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tv   Indias Love Commandos  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2017 6:32am-7:01am +03

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the spanish government after he declared independence on october following a referendum is currently. and rebellion. it is absurd to try to want to become president of a region while living abroad it is even more absurd to try to perform one's duties as president of an a ton of this region when you are abroad i really think that it's completely senseless it's not even a judicial or political issue it's just common sense i hope that we can quickly count on a government in catalonia that is able to engage in dialogue and reach an understanding with not just with. outside the hospital. and human rights.
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for one on one east. on counting the cost flying taxis megadeals and management shakeups will look at the flight plan for global aviation in two thousand and eighteen off to rob a tow didn't here in the middle east plus what all the sales of telling us about the state of the world and. counting the cost at this time on the whole just. in india falling in love with the wrong person can be deadly. young people who follow their heart and reject their parents' choice of partners may be beaten or even murdered. but now a group of middle aged men calling themselves the love commandos are risking their
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own lives to stop vicious honor killings and forced marriages. and steve cho on this episode one on one east meets the men saving young lovers from being killed in the name of honor. the founder of the. hidden war is being waged in homes across india. growing numbers of young people
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are refusing to accept the marriages arranged for them by their parents. the results can be deadly. but some unlikely saviors are now coming to the rescue but it's reproducibility to have a good. good afternoon this is the chairman love commandos calling from the league. because they were going to let you know last night the president the. speaker. but then again you could instruct some of us of. the moderates i'm never going to what i do know that. the love commandos are volunteers who protect couples from their violent family. young lovers contact them day and night desperate for help. and their. mission and their.
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mission back to graph and sanjay sachdev and his team are trying to help save this man's girlfriend for the benefit of a guy who. is terrified that her family may be trying to kill her and. then it'll go up and i'm going to have i was pretty darn good and won it all right even living together on the way to be lucky. to have a. family. member so that i keep my job. and the human being in the film about. sandy's fatalistic about her chances the girl has been pulled into a car and is being taken to an unknown place for more whether she will survive i've not. seen his friend harsh my whole trying to set up the love
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commandos after they noticed the rising number of reports of honor killings remains of the twenty one year old finally on university student found on tuesday in on most two hundred kilometers away from home trouble began. not secretly married on the twelfth of november after which she went to visit my parents many news reports were coming in about killing off in the center and harmless as. capote's. and you know sitting and discussing. what should we do. so sanjay and harsh decided to come to the rescue. this year. you. are going over the.
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country of good sense of. what the evidence of the local one. there is a group of people. who. were preventing such killings were making before it's. too late in this society. india's ancient caste system dictates that people only marry within their social. falling in love across the caste divide is a hugely rebellious act. marrying for love is widely seen as a western concept which has no place in indian society. fifty percent after indians who are all the best and. like best because there is no friend that there is no value of are not
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family on the family there's a defense lawyer a piecing deals with cases involving family disputes he believes honor killings are justified in indian society self-respect is self-respect nor any compromise on that point he insists that anyone who tarnish his family owner should be murdered. even his own relatives if my daughter. sister. tried to premeditate elation then i will get. collect my parent at my house and pour petrol upon her and. so. it is. it is
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a self-respect. girlfriend cindy has finally arrived safely at the love commandos shelter. after being unable to contact her for three days. didn't think he would ever see her again. on the day when she was taken back to. the war because there was no information from any of it. cindy says her parents wanted her to kill or so they were offering in place and had to take it for those who will take it along with you. when cindy refused to take the poison she was driven through the night to her grandfather's house the prominent local politician when i try to beat my grandfather everybody started beating me so for around eleven thirty and jail clock i was beaten brutally and everybody started being my
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mother that he you allowed her to study and suddenly what happened is my uncle he started beating me. it's just because a few. the love commandos saved seduce alone they called her family repeatedly threatening to go to the media if any harm came to her they didn't have anything from pulis but to begin to fear from media because they have a political background and a good image and a heart so they were like no we can't make this sound so little girl. seemed to have returned home to persuade her family to let her marry and having fallen in love at university she hoped they would accept their relationship despite him being from a lower caste. i was trying to convince them but suddenly one of my uncle. told me that that boy so hey comes the thing he was like if even if
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you are not going to marry him or anybody else i will kill him first and i will kill you and then i'll kill myself. my feelings to be don't worry about happiness the only thing which they wander about is right. there which is. all being has many faces. yes but there is our resident marriages of lovers so i would have good. good plan. or in danger man of action national to himself results you've quoted it. is an international figure. because he has made it his own why six times.
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the love commandos have a network of secret shelters hidden throughout delhi their phones ringing nonstop. for one. hundred. let the public know they were. right that both of them didn't know what it was you really have believed the missing rate it will. be no if you look at it i don't want to say. what is actually the love commandos offer couples counseling and carry out rescue missions. or that. are so i guess i'm on the order. preserve a drive than would john get out of. this couple were threatened with death and
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legged for the point of the king my memory all nine of a king might not be good for the normal family. an element is going to ruminate on going on with you know two things that i think you're going to. leave them you are banding together we're told by. their niggly were there. who are people who are the tell all is say it knows how the company are they are on duty to be indifferent to their own people that are making them go. here among others and then you took up another beautiful look at them from the other some of the america that enters the pullback now. i mean these are to the bottom any given the scale they can get him to go out and in the world because they have a. mess. and i mean with their own game even the women teachers and.
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the love commandos help the couples realize their dreams of getting married yet. i mean they've been on the witness had been i guess but. once the couple's families discover they have run away they often try to find them and force them back so getting married gives the couple's legal security. and inevitably lead to. yes i'm muslim the muslim going to god is up to. that i was. on of now all this on the. basis that the. girls i think that i then i.
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will marry started with. large she won't bother with the their heritage in cost of love and. we've got to give them. and. we have. over seventy percent of india's population living in rural areas where the caste system matters the most. governing this vast landscape are hundreds of powerful village councils. they are becoming increasingly for their brutal forms of
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punishment and the sanctioning of. to do what. they. want to lend us a. lot of them. some things can buy them here and at the year mark taken. up any egypt will. get it. ecomog the senate nominate that's the school that i meant by that hey wolf anybody
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have a host phatic up the last film it will school monica missing some i ask him i didn't fund. some of these panels on i was my school just say that making you must go to hook up you've got them all kind of. back in delhi the love commandos phones are still ringing. not. not not often enough. that i'm angry i don't mean that hand. me my internet any new thing and i'm you know i'm in a corner and i'm tempted to come out when i'm. going to. join i really minor gotten it done right.
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there i was. very much like your mother activists here. they say death threats are just part of the job. there's only can i be on the day of the guy you have one of the local monologues anyway. but it's. a lot of silly little media moves on you know running the show and then this is a middle beanos with. his on the family then a game like the game. that old game. of winning a little in the in the. weekend when the.
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j.n.t. who just got married the day after they arrived in delhi. who just parents had arranged her marriage to someone else so are desperately trying to find her. but this is a little bit. of that he told us. on the. war . her parents have discovered she's being protected by the love commandos and keep calling the hotline. here but if you got in from yonkers and you know. i'm going to go there again you're going to. get one hundred million like you.
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i don't hear from me i'm just. very very very sorry. if you want. to know. j.n. says the love commandos were the only people they could turn to for help. but only if you know your school knew you didn't lose one it. is just wish you were good in your life we need to make a move to say no to me it's a good season. sanjay fears pujas parents will now come to the shelter and try to force or to return home. but.
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i. think. india already has the largest number of young people in the world. as their numbers increase so do their voices and they don't just want love. they're demanding freedom from oppression. living. here if you. like. but with hindu fundamentalism on the rise and heavy moral policing there is still a long way to go before they will be allowed to even kiss in public.
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but not as you could imagine not the fountain of government then at one of them them going to just put it beyond the family when done. today is sanjay's birthday another year spent helping desperate couples. but it costs the love commandos dear dr gordon from a fellow you'd like to live in the present. to tell by the look of him a good deal on the football is big enough what it. them up on the. football that the number that they've been with and the tally that number them. but money worries and death threats can stop their passion to help goals in large.
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cities. because love is on display in this slow. justice society. and it will be monitored by. the celebrations over it's back to work who does family have not yet found a shelter but they're keeping up the pressure. on you there are little you all know about you know. what about it under. and others are like you're not going to we're going to give them the most i read
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about what they're going to murder and we're going to then if they're going to die like we're going to do i remember her father says because she didn't go through with the arranged marriage she will have to repay the dow remember to drive me to one of them when they made a comment as well as avoid this for just enough to give when i was going to do is that the price to pay you back to the good he's given us i didn't open my mind is on the need to find a better place them with one of those tickets because that little. critters are going to go there to. their offices and me five c.d.'s of the same of my god he said you know. i need an eight minute aikman it's me when i started one of the nights me being out of line to get these well that will be cause i'm going to go to vegas for the payback is and i almost want to but i just. i think we're there's one of them is that i'm going to be the one i look at. what about is what i.
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want to make. you believe by proxy. their future is unclear but puja and her new husband jr don't have any regrets still below that face getting kicked ever me i've had that toward us and. the point i said. locum and i just thought thank you madam to get that i thought made you feel. good because of it well that if i decide to don't let me finish. thirty percent of marriages in india today our love marriages. if young people continue to choose their own partners there's a chance of the country might one day become the caste the society the love commandos dreamers. in the country especially. they want eradication of costs as time went live just for eleven years they are fed up with
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it. and a new generation is moving toward their non-constructive. especially when love commandos is standing. by them that i did. not ask another. leg am i going to go. just as gay or in the over my ever lived mccoy as i am by civil family when was the word mia. love gone and is going to cheer manny and boys who were. painting. them on the way we've gone which can. lose their lovely dark density but i have promised to keep and wise people before i
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sleep and miles to go before they steal. and. as you do not want is the. we can know it even. less than lose a lot. in the philippines millions live in overcrowded slow but some of found another place to call home public cemeteries one on one east meets those living among the dead at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage tried to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here. now deceit has taken over their land from around the
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world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity a braai. a good. time. and will need be a road to depose their dictator the war drums struck an unlikely be. sure not. enough down upon. them fall out of the sun comfort zone it's news it was the weapon of choice the sun stronger than bullets i witnessed documentary but this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera for me is different because there's a maturity about its views god in the room is really generally a reporter's child but the pads like the risk of a story like will come to go over the top of the note going on in our culture zero
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is says you know it's a good day to do the reality on the ground that other males will grow to only become the few the magic of the people that's what we do nothing else we do well. with every. i soon found out i'm going to die i don't you know i didn't look like outrage after a gunman targets a coptic church in egypt at least nine people were killed in cairo. that are suffering this is al jazeera life until all.


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