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tv   Romania People Power  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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story builds oh and i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of roll in just the flavor ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on ad and on line. i'm susan in london with the top stories on just their iranian state media says fourteen people on the placement have been killed and four hundred arrested after four days of anti-government protests as a security forces were piled what it called to protest us who are trying to take over play stations on military bases the ports haven't been independently verify and that's how she can name as well. a social media blackout
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didn't stop protesters from gathering on iran's streets for a fourth day and posting these videos by the iranian government says people have the right to express their discontent but violence is unacceptable the iranian state media says some social media sites and messaging apps such as telegram have been blocked to keep the peace. on saturday there were also pro-government rallies our own we cannot predict a time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power who must give priority to people's demands and needs. to find the state of the economy and rising prices sparked the initial protests austerity measures after years of sanctions have led to a twelve percent unemployment rate but anger has also shifted to foreign policy
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protesters are critical of the government support for the syrian regime of bashar al assad has bought a lot in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territory. the iranian government says foreign entities are fomenting violent and deadly clashes among the dead two people one a boy hit by a fire truck in what's been described as an accident authorities say it was stolen and abandoned in. through investigations we came to know there is a clear rule played by the foreign intelligence agencies and the government open zation in these killings. the police never opened fire on the protesters. in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president has been rouhani president donald trump tweeted that people are quote getting wise to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism rouhani fired back or
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you can lose out on this man who today in america wants to simplify as a people as we go to but a few months ago he called the nation of iran terrorists. these are the largest protests in almost a decade although sunday's protests were smaller than the previous night there are calls for people to continue with the demonstrations natasha going to al-jazeera hoofy rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in the strikes in one day the province saudi that coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying hooty finds us which has stopped us a pecial station in eldorado district local sources solange's there are a number of civilians were among the dead another strike targeted local markets and syria's government has launched an least twelve strikes on rebel held areas just outside the capital damascus according to opposition activists this video is said to show the attacks on harasta and neighboring suburbs in eastern guta it's not
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known how many people were injured in the attack. north korea's leader has warned the united states that his nuclear forces on now are reality not a threat and his new year's address came was more conciliatory toward south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics but he warned the u.s. he has a nuclear button on his desk defend the country if he fails threatened. the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash but a reality the un secretary general and president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with the dail signed a year ago and seven people were killed during protests on sunday demonstrators are calling for calm ballots are vowing to stay on until later that is in december
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those are the top stories remaining are people power is next. to me that you are. going to let me know. one of the most corrupt country in the european union a romanian society is engaged in an unprecedented fight against corruption. on the thirty first of january twenty seventh the biggest protests since the fall of romania as communist dictatorship broke out in the streets of folklorist. the newly sworn in government had secretly passed to be greek that would grant its members immunity from prosecution on some corruption charges. hundreds of officials including businessmen mayors government ministers and members of parliament have
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been charged and convicted at the center of it all there's an independent judicial body the national anti-corruption directorate for d.n.a. in the early twenty sixteen the d.n.a. chief prosecutor announced a sharp spike in corruption charges for three missions where that got them but that only endorsed the choosers day in court but the court of law on evil and not she made. oh. they change my mind parliament thought they could. be nice to. me mishti shites but i thought she said not all. independent collectives like the funky citizens have also joined the fight against corruption they are adopting the quirky beat approach. to. the.
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thirty years of dictatorship have given rise to a healthy sense of humor in romania in this spirit the two are focused on high level corruption has been created in bucharest.
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this. to. me turned director. back eric a much shorter book so. not just because of course. a lot of. my former self was. a young minister of agriculture in two thousand and seven sentenced to three years in prison for accepting bribes in cash and sausages to live in. my. same time thank you so much. and. no. one. really forced.
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my stewardship was the. mayor of poorest from two thousand and eight to twenty fifteen charged with taking bribes. but in general than. any mother. might be able to do since your first. book wasn't. go out of. your mind. the. little bit and agreed to mayor of two crist sector three those fifty one million euros in back taxes. that is amazing to me. mayor of the cruelest. sector five from two thousand to twenty sixteen charged with taking ninety million euro bright.
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meat but. all describe the same pervasive reality in romania gripes. the times are changing local government schools police stations and hospitals have a long history of taking bribes in exchange for service. i i i. i wasn't there she was a little. i know what you exposure try going somewhere what do you look at my list of what. in romania corruption extends well beyond the envelopes that civil servants receive
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to supplement their incomes at the highest levels bribes are replaced by briefcases and the misuse of taxpayers' money becomes more creative and the leverage touch of a demo many artists didn't is that. she can what does that. sound got us thinking because each year kurdish forces. parted the living got up. they example. and i got a. list of about this program. but rob seen a bunch. of the parliament in my age despair contacted me to ask what about their preference now and. then they are forced quite. to. you know they. said is that part of.
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him or what i said. in two thousand and two the national anti-corruption directorate or d n a was created as an independent judicial body to enact reforms required for romania's entry into the european union in a few short years the growing number of corruption revelations in romania have implicated politicians from every party. thousands of scandals and shameless dealings have been brought to light. the d.n.a.'s chief prosecutor is low with. her unrelenting determination has made her the central figure in the fight to eradicate corruption. telling me on off or start. mr porter's own premier. and. investing here's
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just one of. my own here for a year she got a credit for the morton church of far. not just a fourth almost. charcoal law exists to the lot of. that going to. change the. shop. a few floors up but the d.n.a. a special investigations team is helping to solve some of the d.n.a.'s biggest cases. and that's to me is almost. here. it was a few more this feeling lucky you might feel lucky or not that i actually have but
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that. prosecutor. and police investigator nicole asia turned their stripes in the fight against organized crime both highly skilled investigators they've unearthed evidence leading to the prosecution of romanian political elites . wife that's another. woman intelligent we just shot we too far to tell me what to. do what i wish to go to it. was an. infection a diversion if you scout. speak out what the little commenter fights if you. must lead. them to. the dark and will believe that.
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i put up with i she she and the other tell in the very. question harsh. up with the charm will i have a wolf human history in about it or getting cheaper so. the issue demurely of i walk around to look but question fresh but this divine ship by me so full sits. c.l.r. said better listen but that's gotta be let you know that. some of it should of it looked at it that you're on that such a. good couldn't buy you it down the side lost got the cattle war party negotiators to sort of got to give almost all but that's it will test the stuckey be able to load it up with just a lot bundy a. couple it. was plus to use up that show you have already delayed because of the other stuff out there go up the merger bear market the progress of can do. without but i'll divide that one.
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over there corvette or vaguely. something. we can measure in the scheme of the post only the bottoms of our samina coinage ain't just small warm. down across them and under some of us i must of missed you speaks up a good kind and it's new to difference here. and you multi-boot are chilly you're going to divvy margery mud the. united the opposition noise in the nor can the fuck to. be in the party doing so would be. had the poor would see it. but also on the wall as. my muse thought you probably year she also flog. as an independent journalist bugel has investigated corrupt officials and closely followed some of romania's most notorious corruption cases.
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which would be needed. to be done until. you. look at. anybody she thought was. really what you were predicting. we're going to beat you to. but if you want to say to me recently got. up at the start. of the month you. might get the two. hours on a lot of. the but you have. somebody pull a scoop for a check of the old guard and president of the now defunct conservative party was convicted in twenty fourteen for buying property at sixty times less than its actual value. in money
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comment. but i. think. you know money. at a nice. enough stops. at the state. for. miles. change chains in. any model. shift for me. as with other eastern bloc regimes the fall of the dictatorship provided an opportunity for party stalwarts to prosper. government funds were misappropriate. did and many from the old guard to fill their pockets the dictatorship had given way to new levels of corruption. but of all nazi
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or model that you had extended would probably get up only class taught level science that on line. she. done for the other new normals it up watch it at that out test out only got a society and there's that are partially at our class he makes you stand for them spawn other fuckin way to start the winter politico dela when i type this exist acquired of what i thought was the simple technique i also stated that i said here couple below such as what is that nuclear cell scheme up the momentum carried out on one yard to put. on your noddle bana then tried it out or shut down to know ben a pink one of austin muscular supporter could have i did see it on one year my lesson totally versed as an additional state issue. when you come up of a was appointed to minister of justice from two thousand and four to two thousand and seven with the support of the european commission she
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prepared the way for romania's anti-corruption prosecutors many portland calendar that have to do it in a short time i mean haven't they got a glancing and but two thousand four. so you have very few times. and you have and that was important for me it was a support to me for me to change. into short years minister michael this doggedness in the face of intense opposition allowed her to launch a process of judicial reform. then a relatively unknown entity that d.n.a. came to prominence as michael vick pushed for its right to prosecute white collar crime. but d.n.a. is first cases went relatively unnoticed by the press. but i think if we had our way for years she thought i have. on one of the one main.
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yes the up until about a new study out on when you get those in parliament that governmental pre-modern you start out on my knees like it is. here at this question is that was he should. or even a prime minister indicted in two thousand and five i began as a descendant from the communist dictatorship have become one of the most powerful men in romania just because you did it is. charged with embezzling one and a half million euros for his electoral campaign and taking a six hundred thirty thousand year old right in a company telling the press about a woman who has that analysis and all of outside analysis of it sort of follow but she seemed almost her step towel. under. i think all normal. so to me when i last i recall norm. that.
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so explain the chair offical don't look. it. if you're used to going to. get it. just to talk to. you. it is a few years after these comments in twenty twelve the prime minister was sentenced to four years in prison for passive corruption and blackmail but again the star says conviction was a lightning bolt for society since then the corruption investigations have accelerated and the d.n.a. has achieved celebrity status in romania. it didn't take long for the media to catch on and to begin reporting on an unrelenting stream of revelations each day this is the scene outside the offices of the d.n.a. certain not to leave empty handed the media gathered to catch the drama in real time it's the most closely watched media event in the country. russia.
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program for is creating the unique series of documentary portraits that captured the expressions of in battle delete what about. privacy but actually they are more that i. look like. i'm. usually about working why don't i check check check you. know i don't know i'm. in april twenty sixth seen a journalist exposed to hicks a former scandal the case cause public outrage forcing the minister of health to resign i think you. see far more you know what kind of was that was out there to be water guns if you actually defend that little nutriment.
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which if that's. the case and i was there at the legal gun show explode. about the more every day and the moment recorded so this could be that he was the least expensive one and if. they wanted to write it was as if it was your interim life but then after that. if. she interrupted you i don't know what's up for the world but actually looking into they said you're going to kind of get busy to come out on one of and real quick so that i will show you the stipulated fact judges just a couple options that they got as usual but it's up to just enough honestly that you are just offering them can run with it but just that one doctor says the she needs the person the worst that could be you know what you think you've been around . longer. than life itself he might not have been asked about the part of the game go about that he's got to be sweet on the adults you don't know you you mind you know coupled with my world they're going to be part of the logic of loss or they
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lost that is. all i. think. a little. shocking but then tional me to feel many chilled out the broken already most and to be it's all on the pro quo tory thing mr young pulled and pulled. that's all it a thought a start up in the wrong something could go on the ball. on credit an institute to merge with a chill. brought the girl sits us a lizard she college a lot well. been thrilled or sorry for the important delicious as the change of guard started lot of those are all a little cheap thirst and on top of it will let you know there are lunch aboard who's just been over. own vapor important of in a lot. more. important
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than tripled the best allowed years for fond. of him but i got his lot as a father. yes yes. just the thing that would be the. denial or just. a vast this was because. she was wicked out of the eyes must know that. but. he. she sent. for i just thought.
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there were. many you only thought. it would seem to bore out door that you know chill my book got only you don't win you lose. my love for you. my mother not anything like. the fact almost half hearted out tripped out. supporting friend sadie geology diminished your economy shares if you're wrong girls she transgress you any good i already. have a son. my. view. is about that actually extend a moment then into many more into. because it was more mental the acting talent moves. just like. they were
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living on the visit not to mention you wanted one of the richest men in romania sentenced to two and a half years in prison for paying a one million euro bribe released halfway through his sentence. new system fell down. in the fourteenth. my my. my needs she. was. reacting. just by that this is. the stupidity of making morgan is that fish an enemy the moment they killed as a powerful. charlie gibson for the part we're football fans who don't think about goldberg really had that lead explaining when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros or expresses
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a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you don't know. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase at this time. the nature of music as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage tried to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here fahmy shlaim now that he has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity of rot. under there it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask them question minister throw their hands up in the air
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and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you have a bribe so you can corrupt our own being not corrupt i did just what the president say challenges here investigations the only go this time. i'm suzanne and then with the top stories on al-jazeera at least fourteen people and a policeman are reported to have died as anti-government protests in iran turned increasingly violent four hundred people have also been arrested iranian state media is reporting that security forces repelled armed protesters who tried to take over police stations and military bases the reports haven't been independently verified
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iran's government says people have the right to protest but not in a violent way hoofy rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in a strikes in one day the province led coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying hooty fighters richard stopped at a petrol station in a district local sources tell dodge's there are a number of civilians were among the dead and syria's government has launched at least twelve air strikes on rebel held areas just outside damascus to rescue troops trapped in a military installation it's video is said to show the attacks on harasta and neighboring suburbs three days of violence in the damascus suburbs are reported to have killed thirty five civilians as well as government troops and rebel fighters north korea's leader has warned the u.s. that his nuclear forces and our reality not a threat in his new year's address kim jong un was more conciliatory toward south
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korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics but he warned the u.s. he has a nuclear button on his desk and will defend the country if he feels threatened last month the u.n. approved harsh new sanctions on pyongyang backed by the u.s. in response to repeated missile tests. the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash but a reality. the united nations secretary general is urging president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with the deal signed a year ago at least seven people were killed during protests on sunday demonstrators are calling for two consoling votes he's vowing to stay on until delayed elections in december he's been in power since january two thousand and one. those are the
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top stories but stay with us next it's romania people in power will continue. since joining the european union and romania has been engaged in an unprecedented judicial overhaul special prosecutors have joined with journalists activist and romanians growing civil society to uncover and prosecute corruption at the highest levels. independent media groups like the rise project are playing an important role in exposing corrupt practices. rise is an information site that provides a platform for journalists activists and investigative hackers and. here activist journalists can sometimes uncover in a day what prosecutors would require years to obtain. is co-founder of the rights project and. he's taken part in many international
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investigations and was a key player in helping analyze the panama papers leak. or to take things to got successful actually investing got to go see my thing that's what i need to look i know for in order to support this or think. that the money value. of them. money more than. chip and pin him off when i walk out of it i don't have a gun seller said. you know what i mean i think that it wasn't only getting. us open for much of us so it. protects us this bubble but as an old buzzard that they were going to put it up a lot of itself was going with this will combine the early start that i was alluding to that the only that was for this was that the four months you know the dangers are i don't know then that that is because by. if i can fudge
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a little money for doing what. you said before the money for that technology forcing like us are investing in. commodities at the. last. time. in recent years romanian society has begun to feel the impact of a growing wave of corruption convictions. emboldened by judicial reform people are increasingly demanding that the law apply equally to all i was the ongoing judicial battle has energized protesters in november twenty fifteen tens of thousands flooded the streets of bucharest to protest the deadly fire at the collective nightclub despite unsafe conditions the club obtained its operating license in exchange for a bride. sixty four people
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mostly teenagers died in the blaze. protest persis prime minister viktor was forced to resign. mass protests are a growing trend in romania where forty years of state rule all but destroyed citizen action thirty years earlier and big gatherings in romania looked like this shows of mass solidarity orchestrated by the state hope for justice gave way to resignation poverty and despair in recent years the pioneers of progressive change have claimed their place in society. is a historian and specialist in communist crimes he's also a famous activist in bucharest fellow. difficulty if you have one moment where. we should ask you what we've got because. it's one of our petition. no more as he puts just as i said before that in their
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movies as a for the theme of a word almost emotional question that's yeah it was one called comical vicious for sure school. no matter which joke i'm sure the for the exam is a cool thing that it's like i'm guessing you can watch them here or the nuclear weapons capability but that must take one thing i say one hundred ten times that you speak to be down to talk about what you look at it but i mean it not just almost like a soft job. as with spain's in the us or the old cue by wall street movement in the us romania's protest movement is led by activists like me hyped all it takes is a few activists like him to ignite social action in darfur but while they look to stay. cool character a more gentle darker black on more of a problem a plot to grab a burger see was just the name for this section is my list go for the. extra muscle
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externals down dizziness the condition of resources. surprises. me to know you're not really that you might be going to get me in and i was ok and. social activism on this level would have been unimaginable a few years ago. today targeted actions can take only a few hours to germinate and spread. across our choices of a whole slate of sentiment my goodness a story about a more money back into the earth's year but every day there was a daughter for me and also to shine on to the set of the summer school you look for students. it's like that of all but it was meant to just hold the cards which is
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sure to show that he. was. building the activist capacity of an entire generation is a bold project. the funky citizens aim to defy boundaries and to forge a path for civil society in romania. give this to the girls it's what wins a complete because they can these qualities for the job and constitution if you cheat and the thing to watch just get the most of them at you that's what i did. in twenty twelve created the funky citizens to confront government corruption she hired hyperactive young graduates out of law political science and communications courses. a correlation of creative activists the funky citizens are advocating for the growth of civil society in romania who want something that you know he's not
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going to get that you're going to want to me was a part of the indoor me days to come up more often. but to push off the topic this morning the day i wasn't born or you know to some to block walk i think i might have to go through this metaphor age. in the simplest legal that this sounds an awful lot warmer in a week. when you off the. ngos and civil society activists have steadily been gaining momentum the funky citizens have been working in a vibrant offbeat style one of the of their name. on the citizens who is punishing them alone. and them to the commission for taking that up to the issue but i'm certain implication think that's all stop will be gone she funkier for last one got a fortune why should my old film because.
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that is to awaken citizen awareness the funky citizens are addressing corruption with a sense of irony. is the creator of an unusual sight the bribe market which allows users to know the average bribe in a specific hospital town hall or police station exists. and. yes they should chip this site yes they. start the course the chines age. someone because. their. perspective of what they. what they get. meant they. are. many features at the. last facet of vici a lot of. many young graduates with specialized skills have chosen
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to work in these novel structures. here they can discuss the performance of the courts fact check political statements or analyze the latest reforms. by each. but. surfing part. of the example can. first of course i thought they were. solid day or yet are here to put you probably go i but corruption lives on even when high and mid-level officials are jailed public service budgets are also first though for corruption to address this elenor also has a countrywide program to train advocates how to decipher public financing. i think i thought that was what it was i
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would. jump on a fit if what i could get a feel for was that. it was ok so that's just as cool but a part of the just getting the support you account second is what you wanted your doctor to call to my idea is the fuckin store so i can. get it this summer this is one of the most of what the doctor and most class of them in this past off of and my used yeah we had much since he had to be done shooting the chief and i respond after every so i call that actually cut down for trash and that's when the magic. despite this flurry of activism the fight against corruption is far from one. the government visits pains to recover stolen funds. the accused to decry stalinist trials and anger against the
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judicial system has reached a boiling point. the political climate has become so tense that's the chief prosecutor broached the issue on primetime radio. the volatility known throughout the team to not included the loss of the now there's one of the got a knowledge of to this but arctic fox dark wood in fear god is the. ofi a cow disease the best one of the garden i legit at the dog to see if you thought the danger. of set of all mine also and feed him and. then to go to cedar bend doing to need another mark of a dirty denies that indoor meat raised british of it it's you know it's you know you're going to have a moment la possibility that they're pretty muddy down i was there a busy too long and. yoda.
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but what are the limits of the rich and powerful when cornered by justice. politicians have been looking to pass laws that would diminish the d.n.a.'s powers . we don't anybody didn't see anybody. reading three g. is there might be an action. just a really good sort it was has been very big. problem and it's funny all the audience just came by a little door gonzaga someone if you took all that and celebrated so not so long and i mean there's a couple of thoughts and i think this thing got a shuttle such i thought that if he lost that sailed out journalists off that it was vision extend the importance of the below are just things to forty but it also better than that of course don't seem to question your thoughts any part of the. law just the thought of the cut of fortune. on the thirty first of january twenty
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seventh teen romania's newly sworn in government issued a late night executive order that would pardon politicians of some corruption offenses. the media quickly informed to the public by midnight twenty five thousand protesters flooded the streets of the capital that number swelled to three hundred thousand in the next days with hundreds of thousands more gathered in cities across romania. the government was forced to rescind its decree a few days later. as a check to the powers of governance the funky citizens count on an important ally the european commission. on your offer to meet them. in the use of ground. zero for all the usual case. since joining the e.u. romania has been closely monitored by the european commission twice a year the commission issues reports that. measure its progress in the fight
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against corruption. no one no ordinary supply dick cheney would look a lot. called on me because if he did and got annoyed me keeping them on it or use out of the law books that. we are smith and all our lawn mower not what you could google for more than what a poke at the bottle shop under out they could just sent. me she was broken free and got it. or not although not a change. of government trying to push the limits n.g.o.s and citizens mobilizing in the vigilant european commission this framework stands as the most efficient safeguard in attempts to weaken the fight against corruption. monitoring
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by the commission should end by twenty twenty but that's romania have the institutional and political maturity to progress on its own ninety days such utter t.v. so seeing them quit the idea of what artist mike on these local but other shit he thought it would. have been if you chaired the scene out on it but twelve just a shrug to be that she could read the. comic on his website on one of the but out up part they're good at goshen i took that same haven't our difficulty correct going that us not to send them not just on quality let you know. it's early summer twenty sixteen and romania is about to elect new mayors. romanian seem happy about the push for transparency but will they vote for change. many hope the election will reveal the impact that prosecutors and civil society groups are having on the romanian public. is that the way you. should have done has created the save book arrest union or the u s b. it's
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a campaign born of civil society founded on hope in the democratic rejuvenation of romania. for this former mathematician the fight against corruption is a clear path towards the renewal of romania's political class. you all know. where the. few simple. when. there were. enough to open up. the years that. should have done to present his party as the only recourse to a decadent political class a class that continues running candidates embattled by corruption scandals.
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on election day locked up has decided to follow a candidate he knows well one of the headliners of book arrests corruption to work . the mayor of bucharest sector five charged with taking a bribe of ninety million euros. apart and also with a little bit isn't good to put to them and so if you don't shut up when you put this might they go yes yes i mean it's god's going to scope out the shock to us. that he made what he could have done yes i'll probably make that. but i'm going with the voting to go against what i've been out with an awful cynical putting could say. that that for the market that. i think. well but a lot of us are going to begin to. look
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look look look look look look. can i look on the. visible to the steps that you wish but. what do you. think. the freak out is if you if you're going to be taken this is nothing but a test of. time and i. think. people. don't want you to do that for too much of. what you. would think would be pretty good. because you don't think.
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that anybody. would think i think my question. really was the funky citizens have banded with other n.g.o.s to spots plus. able fraud they've set up a call center and sent observers to polling stations i don't see how much the mosque would have said they could store so i thought. of him but when i think of it the less frequently than before electoral fraud can be just as flagrant as i was for the faults. it. was the slow vehicle. to local. repair so the hotel should have asked if i bear some of the she did this six years she wanted to be out of the way our friends that say you take one copy didn't get what the one you got what that little nasties discarded like whizzing down the
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bottom number last. night you. come off fast and that's a feeling but i thought it was fun to be not going to give it to someone here just a kind of a why not just the six year got a new man who how did you have you know how much i wanted out of it i think. the day is coming to an end and me push out of dunns us meeting mates are awaiting the results. in a surprise he was sure done cus the party has won thirty percent of the vote. it is the first time that the new political party has done so well in local elections. take. it to profit. off. but if you. do it here i. would think that it was.
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the funky citizens are taking stock of a day of mixed results even if mayor my young van give you a photograph the earlier hasn't been reelected candidates with corruption cases have done well. was that was even. thought about it over the phone thing did you figure you. know. what additional requests. some ellis' fer the candidates judicial troubles haven't stopped many from voting for them the romanians have real acted nearly fifty mayors convicted of or charged with
11:55 pm
corruption and. mayor of cry over charged with taking a bribe and money laundering reelected with fifty eight percent of the votes. the court rejected the d.n.a. charges and in general twenty seventeen. became minister of labor and social justice. judges get. charged with taking a bribe reelected with fifty two percent of the vote. but the link mayor of miami charged with taking a bribe reelected with seventy percent of the vote while behind bars. as romania confronts the ghosts of its past but the sentence of a bygone era for clinging to money and power. in the legislative elections of late twenty sixteen the majority of seats went to the social democratic party who are fiercely despite them earlier conviction of its president for electoral fraud. but
11:56 pm
people are beginning to support the new parties on the promise of change. following electoral success a few my. earlier than see us be party changed its name to save rome a new union for us are winning nine percent of seats in parliament. romania continues its push to become an example amongst its eastern european neighbors at least for now. is the country's transformation to democracy a revolution or a long distance race a real age in which the baton is handed over to the next generation of teenagers born well after the fall of communism. the funky citizens are supporting the civic education of this youth platform. in romania today civil society engages all age groups but in a culture of corruption the country's greatest hope may well lie. be cool me.
11:57 pm
off what influence shall. how it's been of a stormy start to the new year for that and southeastern corner of queensland thank you show us just around the sunshine coast add the gold coast to see this little clutch of storms that are pushing your and up into the gulf of carpentaria these are these as we go on through the next couple of days but the tuesday they are
11:58 pm
still in place has been very just in with those high temperatures thirty two celsius but to see some violent thunderstorms possibly with some large hail mixed in as well was he getting up to twenty nine celsius in perth not too bad here for some pleasant sunshine coming through type cooler as we go on into wednesday but pleasant enough at twenty six celsius though while the weather will make its way across southern possible too bad in adelaide at around twenty three degrees but just twenty celsius there with melbourne winds coming in from a southerly direction now just by the state by wednesday we have got clear skies coming back into prison again temperatures at around thirty three degrees one way of sunshine fair amount of sunshine into new zealand over the next day so the north could see wanted to shower was a longer spells of frame for time temperatures at about twenty four celsius right across the country over the next day or two wasn't it spells of sunshine some sunshine to into southern areas of japan but it does look rather wintry across northern areas of the country.
11:59 pm
january on jersey african heads of state and government will gather in ad for the state if the same body of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen met rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda match the asan engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera. hamza jaffery. comrade she's musical pioneer. uses to be silent in spite of the endless cycles of violence. through his school for
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young girls craft of music and the amount of emancipation. pakistanis in. a witness documentary this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm this is a news hour. coming up. at least fifteen.


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