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nothing other than. a fall out of the sun from britain's news it was the weapon of choice of the stronger than bullets are with this documentary but this time on our. al-jazeera. every your. this is zero.
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hello i'm speechless and this is a news outlet live from london coming up a former footballer and the vice president to wipe the voters' verdict as polls close in the leadership runoff in liberia from the bottom of his hearts peru's former president asked for forgiveness for his crimes. a russian opposition leader faces a kremlin investigation after calling for a boycott of next year's presidential election plus. please press the motivation to please the car and go to meet him and we take a journey in a driverless car and examine the benefits and drawbacks of all to official intelligence. and i'm santa how much and i have all the day's sport including defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors that beat the cleveland cavaliers there in a christmas day showdown thanks.
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polls have closed in liberia's presidential runoff is the first democratic transition of power in the country in seventy three years but turnout has been lower than the last round of candidates have pledged to revive the struggling economy and kick start infrastructure projects fifty one year old george weah spent his childhood in the slums of monrovia rising to become the first african to be named world football player of the year in one thousand nine hundred five his bid for the presidency was unsuccessful in two thousand and five it was also the running mate for the main opposition candidate in twenty eleven his rival joseph barca has held posts in the private sector. and a government including agriculture minister a seventy three year old has served as vice president on the ellen johnson sirleaf since two thousand and six but is twelve years of service didn't secure him so this
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back in shape he endorsed george weah. that's the good of our country. i'm not associated. to this this virtue they said i'm going to win their great beer because it's the curse of democracy because we were anyone there were doing to our work and i would reduce it to. we have got through to the process this is what the president would use we're willing to live with. mom and life for us now in monrovia so my which way is the voting on what's the money on who's going to win. while that's a question now will put to my guest in a moment but to vaulting cause just concluded. vote counting will begin in honest in polling stations of course that can three or five thousand of
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them and the electoral commission it will declare results in about four or so based no joining more than me for the to discuss this further is a winston tubman he's a full mombassa the of liberia to the united nations a former foreign minister also twice a presidential candidate and against the current president and joe sally thank you very much for joining us ambassador. who's going to win these elections. i think the better person will win and this time the field is not so crowded. the better of two will win and i won't say who it is because i don't know myself but i think we will get a clear result in a very short time. george where who right now has to have stopped because he warmed the foster round in october was your running mate your vice president candidate in two thousand and eleven so you know him more than most liberians i
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would say do you think he haas what it takes to be the president of this country when most of what he has done i mean most of his life has been playing football. well i he he was my running mate and i thought and brought him on as my running mate because i felt that working together he would be ready to take over the country when i stepped down that was the plan we had worked on but we didn't get it going the way we wanted however he has the ability to learn and the most important thing is he's a unifier so he brings the country together one of the things that has been our problems in this country is that we've been very divided and george weah the fact that he was willing to accept to be running mate to me shows that he is someone who's prepared to make sacrifices for the country and we need that now more than ever. most liberians hope that these elections will be a farm peace and democracy in their country and catapults country from post
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conflict situation to proper economic growth will it do that i think it will if the liberian people continue to cooperate and be patient and work together i think that's what has been missing if we can bring that to the scene and bring it to the fore the country will make great progress and in a short time i really what you contested against ellen johnson sirleaf twice in the last twelve years. what do you think would be her legacy. what greatest achievements well i mean the things that i mentioned she's the first woman to be elected president in liberia and in an african country and during the period that she wasn't power twelve years we had peace she also a lot of freedom of the press and brought a lot of people into the political space hadn't been the force of all of these things she will be remembered thank you very much on bus about winston tubman
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former liberian ambassador to the united nations and foreign minister and also presidential candidate twice against and and johnson sirleaf back to you in the studio so thank you mohammed from monrovia. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour in three to five minutes all the houses were wiped out. a trail of death and destruction the philippine island where entire communities were devastated by storm tembin. mail so slowly comes back to life five months after the end of a brutal operation to retake the city from iso and sports a near disaster as one of the world's most grueling out races kicks off sounds i will have much more on that story later did i tell you to. peruse former president alberto fujimori has asked for forgiveness from peruvians
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from the bottom of his hearts thousands of people have protested in lima off to president petro pavlo kaczynski announced he was pardoning fujimori for previous crimes on humanitarian grounds salad ballasts as more. chaos in lima these peruvians a furious the former president alberto fujimori was pardoned by the current president picture a public option ski a man they believe was trying to save his political career peaceful i've gotten to the summit of seeing all the people mobilizing the police were following us and circling us they got close to us and threw bombs at us. fujimori was serving a twenty five year prison sentence for murders kidnappings and disappearances carried out by a government death squad during his time in office he led from one thousand nine hundred ninety into two thousand. started on sunday the families of his
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victims lead the charge here. to try to see if any i'm angry because i think it's a violation of the memory of her family members it's a violation of the fight for the relatives for justice and truth a frail seventy nine year old furniture my. he was admitted to hospital on saturday suffering from low blood pressure and haas arrhythmia he responded to the cry on facebook and think. i am aware that what resulted during my administration on one hand were well received but i recognize that on the other hand i also disappointed other compatriots to them i ask forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. critics say it was his son came g.q. secure with the pardon he's a congressman in the majority popular force posse that's led by his sister keiko and saved president kaczynski from impeachment by abstaining from a vote last week critics say it was in exchange for his father's pardon the president has defended the decision saying it was may because of fujimori's poor
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home. or say city then it's obvious to all of us that the government he inherited at the beginning of the ninety's the country was in a chaotic and violent crisis incurred significant transgressions of the law as far as democracy and human rights are concerned but i also believe his government contributed to national progress i'm convinced that those of us who believe in democracy cannot allow alberto fujimori to die in prison going to. the cotton was but by a silent majority a survey in may found sixty percent of peruvians wanted fujimori free supporters credit him with the defeat of the shining path and saving the economy from collapse . the fujimori's critics the death squads still hold them with a he's imprisoned or not they say they will voice their calls for justice shallop bellus al jazeera. fifteen men have been hanged in egypt for attacks that killed
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security forces in the sinai peninsula it's believed to be the largest number of executions on a single day since president. took office in twenty fourteen the manual hung simultaneously at two separate jails and kyra. a chain is he an official says the a knighted arab emirates has intelligence that female fighters returning from iraq and syria may be trying to use june is impossible to stage attacks the u.a.e. caused outrage earlier this week by banning female chin is in citizens from landing in the gulf states and egypt protests in tunis and all the african country responded by barring emirates flights from tunisia and demanded an apology action is your government spokesman says the u.a.e. did not communicate his reasons for the ban properly and says they won't accept how its citizens are being treated the way they live their mission we are not part of emirates we are a sovereign country and they should deal with us according to what normally happens
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in relations between two countries after the continuous calls with the emirates is through our ambassador in abu dhabi it appears they have lifted the ban but they did not give us details on how the ban was lifted. the kremlin says it is investigating whether called by a russian opposition leader to boycott next year's election breaks the law alexei navalny has asked people to avoid the march vote after he was barred from running as a candidate official say he's ineligible to take part due to a suspended prison sentence if he claims the charges are politically motivated or a challenge is in moscow with the latest it's no surprise that the kremlin seems sensitive to what looks like an attempt by alexei navalny to drive down voter turnout in march the talk has been this year the kremlin is concerned about voter apathy and want to turn out to be around seventy percent if it dips much below sixty percent well they've got a problem with legitimacy quite how they will prosecute me for calling for
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a boycott that remains to be seen i think this can be viewed basically as a shot across his bows a warning. no one really believes we would be able to beat putin if they were. head to heads votes the recent polls suggest that if a vote were taken now we don't we get between two and three percent perhaps but this ring into the kremlin's thinking was the potential damage the valley could have done if he'd been allowed say on state t.v. with his anticorruption message so narrowly will now have to do his appeals and also go back to doing what has been very successful actually for him over this year which is his online videos his anticorruption message reaching out to particularly younger russians and calling them out on to the streets in parts of the country where you do not normally see political protests or joining me in the studio is to let go of vogue and she's a senior analyst in russian affairs with
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a consultancy firm i.h.s. market and she's based here in london thanks very much for coming in to al-jazeera i like sent around the he obviously wants to run against bruce and he's being stopped from doing that because the election commission is in the hands of princeton he can even arrange a boycott without now being under threat there is no chance of any kind of opposition here is if we're talking about non-systemic opposition say no i agree with you i think chances of a seeing change of government in russia from a process that comes from bottom up that is really unlikely when it comes to president putin's grip on the country is it as strong as ever is there any sense of that his waking in any part of the country i think is a witness this is the economy it has witnessed for link real disposable income it is people feeling that they don't have enough money as they used to have and this is all linked to the economy that is not diversified that is
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a heavily dependent on on its energy sector and the sanctions that the west imposed after the ukraine crisis are also biting but also ultimately it is there is deep rooted corruption there is a. lot of mismanagement the bloated public sector so these are all adding up and. russian consumers are feeling this and this is why when putin nominated you declared that he's going to run for presidency yet again he he mentioned that he is going to make sure that this really spur disposable incomes rise again and what about the tussle with the american president with with all that's going on with the russian investigation does that help putin's image does it help his run for presidency in march or is there any sense that does doesn't the damage as well i think could did the russian media which is totally controlled by the state has done a really great job to to portray this fallout as the fault of the west of the
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americans that they're jealous of of rising russia under putin that they're trying to undermine russia by any means possible by sanctions the conspiracy that all prices jord drop just to hurt the russian economy so yes it is playing in into q putin propaganda but on the other hand you have a new generation that actually they have no no other leader but putin and they want to change and this is the pocket of voters that nonviolent is happening and indeed he came up he began as a blogger didn't he and in that way can he work on that is that the area he should be really pushing social media trying to get the younger generation to think of an alternative to president putin i think one thing that i see very clearly is that no vile ne is playing a long term game this is not about upcoming elections time is on the site he's
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forty one put in a sixty five and he knows that in the long term he stands a better chance than anyone else that is in in the political landscape at the moment to to beat for the presidency. having said that i have to say that we haven't seen any change of government in russia that comes from bottom up something has to happen with the ruling elite and something has to have been with the economy to to try to bring all these factors together to see real change of government but he's playing the long game thank you to let go of all again for coming in to see. eight people have been injured in a suicide attack in northern nigeria just outside the city of my degree a female suicide bomber struck a day after the military stopped an attack by suspected baka her arm fighters in the same region at least four people died in that attack and heavy gunfire was reported in the more lie as the army fought off the attackers
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a powerful storm has left that left a trail of death and destruction in the philippines has been downgraded while it was on route to vietnam typhoon tembin failed to make landfall in vietnam and the mekong delta where hundreds of thousands of people were moved from their homes but experts say heavy rain and strong winds from the weather system could still cause damage to infrastructure in the region of tembin devastated the philippine island of mindanao where authorities have been criticized for not doing enough to help the storm has killed at least two hundred thirty people with many more still missing rob mcbride traveled to two border town where an entire neighborhood was destroyed . when the flood came this river was turned into a torrent throwing boulders and trees against the houses in its path it took more than one hundred homes and killed nearly fifty people those in the area had been told to leave but many had heeded the warning too late i know there are trying to
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evacuate but the surge was like in three to five minutes all the houses were wiped out. what's left of mary louis tim's possessions are below the ruins of what used to be her house she escaped with her children and her brother's family just in time well only until we were all crying and the water gap getting stronger and i told my brother i think we are going to die here they survived but another brother died. their temporary home is now the local school it's also where rosemarie sort of yellow now lives with her children and ten other families in the one classroom she says she had never experienced a flood like it got only the one i guess that there was a flood before but we didn't evacuate that time but after what happened this time i can't go back all in a country that receives up to twenty life threatening storms
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a year there's been criticism of why mindanao suffered so badly as one of the most disaster prone countries in the world the philippines invests heavily in infrastructure and awareness programs to deal with severe storms but in mindanao the ongoing conflict makes that difficult and it's the poorest people living in the most vulnerable places who suffer the most in storms like this. community leaders have told people not to rebuild the homes along the river but the need to earn a living from farming nearby means many in time probably will and when a future storm comes the river will probably take more lives broad l.g.a. sirrah two border town southern philippines syrian state t.v. is reporting a government jet has been shot down over how my province is has a military jet was downed by rebels in the north of the area and the pilot was killed in the attack and has been the subject of heavy air strikes are russian and
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syrian forces throughout the country's civil war and turkey reportedly wants to use a military base in syria's rebel held province of idlib as an observation post turkish troops are already deployed in some areas of it late as part of a deescalation zone but the region has recently come under heavy attack by president bashar al assad's forces and their allies with civilian areas being increasingly targeted zaina has more from beirut. those who were killed in this airstrike were internally displaced syrians a woman and her two children their new home a tent has been destroyed whatever belongings they had now rubble they moved to tell it to convolute in the southern edges of the rebel controlled province of idlib and search for safety but in recent weeks the region has been the target of heavy airstrikes. the displaced from came here the planes came and hit them they're targeting civilians there are no unfortunates here where do you want
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us to go or i it's not clear if the bombing raids are being carried out by syrian government planes or those of its ally russia but what is clear is that the strikes are only increasing. they are putting pressure on the civilians but the civilians will pressure the rebels not to fight because the regime has made major advances on the ground. they want people to hazed arrivals and the regime is trying to pressure the rebels to agree to a political settlement. this stepped up airstrikes coincide with a ground offensive by pro-government forces who have been advancing from the northern countryside of hama and the southern countryside of aleppo towards. they entered small parts of the province advancing into the administrative borders for the first time since the rebels forced them out of and two thousand and fifteen an all out assault on. many of whom were other areas
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seized by pro-government forces it's still not clear whether the government. the whole province or whether it's just. control of some areas in the countryside. what is clear is that the government wants the airbase back it is one of the largest military airports in the norse turkey reportedly wants to use that base as an observation post already its military is deployed in some areas of as part of a deescalation deal. it is supposed to be a safe area under that deal. the opposition now fears the presence of al qaeda linked fighters and it will be used by the government as an excuse to step up the bombing campaign they also fear that pro-government forces are no longer busy on other fronts and are now turning their attention to adlib. beirut. it's five months now since i saw fighters who were driven out of the northern iraqi
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city of mosul it was devastated and i saw the iraqi government's fight to retake the city this week residents have been able to celebrate christmas for the first time in years and there are signs that most businesses are beginning to recover on the bay phillips reports. in parts of mosul it seems a city is coming back to life the people relieved the economy reviving. mahmoud a tailor saw all his equipment destroyed during the shelling somehow he must start again. i cannot resume work simply because i'm short of materials i need textiles and all the requirement business is an tradesman must join hands to bring back life to decision the state and the people must come together and this has not happened yet. mosul famous for its markets selig produce from the surrounding countryside now the crowds have returned the people
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hope the city has left its darkest days behind of how to think. how to get them or you are making swift progress at all levels industry commerce the movement of people we have not. things to go so fast we are confident the residents and most will want to help the federal and local governments. but all these streets west of the tigris the tangled debris of war has barely be moved this all that remains of the old commercial center the reconstruction of mosul's buildings and its people's confidence will take many years bobbie phillips al-jazeera. so to come on this news hour an earthquake in south korea shakes confidence in the future of nuclear energy . stroll us in seattle. plastic waste and encouraging recycling and in sports are new for. santa will be here with that story later in the program
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. hello again across western parts of asia we've got a massive cloud which is gradually clearing away towards the east so it's look at the forecast dry conditions across much of this region fine in kabul in afghanistan the highs of twelve and it's all looking fine around the caspian sea the eastern side of the mediterranean still a fair amount of cloud but the winds from the south so temperatures not too bad if i should reach twenty degrees in beirut on thursday here in the arabian peninsula has been a weak front pushing down from the north and temperatures really just twenty one in rio so rosalee cool nighttime temperatures quite low doha twenty three just sort of clear the air somewhat so we've lost the fog for the time being on the other side of the pond in church looking warm in mecca with highs of thirty four degrees they
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said then into southern parts of africa where we've got some heavy showers affecting parts of angola through zambian zimbabwe and towards mozambique that's where the bulk of the sharia to vittie will be it could be quite wet into soccer but further towards the south fine up to the woman harare just nineteen degrees plenty of sunshine across parts of south africa there with durban coming in at twenty seven degrees celsius and that fine weather continues to head on through into thursday showers across angola further south fine across much in the maybe thirty three the high in winter. do you. work in the. eurozone did you retire i mean who defended. against it by certain forces. doesn't seem. to see
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determined to. this time which is iraq. after years documenting streetcar to see john this book. was inspired to transform perception of reality journalism that changed south africa to capture the fiber and see of the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that i have kept that i will be giving a speech due to all of us this is where. i live the new african photography not so much this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera polls are due to close in under an hour and liberia's presidential runoff election which will see its first democratic transition of power in seventy three years proves former president alberto fujimori has asked for forgiveness from peruvians from the bottom of his heart after being pardoned for corruption and crimes against humanity. and the kremlin says it is investigating whether calls by the russian opposition leader alexina violate to boycott next year's election breaks the law. this year has seen a real drive by automakers to get to thomas vehicles on the road in the u.k. and the u.s. develop a say with humans no longer behind the wheel was a million lives a year could be saved but the change from a job losses some ice to melt redundancies could be in the millions on sleep takes
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a closer look. in this brave new world advance official intelligence the first direct effect on all our lives will be in transport it's already begun and it will change humanity in many ways it's well enough known by now that driverless cars and lorries are being child's the future we're told may involve our children not having to learn how to drive please press the automation back into place the cardboard to me teach me a satirical was this fun even sitting in a simulator you feel a lack of control if you don't grip the wheel or press the brakes dragging on for real involves a leap of faith to be sure that is true and anything to the steering wheel you are now free to engage in other times the engineers here assure the technology is good enough for driverless travel on motorways if not in congested cities because there's too much going on. you know this is extremely busy and complex environment with lots of potential who destructors people running across roads. so i think
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that's probably too complex we've certainly trying to contemporary think automation both on the motorway and in urban environments. they don't work at all in urban environments and even on motorways they require regular interventions by human drivers. the future it seems may be a combination of systems moving us from port to driverless port modern rail systems near airports are driverless and people use those quite happily the paths of the cars through space would be similar to if there were you know some physical guide to them so i think in some cases so long as the as the speeds are fairly low it's probably a safe proposition. true believers in driverless transport say we will be able to sleep or work in our vehicle but if that sounds good it will also mean the loss of millions of jobs and i wonder trades unions want to know how those jobs will be
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replaced we're looking to see massive massive investment in electric vehicles driverless vehicles future mobility we need a great leap forward it's easy to understand this concern in the u.k. there was a massive shock when car factories which had traditionally employed thousands of people all shut because of foreign competition this used to be the jackie were factory in the west midlands now it's going to be a warehouse the advent of driverless cars and wide automation could be a far greater shock still the british government reckons that driverless cars could create up to thirty thousand jobs in the u.k. which sounds ok until you hear evidence that says that in this part of england alone automation could cost three hundred thousand jobs it becomes pretty clear that governments like the one in britain with a job strategy for automation and quickly were asked to consider a world in which no humans at the wheel of a vehicle means accidents will not happen more than
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a million lives will be saved every year driverless vehicles will be on the roads and soon but will human souse jobs rely on transport except them and can we learn to trust the machines to safeguard the lives of those we love lawrence lee al jazeera london. i'm joined now by will crossthwaite he is the co-founder of kansai a financial technology artificial intelligence company was also given evidence to britain's house of lords on ai thanks very much for coming in to al-jazeera i mean lawrence just went through a little bit about the worry is that automation will end up losing jobs as well as creating jobs what are some of the other were some ethical implications of bringing in ai in a much wider basis i think a lot of people have concerns around artificial intelligence and i think that especially around the areas of data and ethics there is a lot of questions being asked by people like the house of lords select committee on ai but the all party parliamentary group i as well is a way of the government trying to get to grips with the questions around data and
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ethics i mean it's very cute seeing automated driverless cars although slightly terrifying for some of us that certainly of the my age but is this really commercially driven somebody that shows a lorry without a driver who drive a climbing into the back seat to have a bit of a kip it's kind of it we're playing on that really aren't we well it's interesting and i think if you ask the world of academia they're saying that the sort of being able to get back into your truck and have a snooze is at least ten or fifteen years away but if you speak to people who are looking at commercialising these different technologies then they say that that's coming much sooner and we're talking five years out and i would be tempted to say that it would be more soon rather than later here and just because it's a case of there are commercial interests at play you do have a lot of people who want to make this happen and that can be a huge benefit to society can you tell us any of the things that might raise a few eyebrows it's just sort of the automation is coming in that we've probably not really heard much of so far well i mean it's all around dater and people's
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concerns around their data being used but there's a lot of technology being created at the moment to anonymize data such that we can reap the rewards and the benefits of utilizing that data to be able to bring about . you know massive societal benefits without infringing on the rights of the individual and i think it's important to realize that the people who are trying to acquire the data for ai they're not trying to acquire it for some nefarious end they're trying to print about a product that will help people in the long run and by helping people in the long run they can make money from it and so that sort of benefits everyone in the things that medical research that exactly exactly so i mean this is very scientific i suppose as science fiction almost. ai and dominating us will always end up liberating as well i think we're talking about general intelligence here and i don't think anyone who works with an ai seriously believes that we're going to create general intelligence that we're going to have breakfast with our ai and it's
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going to be trying to dominate us when we talk about domination within ai we talk about it beating us at chess or go and yes ai is already dominating us in that field but in reality it's not there making schuman decisions it's not there you know we craft the systems to benefit asked or to benefit us commercially and ultimately that has to be the case for the is the defining factor so i don't think we're going to see any robots try to take over anytime soon so don't be afraid to face don't be afraid. canada is going to expel of venezuela and diplomats and strip him of his credentials as part of an escalating diplomatic crisis is in retaliation to venezuela's decision to bar the canadian ambassador from returning to the country for criticizing his human rights record canada has been critical of president nicolas maduro his crackdown on dissidents and opposition members the canadian government has already imposed sanctions against forty members of majoris administration since september. south korea's government
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wants to move away from coal power and increase its renewable energy supplies u.k. power is at the top of that agenda and two new power plants are in the pipeline but a strong earthquake in november has shaken south koreans confidence in its safety kathy novak reports from all sun. this is south korea's scenic southeastern region a popular tourist destination home to stretches of coastline and eighteen uclear reactors so when a magnitude five point four earthquake forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes in november some wondered if those nuclear reactors are safe she on why is so worried she's been protesting in the streets. that it's almost impossible but. i was so scared when the earthquake happened here i had evacuated from my building but when the tremors continued the thought of the nuclear power plants exploding haunted me. once more reactors are on
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the way during the election campaign president promised to halt their construction but he reversed that position after public consultations found the majority of people wanted the existing projects completed the environmental organization greenpeace want safety reexamined we saw the save a significant increase of the people who are concerned about the safety of nuclear reactors to tourists. the twenty eleven fukushima disaster in japan happened just across the sea it's not hard for south koreans to imagine the worst case scenario but a tsunami triggered by a magnitude nine earthquake caused of that catastrophe and experts say that sort of event would be extremely unlikely here in a statement korea hydro a nuclear power the company that runs this plant says the newest reactors being built here are designed to withstand earthquakes sixty three times more powerful
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than the five point eight magnitude quake that hit the nearby city of film two in twenty sixteen that was south korea strongest earthquake since records began in one nine hundred seventy eight. locals are still rebuilding many replacing traditional ceramic roof tiles with more affordable and sturdy metal sheets even if future earthquakes damaged homes again uclear power advocates say the plants are designed to contain any radiation leaks that define a physical barrier the caption containment is strong enough to withstand any kind of the significant creek joe myung moon says nuclear power must be part of south korea's energy supply the government still wants to phase it out over time in the meantime the energy ministry has told south koreans that close inspection of power plants revealed no damage from the latest earthquake kathy novak al-jazeera
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olsen in south korea. the u.s. canada and the european union have joined top u.n. officials in demanding the release of two reuters journalists in myanmar while loan and south were arrested early this month after they were invited to meet police officials on the outskirts of young gone myanmar says the reporters quote illegally acquired information with the intention to share it with foreign media they were working on stories about the military crackdown that's forced over a six hundred fifty thousand briton general's thems to flee to bangladesh since august. there is demanding the release of its journalists mahmud has sane it's been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt and sane is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail hospitals in gaza have been forced to cancel operations off the cleaners went on strike over delete delayed salary payments the
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health ministry says planned surgeries cannot go ahead as operating theatres are not ready for cleaning staff are demanding overdue pay from the palestinian health ministry which is run by the national consensus government they say they have not received wages for several months. and israeli court has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager and mother and cousin they were arrested a week ago after this video was posted online it shows a sixteen year old i had al-tamimi pushing and hitting an israeli soldier incident reportedly happened after her relative was shot in the face by israeli forces and critically injured it has appeared in several other videos challenging israeli soldiers. palestinians are demanding countries downgrade their embassies to israel in response to the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital they've now received support from one of their strongest allies south africa's ruling a.n.c.
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party tanya page reports. the african national congress this decision was unanimous to immediately and unconditionally downgrade south africa's embassy in jerusalem to a mere liaison office it's an important show of support for the palestinians but it is conditional on government adopting the policy there is a long close relationship between south africans and the palestinians forged during the years of apartheid president nelson mandela was a close friend of late palestinian leader yasser arafat mandela once described arafat as a fellow freedom fighter and he said to south africans freedom was an incomplete without the freedom of palestinians are empty apart hate heroes have also never forgotten their deep connection and they still use their position to speak out in solidarity with the palestinian cause we might be buried yet. that's a pretty well read out there right now don't forget beautifully and
9:43 pm
got rid of. the fight against apartheid was a mass movement across civil society religious groups trade unions and political parties so the n.c. doesn't have a monopoly on that close connection to the palestinian cause in fact last month it was the second largest opposition political party the economic freedom fighters that protested outside be israeli in the sea in the torah when the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour agreement was mobbed which helped lead to the creation of israel. this is the johannesburg office of b.d.s. a global movement calling for the boycott divestment and sanctions on israel they were the people lobbying and c delegates to downgrade south africa's embassy in jerusalem we're here to talk to its spokesperson quote i can garner about the significance of the move when the a.n.c. asserts itself as the oldest liberation movement on the african continent in
9:44 pm
a way that also sends a message to other african you know that fricken governments but also other liberation movements formal invitation west african continent that this is the kind of you know wave and you need to riding this wave as well these posters are for lots of different types of events the ways in which b.d.s. tries to influence people next year its focus will be on making sure the a.n.c. is party policy is adopted by government and implemented so that becomes a reality for the palestinian people. so they come on this al-jazeera news hour the traditional stack of it's carved its way into the heart of a man's identity and sport no christmas day come back for this and be a superstar details coming up with santa. thank. you. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses just like
9:45 pm
trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask them question minister throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you have a bribes you've been corrupt and i've been not corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only god coming soon when diplomacy fields and fears we defend our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not to sixty's instead of being an obstacle to do a good job wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera.
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scientists are finding vast amounts of plastic waste in the world's oceans as they throw away junk along the civilization degrades it tends into microscopic bits and to the food chain from fish and turtles to birds marine mammals and the eventually humans and the people of seattle in the united states to found a unique way to encourage recycling and avoid plastic straws reports. the streets around seattle's famous pike place market are full of cafes and restaurants the coffee is delicious but single use cups utensils and straws jim. q.j. amounts of paper and plastic waste in this environmentally conscious city an activist
9:47 pm
group called lonely whale is urging people to think twice about throw away items leaders called the campaign stronger since yeah so we really wanted to start with something simple that every single one of us every single day and that item is to stop the other great thing about there is an alternative don't use worldwide people use one billion plastic straws a day in the united states we have five hundred million single use plastic stross everyday zero percent of them are recyclable those that find their way into the marine environment break down into microprocessors and when a marine animal it's plastic they have a fifty percent mortality rate so it's a significant issue can we assume those trials are part of their diet unfortunately the straw listen seattle campaign began in september twenty seventh seen and resulted in two point three million straws being permanently removed in that month
9:48 pm
alone lonely whale has launched what it calls a global viral media challenge called stop sucking and it plans to take the strongest campaign to twenty cities worldwide in twenty eighteen the campaign is not only meant to reduce plastics in the environment it also aims to get people thinking about our throwaway culture every time we talk about. everybody's mind bang goes taylor what about bob hopped over there for another five to go over there and are we talking to her about item as well seattle began restricting plastic waste a decade ago starting with a ban on styrofoam takeaway food containers and disposable plastic bags officials want to help mold a major shift in public attitudes really the bigger thing is getting people to stop and to think do i really need this i had this single use thing is this something that i really need to use. right now i'm going to use it for five to ten minutes
9:49 pm
and then i'm going to throw it away and it's going to go to a landfill so that's really the bigger issue is having people kind of raise it in their consciousness or push back against the culture of easy come easy go disposables that offers hope for the health of our planet's oceans and the creatures who live in them robert oulds al jazeera seattle. the reuters news agency says an attack by armed fighters on a major libyan pipeline has caused losses of ninety thousand barrels of crude oil per day damage to the pipeline marada that phase the port of assigned is still being assessed libyan military source says armed men planted explosives at the pipeline the price of crude jumped above sixty five dollars a barrel after news of the explosion broke on us for now and here's some thank you very much to always style the english premier league football and tottenham striker harry kane that has risen themself into the record books kane
9:50 pm
scored an historic trade and spurs five two win over south and then that means he finishes two thousand and seventeen with thirty nine league goals breaking on a serious twenty two year old the record for most goals in a calendar year in the english premier league kane also told now miss seeing as the top scorer in europe with fifty six goals this year they want to congratulate retain massive achievement for him with a set of. we had also shows social happy because he's had some amazing thing for him to celebrate and then of course very pleasing the true point for us so we put them. game. well third place chelsea also secured three points a b. at brighton to an elm that result moves them at one point behind second place manchester united the red devils drawing a second straight to a.p.l. game and injury time goal from jesselyn to help them drop to two against burnley
9:51 pm
to the champions at qatar looking to book their place in the semifinals of the gold cup in kuwait to but it's not looking good for them they grew big game against iraq is approaching full time and they trailed two one and moved a step closer to qualification by beating gammon one nil that will leave them on four points with a game in hand the head of russia's football union is stepping down from his post for six months as he fights in the olympic ban for a state sponsored doping you go was sports minister the time of the sochi games during which russia was found to have run a widespread doping program he was handed a lifetime ban by the international olympic committee earlier this month but is appealing this school will still remain in charge of organizing the twenty eighteen world cup. i mean as christmas day showdown between the last season's champions the
9:52 pm
golden state warriors and runners up the cave in cavaliers that had the same outcome even without a stop their staff carried the warriors prevailed ninety nine to ninety two over the cavs hellen case and reports we're going to claim it was supposed to be le bron james as knights and it started off that way be a body worked in the absence of the injured steph curry golden state so wanted to make it a christmas to remember it's hard to be it was a back and forth affair for much of the game with each side trading the lead kevin durant's looked like the dominant force he was six months ago when he helped the worry is when the n.b.a. finals greg. le bron did what he could tying the game at ninety two but play thompson came through with his full three pointer of the game but in golden state the head for good thank you in the dying seconds of the
9:53 pm
match le bron drove to the basket but any chance of a christmas day comeback was blocked by drunks durant's finished with twenty five point seven rebounds and five blocked shots golden state closing out the rematch ninety nine to ninety two. small for supposed to go a small force. so. you know anybody else with a guard on the me would then put pad all over he just a little too small. does a star so i guess i was the last guy i was just on but just like our my physician i was good good at both things and i know hard fought game and you know i had a lot of transition point to kick your butt in transition and i was the. telltale sign of the game for us in the last. le bron the cavs will have the chance for a bench next month and the side space each other again in cleveland telling gleason is there. there are five games on christmas day with both conference leaders in
9:54 pm
action at the side where the best record in the east the boston celtics lost one hundred eleven two hundred three to washington wizards and the western conference is number one side the houston rockets were also defeated by the old home a city thunder the fourth ashes cricket test between australia and england is on the way australia already retained the coveted ashes urn with a three nil a lead in the best of five match series and they continued to dominate play on day one at the melbourne cricket ground after winning the toss and electing to bad david warner was in fine form as he struck a sentry cup to see if smith added an unbeaten sixty five to guide australia to two hundred forty four runs for the loss of just three batsmen heading into day two. try. yeah i don't i don't think we start very well i think we can adjust to the conditions of the pitch quick enough and when you bowl that someone might want to
9:55 pm
he's one of the best players in the world on pace like that. you know both your best and even to yourself. i mean australia's costar in them and now still be leaving his role after the next action still in england in two thousand and nineteen and one who's been at the helm of australian cricket since two thousand and thirteen said too much travelling that was the reason behind his decision. finally one of the world's most grueling the all races started in australia on choose day and there was a dramatic start to the seventy third edition of the annual sydney to hobart event two of the prix events to favorites the common two and the wild oats eleven almost collided into each other d.v. lodge the protest but still went on to take the lead. and that's it for me back to sue thank you so much now for centuries hand-crafted knives have been status symbols in the middle east this still carried by men during important sermon is on
9:56 pm
family occasions but in among the traditional dhaka known as the can joe is a source of national pride for cripples. omanis often say the film joe is a symbol of the national identity. similar knives are made in neighboring yemen and southern saudi arabia but the craftsmanship here in oman has been for centuries considered the finest in the region. silversmiths at this workshop in the historical town of from india. people they've been taught the arts of using traditional omani designs to make a dagger which can take months to cross my grandfather me this is the best things you can do with all of the life because this is the level of almighty the boy playing every down so that's a fig leaf you know to take this water back up for you and then the. government recently set regulations on how the omani should be made in order to preserve its
9:57 pm
specific characteristics the traditional say decongest favored by the royal family for example must have four or seven rings depending on the status of the wearer handles that used to be made from black rhino horns are now called from buffalo horn or woods he says some of the oldest hunters in this shot but one of the holding here is a sighting one just it's at least one hundred years old the cut off the sheet is made out of snake skin the handle is made out of black rhino horn we're told that it's worth noting less than around twelve thousand dollars and tradition dictates that if i remove the blade from the sheet then i have to use it to guide muhammad el cough shows us how the conjurer is worn by helping his son dress as he would for weddings and special occasions with on jerry's either worn on
9:58 pm
a specially crafted belt or tucked behind a waistband. a wooden sword but i feel proud to be wearing my arab omani clothes my patriotism runs in my blood and he had been with the bunch of represents the money personality our pride in our nation it also exults the sultan the country and our ancestors. what was once used as a weapon now crafted as a work of oman the. stuff that al-jazeera and his work say from a from this news abbottabad basara will be with you in just amount with more of the day's news don't go away.
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you are making a point even months whether on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on sad to know you will first just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the offense being a journalist the crime practicing journalism. quotas same detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime mamata same is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussain.
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an underground fire has been burning for over a century beneath india's largest cofield. now open cost mining has put the flames to the surface with devastating consequences for the local population. as communities are destroyed and thousand suffer from toxic fumes what lies behind this human and environmental disaster people in power the burning city at this time on al-jazeera. you. know. polls close in liberia's president shows honest with voters.


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