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drugs. sports doping the endless chase at this time. documenting streetcar. was inspired to transform a section of the elizabeth chain saw to capture the fiber and see if the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that said i will be giving a speech to all of us he says when things like the new african photography. this time on al-jazeera. that counting is underway in liberia's presidential election with the former football great and the vice president to lead the nation for the next six years.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up the kremlin wants a new investigation into alexina volumnia over his call to boycott next presidential election after he was barred from running against vladimir putin. very happy we waited for this day for a long drive and acquittal in a free for bribery trial of a former president a priest soccer federation. a show to go on top of my posts several tens of thousands of kids by the police and. a look back on the political violence that took the life of this couple's six month old child and kenya. it began in liberia where polls have officially closed in the presidential runoff
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vote it's the first democratic transition of power in the west african nation in seventy three years but the turnout was pretty low. voters are choosing between former football superstar george way and experience political operator and current vice president joseph otto reports in the capital monrovia. thousands lined up to vote in more than five thousand polling stations across liberia arriving long before the stations opened the tunnels however nowhere near the out of the foster homes held in october that had been delayed twice up to being contested in court amid claims of a declared it is in the foster round officials say the reduction of candidates from twenty two just to may have caused a pussy among voters a kindle for twenty six. and a new process to score small this morning and i hope everything was well this morning the contests is between
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a former international football star george ware and vice president just white guy the we know would replace africa's first female head of state ellen johnson sirleaf who came to power after the country's lost civil war told me years ago i'm not associated that would lose him to this there's virtually no they said to me that i'm going to when i walk back you know we know georgia seventy two year old joseph walker has served as layby as vice president since two thousand and six he too wanted in the capital and had red bearded cards is a test of democracy we went in one way during your work and i would use a tool. we have today we're going through a difficult process isn't working to the president or do we are willing to live with both where promising peace in liberia and also on and to corruption in one of the wooden sportiest countries if the results hold it will be the first time in
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generations that lead videos will witness the transfer of power from one elected leader to another international observers also praising will be. violence free pool says. the bottle books replaced blitz but this is a big election for everyone who's following democracy west africa the trend has certainly been you know more towards the democratic shift and really rooting that more firmly and i think that is what we will see here in liberia today the liberian people are determined to do it they're ready to do it. and i'm very confident they will then have two weeks within which to declare the results. confident that we'll have them ready in four days. when. the kremlin says calls by russian opposition campaign are alexina vaal need to boycott next election should be investigated to see if they break the law have on the has asked people to
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stay away from the polls next march after he was barred from running as a candidate against vladimir putin officials say he isn't eligible because of a suspended prison sentence he says his conviction was politically motivated or challenges in moscow with the latest. it's no surprise that the kremlin seems sensitive to what looks like an attempt by alexei navalny to drive down voter turnout in march the talk has been this year that the kremlin is concerned about voter apathy and want to turn out to be around seventy percent if it dips much below sixty percent well they've got a problem with legitimacy quite how they will prosecute in the valley for calling for a boycott that remains to be seen i think this can be viewed basically as a shot across his bows and a warning now no one really believes that the valley would be able to beat putin if they went head to head in a votes the recent polls suggest that if a vote were taken now we don't get between two and three percent but perhaps
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factoring into the kremlin's thinking was the potential damage the valley could have done if he'd been allowed say on state t.v. with his anti corruption message so in around he will now have to do his appeals and also go back to doing what has been very successful actually for him over this year which is his online videos his anticorruption message reaching out to particularly younger russians and calling them out onto the streets in parts of the country where you do not normally see political protests meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has been nominated for reelection as an end dependent candidate who has been in power for eighteen years and is expected to win another six year term so far he has a frame from campaigning that has praised his government's management at the economy. and you see. the billion dollars and of course these have been difficult years for both the country and for those who had to
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ensure stable development and overcome the difficulties that stemmed from the world economy i can say that the russian government not only did everything that it could but in my opinion even more than that you have essentially solved all the economic tasks at hand and russia's opposition party has formally nominated t.v. personality to say new subject to run against and next year's election she is the daughter of putin's former mentor and a totally subject who was the first elected mayor of st petersburg her critics object say her decision to run plays into the hands of the kremlin by creating an artificial contest that our national committee for the red cross and red crescent has begun medical evacuations from eastern and go to the besieged rebel held area in syria's capital damascus almost four hundred thousand people have been trapped there by government forces since two thousand and thirteen but widespread through charges the enclave has been the target of hundreds of airstrikes and artillery attacks united nations said earlier call for five hundred people in need of urgent
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medical care to be allowed to leave meanwhile syrian state t.v. is reporting that a government shut has been shot down over hama province that says the military plane was downed by rebels in the north of the area in the pilot was killed in that attack has been the target of heavy airstrikes by russian and syrian forces throughout the country's civil war. mexican police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a crime journalist juan carlos marina cho is accused of planning the killing of. brioche in march rush was shot several times as she drove out of her kharaj mexico's one of the world's most dangerous countries from reporters with at least six to ensure analysts killed there in the last three years. to search a location works continue to achieve the arrest of the other people responsible for the homicide and want the public prosecutor's office the state's general prosecutor's office processed the suspect will present the main elements of the investigation and it's methodology this past year has seen numerous protests
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denouncing violence against journalists demonstrators accuse the government of not doing enough to protect reporters or bring their killers to justice mexico's one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists again sixteen at least killed there and just the last three years and the u.s. canada and the european union have joined top u.n. officials in demanding the release of two reuters journalists being held in me in mar a lone enquires so who were arrested earlier this month after they were invited to meet police officials on the outskirts of van gone me and maher accuses their reporters of planning to share illegally acquired information with foreign media they were working on stories about the military crackdown that's forced over six hundred fifty thousand one hundred muslims to flee to bangladesh since august a former senior official with national football federation has been acquitted of conspiracy by a court in the united states and walpurga was charged with taking bribes in
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exchange for the award of marketing and media rights to international soccer matches or go walk free just days after two other south american officials were convicted of similar charges the case has been linked to corruption at the heart of fee for the international football's governing body. we are very happy we meant well as waited for this day for a long time he took about the neighborhoods to to get to the point. well they had over thirty million pages of documents in this case and hundreds and hundreds of witnesses and thousands of files that we had to go through. to say it was a herculean task. really to understate it but. we want. and it was the right thing to do for the jury to do the philippine government is setting up more than six hundred temporary shelters for people to place by the conflict in iraq the army retake the city from separatist fighters in october after
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a five months. the fighting caused over a billion dollars in damage and thousands of people are still homeless and conditions have been made even worse by tropical storm tembin rob mcbride has more from murari. on the edge of your our way this is a hopeful sign in an area that has been plagued by conflict and now the effects of these damaging storms this is a new housing development for people who've been displaced by months of fighting between government forces and also fighters who are linked to eisele be given it's important president right really go to turkey and it will be coming here to perform the ceremony it is very important for him and his presidency is from mindanao he calls himself a son of mindanao and has promised that the people will find eventually long lasting peace the people here have suffered from the double effect of both the stalled and also conflicts so it's very important around the building exercise for
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the president to be here this whole event in our face is the classic dilemma of a conflict which holds up development then the lack of money and jobs then feeds into the underlying feeling and rest which then contributes to. the violence all of this is of course not helped by being patted further by the storms still. they take a look at the legacy of pakistan's first female head of state after her assassination last. the most delicate operation but could robots be told to. run. by the springtime flower of the mountain. to the sun snowfall on
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a winter's day. hello and welcome back across the levant and western parts of asia it's all quite certain on wednesday we've seen the snow clearing away there are marty will get up to freezing elsewhere fine around the caspian sea to much of eleven degrees finer on the eastern side the mediterranean with variable amounts of cloud as we head into thursday we've got a southerly flow so temperatures jerry not too bad here twenty one in beirut heading into the arabian peninsula it's thirty one woman off from mecca with thirty three degrees as of night so cooler here in doha as a front just clears through twenty two. but the winds picking up for the northwest we should lose the fog that we've had over recent days not a great deal of change on thursday props a very slight warming so let's head across into southern parts of africa where for south africa and much of botswana namibia it's all looking draw and fine once you get further north into certainly more northern parts of godor through into zambians
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about way mozambique malawi here we're seeing heavy showers heavy showers too on the eastern side of madagascar which continues a head on through into thursday with highs of twenty three in and around the river so head into central parts of africa the northern limit of the showers is right about the bonds leavell still a risk of showers but west africa fine sunshine and highs thirty one. there with sponsored by qatar. you are making somewhere there on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us. with in the morning and this is i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue could be one of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now counting is underway after a peaceful day of voting in liberia's presidential runoff election observers say the turnout is much lower than it was during the first round in october voters are choosing between a former international football player and the country's vice presidents the kremlin says calls by russian opposition leader election of all need to boycott next year's election should be investigated to see if they break the law meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has been nominated for reelection as an independent candidate the philippine government is setting up more than six hundred temporary shelters for people displaced by the conflict in the lorry the army retake the city from separatist fighters in october after
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a five month siege conditions had been made even worse by tropical storm ten bit. as two thousand and seventeen comes to an end we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the era through the eyes of five families and part four we speak to a kenyan family who lost their six month old daughter during political violence following a disputed presidential election i was there as catherine saw reports on consumer. joseph and his wife lands are still trying to come to terms of the killing of the six month old samantha pendle. they say she died from a severe head injury when police raided their home in the town of. this was in august just after the fast presidential election when president was declared the winner. supporters of opposition leader the took to the streets in protest. police responding with tear gas batons and live ammunition joseph and learned so
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however say they were attacked in their home at night. it's been an unpredictable and volatile election year in kenya the supreme court of a time to the oldest paul citing irregularities of fast in africa. then withdrew from the repeat election saying the commission first needed reforms. rerun went ahead anyway in october. one thousand eight percent of the vote but only a fad of the one thousand million registered voters cast their ballots. all the while political brinkmanship deeply dividing the country along partisan lines continual street confrontations between police and protesters only making things worse more than thirty people including baby pendle have died in the violence since august and i used to play here and on that night in august her family and neighbors
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say police came banging on doors they used tear gas to force people out of their houses pendle was in her mother's arms when they were being beaten she did not stand a chance. of a doubt she will ever vote again. and. i came back. i didn't know that that. there's no need for me to pull. time whenever they'd be. getting election day. she also says they'll continue to seek justice for their katherine sawyer. western kenya i don't one say you can watch the fifth and final report in our series one year five families what about a father and son who haven't seen each other for nearly fifty years because of tensions on the korean peninsula. it has been ten years since pakistan first female
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head of state was assassinated and servitor was killed at a campaign rally after a suicide bomber detonated explosives hyder has more on the legacy she left behind . oh. the art of complicated pakistani politics by how far duck really portal energy dope became the was young prime minister and pakistan's first woman state. was actually an incredible. during her lifetime she got such wide screen off. literally everything she was a global leader she was very good night is a. she had a strong command on foreign funding she had intense interest in. pakistan the bottom of the filament prime minister twice been or did was unable to
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recover from corruption charges during her second term as prime minister she was barred from politics but i did with general musharraf in two thousand and seven paved the way for her return in october two thousand and seven. don ending almost eight. she had a narrow escape procession was bombed into southern port city of karachi but despite that. continued read the political rally across the country however little did she know that the rally hadn't got bob. despite the security tricks i mean there determinately she was the region really she lost her life is struggling for the betterment of the muscles of. her coming to pakistan . was that when there was she made up
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a mind when. it was picked over anything and she knew or used it months before her return to pakistan yemen prime i'll judge ito certain. about the security attached to her lies some of them the rogue elements and been working with al qaida possibly on one assassination attempt on you i do believe that there are elements within the security of paris particularly those who are associated with the prime jihad of the eighty's against the soviets who still had links with some of the fall about elements and the al qaida elements it was doj elements she feared were trying to kill her. after getting a rally in rawalpindi what do emerge from i had her on top of feeling he could wave to her to pull. a suicide bomber blew himself up.
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again ten years on she stands remembered by friend and fortune like. that ajay great loss for democracy. folks knocked on alt. a key oil pipeline in libya has been attacked by armed men ninety thousand barrels of crude oil is being lost every day damage to the pipeline near parata that feeds the port of s. dear is being assessed the military says men carrying weapons planted explosives at that pipeline price of crude oil jumped about sixty five dollars a barrel after news of that explosion in egypt is asking the world bank to help resolve the dispute with ethiopia over a massive dam on the river nile foreign ministers from both countries have been meeting in the capital addis ababa following a ten month impasse over the grand renaissance dam project which also involves sudan egypt fears the hydroelectric scheme will reduce its share of the water if
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the o.p.'s asked the dam is needed for its economic development. we usually work and cooperate to avoid any going to of tension and there are some issues that should be taken away in separated from others and i think the water issue of egypt sudan and ethiopia should bring us together in the union because it's the issue related to the future and the interest of the three countries. so. this will not bring any significant harm upon the egyptian side and we are working at the state of this we are trying to be very transparent the important thing here is that if there are any concerns that come from the egyptians we are working very closely to solve. for centuries hand-crafted knives have been status symbols of the middle east's are still carried by men during important ceremonies and family occasions and i'm on the traditional dagger known as the kind jar is a source of national pride a stratford reports. omanis often say that is a symbol of the national identity. similar knives are made in neighboring yemen and
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southern saudi arabia but the craftsmanship here in oman has been for centuries considered the finest in the region. silversmiths at this workshop in the historical town of from india. people they've been taught the art of using traditional omani designs to make a dagger which can take months to cross my grandfather me this is the best things you can do with all the life because this is the love of all my bebo everything. that's of italy you're taking this walk for you would then the. government recently set regulations on how the omani should be made in order to preserve its specific characteristics the traditional say decongest favored by the royal family for example must have four or seven rings depending on the status of the wearer handles that used to be made from black rhino horns are now called from
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buffalo who would be some of the oldest hunters in this shot. but one of the holding here is a sighted one just it's at least one hundred years old the cops are all the sheet is made out of snake skin the handle is made out of black rhino horn we're told that it's worth no less than around twelve thousand dollars and tradition dictates that if i remove the blade from the sheet then i have to use it. tour guide muhammad shows us how the conjurer is worn by helping his son dress as he would for weddings and special occasions with on juries either worn on a specially crafted belt or tucked behind a waistband. a wooden sword but i feel proud to be wearing my arab omani clothes my patriotism runs in my blood and you have the i'm with the represents the money post
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not eighty our pride in our nation it also exalts the sultan the country and our own sister as. what was once used as a weapon now crafted as a work of omani. news where the us has imposed sanctions on two north korean scientists linked to the country's missile program the u.s. and south korea say kenya and repealing schaller senior figures in the north korean leader kim jong un's a list missile development team sanctions are the latest move by the u.s. to pressure and play away. the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics is changing health care operations are now carried out by surgeons using robots but do you want a machine to take care of us instead of a human largely reports. these. guys hospital in central london and
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a man is about to have his life chances vastly improved with the help of the robles he has prostate cancer the surgeon and his team would in the past have cut him open and felt around with their hands. but now they insert chub. and then we'll let the robots. soon the surgeon is at a console moving the robot remotely it's fine tools stitched up the man's colon it's all moving in to before me operation. in principle you could have the surgery carried out or part steps of the surgery did a very clearly defined carried out by a surgical instrument that was basically set up until today i had laser eye surgery only ten years ago and i know for fat that the op thousand the surgeon did my eyes he met devaney thing he set a machine hit a button and there was
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a machine that did the surgery wasn't. all kinds of surgeries done like this welcomed by those lucky enough in the rich world to have an operation made quicker and less painful than in the past. but the new frontier is not in medicine but in care the robot succumbing to help the aged to consider the role that robots can have in caring for those we love is surely at the sharp end of the debate around automation in the human world after all robots home to modes that don't have the human touch and so how do we as human beings feel about outsourcing the duty of care to machine in the coming weeks these dimentia suffer as a care home in north london will have robots for company the owners run dozens of places like this across the u.k. they want to roll the machines out everywhere because what we're dealing with is
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dementia residents people who forget who have a memory lapses and if robots could remember. things about them or their cultural needs aboard that have it's about the back end of living and if they could relate this to a new pierced or even an agency staff was coming in it could be a lot of emotional things that it is these people experience because when you forget things you get agitated and you cannot recollect what you really forgotten how are you very and you robots like this it is dark you could help organize delivery of medicines or relatives could skype their loved ones through it screen but cannot love but it is argued they could help dispenses the agonizing question is whether we want them to i think ethically it's undesirable. robots take the place of carers for the specific issues of being reassured you know being helped to death and so on i think very few people would say that we should staff
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a hospice with robots i mean at the end of life that's really where you want a completely human type of interaction in parts of the world robotic care assistance has already been viewed by people as socially acceptable. in japan a nation of technology lovers with an ageing population is becoming common but will carers ever be replaced by machines it would surely to questions about how much we value our own humanity lawrence lee al jazeera london and on thursday will have part five of our series on artificial intelligence a future with robots and artificial intelligence that is coming it's going to affect all of us obviously are talks to those seeking to reduce the fallout. take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera counting is underway after
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a peaceful day of voting in liberia's presidential runoff election observers say the turnout is much lower than it was during the first round in october voters have had to choose between a former international football player and the country's vice president the kremlin says calls by russian opposition leader alexina vaal need to boycott next year's election should be investigated to see if they break the law meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has been nominated for reelection as an independent candidate. the billion dollars and of course these would be difficult years for both the country and for those who had to ensure a stable development and overcome the difficulties that stemmed from the world economy i can say that the russian government not only did everything that it could but in my opinion even more than that you have essentially solved all the economic tasks at hand a former senior official of perris national football federation has been acquitted
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of conspiracy by a court in the u.s. . list charged with taking bribes in exchange for the award of marketing and media rights to international soccer matches or go walk free just two days after two other south american officials were convicted of similar charges. international committee for the red cross and red crescent has begun medical evacuations from eastern guta the besieged rebel held area of syria's capital damascus the united nations had earlier call for five hundred people in need of urgent medical care to be allowed to leave. the government of the philippines is setting up more than six hundred temporary shelters for people displaced by the conflict and merari the army retake the city from separatist fighters in october after a five months each conditions had been made even worse by a tropical storm template ages asking the world bank for its help to resolve a ten month impasse with ethiopia over its massive grand renaissance dam project on
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the river nile the project also involves sudan egypt fears the hydroelectric plant will reduce its share of the water if the o.p.'s says the dam is needed for its economic development those are your headlines here on al-jazeera to keep it here the stream is next and more news. as another year draws to an end we'll take you around the world to find out what's expected in twenty eight he. joins us for a series of special reports as we assess the potential global impact of what's to come. protons neutrons.


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