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lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with nephew woman ten and. she's important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world and when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just the flame ethnic cleansing you mean more for bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line. about a million people forced to move in vietnam ahead of a violent storm that's already brought death and destruction to the philippines.
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and the shock area this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up francis and as christmas message again calls for a negotiated two state solution to bring peace between israel and palestine. and just a few hours voters go to the polls in liberia's presidential election the first democratic transition of power in seventy years also please press the automation button to place the card in the automated moved to syria where there's been. a development of driverless cars could drive thousands right out of a job. around a million people have been evacuated from southern vietnam as tropical storm tembin approaches it's already caused death and destruction in the philippines where at
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least two hundred people have think killed heavy rain and strong winds are expected to cause serious damage in vietnam around sixty thousand fishing boats have been ordered not to go to sea. no i mean if it weren't for the typhoon we would have continued our fishing trip for another two or three months but because of the typhoon we had to head back early and i was on one it's been a while since the typhoon hit the region but we have to take serious precautions to protect our lives and properties it's not safe out on the open sea at the moment that's why we have to come back to take shelter problems pride has more from the island of mindanao in the philippines where the storm has caused death and destruction. this is the time she got it's probably one of the worst affected areas of one of the worst affected provinces in mindanao we are down river was the site of a surge of water that came through here i can stand back and just give you a quick look at the kind of damage and trail of destruction that it left torrents
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of water came down here leaving all of these bowl the some of them the size. here a couple of days ago taking. this surge of water more than one hundred houses sadly twenty nine people are confirmed to have died here a number of the bodies being kept a makeshift mortuary just a short distance away while the search continues in this area for a further sixteen people who are missing and the search is being conducted some six kilometers downstream it gives you an idea of the strength of the power of the water that came through here all of mindanao like this area are assessing the damage after from this storm i'm looking at ways of being more prepared next time in the philippines as it is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world just take disaster preparedness very seriously and invest a lot in infrastructure also in awareness training to be ready for the next time
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here in mindanao given the security situation it is. complexity it makes it harder to introduce any of those plans but the philippines has to think in terms of introducing those things given what we are seeing people hear about stronger storms and people certainly here believe it is the evidence of climate change that the storms are going to be the shape of things to come. the head of the roman catholic church has used his christmas message to call for a negotiated two state solution to an israeli palestinian conflict it's the second time pope francis is spoken out since u.s. president on a recognition of truth is israel's capital earlier this month pope francis says talks are the only way to find peace. but. we see jesus and the children of the middle east who continue to suffer because of growing tensions between israelis and palestinians on this festive day let us off the lord for peace for jerusalem and for all the holy land let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail
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between the parties and that a negotiated solution can be finally reached one that would allow the peaceful coexistence of two states within mutually agreed internationally recognized borders and israeli court on monday has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager her mother and cousin they're arrested after this video was posted online on friday it says seventeen year old to head to me pushing an israeli soldier this incident reportedly took place after a relative was shot in the face by israeli forces and critically injured head has appeared in several other videos challenging israeli soldiers. tunisia is demanding an apology from the united arab emirates after an airline banned female to nation citizens landing in the gulf state emirates airlines flights have been barred from tunisia and response to the says it's been told the ban followed intelligence of possible attacks emailed to nation passport holders but there's widespread anger in the north african country over these restrictions. reports. like.
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this was the scene at tunis airport on friday as women turned up for flights the start of a u.i. travel ban against women and girls of all ages to be given to the was there let me know but then if i came here and found chaos and there same woman under the age of thirty can board emerick plane that morning but i arrived here only for a man to come and tell me that any woman who holds a. boat is banned from boarding this airline. two days later the u.a.e. explains the temporary travel restriction is for security reasons the minister of state for foreign affairs posted on twitter they had communicated security information with tunisia and that the u.a.e. appreciates and values jim is you know woman. but outrage across china zero and elsewhere grew with claims of discrimination and racism to governments took
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immediate action the ministry of transport has decided to suspend emirates airlines flights to and from tunisia to the latter finds a suitable solution to operate its flights in accordance with international regulations and conventions emirates didn't respond to our request for an interview to do confirm via twitter they were instructed to stop services to tune spy to newseum authorities a fictive to seen between the fifth children as young as two years old will be i'm barred from flying i mean not many people would consider two year old threats and officials or even informing families that even if you are a one month old female baby you wouldn't be allowed to fly and you wouldn't be allowed to enter the u.a.e. territory emirates is the only airline that flies you a direct meaning it severed the transport link between the countries it's unclear if the diplomatic link will also be cast. to his ear has been trying to repair
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relations with the u.a.e. after its twenty eleven revolution its biggest political party has strong ties to casa currently under blockades by the u.a.e. and three other arab countries it's quite clear to say you know that the united arab emirates have been seeking to undermine his democracy. on the hundred three so this decision is the most expressive yet and the most in your face ever since the two thousand and eleven revolution emirates will remain suspended until tunisia feels it can operate within international regulations the sudden and vague ban that museum woman face now turned on the line charlotte dallas al-jazeera. nicholas know is co-director of the tennis exchange it's a bipartisan political conference held in tunisia he says the situation so shows a lack of maturity on both sides. i'm not sure if the politics on the part of the u.a.e. is clear and i think really what we have here is it seems likely again we have to
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be careful that there was some security driven concern potentially in coordination with the security services in tunisia that initiated this step but you don't wait it shows on two fronts an incredible immaturity on the security front there is a great disagreement as to whether or not this is actually a very efficient and smart way to handle this kind of a threat i mean do you really want to just blanket ban women from one country on a specific airline do you want to try and hamster procedure or is enhanced searches except for a so there's a great argument about whether or not this is even smart an efficient but more important thing is the political immaturity whether or not it was driven by legitimate security concerns or on the part of and or with elements of the secure security services in tunisia at the very least it came at exactly the moment when the g.c.c. crisis the conflicts between. saudi except for
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a has been reflecting on the tunisian scene for quite some time and it actually gave the political opponents of the u.a.e. and some of their local alah it real kind of a free pass to take some really good hits at them as is being driven by a kind of anti woman or anti to museum policy. and just a few hours nearly two point two million liberians will chase the train a former football star and the current vice president and a presidential runoff both candidates have promised to revive liberia's struggling economy and kickstart infrastructure projects electional say the country's first democratic transition of power and seventy years on the job reports from the review . in the contest for the liberian president see these small only international football might do it with head start he received thirty percent of the votes cast in the foster round held in october he's open and in the current liberian vice president walk i got twenty eight percent of the vote. in the club.
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that where i grew up. he's been hyping his humble upbringing and style himself as the pro pork and to date a man who knows exactly what liberians want from their government protection of politics we have traditional voting along ethnic religious and regional lines where you were born and grew up is important there is hope here that's when he becomes president he will help his community where dropped out of school at an early age to concentrate on playing football he plied his trade in liberia until he got a break to play for the french club he is more to go on from there on to some of the world's most glamorous clubs in two thousand and three where now is his intention to run for the presidency after taking on the incumbent president ellen johnson sirleaf to a second round vote in two thousand and five the footballer was bitten this is no walk in the park this could be we have days of will he lead in the first one in two
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thousand and five and phil to win in the second round this is wide open it could be president we have a president. a former head of liberia's petroleum refinery company and agriculture minister seventy two year old joseph. has served as liberia's vice president since two thousand and six his tenure as vice president will be remembered as a period of an interrupted peace most small feat in a country torn apart by years of civil. buckeye is considered a safe pill by many given his long experience of the highest echelons of power and beauty ambassador watches longest point it's his credentials in public policy and the broad perception of him. on the last true this line around he has on this to capital. in liberia where there's been so much reports of corruption
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he's managed to keep on touched he will have to persuade many liberians still that he can do differently than he has done for more than a decade many he'll hold the government responsible for failing to improve their lot wins the election will inherit the leadership of one of the poorest countries in the world liberians often complain about of corruption in government and the poor delivery of public services many of them say about the world of thankful for the past twelve years of peace still excited about the prospect of change. coming up the wall because you know the old you like beauty. place and her room her fire tear gas to disperse protesters angry about a pardon for former president richard mori he's been serving a twenty five year sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption demonstrators marched through the capital a mag and president. decision seventy nine year old french moore is still in
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intensive care a day after he was pardoned he managed to send a message to his supporters from his hospital that on christmas day. so ahead on al-jazeera russian opposition leader lexan of army calls for an election boycott after his bed to run an extra presidential election is blocked. major earthquake has seoul second guessing that a session to build more nuclear power plants in south korea. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello the won't swept through the levant and northern egypt very rapidly on that thing which is a cold front and it rained on monday that's introducing of course weather that ought to be there this time of the year which is temperatures typically in the
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middle teens and lastly sunny skies occasional showers now the same cooling trend is working trust iraq but doesn't mix of twenty and twenty so the woman should be but runs really will and it should be in a few showers still to come on the south coast of the caspian sea and also imagines beyond tehran times coming down to near average but still not there and all the time that cloud was movie across iraq iran and afghanistan with the hindu kush getting the benefit is snow from it now given that you've got that sort of thing which looks like a cold front it usually affects the weather running down to the gulf and there it is it will drop the temperature in riyadh to twenty to drop temperature and their holiday off to about twenty three inches briefly a blustery northerly breeze which will get rid of any threat of further fog in dubai or upper darby southern africa should be worse this time of year the concentration of heavy rains quite often run zimbabwe a malawi and zambia and that's indeed where it is during tuesday so if you're looking for south africa's sun it's everywhere. the women sponsored by
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katz on race. you are making very pointed remarks when they're online the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say you know you will first just wakes up in the morning and says i want to color the world and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now eleven million people are evacuating vietnam's mekong delta as tropical storm tembin approaches her heavy rain and strong winds are expected to cause serious damage temin is already killed more than two hundred people as a pastor over the philippines. pope francis used his christmas message to call for a negotiated two state solution to end the israeli palestinian conflict that's a second time you spoke out century as president donald trump's recognition of through some capital he says talks are the only way to find peace. of asia's demanding a public apology from the arab emirates after the u.a.e. ban to nation women from flying to or passing through the state on friday and retaliation tunisia suspended all emirates airlines flights the u.a.e. says the ban was imposed for security reasons but hasn't given any more details than that. russian opposition leader alexina valving has been barred from running in next year's presidential election he's been told he has enough. legible because
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of a past criminal conviction which he says followed a politically motivated trial live on the is now calling for a boycott of the march vote polls show president vladimir putin is on course to be re-elected comfortably which would keep him in the kremlin until two thousand and twenty four or a challenge has more from moscow. this was no surprise at all really how mean i had been talking with colleagues yesterday and we've been speculating that there was maybe a small chance that the tightly controlled russian presidential system the electoral system here would be given a bit of a shake up and maybe there would be some fresh life breathed into it most people are assuming that person is going to march towards a fourth term in office when the elections are held in march next year but no that was not to be the thirteen member panel of the central election committee decided twelve votes with one abstention they were going to bar the from running against
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putin now the argument they use is that he has this proc and diction and therefore is ineligible novelli has always said that although that may be the election rules actually the constitution which should have primacy says that any one of sound mind who is not in jail can run in the elections so he's going to take this to the constitutional courts to watch them to make a decision this was a heated exchange at times he was saying that the panel should do the right thing for once in their lives that nobody's holding a gun to their heads and that they should stop messing around with the election the panel fired back saying that he was brainwashing kids that he was disrespecting the election commission and that they hinted he was politically irrelevant anyway now what is now and we do next well of course i said he's going to take this to the constitutional courts but he's also saying that his supporters should boycott the
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election and he is saying that yes there will be street process they haven't set a date for these yet but he's saying that when the protests hits they will be nationwide. at least four people had been killed in a bus crash in moscow the bus plowed into a subway entrance hitting several people on the way down police detained the driver for questioning they say it wasn't a deliberate act the mayor of moscow visited the scene has ordered a full inspection of the moscow bus fleet. politicians and decision makers in south korea are torn about a plan to continue construction of two nuclear power plants following a major earthquake that five point four magnitude quake in early november reignited public concern about whether the country will still be considered a seismic safe zone now five hundred strong panel of experts is due to report kathy novak reports from all sun. this is south korea's scenic southeastern region a popular tourist destination home to stretches of coastline and eighteen uclear
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reactors so when a magnitude five point four earthquake forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes in november some wondered if those nuclear reactors are safe she is so worried she's been protesting in the streets. but that's almost impossible but. i was so scared when the earthquake happened here i had evacuated from my building but when the tremors continued the thought of the nuclear power plants exploding haunted me once. more reactors are on the way during the election campaign president promised to halt their construction but he reversed that position after public consultations found the majority of people wanted the existing projects completed the environmental organization greenpeace want safety reexamined we saw the. significant increase of the people who are concerned about the safety of nuclear reactors to. the twenty eleven fukushima disaster in japan
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happened just across the sea it's not hard for south koreans to imagine the worst case scenario but a tsunami triggered by a magnitude nine earthquake caused of that catastrophe and experts say that sort of event would be extremely unlikely here in a statement korea hydro a nuclear power the company that runs this plant says the newest reactors being built here are designed to withstand earthquakes sixty three times more powerful than the five point eight magnitude quake that hit the nearby city of young jew in twenty sixteen that was south korea strongest earthquake since records began in one nine hundred seventy eight. locals are still rebuilding many replacing traditional ceramic roof tiles with more affordable and sturdy metal sheets even if you church quakes damaged homes again uclear power advocates say the plants are designed to
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contain any radiation leaks that define a physical barrier the capture containment is strong enough to withstand any kind of the significant creek joe myung moon says nuclear power must be part of south korea's energy supply the government still wants to phase it out over time in the meantime the energy ministry has told south koreans that close inspection of power plants revealed no damage from the latest earthquake kathy novak al-jazeera will sun south korea. two thousand and seventeen saw the emergence of driverless cars and trucks being tested on roads in the u.s. and u.k. developer say more than a million lives a year could be saved without humans behind the wheel this accidentally be almost eradicated but that could also mean a loss of millions of jobs in traffic drivers are calling on politicians to explain
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where new jobs will come from lawrence lee reports. in this brave new world events official intelligence the first direct effect on all our lives will be in transport it's already begun and it will change humanity in many ways it's well enough known by now that driverless cars and lorries are being trials the future we're told may involve our children not having to learn how to drive please press the automation button to place the car to go to me to move to a scenario where is this one even sitting in a simulator you feel a lack of control as you don't grip the wheel or press the brakes dragging on for real involves a leap of faith. that is true. to the steering wheel you are now free to engage in other times the engineers here assure the technology is good enough for driverless travel on motorways if not in congested cities because there's too much going on. you know this is extremely busy and complex environment with lots of
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potential destructors people running across roads. so i think that's probably too complex we've certainly trying to contemporary vehicle to make sure both on the motorway and in urban environments. they don't work at all in urban environments and even on motorways they require regular interventions by human drive less. the future it seems may be a combination of systems moving us from port to driverless port modern rail systems near airports are driverless and people use those quite happily the paths of the cars through space would be similar to if there were you know some physical guide to them so i think in some cases so long as the as the speeds are fairly low it's probably a safe proposition. true believers in driverless transport say we will be able to sleep or work in our vehicle but if that sounds good it will also mean the loss of millions of jobs and i wonder trades unions want to know how those jobs will be
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replaced we're looking to see massive massive investment in electric vehicles driverless vehicles future mobility we need a great leap forward it's easy to understand this concern in the u.k. there was a massive shock when car factories which had traditionally employed thousands of people all shut because of foreign competition this used to be the jackie were factory in the west midlands now it's going to be a warehouse the advent of driverless cars and wide automation could be a far greater shock still the british government reckons that driverless cars could create up to thirty thousand jobs in the u.k. which sounds ok until you hear evidence that says that in this part of england alone automation could cost three hundred thousand jobs it becomes pretty clear that governments like the one in britain see the job strategy for automation and quickly when asked to consider a world in which no humans at the wheel of a vehicle means accidents will not happen more than
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a million lives will be saved every year driverless vehicles will be on the roads and soon but will human souse jobs rely on transport except them and can we learn to trust the machines to safeguard the lives of those we love lawrence lee al jazeera london. bolivia side of the poorest countries in south america tens of thousands of children live and work on the streets in the capital of the new programs have been launched to help children escape the poverty cycle and reports. everyone in the past once upon a thorny or sweet bread it's tradition and they're delicious but really s. and his friends at the mendis articles children's baking bread and biscuits gives them more than something sweet to accompany christmas. this helps us when we leave here so that we have a way of earning a living thanks to the pen and tony snow they started baking in the middle of
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november to meet demand part of a project to give them a place in bolivian society it's one of many projects trying to help thousands of bolivia's working children. who are homeless children it's the goats and youngsters are making themselves this forging their own future creating an alternative to the bustle of life on the city's steep and narrow streets bolivia has long been one of the poorest countries in the region and it's difficult to know accurately how many children in the past don't attend school of forced to work in often precarious conditions on the streets and in the markets but it's thought to be many thousands . now. i don't want him to suffer like me on the street with the called the rain and the wind sometimes i sell sometimes not i want my children to achieve something in their lives which is why i want them to come here then go to school. carla brings her children to one of the hearing centers set up by the powers
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authority is the place to study and to play to receive expert medical and psychological attention a haven from the hardship on the street. we hope that they can continue their studies at the centers formulates a large plan an escape the informal sector to which they've become accustomed cynical. jessica age fourteen is up at five to attend school but then has to work at the family kiosk the hearing center gives her hope and ambition she wants to be an architect. to get good grades i'm a good student second or third in my class sometimes my books are a bit messy and the teachers complain so my mom explains or she too asian and they understand and help me if i don't finish my homework they say it's all right for the next class. life is still tough to jessica and then thousands like them the bridge and they do cation giving them hope for
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a better future. as demanding the release of a certain song we're just saying it's now been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt same as accused of broadcasting false moves to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny yours are paid only complained of mistreatment in jail early workers have served a christmas banquet for two hundred homeless people in one of london's busiest transport hubs forty five volunteers at euston station prepared a meal at snopes a pasta roast dinner and desert over forty companies donated the food as well as clothing for those in the. fishermen have netted one hundred thousand kilograms of fish at an annual winter festival in northeast china the surface of the frozen lake was broken to spread a three thousand meter net and after a couple of hours this was the result winter fishing is an annual event dating back to ancient times.
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throughout the headlines now on al-jazeera around a million people have been evacuated from southern vietnam as tropical storms and then approaches that's already caused death and destruction in the philippines for at least two hundred people have been killed heavy rain and strong winds are expected to cause serious damage in vietnam around sixty thousand fishing boats have been ordered not to go to sea. if it weren't for we would have continued our fishing trip for another two or three months but because of the typhoon we had to head back early but i would argue it's been a while since a typhoon hit the region but we have to take serious precautions to protect our lives and properties it's not safe out on the open sea at the moment that's why we have to come back to take shelter and israeli court on monday has extended the detention of the palestinian teenager her mother and her cousin they were arrested
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after this video was posted online on friday it shows seventeen year old i hate al-timimi pushing an israeli soldier the incident reportedly took place after a relative was shot in the face by israeli forces in critically injured tunisia is demanding a public apology from the united arab emirates after the u.a.e. banned tunisian women from flying to or passing through the state on friday retaliate spend it all emirates airlines flights the u.a.e. says the ban was imposed for security reasons but hasn't given any more details. demonstrators in peru have marched through the capital in protest at president petro publications police station to pardon former president maureen seventy nine year old maria still in intensive care a day after he was pardoned he's been serving a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses and corruption during its ten year presidency liberians are set to go to the polls in a presidential runoff it's the first ever craddick transition of power and seventy years former football star george way is taking on the country's vice president
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joseph. the russian opposition leader alexina has been barred from running in dexter's presidential election he's been told he isn't eligible because of a past criminal conviction of all they responded by calling for a boycott of the march vote or so the headlines news continues after the strain keep it or. twenty seventeen has been full of stories that have changed the global political landscape and al-jazeera has been there to cover them all. joining us as we look back at some of our most memorable interviews of the year this special edition of talk to al-jazeera at this time. hi emily could be. welcome to the stream live on al-jazeera and now you to move over marvel there's a slew of african comic book creators showing the world.


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