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more energetic to feel more alive. after years documenting street farthings and john this book. was inspired to transform perceptions that we added elizabeth to south africa and capture the fiber in c. of the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that they're kept said are from i'll be giving a speech to all of us and that's where you can fix by the new african photography not so much at this time on al-jazeera. christmas eve celebrations begin in the holy land but christian leaders strongly
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denounce the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. hello i'm watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up at least two hundred dead and more than seventy thousand people homeless as tropical storm tembin sweeps across the southern philippines. russia's opposition leader says he's got the backing he needs to take on lead to move to sit in next year's presidential election. and i mournfully thank you yes with the latest series on also official intelligence in the years to come will be doing your job. and i welcome to the program all top story palestinian christian leaders have
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rejected the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an insult to christians and muslims alike a declaration follows weeks of palestinian protests across the occupied territories since president trump's announcement at least fifteen protesters have been killed the abdel-hamid has more now from bethlehem. the festive mood has been somehow dampened ever since the jerusalem declaration by chubb some three weeks ago now no archbishop good but this the future bala who is the highest roman catholic authority not only in the holy land but also in the middle east has said that after the declaration that has been many cancellation food groups that were supposed to come and spend christmas eve at the church of their divinity well have decided to stay away this year business down but almost fifty percent in this city now r.j.
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bishop beats up by the homes of one herder he said that no one can take any unilateral decision when it comes to jerusalem without this to bring the fragile and fragile balance between the different communities he also said that if that if indeed vice president mike pence does come to the region next month in the generate where he would not be woke up for any official visit at any of the christian holy sites he also was asked if he had any advice for my parents and he said well the vice president should listen to all christians that jesus is not a monopoly answer to the note only for the evangelicals so very stern words from the top roman catholic official in this region who will be presiding over the midnight mass later on today. well in
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a few hours pope francis will deliver the traditional midnight mass in some peter's basilica at the vatican as get the latest on this from peter sharp who is following developments in rome and peter we know that this is a pope who is outspoken who isn't afraid to convey his opinions even on sensitive issues. might he say something about jerusalem one of the expectations. well it really depends it may be snide is more likely to be his main message which was politics involved in the main message tomorrow. midday and since his election in two thousand and thirteen he's brought up the plight of the palestinians on every one of these christmas day messages and he'll probably do that then but the vatican is the smallest city state in the world but it speaks with a very very powerful voice it represents two point three billion catholics around the world and pope francis has been using that as
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a method of disagreeing with the plans for israel to take over jerusalem he says that drew some does not belong to a certain people jerusalem belongs to the world and that is the message he's been speaking on virtually every day at the u.n. with a meeting with the king of jordan and a conference here unwavering and completely consistent on that message. all right thank you very much for now he just shot live for us in rome millions of palestinians live in countries around the world waiting to return to what is now israel life in exile has been particularly difficult in lebanon where refugees at tonight many rights to discourage them from settling there in a folder reports from beirut. it's been sixty nine years in exile. will feed saad it was eleven years old when his family fled palestine to lebanon. ever since he has lived the life of a refugee in
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a country that hasn't been welcoming. still remembers the day he left his home in what is now israel. i still remember when these really earth strikes targeted our village we were sent into exile leaving everything we owned behind i remember every detail even the trees the streets the farms as if it was yesterday so that it buried two of his children here my hair was killed during the open on civil war in the one nine hundred eighty s. and died during the lebanese israeli war eleven years ago palestinians were not only involved and caught up in lebanon's own conflicts they have been denied many basic right to prevent their resettlement here long term. as a palestinian i have seen nothing but humiliation displacement oppression and deprivation for sixty nine years we lived unbearable bitter moments away from our beloved palestine we will die for the sake of palestine. the first wave of palestinian refugees arrived in one nine hundred forty eight they came with whatever they could carry thinking it was only
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a short time before they could return small tent settlements were set up in time those settlements became densely populated neighborhoods it is estimated that seven million palestinians live in. more than half are stateless they have no citizenship in any country according to the united nations the majority live in occupied palestinian territory and surrounding countries jordan hosts more than three million palestinians more than half a million live in syria well at least they used to because of the war more than one hundred thousand fled to europe and elsewhere around fifty thousand of them sought refuge here in lebanon it was an added strain to aid agencies that were already overstretched some four hundred fifty thousand palestinians are registered with the un in lebanon but according to the first ever census by the lebanese government more than half of them have left the country in recent years. men comes in with more than fifty percent left due to the difficult economy conditions they are
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deprived from the basic rights they don't have a job opportunities. mohamed look body says he is searching for a way out he tried but failed to smuggle his family to turkey from where he planned to reach europe he also try to apply for immigration to canada. or the issue the economic conditions here are bad and we banned from working in many professions we dream of travelling because here it's hard to provide our children with food but just because i want to leave doesn't mean i have given up on palestine and our right to return. palestinians hold on to that right adopted by the un general assembly it has been decades but many like sod it believe that one day palestine will be there is again and one day his grandchildren or their children will bring his body back to his hometown. beirut and you can watch our special program on the tensions surrounding jerusalem the holy land that is in just over two hours from now at twenty one thirty g.m.t.
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. and more than two hundred people are dead and many more missing in the aftermath of a devastating tropical storm in the philippines tens of thousands of been forced from their homes in a state of emergency has been declared in several areas on the bride reports from the capital manila. digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm timing these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anguish as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the mud. hours after run leashing flooding and landslides that has left dozens dead on the southern island of mindanao tembin slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday. officials say people living in the area ignored warnings to leave
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and were swept away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes the thought was so strong that it swept away houses emergency responders say rocks and boulders summer's biggest cars were washed down from the mountains and buried schools of homes in the town of p.r. more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fights with ice a link to groups aid organizations have criticised the government's response to something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also very questionable when government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then this things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tembin is the latest to hit the philippines which is battered by about twenty major storms each year making it one of the world's most disaster prone countries and while the storm is now
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heading out over the south china sea towards vietnam the devastation it's caused will continue to bring misery rob mcbride al jazeera manila. earlier we spoke to richard gordon from the philippine red cross he says that aid is badly needed in salad mindanao as most remote areas. well it's pretty bad that you consider that. hundreds of them and the worst makes a house just about anywhere almost any certain areas that are hard to beach so i basically errors i mean the urban centers but i think that the poorest obvious is an arm or you know of arms that you know was limp and now. we have hundred seventy thousand people in fact that. they have a thousand people with no hope at the moment. i'm sure that. we are just in wonder i doubt if that water tankers are adjusting out.
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over the people we're trying to provide for example of cash grants by tomorrow. we'll bring the cash directly there for five hundred families and the next eight. thousand five hundred. so that with a one live and watching out is there much more to come north korea called the latest round of u.n. sanctions aimed at cutting its nuclear program an act of war and turkey's president agrees to close a cooperation with his sudanese counterpart possibly three day tour to strengthen turkish influence across africa. hello and welcome to our international weather forecast will look at weather
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conditions across europe first of all we've got this area of high pressure sitting across southwestern parts of europe whether fronts come along this or northern side of it so that's introducing mild air from the atlantic that westerly flow and those southern areas look at generally fine conditions so we've got some rain extending across more eastern areas some snow want to get towards ukraine and parts of russia as you head on through into choose day that frontal system weaken so quite to you but there is another system pushing into wards biscay in western parts of the u.k. but dry conditions across the beren peninsula if not particularly warm now the same goes on the other side of the mediterranean generally weather conditions aren't looking too bad for dry weather here but the flow is tearing from the north so again temperatures aren't all that high you see karo there struggling with temperatures just really getting to twenty degrees as we head through into chews day across central parts of africa it's fairly quiet here after quite a long way towards coupon before you start to pick up some showers much of west
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africa is drawing fine sunshine in lagos nigeria and i cried in ghana across southern portions still some heavy showers across samba in zimbabwe in particular looks like being a wet one in harare. wants to finally with. that but that's. where you. see is there not. a lot of that a moment of a cousin a bunch of the beach and the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports to bring the industry at this time.
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i'm back to watching al-jazeera that's update you on the top stories now palestinian christian leaders have rejected the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an insult both christians and muslims pope francis is expected to conduct the traditional midnight mass at the vatican in a few hours time pontiff has been critical of u.s. troops from sitting in the past so it's uncertain whether or not he will mention it in his speech. more than two hundred people are dead many more missing offer a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands of been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas. well elsewhere in the philippines president or go to territories visited the site of a fire where thirty seven people died the victims were trapped on the top floor of
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a shopping center in the city of devout firefighters say there is no chance of finding any survivors one body has been found so far the cause of the blaze is under investigation and with career is described the latest round of un sanctions imposed on the country is an act of war it state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrent program is the only way to frustrate u.s. the u.n. imposed extra measures on kenyan on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests for its doing is following the story from seoul. north korea called the latest round of un security council sanctions imposed on it as a threat as a violation of its sovereignty as well as an act that would violate peace and stability in the region it also seemed to direct much of its anger at the u.s. who led drafted and negotiated this latest round of sanctions now one interesting
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thing however is north korea seems to acknowledge that these latest sanctions are the toughest ever that it's facing it called it tantamount to a complete economic blockade as not only a significant cap on petrol supplies the sanctions also call for the repatriation of north korean foreign labor as within the next twenty four months hitting an important income source for the isolated country it also calls for an ban on north korean exports including machinery and lumber again hitting north korea's income source there isn't however any indication in the statement that north korea will change its behavior in fact the tone is one of defiance but this is very much in line with previous statements in reaction to past sanctions many analysts have come to believe that the world is running out of sanctions options when it comes to dealing with north korea now the hope however is that these sanctions will have the
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effect of making it more difficult for north korea to carry out further tests. our best an opposition leader alexina valmy is clear the first hurdle towards running for president against vladimir putin he said mr the documents needed to be a candidate in the election in march with the support of thousands of people across the country but it seems unlikely he'll be allowed on the ballot or a challenge explains from moscow. in twenty cities across russia from the blood of all stock to moscow alexei navalny supporters turned out to endorse him independent hopefuls must gather at least five hundred people in such meetings as a criteria for full candidate status thank you easily got that in moscow alone where he had this message for the man he wants to run against. leave him i didn't know who didn't but it's you who did you turned a country into the source of personal enrichment yourself your family and your friends but why should not be president any more you are
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a bad president you don't have opposed the program we were very young then it was off to the election commission to hand in his application but snow around me is unlikely to make its own to the ballots for the elections in march he's always said his two thousand and fourteen fraud conviction was politically motivated but the kremlin is using it to bar him from the race the goal has always been to demonstrate that putin is a leader with no alternative uncontested and what they say can take advantage over anybody else and it is very important to keep this super majority this super advantage to demonstrate that putin has so much more power than anybody else another opposition leader was trying to test the system on sunday didier yashin an ally of the valleys was unexpectedly elected head of a moscow boni a simple district in september but his efforts to use the modest power of the roll
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to approve street events was struck down by moscow city court a few hundred people showed up anyway the election is. just three months away now and as per usual the or thirty's are making it very clear that even a very small demonstration like this is completely unwelcome they want to allow to put up a stage show or have any brothers here in the police loud speakers or telling everyone that this is an underwater rise rally relations go to the kremlin is confidence no vilely yashin company during time of the mass support needed to challenge putin but is not taking any chances to reach alan's al-jazeera oscar. more than two thousand seven hundred people in turkey have been sacked over alleged links to what the country is calling terror organizations soldiers teaches and bureaucrats have all been dismissed as part of the latest emergency rule to create ordered by the president. in toso a hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed all suspended from their jobs since
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the failed coup in july last year turkey's government accuses the united states based businessman for tutor glen of orchestrating the coup well in our developments president is visiting sudan where the two countries have agreed to set up a strategic cooperation council to strengthen economic ties so don is just the first stop on a historic three day trip that also takes in chad and tunisia it will morgan is that. this is the first visit by a turkish head of state since saddam became independent in one thousand nine hundred six so this visit is regarded as historic in many ways the two presidents met after president arrived in khartoum and spoke about many issues including ways to strengthen ties a lot of bilateral agreements have been signed today more expected to be signed to morrow and they mostly focus on political economical development as well of agricultural and tourism sectors here in sudan as well as in turkey they also discuss development in the islamic world specifically president transposition to
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move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and recognized as the capital of israel. the united states is going to destress just chairman of the islamic conference requested support from. the countries that responded i would like to think that once again the u.s. is room the world wrote the issue from the. codes. now this comes in line with turkey's policy to strengthen its base here in africa over the past few years turkey has opened a lot of new embassies across the across the continent and it says that it split it plans to open many more it has also opened the largest the turkish military base outside surface while in somalia so sudan is just one of the many countries that turkey is looking at to try to strengthen its base and relationship with well some news from south sudan now where the armed opposition has accused the government of violating a cease fire just hours after it came into effect a peace agreement was brokered in the ethiopian capital addis ababa and was
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supposed to allow for humanitarian aid to get to civilians caught up in the fighting but in a statement the opposition says government troops had attacked opposition positions in yeah a county and launched an attack in cobb county as well more than two million people have been forced from their homes since the civil war broke out in two thousand and thirteen. now it's been a month since imus and i was sworn in as him bob ways new president is a narrative bankruptcy cornum a high unemployment from long time me to robert mugabe tasa reports from harare on what progress has been made since the transfer of power. prices of basic commodities have gone up since president amos and when i took over last month people seem to prefer shopping in the store because it's a little bit cheaper than others but it's still frustrating where i was supposed to buy groceries for. twenty dollars and i mean the so-called sixty or seventy dollars
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to three times for things and one of so much. when i was new administration has promised to end crippling cash shortages this hasn't happened yet some economists blame what they call business owners indiscipline coming from the ground of companies trying to make as much fortune as possible before places stabilizes but shop owners say the shortage of foreign currency is to blame some have to buy dollars on the black market at a premium to remain viable they insist they have to hike prices the government accuses some business owners and politicians are breaking the exchange control law by illegally stashing money abroad and not depositing it in local banks the president says he has a list of individuals who have money overseas some of it stolen and smuggled out of the country one of prison and that was first was to order a three month amnesty for the return of stolen money to the country people have until march to do so or they will be arrested despite the huge economic challenges
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they have been more positive developments since when i became president the government says civil servants will be paid on time this month some are now giving u.s. dollars that had not happened for months the new administration is also trying to mend strained relations with some in the international community which will ensure the sanctity and security of your investment and. all agreements with. including. investment of women's. little bit. shobna spotted many zimbabweans hope when then god will turn around the economy real positive we trying to be positive we hope for good changes we hope for the better for a better country the bobbins know it'll take time for the situation to improve but until the new president's promises become reality long lines outside banks and
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rising food prices will likely continue. al-jazeera. egypt's interior ministry says police have shot dead nine people in a raid in sharky a province in the nile delta it says the suspects were using a farm as a hideout in training to carry out attacks in northern sinai it says the identity of the suspects is still being determined reviving the economy in stamping out corruption as seen as key issues when liberians vote in a presidential election runoff on tuesday if it's a former international footballer george weary is taking on the country's vice president joseph mci. and his whaler is taking the first step towards expelling top diplomats from brazil and canada who've been accused of meddling in the country's politics the head of the pro-government constituent assembly has declared them persona non grata not wanted a not welcome in the country diplomats say nicolas maduro his government is consolidating power by isolating the opposition at of next year's presidential vote
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this week constitutional assembly effectively barred three opposition parties from running in the election. now a quiet revolution in the way we work is happening all around us but some leading thinkers say governments are failing to keep the public informed or to mation an artificial intelligence a creating a new world where millions of jobs will simply disappear in the first of a five part series on ai barnsley examines which jobs could be most under threat. and you play music who. in the future is likely many people will have one of these in their home. after all it will sing songs and dance for your kids or tell you how to cook a meal. will teach math this could be a classroom assistant exactly but what interests business about these robots is
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that they can be put in the supermarkets and tell you whether your guess is or go into the lobby of an office block and tell you where to meet your contact we're speaking to large blue chip companies who want to use them in their offices we're speaking to cab home providers we're speaking to hotels commonly factories to use in their showrooms. a whole variety financial organizations banks retail supermarkets quite a large sector businesses are extremely cagey about talking about their interest in artificial intelligence not surprising given that robots or algorithms could replace humans in any number of ways jobs insurance the law financial services other clerical roles are already being lost entire professions are projected to disappear. and if a robot can be designed to build a house in a couple of days and the movement of goods will be performed without humans then
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it's clear that in rich countries vast numbers of jobs in all pay grades could be at risk in agriculture design is a working on a robot which can distinguish between leaves and stalks to pick fruit very little appears outside the imagination some day will anybody asking what jobs there might be less folk humans actually to do and one answer seems to be things with our hands because robots don't have motor skills so things perhaps like working with food all cutting hair or gardening but clearly much of this is monotonous and it's not very well paid. so who will give us money or pay for things if we no longer work or raise taxes increasingly it's being suggested that the so-called universal income may be the answer being paid not to work today suddenly universal basic income is a serious policy option there's lots of experiments going on as to how hard can be
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done what effect does it have it's moved much more into the mainstream and that i think is a consequence of all the changes that we have seen going on to provide the united states of america every six states of america with a decent basic income one thing they're using an income scheme would cost a quarter of the military so it's not feasible but the biggest question of all is whether it would make us happy or could it be that technology offers us the option of having almost all time to ourselves and if so is it a dream come true or would we get bored cautiously the world of business is asking where the boundaries are and what we are prepared to accept lawrence lee al-jazeera london. well as much whatever they were covering right here al jazeera dot com for oil comment analysis and video on demand.
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a look at the top stories for you now palestinian christian leaders have rejected the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital calling it dangerous and an insult as follows weeks of demonstrations across the occupied palestinian territories have the decision even at least fifteen people dead under abdel-hamid has more from bethlehem. certainly a certain level of satisfaction because ever since that dualism declaration palestinians have been very adamant of showing a united face when it comes to muslims and christians and their view about. east jerusalem so certainly the words of that came out of the church really goes along with everything else that has been said here ever since that declaration more than two hundred people are dead and many more missing after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been
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forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas the storm arrived on friday and floodwaters rose very quickly leaving people little time to escape. north korea has called the latest round of u.n. sanctions an act of war its state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrent program is the only way to frustrate united states it also said other countries which supported the sanctions would pay a heavy price the u.n. imposed extra measures on killing and on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests. russian opposition leader alexina vali has cleared the first hurdle towards running for president against but in the position he submitted the documents needed to be a candidate in the election in march with the support of thousands of people across the country but he still needs the approval of the election commission and in the past the kremlin has blocked him from running and nearly three
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thousand people in turkey have been sacked over alleged links to the country's polling terror organizations soldiers teachers and bureaucrats have all been dismissed as part of turkey's emergency rule decree accused of acting against national security i'll have more news for you in about twenty five minutes time that's off to talk to al-jazeera which starts now. al jazeera says it's swear every. word you would you can. see. we live in an age of rapid technological advances.


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