left the country got his daughter
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hannah says he's hoping to join an uncle in costa rica. and the wages are not enough not even for their share or even to get through them and i'd like to live alone but you have to share. presidential elections scheduled for next october president nicolas maduro will stand again hoping to extend the brand to socialism introduced in one thousand nine hundred nine by his predecessor charice the opposition is divided and some are being prohibited from standing. get a market only to logical the one person will solve all of them as well as problems every one of us is obliged to play their part in improving the country. then this way there is in crisis like kathy a many like say where their politicians a failed they are going to do something about it they lack thought i had but. they're out to see it caracas more than two thousand seven hundred people in turkey
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have been dismissed from their posts as part of the country's latest emergency rule to create soldiers teachers and bureaucrats were sacked over alleged links to what are being called terror organizations in total one hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed or suspended from their job since the failed coup in july last year that's suspected ties to the movement of u.s. based cleric for too good in turkey accused him of organizing the failed coup well in kabul and is the director of policy analysis at the doha institute he says the latest dismissals show president everyone has gone too far. well i think at the very beginning his the action was fully understood because that was an attempt on the life of the president and an attempt actually to overthrow a democratically democratically elected government but i think after that he went too far by using that as a pretext in order to belch not only the military in which he actually used. in fact he seized on that called an opportunity for him in order to bring the army
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under his control because for the past fifteen years of. actually the military has been the past of secularism in turkey and it was very much the party which has resisted so many reforms that the president has suggested in order to bring the whole state. apparatus and that his so i took that opportunity actually to bring the army and the contract but as i said he went too far when he actually there's also the state bureaucracy he fired out hundreds of university professors i know for sure that some colleges in turkish university don't have teachers actually to teach the courses he built also the judiciary so he went after almost all those he was suspecting of posing whether actually they had links to the
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movement to legoland or or not through his former president fujimori has been taken from his jail cell to a hospital fujimori will undergo treatment for low blood pressure and heart problems seventy nine year old is serving a twenty five year sentence for graft and human rights crimes during his ten years in office he is a deeply divisive figure in peru while many consider him a corrupted tator others credit him with ending an economic crisis and bloody leftist insurgency. every christmas season colombia witnesses a tropical version of black friday thousands of vendors stuck up their shops with popular clothes at cheap prices but as. reports business has been difficult due to fears competition with newly arrived chinese. buyers crawl underneath the door of this whole sale mall and run they are resellers trying to get the most desired garments to stock their shops the model or great early rise is colombia's version
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of black friday which repeats itself every night at two am during the christmas season. due to a little bit of it's very hard but it's worth the effort christmases when people buy the most we don't have a life but we make good money reselling these jeans notes during the day some big downtown boulder is overwhelmed by buyers informal ban there's mixed with merchants of locally made shoes and clothes moving four million u.s. dollars per day. but sellers say they have been facing unfair competition from recently arrived chinese traders who pay up to treat times for their shops imported legally and sell products at half the price falls and they say. we lost sixty five percent of our sales last year and i had to cut sixty percent of the employees at our factory it was impossible to compete with them merchants took to the streets as tensions rose then in october the police shut down fifty chinese stores for
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contraband none would speak on camera but one representative of the growing chinese community told us they are facing racial discrimination the manager of the grandson mall rejects such accusations so you know nothing about how to. if they come and work legally and follow the rules they are welcome but if they are doing a list of activities we will fight them but we've been hitting on colombians who contraband as well and this was thanks to the chinese in. what's happening seventy thirty you know it's only shape of the iceberg in the last decade chinese imports and commerce at least by almost twenty times going from five hundred billion u.s. dollars a year more than ten billion will go soon economy smadi ramus says colombian merchants need to learn how to compete. noise from the mine colombia is no longer a country of cheap labor we have
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a capita income of around seven thousand dollars believes we can compete making cheap or take styles shoes or clothing at this point is hopeless decelerates feel they have to win their protection use battle but it's unclear for how long they'll remain in business in an increasingly globalized world alison that i'm. a quiet revolution in the way we work is happening all around us but some leading thinkers say governments are failing to keep the public informed automation artificial intelligence or creating a new world where millions of jobs will simply disappear in the first of a five part series on ai lawrence lee examines what jobs could be most under three . and you play music who understand and. in the future is likely many people will have one of these in their home. after all it will sing
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songs and dance feel kids will tell you how to cook a meal knife will teach math this could be a classroom assistant exactly but what interests business about these robots is that they can be put in the supermarkets and tell you whether your guess is or go into the lobby of an office block and tell you where to meet your contact we're speaking to large blue chip companies who want to use them in their offices we're speaking to cab home providers we speak into hotels call many factories to use in their share or. home from a variety of financial organizations banks retail supermarkets quite a large sector businesses are extremely cagey about talking about their interest in artificial intelligence not surprising given that robots or algorithms could replace humans in any number of ways jobs insurance the law financial services other clerical roles are already being lost entire professions are
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projected to disappear. and if a robot can be designed to build a house in a couple of days and the movements of goods will be performed without humans then it's clear that in rich countries vast numbers of jobs in all pay grades could be at risk in agriculture designers are working on a robot which can distinguish between leaves and stalks to pick fruit very little appears outside the imagination some people are genuinely asking what jobs there might be less folk humans actually to do and one answer seems to be things with our hands because robots don't have motor skills so things perhaps like working with food or cutting hair or gardening but clearly much of this is monotonous and it's not very well paid. so who will give us money or pay for things if we no longer work or raise taxes increasingly it's being suggested that the so-called universal
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income may be the answer being paid not to work today suddenly universal basic income is a serious policy option there's lots of experiments going on as to how hard can be done what effect does it have it's moved much more into the mainstream and that i think is a consequence of all the changes that we were seeing on to provide the united states of america every six states america with a decent basic income one thing they're using an income scheme would cost a quarter of the military so it's not feasible but the biggest question of all is whether it would make us happy or could it be that technology offers us the option of having almost all time to ourselves and if so is it a dream come true or would we get bored cautiously the world of business is asking where the boundaries are and what we are prepared to accept lawrence lee al-jazeera one of.
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the top stories of al-jazeera the latin patriarch of jerusalem is in bethlehem for christmas eve celebrations amid tensions across occupied palestinian territory over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital earlier palestinian christian religious leaders condemned the decision they say it's an insult to christians and muslims that he's trying to people are being killed in the southern philippines after tropical storm tembin caused landslides and flooding officials say many villages ignored warnings to leave coastal areas and were swept away the storm system is now moving towards vietnam richard gordon from the philippines red cross says the storm hit some of the country's poorest areas. well it's pretty bad. and it's and. the houses are almost and the sort of areas that are so i believe. maybe urban centers but i think
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that the forest was just an arm or you know a garden state of. you know hundred seven thousand people from. north korea is called the latest round of un sanctions an act of war it's state news agency says a stronger new kid the turns program is the only way to frustrate the u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on pyongyang on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test supporters of russian opposition leader alexei navalny have been gathering in several cities in a bid to get his name on the ballots for presidential elections in march. the felony has been banned from running due to a criminal conviction but he says the constitution allows him to run because his sentence was suspended last week president vladimir putin announced he'll seek a new six year term a ceasefire by saw saddam's warring sides come into force to allow humanitarian
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access to civilians caught in the fighting the deal agreed after talks in ethiopia's capital at is if the latest attempt to end the four year long civil war those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. field i felt i was lucky that excel file locking itself.


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