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tv   2001 - 2005  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am +03

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it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will arise it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television truly inspiring it's only on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan doha with a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera jerusalem's highest ranking
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roman catholic cleric says the city should be a place of peace that excludes no one his comments follow u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. both francis said repeating what many others said before him he's not you with that. peace. there's not peace if someone uses could. it would include not to screw to. spain's king philip a has used his traditional christmas address to call for unity following last week's regional elections in catalonia he asked the newly elected parliament to give up further moves towards a session in spain. i think. some days ago the citizens of catalonia voted to elect their representatives in the catalan parliament who know must face the problems that affect all catalans respecting diversity and thinking responsibly about the common good the road cannot be won that lead to confrontation or to exclusion again as we already know that only generates disagreement uncertainty. on
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the moral civic and of course economic impoverishment of society as a whole instead the road must lead to coexistence in the court of cattle and society as diverse and pluralistic as it is so that it recovers its serenity its stability and mutual respect in such a way that ideas do not put distance between or break up families and friends more than two hundred people are dead after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas more than one hundred fifty people are still missing bride as the latest from manila. it will appear in this christmas day assessing the damage from this storm as it moves away into the south china sea leaving a swathe of damage across a broad area of mindanao one of the worst affected province is was in the north of mindanao which had the highest death toll the second highest casualty rate was recorded in a province in the south of the island so much of the island has been affected
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including of course the area around this is an area where there has been intense fighting between government troops and also groups linked with i thought it was a population that's already conflict affected and that now has to deal with the aftermath of this storm there have been claims that the government didn't do enough to warn people in advance that they knew this storm was coming that mindanao has in recent years been more susceptible to storms around this time of year but the legal authorities they say that really they have warned people they did tell diligence to move out and many people simply did not do so i saw a stray responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least five people in the afghan capital the attack happened the other national intelligence building in kabul's shasta neighborhood last week i still claim responsibility for an attack on a military training center in the city five opponents of peru's former president
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alberto fujimori have clashed with police over his pardon for what he was released because of failing health has been serving a twenty five year prison term for corruption and human rights crimes committed during his ten year presidency the united nations has passed a resolution criticizing me and mass treatment of the ranger it calls for full citizenship rights access for aid workers and for refugees to be allowed to return home it was passed despite opposition from nations including china and russia. and russia's best known opposition leader alex in a valley has cleared the first hurdle towards running for president against vladimir putin he submitted the paperwork needed to be a candidate in the election next year but there are serious doubts he'll be allowed to run last week president putin announced he'll seek a new six year term and will be standing. until his ear has barred all emirates airlines flights from landing in the country the decision comes two days after
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a number of tunisia and women say they were banned at tunis airport from boarding their flights to dubai the u.a.e. said the days were for security reasons but did not go into further detail well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after once upon a time impossible thanks for watching i found out. various kinds of striving. to get away from the war that was happening at the top. and they came to restart their life. as a margaret when i first arrived at this rally i like it i i struggled. it was very difficult. i wanted to give us the data but it. was
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a part of the beginning so much like there is it forced a lot. for us. for decades lebanese families come to astray to build a better life and escape the destruction of. that many and demonized in a new land and. to. get rid of this multiculturalism the first that is kind of god awful and then after fifteen years of immigration from lebannon anglo and arab astray leah is divided by the first gulf war they're being confronted with a choice between doing either our own restraint because up to now the multicultural story is both. you know arab first. i already answered this question are going to struggle through this very moment all the stores trailer and i shouldn't be asked about this. on modesty tweets if there's
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a study i'll tell you the about the book about this as well. in the one thousand nine hundred. eighty criminal minority become drug dealing gangsters defying the will lose games will be watched. in two thousand and one. terrorism raises fears that arab australians are an enemy within the son of a terrorist or the rival you know about five years later and our intention explodes into one of the most infamous rice riots in a strange industry don't you accumulate to buy into the weaker that now that you have been in the eye for shock effect for state t.v. it's for people converged on print of page to know. what happened on that sunday in court all of it is a black or for a country. i'm
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i live in a.z. one stone is what i'm on it none i am a straw man i am lebanese i am muslim up a majority i'm a child i'm all that i want this is a story of what it's like to be lebanese and colas trying. we are striving and this is our homeland it says where we belong and this is what we have. to. resit inside out of an outbreak of violence here which they blame on local gangs. growing up in punchbowl was very ugly. odd that in the hurried. on didn't know how to run. and i was born in australia.
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as a young teenager in the late one nine hundred ninety s. that e-mail as knowledge of a stranger is confined to a suburb demonized by the media as a center of middle eastern crime. where my family came from them on their move to the punch-bowl area. on work because they looked they looked arab they looked different they sounded different. but why destroy us would be like you guys don't understand our language. bugger off go by car and we don't want you here . they thought seclude all slowed segregated. for a brief period zacky goes to punch ball boys high. when many of lebanese astray in background feel outsiders in the country of their birth.
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also excluded also away from. the standard of society. also rebel. because of the know what it meant been a spell. on you that i was an arab on you that i was middle eastern man yours along. when he's thirteen years old that his confidence is shattered by the death of his not her are there not knowledge that my mom passed away even though she was. did and confirm did by the doctors and nurses it is sink in. this is one mom this is my mother is the one that . brought me to this world she gave birth to me she looked after me she finished gave me milk and everything and now all of a sudden she's gone. and i said most of when i was looking at her looking at
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a on her deathbed. take me with you. don't leave me in this cruel world. four years later his father passes away. and i knew that i was all on my own. it's just me both the world that's the truth. emotionally isolated suffering from the death of his parents zack emailer is on the path to becoming the first a stray in charged under new laws to combat terrorism. every nation in every region now has a decision to make either you are with us. or you are with the terrorists.
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the enemy in the war on terror was to be ready for this long. and very quickly the word radical disappeared and in the popular mind terror was associated with islam and muslims most of whom in australia were lebanese muslim sydney will have no use. for potentially a direct and immediate enemy. who are treated like we're all suspects we were all under suspicion. i remember i was walking home from school from the bus stop and this was just around when september eleventh happened and i remember a man spat at me. but i really did a good face by that it didn't affect bin anyway i just thought that was his issue and he was ignorant but as the daughter of community leader general rifi. is soon
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aware of what the attacks mean to live an easy astray and all of a sudden we are being victimized vilified and marginalized due to the actions of somebody somewhere who believes a certain thing and has a grudge against a certain nation and all of a sudden that impacts on me and partly what i observe poster think and the type of person that i am and it does this. by getting that. that negative perception from the wider community also makes the question what is it then to be in a stroke. we become very paranoid about neighbors we start questioning them we start interrogating them as possible threats and dangers and in the process we distance them from our songs we say to them the film that's important about you now is you live in these missed or you're muslim that's
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not your strain him it's that's not longer a power no longer important. what we feed. and fear turned to aggression is encountered by actor and film director george basher on his way to work the morning after nine eleven. i went. to pull up to a musical it was up in front of me and just cuts me off at the. and he looked at me with a look. and his terrorist. you know really i wanted to rip him out of the car and just believe in dallas that he. had two good sisters thought was there that that's what he wants i'm not going to give you no satisfaction it. does it might. say you're honestly see you on the pitch well you have it.
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doesn't bother me. a bit a materialist. said i was strong as much as you are chimp. branded the enemy within the loyalty of lebanese astray and is questioned like never before. and zacky mela begins to see the vilification as one more reason for his own happiness or loss but my parents ever live near those no one else around sitting at home with mind the pressure on a figure out what to do tomorrow and i feel compelled to be a part of this soap or war on terror. you can call it radicalism you can call it fundamentalism extremism are call it someone calling for help.
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is effect on our community was very intense. after september eleventh. the young people have been under a different kind of fluids. it's no longer they get the rich quick no longer drug no longer had a word it's even worse than that it was a religious radicalization. zacky mela is one of many vulnerable young lebanese astray and men in punchbowl. but one of the very few who sees extremism as the answer to the despair and isolation. he spends long hours in a random search for enlightenment. when he doesn't find what he's looking for at the lake in the mosque he seeks out radical clerics for advice. i wanted to find
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out. why we have muslims. on. engaging in acts of dollars with a target and applying whether it's blowing up an embassy with blown up and killing others with you all at no where are they getting this audiology from where is it coming from. a lot of these newly found religious leaders. who have no formal teaching have no formal training who have no qualifications whatsoever their way of preying on formidable young people and a lot of people with a mentally unstable. right then those just pretty much dead in the in the brain i was detonated. on that advances i had some comfort.
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it was my warning just a massive explosion. feeling in my ear and one year on from nine eleven. eighty eight a stray ends lose their lives in the bali bombing. once again the lebanese a strain community feel demonized by the media. the bali bombings bring that home global violence home to a strong ends for many young australians kuta beach is almost like an extension of bhandarkar nala. to have been attacked and destroyed there is extraordinarily shocking. there's a sense in which anger about islamic sure is now to mr kite it now it's at home and people are really angry. that's when we felt the terror has hit.
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we govern ised or what if it's. and support of those victims and we did a lot of good work at that time. now unfortunately the media again and again. did not see us as a victim they saw us also at the same time as part of the problem rather than the solutions. i went through a september eleventh the bali bombings the london attacks we are the generation of news headlines we are constantly reacting and being poor as a microscope are constantly having to justify ourselves place ourselves in boxes change ourselves from the mold start off on the back full convince the world a few we are all that while trying to maintain a normal lifestyle. in this climate of fear zacky chooses the wrong moment to play the part of jihad warrior. he applies for
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a passport to fly to the middle east saying he wants to make a prospective bride in lebanon. alarm bells start ringing at the astray and security service a zero the sort of one day to give me a phone call to call me up and say listen we're from this trojan security intelligence organization we want to speak to you about your past but up location or there is no easier was. who are you guys never heard of use of the foot of the cia are you the cia. we have this security intelligence organization and when it is speak to you immediately. and then an agent's waiting for me outside size one i'm zacky malar this was rock this is hollywood. this is what i want. and here it is and this where it begins. a lonely teenager has finally got the attention he craves. but beyond malice
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fantasy fee is a spreading that a strain borne terrorists could threaten a nation. that's as wild suspicions spreads the lebanese community feels under attack. as the war on terror rages a strain borne zacky mela is depressed and stacking shelves in the local supermarket . but to the intelligence services he's a potential terrorist. i was damn stupid and educated i was a fool rebellious. i'm sitting in all these questions what's your view of. what's your view about osama bin laden do you support terrorism. a thinking of participating in in violence or certain opposite but on the other hand if jihad is
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declared. as one teenager enjoys his fifteen minutes of fame the lebanese community feel the brunt of new anti-terrorist laws. as part of the war on terror at home a strain in acts something like fourteen different places of legislation which are good towards increasing the power of government to prevent and control terrorist organizations in terrorist acts we were quite a fright. of the implications of such laws on our daily living we also were afraid that the young people who might have been influenced one way or the other may says you are wrong thing they may do the wrong thing or even thing the wrong thing.
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i accept that there is a feeling in the community that thoughts were going to be promised but that's not the reality we can't arrest and charge people for. thinking something but not acting on it in any why we have to have solid acts committed by people before we would act in terms of charging them for criminal offenses. but the new laws make the community feel as if they're being targeted. we suffered a great deal we could not trust that zoozoo new legislation will be elected to properly rush them through. the security services were in fact identifying small numbers of people who were thinking about planning to arista tax but the skyll of that behavior and the scale of the response were totally different. so the atmosphere becomes much more
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paranoid not simply much government but also much the community. at the start of the second gulf war the lebanese a strain community is increasingly accused of being sympathetic to terrorism after the north eleven situation of the it was there was probably two to three years after that i had a situation where a couple of undercover police rocked up at my workplace and said we're going to speak to you after growing up in punchbowl south is a proud lebanese a strong. now working in management so he said inside and apparently somebody suggested that i was a supporter of terrorism or funded terrorism. my first reaction was a laugh because i was very outspoken against the war in iraq and so on and i did call the radio many times to profess that. somebody apparently had made
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the comply and they come out to investigate but i thought was laughable. the new legal powers and increased police activity inevitably target. this right if not the more the game is a paper from the foreign minister alexander downer who said we have formed the opinion that you are a long way to engage in conduct that not prejudiced the security officer. or of our country. and i read the us there are still there is no what it meant. malice passport is withheld because the authorities believe he could seek terrorist training in the middle east and the federal government seizes the opportunity to promote its antiterrorist credentials in the media. it came to the point where it's on what walk out onto the streets people come to me and say
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you are the terrorist you're the g hardest or the fundamentalist or the extremists go back home you're walk we don't want you here. we wanted to go i was born here this is my country this is all on our. isolated and increasingly paranoid zacky mela is getting attention beyond his drains. but now his jihad fantasy is starting to scare him. out of the threat of the little more door saying. jesus. course as your lord is your god get out of this country go back on. my posts the gun. those knowing that look after me. and within twenty four hours then you sell false counterterrorism unit right at my house and charge me for position over a lake of fire and. then zacky makes the biggest
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mistake of his life. but will the more of the go well and micah a video and i'll get a thread on them. so that you know you have been in prison and have been. the last night the decision to go in the bin was still there within the why was the necessary. in the video when you listen to it it makes clear threats that if you don't give him back my passport i'm going to take you hostage i'm going to kill you eccentrics at your words of threat. out of a job and running out of money he tries to sell the video to an agent posing as a journalist. i took the three thousand dollars off him on the on that afternoon. in condo park and. he said. i don't know whether to wish you.
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good luck or good boy. in other words or now with i'll be seeing seeing you again or this fight is going to get you shot. not a second out of place cause there were. you on the wrist. for planning a terrorist attack in sydney. whoa i mean it's been charged under recent commonwealth legislation with acts in preparation for right terrorist act. zacky is locked up in golden maximum security jail awaiting trial charged with two counts of planning an act of terrorism. author this is all the time that this what is happening with me right now be enticed in orange overalls shackled padlocked and aft with i mean number touch to me sitting in a maximum security so. this is a movie i was growing up sometime soon. witness
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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we'll able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. and that
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is our strength. and as i want to finally you were asked about that but that's the ball is a ball not i see more listeners are thought of that the set says they're lost in wonder but a little out of all of our cars and bunches a bit up the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless chase at this time. hello i'm down in jordan doha the quick remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera jerusalem's highest ranking roman catholic cleric says the city should
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be a place of peace that excludes no one his comments follow u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. well francis said repeating what many others said before him is not you that jerusalem a city of peace. is not peace if someone uses could. lose a limb to do include not exclude. more than two hundred people are dead after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced on their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas more than a hundred fifty people are still missing as rescue efforts get underway across the region eisel has claimed responsibility for suicide bombing that killed at least five people in the afghan capital the attack happened near a national intelligence agency building in kabul's shust iraq neighborhood last week are still claim responsibility for an attack on a military training center in the city opponents of peru's former president
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alberto fujimori have clashed with police over his pardon. for more he was released because of failing health he's been serving a twenty five year prison term for corruption and human rights crimes committed during his ten year presidency the united nations as passed a resolution criticizing me and mass treatment of the ranger it calls for full citizenship rights access for aid workers and for refugees to be allowed to return home it was passed despite opposition from nations including china and russia. russia's best known opposition leader alexina valmy has cleared the first hurdle towards running for president against vladimir putin he submitted the paperwork needed to be a candidate in the election next year but there are serious doubts he'll be allowed to run last week president putin announced he'll seek a new six years and will be standing. until his ears barred all emirates airlines flights from landing in the country the decision comes two days after
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a number of tennessee and women say they were banned from boarding their flights to dubai usa said the delays were for security reasons but did not go into further detail well those were the headlights continues on al-jazeera after once upon a time impossible stage and so much for the. jury had to decide would be the word of a terrorist in waiting by their god the brig and the longing for a man with the desperate or the media attention. zacky mela is the first to stray in in history to be charged under the new counterterrorist laws with planning acts of terrorism. if found guilty he faces to life sentences as activities which are essentially. boosting
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provided rather than anything else provide a an opportunity to put the whole structure of criminal law into action they needed to test their power they needed to taste is a new amendment and legislations. are down except than anybody in the police in this economic crisis or any other case for that matter said let's ariston just someone just to test the law. after one year and nine months in maximum security he is acquitted of the terrorist charges but pleads guilty to threatening a zero offices. he sentenced to two and a half years. so yes i was guilty of threatening to kill those officers. only because they took my passport. i had no one to turn to god and more
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so it was more words of the going into this whole situation in the first place. they should have looked at me as someone who was troubled. by trade me as a terrorist. for all of his short life zacky has felt like he didn't belong in the country of his birth. for the first on interacted with all the distractions what ok you know australians asian astrology and aboriginal australians it wasn't just my point. so funny enough to say it was all been that made me understand that yes i was a stray and. i actually thank them for this turnaround in life by sending me to goldman and understanding things from a different perspective. exactly never loses his
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taste for publicity and uses t.v. and social media to record visits to the rebel front line in the syrian civil war some. four years after nine eleven fears over arabs a strain in terrorism continue to threaten the harmonious ideals of multiculturalism. and here in this iconic are the same thing racism is set to explode. for decades to worlds have shared one stretch of coastline in a country they all call home.
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crowd was like home on the weekends as a kid to cheering summer it was as if bankstown upon school had migrated to the park. growing up in locanda muhammad caboodle a thinks of chronology as he summer backyard. it was full of arab souls full of lebanese drums and barbecues and hardly bubblies argel├Ęs as we call him. full of all the really wonderful things that it was known that was normal to us and it was great because it was it was safety it was. and it was fun it was fun as a kid. for the el cares living in punchbowl is their family beach just as it is for generations of western suburbs families. go by football in the
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same we went swimming at the bache it was a local bridge i've never had an issue going to court all did you always interact with the locals probably not but just like any other person on the boat never initially. watch this train from. all in. over thirty years and no one's ever said a bad word to me or looked at me in the wrong way or. my in-laws or my sister in laws my brother in law and commons and whatever else and no one's ever said about what the may. in any way shape or form. one of the things it was very clear about was that nobody knew it was going to happen. when they came to power and i and i six the howard government specifically got rid of the strain in multicultural research program and that that had a really quite profound effect because nobody was talking to anybody that was going
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on there was no nobody was actually tracking what was happening in communities and so there was a sort of unraveling of social knowledge about what was happening in the strata. i feel like something was brewing but in hindsight you can actually say now that all of those things that were coming into play were building up to a crescendo. like many in the lebanese a strain community lebanese born teacher jihad dede is aware of the danger too late with the go back to the gulf war then it's a temper live and then getting rights then the other things that were occurring. they've been a continual seed arabic and islamic. you know these other people these are others that are out there to quote somebody on a stride. and when collapse into one it's no surprise i was supposed to let.
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you know it is just a matter of time. and now with the anniversary of the bali bombing just two months in the past the fuel is set for canal or to ignite. there's a clear line between nine eleven and the events occur nala four years later it's a law and that's fashioned by the increasing tension between the wider society and live in a strange ends of muslim faith. for white anglo youth nine eleven provides a justification for moral outrage about living as muslims. it's almost as though they are primed to explode. it's needed is a spawn. after months of mounting tension on sunday december the fourth
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a scuffle breaks out between some volunteer lifesaving and a group of teenagers described as mediterranean who from the middle a small lifesavers bashed while giving up their weekend to help others. and that which should have ended. certainly media outlets there wanted to raise the ugly again. liberty's community will know it was. and more northern ireland any community any community want and often get you a lot of show make so many community but the lebanese community. tun use the men now they know they can. not for the first time over the next few days the media fans the flames of racism. the message is clear arabs are
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attacking astray in culture and values. and the grubs well i tell you what our absolute law burgers for the middle east can gravely i may not lead to fight but i'm saying that. there was a license the kind from the education of people like alan jones and there was a license that came from the wind a sense that lebanese muslims in particular were a source of danger and threat within a stride side if not you're looking really too bad little weekend it's thousands of dollars a very long beach going to be taken over by the scum what is it about us that you hate so much. for name that. the vitriol is hard to take the media didn't do anything to positively contribute oh pretty calm to the situation in any way all they did was promote slander perpetuate feel for cation
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the petulant discrimination and racism and it was really really hurt for. four days before the riot announcer alan jones raids out a message sent by a listener. to invite one of the bike again to be present in numbers that crawl around my station for the lebanese bugs or are really worth the price of admission to watch the coward carry back on to try and get the return trip to the lives we were really really afraid divorce of moderation was silenced. by the views that we were hitting on the read you go back show was so awful that i felt ashamed to call myself australian at that time. stood up by newspapers and radio people send thousands of text messages. all that week was a crescendo of emotion we could see that temper and eight arrives
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at. seven thirty am sunday december the unevidenced. crowds begin to gather at cronulla beach normally there are ten police on patrol. today down on hundred and sixty. i think it was about two hundred and seventy thousand s.m.s. being sent on the. to teach zelig bodies thoughts alyson's. by two thousand and five sergeant craig campbell has watched the cronulla beat for four years but this weekend he senses there's something different in the air. like i village fair atmosphere those people have in bobby's mills. ply.
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i was wall to wall bumper to bumper and ossorio woman walking down the footpath dream i cruiser oh i was sort of drinks i like i had a clock in the morning and i'd only say that you know i she turned to the boys and i said oh my foot is going to turn to shit but i'm strong boys you watch you watch and i also look at me and you think so attacked and i went yeah. good standing on the so i would like right. right. right right there was that really i go. oh. god. i'm not pointing at the crawler all. the little boys went down in cause the problems one sign is rice is in the country is they and
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. vodafone other protests that we couldn't join oh you don't know. how i was i don't want a plumber. by lunchtime the police have closed off several streets trying to stop the crowd increasing. we also deployed ride blocks in southern sydney and they sed in sydney to stop people from coming in because we didn't want to add fuel to the fire boss into letting everybody get. but by then the mob have been whipped up into a racist frenzy. all our member seeing is so many angry faces seventy pushing and shoving through a struggling flag being carried in
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a way which i don't think the style in flexed ever be carried. was. the strength in flags. has many meanings people use them as beach towns as became nice but in the case of chronology they always used as flags of. the flag should be a symbol that you're not simply what it was trying to be used as a means of dividing people it was just a really really come fronting site to say. it's offensive you know you have no idea who i am you have knowledge about my culture and you've
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become a hate us that much what have we done to you. as racist sods wrapped themselves in the symbol of a fair and free man and a stray is on the precipice of international. one pm sunday december eleventh. five thousand riot has many fuelled by alcohol have turned the streets into a hunting ground zero is one way to go out there any. breaks no threat. anyone who isn't white is pretty.
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good it is a lasting image of a person who is just simply out there running for their life along the boardwalk at the bitch. and i think i think for those who were watching it i just thought how could it get to these the police believe the violence is primarily fueled by alcohol. but for george pascha the real cause is endemic racism. i laughed. i was afraid i'd slap as i want to chuck it i don't know how much they also pay would be on me and when they can convince me every single person there was drunk. can take a lot of convincing play to prove that to me. just to make just doesn't. fortunately there were only a few lebanese astray and on the beach like most of the nation the community
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witnessed the horror unfold via radio and t.v. . so having a barbecue at my place my brother said his wife who's from cronulla i remember the more information i threw the ready i was thought to have been on t.v. i saw my brother sammy's face strange he just couldn't believe what was actually happening. bogans is not only becomes women crawling even if i. come down. in this warped version of what it means to be a strategy ninety culturalism has become some sick idea and a threat to the increasingly sinister mob there was one young man who became iconic
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across his chest was written we grew here you flew here it's almost like a sort of. nazi thing of blood and soil. that unless you a move from the soil you have no right to it. we never knew that. ozzy's would be. formed and had so much hate in them particularly coming from canola particularly coming from the area that we knew so well and we were there so often. and it was like being punched by a neighbor. at
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three pm rumors suddenly spreads that a train load of lebanese a strain are about to arrive. then comes the terrifying reality. there are just two men on board. as we walk through well look up into the last carriage up in the top. dick you could actually say those two young guys getting belted. when i got fully up into the carriage then i could see three people those two young guys just cold up in a ball just by going to it. yelling out i'm really had no effect. yeah why the move tables boy striking them with my baton.
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was going to have two people kick the death toll to try and. just wait for. i. i. i i wanted to get those guys out of there and some medical attention so that's when i went down trying to stop moving people on. you had to carry full of people but not two young guys who are sort of hero you know here you just scum. the riot flashes around
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the world that britain canada and intonation is she travel warnings aging the citizens to exercise caution when visiting signal. yeah. the intensity of the phonics and the rice is that underpins the it's is what makes this different it says those something deep and inside the australian psyche that spain via. but repressed by a veneer of civilization has now been allowed to erupt. what happened on that sunday in cornell is a black off for our country regardless of which so out of the poll it political fence you see on regardless of which cultural becker that was not a good die for australia as a nation. on december eleventh
9:55 am
a nation. in the following days fifty one riots as a charged. yes a prime minister is still sees this trial different. i do not accept. that there is underlying right in this country. unfortunately what john how was said the doctor was totally off the mark. it was acting as a statesman probably trying to shield the nation from that common issue of nation as a whole but and the idea was told to mock. the horror has only just begun. and three lebanese astray and men are about to seek revenge. but
9:56 am
we went down to punchbowl park and there was hundreds of people there hundreds of young boys really. for war. i was in the car with. a young boy who had a lot of their serious weapon on him and there were cause they're. going to kill. even the most the most articulate and the most intellectual people in our community with filled with outrage because. how much can someone take before they crack. time on once upon a time in. the street. the binge response creates i attention lead into a song called to attack. me in the middle eastern origin but.
9:57 am
we have to live unless we step forward there will be a catastrophe to reinsert what police are struggling to hold the progress. in the wake of the race riots how much can someone take before the fight. we needed. to prove. it was a lot of people think that was really the things it was a. disrespect to al-jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time. at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back for a look at the weather across the levant western parts of asia to start with and we have a frontal system which is getting a lot of cloud and also some rain in places with some snow higher elevations they've got unsettled weather conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean some showers across syria temperatures nothing special as a pretty cold out across turkey still or at the snows but still some big negative nighttime temperatures across more mountainous regions as you head on through into tuesday is looking fine here a slight recovery in temperatures but across the stones we've got some light breaks of snow developing although for a couple we're looking at. eyes of fifteen degrees not all bad it's also going to become cloudy with time across the arabian peninsula band of clouds moving south was no real goes from thirty is a mason to twenty three but tommy get through to choose day with a fairly brisk breeze developing behind i wouldn't rule out the chance of one or two showers along the system either and certainly some bruce wayne's mecca though staying in the sunshine highs of thirty five degrees across into southern portions
9:59 am
of after the heavy showers across parts of angola certainly zambia and zimbabwe harare that is quite wet at the moment some showers on the eastern side of madagascar much as you would expect elsewhere we've got some showers across parts of south africa should be fine in johannesburg with highs of twenty nine. i'll talk about shooting people are not able to shoot themselves and they're all the countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into a right open war that's the security of the people who pay the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the
10:00 am
cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and this is a person that has something to hide they have prepared a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one. was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq. at this time on al jazeera.


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