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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 2:32pm-2:59pm +03

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of what you heard that does the president have a responsibility under the constitution to remain in office until such time is as free and fair elections can be held safely which according to the minister will be by the end of twenty eighteen well according to any constitutional court have announced that he's not because seventy of the constitution and they say that president kabila has to remain in office until there is
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a replacement so that's the official position at the moment although of course article seventy five seventy six of this in constitution can also allow for the president to sustain a sound right so that the president of the senate's can't govern during the election during the interim period between now and then elections but at least because he's the court arguing that decision that the president should remain in office until there is a replacement so that's where we are at the moment michel but any election overseen by joseph kabila if he remains in power be free or fair. that to be very difficult to guarantee. as he looks like that he will be in power by then we need to really start thinking about steps to in account any. moves towards rigging an election we feel we need to make sure that internet and social media will be guaranteed throughout the election period even on effective
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for december the internet and social media web counts because of any impending marquees on the thirty fares so first we need to make sure there isn't that this is so media we need to make sure the very selfish and supervision of international observers over the whole election electoral commission out to make sure that there are acting truly and fairly and efficiently throughout the process otherwise we really cannot guarantee that there will be any free faile action we also need to make sure that this security forces aren't and probably with broke out to peace when there was strengthens we also need to get the opposition and all of our parties to work with government to make sure that they have permission to actually go on campaign runs and demonstrations when that's done then it's because of the government to make sure that they actually can guarantee this safety and security of campaign in and free and fail actions ok to some go in london is
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that they are see capable at the moment of holding free and fair elections whenever they may be this time this year year next. the election time has already been possible any time in the congo let me huge animation a few things before our very important question i regretted to hear some comment to mention about michael i think we have to stop talking nonsense a very regular here michael mentioned that the constitution give it could be a power to stay nick power until the prison has been elected people been misinterpreting the law that's not what it last say and the constitution clearly mentioned the end of the term or the president was after the second terms and it is only fremont to prepare for not a prison to take the office after the election but election never been taken place so out among the prisoners should resign because he felt organized election we should respect the constitution here try to money put it what the law said it just
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is just nonsense and people have to stop talking nonsense an international television recreate this has been a very common insulting of people like we don't know what the laws that we can read the article properly doesn't really unacceptable and a half people have to stop this number two when again are something to talk about. what it could be should a reprise think we should be clear about what it constitutions say it this man should be arrested about now the constitution forbid him clearly that he can not to represent himself is he using the power of excessive level force to stay in power when it come into the second question to the cop ability of organizing the election let me tell you something michael we've got to i'm sorry to tell you something huge and i'm going to speak to you clear on this question because your question we could have president here his co history of breaching the law mystica bill as go no intention and is not a publicity of respecting the law is
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a historically this man says today one has been a power we have to see change of the constitution we have see breach of the law is continuously using excessive force even killing innocent civilians when the calling . for him to resign because he him to respect the constitution and we're talking about to put it off organise an election the election should take place is two thousand and sixteen nothing stoping congolese people to have election is claiming we find no sense or regular skewes is there not to be in place we took in about money torgan as election we're talking about security told in a selection who felt this done could be should be resign it says a day one or two tolls in sixteen sixteen ok he was a given extension in that a year to organise election he fell and all principle according to the law what the law said up by ok jack now killing innocent civilian justice of to be done jack i'll get you additionally arrested and there's no need for him let's go let's get let's give michael that the opportunity to reply to that michael what i was going
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to say was i think the gentleman's head what i said was the constitutional courts have proved that can't be allowed or that presidents will only leave office when there is a replacement we are aware that it's monday december two thousand and sixteen but as we speak he's still in office and i only quickly when the constitution our courts said no what the constitution sets so i think he's been mindful of of that next time i also say that article so in fact in some six of the same concession could allow the presidents of the senate to actually take over our government between now and their actions. jack that your best all right jack jack the heart here in chicago rest let's change tack slightly here what are we to make of the role of the catholic church in the latest wave of protests in the d r c and it was acting as a broker in the late twenty sixteen deal that required could be allowed to leave
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power by the end of last year twenty seventeen. yes they got the church has been applying that catholic social teaching which. social justice. the had the opportunity to influence the course of history and the democratic republic of congo by being frustrated by both sides when i think early deal for this and not. clearly that. he believed it to do to compromise and bring in another level and yawned when we have today it was president and then he went back to this idea then and here we are we know not. in the hand to influence anything going on right now so the right now i believe the on the crisis is not the condition who you
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know the mccarton of all of because they are hoping that and so is your condition being. forced in this little boy did you object why have regional powers appear to be so reluctant to push the baylor into it to holding elections sooner rather than later. regional powers or international power. has spoken and continues to call on. government action but. only. relying on outside forces. in this gen going to belgium. and colliding with. power which angered. current regime. is not
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a good doctor actually every country should learn by now that the solution to them then lies in the african. union by the. king. long and. ok so to go about it a little out of what do you make of what you just heard what what how do you see the situation in the deep sea playing out we like to see a process that eventually brings in a new legitimate government with international edition to see are we likely to fail a bloody uprising that forcibly oust the government from power or a slow descent into into collapse in the country what's going to happen do you think. very interesting question a huge and. forceful like to mission to fink's that was a very important but istm are likely to do what i had from my colleague in the us i think this fuel issue here we still are missing here. people believe that the congo
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issue is difficult for some time it not difficult to come out of complexity of the situation due to mr kabila imposing himself to stay indefinitely in a power and i have to repeat it is that the constitutional court declared that kabila have to resign and have to step down we should respect the constitution that you have to up to now this guy is now using excessive force to kill civilians and i repeat now about using some nor sensical article or people tried to defend what is not defendable by saying that the mandate of the kabila should continue after until now the prison has been elected we should stop saying that because that given it could be lower the parties to end definitely in a power up today because there will be no election is going to continue using force when a coming to the second question any strategy could be taken in place to have a stable congo appraising is a wonder solution we respect them and people be using them but we see the outcome of people being killed when it is tried to space to freedom ok they tried to suppress the right as
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a citizen and then number two when they come in to another strategy most people killing those severe we have a down to fight here for in a troop and we are holding congolese army is it time for them to defend the constitution to defend the duty ok ok ok so it's not just a storytelling civilian i'm sorry to cut you short we're almost out of time michael do you want to take on that question that about about how the situation in the d r c is going to play out over time. i think really the boy allies in the court of the african union and the some regional power these are the ones who should weigh in on calculi and ask him that you must step down or actually we're going to drive you out or that dish should make sure that the security operators house every public space and the public authority to ensure that if we had a failed action takes place. it would appear that that's really where my conviction vented their anger towards ensuring that the regional powers are acting in good
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faith but there we also have a problem where some of the heads of state who knows our can in the background supporting joseph kabila i mean who we know that's you know. proxy gallery and who are actually in the background making sure that he's that deep broaching that so so so so really it's the african union in this a regional power that really have to be blamed for what is happening in a d r c because although states can misbehave but then there is an operator that exists for some reason the regional powers to be able to act and they have still to act at the moment and that's what's causing the problem all right gentlemen i'm afraid time is against us when we run out of it many thanks indeed to all of your kids as well go jeopardy and michael moore as always thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website and zero dot com and for further discussion join us on our facebook page at facebook
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dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter to our handle at a.j. inside story for me adrian for the good of the whole team here in the heart thanks for watching see again by foot. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on sex no evil person just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to color the world in darkness and this is
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a dialogue and that could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera and monday pointed wealth on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we weren't able to see the secret of that we were unable to tell it in
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a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called rule terror the holy land falling at this time on al-jazeera . do you stand a difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera. we should all be in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many is accusing the country's enemies of fueling antigovernment protests state media say nine people were killed on monday night taking the death toll from five days of unrest.


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