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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. donald trump accuses china of secretly selling oil to north korea. and south sara live from doha also coming up. with.
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celebrations on the streets of liberia will be announced with the football legend george where will be the next president. and israeli courts extends the detention of a palestinian teenager has become a symbol of resistance. and we'll look ahead to what could be in store for the trumpet ministration in next year's election. u.s. president has accused china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to pyongyang has tweeted caught red handed very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen a white house correspondent kimberly hawk it has more from washington. china's denying the accusations the president made on twitter you have to sometimes
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decipher why and what has prompted donald trump to go to twitter and often this is when he feels that an issue isn't being covered adequately in his view in the media he will tweet knowing that then in turn we will take a look and see what he's talking about and this is a really good example of that if you go back to the u.s. treasury website last month you'll see that it first called attention to these satellite images that said that it had of chinese ships supplying oil to north korean ships in the west see now apparently these satellite images put out by the u.s. treasury department were taken october nineteenth but again it didn't get a whole lot of media attention even though the united states says that this is in violation of sanctions that were put in place specifically speaking to this by the u.n. security council in september so perhaps it's a little bit of frustration on that level and frustration too by the president that he's tweeting this given the fact that when he first came into office in january he
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immediately began to address the situation of north korea's nuclear program by investing heavily in the relationship with chinese president xi hosting the mar-a lago speaking enormously about the investment that was being made in the hope that china would use economic leverage to limit the north korean program but in recent weeks and months we've seen some frustration with that while the treasury department says there has been some success with china helping to isolate north korea from the global financial system again there is some frustration by the united states with examples like this of these satellite images so well china is denying these charges saying that there have been no u.n. security council violations as far as it's concerned the u.s. sees it differently and now we see the frustration playing out on twitter by the president donald trump. is also the u.s. presence tweet soft chris sees a ship suspected of violating the u.n. sanctions the hong kong flagged vessel transferred oil to a north korean ship in international waters and. the u.s.
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has proposed blacklisting the ship for ignoring international sanctions against pyongyang. i'll try to is rejecting the american accusations of mcbride joins us now from jane what's china been saying world. china is not happy obviously about such a public rebuke about the red handed claim but then china i think it's also true to say has become accustomed to a different way of dealing with the united states over the past year has gotten used to these kind of tweets at the foreign ministry briefing friday in beijing there was no specific reference to the this latest tweet it will probably be ignored officially but the spokes person was asked about the allegations about the hong kong registered vessel seized by south korea about it being involved in this illicit trade the ministry says that it has been investigated and chinese customs
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has no record of this vessel visiting a chinese port since august it's claimed of course that this is a less illicit trade has taken place since then china says it doesn't know the whereabouts of the ship it can't rule out that it has been visiting other ports but as far as it knows it is not been doing anything any sort of illicit activity and has repeated that china is committed to the u.n. sanctions that will stand by the u.n. resolution and enforce sanctions although are obviously as we know the suspicion is from the u.s. administration that china could and should be doing more laura ok so how credible are these reports that there is this ship to ship transfer going on of oil is it why do you believe that china is playing a double game. you know it is very difficult to believe if these trades have been taking place that china would not know about it though it does seem despite china's denials and there was
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a very strong denial here thursday from the ministry the finance ministry that these trades of not been taking place it would fit with the general narrative that china is still prepared secretly quietly to prop up its neighbor to say stop it from collapsing not out of any sense of loyalty to an old ally but more the pragmatic approach of wanting the place not to collapse china as we know it's also suspected it has to be said that china may have been getting around other types of embargoes and sanctions there's a suspicion for example that while china says it has stopped importing coal from north korea which is a big money earner that possibly some doors korean coal has been finding its way through a third party maybe a port in russia being put back onto a chinese ship and then brought to china that there are ways around these sanctions as far as china is concerned it's still the calculation that it's better to have
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a nuclear armed north korea that is at least stable rather than a collapsing north korea that has access to nuclear warheads that for china would be the worst case scenario ok rob mcbride many thanks for the update there from beijing. liberia's election commission says former football star george ware has won the presidential runoff with a projected sixty one point five percent of the vote ninety eight point one percent of the votes have been counted and tallied and our day reports from the capital monrovia. ah. celebration in the streets of the libyan capital. but supporters will form the international football majority when we did news of his victory in tuesday's runoff election with a song bounce. it was we are broke down in t. is a soon as that is old swan just he's seen he have been consulted by his running mate he will take that who is an ex-wife or former liberian president charles taylor who
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is currently serving a fifty year sentence in the u.k. for war crimes committed in neighboring sierra leone. for we any supporters it's a dream come true a struggle they say that started we back in two thousand and two just pointed to succeed because i saw a need. for us that the captain was good but that meant a trip the two of them to it was such a chance we had to present the career of the electoral commission had just announced the preliminary results it won't be a senator's r.c.t. see thank you mr president is sixty one point five percent for the c.d.c. and thirty eight point five percent for the unit body and now his opponent and current vice president just a block i says he has had deep misgivings about the elections from the beginning he contested that is also the fuss wound on supported a case taken to the supreme court by the county they took him out in the race we've
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gone into an election that we knew from stacked it had a lot of problems we were not satisfied with with that on that they had structures of the supreme court will follow we were. constrained to go through it but what we want to see what we wanted we had all hoped for a free transfer and election i doubt seriously if that's why we're going to get the vice president on his unity party have not say whether they will challenge the results in court. where is said to succeed ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female president who led liberia for the past toll fees she is credited with presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted peace in liberia since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine george where played fostering all football clubs including s.c.
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milan chelsea and parties and german he's the only african football to have worn the feet for a while player of the georgia way as a victory in the presidential race is attributed mainly to his support base within the country's youth who are calling for up to sixty percent of the population he grew up in want to be a slums and he success against all appeals to many in what is one of the world's poorest countries. where anti-politics up to his retirement from football in two thousand and two and is currently a sin attain liberia's pilot the would be the first time since one thousand for two full plate be founded by freed u.s. slaves in the mountain century will have transfer of power from one elected president to another. one groovy liberia. at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire in the indian city of mumbai it happened late at night in
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a restaurant fire then quickly spread out four story building in a popular nightclub district. and a fire inside an apartment building in new york has killed at least twelve people including a one year old baby four others are critically injured more than one hundred seventy five five has responded to the scene in the bronx neighborhood the cause is unclear. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century because of afghan wise quick response based on the information we have now at least twelve people were rescued and will survive. but the. search of the building continues so we know that even though it's horrible report that twelve are dead or are dead already we may lose all those as well aid agencies have now evacuated twenty nine critically ill people from. rebel held area in
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a syria's capital damascus they were allowed to leave as part of a deal with the syrian government rebels are releasing a number of prisoners in return last month the u.n. called for five hundred people in medical in need of urgent medical care to be allowed to leave these twenty nine cases were given approval at least eighteen other people have died whilst waiting. a large protests expected in the pakistani city of rawalpindi against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the demonstration is organized by a charity group linked to the main suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai bombing of the state and his group tiber been labeled by the us and the un as a terrorist group us currently has a ten million dollars bounty on saeed side was released from house arrest in november. a fourth member of a family that's become a symbol of palestinian resistance has been detained she was picked up during a protest after a military court extended the detention of sixteen year old i had to mimi her
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mother and cousin the teenager was filmed kicking and slapping israeli soldiers earlier this month she's accused of assault and incitement her father mother and brothers have all been repeatedly arrested for their opposition to israel's decades long occupation force it has more the often military court in the occupied west bank. we're inside the off a military prison compound inside which are the prefab buildings which make up the military court rooms here and we spent the last few hours inside one of those listening to arguments in a case which is gripped palestinians and israelis for very different reasons it's a case of i had to meet her cousin or and her mother mary man they've been in custody since december the nineteenth after the emergence of a video which showed i had on a cousin challenging two israeli soldiers near their village in the occupied west bank i had slapping one of those soldiers the palestinians for many palestinians it's an act of defiance against military occupation for many israelis the debate
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has been about the apparent lack of reaction by these heavily armed soldiers to such a challenge inside the courtroom the lawyer in the disarm the defense side has been arguing that they should be released i had in particular presenting no danger being a minor being well known not a flight risk and also arguing that the military prosecution which has been trying to find other things in her past with which to charge or shouldn't be acting in that way but that is that those potential crimes should have been dealt with at the time and that what they're doing now in retrospect is purely in reaction to a video that went viral on the app. video went out of a fire and then just acted else bad about it then they decided to act no less than . the real reason is because this young man. with able to greet. the occupation everybody has and this case isn't just being seen in isolation just
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on wednesday another young teenager fauzi alginate he he was released from custody on nearly three thousand u.s. dollars bail he was the young man who was pictured blindfolded being surrounded by more than twenty israeli soldiers as he was detained his lawyer is has been released his testimony in which he says he was beaten. both during that arrest and in private afterwards he suffered a broken shoulder as a result and so his legal team is now mounting a challenge against the israeli military and it's also being seen in the context of the very large number of detentions of young palestinians both regularly and particularly in the last month since the dea the declaration by donald trump about jerusalem being viewed by the u.s. as the capital of israel in the protests that have followed there have been one hundred seventy young palestinians minors who'd be detained still has hair on al-jazeera tech giant apple apologizes a million sandbags to leverage slowing down all the i phones. and we'll tell you
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why scientists are about to send these underwater drones far below the ice and antarctica. hello and welcome back let's start by looking at weather conditions across southeastern asia where as much as you'd expect some heavy showers certainly across jafo seen some significant rain in the last twenty four hours the forecast suggests some heavy showers across malaysia and borneo in particular not looking too bad at the moment across the philippines over the last few days we are looking at threats of a significant weather system pushing in across more southern areas and there will be in the huntsman share activity across mindanao but i don't think it's going to turn about to be as bad as feared across the rest of the region we've got showers to singapore and kuala lumpur further north into thailand where the conditions not
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looking too bad thirty one as of night some in bangkok so let's head down into a straight here we've got trough of low pressure giving a shower risk across some areas but across the central areas it's looking very hot indeed birdsville in the interior the temperature of forty seven point four the highest december temperature they've seen in something like twenty six years could well be that hot again in the forecast but elsewhere looking somewhat cooler melbourne there just nineteen degrees pretty warm in sydney with a maximum thirty heading on through into sunday that will see temperatures dropping in sydney and across more western areas we've got the risk of some showers but down in perth it should be dry and fine plenty of sunshine and a match for a temperature of twenty seven degrees. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry following your love can have serious consequences one on one east meets the men risking their lives to protect indios young lovers one when he took his time on al-jazeera.
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and all jews in europe where ever you. are again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president all trump has accused china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to pyongyang the u.s. treasury has released satellite images that appear to show chinese ships transferring cargo to north korean vessels china denies the accusations.
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liberia's election commission says former football star george wear has won that the presidential runoff where disease is vice president. will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf next month. and the new york apartment fire has killed at least twelve people including a one year old baby four others were critically injured more than one hundred seventy five this one the scene in the bronx neighborhood the cause is on the. in our series looking ahead at the major stories we expect to see in two thousand and eighteen we look at u.s. politics mid-term elections and they could have a major impact on the presidency up for grabs all seats in the house of representatives and a third of the senate reports. donald trump has a lower approval rating than any other president in modern times at this point in their first terms of office and that's bad news for members of congress in his own republican party as they face the november twenty eighth teen midterm elections
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works it's very helpful to have a popular president at the top of the ticket but with trumpet this point would improve the rating and only one in thirty years i'm not sure how much of a plus donald trump will be dissatisfied action with trump and the unpopularity of his tax cut legislation which is seen to benefit the wealthy has created a big enthusiasm gap between republican and democratic voters that was vividly on display in recent elections when a democrat won the virginia governor's race and even more so when democrats turned out in large numbers to help the democrat doug jones eke out a narrow win over accused child molester roy moore in the senatorial race in conservative alabama democrats are fired up we saw some significant electoral movement particularly among african-americans a solid constituency for the democratic party but we weren't sure that they would
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be enthusiastic in both of those contests they were very enthusiastic and the other group that we've been looking at in particular are white college graduates who many of whom seem very disenchanted with. many analysts believe democrats have a good chance of taking control of the house of representatives. winning the senate is more difficult for democrats because many of them are defending seats in states which voted republican last year but even control of one house of congress would allow democrats to block trump's legislative agenda for the rest of his cerm ending in twenty twenty overshadowing the entire political scene is the investigation by special counsel robert muller of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election if mohler is able to show collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin it would be a political bombshell and
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a disaster for the president and his party robert oulds al jazeera los angeles when a series continues on saturday when we visit zimbabwe two thousand and eighteen will be a significant here the question that but how much change should we expect to bring you this story from harare apple has issued an online apology to customers after weeks of anger over its intentional slowing down of all the i phones the tech giant says the slowdown is to preserve the life of degrading batteries a reaction from customers has led to several class action lawsuits against the company apple's now offering a discount for replacement batteries i make it as a technology alison california he thinks apple handled the situation badly. it seems to me that they should have been forthcoming at the very beginning before they even slow down the phone they should say we want to slow down your phone because it's going to help you preserve battery life it's going to avoid potential crash it is that ok and most people would probably say yes i would rather have
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a slow phone than a dead phone in so it is actually a feature not a bug but the way they handle it was so poor that i actually want to becoming almost a crisis for the company if you have an old phone with an old battery you can expect erratic behavior that is the nature of the battery technology they degrade over time so out but if i'm right that older phones with older batteries are likely to hear through all that run blog and potentially crash unexpectedly so that's not the problem that's just the nature of the technology the problem with being handled it inchoate don't know what people would say i know i would have said yes slow my phone down in exchange for not crashing and i would have rushed out and bought a new phone or a new battery and i think the way apple with the ultimately have to live by making the data relatively cheap twenty nine dollars does pretty much solve the problem for most people but they irritated a lot of people in the process south africa's top court has just issued a key ruling in a case involving president jacob zuma straight to tonya pages into his back and
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joins us by phone tony if you were in the courtroom this explain what this ruling is all about. well this mooning is all about i'm not cool. now basically sounds great the jacobs's i had to stand up hold and take the constitution by not hearing it to be the media action recommended by the compass of the watchdog group that they had being who i was suspending of taxpayers' money on five it's great didn't. the opposition parties got together and they went to. school and had faith that the national the same place thomas didn't homage président appropriately and said i wanted the court to issue another ruling called sing the national assembly to punish the prison and what the school has done is taken as to why this is not
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a man on this thing it was signed the charter he and importantly the chief justice said that they were trying to do to show overreach because south africa's police and the big question of cowards believe that the majority on the board that they excrete the national assembly comment pedants hopefully punished we've been taken to that they just say what they should say ok that the national assembly needs to come up with the one who said that politicians can follow colonnades. so offensive to any of the opposition was hoping that the court would rule full in favor of impeachment proceedings to be allowed to start that doesn't seem like that's happening. no it's not and the court threw that in its original ruling didn't say that the president had made a serious breach and under the constitution it is the word again you use so what
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the cool to say is that while we agree that the national assembly hasn't done enough but hasn't taken a fraction but then. not line of fire that they should impeach him because they can't do that what they are saying is better than the rule don't they this parliament. might lead to an impeachment. parliament need to go away and trim up with them and now. and if it be what the elected official then they follow whatever party they come up with them. not of the three but the opposite view but. better to court again ok so the cases surrounding president jacob zuma continue to amaze thanks very much for the update there from johannesburg in south africa. and you also exhibition at the hirshhorn museum in the us features a mix of civil war history and political commentary. bradford was inspired by
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a painting of the famous final battle at gettysburg when he created a modern day cyclorama spoke to the curator of the exhibition. a cycler was actually one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the united states and europe before cinema would be around and then there would be a dire rama running on the inside and visitors to a cycle rama would come up through the middle of the cyclorama and they would have this immersive experience mark came to the hirshhorn which was built by gordon bunch after and it's a unique building we are essentially a donut and so the center of the building actually makes it impossible for us to actually be a cycle raman he was looking specifically at a cycle that was made in one thousand nine hundred three by philip toto and it depicts the battle of gettysburg which is considered to be the turning point of the american civil war he got images of filipinos painting from i'm guessing from the internet it's a piece of un stretched canvas one piece about twelve feet high and forty five to
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fifty feet long and then on that canvas are multiple layers of paper colored papers burned papers papers that he's soaked in water to give them this very different material effect and he glued together for mark he has decided to disrupt that idea by the materials that he uses so what he is using is just pieces of colored paper sometimes posters that he finds on the streets so what you have is not only this juxtaposition of figurative imagery and abstraction but also different layers of history so things that have been embedded in the kind of the base of the painting and then you get put on top and it's kind of this metaphor i think about how history comes back over and over again and i think it's a comment on how some of the issues that we we faced as a nation win the battle of gettysburg to kind of relevant today they still haunt us today and what you get a sense of as he went back in and disrupts the imagery is the sense of history and how history is never transparent there's never one version of history and that
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there are always these filters through which we all view history. for costs as a warning freezing temperatures and windchills will stay in the northern united. states for some time as here very in pennsylvania saw a record snowfall of more than one point five metres earlier this week people have been warned not to travel on dangerous and possible roads and actual weather service has warned there's a high risk of hypothermia and frostbite from arctic over the central u.s. and spreading east. and from the us where it's cold to a place where it's really cold scientists are sending robots under the ice in antarctica on a mission to discover more about the impact of rising sea levels the drones designed by the university of washington will gather new information about antarctica is vulnerable west an ice shelf the three sea gliders will spend the winter gathering information under the ice for finding their way to over water a year woman temperatures have already caused major changes in ice shelves in the
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region the hope is that we get one of these incidents back out from underneath the actual so we get some scientific data ideally we get we get all of them back but i think we're certainly comfortable with losing a couple of these instruments if that's what happens in the hopes that we get some data back so that will be a success because there will be data that's never before been obtained by the scientific community. plenty more can be seen on our website that the address for it on your screens al jazeera dot com. go with al-jazeera i'm nora kyle these are the top stories china has rejected accusations by u.s. president donald trump that is violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not causing off oil supplies to pyongyang the u.s. treasury has released satellite images that appear to show chinese ships
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transferring call go to north korean vessels. hours after the u.s. president's tweenies south korea seized a ship suspects that taking part in that operation sells says the hong kong flagged vessel transferred or oil to the north korean ship in international waters in october. liberia's election commission says former football star george where has won the presidential runoff where defeated vice president as that barque i am will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf next month. south africa's top courses parliament has failed to hold president jacob zuma accountable for alleged corruption opposition parties wanted an independent committee to investigate claims they use state money to upgrade his private home but the court says it's up to parliament to come up with the right laws to trigger impeachment. at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire in the indian city of mumbai it happened late at night in a restaurant a fire spread quickly throughout the four story building in the been a popular nightclub districts and in new york an apartment fire has killed at least
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twelve people including a one year old baby four others were critically injured one hundred seventy five fighters were on the scene in the bronx neighborhoods. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century because of f.d.a. and wise quick response based on the information we have now at least twelve people were rescued and will survive. but the. search of the building continues. so we know that even though it's horrible report that twelve are dead or are dead already we may lose all of those as well. apple has issued an online apology to customers off to weeks of anger over intentionally slowing down old i phones the tech giant says the slowdown is to preserve the life of degrading batteries apple is now offering
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a discount for replacement batteries. those are all the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one of. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time is era. in india falling in love with the wrong person can be deadly. young people who follow their heart and reject their parents' choice of partners may be beaten or even murdered.


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