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years documenting street violence john this book. was inspired to transform perception of reality journalism to. south africa to capture the fiber and see if the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that they're kept said i will be giving a speech due to all of us this is where. i live the new african photography deal not so much this time on al-jazeera. oh i saw says it carried out an attack on a shia cultural center in kabul which has killed at least forty people. and i want to turn this is al jazeera life from london also coming up targeted in
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their homes schools and playgrounds unicef warns that attacks on children every chocking level a severe fuel shortage in nigeria leaves motorists hearing for as many as ten hours for petrol and fighting famine side we meet the mexican community trying to tackle violence against women in one of the world's most dangerous places. we begin in afghanistan where suicide bombers have stormed a shia cultural center and news agency in the afghan capital killing at least forty people and over eighty four people were wounded many of them suffering burns the attack came as the center hosted a panel discussion on the anniversary of the soviet invasion of afghanistan eisel as claimed responsibility that's actually going on reports. explosions followed by a rush to assist the injured and count the. victims. it's become
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a familiar ritual especially in kabul where the afghan capital has seen its share of bombings this year this time the target was a shiite muslim cultural center and the neighboring afghan voice news agency that often. i saw many dead in the area i was looking for my cousin but i couldn't find his body i'm not sure what happened but the number of dead is increasing. the interior ministry says suicide attackers set off an explosion outside the center then stormed it and set off more explosives in the basement it was midday on thursday and a group had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine soviet invasion of afghanistan the middle of a cover just when the explosion went off we scapes from the room where we were working and went to the rooftop we sold a small in flames coming from the basement. the taliban immediately issued a statement denying involvement. an analyst tells his era
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given that this attack was in a shiite neighborhood this appears to be the work of eisele. he says the armed group has been targeting the shiite community this year as well as media outlets the isis you know what is in order to make a mark media has not been providing them enough amount of coverage that they have been seeking julian activities and so they have been targeting the media outlets and capital kabul as well as in the region in order to make sure they get weiss is raised. in may a truck bomb killed more than one hundred fifty people in kabul in what has been described as one of the worst attacks in recent memory afghans are trapped by violence from eisel and the taliban and what critics say is the inability of security forces to protect them. anger has led to protests and calls for
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resignations in the government analysts say what i saw lacks the numbers it makes up for in tactics. an orchestra but the sophistication of the operation and amount of exactness impreciseness in the operations that do usually target with little the strength or little amount of import it creates a lot of women and their jobs of achieving good strategic objectives the people at the cultural center were looking back and remembering a dark time or black day as it's called in afghanistan when the soviets invaded for the families of the victims thursday's attack has become another black day natasha going to aim to zero. the u.n. says sixty eight yemeni civilians were killed in two separate air strikes by the
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saudi led coalition in just one day the first air raid on tuesday hit a crowded market in tires province killing fifty four civilians including children the second killed fourteen people from the same family in the red sea province of her data altogether saudi led air strikes have killed one hundred nine civilians in the past ten days according to the un humanitarian coordinator in yemen he accuses all sides in the war of showing complete disregard for human life. children are increasingly being used as both targets and weapons of war according to a report by unicef it says the suffering of children in conflict zones has reached shocking levels the report says children have become front line targets and are often used as human shields right and enslavement have become standard tactics an increasing number are being recruited to fight in west africa the armed group walk around used an estimated one hundred thirty five child suicide bombers in twenty
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seventeen the conflict in yemen has been one of the worst for children this year with five thousand killed or injured unicef also says there is widespread and blatant disregard for international laws designed to protect young people had a hawk start as will. this school in mosul stands empty this street makes for dangerous playground as snipers threaten overhead this is what childhood looks like for these families over the course of this year children in conflict zones like here in iraq have been singled out and attacks unicef says those involved in conflict a blatantly disregarding international humanitarian law is designed to protect the most vulnerable children as normal now that you can target a hospital a group of doctors in syria told me recently when i was in northern turkey how the armed groups wouldn't even come near the hospital because the hospital was more of a target than the armed groups so hospitals and schools are being deliberately
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attacked children are being brutalized and it feels like all the rules in war as you say that used to at least protect civilians and children in particular in these terrible wars have all disappeared finally some light relief for people in rebel held eastern go to in damascus after four years of being trapped in middle of the fighting a few patients with urgent medical needs have been allowed to leave. unicef warns millions of children are also become in direct casualties of conflict from being displaced as well as being made homeless this refugee camp in bangladesh is home now for him to refugees from my ma of which four hundred thousand children children who stood by while our soldiers are right on their mothers or shot their father even brutalizes children is out and they're saying to those children they're deliberately doing this. in eastern ukraine many children live by the front line
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they show the scars of living in one of the most modern contaminated place on. the situation is worse in yemen where aid agencies are struggling to help. five thousand children have been killed or injured and many more severely malnourished risk of death a similar situation is unfolding in the democratic republic of congo with violence has driven hundreds of thousands of kids from their homes unicef is appealing to all parties involved in conflicts around the world to stand together and protect the rights of children and of their well as we just heard aid workers are evacuating critically ill patients from eastern guta of a siege to rebel held areas near syria's capital damascus sixteen people have now left as part of a deal with the government under which the rebels are releasing a number of their prisoners but at least one person is refusing fearing arrest by the asad government last month the u.n.
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called for five hundred people in need of urgent medical care to be allowed to leave but only twenty nine cases have been given approval at least nine eighteen people have died while waiting hundreds of thousands of children are among the more than one million syrians who been sheltering in lebanon after escaping the long war in their country where syrians sheltering in lebanon are living in refugee camps they know how to report to one such camp in the bekaa valley. tells her grandchild that they will return to syria one day but she doesn't know when that will happen four year old i was born in a refugee camp in lebanon the family is from the city of brick which was reduced to rubble in the war. we can't go back to syria our home has been destroyed our fields are littered with mines we want to return but how can we survive there. surviving in lebanon is not any easier the united nations says many refugees are
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more vulnerable than ever more are falling deeper into poverty many depend on aid to survive and most are in debt their numbers have not increased in years lebanon has tightened its borders and made it harder for syrians to enter the country in two thousand and fourteen the number of refugees surpassed one million a year later the number increased by two hundred thousand by the end of last year that number dropped by around one hundred ninety thousand and now the number is below one million until today about fifty thousand syrian refugees have already travelled have already departed from lebanon to third countries through such programs but it could also be because syria. through their own or through different opportunities to third countries. also know that since the beginning of two thousand and seven a few thousand. have returned to syria there are no exact numbers of those going
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back to syria but the u.n. believes that conditions for a safe return are not yet in place for many returning is not an option they hide their identities because they're scared some are wanted by the syrian government are working with the opposition others fear arrest they defected from the army because they didn't want to fight and there are those who don't want to return to avoid conscription in the army this area and government and its allies are regaining more and more territory. fighting is stopped in some areas cease fires and what is known as reconciliation deals are being reached but for the opposition there is no reconciliation with a government that has killed so many people just to stay in power some however are so desperate that they are ready to make peace at whatever cost. all those involved in the conflict should work to end this conflict and ask president bashar al assad to forgive and forget and forgive me and let us go back home once and for all we're
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tired of this. many won't agree with eunice the opposition continues to demand the removal from power that could be more years in exile and with the way the war is going for some it could mean never returning to syria. because lebanon u.s. president gul chump is accusing china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by continuing to sell oil to pyongyang in the last hour trumper treated caught red handed very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea it will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen while our white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us now live from washington to pick this apart completely was just last week i believe that the u.n. security council voted to really squeeze those a few import sanctions against north korea china voted in favor of that it was a unanimous in animists vote john are saying actually they don't believe what
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chumpy say. right china is denying the accusations that the president made on twitter you have to sometimes decipher why and what has prompted donald trump to go to twitter and often this is when he feels that an issue isn't being covered adequately in his view in the media he will tweet knowing that then in turn we will take a look and see what he's talking about and this is a really good example of that if you go back to the u.s. treasury website last month you'll see that it first called attention to these satellite images that said that it had of chinese ships applying oil to north korean ships in the west see now apparently these satellite images put out by the u.s. treasury department were taken october nineteenth but again it didn't get a whole lot of media attention even though the united states says that this is in violation of sanctions that were put in place specifically speaking to this by the u.n. security council in september so perhaps it's
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a little bit of frustration on that level and frustration too by the president that he's tweeting this given the fact that when he first came into office to in january he immediately began to address the situation of north korea's nuclear program by investing heavily in the relationship with chinese president xi hosting the mar-a lago speaking enormously about the investment that was being made in the hope that china would use its economic leverage to limit the north korean program but in recent weeks and months we've seen some frustration with that while the treasury department says there has been some success with china helping to isolate north korea from the global financial system again there is some frustration by the united states with examples like this of these satellite images so well china is denying these charges saying that there have been no u.n. security council violations as far as it's concerned the u.s. sees it differently and now we see the frustration playing out on twitter by the
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president donald trump and really how can we are doing a great job teasing a street. still to come this half hour friends and families of killed cleese offices demonstrate against violence in brazil's second city of rio de janeiro plus . i'm wayne hay reporting from thailand where the military government says democracy will return at the end of two thousand and eighteen but we'll tell you why many believe it won't happen. hello there is plenty of time pushing its way across the middle east at the moment on the satellite picture you can see it all working its way towards the northeast eventually making its way through iraq into iran and across the caspian sea there but this area of cloud isn't really going to have a great deal of wet weather on it to tour the area of rain that will be watching is out in the western parts of turkey and here it looks like it's going to be fairly
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wet throughout the day on friday and on saturday and as well as being wet we're also looking at some very strong winds as well but further towards the south and here in doha it's a little calm of not we're looking at a top temperature of twenty four degrees the wind should be fairly light as well as we head through the next day or thirty degrees will be our maximum but it could be more of a breeze at times if we had down towards the southern parts of africa here plenty more wet weather to be found it's all stretching from angola all the way across and then into madagascar madagascar hissing some very heavy rain over the last few hours as we head through the next day or so we already see yet more heavy showers across madagascar and again stretching all the way across the northern parts of our map further south is looking a lot drier and generally fine twenty four degrees will be the maximum a cape town fair amount of sunshine to be found here but for durban more cloud will be squeezing out the shower temperature for twenty seven.
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welcome back reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera at least forty people have
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been killed in a suicide attack on a shia cultural center and news agency in afghanistan's capital kabul children are increasingly being used both as targets and weapons of war according to unicef it says the suffering of children in conflict zones has reached shocking levels and the u.n. says sixty eight yemeni civilians were killed in two separate air strikes by the saudi led coalition on choose day thank you did fourteen people from the same family. the u.s. embassy in ankara says it's lifted always strictures on visa services and being a mother. it says turkey has met all assurances that local us embassy staff won't be detained or arrested the us stopped issuing visas in turkey after two stealth members were detained at the u.s. consulate in istanbul during a state of emergency in ankara turkey has responded by lifting the restrictions put in place on u.s. citizens but denies giving any such assurances. and israeli military court is
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deciding whether to extend the detention of a palestinian teenager who was filmed kicking and slapping israeli soldiers earlier this month a sixteen year old on her tummy was arrested last week along with her mother and cousin by israeli troops and faces charges of attacking soldiers video of the confrontation went viral making to me an icon of a new generation of palestinian resistance to israeli occupation. the israeli parliament has approved a law limiting police powers which critics say is intended to shield prime minister benjamin netanyahu from being investigated over alleged corruption the new legislation stops police recommending to prosecutors whether to indict suspects once their investigations have finished its also aims to stop leaks to the media from investigations an issue which has affected netanyahu is corruption case critics say the law muzzles police and other institutions one state in mexico has
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classified the murders of more than ninety women this year as acts of femicide see intentional killing of girls and women simply because they are female mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women because of organized crime and human trafficking monreal where palo reports from problems states where communities are trying to address the issue of gender violence. is a single mother in pueblo mexico who says she lives in fear less than a month ago her younger sister was brutally murdered the victim of a sexual assault the body was found on the side of the road and. because of the way my sister's body was found at first sight it was deemed and as the newspapers reported she had been strangled. like many places in mexico facing a crisis of gender based violence that keeps personal safety in the back of every
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woman's mind. to help create awareness the government has enlisted the help over one hundred seventy tortilla shops across the state and wrap up warm tortillas and pamphlets with information about femicide and a number to call if violence against women is suspected somewhere this is a good thing and it benefits us all to help women be informed that last month a prosecutor invade a cruise was murdered outside her work some believe she was targeted because of her efforts to protect women and young girls still experts believe impunity is the biggest obstacle against dampening the crisis the problem however is also deeply ingrained in the culture it was previous was mostly it's male privilege violence is a male privilege men kill each other on a daily basis and men are also killing women because of their gender because they believe women are worth less or they believe that their lives belong to them and. protest denouncing violence against women are becoming more common in mexico which
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has among the highest rates of femicide on earth the common slogan among demonstrations is not one more activist in mexico have launched initiatives aimed at reducing levels of violence against women projects that include everything from gender workshops for cab drivers to interactive database maps like this one that track and catalog cases of femicide all over the country. was killed on november eleventh it was the ninety eight. chiesa femicide this year since then there have been five other women murdered. women shouldn't have to end up as a number or as some case file women have to face we don't deserve to be killed or to be hurt or to be threatened or rape not one more not one more woman killed in pueblo or in mexico or in the world. where the mexico the brazilian city of rio de janeiro has held a memorial to honor the one hundred thirty two police officers killed there this
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year friends and relatives of the slain officers attended a demonstration in honor of their loved ones as well as facing plaques with their names along a popular prominent they also displayed uniforms stained with red paint. yes i'm a former. this is the way we fail to say the following to society but by the human rights has no side we cannot be selective this is the way to win writes the police corp n l solidarity to the relatives of the victims. as a barber in general who led efforts to push robert mugabe out of power has been sworn in as a fully suppressant constantino she will share the role with ken bowman hardy a long serving state security minister during a retired from the military last week his promotion and that of other army generals is increasing concerns about the relationship between the new government and the military in nigeria many motorists and commuters have been stranded over the
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christmas period because of a three week fuel shortage is said to a thriving black market where some vendors are selling petrol double the approval of government prices from the capital of red interests reports. the queue is more than a kilometer long and it's a common feature at most because stations across nigeria. this one is directly opposite nigeria's oil company yet it's not dispensing fuel to motorists some have been waiting ten hours i've been going through says that's night after does money there is no even sign off of viable moving from these positions to even hope of getting if way for decades official corruption has crippled the country's four old refineries the nigerian government imported what it needed through a subsidy system but that was hijacked by corrupt officers and businessmen. at the heart of the current crisis is the demand by retailers what have you in costs and
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increasing supplies in two thousand and sixteen when the government stopped subsidizing that's all the cost of a liter jumped by sixty percent the queues disappeared at least for a year now they are back and nigerians are seeing big increases in forward and transportation costs. the government blames the shortages on marketers who each says want to force up prices by bit double as you had a source their products said that they were good to include as a porpoise orbital approach because of the level it is going to be as wood from about thirty me dolly does but the fifty metre lead does but the. right is this. for you know i've been along the major streets and highways caucus have plenty of petrol on offer but at three times the official price market to say there is a shortfall and most cannot import enough to meet the demand they deny they are holding the country to run so there is
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a god punishment for and against you have come to saul in fourth or fifth along problem there is no we're. an independent mega thought were involved in for one part of which we know the lending causes the bad one seven to one which is eight cents more than the government approved price of forty cents a liter. the impact of the crisis has a knock on effect at the markets. what are those areas where there are a lot more about it the cost of everything has gone up from transportation to other's presence up doubled everyone's affected by the coral. the government says it's flooding the market with more petrol but right now most nigerians are worried about how to get from one point to another and the rising prices of food. one hundred degrees al-jazeera. and then these years narcotics agency has destroyed millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs at a ceremony in jakarta hundreds of kilo's of marijuana and millions of narcotics pills went up in smoke thousands of people have been arrested for drug crimes and
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eighteen executed in a crackdown on the current president djoko we don't know. twenty eighteen is shaping up to be a landmark year for thailand a new king will be crowned the military government is planning to hold elections signaling a return to democracy after a coup three years ago and the first of our series looking ahead to some of the big stories of next year when hay reports from the northeast of thailand where many are doubtful the vote will go ahead. a long dusty dry season is well underway on the plains of northeast thailand by the time this crop of kosov is harvested in about a year thailand should be a democracy again most ties here back to the government ousted in the military coup three years ago including parrot pong turn it on a coordinator for a pro-democracy group called the red shirts she says people in the northeast dup the military will honor its pledge to hold an election in november.
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i would say seventy percent of the people here don't believe the election really happened and thirty percent think it might happen even if the election is held the type of democracy will be different to what thais had before the coup the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this that's partly why they've designed a system that will result in weakened political parties after the next election the military will hand pick senators to sit in the upper house of parliament who will also have the power to install an unelected prime minister the plans are being criticized by the major political parties i think everybody will recognize that bust for short of the kind of standards that we would like to to return. the leaders of the coup in two thousand and fourteen are also drafting a twenty years strategic plan that future governments must follow everything is is
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planned on the site so that the military military can hold on to power with the. plans and strategy that he had earlier formulated. a good time i was the party ousted from power by that coup former prime minister yingluck shinawatra who's in exile avoiding a five year jail sentence for negligence related to a failed rice subsidies scheme says her trial was politically motivated in rural communities in the north and northeast where farm incomes are fulling her party's popularity seems to be intact but while political gatherings remain banned campaigners such as parrot porn have no choice but to get their hands dirty nip working in the fields wayne hay al jazeera we don't tony thailand and in part two of our look ahead serious we'll report from the us on what the mid-term elections
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could mean for donald trump's president say on friday. scientists are sending robots under the ice in antarctica on a mission discover more about the impact of rising sea levels the drones designed by the university of washington will gather new information about antarctica is vulnerable west and i shelf the three single lives who will spend the winter gathering information about the ice before finding their way to open water a year later from there where they will be able to send data. it's. a quick reminder of the top stories in al-jazeera at least forty people have been killed in an attack in afghanistan's capital kabul a compound housing a cultural center and a news agency was targeted in a shia district in the west of the city interior ministry says attackers set off an
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explosion outside the center then stormed it and set off more explosives in the basement the taliban has denied responsibility the u.n. says sixty eight yemenis several years were killed in two separate air raids by the saudi led coalition in just one day the first air strike on tuesday as a crowded market in thai is province killing fifty four civilians including eight children the second killed fourteen people from the same family in the red sea province have had a there the saudi led coalition has intensified its air campaign against two or three positions in response to missile attacks children are increasingly be unused as targets and weapons of war according to a report by unicef it says the suffering of children in conflict zones has reached shocking levels with an increase in rape and slave meant and children being used as human shields armed groups walk around used an estimated one hundred thirty five
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children as suicide bombers in twenty seventeen and this deliberately targeting of children to make them part of the call to brutalize a is a is a is a new development yes it's always happened in part but it seems to be growing and growing is normal now that you can target a hospital a group of doctors in syria told me recently when i was in northern turkey how the armed groups wouldn't even come near the hospital because the hospital was more all the target than the armed groups so hospitals and schools are being deliberately attacked children are being brutalized. the u.s. embassy in ankara says it's lifted always stretches on visa services and in a months long route it says turkey has met all assurances that local us embassy staff won't be detained or arrested the us stopped issuing visas in turkey after two staff members were detained at the u.s. consulate in istanbul joining a state of emergency and korea to take his response of by lifting the restrictions
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put in place on your citizens as a headline stay with us inside stories. brace to the red sea china israel u.a.e. the us are just a few of the countries building already have bases in the region now turkey is the latest to that group so why the growing interest in the red sea this is inside story.


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