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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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the sheriff told. the site he's it'll be all right for the. shopping experience to. see if you kids. christian leaders in the holy land come out strongly against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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live from london also coming up at least two hundred dead and more than seventy thousand people made homeless as tropical storm tembin sweeps across the southern philippines. north korea because of u.n. sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear program an act of war and. the country. a month after new president was sworn in we find out what life is like inside the new zimbabwe. christian leaders have rejected the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an insult to christians and muslims alike
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a declaration follows weeks of palestinian protests across the occupied territory since president trump's announcement at least fifteen palestinian protesters have been killed or have been have made has more from bethlehem. the festive mood has been somehow dampened ever since the jerusalem declaration by chubb some three weeks ago now no archbishop good but the step is the highest roman catholic authority not only in the holy land but also in the middle east has said that after that declaration dazzling many cancellation pilgrims that were supposed to come and spend christmas eve at the church of their divinity well have decided to stay away this year business is down but only most fifty percent in this city now r.j. bishop beats up by the homes of one food or he said that no one can take any actual decision when it comes to jerusalem without this to bring the fragile fragile
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balance between the different communities he also said that if that if indeed vice president mike pence does come to the region next month to generate where he would not be woke up for any official visit at any of the christian holy sites he also was asked if he had any advice for my parents and he said well the vice president cheney listen to old christians that jesus is not a monopoly and so to the note only for the evangelicals so very stern words from the pope roman catholic official in this region who will be presiding over the midnight mass later on today. u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital has also come under fire from the vatican but francis has been
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a staunch critic calling on donald trump to respect the status quo because shop reports from the vatican ahead of the pope's christmas eve mass. on this one of the most holy days of the year some peter's square was starting to fill. up a full twelve before pope francis will take christmas eve mass a traditional event taking place at a time of extraordinary op he will at the vatican for many here the controversy surrounding jerusalem dates back decades and is centered on israel's illegal occupation. because. i think it's difficult for the pipe to intervene directly in politics but he is clever enough to persevere for free access to jerusalem for everyone. by the chairman in general very nearly to the pope speaks well jerusalem has to remain a free and not before savor. the pope can talk to regular people as well as world leaders and say jerusalem belongs to everyone it's home for a number of different religions it's a limited or. they spoke with one voice the vatican's links with jerusalem go back
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centuries this is the church of the holy cross in jerusalem consecrated in rome in st hundred a.d. on a foundation of soil and relics taken from the very hill where christians believe jesus died a little sliver of wood said have been taken from the cross draws pilgrims every day to walk in this church is to walk in the holy land the pope's with response to what they're describing here as israel's land grab has been unprecedented. is drusilla a unique city holy to jews christians and muslims who worship in the city i pray to the lord that its identity will be preserved and strengthened for the benefits of the holy land of the middle east and the entire world. the vatican may be the smallest city state in the world but that hasn't stopped it vigorously disputing what seen here as israel's claim over jerusalem in brought up at the united nations
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forums across europe and the message has always been the same uncompromising and wavering jerusalem belongs to no certain people it belongs to us all or jimmy enrico is a vatican historian familiar with its relations with jerusalem it is the global center of christianity especially for the catholics here because of the vatican and jerusalem it is the location of the holy places was sacred to. christiane's muslim and jews so this i seen this big similarity because it is is it . an issue of identity whether the national identity prevails or did images global events prevail. for the worshippers from all over the world christmas in some peter's square will be remembered not just for the religious experience but also for the grim reality that one of christianity's holiest cities remains under occupation peter shop al jazeera in rome. a midnight mass in gaza has been brought
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forward to security concerns about the web is there first of all what's the atmosphere like in gaza are not of recent events. where outside gaza's only catholic church and christmas mass is just beginning i'm not allowed to talk during the service which is going on inside our camera man is going to go in so we can have a look at what's going on i'll tell you a little bit about the community here and what they've told to us gaza's community of christians is very small mostly orthodox with a small number of catholics not who we're looking at today although those two communities are fairly integrated through intermarriage and other things that are both orthodox christians and catholic christians attending this mass all of the families we've spoken to say that it very much a concern for them. is the status of jerusalem which they see undisputedly as the capital of palestine they very much identify as palestine palestinian arabs first
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and foremostly and then courses kristie and. this mass is normally followed by a celebration it's normally held at this time because of general security concerns in gaza but normally after the mass which lasts about an hour they gather outside the church and then there again for the children they play ping pong they put on some food a lot of families get together and celebrate christmas for several hours that normally goes on till about midnight and this year those celebrations have been canceled in solid between recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. the normal for christians here to try to visit bethlehem and lots of them like to try to travel there for christmas for their access their ability to get out of gaza which is of course received in surrounded by the security fence and wall by israel so to be able to travel to bethlehem christians have to apply to the israelis and either they will get permission or they will hear nothing which means of course
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they can't go so the. is that do you get information and you understand several how this go to press you have to join with other relatives and celebrate christmas that those that i don't want to go or won't get in the commission hearing gaza through to attend this mass and normally to celebrate the celebration that's not actually happening this year. gaza's christian population is just over a thousand people with ten years ago when the blockade by israel and egypt began. it was more than double that of about two thousand five hundred eighty four place and since then. just over a thousand this is where they've gathered to celebrate christmas back to you in doha alkan where thank you very much indeed and that would you are a special program of attention over the status of jerusalem at this christmas eve
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watch the holy land at twenty one thirty g.m.t. on sunday here on out here. more than two hundred people are dead and many more missing after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas bride reports from the capital manila. digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm tamblyn these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anguish as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the mud that was after unleashing flooding and landslides that has left dozens dead on the southern island of mindanao tembin slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday officials say people living in the area ignored warnings to leave and were swept
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away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes the flood was so strong that it swept away houses emergency responders say rocks and boulders summer's biggest cars were washed down from the mountains and buried schools of homes in the town of p.r. capote more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fights with ice a linked groups aid organizations have criticised the government's response is something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also they question of will when a government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then this things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tembin is the latest to hit the philippines which is battered by about twenty major storms each year making
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it one of the world's most disaster prone countries and while the storm is now heading out over the south china sea towards vietnam the devastation it's caused will continue to bring misery. bride al-jazeera manila. north korea's describe the latest round of here and sanctions imposed on the country as an act of war its state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrence program is the only way to frustrate the u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on pyongyang on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test first serious foreign story from seoul. north korea called the latest round of un security council sanctions imposed on it as a threat as a violation of its sovereignty as well as an act that would violate peace and stability in the region it also seemed to direct much of its anger at the u.s. who led drafted and negotiated this latest round of sanctions now one interesting
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thing however is north korea seems to acknowledge that these latest sanctions are the toughest ever that it's facing it called it tantamount to a complete economic blockade as not only a significant cap on petrol supplies the sanctions also call for the repatriation of north korean foreign labor as within the next twenty four months hitting an important income source for the isolated country it also calls for an ban on north korean exports including machinery and lumber again hitting north korea's income source there isn't however any indication in the statement that north korea will change its behavior in fact the tone is one of defiance but this is very much in line with previous statements in reaction to past sanctions many analysts have come to believe that the world is running out of sanctions options when it comes to dealing with north korea now the hope however is that these sanctions will have the
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effect of making it more difficult for north korea to carry out further tests. so to come russia's opposition leader says he's got the backing needed to take on putin in next year's presidential election. and on the employee thank you yes with the latest in our series on artificial intelligence in the years to come will be doing your job or module. hello there were plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment it will be working its way in from the west you can see plenty of grey weather history to go all the way across through back through there all the way across into tashkent as well for a lot of gray weather and a few outbreaks of rain as well plenty of snow plenty of wintery weather all not as you might expect up towards the northeastern part of arm up towards the west of
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course a mostly rain stretching there through parts of lebanon into syria as well that all clears away though as we had three tuesday tuesday does look like a brighter day for us here but across the central belt will still be some rain here say for many of us in iraq it does it fairly wet in that stretching its way across into the northern parts of iran as well to his that area of cloud then a bit further towards the south you can see kuwait is under that but here in doha no problems for us with the weather twenty seven degrees. abu dabi there getting to around twenty six if we fast forward into choose day we can see that cloud slipping its way southwards that might be a little bit gray there for us in riyadh and we had down towards the southern parts of africa here there's lots and lots of unsettled weather plenty of violent thunderstorms she ones at the moment.
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among the top stories here on jazeera honest indian christian leaders have rejected the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an
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insult. more than two hundred people are dead and many more missing off to a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas. north korea has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions an act of war and says countries which supported the fresh measures would pay a quote heavy price. russian opposition to alex says he's gathered enough nominations to challenge putin in next year's presidential election is supporters have gathered across russia securing signatures to get name on the presidential ballot even though he's been banned from running. more from moscow. alexina valmy who is perhaps the most popular and charismatic leader of the opposition in russia has been trying to clear one of the administrative hurdles to being allowed to run for president next year now what you have to do as an independent candidate is
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gather at least five hundred people in one place so that they can endorse you as their candidate and so he has been setting up twenty such meetings in cities across the country thinking that the authorities were going to be shutting most of these down in moscow he has been refused most of the venues he's applied for so what he did was set up tents and large tents on a river beach in a leafy part outside the city seven hundred people turned up and indorsed him so he has cleared part of this administrative process however it's unlikely still that the kremlin is going to allow allow him to run they see him as a threat it's unlikely he would ever actually be. in a head to head race but he is still a political threats to the russian system and the kremlin says that his fraud conviction which the valley insists was always politically motivated well the kremlin says that that bars him from running there is another event is going on
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later in the day organized by a different opposition figure in a yashin who says that his new position as the head of municipal district in moscow allows him to set up demonstrations that's what he's been trying to do but the police have been tearing down the stage this is today they've been sealing off the area and yashin has backed off a bit saying that his supporters although they still should come down should not bring any political banners they should bring only flowers instead to avoid arrest all this i think shows that as we head into the election period it's in march two thousand and eighteen that the tussle between russia's opposition movements and the or thora tees is only going to heat up. well than two thousand seven hundred people in turkey have been sacked and were alleged links to other countries calling terror organizations soldiers teachers and bureaucrats have been dismissed as part of the latest emergency rule decree ordered by president. in total one hundred fifty
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thousand have been dismissed or suspended from their jobs since the failed coup in july last year by one couple and it is the director of policy and the doha institute he says president and one is using it as a pretext to crack down dissent. i think at the very beginning has the action was fully understood because that was an attempt on the life of the president and an attempt actually to overthrow a democratically democratically elected government but i think after that he went too far by using that as a pretext in order to build not only the military in which he actually used. in fact he seized on that called an opportunity for him in order to bring the army under his control because for the past fifteen years of. actually the military has been in the past of secularism in turkey and it was very much the party which has resisted so many reforms that the president has suggested in
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order to bring the whole state. under his control so i took that opportunity actually to bring the army and the contract but as i said he went too far when he actually there's also the state bureaucracy he fire out hundreds of city prophesies i know for sure that some colleges in turkish university don't have teachers actually to teach the courses he built also the judiciary so he went after almost all those he was suspecting of opposing him whether he had links to the movement of golan or or not. cosmetic surgery is on the rise in china it's now so popular there but china has become the third biggest market in the procedure after brazil and the united states but those wishing to change how they look are increasingly at the mercy of illegal practitioners adrian brown reports from shanghai. eleven years
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ago chen lin decided she did not like the way she looked she since spent more than twenty thousand dollars on injections her visits to this beijing clinic have become his routine is going to the head dresses. for the injections made my chin more pointed in my face longer later i had surgery to my nose which was flat before now it's higher i also made my lips fuller and my skin smoother this was her pre-surgery and before problems with immigration began. once immigration stopped me and made me restate my id card number four times every time i go through immigration the expression of the officer is one of a big surprise the pursuit of physical beauty is big business in china last year three thousand operations were carried out at this beijing clinic alone one of the city's biggest the popularity of plastic surgery is driven by social media and the
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growing obsession with selfies in a shanghai park i met good who didn't want to be recognised he thought a make over would improve his job prospects he had double eyelid surgery but it went badly wrong grr can no longer sleep properly and that's taking a toll on him. quite humble i can't close my eyes at all when i try to sleep. this is why it's so painful my biggest hope is that i can close my eyes and his sleep well to many people this is nothing but this is my dream he can only close his eyes by using a special lotion these razor scars are evidence of two attempted suicides in spite of the many well documented stories of botched operations there appears to be don't shortage of trying to ease women and men who want to change the way they look but
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they are increasingly at the mercy of illegal practitioners and the government's now so concerned it's begun a campaign to shut them down that is not much comfort for girl he's now saving for another operation so that he can hopefully close his eyes again adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai. a quiet revolution in the way we work is happening all around us but some leading thinkers say governments are failing to keep the public informed automation and artificial intelligence to creating a new world where millions of jobs all simply disappear and first of a five part series on ai nervously examines which jobs could be most under threat. and you play music who understand and. in the future is likely many people will have one of these in their home. after all it will sing songs and
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dance for your kids or tell you how to cook a meal. will teach math this could be a classroom assistant exactly but what interests business about these robots is that they can be put in the supermarkets and tell you whether your guess is or go into the lobby of an office block and tell you where to meet your contact we're speaking to large blue chip companies who want to use them in their offices we're speaking to cab home providers we're speaking to hotels commonly factories to use in their showrooms. a whole variety financial organizations banks retail supermarkets quite a large sector businesses are extremely cagey about talking about their interest in artificial intelligence not surprising given that robots or algorithms could replace humans in any number of ways jobs insurance the law financial services other clerical roles are already being lost entire professions are
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projected to disappear. and if a robot can be designed to build a house in a couple of days and the movements of goods will be performed without humans then it's clear that in rich countries vast numbers of jobs in all pay grades could be at risk in agriculture designers are working on a robot which can distinguish between leaves and storks to pick fruit very little appears outside the imagination some day will anybody asking what jobs there might be less folk humans actually to do and one answer seems to be things with our hands because robots don't have motor skills so things perhaps like working with food all cutting hair or gardening but clearly much of this is monotonous and it's not very well paid. so who will give us money or pay for things if we no longer work or raise taxes increasingly it's being suggested that the so-called universal income
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may be the answer being paid not to work today suddenly universal basic income is a serious policy option there's lots of experiments going on as to how hard can be done what effect does it have it's moved much more into the mainstream and that i think is the consequence of all the changes that we have seen going on to provide the united states of america every six states america with a decent basic income one thing they're using an income scheme would cost a quarter of the military so it's not feasible but the biggest question of all is whether it would make us happy or could it be that technology offers us the option of having almost all time to ourselves and if so is it a dream come true or would we get bored cautiously the world of business is asking where the boundaries are and what we are prepared to accept lawrence lee al-jazeera london. has been a month since emerson was sworn in as zimbabwe's new president inherited
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a bankrupt economy and high unemployment from longtime leader robert mugabe who stepped down after a military intervention how much us are reports from harare what progress has been made since the changeover of power. prices of basic commodities have gone up since president emerson when i took over last month people seem to prefer shopping in the store because it's a little bit cheaper than others but it's still frustrating where was my groceries for. twenty dollars and i mean the so-called sixty or seventy dollars to three times for things and so much. when i got was new administration has promised to end crippling cash shortages this hasn't happened yet some economists blame what they call business owners indiscipline coming from the ground of companies trying to make as much fortune as possible before prices stabilizes but shop owners say the shortage of foreign currency is to blame some have to buy dollars on the black market at
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a premium to remain viable they insist they have to hike prices the government accuses some business owners and politicians are breaking the exchange control law by illegally stashing money abroad and not depositing it in local banks the president says he has a list of individuals who have money overseas some of it stolen and smuggled out of the country one of prison and that was first adds was to order a three month amnesty for the return of stolen money to the country people have until march to do so or they will be arrested despite the huge economic challenges they have been more positive developments since when i became president the government says civil servants will be paid on time this month some eighty games are now giving us dollars that had not happened for months the new administration is also trying to mend strained relations with some in the international community which will ensure the sanctity and security of your investment and. all agreements with you including. investment.
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in terms of the. right to property. shobna spotted many zimbabweans hope when their god while will turn around the economy real positive we trying to be positive we are good changes we hope for the better for a better country zimbabweans know it'll take time for the situation to improve but until the new president's promises become reality long lines outside banks and rising food prices will likely continue. al-jazeera had. plenty more news for you any time on our website the address for that is al-jazeera dot com or you live by clicking on the live bike on our desire dot com. headlines for you and i was here a palestinian christian leaders have rejected the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an insult that follows weeks of demonstrations across the occupied palestinian territory over the decision leaving at least fifteen people dead one hundred honeyed has more from bethlehem certainly a certain level of satisfaction because ever since that day was a declaration students have been very adamant of showing a united face when it comes to muslims and christians and they view about. east jerusalem so certainly the words of that came out of the church really goes along with everything else that has been said here ever since that declaration or than two hundred people are dead and many more missing after tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced from their homes in a state of emergency has been declared in several areas
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a storm arrived on friday and floodwaters rose very quickly leaving people little time to escape. career has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions an act of war its state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrent program is the only way to frustrate the u.s. it also said other countries which supported the sanctions would pay a heavy price the un imposed extra measures on pyongyang on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test russian opposition leader unexplainable nay says he's gathered enough nominations to challenge that in the march presidential election is supporters gathered in twenty cities across russia security signatures to get new volleys name on the presidential ballot around they has been banned from running due to a criminal conviction. thirty three thousand people are in turkey have been sacked over alleged links to what the country is calling terror organizations soldiers teachers and bureaucrats have been dismissed as part of turkey's emergency rule
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decree accused of acting against national security in total one hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed or suspended from their jobs since the failed coup in july last year there's that is just as if you can inside stories up next more news after that. as the year winds down donald trump describes moscow as a threat it's not a move putin accuses want of aggression to global power is on a slippery path to more time chewed through thousand and eighty.


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