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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and she managed terry. for truth and war criminal. job on duty are a retired bosnian army general who defended setting a fire against attack by serb forces. and covers the story of tough choices and determined. that as a full measure at this time and colleges era. oh no no no no. celebrations in the streets of liberia with the announcement that football legend george way will become the country's next president.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. on the lead. and i saw attack in the afghan capital kabul at least forty one people were killed that is she a cultural center. also has marched to protest the part of president alberto fujimori for murder and human rights abuses. and how an ancient form of body art is helping women with hair loss to rebuild their confidence. he was once one of the world's top football players and has become his country's leader after winning liberia's presidential election where defeated vice president joseph in a runoff taking just over sixty one percent of the vote so now he will succeed ellen johnson sirleaf next month in the country's first democratic transfer of power since one thousand nine hundred four when i campaigned on lowering the
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poverty rate in liberia over more than eighty percent of people live on just a dollar a day job reports in the capital monrovia. celebrate the streets of the libyan capital in the group. support. with news of his victory in tuesday's runoff election with song. it was broke down in t. is a soon as that as old swan just he seemed he had been consulted by his running mate if you will take that who is an ex-wife or former liberian president charles taylor who is currently serving a fifty year sentence in the u.k. for war crimes committed in neighboring sierra leone. told me any supporters it's a dream come true and a struggle they say that started we back in two thousand and two us find it a success. it's a sort. of for us that you can take was good but this that meant
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a trip the two of them to it was such a chance we had a president talk through the electoral commission had just announced the preliminary results it won't be as energy as our c.d.c. thank you mr president is sixty one point five percent for the c.d.c. and thirty eight point five percent for the unit body and now his opponent and current vice president just a block i says he has had deep misgivings about the elections from the beginning he contested that is also the fuss wound on supported a case taken to the supreme court by the county they took him in that race we've gone into an election that we knew from stacked it had a lot of problems we were not satisfied with whether or not they had structure and of the supreme court will follow we were. constrained to go
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into it but why do we want to see what we wanted we had all hoped for a free fair transparent election i doubt seriously if that is why we're going to get the vice president on his unity party have not say whether they will challenge the results in court. where is said to succeed ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female president who led liberia for the past told fees she's credited with presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted peace in liberia since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine judge where played for austrian will football clubs including as c milan chelsea on parties and german he's the only african football to have warm the feet for a while playing the old way as a victory in the presidential race is attributed mainly to his support base within the country's youth who are calling for up to six the percent of the population he grew up in want to be a slums on his success against pills to many in what is one
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of the world's poorest countries. where and to politics up to his or to time and from football in two thousand and two and is currently a sin attained liberia's pilot. will be the first time since one thousand nine hundred two for the moment by the us leaves in the mountain century will have transfer of power from one elected president to another. one groovy a light beauty as if one way in general who led efforts to crush robert mugabe out of power has been sworn in as vice president constantine will share the role with. a long serving state security minister trying to retire from the military last week meanwhile former president mugabe has been granted full diplomatic status and a staff of twenty three under his pension settlement the ninety three year old stepped down last month. at least forty one people have been killed in the afghan
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capital kabul after suicide bomber stormed the share cultural center and news agency another eighty four people were wounded many of them suffering burns eisel has claimed responsibility tashi the name reports. explosions followed by a rush to assist the injured and count the victims. it's become a familiar ritual especially in kabul where the afghan capital has seen its share of bombings this year this time the target was a shiite muslim cultural center and the neighboring afghan voice news agency. we heard a huge bang and smoke rose from inside the hall my face was burning i fell down from my chair and i saw my colleagues on the ground the smoke was everywhere i don't know what happened next the interior ministry says suicide attackers set off an explosion outside the center then stormed it and set off more explosives in the basement it was midday on thursday and
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a group had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine soviet invasion of afghanistan that had just when the explosion went off we scapes from the room where we were working and went to the rooftop we sold a small in flames coming up from the basement the taliban immediately issued a statement denying involvement. an analyst tells al-jazeera given that this attack was in a shiite neighborhood this appears to be the work of eisele. he says the armed group has been targeting the shiite community this year as well as media outlets the isis in afghanistan in order to make them our media has not been providing them enough amount of coverage to have been seeking juliet activities should they have been targeting the media outlets capital kabul as well as in the region in our. to make sure they get wisely seized. in may
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a truck bomb killed more than one hundred fifty people in kabul in what has been described as one of the worst attacks in recent memory afghans are trapped by violence from eisel and the taliban and what critics say is the inability of security forces to protect them. anger has led to protests and calls for resignations in the government analysts say what i say lacks the numbers it makes up for in tactics. orchestrated but he should first ignition of the operation and amount of exactness impreciseness in your operations that do usually targeted little strength or little amount of import it creates a lot of good jobs achieving good strategic objectives the people at the cultural center were looking back and remembering a dark time or black day as it's called in afghanistan when the soviets invaded for
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the families of the victims thursday's attack has become another black day natasha . and egyptian officer and five soldiers have been killed in an explosion in north sinai the egyptian army says it was carrying out a military patrol outside the town of barrel when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle egyptian security forces had been fighting in sinai for several years and november suspected eisel fighters carried out a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in north sinai the killed more than two hundred fifty people. the u.n. says sixty in many civilians were killed in two separate air strikes by the saudi led coalition and just one day the first air raid on tuesday had a crowded market and ties province killing fifty four civilians including children the second killed fourteen people from the same family and the red sea province and who data saudi led air strikes have killed one hundred nine civilians in the past ten days according to the u.s.
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military in corner in yemen accuses all sides in the war showing complete disregard for human life. at least fourteen people have died in a fire in the indian city of mumbai this fire broke out late at night in the building in the center of the city firefighters have been battling for more than five hours now to get that under control the building is near several hotels and restaurants in an area popular for nightlife because of the fire still not known. and new york apartment fire left at least twelve people dead including a one year old baby four others are critically injured more than one hundred seventy firefighters battled this blaze and bronx neighborhood the cause of the fire still not known the mayor of new york says it actually could have been worse this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century because of afghan wise quick response based on the information we
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have now at least twelve people were rescued and will survive but the. search of the building continues. so we know that even though it's horrible report that twelve dead or are dead already we may lose all those as well. demonstrators are back on the streets of pearls capital limit to protest against the pardon granted to former president mori on sunday the controversial decision by embattled president petro publication ski has prompted his culture minister to resign and the silver reports it's also drawing international condemnation. peru is being forced to revisit a painful and not so distant past the presidential pardon of alberto fujimori who led the latin american nation with an iron fist from one thousand nine hundred ninety to two thousand has sparked outrage in the country and beyond a group of un human rights experts has joined the critics calling it a slap in the face for the victims and witnesses who stier less commitment brought
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fujimori to justice an apology from the bed ridden seventy nine year old former president has done little to ease the sense of injustice. the more he killed my son and this pretty cowardly and cruel way now president pedal public agenda ski has finished killing the entire family with this pardon of fujimori. they have called for more protests and inter-marry can court of human rights to examine the legality of the decision all we can do that of the pardon which has the appearance of a humanitarian pardon to be a pardon of a political nature. president. he has justified the christmas eve pardon on medical grounds but the timing of the decision has caused deep suspicion that's because just a few days earlier fujimori loyalists in parliament prevented a vote on could choose keys impeachment and allegations of corruption. the former
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president has served twelve years of a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights violations these included extrajudicial killings enforced disappearances and kidnappings as he used death squads in a ruthless war against the maoist shining path. the group's leader abu male guzman now eighty three has been serving a life sentence on terror charges and in a sign that proves too fresh wounds may have just been reopened his lawyer to me is now asking for a pardon from the silver al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. that was kind of. the teenager's become an icon of resistance for palestinians this cat behind bars by an israeli military court. milica had to what could be in store for the trump ministration in next year's u.s. midterm elections.
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from long flowing winds to an enchanting desert breeze. welcome back as we look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia it's all looking pretty quiet at the moment a fair amount of cloud around but dry conditions brighten not back you and i suppose john tehran should get a decent temperature there fifteen clare in baghdad but dry dry run the eastern side of the mediterranean for most part we have got this low pressure system pushing in across parts of turkey and we will see some snow developing across eastern areas but jerry not too bad temperature wise beirut there at nineteen degrees heading down into the arabian peninsula we've got a result temperatures here into the mid twenty's celsius but a cloud across northern parts of the potential but on the other side of the arabian peninsula is also looking fine mecca there thirty three degrees celsius heading down into southern portions of africa we've got some heavy rain across parts of zombies and bout y. and through towards mozambique
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a malawi also for madagascar some heavy rain here not just on the eastern side but also further towards the west one of the eastern cape otherwise generally looking draw and find twenty five as a high in cape town as we head up into central parts of africa here we've got some showers affecting more central areas so for d.r. congo and towards gabon but in the west plenty of sunshine with highs of thirty one in ghana. the weather sponsored by qatar at least. you are making remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sad no evil person just wakes up the over the morning and say i want to scour the world in darkness and this is a dialogue that could be worth leading to some of the confusion i like about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at
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this time on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now liberia's election commission says former football star george way it has won the country's presidential runoff way defeated by president joseph will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf next month. an attack on the shia cultural center in the afghan capital has killed at least forty one people and injured more than eighty others people gathered at that center to mark russia's invasion of afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine the site is also home to the news agency afghan boys eisel has claimed responsibility for that attack. and demonstrators are back on the streets
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of bruce capital lima to protest against the pardon granted to former president alberto fujimori he was freed on health grounds on sunday all serving a twenty five year prison sentence for corruption and crimes against humanity. as president donald trump is accusing china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by continuing to sell oil to pyongyang this is what he tweeted caught red handed very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen our white house correspondent kimberly how has more from washington d.c. . china's denying the accusations that the president made on twitter you have to sometimes decipher why and what has prompted donald trump to go to twitter and often this is when he feels that an issue isn't being covered adequately in his view in the media he will tweet knowing that then in turn we will take a look and see what he's talking about and this is
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a really good example of that if you go back to the u.s. treasury website last month you'll see that it first called attention to these satellite images that said that it had of chinese ships applying oil to north korean ships in the west see now apparently these satellite images put out by the u.s. treasury department were taken october nineteenth but again it didn't get a whole lot of media attention even though the united states says that this is in violation of sanctions that were put in place specifically speaking to this by the u.n. security council in september so perhaps it's a little bit of frustration on that level and frustration too by the president that he's tweeting this given the fact that when he first came into office in january he immediately began to address the situation of north korea's nuclear program by investing heavily in the relationship with chinese president xi hosting the mar-a lago speaking enormously about the investment that was being made in the hope that china would use economic leverage to limit the north korean program but in recent
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weeks and months we've seen some frustration with that while the treasury department says there has been some success with china helping to isolate north korea from the global financial system again there is some frustration by the united states with examples like this of these satellite images so well china is denying these charges saying that there have been no u.n. security council violations as far as it's concerned the u.s. sees it differently and now we see the frustration playing out on twitter by the president donald trump. isaac stone fish is a senior fellow at the asia society in new york city he says it's possible china is trying to help north korea. we don't know necessarily which side to believe whether china is actually in violation of u.n. sanctions i think it is believable that they are continuing to sell oil to north korea in violation of the sanctions but beijing really doesn't want to see the north korean economy collapse oil as we know is necessary for an economy and i
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think this is a tension that will be maintained in the relationship between the united states and china going forward you have a wide variety of views across china some people feel a lot of resentment that north korea is trying to embarrass china on the international stage some feel a kinship to north korea and liken it to where china was in the sixty's and seventy's some feel that china should really not need to concern itself with what the united states thinks at all and that trump publicly lecturing chinese communist party secretary xi jinping about what china can or cannot do is not be fitting of the great country that they feel china has become an israeli military court and has extended the detention of the palestinian teenager who was filmed kicking and slapping israeli soldiers earlier this month
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a sixteen year old head to mimi was arrested by israeli troops last week along with her mother and her cousin and all three are now being held for an additional five days on thursday a court looked into several charges against me and her mother including assaulting soldiers disrupting their work and then participating in acts against israeli forces the teenager has become an icon of resistance among palestinians they fostered imports from the offer a military court in the occupied west bank. were inside the often military prison compound inside which of the prefab buildings which make up the military court rooms here and we spent the last few hours inside one of those listening to arguments in a case which is gripped palestinians and israelis. for very different reasons it's a case of i had to meet her cousin or and her mother nariman they've been in custody since december the nineteenth after the emergence of a video which showed i had another cousin challenging two israeli soldiers near the village in the occupied west bank i had slapping one of those soldiers the
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palestinians for many palestinians it's an act of defiance against military occupation for many israelis the debate has been about the apparent lack of reaction by these heavily armed soldiers to such a challenge inside the courtroom the lawyer in the disarm the defense side has been arguing that they should be released i had in particular presenting no danger being a minor being well known not a flight risk and also arguing that the military prosecution which has been trying to find other things in her past with which to charge or shouldn't be acting in that way but that is that those potential crimes should have been dealt with at the time and that what they're doing now in retrospect is purely in reaction to a video that went viral on the app. video went out with fire and then just acted else bad about it then they decided to act no less than. the real reason is because you see a man. with able to agree. the occupation everybody has
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and this case isn't just being seen in isolation just on wednesday another young teenager fauzi alginate he he was released from custody on nearly three thousand us dollars bail he was the young man who was pictured blindfolded being surrounded by more than twenty israeli soldiers as he was detained his lawyer is released his testimony in which he says he was beaten both during that arrest and in private afterwards he suffered a broken shoulder as a result and so his legal team is now mounting a challenge against the israeli military and it's also being seen in the context of the very large. number of detentions of young palestinians both regularly and particularly in the last month since that the the declaration by donald trump about jerusalem being viewed by the us as the capital of israel in the protests that have followed there being one hundred seventy young palestinians miners who'd been
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detained. i mean in gaza have rallied in support of a head to me and against in this rally and pay her verbal a abused families of palestinian prisoners or haas and as a member of benjamin netanyahu government on monday he boarded a bus carrying families visiting a prison where israeli police officers shot it shouted at mother said the prisoners calling their sons dogs and terrorists the mother of one person and a verbal confrontation with the. money it isn't so there are to tell me and again it is not ok patient will be told we support what she did also have a daughter to the mother of to prison then. today in her own we are proud of what she did it again it is right the knesset members the us the red cross to make sure that prisoners as about as their families deals with. us politics is the focus this time in our series looking ahead at the major stories we expect to see in two thousand and eighteen but term elections that could have
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a massive impact on the presidency of donald trump are set for next year all seats in the u.s. house of representatives and a third of the senate spots will be contested robert also reports. double tropez a lower approval rating than any other president in modern times at this point in their first terms of all things and that's bad news for members of congress in his own republican party as they face the november twenty eighth teen midterm elections it's very helpful to have a popular president at the top of the ticket but with trump at this point going to improve the rating in thirty i'm not sure how much of a. disservice faction with trump and the unpopularity of his tax cut legislation which is seen to benefit the wealthy has created a big enthusiasm gap between republican and democratic voters that was vividly on display in recent elections with a democrat won the virginia governor. as race and even more so when democrats
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turned out in large numbers to help the democrat doug jones eke out a narrow win over accused child molester roy moore in the senatorial race in conservative alabama democrats are fired up we saw some significant electoral movement particularly among african-americans a solid constituency for the democratic party but we weren't sure that they would be enthusiastic in both of those contests they were very enthusiastic and the other group that we've been looking at in particular are white college graduates who many of whom seem very disenchanted with. many analysts believe democrats have a good chance of taking control of the house of representatives winning the senate is more difficult for democrats because many of them are defending seats in states which voted republican last year but even control of one house of congress would
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allow democrats to block trump's legislative agenda for the rest of his term ending in twenty twenty overshadowing the entire political scene is the investigation by special counsel robert muller of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election if mohler is able to show collusion between the trunk campaign and the kremlin it would be a political bombshell and a disaster for the president and his party robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. our series continues on saturday will many visits zimbabwe two thousand and eighteen will be a significant year there the question that but what scale of change should anyone actually expect will bring in the story from harare more than one in one hundred women worldwide suffer from hair loss but some are finding new and and inventive ways of challenging the stigma of tallness or of art manly that one woman here in tow ha who's using her scout to showcase traditional hanna art. cony chappelle has
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been battling with the skin disease the lead to have falling out in large clumps but instead of hiding a head in hearts wakes the schoolteacher in kata is celebrating her baldness with hannah i'm embracing it i'm embracing my boss because this is what i haven't you have to work out what you have and i feel like in a way it's what makes me unique and different can she was diagnosed with alopecia more than ten years ago the auto immune illness can cause total head loss and affects one in every one hundred people it doesn't matter if you have pair of you don't have air you see hannah is one part of her process of reconvening her confidence but getting to the stage has been an uphill struggle in the beginning it was very painful to get the needles in moscow but you get used to it after a while. as i would get on once a month the hair will grow back and then it was start to fall out again and then it
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will grow back henna has been used as a natural type of body art for thousands of years and is often painted on paper for celebration such as birthdays or weddings this has a crown. is a symbol of her unique identity and she now wants inspire others from other patients suffer if accounts of patients to do the same the american harris's c.-h. and says four out of ten had no supper as are women around seven million americans are also affected but little research has been done to find out why. society has forced women to suffer in silence it is considered far more acceptable for men to go through the same hair loss process. which. you know. in terms of i don't know how that's. usually dressed. it's very much a rouge alopecia suffers all cancer patients having chemotherapy and kata can turn
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to not smoke to have an artist is making boldness a thing of beauty. has custom is called for the. applied to him not design on her head she was gently she is taking still feel she is sending all the oil to her friends it's it's it's made me cry. can the next step to where you crowned with pride to walk and challenge the stigma of female baldness head on. i love this it's more about a man the out is there are. three cop the headlines on al-jazeera liberia's election commission says former football star george way on has won the country's presidential runoff where defeated by president i suppose take over from ellen johnson sirleaf next month. has more from
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the capital monrovia. george will's victory in the presidential race is a tribute to mainly to his support buddies with the country's youth walk up to six the polls some of the population who grew up in want to. the success against appeals to many in what is one of the world's poorest countries an attack on a shia cultural center and the afghan capital has killed at least forty one people and injured more than eighty people had gathered at the center to mark russia's invasion of afghanistan back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the site is also home to the news agency afghan voice eisel has claimed responsibility for that attack demonstrators are back on the streets of paris capital to protest against the pardon granted to former president alberto fujimori he was sprayed on health grounds on sunday while serving a twenty five year prison sentence for russian and crimes against humanity. u.s.
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president donald trump is accusing china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by continuing to sell oil to pyongyang the satellite images appear to show chinese ships transferring cargo to north korean vessels china has denied the accusations a roadside bomb has killed in a gyptian officer and five soldiers in north sinai it happened in the town of farah where suspected eisel fighters carried out an attack on a mosque in november killing two hundred fifty people. and israeli court has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager who was kicked filmed kicking and slapping israeli soldiers earlier this month the sixteen year old head to mimi was arrested by israeli troops last week along with her mother and cousin all three are now being held for an additional five days in a new york apartment fire has left twelve people died including a one year old baby four others were critically injured more than one hundred seventy firefighters battled that fire and the bronx the cause is still not clear
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those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after the strain bitter. twenty seventeen has been full of stories that have changed the global political landscape and al-jazeera has been there to cover them all. joining us as we look back at some of our most memorable interviews of the year the special edition of. at this time. i mean ok i'm willing to be here in the stream basically so what should you spend thirteen years infiltrating a white supremacist organization to tell us about it on today's show. come over and join us welcome to the strain why you get settlements.


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