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journalism is not a crime mahmoud for sane is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussain. an underground fire has been burning for over a century beneath india's largest coal field. now open coast mining has put the flames to the surface would devastating consequences for the local population. as communities are destroyed and thousand suffer from toxic fumes what lies behind this human and environmental disaster people in power the burning city at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha
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fully back to go welcome to the news great christmas in the shadow of times jerusalem decision festivities in the holy land have taken political undertones as christian leaders come out strongly against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital will be live in bethlehem where celebrations that began and we'll also explore the challenges christians in gaza face this holiday season. it will be a miserable christmas for many people in the southern philippines the death toll from tropical storm tembin has risen to at least two hundred people and more than seventy thousand have been left without a home we'll hear how filipino ex-pats in the gulf are coming together to help those affected in their homeland also on the grid why is africa's largest oil producer short of factual thousands of nigerians have been forced to sleep at filling stations amid a new fuel crisis this by the government assuring citizens of abundance a. lies explore what's causing the outrage i'm sata hired not to tell you more
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about the trending hash tag in nigeria stance it's an outrageous video story pictures all of it is an economic one on facebook throughout the show. i am going to end with a news great live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining as billions of christians around the world are preparing to celebrate christmas and all eyes will be on bethlehem which is accepted by christians as the birthplace of jesus christ but u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital nums launched in festivities this year christian leaders have come out strongly and rejected the u.s. decision they've been weeks of protests in jerusalem gaza and the occupied west bank which have left at least fifteen people dead the festivities in bethlehem so far have seen the arrival of jerusalem's latin patriarch who took time to walk amongst
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the worshippers gathered around mongar square pilgrims and palestinian officials will be attending midnight mass at the church of the nativity let's bring in al-jazeera as hoda abdel-hamid who is in bethlehem forests in the occupied west bank what are these really palestinian conflict is perhaps even more keenly felt that christmas isn't it tell us about the mood the atmosphere in bethlehem this year. well actually someone was telling me earlier that there's always something that could ruin the mood of any celebration here in the occupied west bank but certainly it's never been as bad as this year with this jerusalem the clever asian made by trump and actually throughout you know didn't this morning there was a procession of bands of scouts and that's something traditional has been going on in this city for hundreds of years but today there were many of them were carrying
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banners clear messages saying that they regard jerusalem as the capital of a future palestinian state and whenever you look here man just where you will find an appeal for example made from some activists you will have also posters and banners reminding everybody that also the christians of palestine do regard jerusalem as their capital certainly east jerusalem as their capital and that is something that won't change but the mood is down there is worry about what could come next and certainly people feel that this festive season as you said butler is the epicenter of the catholic faith doing today and tomorrow well they do feel that it's all overshadowed by politics this time palestinian president mahmoud abbas hold i will be arriving for mass in the next hour or so i believe how much have the events of these past few weeks of protests devoted the united nations
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condemning the u.s. decision how much has this whole boosted his popularity he's standing and what else can palestinian leaders and the palestinians feel they can do to achieve what they want. well sir it is mahmoud abbas is indeed arriving in about an hour or so this is something he does every year certainly this time he is a man who is under an enormous amount of stress we've seen him over the past three weeks in his diplomatic offensive trying as much as possible to garner as much as possible international support trying to bring in other countries maybe even the u.n. to be a broker in any peace negotiation if indeed those take up the take off again any time soon even though i ask anyone here and they would tell you that they think that for the next few years at least they will be no advance when the world server also i asked people what they thought about the u.n.
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general assembly resolution even if it's non-binding and one man summed it up pretty well he said you know whether it's binding or non-binding how many u.n. resolution have there been and have many have actually been applied or how many has israel taken onboard so there's a lot of skepticism that anything will change any time soon and actually are some people and they tell you that they worry that come the new year the problems will become even bigger just coming back to the festivities in bethlehem where you are harder for our viewers who may not be familiar with what happens every year in bethlehem tell us about what we know the events of over the next few hours the palestinian leader as he said will be arriving and also i'm curious what's the security like this year in light of the events of the past few weeks. well certainly there is very tough security and that's actually been since last night
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roads have been cordoned off and since this morning anyone who wanted to reach the center of it lem has to come here by first now earlier archbishop but this stuff it's about as a right he's the highest roman catholic official in the entire middle east not only in the holy learn and he made his way to the divinity church which is those behind me now that the church is built on the gave that's believed to be the case where jesus was born now that he will be holding a mosque in this same catchment chapel inside the church later on today mahmoud abbas will be coming he will be attending that mosque but certainly i think we will be hearing doing discern more about what's going on is not just going to be a celebration of a mosque is going to be a mass that will bring in the reality of this crisis that really has taken everybody by surprise people here will tell you that they didn't expect the
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christmas to be ruined in such a way and many wonder about the timing of the collaboration. reporting there live from bethlehem in the occupied west bank or thank you very much for that and as always with this story lots of comments from our viewers on facebook one here from renee who says jerusalem should not be long to any country it should have a special status for all face to share and the people who live there should be allowed to live there thank you for your comments you can keep them coming using the hash tag a.j. news great now midnight mass for christians living in gaza will be celebrated several hours earlier this year because of heightened security concerns just over a thousand palestinian christians live in the gaza strip al-jazeera is marcom web went to meet some of them to find out how they're celebrating this year. this is all of rosetta sires extended family that's what gallo this christmas. a
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son went to the occupied west bank three years ago and never came back he took his two sons were worried for their future hearing gaza one of her daughters moved to canada six years ago a family that bad life is very difficult in gaza we live under siege and we cannot move anywhere gaza has become a big prison we've witnessed many was during the bombing we had to sleep in the church for safety. the story of rosettes family is typical among as a small community of christians because they are in just three churches congregations are shrinking. their populations just over a thousand it was more than double that ten years ago when the blockade by israel in egypt began to suffer the same daily struggles as the muslim majority sociologists a christian families tend to have more means to get out family. usually has. hari. and i think the more
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the human being has options and the more has money and you look to the to the to the life and good life and this is good life is not available in gaza even your money in gaza but you can have a life. and adding to the strife is the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. here in this community center christians are holding a vigil in solidarity for jerusalem as palestine's capital the feeling among christian communities very much the same as it is among the muslim majority everyone we've spoken to see here is it opposition to the u.s. move and they say it only adds to the frustrations of life here. there are many muslims here too the communities carry exist. it's a somber runs the center he says they do everything they can to try and provide
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support for young people. to do what they need to do what they must do in their lives as young do you do what you can see a lot of them want to leave and i know that you believe this is more secure more comfortable for them to come for sure many young people here say they like gaza just that on the seat there are no opportunities here almost anyone who can leave and so this small christian community is getting smaller malcolm web al jazeera in gaza. well the head of the catholic church paul francis is among the world leaders who have warned donald trump against his plans to recognize you as the israeli capital and move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem the pope has called for unity as he prepares to celebrate christmas at the vatican peter shop reports are on this the most
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holy day of the year some peter's square was starting to fill up a full twelve hours before pope francis will take christmas eve mass a traditional event taking place at a time of extraordinary up evil at the vatican for many here the controversy surrounding jerusalem dates back decades and is centered on israel's illegal occupation. i think it's difficult for the pipe to intervene directly in politics but he is clever enough to persevere for free access to jerusalem for everyone. by the chairman and very nearly to the pope speaks well jerusalem has to remain free and not before. the pope can talk to regular people as well as world leaders and say jerusalem belongs to everyone it's home for a number of different religions. they spoke with one voice the vatican's links with true islam go back centuries this is the church of the holy
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cross in jerusalem consecrated in rome in three hundred a.d. on a foundation of soil and relics taken from the very hill where christians believe jesus died a little sliver of wood said have been taken from the cross draws pilgrims every day to walk in this church is to walk in the holy land the pope's with response to what they're describing here as israel's land grab has been unprecedented. it is true slim is a unique city holy to jews christians and muslims who worship in the city i pray to the lord that its identity will be preserved and strengthened for the benefits of the holy land of the middle east and the entire world. the vatican may be the smallest city state in the world but that hasn't stopped it vigorously disputing what seen here as israel's claim over jerusalem to be brought up at the united nations forums across europe and the message has always been the same
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uncompromising and wavering jerusalem belongs to no certain people it belongs to us all to me and rico is a vatican historian familiar with its relations with jerusalem it is the global center of christianity especially for the catholics here because of the vatican and jerusalem is it is the location of the holy places was secret to the christians muslims and jews so this i see in this big similarity because it is it is an issue of identity whether the national identity prevails or the religious global events prevails i don't know that for the worshippers from all over the world christmas in some peter's square will be remembered not just for the religious experience but also for the grim reality that one of christianity's holiest cities remains under occupation peter shop al jazeera in rome and it will have a special program on the tensions over the status of jerusalem this christmas eve
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on al-jazeera watch the holy land with my colleague gary navigator shall be talking to all of our correspondents in the region as well as getting opinions from around the world on the impact the u.s. decision will have on the israeli palestinian peace process the holy land starts at twenty one thirty g.m.t. this sunday right here on al-jazeera. in the philippines christmas festivities have been mobbed by sorrow and destruction more than two hundred people are not known to have dies after tropical storm tembin devastated southern parts of the country flash floods and landslides are for sauza and some their homes in a state of emergency has been declared in several areas in chest high as more. digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm tendon these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anguish as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the mud. hours after unleashing
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flooding and landslides that has left dozens dead on the southern island of mindanao tendon slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday officials say people living in the area ignored warnings to leave and were swept away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes the flood was so strong that it swept away houses emergency responders say rocks and boulders some as biggest cars were washed down from the mountains and buried scores of homes in the town of. more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fight against myself and groups aid organizations have criticized the government's response and it is something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also very questionable when of government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then this things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tendon is the
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latest to hit the philippines which is battered by around twenty major storms each year they can get one of the world's most disaster prone countries and while the storm is now heading out over the south china sea towards vietnam the devastation it's caused will continue to cause misery m.p.'s have al-jazeera. and communities in the central philippines are struggling to recover after tropical storm creaked have a fair last week the same region was ravaged by a powerful typhoon four years ago that came to about eight thousand lives and destroyed millions of homes linda can travel to the region you can watch her report on our web site al-jazeera dot com now a lot of the people affected by the storms in the philippines are relying on their relatives working abroad to help alleviate some of their suffering cash sent home regularly by expansionists is one of the pin is the economy of the philippines remittance and remittances from more than two million filipinos working abroad accounted for nearly ten percent of the country's gross domestic product last year
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the total money sent from all of over the world was worth nearly twenty six point nine billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen most of it from the gulf region where at least a million filipinos work and live according to the world bank the philippines is the third biggest remittance receiving country in the world after india and china social media producer has been speaking to filipino ex-pats here in qatar what are they doing to help their relatives back home after the storms well the philippine community quite big with many of them concerned for loved ones back home now we'll be hearing from them in a bit fast has a firsthand account from percival he lives in mindanao island where tropical storm time been struck. they flew was very strong some of the houses were washed away and some of the bridges were destroyed even the flood reaches the boat a chance to have a whatever there was a few recorded casualties because the local government was very diligent and i
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encourage all of the residents to repopulate the higher ground and see various. faiths was the scene in his neighborhood where the flooding as you can see was knee deep and in the low areas chest deep now president is now celebrating christmas at his cousin's i spoke to him and now he's in a different area than his time was flooded too he said and he's been spending the last few hours before his cousins cleaning that up but not support in mindanao have been operated for the second time in months off to fleeing face fighting between security forces and a group of i saw affiliated fights is now no calls have been calling so i'm ten been typhoon venta and not being used ph which of course stands for the philippines now percival also tweeted this video showing pigs belonging to his neighbors now they had a lucky escape because that news moved them to the roof to protect them from the
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flooding and we got in touch with a few with the philippine embassy hit and find out more what's been done to assist the flood victims and they say the government has systems in place now it also added this is the time of the year where the philippines bez the on small of the typhoon season the filipino community is monitoring the situation back home and there is no call for community wide action to raise assistance for the flood flood victims now we've been in touch with the community here as they gear up to the celebrations of christmas. in the lascaux remember up down start racing dragon got are every year we have an outreach program to help poor kids in that billy beane's but this time we will help those are big dreams of the type one by means of course the nations and all globes we were surrounded by means of air cargo and mine yes well by bank transfer hope this can help them a lot i say celebrate the mass point of christmas out of the shine i would like to
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offer my mass in patients. in the philippines i ask also everybody in the world to come in china pray here quite a comb point in the us we are here. for. i will help my fellow for the peoples or victims of statement if it's sending them i believe or if good special use this crash that they will receive this for their food for the shelter for their medicine supplies and other things that the street needed they know also for my fellow. filipinos don't give up when we sprayed and we are praying for you like that here it got dark and. america this man just got this as you can see that it's not just the philippine. ex-pat community
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that's helping but contributions are also coming from locals here as well and from around the world. will help my photo for the being funny especially if they've been there for the dems. and given mission hope this could be had and not and made it. well that's what the philippine community here in katz was saying at least for the people back home but let's hear from all of filipinos worldwide if you've been a victim yourself of the storm in the flooding to get in such a harsh tiger who is a.j. news good i'm sorta hide it and you'll find me on twitter sarah thank you very much for that to russia where opposition leader alexina vonnie is expected to register as a candidate in next year's election in the coming hours has been busy gathering support online and in person to get enough nominations avani was previously banned from running due to a criminal conviction that he says was politically motivated present but
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a mere putin revealed last week that he will be seeking a new six year term in the vote in march let's go to row each on ns our correspondent in moscow early tell us first about what alexina vonnie has been doing today to to gather support. well one of the hoops that you have to jump through as hopeful independent candidates in the russian electoral system is to gather at least five hundred people together in one place who will hold up a card essentially saying that that signifies they are giving their endorsements to whatever person as an independent candidates so no valley has been trying to get this done across the country he's organized meetings in twenty different cities he easily got that in in moscow alone i think about seven hundred people turned up to their support for him interestingly rather me putin and a valley having to go through the same process as they are both hoping to stand as
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independent candidates but having said that i think that's you know that's where the similarity ends really if you if you put the valley together in an election race with me putin most people will tell you it's very very unlikely that he would get more votes than poussin but the kremlin seems unwilling even to take that chance they do see you know as an electoral threats. they are saying that because of his conviction as you said he is. on average will stand you were at a rally earlier today in moscow in support of that makes in about what was it like how much support is there for him. it's well it's a busy day for the for the opposition movement here in russia the rally that i was out earlier on today was actually organized by a different politician a man called yashin ilyushin who in september was one of the liberal opposition
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politicians who actually made it quite successfully in municipal elections so he basically won the leading seats on a moscow municipal district now he says that as a leader a moscow missile district he has the ability to organize events now and also being as an opposition politician he's interpreted that as being opposition event so he was trying to get something that they calls will what he called a sort of celebration of free elections for clean elections the city or thorazine has said that he was overstepping his powers and said that this was illegal. a few people did turn up maybe two hundred three hundred people or so and the. authorities made it very clear they weren't welcome they had stops the organizers of building a state they were telling them through loudspeakers that this was an unsanctioned rally and they had to leave i think as we get closer to the to the elections which
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are in march we're going to see this kind of tussle between the opposition movements and the authorities pick up pace ok rory thank you very much for that roee chalons in moscow for us and has a very good profile of alexina vonnie on our web site his long been the most visible opposition figure to the rule of law to may put in a volley of rose to prominence in two thousand and eight after a son of blogging about corruption in russia read about his story on al-jazeera dot com time now for a look at the day's other news here on al-jazeera here our colleagues in london. polly thank you very much north korea has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions an act of war and state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrence program is the only way to frustrate the u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on canyon on friday on its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test. if i bring the economy in stamping out corruption seen as key issues
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when librarians vote in a presidential runoff on tuesday the former international footballer george webb is taking on the country's vice president joseph because i haven't had a report from the capital monrovia. streets and colorful company morale is in the liberian capital monrovia as the complaint season draws to a close kind of dates in liberia us run a presidential election in a last minute hunt for votes for my international football i will hold going to most polls in the fuss around held it to the gathered his supporters a grooviest some will stick. i'm supposed to go out he goes with a change. we are almost twelve years. good. morning after sitting for the phone to change. his appointees just like d.d. is vice president for the past four days he's come failing in google life is
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seventy two year old complaining when a platform of continue to taking credit for the achievements of the government of the floss elected president in africa and then juggle salif who he sucked under for two terms the outgoing president has highlights chosen not to endorse her deputy and candidate ruling unity put on his state chosen to back george way most liberians hope the board don't choose their water they are from peace and democracy investment free if that is also hold it for the first time since my default default but that would be a pistol hundred ball of power and i believe the elections are also the first vote organized with all the help of the united nations since the civil war and that in two thousand and two of them all just bought. the numerous needles liberia's four point five million people from fixing roads and building new ones to improving the quality of education and health care law. still recovering from
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a diverse teaching civil war that's right between one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and two thousand and three more than fifty percent of its population also live in abject poverty it's no surprise that. expectations from the next president. are gradually not so i graduated in one thousand nine hundred three from the technical school and the professional couplets for the last twelve years that this government was in power i couldn't get a job as always all i have to eat every day and tired of it in class over. what election day and the police they say too good times in the years to come the heart of the world is either. firefighters in the philippines say there's no chance of finding survivors in a burnt out shopping mall in the city of devout thirty seven people were trapped when the fire broke out on saturday one body has been found so far as they were going to tend to his visit to the scene to talk to survivors and relatives of the
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missing as well for us in london for now back to folly and lauren thank you very much for that night if you're watching us on facebook coming up next. amazing instruments made out of ice take a close listen and still ahead on the grades a new play music group understand and and one of our five watch series on artificial intelligence known straight takes a look at the new world automation and technology it's creating and how people run the risk of losing their jobs to states. hello there we've got plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment it will be working its way in from the west you can see plenty of grey weather history to go all the way across through back through there all the way across into tashkent as well for a lot of gray weather and
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a few outbreaks of rain as well plenty of snow plenty of wintery weather or not as you might expect up towards the northeastern part of arm up towards the west of course here mostly rain stretching there through parts of lebanon into syria as well that all clears away though as we head through tuesday tuesday does look like a brighter day for us here but across the central belt will still be some rain here say for many of us in iraq it does it fairly wet in that stretching its way across into the northern parts of iran as well so here's that area of cloud then a bit further towards the south you can see kuwait is under that but here in doha no problems for us with the weather twenty seven degrees. abu dabi there getting to around twenty six if we fast forward into tuesday we can see that cloud slipping its way southwards that might be a little bit gray there for us in riyadh and we had down towards the southern parts of africa here there's lots and lots of unsettled weather plenty of violent thunderstorms you see them stretching from angola there all the way across towards the east so we mozambique we seem to particularly like the ones at the moment.
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as i want to pan over you will. get but that's. more which means or stop. your last. letter to the moment because of the bunches of which on the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping and street use at this time. scene is a holy city by the three major monotheistic religions jerusalem has been contested for centuries al-jazeera brings you a special program about the status of jerusalem and its importance with our correspondents across the palestinian territories and opinions from around the world we explore the reality on the ground and the impact the u.s.
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has intention to move its embassy to jerusalem will have on the peace process the holy land on al-jazeera. headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website al-jazeera dot com
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at number one there. all you need to know before you buy a lot of people interested or to try and seize an bitcoin right now number two christian leaders denouncing the insulting trump move over jerusalem the u.s. present recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital as we've said has us on tweets of demonstrations in a somewhat dampened the mood ahead of scripts miss celebrations in bethlehem today as we heard earlier from her adopted need and number three iran that he just railway and the ultimate read more about those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. you wouldn't use great on al-jazeera we've got people watching today from liberia mauritania and cohen thank you so much for your company remember you can have your say on today's news by sending in your questions or comments to us in our correspondence all of the way to do that on your screen right now at the hashtag as ever a news creates one of africa's biggest economies is facing
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a serious crisis and people are flooded social media with their grievances sara is here to tell us more now fall in fact a lot of people in nigeria for straights of this holiday season because of fuel now take a look at the queues they go dozens of cars lined up to refuel the vehicles and scenes like this have become quite common in the last two weeks across the whole of nigeria because of petrol shortages. the fuel scottie has been trending for days as a result in the online conversation has been alive with about eighty thousand tweets on this in just the last twenty four hours now they have been venting online about they apply as to how this could happen in the first place and that's because nigeria is africa's largest oil producer so much so that it generates two point four billion barrels a day now many nigerians are blaming mismanagement on their president mohamed says
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he's also the country's minister of petrol am resources and people believe he should be doing a lot more especially since bihari campaigned on the promise to tackle the fuel scarcity in nigeria ahead head on rather now let's go to biharis tweet which i've just got behind me here and i can make it small might be able to see it but this tweet was from back in twenty fifteen and what he said was that countless man hours that will be spent at petrol stations today will reduce our productivity as a nation on nigeria's have been sharing this post again this week calling it. the ruling policy spokesman has responded to this saying the government acknowledges the difficulties nigerians are currently experiencing as a result of the unfortunate fuel scarcity and that it's doing everything to improve the situation but at the same time nigerian leaders have blamed petrol stations for
6:37 pm
causing that discussed and i here's what the head in the nigerian national petroleum corporation had to say through. my gittins that. and in peacey. has stepped up his efforts to see that the. upper and skies the that is room for streets is being resolved we have challenges with the mike it is whereby they're hoarding produce all the in order to. destroy what nigerians by increasing selling to them might have price when the regulatory agencies and nearby. now the one bright spot has been posts like this circular encouraging nigerians to support one another and carpool to help those who haven't been able to get fuel as you can see the pace has been shed hundreds of times and dozens of people have been commenting saying they successfully gave or receive drives because of the crisis now of course as always
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we do love to hear from you if you've been affected by the fuel costs in nigeria share your stories using the hashtag aging news grid and we may be able to feature them on this very show but first funny is going to take into this a little bit safer yes sorry the price of fuel is skyrocketing across nigeria due to this shortage a leader of petrol which normally sounds at forty cents has now shot up over three times the state oil firm has more than doubled the supply to meet this car city it's pumping in eighty million liters daily at from thirty million the nigerian national petroleum corporation says panic buying due to rumors of a price hike has caused this mess well joining us now on skype from legacy in nigeria is saddam abdulai he's an official at the petroleum and natural gas senior staff association which is a workers' union thank you so much for speaking to us i want to read to you one of the comments we've gotten here from one of our viewers in nigeria who says the
6:39 pm
viewer isn't so who says biharis regime is a failure angry for supporting him is a bihari government to blame for this latest fuel crisis in nigeria. our apologies i believe we have lost our guest there in nigeria we'll go back to him as soon as we reconnect that skype connection in the meantime for more on this story and to understand what's happening in nigeria let's bring in anthony goldman who's a specialist on west africa and c.e.o. of pro media consulting which is a country risk consultancy thank you so much for being with us the fuel shortages sadly are not new in nigeria what is leading to this latest crisis what are the factors what led to this sudden increase in demand. well i think that nigeria like all of other countries finds christmas to be driving season and has a lot of very big sis is a lot of people migrate to the cities and during the holidays they go back to
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smaller towns smaller villages hanna think that usually peaks demand for petrol typically there are shortages or there have been over the years shortages around christmas time actually the last couple of christmases ago put it place measures to clarify the market if you like at head of christmas and that kind of avoided the opportunistic elements that maybe some of the people in the system have used in the past and maybe this year again so i think that is a kind of combination of factors that begin right there's a spike in slant and there's also a kind of a crisis this year that's made great difficult for the government to bring products in or the markets reports in a commercial and there is concern within the oil and gas sector right now that the return of these long queues in most cities across nigeria will eventually lead to a price increase and we're already seeing that out we. well i think that was things on this morning that he paid five hundred ninety for each
6:41 pm
a few out of town that is more than three times at least three times the official price is now when prices were raised in the last month prices were raised interest in twenty sixteen that was to bring prices in the time it market conditions but it didn't involve compete directly bishan it works on that basis on a commercial basis because oil prices were extremely low at that time right has been a recovery in oil prices over the last few months and i think that's pretty keep pressure on marketers trying to bring in products without so without subsidy from government that has put contributed as well as a person back to keep your fish as to how to solve this this mess anthony you know a lot of our viewers don't understand a lot of people in fact around the world don't understand why nigeria as the leading oil producing country on the african continent is not making its citizens benefit from from the that the products what's going on here. well i think there's a few structural factors and for
6:42 pm
a long time nigeria has had issues with using its local refiner is it has a virus that should be able to produce products actual diesel kerosene for the local market for various reasons over twenty thirty years this refinery hadn't worked and that meant that no use in the hands of traders and markets to import refined products night you're basically sells crude and imports refined products that may change it next couple of years that prince serenely maker of money by night if it's dusty and if you don't get it he should see refined products being produced in significant quantities in nigeria for the first time in a generation but i think that the problem is there's a kind of an architecture if you like of corruption that has been in place it means that people see a margin if you like with this reluctance on the part of governments to see prices rise in a way that squeezes. ordinary for only people all the measures but i think the as it is court that results this was it distorts the economy relative that it's it
6:43 pm
generates great difficulties but this is the problem that the government had this christmas they knew that mark was going to be there their personal issues that it's a key officials and these are the only people who are not fed up with being the victim if you like of other people's issues anthony goldman thank you so much for your insight on this thank you for joining us on the news great from london there now with this three stablish our connection with sal abdulai who was an official at the petroleum and natural gas senior staff association of workers union in nigeria thank you again for being with us so do you think is to blame for this latest fuel crisis in nigeria responsible. these are responsible government marketers because the government. it's always increasing demand. provisions made. to impact them and unions on the other hand know that we have seen the reality.
6:44 pm
the government is making efforts to ensure that is the only supply fortunately you know michael taken advantage of recitation there was a planned strike by nigeria's oil union which led to panic buying and hoarding last week but that strike was cancelled why we still seeing these long queues at the petrol stations and how long do you anticipate the sick until well the rich you actually started before this right this very only lasted one be. dismissed of the communist country that actually is in its original situation but i do moment our members are watching. the show and yes we do it ok thank you so very much for speaking to us thank you for your time. joining us from lagos nigeria he is with the petroleum and natural gas senior staff
6:45 pm
association talking to us about this fuel crisis in nigeria thank you for your time said that to one of our year end series here on al jazeera and a quiet revolution in the way we work is happening all around us but some leading thinkers say governments are failing to keep the public informed automation an artificial intelligence that creating a new world where millions of jobs will simply disappear in the first of a five part series on al-jazeera now and see looks at which jobs could be most under threat. and you play music who understand and. in the future is likely many people will have one of these in their home. after all it will sing songs and dance feel kids will tell you how to cook a meal. well teach math this could be a classroom assistant exactly but what interests business about these robots is
6:46 pm
that they can be put in the supermarkets and tell you where the yogurt is or go into the lobby of an office block and tell you where to meet your contact we're speaking to large blue chip companies who want to use them in their offices we're speaking to care home providers we're speaking to hotels commonly factories to use in their share or. home from a variety financial organizations banks retail supermarkets quite a large sector businesses are extremely cagey about talking about their interest in artificial intelligence not surprising given that robots or algorithms could replace humans in any number of ways jobs insurance the law financial services other clerical roles are already being lost entire professions are projected to disappear. and if a robot can be designed to build a house in a couple of days and the movement of goods will be performed without humans then
6:47 pm
it's clear that in rich countries vast numbers of jobs in all pay grades could be at risk in agriculture designers are working on a robot which can distinguish between leaves and stalks to pick fruit very little appears outside the imagination some people are genuinely asking what jobs there might be less folk humans actually to do and one answer seems to be things with our hands because robots don't have motor skills so things perhaps like working with food or cutting hair or gardening but clearly much of this is monotonous and it's not very well paid so who will give us money or pay for things if we no longer work or raise taxes increasingly it's being suggested that a so-called universal income may be the answer being paid not to work today suddenly universal basic in. com is a serious policy option there's lots of experiments going on as to how hard can be done what effect does it have it's moved much more into the mainstream and that i
6:48 pm
think is the consequence of all the changes that we have seen going on to provide the united states of america every six states of america with a decent basic income one thing they're using an income scheme would cost a quarter of the military spend so it's not feasible but the biggest question of all is whether it would make us happy or could it be that technology offers us the option of having almost all time to ourselves and if so is it a dream come true or would we get bored cautiously the world of business is asking where the boundaries are and what we are prepared to accept lawrence lee al-jazeera london the area we spoke to joanna bryson who's an associate professor at the university of bath and researches artificial intelligence she believes in the future will always need humans to program robots but replacing humans with algorithms can be tricky. it's important to remember that the a an artificial intelligence the ai the artifact
6:49 pm
a robot is always built by someone it's bought by someone it's designed by someone there's always a human or a human corporation that's responsible so the question is what would motivate corporations to get rid of all of their humans and replace their humans entirely with robots so it makes sense to try to make your human employees as productive as possible but it's not clear that it makes sense to have a company with no people whatsoever we have already had artificial intelligence in various forms for decades depending how you define the term so if you're looking for something that's exactly heman you're not going to see it ever we're not going to build a robot that's exactly like an ape you know that if with a computer stuck on it that's just not going to happen but if you look at sort of the continuum of how robots have been or art of automation in general has been being brought in then you might say that there's already some
6:50 pm
excesses i think the most dangerous thing is actually not so much the unemployment but the fragility if you have one algorithm rather than hundreds of people so a really good example is facebook was i was asked by the republicans. in the last american election to replace hundreds of human editors with a single algorithm and it turns out with a single algorithm it's easy for fake news to find a way around it so now face because rehired to humans. well what do you think about it officially intelligence send your comments all of our social media past platforms using the hashtag a.j. news great you can also watch stop us on number of lines haven't seen a final one triple one for mine and still ahead on the news great peter will be here with the sports i have a controversial chess tournaments taking base in saudi arabia by some of the world's best players will not be present those details are up but first a snapshot of the world's weather on christmas eve.
6:51 pm
led. display etc. and when libya rose to pledge their dictator the war drums struck an unlikely be. enough down from above. following the sun comfort zone it's not news it was the weapon of choice and subsequent stronger than bullets eyewitness documentary but
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this time on al-jazeera. a closer. al jazeera is award winning programs to take you on a journey around the globe. expose analyses. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly
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inspired it's only on al-jazeera that. i find that people are talking about in sports today is peter thank you very much farley you just cannot seem to separate sports and politics at the moment we discuss the gulf cup and all classico here on news good and mel there is controversy in the sport of chase saudi arabia are set to host a twenty seventeen woold rapid and blitz championships but players from certain countries are almost certain to miss out as it stands qatari players have withdrawn from the tournament often not being issued with visas players from israel and iran have suffered a similar fate although the saudi organizers themselves have tried to play this
6:54 pm
down several high profile players have also pulled out of the tournament in protest ahead of the event we spoke to mel campaign who's the daily telegraph chess correspondent he says while it is good that the saudis are trying to establish themselves as an international sporting destination it is equally important for chase to host events in places where players from certain countries would not feel excluded. so it's not just atari players who seem to be having problems getting to the event it's also the israeli players and the iranian players. that seems to be holed up with getting them visas and it's not clear to me whether this is an administrative malfunction so to speak or whether it's a deliberate policy because on i'm told that saudi arabia is open to the world and everybody is welcome but these seem to have been issued for most countries with the exception of caps on israel and iran all of which of course we know have not
6:55 pm
exactly perfect diplomatic relations with saudi arabia so i'm hoping that this will be this will be sorted out in time because if not you know the world chess federation will quite conceivably not allow another event in saudi arabia because the. statute one point two of the of the world chess federation rules stipulates that every player should be welcome to play. a representative event and that's what this is the world championships over it needs to be sorted out i think that whenever you get or events in countries where some players were uncomfortable with going i mean for example we had a representative team event in other by janet which the armenian felt unable to place sometimes through dispute between countries that are also. currently of course that saudi arabia is not. is not perceived as if you like is being a very liberal country for obvious reasons and i think that some place felt
6:56 pm
uncomfortable typically the female places not being able to walk around the streets dresses as they like however we may see that real progress in in that regard in this tournament in that that there's a very sensible dress code for the men and women at all the mountain and on the way to the torments and this is in stark contrast actually to the world women's championship held in tehran earlier this year when women were obliged to wear a headscarf and. but all of us that took to an extensive and from our point of entirely understandable boycott this wrong answer is is being left up by some of the world's top political the world championship the world champion magnus carlsen is going to play his challenger so go kayaking from last year is also going to fight your point it will be an extremely strong tone with many many of the world's top players it's mainly americans i think you felt uncomfortable about coming and i think some players were concerned about the threats of of what we've had some
6:57 pm
fairly well publicized missile attacks on riyadh recently this obviously makes people nervous and also the totems actually organized what is relatively short notice for an event of the structure and some players already made other commitments so as i mentioned a little earlier there are several high profile players that are skipping the saudi arabian events chess grandmaster and their music check is one of them on our facebook page she posted this statement she points out there because of her refusal to go to saudi arabia she's about to lose two world titles well he carter nakamoto is clearly not impressed at all he's tweeting a blasts the decision to host the tournament in saudi arabia in the first place let me show you this one from anna who's an international master this is what she tweeted she's clearly trying to be positive about the event but ultimately she is making the decision not to attend the c. events in saudi arabia well a saudi account did respond to take a look at this one responding to enter saudi arabia is the most safe place in the
6:58 pm
world that will be good for you and for saudi arabia if you can love to know what you think about all of this remember you can get in touch with us using the a.j. news good hash tag you can also tweet me directly at peter underscore stammered more sport for me in the eight hundred g.m.t. our folly. here thank you so much that's it for today's show remember to keep in touch with us at all times on social media using the hash tag a.j. to news great from me from the back to one whole team here in doha thank you very much for watching we are live from on london new center next with nor intend to stay with us on al-jazeera.
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we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if the piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation to which we can bring the legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen robert stokes to all disease this time the nature of news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage hard to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here farming shrimp now that scene has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity a braai. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how has this radical
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transformation occur though i mean nobody really knows if you're going to go shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate it. corruption remains people at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billions trillions of dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real people. christian leaders in the holy land come out strongly against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as.


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