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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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fields and dear sweet friend abortion white open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division regional defectives instead of being an obstacle to it don't waste it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. i am i am i am close on that citizens to avoid what it terms illegal gatherings as protests over the country's ailing economy continue for a third day. hello i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up rebel fighters with
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no other choice but surrender a bust out of a key stronghold nest syria's capital what's a year for money will mark on the french president and twenty seventeen with a big popularity bounce on the record breaking cold snap in the u.s. that so bad sharks off freezing to death. iran's government is calling on people not to take part in what it says are illegal gatherings as protests driven by anger over the economy gain momentum for a third day in a row they've been protests against the regime and the latest ones on the smaller scale this was a scene outside tyrone university on saturday west students jouncing anti-government slogans fought with police in the last two days they said disperse protests in other cities including financial. people are angry over high living costs while
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others are demonstrating against iran's foreign policy but not everyone is against the regime there were also pro-government supporters at the rally a chanted death to this a dishonest by a police eventually took control of the university entrance iranian state t.v. says counter-revolution gangs groups and foreign media have manipulated public concerns over iran's economy into anti government sentiment on many of the protesters are angry at rising food and fuel prices as well as cuts to wealth benefits they say they have been unfairly targeted in the recent budget religious institutions appears have been untouched unauthorized lending practices have also caused the collapse of some financial institutions while president has done rouhani has vowed to clean up the banking sector and kickstart the economy many complain progress is too slow iranian government leaders have long blamed u.s.
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sanctions while many were lifted after the nuclear deal with world powers two years ago some you know american sanctions remain aware is associate professor and middle east analyst at cattle university he says iran's economic woes have been exacerbated by the election of u.s. president donald trump. you know told the public that you know the first forty years i was involved and they were you know more focused on the deal now after the deal is signed and focused on the fixing your economy but the economy itself cannot be fixed overnight it needs regulation it is the distillation it is the flexibility it needs fixing the political environment itself now after four years and the first year has a honey in this camp came to power and the minute time came to power basically said there are more sanctions on iran to be able to be imposed the need to be reviewed i mean i'm not happy with the deal itself so any effort of any expectation to have. i
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would say some outcome a positive outcome of the deal actually has been eclipsed the new group of people of good size in the government they are more conservative there are more religious normally we used to hear this summer from the left of iran rather than a from the new the conservative a tradition conservative this time we hear it more from the tradition conservative more religious more people are living outside the main cities you speak about michel you speak about those you know cities you know the middle class people who are living there and they can in me actually is hitting their own daily life every minute. the hero spain how far i can list any and man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty well was one of sounds of palestinians involved in clashes with the israeli military along the gaza border they're angry at the u.s.
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decision to recognize true islam as the capital of israel and israel the minute she says demonstrates his role of burning tires and threw rocks at soldiers he says chips fired selectively against four main instigates and welcome weapons more some a senior in gaza oh i was here. today i mean friday when. we talked and went off to do died saturday morning from his injuries the ministry of health says he's a sixty five to die in the on the left in the file and then six december when u.s. president trump said america would recognize to resell him as the capital of israel . it's a very bad decision for the palestinian people the americans are supporting israel in our own land we are people in our homeland and have given
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a martyr for palestine and for jerusalem oh it's no more for the political factions and the armed groups in gaza whose leaders for the young men to go to the border protest to fund the sheen are also those who are being killed this ones funded by the armed supported by the armed wing of fatah leaders every friday for the last month of protestors to go to the border the separation wall and fence that surrounds gaza are now about five or six different places that clash with the israeli soldiers try to take out some life bullets. and there's no sign that they're going to give up. anytime soon. syrian rebels and their families started to arrive in the region south of damascus to making a deal with the government a convoy of buses carrying around four hundred sites and this was allowed to leave the rebel enclave gin and travel today and the rebels lost. to the syrian government and its allies to heavy fighting earlier this month so now that has more
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from beirut's beit din is the last rebel pocket in the southwestern countryside of damascus it is a military gain for the syrian government and its allies they launched a massive military campaign two months ago the rebels were trapped in a small area they had no other choice really but to surrender we've seen this happen before intense bombardment and then pro-government forces impose a siege for the rebels have no choice but to surrender or die really but this is this is the portents of this is not just a military game for the government it is again for iran iran expanding its influence in a corner of syria very strategic corner of syria it lies between the syrian israeli and lebanese borders which means iran's allies on the ground are moving closer to israel and israel really has been voicing a lot of concern about this as of late talking both to the russians as well as the
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americans telling them that they will not accept it round of moving closer to their borders in fact a few weeks ago they stepped up airstrikes in syria they weren't just targeting what they believed were arms convoys destined to iran hand ally hezbollah movement but we understand one of those strikes targeted close to an iranian military base a base that was being set up by iran and so it was a warning message from israel so not just another military game for the government again for iran and possibly it could be a source of tension in the near future. greece has granted asylum to one of eight circus soldiers who fled the country during last year's failed coup the cases of the remaining seven soldiers all still being considered sake his president. had repeatedly asked for their extradition but great courts have so far refused believing the soldiers would not receive a fair trial at home. russia's secret service has arrested the suspect
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a perpetrator of a bomb attack in some pages eighteen people were injured when the bomb ripped through a supermarket on wednesday described as an act of terror by russian president vladimir putin i still claimed responsibility for the attack. russia's supreme court has upheld a ban on opposition leader alexina valmy running for president next year now while he's been barred because of a fraud conviction which he says is politically motivated he's calling for his supporters to boycott the vote president vladimir putin is widely expected to win a fourth term. france's leader will head into twenty eight in the spring in his step after a rebound in opinion polls and i know a man who just turned forty is often called a hyper president because of his hands on approach to governing it's won him many of myra's but some criticism as well let us a bottle has more power. keeping up with emmanuel mccall isn't easy
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energetic young president has thrown him self into a frenzy of activity at home and abroad since being elected in may for this newspaper cartoonist sketching such a dynamic leader is proving quite a challenge. but what is amazing is that we never used to draw him two years ago butyl talked about him and michael was a young prodigy close to president hollande but he was never q. ministers and we never drew him work now as depressed and as he made it was really during the election campaign that we started sketching him a lot because as he was everywhere and with a lot of. macros built a reputation in france as a straight talker and a man of action it's why many in france called him a hypo president a phrase which was used to describe former president nicolas sarkozy's hands on style. only thought hundred macross taken a lead on climate change and reforming the european union he's pushed through
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a raft of domestic reforms health including plans to help the deprived suburbs and then only solution what message did you bring to the need to directly support the c g. i convey a very clear message of hope but not a naive one of the strong commitment of the whole nation emanuel mccall has also been very active internationally he's taken a keen interest in crises such as lebanon syria and jerusalem he wants france to play a greater role what do you see somebody who's very quick to size up opportunities and when he sees opportunities he takes them we saw that with the election last year and we're seeing that now with him as president and what he says is now is there's an opportunity internationally to take on a bigger role at the start of his term across popularity was low some in france said he was too arrogant but that's changed now higher in the opinion polls than any previous leader in a methodist year pleasure of course he's doing very well his refresh to french politics he's pragmatic intelligent not an idealogue he's what france needs right
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now these are people who want to change my core fulfills a need for chand we cannot turn now if you succeed it's early but for the time being he delivers what he promised but not everyone is convinced some say he needs to delegate more to his ministers because you don't know what to do he's an omnipresent president he wants to be in charge of everything all the time but that's very dangerous he's up in the polls now only sure when things go wrong he'll be the one directly in the firing line and one who will have to take the blame the french won't always support him. back ross says france was stagnating and he wants to restore its glory as his political party has nearly wiped out the opposition it seems that for now there is very little standing in the way of his ambitions tasha butler al jazeera paris. do stay with us on al-jazeera still ahead. a christmas party video ignites debates in south korea about the treatment of women
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in the workplace and u.s. defense secretary james mattis reaffirmed support for the somebody that coalition in yemen as criticism grows against riyadh. hello there who was quite quiet for us in the southeastern parts of china at the moment there's plenty of drawing weather to be found it's not particularly warm shanghai there around ten degrees and for us in hong kong where around twenty one on sunday there's a little bit more in the way of cloud that this is spilling out of parts of it now i'm a working its way northward and we'll see that gradually build as we head through into monday push its way towards the northeast as well so some of us here we see more in the way of gray weather mostly though it should be draw even on the back cloud as we head towards the west here it's mostly dry across many parts of
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pakistan and india at the moment too but the satellite picture picking up a little bit of cloud there just over parts of sri lanka and we'll see a few more showers here as we head through sunday and monday the wettest of the weather is likely to be in the east of the islands and generally the further west you are the better chance there is of a dry day because with all the dry weather across india there is a problem with the visibility and many of us are seeing a fair amount of forget the moment too in talking of folk we've had a couple of days here in doha to generally though the folklore is fairly regularly in the temperatures are rising quite nicely there up to around twenty four or twenty five degrees at the moment so no major change really as we head through sunday or into monday it is a little milder there insula where up at twenty seven. underground fire has been burning for over a century beneath india's largest coal field. now open coast mining has brought the
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flames to the surface would devastating consequences for the local population. communities are destroyed and thousands suffer from toxic fumes what lies behind this human and environmental disaster people in power the burning city at this time on al jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera iran is calling on its citizens to avoid wasit calls in legal gathering resounds protests over the country's a new economy continue for a third day the funerals been held for a palestinian shot by israeli soldiers in this protesting against the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and greece has granted asylum to one of eight soldiers who fled the country during last year's failed through. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is defending washington's supports of the saudi that coalition fighting with the rebels in yemen mattis says the u.s. is working with the saudi alliance to limit civilian casualties as well as advising on military tactics his comments follow u.n. condemnation of the coalition's bombing campaign which killed more than one hundred civilians in ten days and is a candle is a senior research fellow with pembroke college the university of oxford he spoke to us about the significance of the us statement. it makes great sense for matters to come out now at a time when its national pressure is growing against the saudi led coalition in saudi arabia to say that the u.s. is going to do its utmost to limit civilian casualties now is what we're actually
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in the context of being quite defensive of the u.s. role what of course many people would like to see would be the u.s. come out and say that must be an end to the war because a military solution to this conflict looks very unlikely now that we're in the surge here of this war with still no end and develop the fact that he made them does acknowledge publicly that there is a problem with saudi targeting of it's as strikes in yemen and that in itself puts pressure on the coalition but of course america's interests are broader than that simply the war in yemen they're about counter-terrorism and they're about chance are in the wrong so it's difficult to see how you can come out more more strongly against saudi arabia at this point given the other interests that the u.s. has and three u.n. agencies have issued a joint statement condemning the war in yemen saying people there can't stand
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another day of fighting the world health organization the world food program and unicef said the conflicts created the world's worst humanitarian crisis as widespread famine and displacement as well as an outbreak of cholera much of the country's infrastructure and health system has been destroyed by saudi led coalition airstrikes and who face rebel telling libya's internationally recognized government says people displaced from the town of her will be able to return to their homes in february they were forced out in september twentieth eleven as collective punishment for attacking the rival city of misrata are. reports from tripoli. for judea and her can't hide their joy. they will finally return to their home. after away for six years some of these children were born here in this camp in
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tripoli yet they are holding on to their parents' dream is that it has already been heard that we are so happy that we will finally go home we just need to settle down and live in peace now we've had enough trouble with sick and tired of the interrogation. but nobody has says she has had a terrible experience the son was accused of fighting for former leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven and was later arrested by rebels from the city of misrata . we just need our safety to be guaranteed had we need a neutral official brigade to secure our hometown to work we don't want misrata to police to work because it used to be our adversary really you know around four hundred fifty families live in this camp they don't have proper healthcare or sanitation so life here is tough. it is even tougher for disabled people like armor
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mubarak he remembers how spacious and comfortable his old house back home was. it has been so difficult for us living here on all levels the place we live in hygiene education and security on many occasions gangs and armed men attacked us dollar belongings around four thousand families have been scattered in camps all over libya since september twentieth live and most of them are in benghazi and the capital tripoli for the past six years several attempts have failed to bring the people of back to their home town that's largely because those in misrata have accused them of killing people who supported the uprising against them or get their feet and they have demanded that in order for them to return the government must compensate the families of the victims. during the fall of the deficit rejean hundreds of to one of our men were captured while fighting against the rebels as
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a major supporter of gaddafi told her was used as a military base for his forces to attack misratah later around forty thousand people were forced out of as collective punishment since then toward has become a ghost town. of the tripoli based a government of national accord has agreed to provide compensation to victims on both sides food for judea and ben nobody here they say it feels like they will be set free after six years of imprisonment they can't wait to go back home in february until then they are counting down days. tripoli. egypt's former president mohamed morsy has been sentenced to three is in prison on charges of insulting the judiciary for a speech he made while in office morsi has been tried in several cases after he was
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deposed following mass protests and a military coup in twenty thirteen he's already serving a twenty year sentence in another case on charges of inciting attacks on protesters in twenty twelve. the end of the year is it's additional time to have a posse especially for workers to socialize with colleagues for a change that's also the norm in south korea but the video is no doubt seen at a hospital talent show has sparked debates about the treatment of women by their bosses kathy novak reports on the capital sold. treatment when these women became nurses this was not part of the job description video of them dancing at a hospital talent show was posted on social media prompting a national conversation about something not often openly discussed in south korea the treatment of women in the workplace these nurses didn't want their identities revealed fearing repercussions at work for the talent show we were forced to dance
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we had to wear in decent clothes and perform sixty dances on stage and we were embarrassed. she says hospital officials sat in the front row judging the performances and that refusing to participate wasn't an option unless she could find a colleague to take her place. in south korea because of the confusion tradition of respecting it's difficult to say no to superiors this type of power abuse has become normal. lawyer leonis says sexual harassment is a problem for south koreans of all professions especially when junior employees are expected to drink with their bosses after hours. a year and party is a common occasion for sexual harassment people expect women to pour drinks for men or for young and pretty women to sit next to older male bosses. drunk male bosses hug us and hold our hands during these company occasions but we can't say anything
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because they're our bosses in the most recent government survey the majority of those who say they experienced sexual harassment took no action among the reasons given where that they thought it would make no difference and that they would be disadvantaged at work. the government announced plans to impose harsher penalties for sexual harassment in november after a young employee at the country's biggest furniture company hun sen's accused colleagues of ripping and sexually assaulting her the employment and labor ministry found the company failed to investigate the claims and fined hundred about five thousand dollars. as for the talent show a hospital spokesperson said it is planning to reform the dress code and is considering getting rid of it completely kathy novak al jazeera soul. the cold weather that's crippled parts of north america could take several more days to ease as chicago heavy snowfall has buried cars and blocked roads and parts of the famous
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i agra falls at the canada u.s. border could freeze over if the cold weather persists well it's not uncommon for temperatures to plunge to minus twenty degrees celsius in parts of north america meteorologists say the length and intensity of the cold night this weather event unusual. and the cold weather has caused three dead sharks to wash up on the beach in massachusetts on the u.s. east coast that learn to white shark cons of a conservancy says the three miles likely became stranded and fell into cold shock while trying to make their way to warmer waters in the south. the impact of climate change is being felt all over the world especially on low lying islands latin america said the sea in human reports from the coastal town of my and that's us. what if his wife had lived by the ocean for nearly sixty years long enough to notice that something is changing especially when they look towards the key in front of them. forty or even thirty years ago during. the key
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over there and you wouldn't get wet it was totally dry now the target is never lower than this it's all because of climate change. my daughter grew up here we didn't have this wall and i would lower down there to play on the rocks because it was dry. in high many of us a coastal town you're had vanna everyone notices of the water level is rising on this no lying island it's hard to believe but i'm actually walking on top of what was a swimming pool some forty years ago removed about thirty meters away from a beach that no longer exists it's yet another undeniable example of how the ocean is eating away at much of cuba's coastline. a report prepared by the ministry of science technology and environment warns that by two thousand and fifty coastal levels will have risen twenty seven centimeters and by the end of the
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century it will be up by eighty five centimeters causing the island to shrink significantly. scientists argue the climate change is also provoking more frequent and stronger hurricanes flooding and at the same time prolonged periods of drought inland. the climate experts who prepared the report tell us a major action plan is being implemented to confront this new reality. we are applying new practices like planting corals to increase and reproduce coral reefs and more mangroves which are key barriers for protecting the coastline and we need to adopt new construction practices in the caribbean we have experience building on stilts the list is long but scientists concede that inevitably many people will have no other choice but to leave their homes and move in. sea and human. many to ask you about. now for the third part of our series looking ahead to the big
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stories of twenty extraordinary events in zimbabwe last month saw the military force longtime leader of the garbage so resigned many hope the outcome of a general election in the new year will help improve the economy and boost zimbabwe's standing on the world stage aren't also reports from harare. after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and a shortage of cash people hope things will get better in twenty eighteen robert mugabe resigned in november after the military intervened a misdemeanor goggle is the new president until elections are held while they wait for an election date to be announced they are registering to vote many here say they hope no matter who wins it will be a new beginning for zimbabwe oh and your country which is full of opportunities because you know i mean you college right now i'm studying and the reason why i'm studying is because i want to work so if i could complete my studies and then there's no work for me to do then. in the past elections have been marred by
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allegations of vote rigging and violence opposition leaders say the military and war veterans helped to keep robert mugabe in power for thirty seven years the new commander of the defense forces says things will not be different and that the army will respect whatever zimbabweans decide at the polls as we prepare for the elections in twenty. years. that becomes very new and they were doing so from the day takes place in an environment of peace and tranquility opposition alliance members say despite morgan tsvangirai health concerns he is their presidential candidate has cancer now that mugabe is gone they say they are confident about mixture we are only. believe that from the next winnowing enemies of an underground. we are going to the next government this is why they are publicly a critter. well voters role could help avoid another disputed election zimbabwe is
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compiling a new voters role in replace the old emanuel register opposition party state is inaccurate and is dead people's names on it needed for commissions is the plan to register nearly seven million people before elections in twenty eight as the bobbins prepare for those crucial elections they hope they'll be credible and violence free the international community has said if things go smoothly at the polls they will be eager to invest to help ease the crippling cash crisis that could mean discreetly needed jobs most people waiting in line under the age of forty many are unemployed but they say for the first time in a long while there is hope that maybe twenty eighteen is going to be a good year. for al-jazeera. has got reminds of the top stories around iran's government is calling on people not to take part in what it says are illegal gatherings as process driven by anger
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over the economy continue for a third day in a row they've been protests against the regime and its right to her own university students chanting anti-government slogans fought with police in the last two days since have dispersed protests in other cities including financial and masha some people are angry over high living costs while others are demonstrating against iran's foreign policy. the funerals being held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians involved in clashes with the israeli military along the gaza border they're angry at the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. syrian rebels and their families have started to arrive in the region south of damascus after making a deal with the government a convoy of buses carrying about four hundred fighters families was allowed to
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leave the rebel enclave in bates gin and travel to daraa and lip the rebels lost bad gin to the syrian government and its allies off the heavy fighting this month greece has granted asylum to one of eight turkish soldiers who fled the country during last year's failed coup the cases of the remaining seven soldiers are still being considered as president tired one has repeatedly asked for their extradition but so far greek courts have refused saying the soldiers would not receive a fair trial egypt's former president mohamed morsy has been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of insulting that you you'll see has been tried in several cases since he was deposed in twenty thirty following mass protests the military to russia's supreme court has upheld a ban on opposition leader alexei navalny running for president next year they're always been barred because of
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a fraud conviction which he says is politically motivated stay with us here on al-jazeera up next it's people in power. an underground fire has been burning for over a century beneath india's largest coal for two decades of under strange open coast mining has brought the fire to the surface with dreadful consequences for three courses of a million people thousands of homes and.


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