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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm +03

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time january on i just. witnessed documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. at least five people dead after an attack on a ship nick cairo. and there are more of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. south africa's top court rules pollan fail to hold president jacob zuma to account for alleged
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corruption. and from football's stall to president george we're set to take on the top job in liberia. plus the loss of the remaining twenty nine critically ill people have been evacuated from a rebel held area this syria's capital. has been an attack on a child south of cairo it happened and how one districts chips and health ministry says at least five people were killed with one the gunman shot dead by security forces we will bring you more on this story talking to guests with full knowledge about that area and the states of christians in egypt as a whole just a little later in the program. now liberia's elect. commission says former football
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star george ware has won the country's presidential runoff for the project to sixty one point five percent of the fight ninety eight point one percent of the votes have been counted and tallies mammadov day reports from the capital monrovia was celebration on the streets of the liberian capital neutral was supporters will find some national football adored with greeted news of his victory in tuesday's runoff election with song and dance it was broke down in t. is a soon as the results won last he's seen he have been called filtered by his running mate if you will take that who is an ex-wife or former liberian president charles taylor who is currently serving a fifty year sentence in the u.k. for war crimes committed in neighboring sierra leone was full we any supporters it's a dream come true a struggle they say that started we back in two thousand and two us pointed to
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succeed because suddenly names like tell us that they can check was good but this time in a trip the two of them to it was such a chance we had a president talk here of the electoral commission had just announced the preliminary results but all this energy is a c.d.c. thank you mr president is sixty one point five percent for the c.d.c. and thirty eight point five percent for unit body now his opponent and current vice president just have block i says he has had deep misgivings about the elections from the beginning he contested that is also the fuss around and supported a case taken to the supreme court by the county they took him in the race we've gone into an election that we knew from stopped it had a lot of problems we were not satisfied with where that and that they had structure and that the supreme court will follow. we were. constrained to
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go wherever we want to see what we wanted we had all hoped for a free transparent election i doubt seriously if that is where we're going to get the vice president and his unity party have not say whether they will challenge the results in court judge where is said to succeed ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female president who led liberia for the past told for years she's credited with presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted peace in liberia since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. played for street will football clubs including s.c. milan chelsea and parties and german he's the only african football to have worn the feet for world player of the roadway as victory in the presidential race is attributed mainly to his support base with in the country's youth wacom for up to sixty percent of the population he grew up in want to be a slums and he success
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against all appeals to many in what is one of the world's poorest countries. where anti-politics after his retirement from football in two thousand and two and is currently a sin attain liberia's pilot i will be the first time since one thousand pro to play the home but by feeding us leaves in the mountain center will have transfer of power from one elected president to another
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telephone system it intercepted two of them would want to land in israel but there are no casualties reported in a short while after that residence in gaza living on the east of gaza over by the separation move by the israeli border reported that the israeli army had which retaliated with tank fire and hit a watchtower belonging to one of the armed factions the israeli army just tweeted a short while ago that they struck two pairs belonging to hamas. on another issue the fourth day of rage has been called across the region we're seeing pictures of some protests from bethlehem burning of tires people out on the streets give us an idea of what's happening there in gaza or what is intending to be happening later today. leaders of factions of called for two different demos today one called for by hamas and another one by the islamic jihad group and people are gathering just now these demos that were planned for people coming out of the
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mosque after prayers they were waiting to see how many people would it will attend but in the last three weeks since president trump announced that the u.s. would recognize truth limits the capital of israel hundreds of gathered in demos in the streets here in gaza and after that some of them headed towards the separation wall in the border with israel where they've protested thrones trying to plan palestinian flags. israeli army have responded we've gotten some live pullet so we're waiting to see today how big those crowds are going to be in the process will be taken to the border once again ok thanks very much for the update because in every two days when those protests get under way also in gaza. now south africa's top court says parliament has failed to hold president jacob zuma accountable over allegations of corruption the court's ruling follows its conclusion last year that zuma violated the constitution when he used state money to upgrade his private home
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the course is up to parliament to come up with the right laws to deal with such violations page is live for us in johannesburg time explaining this court ruling was just what we expected to hear. well in the way i suppose the opposition parties have come to the constitutional court this country's heart. fortunately we lost communications with tanya that in johannesburg so i have to move on to the next story. the greek government has been struggling with a weak economy and unemployment is now is having to find jobs for nearly a ride refugees the problem has been made worse because some nations have refused to resettle some of them but one group thinks refugees could help quote greece's economy or its labor force. language class for this group of refugees in northern greece jason from it live in syria has decided to seek asylum here they all need
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greek anyway because he'll be here for months or even years so slow is the bureaucracy. jason said he wants to study and maybe become a hairdresser. but he's open to suggestions for work. across his country similar scenes are happening the rest of europe has decided the greece can cope more or less greece has got a big problem the economist on the whole. and at the same time greece is having to deal with the brunt of the refugee influx and the european quota system for sharing them out has fallen apart completely so is the big question if there's not enough jobs for greeks then what to expect refugees to do. in the absence of any other to any other bright ideas some people here have decided to celebrate the new arrivals farmer demetrius makes some dried tomatoes and grows herb's but he has a problem his village like hundreds of others has shrunk by half since the economic crisis as
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a young people moved away their empty houses here waiting for families to move in to breathe new life into the community he'd love nothing more than refugees from rural syria to help him out you think you can help each other yes if we do it many thinks together. so the idea came from a local organization working with refugees it argues that greece's economic crisis could be partly solved by the refugee influx not cheap labor but co-operative farms giving the new arrivals an economic stake and encourage them to stay refugees that used to be in areas on their original country or they have experience in farming we think that they can also assist the locals and the locals going to see them in developing the future for both in the camps it's becoming clear what happens when refugees can't access the jobs market a groups are warning of a huge spike in drug abuse by refugees stuck for years in
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a shipping container cannabis is sold alongside fruit on the roadside of the noses of the police of the camp. male refugees selling their bodies has become common as well they are buying the drugs they are the. people using heading also. in the camp and they are just because they're players and just because they don't have any hope they think here these last life of. their life. they don't have any hope many greeks here claim refugees get special treatment while they're left to suffer in poverty and their life in the camps hardly looks generous there are apparently no greeks to work the fields in this agricultural land and to grow the economy it's only one idea but maybe they're starting to realise you can make a virtue out of a crisis lawrence leigh al-jazeera in northern greece ok let's take you back now to our top story that attack on a church south of cairo so far we know to have killed at least five people there is
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a middle east analyst joins us now ahead in the scene as a little bit scant at the moment but doesn't it more about what you've been hearing . well i mean it was expected something expected i mean in a country with leadership always talk about talks about the vengeance not justice it's only expected to see the worst if we talk about vengeance every time something like this happens then we should expect more. vengeance only begets more blood do you think responsible for toxic these ones a lot of elements it was in the society that could think you know crazy and could you know give us an example of like like simple ignorant people i mean not necessarily the traditional kind of terrorists that we always talk about but people
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who were made to be crazy i'm not justifying what happened of course it's a crime the same crime that happened last month when some attackers attacked appraising moslems and killed more than three hundred. i mean before me doesn't of course the numbers count but but for me the principle is the same i mean killing one innocent people is the same like killing three hundred people but what makes people that crazy that sick mind to make such such is sinister things like he miss crimes i mean relations like that between christians and muslims in egypt you know ten percent of the part of the population being christian. the two religions generally assimilate together today mix of a they generally ok or is there a lot of anger between this i'm a gyptian myself and i grew up in a society in a society with no differences between muslims and christians i was raised by
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a christian family myself and i'm sure the millions of muslims who had the same experience through the life of me we we've always had good relations together. i threw up my career i did a lot of good things for the christian the egyptian christian church of the church so it's it's not actually it's not a matter of of. religious divides the divide this is i think all these divisions were made up some whipping least some unwittingly by the leadership again when the leadership. in hand says those differences within this is for political ends we should expect the worst again let me let me talk about certain you know in seconds i mean when you find the country where the best intelligentsia. thrown behind walls the prisons in
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prisons just for voicing a different opinion what do you expect in a society like this when you see the leadership. try and imprisoning innocent people who take out to the street in protestant protesting given up their own lands for for another country and then accuse them of having foreign allegiances was foreign countries what do you expect in a country like this you should only expect the worst ok thanks very much for coming in and. still ahead on al-jazeera. china secretly selling oil to north korea violating u.n. sanctions against pyongyang. and we know back at the original messaging services belgium's telegram service comes to a stop. hello
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again we'll take a look at weather conditions across asia this time and in northeastern areas are super plenty of cold air around but at least the time being so the summer quieter fronts a pulled away high pressure city across much of the region so the forecast just temperatures above freezing on the korean peninsula some snow showers across northern parts of honshu and into her car there but aerial too bad as poor may even get above freezing elsewhere beijing five degrees as a high heading through into sunday we've got another area of low pressure developing in the sea of japan and this will eventually push rain indeed some snow across northern parts of japan and temperatures dropping away there across the korean peninsula heading further towards society for east and southern parts of china the weather's actually looking pretty good for the most part sunshine in food twenty four degrees in hong kong taiwan maybe the old shower on the east coast otherwise looking fairly decent we've lost most of the share it to to across
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vietnam wanted to showers around a prosperous will probably the best way to describe it at this time of the year when noise rather cool rather cloudy at times across the rest of india and indochina we're looking at a few showers but jenny weather conditions not too bad down into southeastern parts of asia some heavy rain from lazy in borneo some heavy showers expected across java top temperature of thirty two degrees in jakarta. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power. there's this radical transformation. i mean nobody really knows if you're going to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people of this town on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching us there as reminder of our top stories this hour and attack on a south of car is killed at least five people that's according to egyptian health ministry a gunman stormed the church in the one district and opened fire. israel says its aerial defense system is instep to two buckets launched from the gaza strip as fast as a third rocket hit a building in the town of the hollows israeli army has shelled palestinian factions in east and gaza in retaliation. as an african course has failed to hold president jacob zuma accountable of allegations of corruption the court ruling follows its conclusion last year that zuma violated the constitution when his state money to
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upgrade his private home. aid agencies have now evacuated twenty nine critically ill people from a. rebel held area near syria's capital damascus they were allowed to leave as part of a deal with the syrian government but as santa has a reports many other patients want so. bizarre. an appeal from a grieving mother. she hopes that all the sick children in eastern huta will receive medical treatment so that their parents don't lose them. lost her daughter but two was ten years old when she died her parents say her life could have been saved but they live in an area besieged by syrian government forces where there is no proper medical care. her sickness started with pain in her teeth nice and hot doctors said there was something wrong with her nervous system and antibiotics didn't help the medication
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didn't work and she passed away. it's too late for batool but twenty nine critically ill patients are being given the chance at survival that was agreed after a deal between the syrian government and the armed group. that involved the rebels freeing prisoners in exchange eighteen of those transferred to hospitals in damascus where children. hundreds more are of treatment there is a severe shortage of medical supplies the medical facilities in the area have all but been destroyed by the siege meant just over one hundred doctors provide care for an estimated four hundred thousand people half of them are believed to be children and. the children are always the ones who are the most vulnerable and affected as a result of the siege there are many children who have cancer they can't be cured because there is no medicine to treat them there are diseases because of the pollution even the water is polluted there are many cases of severe malnutrition in
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the united nations says one in eight children is going hungry up from one in fifty eastern huta has been besieged since two thousand and thirteen but in recent months pro-government forces tightened the blockade closing smuggling routes and tunnels that were being used humanitarian organizations have been pleading for months with the syrian government to allow the critically ill patients to leave aide workers are hoping that the evacuations will be the beginning of more to come they're also asking for safety guarantees from patients are worried of arrest if they go to government controlled territory. doesn't have much time she is four years old and her sickness requires treatment that is not.
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it is fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire in the indian city of mumbai it happened late at night in a restaurant the fire spread quickly throughout the four story building in a popular nightclub district and a fire inside an apartment building in new york has killed at least twelve people including a one year old baby four others were critically injured more than one hundred seventy five fighters responded to the scene in the bronx neighborhood the cause is not yet clear. apple has issued an online apology to customers follow weeks of anger over intensely slowing down old i phones the tech giant says the slowdown is to preserve the life of degrading batteries also reaction from
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customers has led to several class action lawsuits against the company apple's now offering a discount for replacement batteries last call from the titanic news of the first flights and america's entry into world war one the telegram has been at the heart of history on more than one occasion now is coming to an end and belgium one of the last countries to use the messaging service the final message has been sent one hundred seventy one years after the country's first electric telegram was delivered they have parker has more from london. for one hundred eighty years the iconic telegram brought news of calamity and condolence joy and success. it entered popular culture in the invention of the telephone and instant messaging but the end is nigh it was ironically via twitter the belgian telecoms firm proxima announced the demise of its service one of the last in the world the system was
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kept alive by only a handful of businesses mostly bailiff's issuing hard copies of legal documents tucked away in london science museum and some of the earliest examples of the technology the first system was developed in england in eight hundred thirty seven and would go on to change the world. by nineteen hundred. cable that connected all the different continents of the world and they with it was the first step to globalization radio t.v. telephone our world is basically built on the telegraph it's hard to imagine but once these cumbersome machines were cutting and technology very much the same way that computers were much later on they used the latest science of the day electromagnetism to point needles that letters in the alphabet to eventually spell out a word it was all down to how skilled the telegraph operator was using these handles
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. the technology created a certain style of writing a bit like modern text messages the word stop was used to indicate the end of a sentence senders also paid by the word leading to some resourceful ways of communicating the shortest telegram of the english language was sent by the writer and celebrated wit oscar wilde he was living in paris and sent a message to his publisher to see how his new book was doing the message simply read. publisher responded. later morse code was used to send telegraphic messages on april the fifteenth nine hundred twelve the ill fated titanic sent one of its last distress calls. the u.k. abandoned the telegram in one thousand nine hundred to the us in two thousand and six and the biggest market in india four years ago but the technology isn't quite
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dead yet you can still send telegrams in places like italy also a host of online companies and apps of emerged in recent years offering people an experience of a bygone age. neve barca al-jazeera london. stop. stop and they can find much more on our website. al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories an attack on a church south of cairo has killed at least ten people including a gunman that's according to the egyptian health ministry and man storms the church in the one district an open fire. israel says ariel defense system is incepted two rockets launched from the gaza strip as a third rocket has
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a building in the halls in southern israel israeli army has shelled palestinian factions in east and gaza and retaliation our correspondent michael ware has more from gaza city. just a short while ago we heard and felt a series of very loud distant explosions in the israeli army short while after that said that three rockets have been fired from here in gaza into southern israel and they said that the iron dome missile defense system it intercepted two of them third one of landed in israel but there were no casualties reported in a short while after that residence in gaza living on the east of gaza over by the separation wall by the israeli border reported that the israeli army had we retaliated with tank fire and hit a watchtower belonging to one of the armed factions south africa's top court says parliament has failed to hold president jacob zuma to account of allegations of corruption the court ruling follows its conclusion last year that zuma violated the constitution when he is state money to upgrade his private hire him. aid
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agencies have now evacuated twenty nine critically ill people from eastern abysses rebel held area near syria's capital damascus they were allowed to leave as part of a deal with the syrian government rebels are releasing a number of prisoners in return last month the u.n. called for five hundred people in need of urgent medical care to be allowed to leave but only these twenty nine cases were given approval and at least eighteen other people have died whilst waiting china has rejected accusations by u.s. president donald trump that is violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by not cutting off oil supplies to pyongyang the u.s. treasury has released satellite images that appear to show chinese ships transferring call go to north korean vassals those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera that's after inside story with us.
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race to the red sea china is well you the u.s. are just a few of the countries building already have bases in the region now turkey is the latest to die so why the growing interest in the red sea this is inside story.


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