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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2017 11:00am-11:33am +03

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twenty seventeen has been full of stories that have changed the global political landscape and al-jazeera has been there to cover them all. joining us as we look back at some of our most memorable interviews of the year in a special edition of talk. at this time. donald trump accuses china of secretly selling oil to north korea. i know there are more kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. celebrations on the streets of liberia with the announcement that football legend
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george where will become the next president. thousands marched through peru's capital to protest against the pardoning of a former leader a sentence for murder and human rights abuses. and tech giant apple apologizes off to millions deliberate slowing down of old i phones. here's president donald trump accused china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to pyongyang trump has tweeted caught red handed i'm very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen a white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has more from washington d.c. . china's denying the accusations that the president made on twitter you have to sometimes decipher why and what has prompted donald trump to go to twitter and
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often this is when he feels that an issue isn't being covered adequately in his view in the media he will tweet knowing that then in turn we will take a look and see what he's talking about and this is a really good example of that if you go back to the u.s. treasury website last month you'll see that it first called attention to these satellite images that said that it had of chinese ships applying oil to north korean ships in the west see now apparently these satellite images put out by the u.s. treasury department were taken october nineteenth but again it didn't get a whole lot of media attention even though the united states says that this is in violation of sanctions that were put in place specifically speaking to this by the u.n. security council in september so perhaps it's a little bit of frustration on that level and frustration too by the president that he's tweeting this given the fact that when he first came into office in january he immediately began to address the situation of north korea's nuclear program by
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investing heavily in the relationship with chinese president xi hosting the mar-a lago speaking enormously about the investment that was being made in the hope that china would use economic leverage to limit the north korean program but in recent weeks and months we've seen some frustration with that while the treasury department says there has been some success with china helping to isolate north korea from the global financial system again there is some frustration by the united states with examples like this of these satellite images so well china is denying these charges saying that there have been no u.n. security council violations as far as it's concerned the u.s. sees it differently and now we see the frustration playing out on twitter by the president donald trump. is off the u.s. presence tweet south korea sees the ship suspected of on. eighteen un sanctions sells as the hong kong flagged vessel transferred oil to a north korean ship in international waters in october yes proposed blacklisting
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the ship for knowing international sanctions placed against pyongyang mcbride has the latest from beijing. china will not be happy with this latest attack coming in such a public and stinging fashion but it has in the past year become used to a different type of relationship with the united states and become accustomed to this kind of tweeting diplomacy china has denied any knowledge of getting round sanctions that these illicit trades in oil are taking place yesterday thursday the defense ministry categorically denied that there had been any transfers the day before the ministry of foreign affairs in china said that they have no knowledge of these transfers taking place but interestingly asked whether or member nations of the united nations could be sure that entities or companies in their countries had not gotten around these sanctions which seems to be falling short of
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a categorical denial if these trades have been taking place it seems likely that china would not know about them and it does seem to fit with the general narrative of china quietly at least behind the scenes being prepared to prop up the north korean regime not out of a sense of loyalty necessarily to an old ally but merely as a pragmatic measure to keep the place going to stop it from collapsing from china's perspective it is still the case that while it is not a desirable situation it is prepared to accept a nuclear armed north korea what is unacceptable for china is a collapsing north korea with access to nuclear warheads that from china's perspective is a very scary option. stone fish is a senior fellow at the asia society in new york city he says china's relationship with north korea has never been transparent. we don't know necessarily which side
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to believe whether china is actually in violation of u.n. sanctions i think it is believable that they are continuing to sell oil to north korea in violation of the sanctions but beijing really doesn't want to see the north korean economy collapse oil as we know is necessary for an economy and i think this is a tension that will be maintained in the relationship between the united states and china going forward you have a wide variety of views across china some people feel a lot of resentment that north korea is trying to embarrass china on the international stage some feel a kinship to north korea and liken it to where china was in the sixty's and seventy's some feel that china should really not need to concern itself with what the united states thinks at all and that trump publicly lecturing chinese communist party secretary xi jinping about what china can or cannot do is not be fitting of
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the great country that they feel china has become. liberia's election commission says former football star george ware has won the country's presidential runoff with a protected sixty one point five percent of the vote ninety eight point one percent of the days of being counted and tallies the reports from the capital monrovia. celebration in the streets of the libyan capital. supporters will find some national football league with good news of his victory in tuesday's runoff election with a song bounce. we broke down in tears as soon as the results one just he's seen he have been called fool to by his running mate if you will take who is an ex-wife or former liberian president charles taylor who is currently serving a fifty year sentence in the u k. for war crimes committed in neighboring sierra
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leone the. whole we are nice up to this it's a dream come true a struggle they say that started we back in two thousand and two us pointed to succeed because suddenly names during the years that you can't. be sure but this time in a trip the two of them to it was such a chance we had a president off the road the electoral commission had just announced the preliminary results it won't be a senator's i c d c thank you mr president is sixty one point five percent for the c.d.c. and thirty eight point five percent for the unit body and now he's opponent and current vice president just a block i says he has had deep misgivings about the elections from the beginning he contends that there is also the fuss wound on supported a case taken to the supreme court by the county they took him out in the race we've gone into an election that we knew from stacked it had
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a lot of problems we were not satisfied with whether or not they had structure and of the supreme court will follow we were. constrained to go into it but why do we want to see what we wanted we had all hoped for a free fair transparent election i doubt seriously if that is why we're going to get the vice president on his unity party have not say whether they will challenge the results in court. good way said to succeed ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female president who led liberia for the past told he is she is credited with presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted peace in liberia since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. played faustino football clubs including s.c. milan chelsea and parties and german he's the only african football to have warn
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the people well player of the road whereas victory in the presidential race is attributed mainly to his support base within the country's youth wacom for up to sixty percent of the population he grew up in want to be a slums and he success against all appeals to many in what is one of the world's poorest countries. where and to politics of the his retirement from football in two thousand and two and is currently a senator in liberia's pilot. would be the first time since one thousand pro to be home but by us leaves in the mountain center will have transfer of power from one elected president to another. one groovy liberia at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens more injured in a fire in the indian city of mumbai it happened late late at night in a restaurant fire spread quickly throughout the full story building at a popular night club districts. and new york apartment fire has left at least
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twelve people dead including a one year old baby four others are critically injured over one hundred seventy five battle the blaze in the bronx neighborhood the cause of fire is unclear. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century because of f.d.a. and wise quick response based on the information we have now at least twelve people were rescued and will survive. but the search of the building continues. so we know that even though it's horrible report that twelve are dead or are dead already we may lose others as well and israeli military court has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager who was found kicking and slapping israeli soldiers this month sixteen year old i had to mamie was arrested by israeli troops last week
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along with her mother and cousin to mamie and her mother and being held for an additional five days before says has more from the off and the court in the occupied west bank. we're inside the off a military prison compound inside which are the prefab buildings which make up the military court rooms here and we spent the last few hours inside one of those listening to arguments in a case which has gripped palestinians and israelis for very different reasons it's a case of i had to meet her cousin or and her mother nariman they've been in custody since december the nineteenth after the emergence of a video which showed i had on a cousin challenging two israeli soldiers near the village in the occupied west bank i had slapping one of those soldiers the palestinians for many palestinians it's an act of defiance against military occupation for many israelis the debate has been about the apparent lack of reaction by these heavily armed soldiers to such a challenge inside the courtroom the lawyer in the define the defense side has been
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arguing that they should be released i had in particular presenting no danger of being a minor being well known not a flight risk and also arguing that the military prosecution which has been trying to find other things in her past with which to charge or shouldn't be acting in that way that that is that those potential crimes should have been dealt with at the time and that what they're doing now in retrospect is purely in reaction to a video that went viral on the after. videos went out and even fire and then just act itself baghdad then they decided to act no less than. the real reason is because this young man. with able to free. the occupation has everything to have and this case isn't just being seen in isolation just on wednesday another young teenager fauzi alginate he he was released from custody on nearly three thousand u.s. dollars bail he was the young man who was pictured blindfolded being surrounded by
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more than twenty israeli soldiers as he was detained his lawyer is released his testimony in which he says he was beaten. both during that arrest and in private afterwards he suffered a broken shoulder as a result and so his legal team is now mounting a challenge against the israeli military and it's also being seen in the context of the very large number of detentions of young palestinians both regularly and particularly in the last month since the dea the declaration by donald trump about jerusalem being viewed by the u.s. as the capital of israel in the protests that have followed there have been one hundred seventy young palestinians minors would be detained. still had hair on al-jazeera the greek farmers grazing opportunities for the country's many refugees . and how a nineteenth century form of entertainment becomes a modern work of our. from
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the clear blue sky of the dome home. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. hello and welcome to international weather forecast we begin in europe across western areas we have another frontal system pushing in across the u.k. bringing with it the threat of snow particularly at higher levels so that's me working its way across northern parts of the u.k. causing some disruption no doubt we've got snow down across parts of france meanwhile across the central parts of europe quite a spell of weather here and warm air across eastern areas that wind comes from a long way south so ten degrees as a mighty soon in kiev as we head on through into saturday we've got snow across the snows approaching moscow we've got snow down across the alps and then across some more northwestern areas we've got mild air pushing in with twelve degrees in london fourteen in paris on the other side of the mediterranean we've got
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a lot of clout quite a long way south that's associated with the subtropical jet stream so you may see some nice clothes formations otherwise we've got to the winds coming off the mediterranean synoptically warm here just some. two degrees there in tripoli central africa all pretty quiet at the moment few showers for bond but much of west africa drawing plenty of sunshine for. nigeria across southern portions of the constant we can to see some heavy rain across northern parts of zambia and further south some rain across southeastern parts of south africa. sponsored by cattle. you are making. when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal or if you join us. in the morning i want to cover the world. is a dialogue. about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join
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the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has accused china of. north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to the u.s. treasury images that appear to show chinese ships transferring north korean vessels china denies the accusations. liberia's election commission says former football star george wears one the presidential runoff where defeated vice president vice president. will take over from. next month. and
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a new york apartment fire killed at least twelve people including a one year old baby four others were critically injured more than one hundred seventy five in the bronx neighborhood and the cause of the blaze is unclear. the greek government has been struggling with a weak economy and unemployment's now it's having to find jobs for nearly a arrived refugees the problem has been made worse because some e.u. nations have refused to resettle some of them but one group thinks refugees could help grow creases economy as well as leave reports. language class for this group of refugees in northern greece jason from it live in syria has decided to seek asylum here they all need greek anyway because they'll be here for months or even years so slow is the bureaucracy. jason said he wants to study and maybe become a hairdresser. but he's open to suggestions for work. across this country similar scenes are happening the rest of europe has decided the greece can cope more or
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less greece has got a big problem the economist on the whole more than forty percent youth unemployment and at the same time greece is having to deal with the brunt of the refugee influx and the european quota system for sharing them out has fallen apart completely so is the big question if there's not enough jobs for greeks then what to expect refugees to do. in the absence of any other bright ideas some people here have decided to celebrate the new arrivals farmer demetrius makes some dried tomatoes and grows herb's but he has a problem his village like hundreds of others has shrunk by half since the economic crisis as the young people moved away there are empty houses here waiting for families to move in to breathe new life into the community he'd love nothing more than refugees from rural syria to help him out you think you can help each other yes if they refuse his orders to stay here we can do it many
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thinks together. so the idea came from a local organization working with refugees it argues that greece's economic crisis could be partly solved by the refugee influx not cheap labor but co-operative farms giving the new arrivals an economic stake and encourage them to stay refugees that used to be in. their original country or they have experience in farming we think that they can also assist the locals and the locals going to see them in developing the future for both in the camps it's becoming clear what happens when refugees can't access the jobs market a groups are warning of a huge spike in drug abuse by refugees stuck for years in a shipping container cannabis is sold alongside fruit on the roadside of the noses of the police of the camp male refugees selling their bodies has become common as well they are buying the drugs there are some people using heading also.
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in their camp and they are just because they're players and just because you don't have any hope they think here these last life of. their life. they don't have any hope many greeks here claim refugees get special treatment while they're left to suffer in poverty and their life in the camps hardly looks generous there are apparently no greeks to work the fields in this agricultural land and to grow the economy it's only one idea but maybe they're starting to realise you can make a virtue out of a crisis lawrence lee al-jazeera in northern greece south africa's top court is set to rule on whether parliament should target impeachment proceedings against president jacob zuma opposition parties are demanding to establish an independent committee to investigate corruption allegations sam has been under pressure to resign over claims that he has staked money to upgrade his private home. u.s. embassy in ankara says it's lifted all restrictions on visa services ending
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a two month route between the u.s. and turkey says he has metal assurances that local u.s. embassy staff won't be detained or arrested the u.s. stopped issuing visas and taki off to two stuff members were detained. at the consulate in istanbul for allegedly having ties to business one fatality len tuckey accuses guillen of masa minding a failed military coup lost him but then jordan has more for us from washington d.c. let's put it this way the u.s. government decided not to issue new visas back in october because of the case involving two of its locally based employees inside turkey the u.s. government would not have decided to resume full. operations at its facilities inside turkey if it did not have these guarantees so the turks may be able to do was say that they're not offering such assurances but again the u.s.
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would certainly have the right to go back and stop the visa issuance process again if it felt that it was not actually keeping its word this is of course a dispute that has been going on against the larger backdrop against the tensions between washington and the two employees who had been arrested had been accused of a sensually trying to assist in the failed coup that happened in turkey in july two thousand and sixteen and that of course is something which the u.s. has strongly denied. apple has issued an online apology to customers following weeks of anger over intentionally slowing down older phones the tech giant says the slowdown is to preserve the life of degrading batteries also reaction from customers has led to several class action lawsuits against the company apple's now offering a discount for a placement that trades and i make it is
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a technology analyst in california he thinks apple handled the situation badly it seems to me that he should have been forthcoming at the very beginning before they even slowed down the phone they should say we want to slow down your phone because it's going to help you preserve battery life it's going to avoid potential crash it is that ok and most people would probably say yes i would rather have a slow phone than a dead phone in so it actually was a feature not a bug but the way they handle it was so poor that i actually want to be coming almost a crisis with a company if you have an old phone with an old battery you can expect erratic behavior that is the nature of the battery technology they degrade over time so apple is right that older phones with older batteries are likely to hear through on the run for as long and potentially crash unexpectedly so that's not the problem that's just the nature of the technology to probably the way they handled it in check i don't know what people would say i know i would have said yes slowed my phone down in exchange for not crashing and i would have rushed out and bought
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a new phone or a new battery and i think the way apple with the old but we have to look by making the batteries relatively cheap twenty nine dollars does pretty much solve the problem for most people but they irritated a lot of people in the process and egyptian officer and five soldiers have been killed in an explosion in north sinai egyptian army said it was carrying out a military patrol outside the town of bear on a bed when a roadside bomb hit. in november suspected eisel fighters carried out a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in north sinai that killed more than two hundred fifty people. demonstrators are back on the streets of paris capital in that a protest against the pardon grants to former president alberto fujimori on sunday a controversial decision by embattled president. has prompted his culture minister to resign and as john de silva reports as also drawing international condemnation. peru is being forced to revisit a painful a not so distant past the presidential pardon of alberto fujimori who led latin
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american nation with an iron fist from one thousand nine hundred ninety to two thousand has sparked outrage in the country and beyond a group of un human rights experts has joined the critics calling it a slap in the face for the victims and witnesses who stier less commitment brought fujimori to justice and apology from the bed ridden seventy nine year old former president has done little to ease the sense of injustice. more he killed my son and this very cowardly and cruel way now president padrĂ³n public could chimpsky has finished killing the entire family with this pardon of fujimori. they have called for more protests and inter-marry can court of human rights to examine the legality of the decision although we can deal with the pardon which has the appearance of a humanitarian pardon to be a pardon of a political nature. president. he has justified the christmas eve pardon on medical grounds but the timing of the decision has caused
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deep suspicion that's because just a few days earlier fujimori loyalists in parliament prevented a vote on could choose ski's impeachment amid allegations of corruption. the former president has served twelve years of a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights violations these included extrajudicial killings inforce disappearances and kidnappings as he used death squads in a ruthless war against the maoist shining path. the groups in. now eighty three has been serving a life sentence on terror charges and in a sign that proves too fresh wounds may have just been reopened his lawyer to me is not asking for a pardon from the super hot zero. results top prosecutor is challenging pardons approved by president michel tema he's been criticized for broadening the rules to include people convicted on corruption charges the prosecutor general has requested
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to block parts of his decree she says it would pre some of the officials under the country's largest corruption investigation. and you also exhibition the hair shorn names in museum in the us features a mix of civil war history and political commentary the artist mark bradford was inspired by a painting of the famous final battle of gettysburg when he created a modern day secular rama al-jazeera the curator of the exhibition. a cycler was actually one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the united states and europe before cinema would be around and then there would be a dire rama running on the inside and visitors to a cycle rama would come up through the middle of the cycle rama and they would have this immersive experience mark came to the hirshhorn which was built by gordon bunch after and it's a unique building we are essentially a donor and so the center of the building actually makes it impossible for us to
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actually be a cycle romney he was looking specifically at a cycle that was made in one thousand nine hundred three by philip hoto and it depicts the battle of gettysburg which is considered to be the turning point of the american civil war he got images of filipinos painting from i'm guessing from the internet it's a piece of un stretched canvas one piece about twelve feet high and forty five to fifty feet long and then on that canvas are multiple layers of paper colored paper burns papers papers that he soaked in water to give them this very different material effect and he glued together for mark he has decided to disrupt that idea by the materials that he uses so what he is using is just pieces of colored paper sometimes posters that he finds on the streets so what you have is not only this juxtaposition of figurative imagery and abstraction but also different layers of history so things that have been embedded in the kind of the base of the painting then you get put on top and it's kind of this metaphor i think about how history comes back over and over again and i think it's
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a comment on how some of the issues that we we faced as a nation when the battle of gettysburg took place or still kind of relevant today that still haunt us today and what you get a sense of as he went back in and disrupts the imagery is the sense of history and how history is never transparent there's never one version of history and that there are always these filters through which we all view history. you're watching out there these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has accused china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to pyongyang u.s. treasury has released satellite images that appear to show chinese ships transferring call go to north korean vessels beijing denies the accusations hours after the u.s. presence tweets south korea sees a ship suspected of taking part in that operation cells as the hong kong flagged vessel transferred or oil to
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a north korean ship in international waters in october. liberia's election commission says former football star george where has won the presidential runoff where defeated vice president joseph and will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf next month. at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens more injured in a fire in the indian city of mumbai it happened late at night in a restaurant the fire spread quickly throughout the four story building in an area popular with nightclubs and in new york an apartment fire that killed at least twelve people including a one year old baby four others were critically injured more than one hundred seventy five fighters were on the scene in the bronx neighborhoods this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century because of f.d.r. and why it's quick response based on the information we have now at least twelve
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people were rescued and will survive. but the search of the building continues. so we know that even though it's horrible report that twelve are dead or are dead already we may lose all of those as well. the u.s. embassy in ankara says it's lifted all restrictions on visa services and get two month trial between the u.s. and turkey it says turkey has given all assurances that embassy staff will not be detained or arrested the u.s. stopped issuing visas in turkey after two staff members were detained at the consulates in the sun bowl in october. and apple has issued an online apology to customers after weeks of over intentionally slowing down older i phones the tech giant says the slowdown is to preserve the life of degraded batteries apple is now offering a discount for replacement batteries. those are your headlines are back with another full bulletin here on al-jazeera after the stream. twenty
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seventeen has been full of stories that have changed the global political landscape and al-jazeera has been there to cover them all. joining us as we look back at some of our most memorable interviews of the year the special edition of talk. at this time. i mean ok i'm willing to be that and you're in the stream down all day basically somewhat musician who spent thirteen years infiltrating a white supremacist organization to tell us about it on today's show. doubt come over and join us welcome to the strain where you get settlements on.


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