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tv   Sarajevo My Love  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2017 3:00pm-3:57pm +03

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down. to some computer that's nice it was the weapon of choice stronger than bullets with this documentary but this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. and for your. elegant adrian for going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera aid workers have begun to evacuate emergency medical cases from the besieged area of eastern
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goza in syria's capital damascus many have been waiting for months during that time the u.n. says that at least sixteen people have died the area has been surrounded by government forces since twenty thirteen al-jazeera is a hot as the latest from lebanon's capital beirut. well the reports we are getting is that to the remaining patients will be evacuated in the coming days like you mentioned four have already reached damascus among the twenty nine twenty two are women and children these are critical cases people suffering from kidney failure cancer a chronic illnesses because there is no medicine and medical equipment in east these people need help outside so four people have now been evacuated it is a welcome move but is it is definitely not enough it is only a very small fraction of the number of people who need medical assistance the u.n. has a priority list that's what it calls it four hundred ninety four names and according
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to the u.n. humanitarian chief they've been asking and requesting the syrian government for months now to be able to evacuate this these people and really those calls have gone unheeded according to the united nations the number on that list is decreasing not because they're evacuating people but because people are dying so a welcome move but far from what should be done four hundred thousand people half of them are believed to be children there's also a problem of malnutrition over the past two months alone three children under the age of two months old died as a result of acute malnutrition so and the people there are finding it very hard to find food and whatever food is available it is too expensive and people do not have the money the seat has been imposed for four years now but in the past few months the government really tightened the siege close the smuggling routes so it's it is a form of pressure really for the rebels to lay down their arms and surrender. the
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government of the philippines is setting up more than six hundred temporary shelters for some of the thousands of people displaced by the conflict in the city of morale we the army retort that area from i saw linked separatist faces in october after a five month siege mirali was also battered by tropical storm tembin last week. vote counting is underway in liberia's presidential runoff between former footballer george weah of the current vice president joseph walk i despise a low turnout the process is expected to produce the first democratic transition of power in more than seven decades. russia's president vladimir putin has formally registered to run in the twenty one thousand election he's running as an independent candidate but he's backed by the probe kremlin united russia party he's expected to win his fourth term in march putin has so far refrained from campaigning but has praised his government's management of the economy russia has rebounded from its worst recession in two decades the u.s. has imposed sanctions on two north korean scientists linked to the country's
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missile program the u.s. and south korea say that kim jong sick and repealing chawl are senior figures in the country's ballistic missile development team sanctions the latest move by the u.s. to pressure pyongyang into abandoning its weapons program. the detention of two reuters journalists in myanmar has been extended for a further fourteen days while known and cure so who were arrested earlier this month after meeting police officials on the outskirts of young gone be in mark uses the pair of planning to share illegally acquired information with foreign media the reporters were covering the crisis affecting rohingya muslims in rakhine state. south korea says that a deal with japan to settle a decades long comfort women dispute fails to meet the victims' needs dozens of protesters gathered outside the foreign ministry to the nouns the twenty fifteen agreement two years ago japan agreed to set up in their nine million dollars fund to help korean women who were forced to work in japanese military brothels during
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the second world war but survivors say they want direct compensation and police in mexico of arrested a suspect in the murder of a crime journalist the man's accused of planning the killing of a bit of a breach in march the journalist was shot several times as she drove out. as the headlines the news continues right after al-jazeera world next.
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these were. criminals to some a hero for upis. this is the extraordinary story
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of you live on. a top serbian general who during the siege of sarajevo chose to serve in the bosnian army. it's a story of tested loyalties of trust and mistrust all born out of the chaos of. the royal. couple. but. the first day of school in bosnia. or. for younger ones it can be a tough day without the encouragement of friends with. the right foot in their. body but they've also thought them out of. service on board it say or
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to watch the mike and the much. he. or so korea push for an adoring as they. feel we have done for several don't know. mike a member of the rebel good. is here in all of a small town near sarajevo on behalf of education builds balls nya the n.-g. o. he founded after the war. its aim is to help war all sins of all ethnicities his own happy childhood was cut short a to thirteen when his mother left an unhappy marriage taking dave york with her. my my bill of course i was not and i was a less. than adults there was a vote to start i was taught to sing and i did this and. then he sent me matson is so much of this he had only some you know socks i mean me so he's so nice that
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they're nice and you know food. or. rather this is said jim is poster doesn't say michael his daughter and i be like mike it's either my butt is a main problem with a plan for this it says the federal site some say. mike or closing his eyes in a way that the school and english ability then went to school what's a tumble he for doing this for my vizio because one hundred below zero give it a go you know school doesn't blush i don't suppose. or you would have yes. it was me.
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yeah. kids who care. you know they just are. you sure. are good people you know. oh i was over there. yes. but it was a bit i was able to be of some super what i was supposed to be a bit of months on a little bit that similar and academic opposite that. this was
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a tragic young author says this. i want to donna's from point a to this apparently got in a point as they go then see and i throw. purposely my kid yeah he's in that or ya got that course it's him go very quickly it is evidence in ways that i again as i say. oh peter knew me since i'm a gnome and with some numb carbonation about sat off to military college did yak served in the yugoslav army and in one thousand nine hundred sixty six was posted to sarajevo. it was love at first sight.
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because a part of us are able to do to live premier of a new signing on imposing on a fifth to a dollar sellable on a view book when to do it in the. business bus when it isn't me he she let me see on producer all the seven. acres of the set i don't want to move or. defend all of these as you don't they all move or. did the x. server in the elite if you can be as first president the country's founding father . draws. under tito's rule. ethnic divisions were kept in check.
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to go on is thought of. so second of all but on a as the only rules for dollar per you was for the list they call a museum all. on idealistic and. on. these all onset i end up on dawe a seven eight or so percent as your knowledge that really is your all up on it but davies a on it there was the premier part was a multiplier discuss said garrick. laver but the deal was a live virus it turned it was very on an accepted to the purpose of the main to let religio or a member. we judged him or he spoke the. last several news of
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the wars or some other not so honest a sort of year or so he story is rich and i made to according to a. preacher may. or may have dark wilmslow cheshire on the process but it did not show knowledge that through tourists here the thoughts of those in the last. sternness of this was the orders of the minutes yet they had a program. as waves of ethnic nationalism swept the country the dream of the slavia came crashing down. you broke out as one by one the country's ethnic group soon to independence from belgrade. it was bosnian philosophy is that bag of it she championed independence for the republic of poles near and that's a covenant with such a gave its capital. independence so men. and democratic must now have to mean
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that serbs rejected the idea no more it didn't miss it did a magic pill that the bushman you can't for the impact on a muslim ask you out of more than less than your muslim ask you not a member of the programming of the wood out and quickly formed their own state. the news server public mobilized the yugoslav people's army to j. and k. to besiege something evil. and turned to genocide the systematic ethnic cleansing of the population last night shells hit a hotel it was hoped of more than a thousand refugees in the rush to escape there was panic and confusion. in the sukkah because. they've had this at the god in a propaganda car objection a premier director does as bush shot him a muslim man on them or say gee that. siddhivinayak who had made such
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a you feel his home there was a haunted steamy. could you but you notice him as a bozo hits you know he has a deal is when he and i was such a nice and all this you need a nigga so most of my profits on the road be to those them now it's that on the slab he knows that i know it was an out but not to not to professorial it was that to my below that's a nice and neat they are nice but he had to force you. also got that he let loose on this it set that there it is the universe will go but he looked the other supposedly stopped as well as a vigil b. oh yeah that's the only opponent you know which is that would this photo bit of a one to nuts you know that it's one of the no watches of buddhism and he called me on this that that it's wrong but i don't have been a part of the many. oh
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. yeah because you have the the us being a ski. evil whore still he thought it cost maybe you i think each of my fits you quote of course above your voice is composed of a totally with your people you would be among you and you know you as you would think of him if you were you know obviously much or you could not show what i. said or google is a good enough and they do the. lenient does a lot of sit there as saying call to saul met depositional and a lot of as. i said. current. meal do some. if you have
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a but eleven and they say the paul in the clip was this young man said a bit. no i remember now vision they left here lou don't have a limo to you. never stay too late danny see. but one particular day in the trenches changed if you acts like this on the. best lawyer sold ahmed on this because i don't own the. was on fire. escape don't i look on the loss. was one of thousands of women who fought to defend sorry abel during the long military siege. focus on those. cops on me i would turn way pomade to say be liked or yeah more and more sad but outside missler could probably kamado another could he say thought the obit cocoa one part
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of a chair and beer it took the semiramis one to me special i'm stuck just this past the sca my ban assumes the toy. knows well he taught me smoke to cover magick to swear to of the law he told him visit all cool bears love say toyama is my mother cream you be like beer but the me mashed the muslim a top respect for the law. ya tom dapo my moment to moderate a course there's that serious foreign ministry such are worth about a. book wallowing reattachment was says that a about the poem love mr. meek s.k. . refusing to. say packets capone's the mark on a saturday. you know. a lot of it was.
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either call. some venue does this mean you stand to lose our do our stone over you your nice a series we. said we will call cords to our cause old post routes the talk. on the groove or die the eleven the clear eyes as a song to. the body. of the one is it bears. copy on tell me some of the chellaney choir in the state or yeah some local me me it took in a damn put all a dime in that i'll. never rat pack. organism
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like. the last of. last christmas. was the in i don't know that's a preachy. chevy queen of. the. talk quickly come out here. to play but he is so keep it to. the fed to cut it a celeb he did a. dog with a lot day seven days the book was a monster bus a risky. one a bit too so. to an attorney. but. that's.
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often the couple. said. a year later the unexpected happened at the age of forty five fell pregnant and was expecting twins despite the pregnancy she continued to serve on the front lines firing her done one day she lost one of the babies the muhammad survived only after weeks of hospitalization. that. was grabbed it taught by the. one hundred that. for more and now go on i thought that by me it's a very. good niat see.
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her all pretty. all it's a bit. wary of the young man diac is my. godfather he was the first person who took me in his hand and he told me i will be the strongest as the yugoslav people army was. after they died i need to work harder and also i need to. and become something and become more than they were before and a dad. for d.v.
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mohammed's birth turned tragedy into salvation helping war orphans would become his life's mission. robots are all. set roles yourself. i get them out of which i. twenty years ago i lost my father and i never have a chance to match him because during the aggression of boss had seventy nine sorry ever before in the first first lines and he gave his life to follow me and my friends after the war nobody wanted to take responsibility for thousands and thousands of the children who fall asleep parents i met this man who was strong again being i was just a little kid he was big and i was like that's a journo you can see him you you hundred general all the manhood rescuers are
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so you know it's very frightening to me to man but when i met him he was a. commuter give me a hug and since then every time i see me i give him a huge so i can just see he sulk around song the song somehow he depletes my father's. place and i'm not sure what. mr dylan do you are told us going to already i'll take it but i'll take it if you study if you be a huge man and if you if you accomplish something. and that's. that is only one thing that he's asking for us to fight for by using knowledge to gain respect among the others and to be a great thing that. are the words like of those additional
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dotted it is a menu or should i coach the name. you're going to be. ok with. a knock on. the side so you could. not. get.
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out. of the. day. it was. a race against michael. thank you i'm. sorry. and as time wore on and attacks on the besieged became fists it. in the bull's eye. and it was a foul to get us. on the third of may one thousand nine hundred ninety two played a role in one of the most bitterly contested incidents
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a role which was to put his reputation of risk. taking the president hostage in a bid to secure the release of a serbian general held captive by the bosnian army. the two sides agreed to exchange prisoners peacefully. but just as the exchange was being made. stop the. fights to access were rude and acting outside of comic moments. one of the command is handling the crisis. is below. zero. the birth.
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was more i was unemployed i was. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask that question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you a broich you've been corrupt are corrupt i did just the presidency al-jazeera investigations the only go coming soon you are making very pointed remarks where they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on saying no evil person just makes up of it in the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about
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people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean nobody i mean if you want to go shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera aid workers have begun evacuating emergency medical cases from the besieged area of eastern
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ghouta in syria's capital damascus many have been waiting for months during that time the u.n. says that at least sixteen people have died the area has been surrounded by government forces since twenty thirteen the government of the philippines is setting up more than six hundred temporary shelters some of the thousands of people displaced by the conflict in the city of the army re took the area from i sold a separatist faces in october after a five month siege where are we was also battered by tropical storm tembin last week vote counting is underway in liberia's presidential runoff between former footballer george weah and the current vice president joseph block i despise a low turnout of the process is expected to produce the first democratic transition of power in more than seven decades russia's president vladimir putin has formally registered to run in the twenty eight thousand election he's running as an independent but is backed by the pro kremlin united russia party he's expected to
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win his fourth term in march putin has so far refrained from campaigning but has praised his government's management of the economy russia has rebounded from its worst recession in two decades a major prisoner exchanges underway between the government and pro russia separatists in eastern ukraine it's the first such swap in more than a year ukraine is expected to release three hundred six separatist fighters in exchange for seventy four of its soldiers. the detention of two reuters journalists in may of mine has been extended for a further fourteen days while on and kill so who were arrested earlier this month off to meeting police on the outskirts of gang gone we had more accuses the pair planning to share illegally acquired information with foreign media the reporters were covering the crisis affecting the row he was limbs in rakhine state south korea says that a deal with japan to settle a decades long comfort women dispute fails to meet the victims' needs dozens of
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protesters gathered outside the foreign ministry to denounce the twenty fifteen agreement two years ago japan agreed to set up on their nine million dollars fund to help career women who were forced to work in japanese military brothels during the second world war survivors though say they want direct compensation now let's get you back to al-jazeera world. the plight of the yugoslav. fighters have blocked a prisoner exchange between the bosnian and serbian army's a top serbian general and none other than talia isn't baggage the bosnian president of the hostages. assume pins chosen to defend sarajevo with the full syrian army is trying to handle the crisis but the stigma of being a serbian general in the bosnian army is about to have terrible consequences.
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to chivas a. vote so they brought on. those who commit common those and they're put saying that but it was the memory of no human museum as ronnie that is. simply cows are tossed like. those. men of georgia doesn't hear them although johnny's put them a call on. it does but i can show they'll go out in the order i wasn't out isn't a good for god's. sake. it's all part of the moment to the whole.
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thing because. this is nothing i feel and that is my turn to be as you. are. that's i mean that they are not that i support there is a and they a comando a name put say it on our so there must. be fifty fifty coming up with your thumbs up but. look close enough to read the letter grade and. eventually the convoy passed and the exchange happened but several serbian soldiers were killed during the trade. who fired on the claim fully and one would
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remains on ten. easy to cross is marked literally skied they. are throwing natter does that say nicea for bot. if there were some program or no narrative see at any rate. in the fog of war the serbs accused of ordering the attack and betraying his people the bosnian or thorazine also becoming suspicious of his loyalties the showers at the billows in linear order. called were nickerson not on the qui attorney saying you're driving up and there's a bridge to divvy up the could be rosy part of the negative or not it has a tree model as a bulldozer or don't that you must like of them he said that puts. too much the end of the war president is it big a bitch yield to pressure to deal with defacto. your son
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is. such as to be operative this to. me is a beggar which i don't want to show so positive it is an arc of. theirs or some laws of nature what. they have over theirs will pay a zero. when walters as a very strong black community in the us and stop more stores book. brokers a mug of tea or to francisco. excluded now from his life's profession in the military divjak once again face to dynamite again he chose to stay in sarajevo becoming the outsider within but his children found that life too much to bear.
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love though lonely there of all love to be. your dog or. your dog or oh. mother the weather there. boppers that the trim up in the central city of only started his own for you look right want to do it like it almost but most won't do wallet on a legal. piece in the kiln. but don't converse provoking and. repressive but he wanted to walk the walk a little but do you want to to really own found for a d. pocket of his he legally if you prepare a minimum all you do know what
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a person has a book oh don't let me bust door to the bloody needle admitted to mamta primitives to mail it to marry a. ds on phone the do this all the summer dong. that will deal with foot of a cliff and me. the use of it today met me there is take. marja to trees to cut his own phone a symbolic for me ever uterus. set some over yeah but not as mr g. martius is the actors are all of us a bunch of up they did figure out that they all but you're the sick ass. now rasmus your martyr me. really so it's welker's or anywhere his leak of a job. for your boss was that he said so.
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was this was. just a. the presidents of bosnia croatia and serbia have reached a peace agreement to end the war in bosnia. the siege claimed the lives of over ten thousand people mostly bosnians it's considered the worst act of genocide in europe since world war two. since then the country has been more peaceful than even optimists stead to hope. but the emotional scars will linger for generations.
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to v.x. n.-g. o. work with children victimized by the war is motivated by his belief in a multiethnic bosnia his experience helping mohammad and his own childhood loss of a father figure. the foundation has supported the education of more than five thousand war since. for many in sarajevo this is shown that give yack not only fought to protect them in times past but is also helping rebuild their future in two thousand and three did he actually had the opportunity to reconcile that is that back of it is the former leader lay in hospital on his deathbed.
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a percent of others that are in order rather go out on a is a one way or the most a better mollies a bit richer mobile was america go void a god as a political. a loser mobs in america or to nelson it was the. not just with his militia so. they were a cio here. thank. you. for how did they act waited in custody. unsure whether she returned home to. be sent to great to be tried. but what happened something. the citizens of sarajevo mounted a campaign to bring back her. economy. to
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eat. sleep. play. the right to study by saying good for the fighters call it walk in the. modern age this is their lives. and they always had some security you will see that there's lots of cars a mason tree. the diary he kept during those days in custody became his way of dealing with his loyalty and longing for sarajevo. while.
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the. book does. he that is and it was a. book. produce for him it will. now be some disturbing force them to present or not because the method you know i mean dogs is either cobol would up the. door didn't look awful good i. meant they wanted or the same number as was done but up. next the but. the best is that for the subject right
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person i was pretty iffy about doing this the puppy just read the. book you know but what she put up those. are. off to months in custody the campaign to free him finally one. released without charge divjak return to sarajevo a free man. can the rest of us want to get out see. the go we were able. to go look at it it didn't have to be shame to let him live out here thank god i'm
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sure you're not anyone that did all the hard to hook what it. meant for wall to wall off thank the eno was another turning point in his life and not a moment of triumph and adversity. would show the world and shown that he was one of the. his vienna diaries were published and today he's heading for the be hatched in the new book to get to be hatched from sarajevo devoutness drive through an autonomous serbian region in bosnia and herzegovina created in the off to my off of the war. as a crane project that because of us that if it don't go to what was said to have here . is that chorus or disagree that combine you know as
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a to go before all bus song bought a set. said that he thought that a public a sub scout should be swell because of me later ned they were sassy. or at least sadder but no matter what i but. that's a bell. it was a village. shop. with a push up all. so for them to get away. from removal crew and they could although a lot of them might. be waiting while he leaves to gather these people that was over to go below more a lot of the civil service all of. which
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are all on the public will realize under the threat that he stood for our rights or is it innocent other people that i didn't barge from or taking the kargil to the ground the plural society those who fought against us for narrow minded you know they want to see me that's going to create something as a society don't call the raise. other things at this these are all their identities but the old if you stood for what we are today like of course society that existed here some how many hundred years before before it existed in the western hemisphere . it was. under pressure no question. obviously in. common though about food site and.
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power or more yelling a common though never would say bastard or nato propaganda. i don't teach it to the north and to more human doc to satellites and that one said argue they are going to be pushed into belgrade that he entered no valgerd yet so though the door to satellites and that them see the. orgy. it does not say that you said the causative down near new. well your a near the start of him our or jeff it was evident that act. and it was the. congress we saw the senate but doesn't it by and there is sit isn't it. to show perdido cilla seven bodies because it i listened
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mrs ellison it was and is a nice journalist. but i must. protect and. make more of the receipt trivia of the diesel laws. to fit book to moscow comes they need to go on to draw on the salute on took up the van and saw so he said to his. dailies or to a primitive of it lit out see all. fed in of all it was left. up he said phyllis seventy some is going to.
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it's a complete young sit and it was stuck in a sump in manila get leave to lick what. part of the pits on isaac on the put it of a bomb was in a park they said above the quad the bush said which at the moment but in on the kalka cafe du monde. is a measure of make you let and that will. you
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. should watch. craic and you have acres ought to. and here's all done them all that. they. have a committee. just say compelled to. and then mark on a fiddle to put it. could
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you please. please. the commander. to life imprisonment. among some of the worst atrocities carried out. for years. which an estimated ten thousand people were killed.
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there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to paris the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we weren't able to see the secret of it we were unable to tell it in a two part series on al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land falling at this time on
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al-jazeera. from long flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello there in south america we've been seeing an awful lot of very heavy rain particularly in bolivia the rains here have been very very heavy but now they are beginning to ease a little bit you can still see one or two rather heavy ones in the eastern part of the country they stretch down through parts of paraguayan as well and will see a fair few more as we head through thursday but the heavier ones this time are likely to be over parts of paraguay and stretching across towards rio to the south
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of all of that it's fine with still pretty warm look at when it's always up at thirty two degrees and for santiago will be up at thirty three but the central americans here the weather's quite quiet at the moment satellite picture isn't picking up a great deal of time just a few areas here in there and that's really the picture as we head through the next few days some clouds coming and going at times generally loss of fine weather to be seen and just the occasional showers perhaps from panama through costa rica and into nick a regular part as we head through into thursday looks like those showers have become slightly more extensive and spread a little bit further towards the north now for north america been a lot of very heavy snow here in the last day or so mostly in the northeast that system is pulling away and behind it is just going to stay a bitterly cold look at that in chicago a maximum of minus twelve. the way sponsored by the time.
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oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh i don't know the but if you are cunning well they have come to the end zone when they guess i've just been living. idealism on the way they've been so when they've been sent. up in the army. in a mars bar the.


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