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tv   Sarajevo My Love  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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also i teach architecture these new style architect as the way to yell advisement reveals the role of architecture in his radio q patient everything in this panel rama easy tactical to within the architecture for the patient just need to know how to decode the architecture of find those parts of the rebel architecture series this time just zero. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera south korea has proposed holding a high level talks with pyongyang on jan or the night the offer comes a day after north korean leader kim jong il and raise the possibility of dialogue during his new year's address. can the improvement of relations between north and
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south korea cannot go separately with the resolving north korea's nuclear program so the foreign ministry should coordinate closely with allies and the international community regarding this for arsenal he has more now from salt. they're proposing that these talks take place in panmunjom that's the joint military area at the demilitarized zone and they're basically reiterating what they've been saying all the along that these talks should focus on improving entire career relations and they should also focus on how north korea is going to be sending its athletes to north korea now and ties between the two koreas happened at their lowest point in decades and this is the several reasons it's partly because of the north korea being so adamant in pursuing its nuclear ambitions and developing its nuclear weapons and it's also because south korea has been moved by politicians who've taken more of a hard line stance when it came to approaching north korea it's only when this
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president when jay into office in may that he has taken a more liberal approach in towards north korea the death toll after five days of anti-government protests across iran reportedly stands at fourteen with a police officer among the dead iranian state media say that security forces stopped on protesters tried to take of a police station and a military bases the israeli parliament has approved a bill making it harder to under the parts of jerusalem to the palestinians under any future peace deal two thirds of the knesset must approve giving up territory if a deal is agreed it comes less than a month after u.s. president donald trump let him a city as israel's capital mohamed jump as more from western. at its core this new law would require that eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members or full two thirds of the knesset would now be required to approve any future legislation that would attempt to divide jerusalem essentially that would ensure that jerusalem
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would remain off of the negotiating table when it comes to any future peace talks of course that would complicate an already very complicated situation now this vote comes on the heels of another contentious vote vote that happened on sunday this was a vote by the central committee of the likud party they voted to annex large portions of the occupied west bank now the first thing to remember is that that resolution they voted on is not binding and also we've not yet heard any reaction from prime minister benjamin netanyahu as to whether he will indorse that resolution and actually try to take it to the knesset to get it passed into law but that resolution after it passed was causing great consternation and anger amongst palestinians of course palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that this was considered an aggression against the palestinian people taken together with this new border really shows just how tenuous the situation remains and how uncertain things really are on the ground here is right here prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts up to she was filmed slapping him
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kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old one had to me was arrested two weeks ago of the video was posted online and she remains in detention she could face up to two years in jail pakistan has hit back at criticism from u.s. president donald trump who tweeted that the country has given nothing but lies and deceit in exchange the billions of dollars in aid is now bob says trump's trying to blame pakistan for the u.s. failure to win the war in afghanistan. iceland has become the first country in the world to legalize equal pay between men and woman companies and government agencies face fines if they can't prove they paid male and female workers equally i since been rocked by the world economic forum for most a decade as the country with the most equality between men and women the new rules making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use have been introduced in the u.s. state of california about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on
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new year's day but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera word statement that so much about that.
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these were. criminals to some a hero for office. this is the extraordinary story of you live on. a top serbian general who during the siege of sarajevo chose to serve in the bosnian army. it's a story of tested loyalties of trust and mistrust all born out of the chaos of.
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the royal. couple in. the first day of school in bosnia. or for younger ones it can be a tough day without the encouragement of friends with. the right foot in their. body but they've also thought them out of. service on board say or to watch the mike and a much. a. or so korea push for an adoring as they. feel we have done for several don't know. mike
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a member of the rebel group. is here in all of a small town near sarajevo on behalf of education builds balls nia the n.-g. o. he founded after the war. its aim is to help war orphans of all ethnicities his own happy childhood was cut short a taig thirteen when his mother left an unhappy marriage taking davey quipped. my my bill of course i was not and i was in less. than a dust there was a vote to start i was taught hissing and i did this and. then he sent me matson is so much of this he had on me some you know socks i mean me so he's so nice that he some you know food. or. rather this is said to me supposed to grow as
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a semi crystal and then i be like mike it's either my butt is a main problem with a plan. for this it says the federal site some say. mike or because he has others in a way that the school in the muscle building went to school what's a tumble and for doing this for my vizio because one hundred below zero give it a go you know school doesn't blush at lunch approach. or you would have yes. it was me.
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care. you know they just are. you sure. you. all was over there. yes. but it was a bit i was able to be of some super good i suppose to be a bit of a months on a little bit with the similar and academic opposite that. just because of threats or young notices that. i want to donna's from pointed to dissipate as the god you know put up as they go then dossie and i throw.
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purposely my kid yeah reason that or name it ya got that course it didn't go very quick yet it is evidence in ways that i again as i say. oh peter knew me since i'm a gnome and with some numb carbonation about sat off to military college did yak served in the yugoslav army and in one thousand nine hundred sixty six was posted to sarajevo. it was love at first sight. because the buggers are able to do really premier of the jews and me on imposing on of it two dollars seventy people on have you booked could they do it. during.
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this bus when it is a me a few let me see on produce are all except. a cause of this i want to move or. defend all of this shit don't they all move or. give back served in the elite if you can be as first president the country's founding father you'll see it brought. under tito's rule you this ethnic divisions were kept in check. sigourney's thought of you were. so thank you of all but on a as a dollar per you was for the. lake or
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a museum all. on idealistic and. on to is that you were on. these all onset i end up on dawe a seven eight or so percent purple as your knowledge that really is your all up on it but davies a on it there was the premier part was a moment where she discussed said garrick. laver but there was a very as it turned it was very on an accepted get to the purpose of the main to let religio or remember. we judge them or use but the. last seven is of the war's awesome on its own is the sort of year or so he story rich and i made to according to a. preacher may. be more or may have dark
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wilmslow cheshire on the process but it did not show knowledge that through tourists here does the most of those in the last. dostana said this was the orders of the minutes he had the hint of. as waves of ethnic nationalism swept the country the dream of the slavia came crashing down. work out as one by one the country's ethnic group soon independence from belgrade. it was paul's nian philosophy is that bag of it she championed independence for the republic of and that's a covenant with such a gave it its capital. independence so men. and democratic people mean but serbs rejected the idea no more of the damage it did on magic pill disproportionately good for the impact on a muslim ask it out of more than less than a year most of us were not a member of the drug running up without power and quickly formed their own state.
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the news server public mobilized the yugoslav people's army to j. and a to see something evil. and turned to genocide the systematic ethnic cleansing of the population last night shells hit a hotel it was hoped of more than a thousand refugees in the rush to escape there was panic and confusion. in the sukkah because. they've had this at the godin a propaganda cutter g.h. on the perimeter director does his bush shots mostly man on them or say gee that. siddhivinayak who had made such a useful his home there was a honda would steal me. could you but you notice it was a bus a hit so he has some deal is with me and i was such a nice and all those you need benefits of most of my profits on the road because of
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those them now it's that on the slobby that's the new nick was sewn up in the not to professorial and was that the my below that should nice and neat they are nice but he had to force you. also go pretty low on this except that there it is the one you also got but he looked the other supposedly stopped as well as a vigil b. oh yeah that's the only opponent you know which is that wood is forty bit of a one to nuts in all of that it's one of the no watches of design many call me on this that that it's on but i don't have been a part of the many. oh . yeah because you have the. binet ski. is
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a war story he thought it cost maybe you i think each of its use of course above your voting is composed to the group of your people you would be among you and you know you as you would think of them if you were you obviously much or you could not show what i. said or who believes it good enough and they do the. lenient does a lot of yeah i said that as saying called to so met depositional and a lot of it's. a sit. myrl do some. if you have a but they say the paul in the clip position that i read said a bit. no our members the now vision military lou don't have a limo to you. never stay too late
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danny see. but one particular day in the trenches changed if you acts like this on the. best lawyer sold ahmed on this cause i don't want the. escape don't i look on the loss. was one of thousands of women who fought to defend sorry able during the long military siege. took us from dozier. some yarwood time way pomade can say be late or yeah more and more sad but outside missile could probably kamado another could you say thought the obit cocoa one part of a chair and beer it took the semiramis one to me special i'm stuck just this past the sca my biases roost and toy. knows well he taught me some of the term magick
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to. swear to of the law he told him because it'll cool but as long say toyama as my mother creamier be liberia that the meanest the muslim a top respect for the law. ya tom dopamine moment to moderate a course there's out serious want to use the search are worth about a cook book wallowing reattachment was says that a about the poem love the mystery it's a funny cascade. of refusing to. say packets capone's the mark on a saturday. you know. a lot of a was. either call. some venue does this mean you stand the blue dogs are lost on over you you're nice a series we. said we really concord to cause all pro slots to
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talk. they don't agree to die the eleven the clear eyes as a song to. the body. of the one as it bears. copy or tell me some of the chellaney quo in the state or yes i mean a lot for me it took a damn put all of that. in that i'll. never rat pack. quite organism like. of. the. past this. was the. preachy.
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chubby queen. the. talk quickly come around here. a bit but he is so keep it to. the fed to cut it a celeb he did. talk with a lot day seven days the book was a march or bust a burlesque. on a bit too so. to an attorney. but to turn loose. of and look up to. say.
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a year later the unexpected happened. at the age of forty five fell pregnant and was expecting twins despite the pregnancy she continued to serve on the frontlines firing her dumb one day she lost one of the babies the other muhammad survived only after weeks of hospitalization. that. was grabbed it told by the. one hundred that. for more and now go on i thought that by me it's a very. all or could nyad see. her or pick. although it's a bit. wary of the young kids my.
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godfather he was the first person who took me in his hand and he told me i will be the strongest as the yugoslav people army was. after they died i need to work harder and also i need to. and become something and become more than they were before and a dad. mohammed's birth turned tragedy into salvation helping war orphans would become his life's mission. robots are all. really.
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i get them out which i. think years ago i lost my father and i never have a chance to match him because during the aggression of boss had sabrina and sorry ever before in the first first lines and he gave his life to follow me and my parents after the war nobody wanted to take responsibility for thousands and thousands of the children who fall asleep parents i met this man who was strong again being i was just a little kid he was big and i was like that's a journal you can see him you you hundred general all the manhood rescuers are so you know it's very frightening to me to man but when i met him he was a what are you doing to give me a hug and since then every time i see me i give him
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a huge so i can just see he sulk around saw some somehow he depletes my father's. place and i'm not sure what. mr gillon do you are told us going to already i'll take it but i'll take it if you study if you be a huge man and if you if you accomplish something. and that's. that is only one thing that he's asking for us to fight for by using knowledge to gain respect among the others and to be a great in that. are those look at those additional deaths is a menu or should i coached on a much. you're
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going to be. ok with. you not going. to be able. to have everything. that was said to you could. not. get. out. of the.
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day. it was. a race against michael. thank you i'm. sorry. he is and as time wore on and attacks on the perceived became fish. in the bull's eye. and it was a foul to get us. on the third of may one thousand nine hundred ninety two played a role in one of the most bitterly contested incidents. a role which was to put his reputation at risk serbian sources had taken the president hostage in a bid to secure the release of a serbian general held captive by the bosnian army. the two sides agreed to
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exchange prisoners peacefully. but just as the exchange was being made bosnian fighters stopped to. fight his says were rude and acting outside of us. was one of the command is handling the crisis. it. was a good choice and desire. the birth. was more right and that a good life was. january on al-jazeera african heads of states and governments will gather in at his ababa
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for the station at the same belly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda maggie how sun engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front and in a week our special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question minister throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing any investigation into. ukraine could you
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a bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only gods at this time. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan doha the quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera south korea has proposed holding a high level talks with pyongyang on january ninth. the offer comes a day off the north korean leader kim jong un raised the possibility of dialogue during his new year's address. so he can the improvement of relations between north
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and south korea cannot go separately with the resolving north korea's nuclear program so the foreign ministry should coordinate closely with allies and the international community regarding this the death toll after five days of anti-government protests across iran reportedly stands at fourteen with a police officer among the dead iranian media say security forces stopped on protest is trying to take over police stations and military bases the israeli parliament has approved a bill making it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem to the palestinians under any future peace deal two thirds of knesset must now approve giving up territory it comes less than a month after u.s. president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital management june as more from west jerusalem at its core this new law would require that eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members or a full two thirds of the knesset would now be required to approve any future
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legislation that would attempt to divide jerusalem essentially that would ensure that jerusalem would remain off of the negotiating table when it comes to any future peace talks of course that would complicate an already very complicated situation israeli prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts up to she was filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old to me was arrested two weeks ago off of the video was posted online charges have also been filed against her mother and cousin. pakistan's hit back at criticism from u.s. president donald trump who tweeted that the country has given nothing but lies and deceit in exchange for billions of dollars in aid is going to bad says trump is trying to blame pakistan for the u.s. failure to win the war in afghanistan. and california has become the most populous state in the u.s. to legalize marijuana for recreational use about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on new year's day the licenses are expected to be issued
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later in the year that was where the headlines now let's get you back to al-jazeera what. i felt. the slightest thing you could. fight is have looked a prisoner exchange between the falls nian and serbian army it's a top serbian general and no not at the is it baggage the bosnian president of the hostages. a senator who's chosen to defend sarajevo with both syrian army is trying to handle the crisis but the stigma of being a serbian general in the bosnian army is about to have terrible consequences. as a boat so they explore those who commit crime and those and they're put say that but say it is the memory. of your mom you see him as
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a threat or is. separate cars are tossed like made. so. many of doors are doesn't hear them although johnny's. it doesn't but i can show they'll go out in the order i was been out is and they could see current. look. like. look. look like i mean that is my televisa you. that's i mean there are they not that i support there
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is and they would say if there was the proper city from us to call for help with your thumbs up but. we have. zero zero zero zero zero zero dollars if you have the fifth fret over the rights of others because. eventually the convoy passed and the exchange happens but several serbian soldiers were killed during the trade of. who fired on the convoy and upon whose orders remains unclear in. the. grass is more. skewed they. are throwing
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nattered is that's. is there were some program or no narrative see it. in the fog of war the serbs accused of ordering the attack and betraying his people the bosnian north or is he also becoming suspicious of his loyalties there's also said the bill is in league. it called when nico said not on the quarry attorneys saying get up and there's a breach of the deal. and they get on out there doesn't seem odd ball or don't. get them you say that this puts. too much the end of the war president is that big a bitch yield to pressure to deal with defeat. you know something is that. such a severe upper end of this to the. mr. downey is
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a beggar which i don't want to show so positive it is an arc of. theirs or some let me share what. they have over this will pay a zero. when walters as be very strong black community in the us and stop more stores book. brokers a mug of tea or francisco. excluded now from his life's profession in the military divjak once again faced dynamic again he chose to stay in sarajevo becoming the outsider within but his children found that life too much to bear. there of all lived to be. a lift
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your dog or. your dog or oh. it was the mother the weather there. boppers that the trim up in the central city have only started his own for you look right want to do a little again almost but most won't do wallet on a legal. piece in the kiln. but don't converse provoking and. repressive but he wanted to walk the walk a little but you want to to really own found for a d. pocket of his he legally he prepared premium all who knew what a person has a book oh don't let me bust law to the bloody meter lead to meet it demand the primitive to mail it to marry a. tease on phone the do this all the summer dong
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little double dealing foot of a cliff and me diva the use of it today met me their estate. market it cut loose on phone a symbolic for me ever uterus. set some over yeah but not as mr g. martius is the actors are always some portugal up there where the it's a god that they object. now as mr martyr may. read it so it's welker's or many for his leak of a job. for you but was that he said so. was this was. just a. the
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presidents of bosnia croatia and serbia average the peace agreement to end the war in bosnia. the siege claimed the lives of over ten thousand people mostly bosnians it's considered the worst act of genocide in europe since world war two. since then the country has been more peaceful than even optimists stead to hope but the emotional scars will linger for generations.
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to v.x. n.-g. o. work with children victimized by the war is motivated by his belief in a multiethnic bosnia his experience helping mohammad and his own childhood loss of a father figure. the foundation has supported the education of more than five thousand war since. for many in sarajevo this is shown that devyani not only fought to protect them in times past but is also helping rebuild their future in two thousand and three did he actually had the opportunity to reconcile that is at bank of it as the former leader lay in hospital on his deathbed. a present on the other through an author of about honesty is the one way or the most a bit of mali's a bit richer mobile was a medical void a cuckold as
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a bullet to. a loser mobs in america or to know submit job. matches with his mission so. they were geo here. thank. you. for how. unsure whether she. will be sent to great to be tried. but what happened in something. the citizens of sarajevo mounted a campaign to bring back her. economy. to eat sleep.
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to end. the light usually by saying good for the fighters dollars he walked in the old. adage this is their lives. and they always had some security. there's a letter to a mason through. the diary he kept during those days in custody became his way of dealing with his loyalty and longing for sarajevo while. the. book does. he that is and it was
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a. purpose of the. capper probably should am it will be mel b. should be steady post them to you now because suddenly they don't let me do it which is i could be done. like i said out the door jim look out for the rockies. put up was not many money or that. paris was korea saddam. was prison next year then it is pretty neck it is a good bet it's a. subject that i was pretty sleepy because i didn't get testy. just said the. both you know what she. was.
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off to snow months in custody the campaign to free him finally. released without charge divac returned to sarajevo a free man ah. the rest of us want to go about see. the go it was. going to. be. happy without a doubt it over to god it didn't have to reach him to let him live here but after a year i'll tell you we're not that good the old guard to hook what it was. meant for wall to wall thank.
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the eno was another turning point in his life another moment of triumph and adversity. had shown the world and shown that he was one of the. his vienna diaries were published and today he's heading for the be hatched a new book to get to be hatched from sarajevo devoutness drive through an autonomous serbian region in bosnia and herzegovina created in the off to my off of the war. as a crane project that because of us but a bit don't go to what was at the of here. that. this according to combine you know as if to go. all bus on but us said. said that he thought a public a sub scout should be swell because of me and they do ned they were sassy. for
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the police said about the medical tent but. that sybil. was a village. shop. with a push up pull. so that i get how it comes to the removal. of the one of them might. be waiting while we look these together these be almost over you go below moore a lot of those that want to put us all out. on the public will realize that if you're so good for them that you stood for our rights i thought it was in the side of the people that i didn't budge from all they can because all to the front the plural side are those who fought against us. never
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mind of you know they want to see me that it's going to create something a society of death going to raise all other things and at this these are all their identities but the general divya stood for what we are today like of moral society that exist that here are some of the many hundred years before before it existed in the western hemisphere. with the wish to muslim brothers are not christian. or. more interesting to me. at the royal line your call mundo about foods and. joya power is a door dark or. moyo in a common though never would say by suit or nato propaganda. i
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don't teach it to the north are. under to solve accent that on several of you very good. christian nobel did the he enter nobel winner there vs of the of the door to southend that that i'm seeing. or. it does not say that you said the causative down near a new. nickel goby are near where you are near the start of him our or jeff was ever in that act. and it was there more along the secrecy senate but does and if there is sit isn't it. too short to deal with those cilla seven buddies because it i listened mrs so i sent this in is a nice journalist. but
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i must. visit and. make more as a receipt tref yeah the diesel laws struck me to fit book the most common comes they need to go on to talk on the saloon on took up the van and saw so he said to the. dailies or to the primitive one more in love it lit out see all. fed in of all it was enough he said that but he said to his seventy some is the grocer.
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piece a concrete you sit and it till it was stuck in a sump in the delegate lead to lick what. part of the pit sonars it on the put it of a bum was in a bar they said above the quad which at the moment but in on the kalka caffein them on. what really is an image of make you let and that will. shim wa. crazy and you have acres ought to.
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and he is all done them all that. they. have a committee. just say compelled to. denmark on a fiddle ticket. could
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you please. the commander. to life imprisonment. among some of the worst atrocities carried out. for years. which an estimated ten thousand people were killed. and.
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there were over forty charges as i recall primarily it was material support the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we weren't able to see the secret government we were unable to tell and in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called terror the holy land falling at this time on al-jazeera. northern areas of the middle east and of little over the next couple of days where
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there is the right sleet and snow everywhere cloud that just making its way across turkey and that links its way right down across syria lebanon jordan says but to see some wet weather here over the next diode say and they still see the cloud and rain making its way into iraq with some snow on the northern flank of that some wet weather there right across the caspian further east should stay dry kibble at around twelve celsius forty back to around nine degrees as we go through wednesday meanwhile we have got. the western side of the region there we go with the next area tatar right moving across cyprus just spilling out of turkey and that will produce some of the heavy rain into that eastern side of the mediterranean as we go through the next day or two said by rote we get up to around eighteen degrees celsius may well be getting up to around twenty four celsius in doha on tuesday some of the values to fall out of daddy too much change as we go on into wednesday but the increasing breeze that should help to keep any of the morning mist and fog
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at bay over the next few days seems a very heavy rain making its way towards madagascar possible tropical system feeding its way in here said the possibility of some flooding with the pavey showers from northern. oh. i do listen one of the.
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general. music. of the models this is a good thing. but .
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they did it. in the. name.
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of. you are making very pointed remarks where they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on sex. within the morning in the city i want to cover the world in darkness and this is a dialogue could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera i mean this was different whether someone's going for someone to read. me true i think it's how you approach an individual and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. story and try out.


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