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palestine also our chief architecture is used by our. reveals the love architecture in this raid occupation everything in this plan the rama tactical truth with n.p.r. detector for you preacher just need to know how to close the architecture of find the part of the rebel architecture serious this time. this is al-jazeera. i know that and a special welcome to our viewers inside one of the first countries in the world to welcome in two thousand and eighteen having a great new yeah i'm nora this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the
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next sixty minutes. iran's interior ministry says it will confront disorder of anti-government protesters have a violent on saturday. a coalition of rebel groups violence to fight on in syria we'll look at what the new year could bring for a country that's been so devastated by war. security preparations around the world as nations gear up to ring in the new year. and will he be flown back to turkey the greek government tries to run asylum granted to a turkish helicopter pilots who fled last years failed. to protest and iran were killed on saturday night during anti-government demonstrations as co fusion over who is responsible for the. in the city of dorward
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iranian government has blaming foreign agent saying security forces did not fire on the crowd his shop has more. for the third day in a row they're out on the streets fighting with police went on into the night anti-government protesters most of them students facing up to riot police outside tear on university but what began as a protest about rising food prices and welfare benefit cuts turned political on saturday. earlier in the day they chanted not gaza not lebanon my life through iran. don't be afraid we're staying strong together. an expression of anger about claims that government is focusing more on regional issues than economic problems at home. iranian t.v. showed a display of strength by crowds of pro-government supporters in cities nationwide
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tens of thousands of people on the streets chanting death to america down with israel in support iran's supreme leader ali khamenei letter that the people have protested against inflation other problems but that does not show that our people have turned on each other or are against the ruling system and their leadership. the pro-government rallies were pre-planned to mark the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country in two thousand and nine for some time the been some disparate groups have been protesting whether it was sabre's who've lost their savings through these corrupt financial institutions but those pension is no longer going their pensions will have to live on pensions as people worried about the environment this woman is all these groups and they've been testing and testing and you could see that those slogans are now becoming more radical you could say that the atmosphere is going tense and intense and most of all what you could say is that they no longer seem to have that fear from the security forces there in the
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other. one this was a huge display of support for the iranian leadership the government will be concerned that just how quickly a protest about food prices could become political pizza shop al jazeera. there is a journalist for iran international independent online news service she says the demonstrations have escalated much faster than expected well i've been speaking to some mostly reformists political activists in iran and there's us widespread understanding inside iran that the mobilization organization first started by anti-roll many hardliners in the city of mash which actually happened to be the base for one of his main rivals in the last election and it wasn't expected to be anything beyond just slogans against the administration and the president but it seems like to descend would then the every day iranian in the
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population is just so much deep heard that is has gone beyond the presidency and it has gone all the way up to the supreme leader which is very worrisome for all factions of the of the stablish men. dramatic video has emerged from syria showing children being rescued from rebel held parts near damascus following government and strikes. these pictures of a child being taken from the rubble is said to be from the damascus suburb of harassed or. at least thirteen people including children only to be killed in the bombardment rescuers are also seen carrying two babies from a ruined building aid agencies say the siege by government forces there has caused a humanitarian emergency. more than thirty fighting groups base in northern syria joining forces under the single banner of the syrian national army the announcement was made by the head of the rebel interim government opposed to the rule of president bashar al assad the new unified opposition includes all factions of the
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rebel free syrian army the f.s.a. was backed by turkey to push i still find that kurdish forces from border areas between the two countries. policy institute he joins us here on set small and why is the opposition doing this now well it's very difficult actually to understand the idea behind this life now because the original idea of creating a united army was first proposed in two thousand and twelve. the second year of this crisis in fact and for the past five years they couldn't been able actually they have not been able in fact to translate that idea and bring it into into into light. there has been several attempts in the past few years actually to create their sort of army but as you said they couldn't do it right now there are few actually in my opinion few motives that have prompted me to have the idea that
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number one is that the opposition feel so they are completely marginalized because the balance of the about the possible on the ground has been tilted very much in favor of the regime of in the past actually a few years because of the russian intervention and now the opposition feels that since the russians are pushing them to participate in the sochi conference next month they wanted to appear very much like united and try. to influence the sort of political solution the russians might be actually trying to impose on the syrian opposition this is number one number two is that they are trying to in fact to have the sort of. margin to be part of any sort of conflict the syrian army because those fighters actually had been fighting for the bust six seven years and in any sort of in any in any political solution and now they want to reserve their own police actually in the future of syria so now with the
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russians are actually proposing like an idea to create or to to have them. as barfed of any syrian army in the future and degrade them in fact within any syria army in the future so they wanted very much to be able to be seen as united in order to be bought of that sort of a solution so they're very much looking to the future now with this move not thinking that this unification is going to change the situation on the battlefield i don't think so this is why some people actually did want to see it significant in the sense that when we talk about the balance of power on the ground i think the balance of power as i said earlier has shifted a lot in favor of the regime and and the sort of unification at this moment is coming too little too late to affect the balance of power so i think they are thinking about future syria rather than thinking about. putting the situation right now on the ground so what's a poor survey guessing from outside of syria i mean this is about
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a big question actually because when you when you try to create an army you need you need two things you need somebody actually two to pay for that are salaries for those fighters on the one hand and you need also somebody to provide weapons because without weapons you cannot call it an army or off i think force so i don't see anybody actually providing these two important things for the creation of this army. i don't see any foreign power supporting this army financially and i don't see any foreign power actually supporting this violence of this army in terms of weapons we know dr d. is the last the of the c.i. a back to program to support the syrian opposition we know that that musician has actually canceled that graham so the americans are not there to support actually this army there are other supporting the court this forces in the eastern part of syria. they are very much backing the syrian democratic forces the backbone of which is the could be units so i don't see any prospect for this army as
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a military force affecting the situation on the ground in syria but rather a new role for this army to play in the post conflict syria indeed man thanks very much take the time to come in now the democratic republic of congo police and soldiers have fired tear gas at anti-government demonstrators who gathered outside churches in kinshasa protesters accuse president joseph kabila of seeking to change the constitution to stand for a third. the opposition struck a deal last year allowing him to stay in power till the end of twenty seventeen but the election commission later said elections would be possible only at the end of next year catholic activists called for the protests after sunday mass of already have ordered into that and s.m.s. services to be cut as the wall prepares to welcome in the new year the u.n. secretary antonio terrace has called for unity saying he truly believes peace can be achieved. nationalism and to know for we are on the rise and as we begin to
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thousand and eighteen i call for unity i throughly believe we can make our old more safe and secure we can settle conflicts overcome etudes and defend shared values but we can only do that together i urge leaders everywhere to make these new year's resolution never again bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals unity is the path. has increased security in major cities across the world ahead of new year's eve celebrations parties and some public squares have been canceled in the turkish city of a stumble last year thirty nine people were killed in an attack on a nightclub some guy has more. than. most of them thought it was fireworks but it was the sound of bullets fired by a gunmen during the first hours of two thousand and seventeen he killed thirty nine
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people in a stumbles popular rayno nightclub. it is still unknown how he managed to bypass high security measures with a long range automatic rifle ali you know was the managing partner all that klopp who witnessed the shooting he lost his friends employees and customers he say's he still can't sleep. says can you imagine a bullet passing through your body well your welcome in a new year and it has been one year but there isn't a moment that i forget about this unfortunate attack it's very difficult to live with the spike his grief all you wants people to celebrate the new year out rather than a home turkish authorities here in istanbul say they have taken all security precautions one measure was to cancel parties in popular public squares like taxi you know i am scared and avoid going to crowded places since then to come out and really
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canceling public parties is a sign of government impotence people should be free but they throw fear into people with these measures what's going to happen will happen we get nowhere if we're scared surely if we will be outside celebrating as always terror threats can't dissuade us from terror threats and become normalized for turks maybe and that's what makes them feel relatively confident despite the highly curry's security and warrant and cancel parties in some public squares it seems turks will not give in to fear this new year seen on kosovo al-jazeera the stumble. westralia new year's celebrations all getting underway early and sydney. but it's still a few hours before the start of two thousand and thirteen that many families are having need at least celebration for the little ones it's estimated a million people will watch the midnight pilots of a city hall because rage is celebrations i will say taking place on the increased
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security arrangements as andrew thomas found out. hundreds of thousands of people applauding in the city to gather around the harbor to watch the fireworks many of which will be launched from the harbor bridge behind me now nothing new about that happens every year what is unusual is the scale of the security operation put in place to protect spectators roads like this one being closed off with barriers elsewhere in the city buses not security of lorries being put to cross streets to close them off that's because australia's government says in their words an attack is probable not tonight specifically this is a general level of alert but new year's eve is such an iconic. objects for thousands of people in the streets of the government wants people to know it's taking no chances at all twice in the last year vehicles have been used to mow down pedestrians in melbourne and one of those attacks in january six people were killed and the government doesn't want to take any chances on the city's most high profile
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march of the year. that's plenty more still ahead here on the news hour including sleeping rough in france how president hopes to end homelessness by the years and has failed everybody will want to again. and building trust to reduced crime in american city where police officers have started living right in the middle of the neighborhoods they patrol. and his fortune encouraging return to a telescope a new mother serina williams told to him but that. federation of journalists says more journalists are in jail than it any other time in recent he is two hundred fifty journalists bloggers and cameramen are imprisoned worldwide one hundred sixty of them in turkey eighty one journalists were killed this year compared to ninety three last year says this number is still unacceptably high
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mexico afghanistan iraq and syria top the danger list and the i have jay points to an alarming increase in the number of media workers being killed in india. true. story but we will release in june. to do. more. to two hundred fifty usually just. to sort of those. two when it's for this reason it's very important to recall to your. to your dog quarter to two because most important mostly bottom presidents who are fortunate at least we want to do it all but east orange or so manson is a journalist and the author of the hostages daughter has a memoir that details how journalist father terry ensign's abduction and captivity by fighters in lebanon she joins us live from beirut thank you very much for being
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with us so we have a very personal experience the dangers posed to journalists tell us more about that . so my father was the middle east bureau chief of the associated press in lebanon during the one nine hundred eighty s. and before he was taken hostage it was a very different time in journalism journalists were were thought of as neutral observers not to be harmed and what happened to my father kind of kicked off a new era where journalists became targets. for kidnappings you know just it became a whole different ball game and that is kind of where we are now and as we saw with the isis kidnappings and what happened to james foley and the other hostages. things are things are different than they used to be i mean how can journalists be better protected when by the very nature of journalism you are rubbing up against some of the most unsavory aspects of society. right well i mean something that
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has really affected journalists safety is the level of protection they now receive from news organizations so when my father was taken the associated press was they were incredible they supported us in every way my family they for six and a half years they took every step they could to ensure that my father would be released and because of industry changes such as the internet the devastation of a business model built around print advertising there's less money now in media and that has trickled down to journalists so a lot of news organizations are cutting foreign bureaus and relying more on freelancers like me and there's a lot less protection for us for example james foley who was taken in two thousand and twelve was freelancing for an outlet that paid two hundred fifty dollars a story that's very problematic because you can't afford a decent fixer at two hundred fifty dollars a story you can't afford security or adequate security protocols and i think that's
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that's where the news industry is really failing right now and where it needs to figure out a new business model or a new approach to this because as a freelancer i can tell you i've had news organizations tell me we can't even look at your work until you're out of a conflict zone which basically means we have no protection they're not liable for our security and you know it's a big problem indeed it is a very interesting perspective thanks for joining us from beirut thank you. now the greek government is trying to overturn a court decision to grant asylum to a turkish soldier who fled there during last year's failed coup in turkey he is one of eight soldiers who flew to greece in a military helicopter the others had their applications for asylum objectors but have lodged appeals he has repeatedly called for the soldiers' extradition. let him go sharon is a security alison a columnist for al monitor he's joining us now live from istanbul same as if turkey
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will be pleased to hear that the greek government is challenging this ruling but how successful will it be. the question right now it. is you may remember three weeks ago a perturbed president are blonde was in greece and these issues the extradition of daws eight officers was among the top top by gender of the negotiations along with the increasing terms to increase the economy. to turkey and greece and also the refugee problem so right now this issue has become turning into a sort of big crisis between turkey and greece at the moment and this is it because greece has always said that it can't intervene in this case that it must respect the will of the independence of the judiciary one wonders why the change of heart. first i have to say that we're right on what we are talking about are not civilians
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we are talking about a experience you know officers and they are claiming that in their in their. request they are claiming that they did not take part in iraq to party in the july fifteenth military uprising can attempt and also they are saying that they will be faced with the human rights while issues in turkey and it's unlikely for them. face fair trials these are. suggestions or a. request but the if you read the indic month to. month you will see that there are some serious grim claims about daws officers you know in and in india in the. case that you know those officers they deployed. in in in july fifteenth and also day transferred emanation their helicopter seen. in istanbul in july fifteenth if you as you may remember there are
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around one hundred civilians lost their lives and around four hundred seriously injured in on this a green light of july fifteenth two thousand and sixteen ok but if they are sent back that he was going to happen to them well they could have a fair trial. i mean right now it has been. around eight miles. around eighteen months since july fifteenth. and i would suggest that. the current illegal landscape in turkey and pol tical landscape in turkey. are much more all during and transparent at the moment. i think you. should. after director addition they will be. transparent to legal processes at the moment ok let him go chan joining us there from istanbul thanks very much.
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thank you ma'am palestine has recalled its ambassador to pakistan after he attended an event with the main suspects behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks has seen envoy abu ali provoked anger in india for appearing alongside have head who's accused of planning the attacks the pair was at a rally condemning the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital foreign ministry says it was an unintended mistake but not justified. gunmen have stormed an army training camp and into the midst of kashmir killing four soldiers at least two fighters have also been killed police say the attackers threw grenades and fired automatic rifles in the town of. in july french president about your macro said he wanted to end homelessness there by the end of the year but humanitarian groups say the problem is getting worse with thirty thousand people still sleeping rough in the capital from paris that even barber reports. he's been homeless for five years and he's
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still only twenty three tony doesn't want to show his face but he's happy to explain why despite the dangers he generally spends his days begging and his nights sleeping on the streets and not in a state funded emergency shelter. recently someone stole my tent then when i was sleeping on a mattress someone kicked me in the head so they could grab the bag my head was resting on it so life on the street is very hard but in those emergency shelters you also get attacked when you get lots of drunkards there and evan if you don't look for trouble if you find it it's not safe there. the debate about how to deal with the hundred forty thousand people officially homeless in france was reopened this summer when the newly elected president made a surprise announcement that put me on a day. to delusion to the first battle is to have everyone in a dignified manner of life by the end of the year i want no more women and men in
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the street in the woods lost only boy michael suggested he could achieve this by providing more emergency shelters and better follow up by social services but groups who work with homeless people say they've not seen evidence of either they say there are now more rough sleepers than ever partly due to an increase in the number of refugees camped out in places like the can are some things like very sort of become commonplace across the french capital and there are less than one hundred thousand people sleeping rough in the sitting and its surroundings and although it's hard to believe homeless charities say things are actually getting worse. critics argue that the government could create thousands of extra beds for homeless people right away using existing facilities. where there's a door back to the reader it's possible to a hospital wings that are currently empty they've got heating and sanitation they can be converted quite easily they're also not the army barracks that you could use
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then there's a question of finance the organizations that look after the homeless and run the premises. whatever the reality it's clear winter brings extra hardships for rough sleepers according to one charity four hundred homeless people have died this year alone and the average age was forty eight for alleviate who became homeless this year after a family crisis those figures come as no surprise. there are lots of people who are ill and who don't get to hospital he says either because they can't afford to or because they don't want to be treated. the new year should mean a new start for tony he's been offered work fundraising for a charity and he hopes to rent a flat with a friend but it's not easy. i have already saved up eight hundred euros was my friend will have to pay two thousand two hundred euros so that the men of accept us without a guarantee or without proof of income looking back the president short term target for homelessness seem destined to fail but campaigners hope he will invest in long
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term solutions that can get people off the streets for good barbara al-jazeera paris. well i just remember to have all the weather with steph but first i had been out of there a. minority struggle to build a better life in a decade after a piece of the government. taking on that k two in the winter climates from poland to temples never been done before. and cybil by name cybil by nature how this was fast becoming the best female on the m.m.a. circuit has details coming up in support. from the waves. to the contours of the east. hello there for some of us in the philippines that could be quite a dangerous stunt to the new year actually over the past few days it's been
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relatively clear for many of us just the occasional shower here in there but this area of cloud that we're watching is that this is gradually wakes its way towards the west there's a chance that it could develop into something more sinister maybe a tropical storm or tropical cycling so this is why that's such a problem because recently we had tembin this is struck mindanao in the twenty first of december took about forty eight hours to process and as it did so it triggered a lot of flooding and major landslides as well and it did turn deadly so we've got to watch the next storm very closely because this again is heading towards the island of mindanao now for the philippines we're generally quite used to storms hitting us but most of them hit far further north and this is a region where we used to them and so we can deal with them fairly easily but further south in mindanao here we generally avoid most of them we only get hit usually once every twelve years or so but this storm is following hot on the heels of the last one which means there's a lot of debris still on the ground there's also
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a lot of mud still available and as this storm makes its way towards the west it could well bring us more ten richly heavy rain that will run down those mountainsides once more and could well cause some landslides and some flooding to. the weather sponsored by qatar and always. searching for beauty in the most unlikely places award winning photographer bowden the wonder has set out to challenge perceptions of africa. and bring photography to his community. a story of hope and giving in the face of adversity. the new african photography to congolese dreams at this time on al-jazeera the arab. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe.
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to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about. al-jazeera fluent in world news. hello again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour two protesters in iran were killed on saturday night during anti-government demonstrations is confusion over who's responsible for the deaths in the city of daraa iranian government is blaming foreign agents saying security forces did not
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on the crowds. more than thirty rebel groups based in northern syria are joining forces under the single banner of the syrian national army a new unified opposition includes all factions of the rebel free syrian army which is supported by turkey. and increase security in major cities across the world ahead of new year's eve celebrations parties and some public squares are being canceled in the city of istanbul it's one year since a gunman stormed a popular nightclub during a new year's eve party killing thirty nine people. in the fourth part of our series looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen when examined the future of syria two thousand and seventeen was a good year for president assad with his forces recapturing large swathes of territory from the opposition but while the conflict appears to be winding down in some areas the prospect of genuine peace still seems far away or reports from beirut. syrians in search of safety there may be less violence because of russian
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brokered local cease fires but there are still active frontlines in some areas of the country over the past year the opposition lost sizable territory and the syrian government with the backing of russia and iran have also recaptured areas from. the government is stronger than it has been since the conflict began nearly seven years ago but the war is not it's and. the war is far from. that is for sure and what we're seeing is perhaps winding down a bit of the conflict in some parts. there is a likelihood. of the country almost a quarter of the country in the northeast for example is outside the state's control the kurdish region wants a federal system for syria the government wants said it would be ready to discuss this but now it calls the kurds traitors for working with a foreign country and the us decision to maintain a troop presence. has alarmed russia which says there is no legitimate reason for
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them to stay. the war is over but the focus is already on. russia's president vladimir putin. the kremlin. for negotiations the russian. and now pushing plans to host the syrian peace conference in sochi russia's leader says he has the support of iran and turkey countries that are deeply involved in the conflict he also says syria's president bashar assad is backing the peace initiative that may weaken his powers but leave him in office for at least a few years with a reformed constitution. what we will likely see is a syria divided but the void in terms of spheres of influence it will be like a multinational company would countries holding shares and of course russia having
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the biggest. political settlement. for opponents of the government what is being discussed doesn't amount to peace but priorities have changed in two thousand and seventeen calls for us had to be removed from power we're no longer western leaders now seem to be more concerned with working with russia to counter growing influence . life is tough for many living on the edge of the. and it's not. despite the signing of a peace agreement almost ten years ago traditionally. people suffered war then drought and a lack of education is a major obstacle to building a new life mohamed valve reports thank you it's a harsh winter in north and he said and for many twenty here the stink of cold weather is compounded by poverty. after years of drought and warning the region is former masters of the sahara have been reduced to
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a state of limbo midway between their previous life as livestock have theirs and the total distribution many suffer not. like our country has turned into a barren desert our livestock to no longer survive without plants and graphs in addition we cannot live in or work in towns. used to live as a nomad roaming with his life stuck in search of pasture and water. now he lives in a makeshift shelter as miserable as the most basic refugee camp there is no running water here no medical center no schools no study supply of food and other necessities to learn that are available so i used to own large herds of livestock all my cattle died and i was forced to move to town since i came i do not know what to do i have no profession my children are without work to grow living on donations and aid from agencies to live
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a little bit like our biggest mistake is that we did not go to school we know found that we cannot work or find a job without education because we are harmed by lead you see more than the drought our life is meaningless now. other twenty who settled here years ago still live in humble mud homes in villages that lack the most basic amenities frustrated with the government and dejected my poverty some have formed associations to mobilize everyone to work. they plan to budget to the gardens on three days around the village expecting. relief agencies for the government to provide support. but the bottom soil and city a climate than the efforts almost useless but want to go along and the rebellion against the central government but the peace that ensued hasn't brought them prosperity. a disease. in kenya a head on crash between a bus and a lorry has killed at least thirty people all the passengers who were trapped in
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the wreckage of critically injured in hospital the government spokesman in the rift valley region says the boss was on the wrong side of the road as it sped down the hill. investigators are at the scene of the incident tens of thousands of people rallied in togo demanding an end to the fifteen year roll of for nothing bay. and the latest in a string of demonstrations of my position great they want new rules limiting presidents to two terms in. the mob and we've been claiming our rights for four months now they don't even see or so it looks like the current regime doesn't even consider us with the march it is necessary that at least the state or the government knows that we are tired we want to see definite change. liberia's president elect has given his first speech since winning the runoff election earlier this week george where will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf and the first democratic transition of
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power in liberia from the seventy years where former world footballer of the gear has pledged to fight corruption. we were more the government. and. those tools. to serve. the. purposes. to. now to a small city in the united states which for its size has the on mt of a reputation as having more violent criminals than anyone in america but police in rockford illinois are responding with a unique approach to crime fighting john hendren explains. this is probably the
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most dangerous city you've never heard of according to the f.b.i. as uniform crime report last year rockford illinois is the most violent u.s. city with a population under two hundred thousand block for block more perilous than los angeles or chicago so this midwestern town has launched the most extreme form of community policing in america everybody grab one toy. rockford has officers like eric thurman moving into high crime neighborhoods. i do that to. me i can't dance forging ties with a community that is often viewed with suspicion yes have a good day normal if there's a shooting in the neighborhood everyone's out. but we go talk to people interview them and what happened no one saw anything or no one heard anything but you know rather me being here they know they're comfortable talking with me you know there's a shooting right here everyone will come to my door they would come talk to me and
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they would tell me exactly what they saw thurmond and patrice turner or rockford first to resident officers community policing is more about building relationships with the people that you police it's more about building bridges instead of busting heads the city's police chief expects to add more resident officers in the next year with standard policing an officer gets the call gets in his car and drives through the scene but a resident officer like officer thurman really crosses the street and knocks on the door of a neighbor who probably already know. the program is less than a year old but is part of a broader strategy it appears to be working in two thousand and fifteen rockford police solve two of nineteen murders in two thousand and seventeen so far they've solved nine of eighteen and could soon see charges in three more cases we need to have alternate strategies not only iraq or nationwide and this is working yes
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change people's life sure. critics say a troubled history between police and african-americans will make that difficult i think but. it's basically going to end up with a police presence in communities that i don't think are ready to accept the police as positive forces but in a turbulent city with a long history of ill will toward police. eric spillman says it's a beginning john hendren al-jazeera rockford illinois. now mountain is hoping to climb mount everest on their own have had their ambitions dashed government leaders in the pool have banned sight of attempts to try to reduce the number of deaths on the walls highest peak and a record breaking bad is underway on k two that's the world's second highest mountain on the border between china and pakistan chawla ballasts reports
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a team of poland's best climb is in pakistan reach take on k two in winter it's one of the last great feats lift and mountaineering and we all have been under supervision of college we have. had a doctor so we may. shake how we are and what we can improve. k. two is the second highest mountain in the world but it beats mt everest in danger and difficulty only three hundred six people have reached its peak compared to four thousand on mt everest it's in and tori is for hurricane strength winds its steep slopes and i see a saint for every four people that summit k two one dies. the team has been preparing for two years and will spend up to three months on the mountain prepping the route before making near a saint they will lay out ropes and store supplies of food and fuel then wait for
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a break in the with the. very. we have. the lidsky was the first to climb mt everest during winter nearly forty years ago he's one of five people to have climbed all of the world's highest peaks three teams have tried to climb k two in the winter before no one has been successful. i hope. the team expects to establish a base camp an early january shallop bellus al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera see united lose ground in the race for the english premier league crown the details coming up with joe.
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unbelievably it sounds like an agreement between criminal busts just like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes down to the question these are throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just a nominee director with doing a investigation into. ukraine did you pay bribes you've been corrupt i don't know i've been a corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only go coming soon. in russia many cuddy's migrant black and gray zone. echoing and increasingly for many a global trend. yes a labor force left to exploitation by the. people in power investigate. moscow's little pakistan. at this time around is
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iraq. and it's time now for all the sports and to his mother is a super mom joy we can see that little bit like us a lot but i'd like to think i'm sorry it was a sports presenter also recently it says she's not yet decided whether she'll defend her title at the australian open despite making an encouraging return to the tennis courts the twenty three time grand slam went up played her first match since becoming a mother nearly four months ago against french open champion elena penco in abu dhabi on saturday helen gleason reports. she isn't the first player to return to
1:46 pm
the court after having a baby but none have done so quite as quickly as serena williams in her first competitive outing since door to alexis in india was born in that time but the thirty six year old to come one of the new stars of women's tennis he laina us depend. serena dropped the first set today she has brought on garros winner because the match unfolded showed she might be back to her best before too long moments of rustiness like this can be forgiven to be missed last match was the australian open final almost twelve months ago and just the penco isn't the world number seven for nothing the twenty year old said before the match she was excited to play again but i will for the first time but there were no signs of nerves as she cries out the match in a deciding tie break for serena there just stepping on the court was a victory in itself. i think i was really good and i feel like this is a wonderful opportunity for me to kind of test to see where i am not only physically but mentally it's like mentally like you have to get over that hump of
1:47 pm
like go for the shot you're going to be ok because it's a lot that goes on through a female's body if you have a baby so. i think it was perfect fans will have to wait and see when and where serena decides to play next as her career entered a new chapter telling leatham out is there well from a woman who's dominated tennis for many years to world's best m.m.a. fighter who's just extended her unbeaten streak chris cyborg was taken to five rounds by holly home as she defended her featherweight belt in las vegas the first time that's happened in her career but in the end cybil won by a unanimous decision to make it nineteen victories in a ruck manchester united to sit down to third in the english premier league standings after failing to win for their fourth match in a row they were held to a nil nil draw by southampton at old trafford on saturday it was a frustrating day
1:48 pm
a striker miller cock who was stretchered off the pitch in the first half after clashing heads. also believes his side were denied a penalty early on as the ball hit southampton's my your shita on his own we had all the difficulties we played enough. enough to when. we start the game. and we lose. the striker. a very good referee one of the most promising young referees not just in england in europe to. a very bad decision that punished us. it's marine years former club chelsea who leap frog united into second place in the premier league table after they thrashed stoke five nil on saturday they were actually three nil up inside the first twenty three minutes with william adding a penalty and davide that acosta completed the scoring late on and yeah i think we
1:49 pm
started. it was that any way. we wanted these wanted these and. i'm very pleased for the performance of all my players i'm very pleased to finish another game and others can shoot them i think. we are showing up for good solidity. elsewhere liverpool came from behind to be left to one after a double from mohamed salah they're also much needed wins for relegation threatened bournemouth and swanzy and newcastle in brighton drew nail nail. league leaders man city are in action later on sunday bidding to win their nineteenth game in a row and also have the chance to move into the top five as they travel to west brom. steph curry made his return from an eleven game injury break and set an
1:50 pm
n.b.a. high hitting ten three pointers as the golden state warriors beat the memphis grizzlies one hundred forty one to one hundred twenty eight golden state lead the west further down the table it was a bad night for the dems would not get to see they would be two hundred seventy two but of philadelphia seventy six says savage grabs twenty points and nine rebounds. capitals have taken the lead in the n.h.l. is metropolitan division they grabbed two first period goals and alex ovechkin had three assists in a five two victory over the new jersey devils. ski jumping four hills tournament is one of the sport's marquee events taking place over the next week across four venues in germany and austria and such as i saw the defending champion coming star of poland come from fall in the standings offers first jump with the opening leg at overstock the double olympic gold medalist a massive one hundred thirty seven meters in the second round. when two thousand
1:51 pm
and seventeen there was no football world cup or lympics but as always sport was making plenty of headlines our sports correspondent lee wellings takes a look back. in recent years has been tainted by the twin problems of doping and corruption and twenty seven saints suffered from the fallout the international olympic committee bans of the russian flag from the winter olympics because of institutional doping their russian competitors will be in pyongyang in february under a neutral flag the new york football was in the dark after faces meltdown with a particular focus on bringing south american officials to justice there was plenty to celebrate serena williams started the year with the twenty third grand slam singles title in australia we didn't know she was eight weeks pregnant the first daughter alexis was born in september roger federer showed he still got it turned majestically winning wimbledon for the first time in five years in football it was
1:52 pm
christiane of the now dodgy year again inspired to retire in the champions league but he's not the most expensive player that's brazilian neymar who moved from barcelona to paris and demand for a transfer for a fiver a quarter of a billion dollars the africa cup of nations and a bomb was won by cameroon but it's their opponents egypt who reached the world cup finals i was in houston as tom brady's new england patriots came from twenty five points down to beat the atlanta falcons an extraordinary super bowl triumph but not always well in the n.f.l. the shadow of the concussion issue and also the cash between president trump and the players led by khalid company who took in may to make a stand or vices i'm pleased brutality we have a lot of people that aren't treated equally aren't given equal opportunities no police brutality is a huge thing using boats amazing career ended with a red face at the world athletics championships in london there was also
1:53 pm
a surprising cricket speak tony minutes of twenty seven pakistan with a shot winners of the champions trophy. well look first and there are people going to be written off ridiculed or all monsters are very bad show and i won this for the champions for free things like destroyed all. that silly welling's for us that is all sport for now laura great stuff thanks very much indeed now two thousand and seventeen has been a year in which people have adapted to a whole new world order from donald trump's inauguration and the shift in u.s. foreign policy the blockade against by saudi the bahrain and egypt syria has the highlights of some of the biggest stories over the past twelve months and with that is goodbye from me for now.
1:54 pm
more than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh it's august and the accident hasn't stopped. the winter has called the actions of myanmar military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing in the middle of my baby was thrown into the fire and then a break to me. and it was i feel like i'm burning on the inside. after more than two and a half years of fighting yemen saudi arabia's coalition and iranian backed to find just a at a stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading. struggling for breath like to come like. this bears all the hallmarks of the acid regime and the use of chemical weapons is a tall job for. donald trump to do solemnly swear. the united kingdom is leaving the european union
1:55 pm
feel it in the. summer now for another book to look after my little plane full to claim that it's the cia and the u.s. government that they find more than one hundred days of protests in this country. we have another session pilots here right in front of the arch the compound suzie arabia the united arab emirates and the train and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel journalism a good base those that have people of palestine it really is quite frightening for the people who are standing here watching these horses racing towards. catalonia if you open it historic rift with spain spanish national police in riot
1:56 pm
gear battered their way to voting center after another. i have never voted that go to this day. people really want to see quick quiz still the same law it's called. the mission maga push forward around six kilometers during the battle to retake mostly. we are here we are strong we are pretty good we will see. friends.
1:57 pm
is not enough but it's enough to. stop the killing. and. very straight to the stage. preaching superball is a special achievement for american focusing that seems on her final choice for supporters of the lovely unpredictable focused on cricket.
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1:59 pm
al jazeera where ever you. are really isn't forth but we're football for good unthinkable goldberg really had the lead explaining when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice and. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase at this time. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical
2:00 pm
transformation occur. i mean it to me that if you want to go shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people at this time on al jazeera. iran's interior ministry says it will confront disorder as anti-government protests turned violent on saturday.


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