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tv   Stronger Than Bullets  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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cats are always going places together in the wake of the race right now how much can someone take before they come to fight for recognition is crucial we needed cooler heads to prevail brothers and it's sort of there for people things that were said about their religion or things it was a. force to be disrespected al-jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist but i was going to the truth as i would that's what this job. you're watching algis there i'm still robin these are our top stories at least forty people are being killed and another thirty injured after multiple explosions
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in a compound in the afghan capital kabul the blast hit a shia muslim cultural center and the news agency afghan voice who has more from the capital kabul what we know now that. there were two attackers and one of according to the government here they said that the suicide bombing has killed at least forty and out on thirty people were wounded but some some sources but in the figures much more higher because some of the wounded. people were shipped were carried out by the family members to to their homes or maybe to a private hospitals regional security specialist in the stock rahim has more on the motivations for the attack. this is the shia community which has been the target of the. isis of honest and weighing of the isis i did have been
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targeting this year community to our two thousand and seventeen and they have been targeting the larger gatherings previously they have attacked some of the religious processions and gatherings and this was yet another one the second reason for targeting this group was that it was a media outlet that was are going to a gathering with tosca moment it commemorating the twenty seventh of december that they were the ships invaded iran us and then nine hundred seventy nine and the mean he did targeted media and they have been targeting media outlets i mean the isis in every artist in order to make a mark media has not been providing them enough amount of coverage that they have been seeking to get activities and so they have been targeting the media outlets as here in capital kabul as well as in the regional hub in order to make sure they get y.c. is raised because in numbers it must as if they don't get the amount of coverage they want to get well the u.n.
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is warning that the scale of attacks on children in conflict zones worldwide has reached shocking levels in a report unicef says there is widespread and blatant disregard for international laws designed to protect young people. need workers of evacuated a second group of critically ill patients from eastern gives the rebel held area near syria's capital damascus and at least one person is refusing to leave fearing arrest by the assad government. the u.n. says sixty eight again many civilians were killed in just war day from two side led airstrikes the saudi led coalition has intensified its air campaign against positions following the death of former president earlier the less earlier this month the first strike on tuesday hit a crowded market in theirs province killing fifty four civilians including eight children the second killed fourteen people from the same family in the red sea province of her data. a teenage palestinian girl recently film slapping israeli soldiers in her village is that to appear in
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a military court in israel i had to bibi was detained in a police raid on her home on december the nineteenth the video went viral and she is being seen as a symbol of the palestinian resistance. a former zimbabwean general who helped push out robert mugabe has been sworn in as vice president constantino chin when god will share the role with kember behati a long serving state security minister when you retired from the military last week . the official results from liberia's presidential runoff vote could be announced in the coming hours the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has praised the peaceful conduct of the election which is set to mark the first democratic transfer of power there in more than seventy years. also proves cultural minister has resigned following the controversial pardoning of x. president alberto fujimori salvador was a fierce opponent of the decision fujimori who was serving
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a twenty five year term for human rights abuses and corruption was last week moved from jail to hospital president bloke with chin ski denies the part was part of a deal to avoid his own impeachment on corruption allegations but it hasn't stopped thousands of people from taking to the streets to protest the decision. those were the news headlines witnesses next here on al-jazeera.
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and they can. do that down. that why not make. it better to go away or to music own identity and our culture but let's not. let the cloud. for the rest of the world that was a joke. but for us libyans it was no joke. and there will come a time that will take it back. up the island sure. sure foody be a. good little morning. so if it always sunny
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would blow by blow. your not so. sure yet be sure. to think. so your feelings. at. the command that it was not that i'm. the moon your name for the them and they did make the misery there's enough we got might not come. deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep. enough our. own.
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mind because we are scared of mind because news good. and our business good mom dad this is. this. means if i tell you the rockets fired from the tanks we don't. know we're not we're not. unlike kerry he views you can't rock music slow rock i like control and i like you here for sure. and the kids in this room. to search your. music gives me power you know gives me power gives strong hopes your big. move the heights. close our show.
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up why not fire that is the goblet of fire no real quick i need one none of us to do. the deed a deal to buy. something you cannot afford. so people who just assume those hip hop arses are yes this is or no yes this is to just said and what the system at the center of the system have a problem with that. but you're going to have a voice that's like it's like this to be a voice for my work for the voice this is. first. when. i see it. i have to see stuff here and my brother in law help me because of the border stuff
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like in the back to boston stockton brother blah blah blah and he definitely bring me here to live yeah. and you by your i mean i make like you can see home studio for just for my own fun and nothing for the business or something like that what's happened to me just imagine your life completely life it's roy and come to new place that's what's happened. you have any opposition to your government have not taught us that god the now the party is in the hands of that people to move it if he did. it was difficult. in defeat killed my own.
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and i have my approach. he says more than ten years and it's confusing to. my cousin mojang that's not the run to america he took my house the rest me more than twenty four times. the. good stuff he's always tried to make is is power i mean to show who's boss i'll get out the judges give us their reactions or attack on you yesterday think of us or. that kids all of them because all of that and they're all. still alive and it's gone are you afraid of other attempts being saved on your life by a lot of it or. is there a godfather one vote against. my windows are very.
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protective it was that for him because he have to give the beeb and chance to express themselves. and nobody i love to express himself in is a presence and he's all over the place was he went through this you know parks what he sometimes used to go that undefined like some kids it's how does it feel he said this is no good you should get into old whist and it's linked so he borrowed everyone to estimate in that country he had just been. told that i. and. i have to run migrated to the states in the state took it for fifty six years i kind of come on like i did a guy then. make it was radical. i am when
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. in doubt of the spring start i was in the chandeliers and it was glued to the t.v. and i didn't believe that it's happening i mean everybody was surprised it was like a diminished effect of him in the whole system of dictatorship in the middle east starts falling down is way overdue you know. we're waiting to leave here and they want some intimate. brewery. we. started early in the morning peace no fight no fight.
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scene blue the movie up on cause you have a real movie it's about. i was like with joan rivers working. so i was cool as. the movie you should commence. people listen but don't let. them know the room it was like just go and not go. and they start fighting us with. the fight in him stones. us bill man was like crazy weather through and scary was. the first i thought they were like workers going through an average work of look like this movie yellow head us.
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yes some of the guys are out to kill some people really are from far away i can see that i've been a very hard man. i know that this thing has not been done to be starting here are they going to kill us all. the time. it was sides eighty three braids the front of the cause we collect ourselves from there and we saw it's going to the gates. and we had to we had two calls from the kitty bank that's. the word going with this. and he's talking us.
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and that moment i was like scare those doors that run you know that you run and find out that someone is left behind that just don't know the blow that shot the bill do you know the one who gave us the cigarettes those griz's jewish and. that time we had no choice we have to fight. we were only back.
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week. every week you're. like whoa i witness something big like this like you can see the movies like why would. he. be. in the news when i saw it who i was really amazed that maybe and really the end there are some made themselves that they can take this guy within four days. i was. in a lot of women. out so not only did. great
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and. it was done from the beginning i'm going to use me as. they. want to focus about. not. let me sing music. only. yet so i have zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero are i was los angeles wishing the team you can yeah it was very pleasing to see masood talking to the to the reporter and holding his return in the same tonight. it was a pretty a tic seen a video can be just a momentum seems to be somebody with a guitar ok if i can get down in this and believe. oh.
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my. god love neck and have. fun. in you from the beginning music was him because gives a good feeling and function because those deep in the house. rev up. say hello. hello hello to. their fellow they are several others were just. just
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. down ingrid. would. go there's always music but but the musician never the coming out. to stop it from both. the. judge will he give all the time he's time you know for someone anything like a band out according to the innocence anything you know you get your idea and he's create something more in your spec. less those of us that those love the music those give me just because i look at them i look at some level of white like. this.
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guy. always i try to escape from the public. because i don't like my political smears. leave the city. p.d. leave me alone we find. that. my going. home for the. company you're looking like starbucks so full. from one thousand nine nine hundred. but i mean like after my life. out of the best
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friends like you when he come back from from tripoli this was a couple of days before evolution i mean i'm old mole in my house than his house i mean the. piece was because. i'll come to my place and see man let's do something less let's show the world how we feeling here how the killed the people again and i said ok i mean if we cannot fight we can meet some song let's do it. he said with a moustache and start thinking about lyrics and i catch the guitar like always and try to make some good notes but you know first of all it was like.
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you know what i see no it's just that this maybe maybe that the they lose the the feeling like that. and. maybe one wonder how far we get some. of that how much i told him you must make a solo guitar because it was better than me and he really made my soul. but always looking for some but such an ism you know i tell him i mean it must come back to like in your solo there is something in there and you can do better than that. he said i will come to more.
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this is. it here with romeo. and i'll start i don't know that. there's something going on in the area we would have not you know going in the in the street and first place. you know we really. when we first came to the streets with her some. gunfire it's in a sea of red lights in the in the other curve like a spark it's rich spark so i told romeo that such something is is going over of you and i have never finished it mice i sent.
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it when we come to the hospital the guys who sent it slips and stuff talked to moved up and moved up and i've not recognize what's going on i like to see around me i was easy i thinking he broke a leg or something like that you know and move to just go to the wall and stuff crying and i think what's happened most of what's happened.
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i tell. them. that. the only way to miss that there was a seat all the seats is a round misrata is full of duffy's soldiers. the city's was
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destroyed and the one where it was illegal to grease streets and the lot of me was dying it was so it was was something very very sad. my wife she was the trade the body because she was a regular and she told me. i lose you and my baby will have no father. i told her i had to do that i have to fight that i don't i was. a stock up on drugs knowing. until we make all messiter free we had to go to to tripoli.
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they came back and not play a fund in one month. it's were. the ten percent second the seats are various on the cones and one to the song it's obvious the suit is she listen. to this i love my new play i am not going to hurt. the gives the root good that we are going to wind . up or our right or our. nothing except. for the repair. i'll get my stuff from the stuff of. it's over the.
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top. down. to the bow of the. blade by. budget. cuts.
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that is the but is a. exactly a. really amazing. victory. this theory. see that. this is maybe a new libya a new media you're hearing you like. the metal. i'm. sure. there was some there was they just got their car is a pretty good. it's to worry about that another day. you.
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know not completely go away i'm usually i know when it's dumb enough to sleep but i know from inside sometimes being right and me and my god you know. and also to stay on the special day old posts. to see. something. i want to be ok that's never good because i suppose i can see it's because. i am as close as i can just make that's. ok because i have it now somebody doesn't have
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a knob that doesn't have a knob saudi mind back it's was good. because you know. i was kind of i'm not. well that. are our. guide you find it. got. some. sense of. how she feels. her loss of sense says. some might say oh i just like to push these people to the world just to the world see see what libya they have i mean this is my dream scene since twenty years here to make some big new concerts the front of the beastie or square or any place just leave it at the front of people i mean not the two speakers one week so it's not something really really big. to
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assist. him to say. i want to shoulder the full face of the media and all these artists musicians and i mean there is not only mom or with these two channels this is not believe that this is not the libyans i mean when you when you see all these people coming from the houses i mean with this small flags and something really special. now see the logistics of stage equipment security imagine seeing i mean we don't have nothing now for the first time he tries to simply be there. anyone can tell from the size you have gotten one from you know. from others but it is. good to know. that there are.
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as you get a good home shooting which we. are using are refusing to give. i'm sure he loved. it when do you think this couple of us ride this was going to be like it is going to spread that's right i wanted to have a chance to enjoy life that's right. that's right ok and this is the stage for us i thought it was. because i was amazed to see it i mean there to moan twenty five bands in the festival just to tell you how this city are for r.t.d.
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. what's. that was the night and the day before really it was you know you never see a meeting in benghazi that sustained civil to pearson really they came to the meeting and it was just a meeting between me and other guy to you know to negotiate the contract but i knew that this something was really going on you know in the back and they were trying to ready i mean. i mean cancel the contract. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh. again i just said himself.
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it was dirty politics and shadia personality and you know apparently the muslim brotherhood some part in it and the first he would appear just a mean. sober. but moment in my life when i called the old guys one by one so you guys sort of. nothing will happen now i was completely destroyed the day. i've got my mom and dad if you'd like to just today i feel. their way or. you know i want to make them but for the first minute of for sure but the political now they don't want to music you. know i tried to with malcolm i no way
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they said we have sex because we have. people dying. to know their night. nick leeson all these tents and these are. just all these you can find to se. just so good to see you released. your. appearance here when their evolution was was taking place to be able they're preparing themselves and when the deaf you died and shed their two thousand pieces these guys defined opportunity you know to fill the void. to be a star going from that tuor stuck here and there every day is getting worse and
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worse with these people. the killing of their chris down american bester that was the to big point and from that point there was a car to blanche for them ok to. kill and murder anything they want. or like before. you know no. i mean war. and played.
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to the. of course get out of the house you know the backwash of what could definitely see this what you end up with these guys it was you know all over again musician they went underground no i mean the games you know change. they want to baffle me. i don't miss a brother. brother who got shot. and i got. arrested twice. and somebody would give to the bedroom miles we've been with russia go
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through of my adam pistols and guns like where you go get up get up there's one someone asked me couple of questions like. who are you i said i don't know who audio and he starts lead me around the said i ask question you know you're not and then this started me up on the tram but no the back of my car truck you buy i refuse that and know right away i'm not the one in one shot we should meet the base let me see if. there is some ice is a live and nobody can deny that i mean they control some some it's a rare but not big areas may have another way like with the media but this is the environment for them to work hard because they grew every minute. of the music
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instrument like where you expect from my says no the kind of heads. she had one law to help the law one must be made up somewhat on one leg up to the human woman and no one making it up to the woman you've got to deal on the up this is a woman and. i believe there will be shot that. see the truth is i believe it's was. was the city. blues group almost two was a stack early there are of course no good because just push buttons you know and
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love. to push people other people fans you know love to be all right man. have to mean other people he. lived through their lawyer could film all they can muster a look at the leg no more did can you please dr bowman another woman getting one million there with what i claim in my uterus doesn't blandly. we should. make a music. yellow color scheme you know he she simple equipment. of course i mean cannot something like. you know what you believe i think. music is in my blood. flowing.
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the. process. i told him about poets. charm is coming to. watch saying is. ant people stop saying so. saying this is more powerful. song for. you. you. you. you. you you. you. brother.
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jeffrey. rashi's musical pioneer. uses to be silent in spite of the endless cycles of violence. through his school for young girls craft of music and the font of emancipation. news if we are reading. the witness documentary this time on al-jazeera.
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through tranquil a radio interview. i do not care to see and it's in the shop. hello there we've got plenty more rain over south america at the moment the majority of the rain is over the northern half of our stretching through villa via down through paraguay and into parts of brazil now this region here in the south is going to give us plenty of heavy rain over the next few days so again paraguay and the southern parts of brazil however going to see the shell for showers elsewhere there will also be some outbreaks of rain but in between some brought to whether it's well to the south of all of that though it's looking fine and dry for us in the majority of argentina enter into chile say thirty three the most when they what is aires and force in santiago will be getting to thirty one on friday but over the towards the north and for many of us in the central americas the weather's been required recently there's been plenty of sunshine around another great deal of rain atoll things are changing a little bit as we head through the next day i'll say so if you were showers are
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going to be seen today over parts of cuba and we'll see more of those on friday we're also going to see more in the way of what the towards the west as well say from paris panama or. all the way out through into parts of mexico has a chance of seeing some or all the lively downpours as we head through friday i mean further towards the north and we're watching this next storm piling into the northwestern part of the u.s. the western parts of canada expect heavy snow out of this. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. let's talk about what should be for not how to shoot themselves and they're all the countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that cities should know security is where the people who pay the price see the writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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thirty. thirty. third. her.
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blue. lose her. her . the offense being a journalist the crime practicing journalism. must go to same detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime mamata sane is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussain.
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this is al jazeera. so robert you're watching the al-jazeera news our life why headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.


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