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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 123  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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two thirds of the knesset must now approve giving up territory comes less than a month after u.s. president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital pakistan's government is banning charities linked to one of the main suspects in the two thousand and. being designated terrorist by the un and the united states has repeatedly denied involvement in the attacks on the court found insufficient evidence to convict him called for nationwide protests over the move. pakistan criticism from the us president meanwhile that pakistan isn't doing enough against armed groups he said the us. thirty three billion dollars in aid pakistan's foreign minister dismissed the tweet as a political stunt. says trying to blame pakistan for the us his failure to win the war in neighboring afghanistan. in protest.
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continues after this stream stay with us. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of the economy this is easily news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. and here in the stream today from poverty to parliament. uganda is a robber chugg better known by his stage name bobby wind grew up in one of come
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palos poorest neighborhoods to his east african fans he's known as the ghetto president and over the past decade he has made a name for himself as a musician and social activists speaking out against what he sees as injustices in his country. the result. of the war not. trying to. be. right.
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now while the wind has started a new chapter in his career from ghetto president to real life politics winning his district in a landslide election the newly sworn in member of parliament says he wants to inspire more young people to get involved in politics and uganda about eighty percent of the population is under the age of thirty five so today bobby wine is taking your questions via social media you can take part in today's interview by tweeting your comments as always with hashtag a day stream and now bobby joins us from welcome to the stream bob you whine i want to take us back through the musical archives to start this conversation you are a member of parliament now but as we mentioned you weren't always so let's give our audience a little taste of where you started out. this is your song ghetto the lyrics are in luganda but clearly there are scenes of
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police brutality either images from the neighborhood you describe to us what life was like for you then that made you want to put these scenes to music where. you might know i grew up from the ghetto. me made me you can only imagine the light so i decided not just to cry about it to talk about it that's one of the reasons why i went into music and that's why i mean for us i mean i spent all my whole youthful length trying to you know create awareness about our plate and trying to show my fellow good to you that this is that there's a solution on this release who needs are we being nice so basically this my musical life he meant in your youthful life but i think a lot of people would argue that you're still in that youthful life at thirty five
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but i want to play a video coming from one of our community members who is very gradually tory and excited this is anthony and this is what he had to say i want for school good will be for the landslide victory here is one expose greenough on us to complain maybe now you've got no problem with police which are looking to expand less human rights community element in a number of laws such as pulled my don't restrict freedoms as it looks later i would like to know what you plan to talk with the fortress raised to promote democratic freedoms and rights or thank you. so he pretty much laid out all the problems as he sees it in uganda right now you've only been a parliamentarian for less than a month which of those do you think that you'll be able to tackle. well i went to parliament to be the voice to talk about being.
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aware that not only solutions lie in parliament the solutions lie in the method but i want to be the voice to try and improve the legislative because i know you have very clear headed legislators but the same time. that people especially the young people took on their mantle to stand up and be counted and that way we can create real change that we want. i think that's represented here in this trip from country but he says the world is changed by examples not by opinions so how does he intend to use his life experience to improve the well being of the masses but before you answer that what does it mean to you explain for us who are outside of uganda what it was like to be named the president of the ghetto clearly you were a well known person in your neighborhood what was life actually like what is the
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what that looked like for you well it started like. we started. to tell you to. tell you to move if you get to use that. reality to the powers that be my. earlier round become which i'll get to where i grew up started looking at me as a leader and naming me as a get a president and that actually give me confidence to keep. speaking for them so it was more like. thirty two that was literally taken seriously by people even older than us and that's how we've has been building literally became a responsibility it became a territory that i couldn't run away from but it's very true that i had to work hard. and here. that trajectory i know it was
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a lot harder than you're making it sound but i appreciate you kind of something that up for us i want to share with their audience. a little clip of part of your song now this is the official video it's released in twenty sixteen and this was ahead of the general election the stream did a show on the general elections and the election of reelection really up president seventy here's just a little taste of what you said in your song. so those elections of claims of vote rigging arrests of politicians there were delays there were social media shut down there was a lot going on ahead of the general election was this your call to people to say i'm about to run this is my political ambition what do you mean with this song.
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actually i did the song to a twenty thousand election i wanted to call for peaceful elections for calm and i wanted to call upon the leader to be reality. but when a leader of a phase in power has been a country is going to go to the dogs i wanted to call upon the leaders to realize that there was need for change peaceful change as you know we have never had a peaceful transfer of power in uganda and through that song i wanted to call for that unfortunately we didn't get that but i believe i played my part. so a call for change our community is not certain that it will happen some of them i want to read to you this we got from ambrose he says you will not have an impact because over eighty percent of parliament belongs to president with seventy another person sent us a video comment and they said something similar this is jackie here's what she
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thinks and everyone having the majority in parliament that is all but three hundred members of parliament how do you plan on influence anything comes a point. and that is in our time as a national resistance movement and not as the ruling party so you hear their concerns are you going to talk about. actually one of the reasons why i managed to get where i am today because i am optimistic i don't look at the problem and look at the solutions i am well aware that the parliament the majority of the members of parliament belong today ruling party but i believe they also want a better uganda i believe that they want to peaceful transition i believe that. they we have children and with our grandchildren in uganda what i present to them
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is not division but unity what i present to them is not negative but positive what i present them and idea that is going to bind us together and idea that is going to be the healing of our nation so the men in parliament by their their opinions where not cuts in stone i believe that we can also influence them to think positively but. also want to make it clear that i am not putting all my hope only in the parliament my rise to inspire many people as possible to stand up and is critical of the young people and get involved in the politics of our country that where even the. voting will be increased i mean many of our young men and women discouraged from the politics of our country it may be another five hundred bull the wind then that will be crushed. another five
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hundred volley while i like that i'm smiling at that just because i think at least the musical world to be at a better place and we will see about the political world but here's a view from twitter this is horrible he says after you're successful in treats of parliament what is your strategy to implement to empower the youth who are unemployed and need jobs so before you answer that though we got a video comment from someone who also is talking about the youth because you mentioned that this is about empowering them this is from a prominent journalist in uganda majority raman this is what he told the stream. michael should will be when is it up all across the world we've seen young people reject establishment we've seen young people see no establishment politics that is political parties that are established and those that have been towing the parties and lines my question really is now a new breed of leader that is an independent but also that has a lot of galvanizing support from young people what is your leadership going to do
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for the young people of uganda first of all to get out of the opposite but also to to get their interest catered for by the establishment for lead political discourse in uganda what do you make of that and why do you agree that the you are apathetic . first of all. yes we have a terrible unemployment problem and that will take more than just me more than just addition. to take all of getting together and having a grand plan but most importantly it all begins by getting involved it all begins by building the confidence when we get involved in rebuild the confidence then we'll be able to influence the policies. to cations his team out some time before that our youth mainly most of them are not only unemployed but unemployable so if we can divide it means of. improving skills and giving
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skills to those who don't have them and even looking at the time for example today we tend to want to call it twenty first century problem with the solutions of the twentieth century but if we have more young people in the leadership then we are going to have more updated solutions can live another brother a journalist from uganda asked me how our leadership is going to be i don't want to call it my need issue because it's not only about me we are very many smart young men and women out there the first tip is for us to come together and make decisions to get that decisions that work for us and the third what works and what doesn't work but that begin by. coming together of course your position cannot be without controversy it's hard to be such a public figure and not have criticisms and people this citing that some of the
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things you say are at issue with them and so one of the instances i'm thinking of in particular comes from a twenty fourteen denial of entry into the united kingdom for alleged homophobic speed. and so in twenty sixteen huge change your tune about that this is the article from that time singer bobby wine apologizes to ugandan l g p t i over previous backlash and a tweet here from someone who says he recently met with the u.s. ambassador have you renounced violence towards the l g b t community in uganda this is from twenty sixteen so now you are and and you say you represent the voice of the voiceless does that include the voices of l.g.b. t.q. community member well
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the young man. there's a certain communication that i use to communicate. but as a leader you get to know that you among the people really that different people from you agree with and you might not really need but even those that you don't necessarily share the same mindset. of you're not going to be well into them so yes you see me dealing with leaders and people even those who i defy and ideologically but as a leader. i'm trying to be respectful and play in my values and my opinions. so we apologize for the line to you by the wind and of course to our audience because the connection to uganda is not the sharpest but we want to have this interview with you because our community is really excited about getting to hear you but that's why there is a slight delay about five seconds and it's also why it's a little bit of
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a choppy video connection but we apologize we apologize and we thank you for holding on i want to bring up this week here because you talked about this not just being about you this being about a movement and people behind you this is a tweet that you sent not too long ago today we celebrate people power please join me for my swearing in at the parliament of the republic of uganda at two pm where you are you've got the flag so i want to show a little bit of video from this day the swearing in you see the faces of people and how excited they are take a look. so this is the swearing in ceremony there you are taking the oath this is on the eleventh of july and they can we will move around to see people excited people are cheering for you by parliament there sticking your hand there clapping so bobby when i can see you smiling as you're watching this is kind of reliving this moment
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what was that like for you because you don't see that every day in anyone's parliament you don't see it in congress here in the united states what was that like and why do you think there was such excitement well i was humbled. it's more idea. then it became big then i told it about my friends some got excited and some got none of us and of course some were really scared by this is something that has been growing in us and i want to make it clear that this is not about me at all this is about us i only talked about something that has been people's hearts and people's minds for a long time as you can see only rallying point so much that has to be solved so. that should show us that our people are so right for change they just one find iranian point reason to get together and now we have reason to get together we
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see the opportunities around us. a birth of a new generation it is the beginning of a long journey but we know it's going to be a journey to success that's why we were excited. so i want to bring this up here this is valentino and i think our online community feels the excitement but some of them are cynical valentino says don't talk of change talk of transformation within the system because you are in the system now another person writes and this is shannon who says parliament has its own way of swallowing the good from their constituents and then there's the issue of balancing legislation and national politics so this idea bobbie of now you're part of the system now you are a politician even if you don't necessarily like that word what are you going to do to ensure that you do not become like those who view critics criticised.
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know going to become. one of them because i know what i am i know who sent me i know that i'm not in parliament on my own i'm in parliament because people think me to rip them for as long as the people who. i am going to be having them so there is a concern bobbie and it's represented here with this headline that we saw just today this is august second police recruits have scores to settle that's your quote there but the article talks about how you very recently were detained on the eve of your own election and some of your supporters were also detained of course in the past the stream has covered pre and post election violence really the opposition of course does not always enjoy the safety of having that position and ugandan politics and society do you ever fear that you're going to run
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into more trouble. well it is not part of my program when i go to into the i had seen what was happening to all the opposition leaders and all the activists however i wanted to be different i wanted to approach this in a different way they will run things in a robot of so. i lead the person wants to do things differently i wanted to stay out of trouble but at the same time to be thought of if you realise. our campaign was a very peaceful calm fame we never closed ways with the police. until that day when the president wanted to use the venue that was going to use and even when we. are continuously provoked. most of our supporters are young people and they
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were charged they could do anything but we did everything within our power to keep them calm because we believe in peace we have believed in peaceful elections and we've been preaching peace all along yes we were detained shortly and released and i cannot rule out any possibility of being detained in the future but i mean martin luther king before that freedom is not something that is going to be voluntarily given to the oppressed by the oppressed that it must be demanded and yes we know that it's not going to be a walk over but if we stand on our feet and fast our demands are going to be reached. we are using the constitutional means of seeking for that change. so i want to share a couple more comments here this is caught on facebook he says the road to a successful music career is brutal in uganda and the one into politics is even worse since political decisions in uganda are made by one man and his referencing
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of course the president so he says how are you going to repair the. generation to take over their country like you did in your hometown but before you answer that someone else who has a video comment who speaks to that same issue you have finding success in music will that be able to translate this is marie and this is what she told us how do you see your soul be getting the next five years. and successfully completing your projects despite the opposition that you're bound to face. as possible a youthful kind eight and a former musician who may not be taken seriously and as an independent country did all this returned the opposition you will face the incumbent political party which is. you know how do you do you hope to know the key to all those issues thank you.
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first of all. the road to music stardom is raw politics is even rougher i wanted. the behind this not. that has been backed by the sun i've been burned by the sun then you can be sure. we've gone through there is only if we know that the fire that burns inside us bonds then the fire that we are going through will definitely get there. so was asking. plan to go about teach how where i see us in the next five years i believe that if we keep coming together as a people as you can then if we keep dropping the interest in what separates us and peaking interest in what binds us together so with that i'm going to end with two tweets here thank you so much for your time but the first one shows
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really the humor of ugandan citizens this is bad guy he says the internet service provider or bobby wants interview with a.j. stream because your connection is breaking up but even with all that said our audience members are still holding on to your every word this is a tweet from waterloo bobby wine has given hope to many struggling youth in uganda the future is bright thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us bobby wine and thank you for start community for weighing in with your tweets your facebook comments and your video comments this conversation can continue online with hash tag stream because probably why is on twitter you'll see there. no not. good for the very very. good.
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a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation occur. i mean it to me that if you want to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people this time on al-jazeera. in the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman on forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting. united states of america has. obsessive attraction and love for guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together
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an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues on each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area. it is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or pray somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here this world needs more love and less violence. facing the realities the president said that there would be a. complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. he had the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. unbelievably it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like
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trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director for doing any investigation into. ukraine could use a bribes you've been corrupt and i've been told corrupt i did just look to the presidency council zero investigation it's the only go this time. all people die in anti-government protests in iran despite calls of unity by the president. and sam is a down this is al jazeera live from also coming up that's me next tuesday south
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korea accepts to talk to the north.


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