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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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strucken unlikely. the some good news is. stronger than. that this time on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with the product coming up in the next sixty minutes at least fifty people injured by israeli gunfire in gaza as thousands again demonstrate over jerusalem israeli
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air strikes follow after three rockets fired at southern israel. as people are killed in an eyesore attack on a coptic church an. iranian police used tear gas and water cannon all anti-government demonstrators protesting for the second day class. anger on the streets and pervert the department of former president alberto fujimori for murder and torture. fifty people have been injured after israeli forces opened fire on demonstrators thousands of palestinians across gaza and the occupied west bank took part in protests for friday the angry at u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem. israel's capital
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meanwhile israeli tanks and aircraft have fired on targets gaza after three rockets were fired into israel the israeli army says aerial defense system intercepted two which were fired from the gaza strip it was panic on the ground when the alarm was raised the third rocket hit a building in the south of course and damaged part casualties malcolm webb reports now from gaza on the day's demonstrations. the edge of gaza city is just a couple hundred meters over there and this is the border with israel the separation friends wall surrounds gather all step aside to the camera can zoom in a bit for the fourth friday in a row people gathered at rallies in the city after friday prayers coming from the mosques and then some people from those rallies came here to the border to demonstrate it's been like this for the last month ever since president trump announced that the u.s. would recognize to use them as the capital of israel and demonstrators are trying to get as close to the fence as they can to throw stones and plant palestinian
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flags. start fires as well those plumes of black smoke you can see here from fires and burning tires and the israeli army's response with tear gas and some gunfire we've heard that more than ten people have been injured in the violence today in the unrest here and in four of the places along the border. well thousands of people in the pakistani city have rallied against the u.s. decision to recognize diversity as israel's capital as the largest protest in pakistan since the decision earlier this month for the demonstration was organized by a charity called length to the main suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai bombing and the u.s. has a ten million dollars bounty on side who was released from house arrest in november come on high the has more. power than have gathered. the saudi air force for the palestinian cause the product didn't ambassador do. you
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know why did you address crowds that come from all four corners of the country all of the others all pakistani people from all walks of life have strongly reject it trumps decision of jerusalem as their capital pakistan is the only country in the muslim world has officially condemned and rejected this decision and brought resolution in their parliament against the irresponsible act there is a dreamer then burn a cross on the floor make words. there for many. to very. rewarding say the leader of the modern art program for their stuff for good this was a good deal got to make to receive the music sales capital we cannot tolerate this at any cost we are trying to awake all the muslim community and to unite them and we want to send a strong message to trump that muslims won't accept it in any shape they're going to thereby support for the father didn't god yeah and very very much against the
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american move to move the embassy there never. was given. that it was muslim yes it is together and we want to give you a strong presence there. and we have given you three. i'm not clear on your answer you're. there jurors are alarmed at the capital of. their leader the people are certainly reading their sacrifice their lives for making sure their girlfriend are there may be aren't there through. all her ballot. and large gatherings by far the stronger didn't go far on that particular day for. i saw his claim responsibility for a gun attack on a coptic church and a job to and which at least nine people were killed a joint funeral for
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a few of those was held south of the capital cairo five others were wounded when a gunman opened fire on washers and police it was arrested after being wounded. while i said has claimed responsibility for that attack at least nine people were killed as we mentioned. challenged ballasts reports. a progression of coffins inside the virgin mary church on the outskirts of cairo the family members of eight different victims brought together by gunmen killing in the name of i assume. this is the suspected attacker it's believed he's wearing a suicide vest first he shot at a christian owned shop before moving to cairo's coptic mum in a church he opened fire on civilians and police officers outside who witnesses people inside closed the door when they heard the shots. being. thank
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god they locked the doors there were hundreds in sight if getting closer during that time it could have been worse than did back in the road a mosque in china relatives piece together what had happened is they made it outside the hospital and. one woman was killed. when she tried to help the attacker thinking he had fallen over they say he saw a cross dangling from her neck and shot. she was asking him in the name of christ this something happened to you she was ready to give him love and tenderness and peace is this what they mean peace with gunfire. gunfire. as the ambulances left the funeral with their loved ones and size they were accompanied by armored vehicles and a sign of increased security for christians here it's the latest in a number of attacks on the christian minority in egypt which represents about ten
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percent of the population the problem is that there's no clear counterterrorism and counterinsurgency policies so for dealing with this threat for a while egypt has been discontinuing the same bomb business same mistakes egypt has been under a state of emergency since i pro and suicide bombing struck two coptic church is killing at least forty five people on palm sunday i saw also claimed responsibility for that attack the government deployed more security forces outside churches this month in anticipation of attacks over christmas i know nothing on new year's on joining our christmas every holiday every holiday they sent us these gifts oh god your vengeful god egypt's christians have long accused the authorities of not doing enough to protect them. on the us. by u.s. defense secretary james mattis is defending support of the solving led coalition
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fighting for the rebels in yemen speaking to reporters in the pentagon matters said there would be more civilian deaths without u.s. involvement the comments follow u.n. condemnation of the coalition bombing campaign after more than one hundred civilians were killed by airstrikes within ten days. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including a new legal setback for jake. as a. top court. we were forced to. close and perform. about sexual harassment in the workplace. and.
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hundreds of anti-government demonstrators protesting for the second day of protests broke out in the west and. the demonstrators are angry about the government's economic policy. and there have been reports of protests in other cities including the capital on the road. all economic indications in the country are good yes there is an increase in the prices of some products and the government is working on fixing the causes of the high prices some of the events that have taken place in recent days are said to have been because of the economy but there are other reasons the people behind what is taking place think they'll be able to harm the government but when social movements and protests start in the street those who have ignited them are not always able to control them now there is a professor of middle east politics at the university of denver and he explains why people are protesting. it's really actually the linking of the iranians regional
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foreign policy in syria in particular with the economic grievances that many people are feeling internally with respect to declining or lowering economic standards of living many iranians particularly those in the you know middle class and lower middle class the working class do not understand why billions of dollars i mean no one knows the exact figure because the details are not published but why iran has invested so heavily in regional foreign policy adventurism to the detriment of iran's own internal economic problems so i think that linkage has been made by the protesters it's one that's been on the agenda and it's a subject that really can't be internally discussed in a free and open debate within the islamic republic of iran because those aren't policy decisions are made at the office of the senior the airship primarily the supreme leader and there's no accountability for those decisions in terms of where
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the money's being spent so i think that it's a particular source of prevents and when we see those grievances aired on the streets of many cities in iran the hard line elements of the regime are going to probably blame the protests on foreign conspiracies the real question is what will the elected rowhani government do and say in the coming days and sponsor these protests particularly if they continue. to peru now where protesters have confronted police outside the hospital where former president alberto fujimori is being treated. they're angry about president hedrick public which adds he's controversial decision to pardon fujimori who serve nearly half of a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights qualms including murder since thursday thousands of peruvians have been marching to denounce the move and call for a new general elections. rebirth as a human rights activist and a professor at george mason university and she says for the mores pardon can still
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be challenged and there are precedents of similar cases. it is not the end of the story. yet and there are several different venues by which human rights activists are going to challenge the pardon one is in the domestic courts in peru and there are precedents a few years ago an associate of fiji mori actually a businessman the head of a large conglomerate media organization was hard ends he'd been convicted of corruption and he'd been pardoned based on humanitarian grounds and a few weeks later he was caught on camera in a country club looking quite healthy and the constitutional tribunal overturned his pardon. and so there is a precedent for that kind of thing if the pardon is found to be fraudulent lee granted then it can be overturned by peru's constitutional tribe you know the other
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venue of course is the international since the interim erica and system and why and why that is possible in this case is could you know where he was convicted for two for a series of human rights abuses to very important and emblematic cases the vireos out those massacre one thousand nine hundred one and the enforced disappearance of nine students and a professor from the land to the university in one thousand nine hundred two fold of those pastis received sentences from the inter merican court which found a peruvian state responsible and ordered the state to investigate process prosecute and punish those responsible and that gives the court the right to supervise the fulfillment of the terms of the sentence. now former football superstar george waya has officially been declared liberia's president elect after one in tuesday's runoff of more than sixty one percent of the vote or thousands of his supporters
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have been celebrating in the capital monrovia his opponent choice or conceded defeat on friday saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed whereas when mark the first democratic transfer of power in the west african nation in seventy three years. south africa's top court has ruled that parliament failed to hold president jacob zuma to account in a scandal over house improvements which cost millions of dollars last year the court decided that had violated the constitution when he benefited inappropriately from state funding for his and carla hall and that's one of a series of presidential scandals which have tarnished the reputation of the mole and african national congress the opposition has renewed its call for the president to be impeached tanya page has the latest from johannesburg. the constitutional court south africa's highest court has found that the national assembly that's parliament failed to take appropriate action against president jacob zuma and relation to gross overspending of taxpayers' dollars on his private home called
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income the constitutional court says the first thing that should happen is that the national assembly needs to come up with a comprehensive list of rules and regulations which perhaps could lead to the impeachment of president zuma they didn't go so far as to say that's what should happen because that would be in breach of the separation of powers the opposition parties who brought this legal action we're pleased with the outcome nonetheless the constitutional muster in time would be scrutinised would be brought before parliament to be accountable because his own body to come party has tried to hold you accountable and we can. the other day we need to be in parliament not less than it did to days before the state of the nation and as of twenty eight in their defense president zuma and the speaker of parliament both said it wasn't
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true that the national assembly had done nothing multiple votes of no confidence in president zuma have been held and they have all been defeated and that's what it comes down to it's a matter of numbers in parliament because impeaching a president is a parliamentary process so even when there are rules in place that could lead to impeaching a president ultimately that would require a two thirds majority and the reality is that the governing african national congress holds the majority and so be extremely unlikely that the numbers would be able to be gathered for an impeachment aid agencies have finished a series of accusations from the besieged damascus suburb of east and twenty nine critically ill people including children have been moved as part of a deal with the syrian government for the un says there are still more than four hundred urgent need of medical care they know how the reports from neighboring
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lebanon. and appeals from a grieving mother. she hopes that all the sick children in eastern guta will receive medical treatment so that their parents don't lose them. lost her daughter but tool was ten years old when she died her parents say her life could have been saved but they live in an area by syrian government forces where there is no proper medical care. a sickness with pain in her teeth nice and hot doctors said there was something wrong with her nervous system and antibiotics didn't help the medication didn't work and she passed away. it's too late for twenty nine critically ill patients are being given the chance at survival that was agreed after a deal between the syrian government and the armed group. that involved the rebels freeing prisoners in exchange eighteen of those transferred to hospitals in
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damascus where children. hundreds more are of treatment there is a severe shortage of medical supplies the medical facilities in the area have all but been destroyed by the siege meant just over one hundred doctors provide care for an estimated four hundred thousand people half of them are believed to be children and. the children are always the ones who are the most vulnerable and affected as a result of the siege there are many children who have cancer they can't be cured because there is no medicine to treat them there are diseases because of the pollution even the water is polluted there are many cases of severe malnutrition in the united nations says one in eight children is going hungry up from one in fifty in may he has been besieged since two thousand and thirteen but in recent months pro-government forces tightened the blockade closing smuggling routes and tunnels that were being used. humanitarian organizations have been pleading for months with
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the syrian government to allow the critically ill patients to leave aide workers are hoping that the evacuations will be the beginning of more to come they're also asking for safety guarantees patients are worried of arrest if they go to government controlled. territory. doesn't have much time she is four years old and her sickness requires treatment that is not available in eastern huta it's a difficult time for her mother in abdullah who was hoping that her daughter was on the evacuation list into her cell phone down but. my daughter has a kenyan throat cancer doctors told me she needs surgery to remove her throat because that she is too big and the cancer cells are spreading i hope someone helps me my child also needs chemotherapy and i can't afford it please whoever is hearing me now i ask for your help and is that already almost twenty patients among them
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children have died while waiting for evacuation centers that are beirut. now grace has been struggling to deal with high unemployment and a weak economy for years the country has also been the destination for many refugees arriving in search of a better life that's been a costly burden taken on by greece's government but now one point thanks and your vials could play a crucial role and filling the workforce reports from northern greece. language class for this group of refugees in northern greece jason from it live in syria has decided to seek asylum here they all need greek anyway because they'll be here for months or even years so slow is the bureaucracy. here jason said he wants to study and maybe become a hairdresser. but he's open to suggestions for work. across this country similar scenes are happening the rest of europe has decided the greece can cope more or less greece has got a big problem the economist a little hole more than forty percent youth unemployment and at the same time
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greece is having to deal with the brunt of the refugee influx and the european quota system for sharing them out has fallen apart completely so here's the big question if there's not enough jobs for greeks the more you expect refugees to do. in the absence of any other bright ideas some people here have decided to celebrate the new arrivals farmer demetrius makes some dried tomatoes and grows herb's but he has a problem his village like hundreds of others has shrunk by half since the economic crisis as the young people moved away their empty houses here waiting for families to move in to breathe new life into the community he'd love nothing more than refugees from rural syria to help him out you think you can help each other yes if they're if you just want to stay here we can do it many thinks look at that so the idea came from a local organization working with refugees it argues that greece's economic crisis
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could be partly solved by the refugee influx not cheap labor but co-operative farms giving the new arrivals an economic stake and encourage them to stay refugees that used to be in. their original country or they have experience in farming we think that they can also assist the locals and the locals going to then and in developing a future for both in the camps it's becoming clear what happens when refugees can't access the jobs market a groups are warning of a huge spike in drug abuse by refugees stuck for years in a shipping container cannabis is sold alongside fruit on the road side of the noses of the police of the camp male refugees selling their bodies has become common as well they are buying the drugs they are the. people using headline also. in their camp and they are just because they're plants and just because you don't
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have any hope. here these last life of. their life. they don't have any hope. many greeks here claim refugees get special treatment while they're left to suffer in poverty their life in the camps looks generous there are apparently no greeks to work the fields in these agricultural lands and grow the economy it's only one idea but maybe they're starting to realize you can make a virtue out of a crisis. in northern greece. where many refugees are also having to deal with issues surrounding their mental health research among those who made it to germany was as many as sixty percent had witnessed violence in their countries and of all those surveyed around half suffer from mental health problems including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression the refugee camps themselves have become dangerous aid agencies report there's a rising level of self harm and drug abuse or peter vent is the senior mental
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health officer with the u.n. refugee agency and he says this problem may seem overwhelming but there are solutions. there are many good examples that i know of mental health professionals who work with refugees but in general the whole mental health systems in europe are not well prepared because of issues related to language and culture so what i think needs to be done is much more training for doctors and psychologists in europe but also to see how we can use the potential of refugee stem cells to support each other that actually if you give refugees an opportunity to rebuild their lives they will take it so helping people help themselves should be the first thing and that's something that. mental health care systems in europe are not very much prepared to to it's too much clinic based while we can do much more with
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refugee communities. now conflicts are raging simultaneously in sudan and south sudan making life increasingly tough for refugees from both countries who have to share limited resources some have lost their lives and the violence ever morgan reports from counting itself that are out of four refugee camps of paper from its rule of america. this has been a frog nasser's home for more than six years their refugee from sudan fled her home and sought safety in neighboring south sudan she says she no longer feel safe after her brother was killed last year in fighting between refugees and there's also denise hosts. who lost her brother last year he was kidnapped and killed they brought back his body that night we were attacked inside that comes with guns we lost a lot of people during the fights not just my brother but children women were killed in this time. fighting broke out in blue nile state after the sudan people's
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liberation movement north rebelled against government leaders in khartoum the armed opposition group accuse the sudanese government of breaking the two thousand and five peace agreement it allowed blue man state to choose whether to be part of sudan or a newly independent south sudan. the conflict has resulted in more than two hundred fifty thousand refugees fleeing to south sudan more than half of them live in four camps here sudanese refugees started arriving here in my band since two thousand and eleven a few months after south sudan gained independence but since then the host country has been at civil war which is still happening that has created an economic and hunger crises all over it have had an impact on the refugees the war in south sudan which started in ten to fifteen also display started in east and resulted in more than half of the twelve million population peace in food insecurity south sudanese government leaders say tensions are being created because the refugees have freedom to move and reach limited resources in my van if you. feel better there are
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advantages and disadvantages of having them here the main problem is that the camps are not first that means there are a few g.'s can move around freely in countries with domestic use and that is having an impact. and with almost no chance of returning home to sudan soon the united nations high commission for refugees says they need to be protected they are here they have needs they have rights and these needs and rights have to be met and so that there has to be a very high level of cooperation between you and the south sudanese government to ensure that they are safe protected and and that their needs are met a friend has no plans to return to the word zone in sudan but she may have to do just that if there is a repeat of the violence between refugees and their star sudanese hosts people morgan al-jazeera south sudan. serbian alwaye officials have uncovered twenty five tons of highly toxic waste after a search of
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a private property southwest of the capital belgrade a mix of chemicals found dumped include benzene which is a cancer causing compound that is highly regulated across the developed world residents have been not to use water. well the owner of the property has been arrested. still ahead on the news our. own struggle to heal the wounds of a decades long civil war. made the haitian turn trash into political odd. and in support and in memory has a shaky return to the status quo has the details coming up. from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the east. welcome back we'll look at the weather across southern eastern parts of china first
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of all where it's looking pretty good at the moment draw a fine conditions away from shanghai through to hong kong taipei to quite well we've got little bit of drizzle not northeasterly flow effect in parts of vietnam but surely weather conditions not looking to battle with no particular will nephi noire at nineteen degrees across the rest of indo china also looking mostly fine quite woman young gone with a maximum of thirty one degrees heading into southeastern parts of asia we have been watching the development of the circulation to the east of the philippines and things i think will be in the hunt sherratt to vittie developing over the next forty eight to seventy two hours across mindanao in particular but i think we'll see anything as heavy as we saw asli with. and then tembin so we're looking at a circulation further south which is giving some heavy showers across malaysia and borne across parts of java and then up through the night clinches so some heavy downpours to singapore in kuala lumpur but further north into thailand and cambodia weather conditions generally looking good for say facia also looking largely fine
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some mist and fog across northern parts of india and into pakistan well the way of cloud across southern areas but it should remain draw and find we've lost the showers the most part fishmonger just nightside chance of a damp or two in the course of the day in colombo highs of thirty. the weather sponsored by cat time he's. twenty seventeen has been full of stories that have changed the global political landscape and al jazeera has been there to cover them all. joining us as we look back at some of our most memorable interviews of the year and a special edition of talk. at this time. good
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to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour on this our top stories as various security forces have opened fire on protesters in gaza and the occupied west bank enjoying at least fifty people protesting against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital full of the end of the serious
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condition. funerals have been held for those who died in the church attack and cavo the place nine people were killed and many more wounded when a gunman opened fire on worshippers and police i saw has claimed responsibility. policemen avan have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government demonstrators many are angry about that and creasing cost of living they have also been reports of rallies and paid on and the second largest city. to guatemala now with all zones of and people were killed during the decade long civil war that ended in one thousand and ninety six but they weren't included in the official death toll and did not receive proper burials now d.n.a. testing is helping some families come to terms with their loss as a name records. with bits of bone and a children's halloween t. shirt remnants of loved ones on earth from one of guatemala's mass graves.
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two hundred fifty thousand guatemalans died or disappeared during the country's thirty six year civil war thousands of the digitas farming families had been a racist from memory until now. but i don't need me they shot my wife a bullet to the. she was washing clothes she walked a couple steps but she couldn't walk anymore and there she stayed my wife was just lying there. through d.n.a. testing families are now identifying their relatives burying them and visiting their graves during the war many farmers were forced into army operated villages it was a way to ensure they didn't join one of the guerrilla groups in the area they were promised food and medical care instead many died from malnutrition and treatable diseases that my audio says that when the majority of causes of death of the children was due to disease due to a lack of medical attention it was limited because of what was happening in the
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region as well as the measles outbreak in the early one nine hundred eighty s. . people here say they were treated like prisoners so. if somebody for example had to leave to visit a relative in the capital or another province they had to request it in writing sometimes well in advance for the army to grant authorization those who left and did not return at the stipulated time would get into trouble and many times that trouble meant. in recent years quantum olens have begun to address the crimes of war former military leader efren rios montt was convicted of genocide in two thousand and thirteen the decision was overturned on procedural grounds and he's being tried again in absentia but. for these families identifying and burying their dead is just one step towards acknowledging the many injustices of guatemala's civil war. natasha the name l.
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does iraq. now the one hundred forty five indian fishermen released by pakistan on thursday have returned home the men were arrested and jailed for fishing illegally in the pakistani territorial waters another group of indian fishermen will be released next month as a goodwill gesture. india's lower house of parliament has approved a bill which will make it illegal for muslim men to use instant divorce to leave their wives the so-called triple a life as a muslim practice in which a man ends a marriage by saying you were divorced three times under the legislation men who try to use instant divorce could be imprisoned for up to three years indian prime minister in that interim already has become a vocal advocate of the bill which will have to be approved by the upper house of parliament before it becomes law. now south korea has confirmed that it seized and inspected a hong kong they tested ship suspected of supplying oil to north korea last month but south korea's foreign ministry says it's an example of pyongyang using illegal
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networks to get around un sanctions blocking on oil imports u.s. president trump has accused china of violating u.n. sanctions and failing to stop on supplies to pyongyang but macbride has more from beijing. china will not be happy with this latest criticism from the president from coming in such a public stinging manner but it's true to say that china has become used to dealing with the united states in a different way over the past year and has been accustomed to president trump's tweets the ministry of foreign affairs regular press briefing friday in beijing there was no specific reference or reply to this latest attack but the spokes person was asked about the allegations concerning this hong kong registered vessel seized in south korea for allegedly dealing in illicit oil with north korea the ministry said that it has been investigated to the chinese customs have no record
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of this vessel visiting a chinese port since august although it has no records of it whether it be visited other ports as far as it knows the chinese government does not know of any illicit activity that this vessel has been involved in repeating that the chinese government is still very much committed to enforcing the u.n. sanctions whether china has known about any trades that might be taking place it's difficult to believe that any illegal activity or transfer of oil at sea could take place without china's knowledge and it would fit with the general narrative of china quietly supporting the north korean regime not necessarily out of any loyalty to an old ally but really as a pragmatic measure. shore up the regime as far as china is concerned it's a comparable blee live with a nuclear north korea not an ideal situation but for china the unacceptable
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situation is a collapsing regime that still has access to nuclear warheads that for china is the worst case scenario. now a viral video in south korea has prompted a national debate about the treatment of women in the workplace it's also highlighting harassment at after work gatherings at a time when many people are celebrating the end of the year with their colleagues kathy novak reports now from seoul. when these women became nurses this was not part of the job description video of them dancing at a hospital talent show was posted on social media prompting a national conversation about something not often openly discussed in south korea the treatment of women in the workplace these nurses didn't want their identities revealed fearing repercussions at work for the talent show we were forced to dance we had to wear indecent clothes and perform sixty dances on stage and we were
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embarrassed. she says hospital officials sat in the front row judging the performances and that refusing to participate wasn't an option unless she could find a colleague to take her place. in south korea because of the confusion tradition of respecting it's difficult to say no to superiors this type of power abuse has become normal. lawyer leony says sexual harassment is a problem for south koreans of all professions especially when junior employees are expected to drink with their bosses after hours to know that a year and a party is a common occasion for sexual harassment people expect women to pour drinks for men or for young and pretty women to sit next to older male bosses. drunk male bosses hug us and hold our hands during these company occasions but we can't say anything because they're our bosses in the most recent government survey the majority of
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those who say they experienced sexual harassment took no action among the reasons given were that they thought it would make no difference and that they would be disadvantaged at work. the government announced plans to impose harsher penalties for sexual harassment in november after a young employee at the country's biggest furniture company hun sen accused colleagues of raping and sexually assaulting her the employment and labor ministry found the company failed to investigate the claims and find about five thousand dollars. as for the talent show a hospital spokesperson said it is planning to reform the dress code and is considering getting rid of it completely kathy novak al jazeera saw. now to the third part of our series looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen a report from zimbabwe for next year voters will head to the polls after a series of extraordinary events that saw the military force longtime leader robert
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mugabe to resign many hope the outcome of the election will help to improve the economy and our standing on the world stage reports that. after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and a shortage of cash people hope things will get better in twenty eighteen robert mugabe resigned in november after the military intervened. president until elections are held while they wait for any election day to be announced they are registering to vote many here say they hope no matter who wins it will be a new beginning for zimbabwe oh and your country. right now i'm studying and the reason why i'm studying is because i went to work. to do. in the past elections have been marred by allegations of vote rigging and violence opposition leaders say the military and war veterans helped keep robert
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mugabe in power for thirty seven years the new commander of the defense forces says things will not be different and that the army will respect what ever zimbabweans. aside at the polls as we prepare for the elections in twenty eighteen it is our wish that the company and they were doing so for the day takes place in an environment of peace and tranquility opposition alliance members say despite morgan tsvangirai health concerns he is their presidential candidate has cancer now that mugabe is gone they say they are confident about mixture we are all. believe that from the next winnowing enemies of an underground we are going to the next government this is why they are panicking a credible voters role could help avoid another disputed election zimbabwe is compiling a new voters role in replace the old emanuel register opposition party say is inaccurate and is dead people's names on it the difficult mission says the plan is
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to register nearly seven million people before elections in twenty eight as the bobbins prepare for those crucial elections they hope they'll be credible and violence free the international community has said if things go smoothly at the polls they will be eager to invest to help ease the crippling cash crisis that could mean discreetly needed jobs most people waiting in line under the age of forty many are unemployed but they say for the first time in a long while there is hope that maybe twenty eighteen is going to be a good year. for al-jazeera. and on sunday we look at syria's future after a year in which the syrian government recaptured large areas of territory from rebel hurt so many feel the war is nearing its end but with potential flashpoints remaining what could be the price of peace. an arctic blast has hit parts of the u.s. causing warnings of hypothermia and frostbite but the cold has brought in severe
5:45 am
children large parts of the country from the midwest to the northeast temperatures dropped to minus thirty five degrees celsius in northern new york state people are being asked to look out for the homeless and elderly while president trump has been twittering about the freezing temperatures he wrote in the east it could be the coldest new year's eve on record perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old global warming that our country but not others was going to pay trillions of dollars to protect against and a lot. when you want to ask our valley person out as a climate physicist who was vice chair of the u.n. and to governmental panel on climate change and he says trump doesn't appear to understand the issue. the president you might have forgotten that it's winter at the moment in the northern hemisphere it's perfectly normal now it's very called the moment in the eastern part of north america because the jet stream is bringing
5:46 am
is ringing very called from the arctic. and if the jet stream is doing that right now it's probably also because of global warming because the melting of the sea ice in the arctic is disrupting the position of the jet stream and the jet stream is bringing much more called air but. you can be sure that the rest of the word this is warming look at the map after all the year that's ending two thousand and seventeen is one of the warmest year of the last hundred fifty years at the global level so what's happening now in the u.s. is not relevant for the climate of the or year and the whole globe. now a mexican state of one hark a conservationist avenues hundreds of endangered baby turtles and to the pacific ocean every year hundreds of thousands of all of the turtles lay their eggs on
5:47 am
mexico's beaches but after hatching many of the young turtles fall prey to predators some a conservationist used to hunt the creatures but have turned into protecting them to try and save the species. still ahead on the news hour now south korea is boasting its chances it's not a traditional strong get ahead of the one child then takes tatiana we'll have the details. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between a criminal because it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask a question these are throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominated director we're doing any investigation into. ukraine would you pay bribes you've been corrupt or been corrupt did just the presidency. investigations the only gods coming soon.
5:48 am
to haiti now way out is a turning trash into political hot it stems from
5:49 am
a resistance movement based in the capital slums reports from port au prince. in one of the poorest areas of haiti's capital port au prince a place where people live surrounded by trash. and the part of the resistance falls went against social inequality using art something is not spears love. it is just fighting every time someone. called on me and it's just these. many of his cultures are based in what he describes as voodoo because of the special place the religious practice has in haitian history and society. asian people because you get asian people fighting for get your freedom because the first one the message here is that art can be done with anything culture for example are done with all the vehicle parts tell stories and even some of them with
5:50 am
human remains you can see right here this calls for example are from the earthquake back in two thousand and ten. an earthquake that killed more than three hundred thousand people the remains are from a mass grave in port-au prince. showing reality is crucial ojo says he's using old clothes sent to haiti by foreigners in his latest painting with my objective is to show haiti to the world you are it is not only about voodoo but it is showing the talent and diversity that exists here and they send us old clothes and we send it back turned into art. this is a considered no go zone in the capital mariel were many foreigners do not want to go. but art has inspired some teenagers who say they would rather use brushes instead of weapons and it's you know i would love to become a good artist when i can paint something and do it perfectly. every year we charge
5:51 am
more as bring some of the pieces from the artist to his hotel so tourists can take a closer look at the movement where you live in garbage that's the economy they have created an economy where you and your neighborhood your people your friends your family they live in garbage and you have taken this garbage and you've turned it into a beauty you've turned it into art you've turned it into messages. the work done by resistance artists has been displayed in new c.m.s. around the world. but they say despite their success internationally life continues to be a struggle in the areas where they grew up. as just seat apatow prince haiti. it is time for sports now has tatyana. thank you very much defending gulf cup champions qatar have been knocked out of this is tournament in the group stage the
5:52 am
qataris would have gone through with a win against behind but as peter stammered reports that was not to be that day ahead of the qatar bahrain match there was talk of the players not shaking hands before kickoff but in the end there was an exchange of pleasantries before the game the gulf crisis not influencing matters at the tournament on this particular occasion defending champions qatar needed to win in order to go through. all they could do and hope yemen be to iraq the qataris took the lead just before half time thanks to a penalty by haslam out hate us i am sorry but the bahrain has hit back twelve minutes into the second period could a sea of mud on. the. one one it finished and the defending champions face was now in the hands of yemen. unfortunately for the qatari the gimmes put up little resistance after half time against iraq. handed the iraqis the lead before
5:53 am
and the fight is a tier double d. advantage with a penalty oh i'm sure my god with ten minutes to go must become ill wrapped up the result big three know when iraq finished. and will play the united arab emirates in the semifinals bahrain will face oman. qatar out and so will the yemenis who failed to win a game all school or go in kuwait peter stammered al jazeera on saturday the english premier league festive season action continues at seven fictious to look forwards to manchester united will look to make up some ground on league eight as manchester city when they host southampton also on saturday liverpool are at home to leicester and champions chelsea will welcome stoke to stamford bridge. well your computer is doing this so well that they commenced their cd and that is very
5:54 am
difficult to to think to fight for the title but at the same time we have to try to . all ourselves enable game to try to get to both to try to give a satisfaction to our fans to improve our work. andy murray had a shaky return to the tennis court with a loss in abu dhabi murray was called in to play the exhibition match at the world tennis championships on friday after former world number one novak djokovic with drew with an elbow injury he had been out of competitive action for six months due to an ongoing hip problem and the thirty year old lost the ones that match to spain's better about things that are good too with the score i felt better as it went on obviously a little bit slower at the start in roberto's one of the best players in the world and. you know when you haven't competed for a long time it takes time to get back up to that sort of pace and i start to feel a bit better. but you need to keep improving for sure so fans hoping to see
5:55 am
jack a fish make his return from a five month injury laugh of course have to wait he pulled out of the exhibition match because of a continued pain with his elbow djokovic hasn't played competitively since for tiring in the quarterfinals of wimbledon earlier on this here one man who will soon be back on court as roger federer he's hoping to build on his remarkable run last season this west superstar has landed in perth where he'll play in the hoffman cup team event before defending his australian open title in january and he looked relaxed as he got up close and personal with fans and some local wildlife on rottnest island this animals apparently caught a quicker twenty seventeen saw federal win his first grand slam title in five years in melbourne and then another at wimbledon he also climbed back to number two in the world all of this came after he took six months off at the end of twenty sixteen because of a knee injury. the anything i would. like about the boat has got
5:56 am
a big surprise because i didn't expect this of everything about thirty six thirty seven as good as i am today it's really about staying healthy and enjoying myself and be very precise of how i practice what turns up it's just hard to imagine that out as good as i did last year some reason. to see this it's been like to go you know meanwhile other players including wild number five dominic tim have started their new campaigns already team with an action first day at the world tennis championship in abu dhabi while the austrian went down to the us open final it has been anderson seven six six four now ahead of the winter olympic games the world's best men's alpine ski is have been in action at the world cup combined event in italy frenchman alexis painter oh excelled in the slalom and also to his advantage fast run leader dominic paris that italy had some trouble himself leaving control about ten days from the finish line this is the sixth year in a row that the frenchman enjoys
5:57 am
a victory in an alpine combined event and for good measure he also moves to the top of the disciplines while top standing is also his twenty first career win across all disciplines. now the winter olympic games are around the corner and south korea will become only the fifth country to have staged both summer and winter games china's hosting off to seoul hosted the summer olympics back in one nine hundred eighty eight the koreans the came to put on a show and impress and they're looking to beef up their ice hockey team as well so much so that the country's immigration laws that change in two thousand and eleven could be about to pay off canada's broke for dunphy won't be brought presenting his native country in pyongyang instead he'll be wearing the colors the south korea he's one of sixteen foreign athletes that will turn out for the host nation in february. and i grew up in. your life proud to be free and you know in a sense i'm representing canada to my family and what i'm going to claim it's
5:58 am
a very assault you know i'm proud to have lived in both countries and when i'm on the ice you know i'm going to do everything i can for team free i'm not so baseball phenomena. that doesn't for this new soften me and as a prawn i'm thank you very much for watching. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. it's. coming from
5:59 am
some groups i just think the problem. is the name one which i record a. regular music is really going to trip for a very young. but i feel that. talks about just its quality. and there's a pretty good music on the rest. of the road especially for a good thing this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to last questions and freedom of expression and people you know are being students teachers activists for their cause right so it's nice all of them but it's going to do this on the. blog on the streets the protest has reached our doorstep saw in rich. attempts to contradict something that it's.
6:00 am
just looking for you'll get i'll talk about shooting people or not must try to shoot themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a right open war that the city's general security people who paid the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. at least fifty people injured in gaza by israeli gunfire during a fourth week of protest against donald trump's recognition of truth as the capital of israel. i'm richelle carey this is our jazeera live from doha.


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