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to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. expert analysis. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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and i'm right matheson this is the news our live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. i'm not associated the loser we're going to be a because of the curse of democracy the ballots are being counted in the race to see if it's going to be a former football great to or liberia's vice president who will lead the nation for the next six years plus. in three to five being it's all the houses were wiped out . the family escapes only seconds before tropical storm tembin destroys entire communities in the philippines. and arrest has been made after a crime reporter is gunned down in front of one of her children in mexico also. everyday. it's called the strong. campaign it's
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a push to keep plastic waste out of the world's oceans. and we start in liberia where votes are being counted in this presidential runoff election workers say the turnout wasn't as high as it was in the first round in october but polling was peaceful in a race that will see the west african nation's first democratic transition of power in over seventy years the contenders a former international football star and the vice president fifty one year old george weah spent his childhood in the slums of monrovia rising to become the first african to be named as world football player of the year in one thousand nine hundred ninety five his bid to be present in president in two thousand and five was unsuccessful he was also the running mate for the main opposition candidate in two thousand and eleven his rival joseph book i as held posts in the private sector and
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in government including being agriculture minister the seventy three year old has served as vice president under ellen johnson sirleaf since two thousand and six but is twelve years of service didn't secure him solely for the backing she endorsed george weah more not from hamas in the capital monrovia. thousands lined up to vote in more than five thousand polling stations across liberia arriving long before the stations opened the tunnels however nowhere near the out of the foster homes held in october that had been delayed twice of the being contested in court amid claims of a declared it is in the foster round officials say the reduction of candidates from twenty two just to may have caused a pussy among voters i can't afford for the so-called. new process to score small this morning and i hope. this morning the contests is between
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a former international football star george ware and vice president just whack i the we know will replace africa's first female head of state ellen johnson sirleaf who came to power after the country's lost civil war told me years ago i'm not associated there would lose him to this there's virtually no they said to me that i'm going to when i walk back and how will you know georgia seventy two year old joseph walker has served as les be as vice president since two thousand and six he too wanted in the capital and red bearded cards is a test of democracy we went in one time they were doing to our work and i would use a tool. we have today we're going through a difficult process isn't working to the president or do we are willing to live with both where promising peace in liberia and also an end to corruption and one of the world sport as countries if the results hold it will be the first time in
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generations that lead videos will witness the transfer of power from one elected leader to another international observers also praising what they call of violence free process and vote finally in liberia the ballot box hospital placed bullets but this is a big election for everyone who's following them. west africa the trend has certainly been you know more towards the democratic shift and really rooting them was firmly and i think that is what we will see here in liberia today the liberian people are determined to do it they're ready to do it. and i'm very confident. they're. two weeks within which to declare that it's. confident that we'll have them ready in four days. but i think reggie is managing director of macro africa intel investment it carries out research on africa and offers advice on investing in african countries he's joining us now from lagos in
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nigeria thank you very much for being with us if the turnout is low does that mean that whatever the result is it may not be a true reflection of how people actually feel in the country. i thought the third in march i think think. the country did spoke feels the turnout is the result of the sign it's a festive period billed. understandably. quite difficult some let me turn now to all of. nights on christmas day. and you also pull us down didn't just us to do well today into lines so if they didn't register. at the specifics it might also creates complications well it is not a choice it's a very popular candidate and an incumbent does are familiar with i doubt
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very much that's the result will be any difference from what we saw in the first shot let's talk about the candidates do you think the george where is poor background that he's made such a feature on when it has come to his campaign doesn't actually give him the expertise and the credibility to be able to fix the economy and deal with the corruption that people are so critical of and the government. i don't think that really much of. it will in reality what does stop when you guys who. cannot meet it and you know the point is if your point people. pull it's got all but they need to make bold. policy actions yet this looks see if you know that why is. it done so exterior as the us so it
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will it will depend on how. well it's going to get any sort but well wins will show that this is but one of corruption in the afghan country is to corruption is really it must start michael but it's got on the walls here when he wishes us benefits and yet is that if the politicians blows up a supposed ending is a lot of guys of corruption when he lets on it gets worse for the other was then he is still only the ultimate but the fashions of the lies i doubt very much that's on those fronts no then a significant difference on the part of the two countries in terms of competence and experience that you were talking about a town in iran there's no question that jones of book does take many boxes is that's correct i mean he's he's liberia's vice president he used to run liberia's refinery company he was agriculture minister do you think that that experience would be enough to do the job if there is a tradition of voting as i understand it amongst liberians along ethnic and
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religious and regional lines. if you do on the whole do all the tasks in. the ng do feel that's what's really must us will be split. it up but it's just to provide was got cold while freeze up when t's. going to get it done. on a lead to these finals when is the he also allowed the central bank to run independently no i don't think that's the. rajah good to get your opinion on this thank you very much indeed. perves former president alberto fujimori has asked for forgiveness from peruvians from the bottom of his heart thousands of people protested in lima after president petrel public which in ski announced he was pardoning for gymboree on humanitarian grounds
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for germany was serving a twenty five year prison sentence for corruption and crimes against humanity committed during his time in office in the one nine hundred ninety s. charlotte bella says more. chaos in lima these peruvians are furious the former president alberto fujimori was pardoned by the current president pedro public christian ski a man they believe was trying to save his political korea ok so i thought in the summer of seeing all the people mobilizing the police were following us in circling us they got close to us and threw bombs at us. fujimori was serving a twenty five year prison sentence for murder is kidnappings and disappearances carried out by a government death squad during his time in office he made from one thousand nine hundred ninety into two thousand. started on sunday the families of his victims lead the charge i think. they're trying to see if any i'm angry because i
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think it's a violation of the memory of her family members it's a violation of the fight for the relatives for justice and truth a frail seventy nine year old fujimori was admitted to hospital on saturday suffering from low blood pressure and hostile arrhythmia he responded to the outcry on facebook and think. i am aware that what resulted during my administration on one hand were well received but i recognize that on the other hand i also disappointed other compatriots to them i asked forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. critics say it was his son came to secure with the pardon he's a congressman in the majority popular force posse that's. led by his sister keiko and saved president could be from impeachment by abstaining from a vote last week critics say it was in exchange for his father's pardon the president has defended the decision saying it was made because of fujimori's poor
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health. more sesame then it's obvious to all of us that the government he inherited at the beginning of the ninety's the country was in a chaotic and violent crisis incurred significant transgressions of the law as far as democracy and human rights are concerned but i also believe his government contributed to national progress i'm convinced that those of us who believe in democracy cannot allow alberto fujimori to die in prison going to. the con and was bet by a silent majority a survey in may found sixty percent of peruvians wanted fujimori free supporters credit him with the defeat of the shining path rebels and saving the economy from collapse. the fujimori's critics the death squad still hold them with he's imprisoned or not they say they will voice their calls for justice bellus al jazeera. a few missing officials says the united arab emirates has intelligence
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that female fighters returning from iraq and syria may be trying to use cheney's ian passports to stage attacks the u.a.e. caused outrage earlier this week by banning female chin is in citizens from landing in the gulf states leading to protests in tunis the north african country responded by barring emirates flights from tunisia and demanded an apology action is when the government spokesman says the u.a.e. did not communicate its reasons for the ban properly and says they won't accept how its citizens are being treated. we are not part of emirates we have are suffering country and they should deal with us according to what normally happens in relations between two countries up to the continuous calls with the emir righties through our ambassador in abu dhabi it appears they have lifted the ban but they did not give us details on how the ban was lifted the u.s. has imposed sanctions on to north korean scientists linked to the country's missile program the u.s.
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and south korea say kim jong sick and reap young a senior figures in north korean leader kim jong un's ballistic missile development team the sanctions are the latest move by the u.s. to pressure pyongyang into abandoning nuclear weapons a powerful storm that has left a trail of death and destruction in the philippines has weakened all route to vietnam tropical storm ten when failed to make landfall in vietnam's mekong delta when the a million people were moved from their homes but experts say heavy rains and strong winds could still cause damage to infrastructure in the region ten been devastated the philippine island of mindanao but authorities have been criticized for not doing enough to help the storm has killed at least two hundred thirty people with many more still missing robert bride to travel to to board town for an entire neighborhood has been destroyed. when the flood came this river was turned into a torrent throwing boulders and trees against the houses in its path it took more
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than one hundred homes and killed nearly fifty people those in the area had been told to leave but many had heeded the warning too late i would there are trying to evacuate but the surge was like in three to five minutes all the houses were wiped out. what's left of mary louis tim's possessions are below the ruins of what used to be her house she escaped with her children and her brother's family just in time well only until we were all crying and the water gap getting stronger and i told my brother i think we are going to die here they survived but another brother died. their temporary home is now the local school it's also where rosemarie sort of yellow now lives with her children and ten other families in the one classroom she says she had never experienced a flood like it going on i don't want to get is that there was
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a flood before but we didn't evacuate that time but after what happened this time i can't go back. in a country that receives up to twenty life threatening storms a year there's been criticism of why mindanao suffered so badly as one of the most disaster prone countries in the world the philippines invests heavily in infrastructure and awareness programs to deal with severe storms but in mindanao the ongoing conflict makes that difficult and it's the poorest people living in the most vulnerable places who suffer the most in storms like this. community leaders have told people not to rebuild their homes along the river but the need to earn a living from farming nearby means many in time probably will and when a future storm comes the river will probably take more lives rob mcbride al-jazeera to but town southern philippines plenty more ahead in the news including these
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plans the automation to raise the cargo to me to the river where this boat driverless cars could drive thousands of white out of a job the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence still ahead. granlund says it's launching an investigation into why the russian opposition leader alexina valen is called to boycott next year's election is breaking the law. and the head of russian football takes drastic action as he fights and olympic back for state sponsored doping details in sport. mexican police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a crime journalist hong carlos money an offshore is accused of planning the killing of medicine in march but he actually was shot several times as she drove out of her garridge to continue work on of the search and location works continue to achieve
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the arrest of the other people responsible for the homicide and want the public prosecutor's office the state's general prosecutor's office processed the suspect will present the main elements of the investigation and it's methodology this past year has seen numerous protest in one single violence against journalists demonstrators accuse the government of not doing enough to protect reporters or to bring their killers to justice mexico is one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists at least sixteen were killed there in the last three years. the u.s. canada and the european union have joined top u.n. officials in demanding the release of two reuters journalists being held in me a mob while alone and killed were arrested earlier this month after they were invited to meet police officials on the outskirts of young gone says the reporters quote illegally acquired information with the intention of sharing it with foreign media they were working on stories about the military crackdown that's forced over
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six hundred fifty thousand range of muslims to flee to bang the day since august the kremlin says it's investigating whether calls by a russian opposition leader to boycott next year's election breaks the law. has asked people to avoid the vote from march after he was barred from running as a candidate officials say he's ineligible to take part because of a suspended prison sentence he claims the charges are politically motivated rory chalons is in moscow with the latest. it's no surprise that the kremlin seems sensitive to what looks like an attempt by alexei navalny to drive down voter turnout in march the talk has been this year that the kremlin is concerned about voter apathy and want to turn out to be around seventy percent if it dips much below sixty percent well they've got a problem with legitimacy quite how they will prosecute in the valley for calling for a boycott that remains to be seen i think this can be viewed basically as
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a shot across his bows and a warning now no one really believes that the valley would be able to beat putin if they went head to head in a votes the recent polls suggest that if a vote were taken now we don't get between two and three percent but perhaps factoring into the kremlin's thinking was the potential damage to the valley could have done if he'd been allowed say on state t.v. with his anti corruption message so in around he will now have to do his appeals and also go back to doing what has been very successful actually for him over this year which is his online videos his anticorruption message reaching out to particularly younger russians and calling them out onto the streets in parts of the country where you do not normally see political protests there let's give organisers senior analysts in russian affairs with a consultancy firm i.h.s. market and she says the kremlin's investigation into the valley will be viewed very
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differently inside russia. russian media which is totally controlled by the state has done a really great job to to portray this fall out as the fault of the west of the americans that they are jealous of of rising russia under putin and that they're trying to undermine russia by any means possible by sanctions the conspiracy that even the oil prices joined dropping just to hurt the russian economy but on the other hand you have a new generation that actually. they've known no other leader but putin and they want to change and this is the pocket of voters that nonviolent is happening now. is playing a long term game this is not about upcoming elections time is on the site he's forty one hundred sixty five and he knows that in the long term he stands
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a better chance than anyone else that is in in the political landscape at the moment to to beat for the presidency having said that i have to say that we haven't seen any change of government in russia comes from bottom up something has to happen we've seen the ruling elite and something has to have been with the connery to try to bring all these factors together to see real change of government meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has been nominated for reelection as an independent candidate who has been in power for eighteen years and he's expected to win another six year term so far he's refraining from campaigning but he has praised the efforts of his government in managing the economy. the. solution of course these would be difficult years for both the country and for those who had to ensure stable development and overcome the difficulties that stemmed from the world economy i can say that the russian government not only did
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everything that it could but in my opinion even more than that you have a century solved all the economic tasks at hand russia's opposition party has formally nominated t.v. personality kissing a subject to run against puts in next year's election subject is the daughter of putin's former mentor anatoly sobchak who was the first elected mayor of st petersburg but critics of subjects' say her decision to run plays into the hands of the kremlin and only gives the appearance of a democratic process. this year has seen a push by auto makers to get driverless vehicles on the road in the u.k. and the u.s. developers say with humans no longer behind the wheel more than a million lives a year could be saved but the change will mean job losses some estimate redundancies could be in the millions on sleep takes a closer look in this brave new world of dance official intelligence the first
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direct effect on all our lives will be in transport it's already begun and it will change humanity in many ways. it's well enough known by now that driverless cars and lorries are being trials the future we're told may involve our children not having to learn how to drive please press the automation button to place the car to go to meetings with a satirical was this fun even sitting in a simulator you feel a lack of control if you don't grip the wheel or press the brakes driving on for real involves a leap of faith you know that is true very thing to the steering wheel you are now free to engage in other times the engineers here assure the technology is good enough for driverless travel on motorways if not in congested cities because there's too much going on. you know extremely busy and complex environment with lots of potential destructors people running across roads. so i think that's
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probably too complex we've certainly trying to contemporary vehicle to make sure both on the motorway and in urban environments. they don't work at all in urban environments and even on motorways they require regular interventions by human drivers the future it seems may be a combination of systems moving us from port to driverless port monorail systems near airports or driverless and people use those quite happily the paths of the cars through space would be similar to if there were you know some physical guide to them so i think in some cases so long as the as the speeds are fairly low it's probably a safe proposition. true believers in driverless transport say we will be able to sleep or work nob vehicle but if that sounds good it will also mean the loss of millions of jobs no wonder trades unions want to know how those jobs will be replaced we're looking to see massive massive investment in electric vehicles
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driverless vehicles future mobility we need a great leap forward it's easy to understand this concern in the u.k. there was a massive shock when car factories which had traditionally employed thousands of people all shut because of foreign competition this used to be the jackie factory in the west midlands now it's going to be a warehouse the advent of driverless cars and wide automation could be a far greater shock still the british government reckons that driverless cars could create up to thirty thousand jobs in the u.k. which sounds ok until you hear evidence that says that in this part of england alone automation could cost three hundred thousand jobs it becomes pretty clear that governments like the one in britain in the job strategy for automation and quickly were asked to consider a world in which no humans at the wheel of a vehicle means accidents will not happen more than a million lives will be saved every year driverless vehicles will be on the roads
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and soon but will human souse jobs rely on transport except them and can we learn to trust the machines to safeguard the lives of those we love lawrence lee al jazeera london and and widens day we'll have part four of our series on artificial intelligence we'll look at how robots are revolutionizing health care. still ahead on al-jazeera. i shouted on top of my posts several times up kids in the halls i have kids but they've never pulled out to listen up about the look back on the political violence that took the life of this couple's six months all shot in kenya plus mosul slowly comes back to life five months after the end of a brutal operation to retake the city for myself. and in sport a new football record set in europe santa is going to be here with that story later in the program.
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hello and welcome to look at the weather across the americas from north america is cold air in place just about everywhere some temperature when it paid monist twenty four minus eleven in toronto ottawa a really struggling as well we're almost twelve in chicago and the colder you see is pushed away down to dallas there are three atlanta georgia seven only the floor of clincher to hang on to the warmer air vents the forecast you see we still hang on to that warm air across florida but otherwise not a great deal of change little bit of snow around a bit of snow for the rockies the lower levels it should be just rain for far northern part of washington state fine conditions for the south los angeles or into some of the best weather twenty seven degrees let's head some a woman i've been to central parts of america showers very much as they have been for last week to ten days affect in panama through up towards and the character in
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honduras on the caribbean side further towards the north cherry not looking too bad the islands of the caribbean enjoying lots of sunshine moon that continues as we head on through into thursday with temperatures generally reaching thirty degrees each day into south america here we have had flooding rain affecting parts of bolivia those showers dying away still some heavy showers affecting parts of peru the rain across paraquat and indeed over in rio we should see it bringing up to highs of thirty one. our war on terror begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have aired a significant propaganda force and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq identity deception at this
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time on al-jazeera. the offense being a journalist the crime practicing journalism. must go to same detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime mahmoud a sane is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussein. watching all jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour counting is underway
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after a peaceful day of voting in liberia's presidential runoff election observers say the turnout is much lower than it was during the first round in october voters have had to choose between a former international football player and the country's vice president. the kremlin says it's investigating why the russian opposition leader alexei now fallen has broken the law by calling for a boycott of next year's election in while russia's president vladimir putin has been nominated for reelection as an independent candidate. mexicans. lisa arrested a suspect in the murder of a crime journalist carlos martin or as accused of planning the killing of middle slava brioche in march mexico's one of the world's most dangerous countries for reporters with at least sixteen journalists killed there in the last three years. it's been ten years since pakistan's first female head of state was assassinated benazir bhutto was killed at a campaign rally after
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a suicide bomber detonated explosives kemal haifa has more on the legacy she left behind. oh. gould in the art of complicated pakistani politics by how far does god really put dole energy job became the was young prime minister and pakistan's first woman state. was actually an incredible. joining her last time she got such wide screen off. literally everything she was a global leader she was vetted night is a. she had a strong command on foreign funding she had intense interest in. pakistan the bottom of her feet in the prime minister twice baner jade was unable to recover from corruption charges during her second term as prime minister she was
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barred from politics but an amnesty did my gender card with maturity in two thousand and seven paved the way for her return in october two thousand and seven when i did return to pakistan ending almost eight. she had a narrow escape procession was bombed into southern port city of karachi but despite that her life continued read the political rally the across the country however little did she know that the rally hadn't got bob. her life despite the security tricks i mean there determinately she was the region really she lost her life is struggling for the betterment of the muscles of. his her come into pakistan. was that when there was she made up our mind when. it was picked over anything and she knew or used. months before her
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return to pakistan in my prime i'll judge ito certain. about the security attached to her lives some of them the rogue elements and been working with al qaida possibly on one assassination attempt on you i do believe that there are elements within the security of paris this particularly those who are associated with the prime jihad of the eighty's against the soviets who still had links with some of the taliban elements and the al qaida elements it was those element she feared were trying to kill. today i think a rally in rawalpindi what do emerge from i had on top of feeling he could wave to hurt. a suicide bomber blew himself up. again ten years on she stands remembered by friendly unfortunate like who saw her
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dead ajay create laws for democracy. box knocked on. it's been five months since i saw fighters were driven out of the northern iraqi city of mosul it was devastated under isis rule during the iraqi government's fight to retake the city but this week residents have been able to celebrate christmas for the first time in years and there are signs that most businesses are beginning to recover part of the phillips reports. in parts of mosul it seems a city is coming back to life the people relieved the economy reviving. mahmoud a tailor saw all his equipment destroyed during the shelling somehow he must start again. i cannot resume work simply because i'm short of materials i need textiles and all the requip meant business is an tradesman must
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join hands to bring back life to decision the state and the people must come together and this has not happened yet. mosul famous for its markets selig produce from the surrounding countryside now the crowds have returned the people hope the city has left its darkest days behind and how to think. how to get them or you are making swift progress at all levels industry commerce the movement of people we had not expected things to go so fast we are confident the residents of new know and most will want to help the federal and local governments. but all these streets west of the tigris the tangled deborah of war has barely moved this all that remains of the old commercial center the reconstruction of mosul's buildings and its people's confidence will take many years but to be philip's al-jazeera. hospitals in gaza have been forced to cancel operations because
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cleaners have gone on strike over delayed salary payments the health ministry says plan surgeries can't go ahead because operating theatres are already cleaning staff are demanding overdue you paid from the palestinian health ministry which is run by the national consensus government they say they haven't received wages for several months and they've been speaking about the impact it's having on them and their families. and i say. i came here today because i have not been paid for the past four months striking because they're just not paying us and we're struggling i need my salary so i can take care of my family there are ten people in my family and they all need to eat and they have other expenses too i need eleven u.s. dollars a day for them but now there are times we go to bed without even eating a little. amount of work and we haven't been paid for the past four months as well as my wife and children their nine other family members who are relying on my
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income for rent and other expenses to have much of a handicapped so we have additional medical expenses damage occasion is costing you know one hundred forty two u.s. dollars a day. an israeli court has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager her mother and cousin they were arrested a week ago after this video was posted online that shows sixteen year old al-tamimi pushing and hitting an israeli soldier incident reportedly happened after her relative was shot in the face by israeli forces and critically injured as appeared in several other videos challenging israeli soldiers. the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is being discussed around the world the city's holy for people from three faiths but at the core of the issue is an occupation that shows no signs of ending so how do you reconcile the conflict
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without disrupting the rights to worship for all we spoke to a historian widely known as the atlas of palestine jerusalem is palestinian longer than london is. is muslim and christian population have been living there for thousands of years they have no theory that they have been there long time ago and now they are authentic they have never left jerusalem and they were absolute majority of population until recently when the colonial jewish european settlement started in palestine they had no legal basis whatsoever for israel to occupy or to declare sovereignty on jerusalem there is a natural right for anybody from any faith muslim christian and jew to live and worship peacefully what shipping peacefully doesn't mean that you kill people take
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their homes and kick them out there was no motivation by early zionists about jerusalem from a religious point of view they wanted only to expand the area applied in palestine to make israel and when that includes at least western jerusalem that will attract more jews from abroad to come to become citizens and palestine the palestinian claim is very simple they always lived in palestine they all lived in jerusalem even before it became christian and then after that it became largely muslim even before that cananites the palestinians are the. natural inhabitants of palestine and the goddess of the religion they have adopted the time so to talk about people who were there and then came back to recover something they claim to have lost two thousand years ago is indian it disingenious is really is very strange in eight
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hundred seventy one the british sent a mission to palestine to make a set of eight of but history they spent forty years surveying palestine and they produced twenty six maps and ten volumes and in that they have stated that old studies have shown that the palestinians we met at the end of the last century are the same palestinians who have been living there for thousands of years so who is the foreigner a foreigner who came from the ghettos at least in europe to look at the country of palestine and to claim that the people who live there for a thousand years are not natives of the country they are who are the foreigners they are the natives and that is something not accepted by any part in the world except those who believe in racism and about a tired. egypt's asking international experts to help resolve
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a dispute with ethiopia over a massive down the river nile cairo is asking the world bank to help resolve tensions over the ground a renaissance and dam project foreign ministers from both countries have been meeting in the capital addis ababa following a ten month m. pos which also involves sudan egypt fears the hydroelectric scheme will reduce its share of the water if you opiates as the dams needed for its economic development. we usually work and cooperate to avoid any kind of tension and there are some issues that should be taken away in separated from others and i think the water issue of egypt sudan and ethiopia should bring us together in the union because it's the issue related to the future and the interest of the three countries. this will not bring any significant harm upon the egyptian side and we are working at the state of this we are trying to be very transparent the important thing here is that if there are any concerns that come from the egyptians we are working very
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closely to solve. those two thousand and seventeen comes to an end we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year through the eyes of five families and part four we speak to a kenyan family who lost their six month old daughter during political violence following a disputed presidential election al-jazeera is catherine so i reports from consumer . and his wife lands are still trying to come to terms of the killing of the six month old daughter samantha pendle. they say she died from a severe head injury when police raided their home in the town of. this was in august just after the fast presidential election when president was declared the winner. supporters of opposition leader the took to the streets in protest. police responding with tear gas batons and live ammunition joseph and learned so
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however say they were attacked in their home at night. it's been an unpredictable and volatile election year in kenya the supreme court over time to the august paul citing irregularities of fast in africa. then withdrew from the repeat election saying the commission first needed reforms. rerun went ahead anyway in october. one thousand percent of the vote but only a fad of the nine hundred million registered voters cast their ballots. all the while political brinkmanship deeply dividing the country along partisan lines continual street confrontations between police and protesters only making things worse more than thirty people including baby pendle have died in the violence since august and i used to play here and on that night in august her family and neighbors
2:45 am
say police came banging on doors they used tear gas to force people out of their houses pendle was in her mother's arms when they were being beaten she did not stand a chance. of a doubt she will ever vote again. and. i voted. i didn't know that that. well there's no need for me. it's time whenever they'd be election at all is it remember that. getting election day. she also says they'll continue to seek justice. kathleen. west in kenya. on wednesday you can watch the fifth and final report in our series one year five families we'll tell you about a father and son who haven't seen each other for nearly fifteen years because of the tensions on the korean peninsula still ahead and al jazeera in
2:46 am
sport no christmas day comeback for this n.b.a. superstar details coming up with sun. just looking to talk about all the shooting people are not able to show themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into account right open a war that's a security issue where the people who paid the price clearly the right top been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not effective instead of being an obstacle to go waste it became another obstacle
2:47 am
to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. scientists are finding fast amounts of plastic waste in the world's oceans as the throw away junk of modern civilization degrades it turns into microscopic bits that end to the food chain confession totals to birds marine mammals and eventually humans but the people of seattle in the united states have found
2:48 am
a unique way to encourage recycling and avoid plastic straws rob runnels reports. the streets around seattle's famous pike place market are full of cafes and restaurants the coffee is delicious but single use cups utensils and straws generate huge amounts of paper and plastic waste in this environmentally conscious city an activist group called lonely whale is urging people to think twice about throw away items leaders called the campaign stronger since yeah so we really wanted to start with something simple that connected every single one of us every single day and that item is to stop the other great thing about there is an alternative. don't use worldwide people use one billion plastic straws a day in the united states we have five hundred million single use plastic straws every day they're zero percent of them are recycled. those that find their way into
2:49 am
the marine environment break down into micro plastics and when a marine animal it's plastic they have a fifty percent mortality rate so it's a significant issue can we assume those trials are part of their die at unfortunately the strongest in seattle campaign began in sept. number twenty seventeen and resulted in two point three million straws being permanently removed in that month alone lonely whale has launched what it calls a global viral media challenge called stop sucking and it plans to take the strongest campaign to twenty cities worldwide in twenty eighteen the care premiums not only meant to reduce plastics in the environment it also aims to get people thinking about our throwaway culture every time we talk about fingers positrons everybody's mind bang goes to hell what about bob huffaker that's another boss to go over there and are we talking to her about i don't know why our seattle began restricting plastic waste a decade ago starting with
2:50 am
a ban on styrofoam takeaway food containers and disposable plastic bags officials want to help mold a major shift in public attitudes really the bigger thing is getting people to stop and to think do i really need this i have this single use thing is this something that i really need to use right now i'm going to use it for five to ten minutes and then i'm going to throw it away and it's going to go to a landfill so that's really the bigger issue is having people kind of raisin in their consciousness a pushback against the culture of easy come easy go disposables that offers hope for the health of our planet's oceans and the creatures who live in them rob reynolds al-jazeera seattle it's time for sports. thank you very much defending champions qatar facing an early exit from the gulf cup after losing to iraq in the group stages qatar went into the match it was serious momentum having won their opening match for nil against yemen and they looked good in the second
2:51 am
man to the all kuwait stadium and was giving them the lead in the seventeenth minute to. square things up in the first half before husseini faisel wrapped up the window with the second goal to one to iraq the final school. or iraq are top of group be off to that when that would buy her in a level on points with them following their win over yemen qatar anon must be to reign in their final game to guarantee progress to the semi's in the english premier league tottenham striker harry kane has a written him self into the record books kane scored at historic a hat trick in spurs five two win over south on ten that means that his finishes at two thousand and seventeen with thirty nine league goals breaking our twenty two year old the record for most goals in the calendar year in the english premier league kane also topples messi as the top scorer in europe but with fifty six goals
2:52 am
this year they want to congratulate retain achievement. with a set of. we have to. be because he's had some amazing thing for him to celebrate and then of course very pleased to do both with us so we pulled them. game. and the day in fifth that with fourth place liverpool beating swanzy five nil third place chelsea also secured three points they beat brighton two now result moves them one point behind second place majesty united the red devils are drawing a second straight the e.p.l. game and injury time goal of from jesselyn god help them to draw two two against burnley i need my players to accept to accept the risk not to be. afraid to lose. city or for not to be afraid of.
2:53 am
a possible. didn't happen but could have been possible negative reaction from. the supporters and very happy with. that character he had of russia's football union the stepping down from his post it for six months as he fights in the olympic ban for a state sponsored doping tally let's call the sports minister the time of the sochi games during which russia was found to have run a widespread doping program he was handed a lifetime ban by the international olympic committee earlier this month but is appealing this will tickle will still remain in charge of organizing the twenty eighteen world cup. and is christmas day showdown between last season's champions the golden state warriors and the runners up the cleveland cavaliers that had the same outcome even without stop less steph curry the warriors
2:54 am
that prevailed ninety nine to ninety two over the caps helen case and her small but you're going to claim it was supposed to be le bron james as knights and it started off that way the tiger woods body split in the absence of the injured steph curry golden state so wanted to make it a christmas to remember it's hard it would be it was a back and forth affair for much of the game with each side trading the lead kevin durant's looked like the dominant force he was six months ago when he helped the worry is when the n.b.a. finals kut. le bron did what he could tying the game at ninety two but clay thompson came through with his fourth three pointer of the game but in golden state to head for good thank you in the dying seconds of the match le bron drive to the basket but any chance of a christmas day comeback was blocked by a drunk drowned finished with twenty five point seven rebounds and five blocked
2:55 am
shots golden state closing out the rematch ninety nine to ninety two. small for supposed to go a small force. so if you know anybody else with a guard on the mirror ben could put pad all over he just a little too small. andre does a star so i guess i was the last guy just on but i just like arm opposition i was good game both things and i don't care for game and you know i had a lot of transition point to kick your butt in transition and i was going well basically the telltale sign of the game for us in the last. le bron the cavs will have the chance for a bench next month and the sides face each other again in cleveland telling gleason al-jazeera and that's why it's well for me i will have more later on now for centuries handcrafted knives have been status symbols in the middle east they're still carried by men during important ceremonies and family occasions and among the
2:56 am
traditional dagger known as the con job as a source of national pride charles trafford reports. omanis often say the conjure is a symbol of their national identity. similar knives are made in neighboring yemen in southern saudi arabia but the craftsmanship here in oman has been for centuries considered the finest in the region. the silversmith's at this workshop in the historical town of from india or how people they've been taught the altar of using traditional omani designs to make a dagger which can take months to crossed my grandfather me this is the best things you can do with all of the life because this is the level of all my debug every time so that's a clean go to take this walk back up for you and then the. government recently set regulations on how the omani should be made in order to preserve its specific
2:57 am
characteristics the traditional say decongest favored by the royal family for example must have four or seven rings depending on the status of the wearer handles that used to be made from black rhino horns are now called from buffalo who would be some of the oldest hunters in this shot but one of the holding here is a sighted one joe it's at least one hundred years old the cut off the sheet is made out of snakeskin the handle is made out of black rhino horn we're told that it's worth noting less than around twelve thousand dollars and tradition dictates that if i remove the blade from the sheath then i have to use it to guide mohamed el cough shows us how the conjurer is warmed by helping his son dress as he would for weddings and special occasions with on juries either worn on a specially crafted belt or tucked behind
2:58 am
a waistband. a wooden floor but i feel proud to be wearing my arab omani clothes my patriotism runs in my blood and he had them with the represents the money post not at the al pride in our nation it also exults the sultan the country and our ancestors. what was once used as a weapon now crafted as a work of omani. struck at al-jazeera and his work and that's it for me rob matheson at this news out more details and website how to see dot com i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news. arts
2:59 am
. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to
3:00 am
emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. and language here building because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture being as i want to finally we're going ask about that but that's the ball is a. well it's not as i thought the set says they're lost. a lot of cars and punches a proton at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs the sports story the endless chase this time.
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i mean that as soon as he did there would lose if it had good beer because of the curse of.


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