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it's when you come off on being stupid that you realize you've witnessed history in the making. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i would say that palestinian drugs are not for sale and we will not succumb to react mean palestinians head out of president trump after he threatens to cut off u.s. aid. and richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up after days of unrest tens
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of thousands of iranians rally in support of the government's. spent years cracking down on the opposition out the o.p.'s government says it will release all political prisoners bus or create tests hotline with the south ahead of talks designed to ease tensions on the peninsula. palestinian leaders are condemning u.s. president trumps threat to cut aid to the palestinian authority trouble also says truthfulness off the negotiation table donald trump angered palestinians last month by recognizing true islam as israel's capital palestinians one occupied east jerusalem as the capital of a future state tweeted asking why the us should make any future aid payments to palestinians when the us gets no appreciation. i would say that palestinian dogs are not for sale and will not succumb to the acme they're out imperatives and
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requirements for peace and unilaterally president campaigns this story done it has a very sabotaged out efforts at that she being a just peace and getting freedom and dignity for the palestinian people might recognize ng occupied jerusalem as the capital of israel he has not only disqualified himself as a piece of real dirt only mediated by taking sides and by becoming complicit in this as occupation give has also don't get me some but those he is totally the story devoted foundations of peace israel has welcomed remarks as it in trump is absolutely right it is impossible to wait and we wait for so many years for the policy views to go forward in renewed a negotiation they left the room you know april fourteenth and for four years will almost be reluctant to negotiate with israel and they should know that be given so much money from the american taxpayer without no understanding that it's time for
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them to get from the mighty come to their senses and you go share with the. awesome tennis also threaten to cut off funding to the un agency helping how will stand in refugees according to the united nations relief and works agency more than one and a half million people live in fifty eight recognize palestinian refugee camps in jordan lebanon the gaza strip and the west bank including occupied east jerusalem the us is one of the main contributors to relief agencies for palestinian refugees it goes towards education to health and to social programs awesome to donated just under three hundred seventy million dollars to the united nations relief and works agency last year one hundred million of that went to palestinian aid efforts. and has more from ramallah. those remarks from bassett or haley in the tweets from president trump every inflamed the situation here when it was already tense now we also spoke to a spokesman for the u.n. agency for aid and relief for palestinian refugees in reaction to the remarks from
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u.s. ambassador nikki haley that the u.s. may cut their funding to honor a war he says has not been informed by the u.s. administration of any changes and u.s. funding to the agency now while the u.s. has in the past threatened to cut funding for the palestinian authority and while funding has been increased these past several years it is being taken much more seriously here the idea that the u.s. may cut funding to honor where the u.s. is the biggest governmental donor to the group they have dispersed just last year around three hundred million dollars of aid that's a huge amount at a time when need for palestinian refugees are already great and only growing greater falcon what has more from the u.n. food distribution plant for palestinian refugees and gaza. these people are queuing to get food and other kinds of support from the u.n. the u.n. supports more than five million palestinian refugees some. some in the occupied west bank and some in other countries around the region and the u.s.
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is the biggest funding this program. the refugees the people who fled or were forced from their homes by the israeli army in the wars in one thousand nine hundred forty eight and nine hundred sixty seven descendants economies down here in gaza people desperately need jobs and thousands of people here depend on this support to be able to get by. with if trump is going to cut off the aid of course it will affect us how are people supposed to get flour or cooking oil what will we eat or drink. these plastic sheets are given to people is one of the forms of assistance that the u.n. provides many of the refugees live in very basic accommodation in the plastic sheet can help prevent the rain coming in through the roof during the winter. if the u.s. was to cost its funding and if no other donor came in to make up the shortfall for these people it would make a hard life even harder a seven ptolemy as
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a former policy adviser to the palestinian prime minister rami honda he says cutting aid to the palestinians will have a major impact on refugee camps in the region. the palestinian government and policy on leadership always express willingness to go back to the negotiating table but not for free they as iran has been violating the palestinian rights all along and they have been violating all of their agreements that the palestinian authority have signed with rail cutting aid to the palestinian people will not make them bow to the as riley and the american will and cutting aid will not only affect palestinians but would also affect. the neighboring arab countries because if you i'm sure all of you know that we have thousands and tens of thousands of but it's. in many other countries especially in syria and lebanon and jordan and cutting aid to pay to see how refugees will also have
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a dangerous time if occasions not only in palestine not only on the palestinians and israelis but also on the region as a whole and that the u.s. is the biggest contributor to the philistine and if you g. agency the on the way it is out of the court budget the u.s. contributor on twenty six percent which is around one hundred fifty two million dollars a year and if you add to that also the u.s. support to the humanitarian projects they also are implemented through the underworld this number could could go up to three hundred sixty eight million dollars a year so this is basically a huge number and it will definitely affect the situation of the police you know refugees as they said not only in palestine but also you know in the arab region and the refugees will not remain silent i'm sure this will also lead to a protest would also lead to perhaps more violence will also affect the fragile
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security situation in also the arab countries especially syria and lebanon. the u.s. says it intends to a toll withhold more than twenty fifty million dollars of aid to pakistan the decision comes after president trying again accused the country of a safe haven for what he called terrorists pakistan says the u.s. should not shift blame for its mistakes and security failures so far as an analyst on pakistan a professor of international relations. versity he says a move like the should not have a major surprise to policymakers in pakistan. the americans are not asking about the hospice practically they are asking about the how can the network which buxton is denying that it did karli network i mean there from the taliban fighting all good that it does not possess any safe haven in pakistan because since yesterday or before yesterday if you see pakistan has once again to be created is that there is no thief been part of one taliban or anyone else in pakistan let me have submitted
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that since one the buck standard americans perception on the modeller to sort of understand have been. americans have been alleging or there were. two dollars you can see stars thing you have to not forget here. on the start of our. dinner because you call it alignment international falls and pakistan is drifting towards your lies is like china and that is not acceptable to the american who told the same to national security strategy which was released by the drop in a speech on the aid in december two thousand same thing that indie kids balance up all of that indicates and as appeared all skewed to compute it a bit as boxed on is against trenton i think that since one year pakistan has been preparing to respond or to bid this kind of a burden that's why you started you see public uproar it is one but on the other side of the government the armed forces are under pressure because no one is here
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the opposition to go home it is desiring to appease america. tens of thousands of government supporters are rallying across iran the show of support comes after six days of demonstrations against the government there gathering in several cities to condemn the unrest in which at least twenty two people have been killed a math and reports. on a rainy and state t.v. pictures of government supporters filling city streets condemning protests and deaths during the day. it's basically people who are believing that what so what's happening is against that the g.m. and they want to support the regime by saying this is a revolutionary jeem and we are in favor of it. the t.v. pictures of these days pro-government rallies are a contrast to coverage of demonstrations against iran's leadership which began last thursday. the government has shut down some social media platforms.
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but pictures have been posted showing damaged cars burning buildings and chanting crowds. protests about unemployment and iran's economy which has been struggling after years of sanctions have grown to include demands for greater freedoms hundreds of people have been arrested the u.s. is demanding an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council if the arrangement dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the u.n. must speak out president donald trump has sided with the anti-government protesters he's tweeted the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets the people have little food big inflation and no human rights the u.s.
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is watching. iran's foreign minister has tweeted back saying iran's security and stability depend on its own people who unlike the peoples of trump's regional b.f. pfaff's are best friends forever have the right to vote and to protest. more pro-government rallies are expected but there have also been calls for more demonstrations against the government it's not clear if both sides will be on the same streets at the same time not matheson al-jazeera after years of crackdown on the opposition and social media because government says it will release all political prisoners and also says it will close its notorious prison and turn into a museum at charges only trot profitable prisoners under prosecution and pardoned so be issued to all of those already convicted and serving sentences or testers and rights groups had been calling for their release accusing the government of arresting them on trumped up charges. africa analyst and
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a car he says he doesn't want to be sidelined by the international community. this is a complete that is. most showing love real love to read it is this stuff. in this you've got a double digit growth in asia and you want to continue after the foreign investors and their political interests from the rest of the world it has to somehow openness to the democratic front the opposition now how. can we just continue with the help of the international community human rights groups and other foreign partners that know for really good localist in the region to see what is literally since the start becoming really sustainable that. pro korea has reopened communication inside the demilitarized zone with south korea for the first time in almost two years to set place ahead of talks and when the two governments scheduled
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for tuesday on monday north korea's leader kim jong un made a rare conciliatory offer of talks during his new year's address bernard smith reports this is the only official means of communication between north korea and south korea but for almost two years the north koreans have refused to answer the phone until wednesday when they placed a call to the south. kim jong un has given an order to reopen the hotline between the north and the south to contact south korea regarding a right time for talks and sending a delegation to the kyung chuang winter olympics. the decision was welcomed in seoul a day after the government there proposed high level talks amid a tense standoff over north korea's misawa nuclear programs but the u.s. government wasn't impressed we won't take any of the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea we consider this to be a very reckless regime we don't think we need
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a band-aid we don't think we need to smile and take a picture we think that we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now. in his new year's speech kim jong un warned the u.s. he had a nuclear button on his desk. that prompted donald trump to continue his apparent mockery of a president he's nicknamed little rocket man in a tweet the u.s. president wrote i too have a nuclear button but it's a much bigger and more powerful woman his in my book in works north korea has been punished with unprecedented sanctions by the u.n. over its weapons programs the u.s. has warned of more measures if young young conducts another missile test. burnet smith al-jazeera. there's a research fellow at the answer to it for defense and strategic studies and singapore and says expectations for a positive outcome should not be too high i think there's a lot of hope and the the new found hope is a warranted one because we have had
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a very difficult year in twenty seventy with you know regulus not being from the north koreans of any offering of figleaves or olive branches sorry towards the other side and now we've seen a letting up and so things have happened very quickly and clearly boresight are trying to capitalize on your on the opportunity to try and set up the best possible stage in order for them to talk to each other i think we need to have a very modest expectation or what's in store for the upcoming dialogue next week it's going to be very focused very narrow and very mediocre so to speak centered around north korea's intention to send an athletic delegation to the twenty eight in winter games in february and i think that is a modest yet law hanging fruit that both sides should true on right now if they can
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get that right i'm quite certain that they can get the bigger things right along the way so this is really a moment to sort of secure this foothold talking to each other agreeing on something and getting something tangible done which is has dividends on cultural on a cultural and social level between will science. still ahead on al-jazeera foreign policy by twitter and how it's changed the way the world sees america plus. panelists and i'm getting a call on the western region of choke off where voluntary doctors together with the country's my remains are bringing health services to once conflict ridden areas. how the rain clouds of ready gathered across central parts of china at the moment big downpours coming in here and snow across northern parts temperatures in
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shanghai well down in ways about these hot about seventy eight celsius over the next couple of days by friday it should be a little drier just notice the possibility of want to see showers just scraping the fos out the east and cold at home called could see some wet weather temps hit around ninety degrees celsius well whether there's been affecting me in ma in places say has now eased still an area of cloud here but i think it's looking to dry right over the next couple of days right across south asia generally drawing unsettled the focus remains across the northern plains so temperatures new delhi no higher than around twenty degrees celsius it will be great if he is a system makes its way through things brightening up a little but no great amount kharaj he will see highs of around twenty six celsius similar values to into parts of the arabian peninsula perhaps the tide cola here in doha on thursday to around twenty two degrees and normally breeze in place picking up to around twenty four by friday generally some pleasant winces sunshine coming through very little in the way of any significant cloud well the most significant
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cloud across the sort of the mediterranean that's going to to some rather wet weather for the violence over the next couple of days by route sixty degrees. you are making very pointed remarks whether online the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal or if you join us on sat. in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now president donald trump says he has taken through some off the negotiating table with the palestinians he's threatening to cut off funding to the palestinian authority saying it is not interested in peace talks tens of thousands of government supporters are rallying across iran they are condemning the unrest which has killed twenty two people in the last six days for the first time in almost two years north korea has reopened communication inside to militarize song with south korea this is being planned ahead of talks between the two governments schedule for next tuesday . and just the last two days as president on all trump issues twitter to announce cuts to both pakistan and the palestinians is also used to make significant comments about north korea war and how the world is dealing with trump's twitter
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driven foreign policy we spoke with scott lucas from the university of birmingham in the u k. this is someone who should be regarded as issuing a statement of policy having spoken to advisors having to look through documents have a good sort of situation this is a man who watches t.v. in particular the channel fox news and then he immediately reacts in the case of pakistan you might say that there is a background to this that makes sense and not there are tensions between the u.s. and pakistan over how to approach the afghanistan question how to approach insurgency in pakistan that's been going on for years in the case of north korea to mention another tweet to simply just again threaten war just at the drop of a tweet that's irresponsible and then in the case of palestine the subject of discussion right now to you know to to say look this will be positive in any way given the israel palestine issue just to threaten to cut off aid to woman side while giving almost unconditional support to the other after the jerusalem recognition thus not a sensible foreign policy is not sensible in terms of dalton's tweets and it's not
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sensible in terms of an american administration the president of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints also known as the mormon church has died thomas monson was ninety years old or in mormons believe jesus has placed living apostles and prophets in senior positions within the church that they can receive divine revelations onsen became a senior leader in one nine hundred sixty three and was appointed president and one nine hundred ninety five. to senior members of her many far right party are being investigated for incitement to hatred over social media alice woody allen beatrice fund stuart have criticised police forces for wishing followers online happy new year in arabic their party had finished third in september as election dominic cain has more from berlin. the decision by the police to investigate alice vida the co-leader of the alternative for germany party alongside their investigation into the comments of her colleague bed to explain stork came out
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a point when we knew already that several hundred people had complained themselves about the point the points that the better one stalk had put out on social media the interesting thing to to say here is that following new year's day into news the new law has come into effect in germany which regulates what can and cannot be said online as much as it does in the broadcast media the rich and major and in the street as it were and so the question that the police will have to with the authorities will have to work out is whether the comments that were made by. talk by alice vital do contravene the law and then there is the question of the motivation behind it because several years ago in twenty fifteen years eve twenty fifteen when many women complained in the city of cologne that they had been assaulted by people of a with a migrant background the alternative for germany was very hot on on pointing out the dangers there the same thing is appearing to be sent now the difference is that very very few allegations of assault were made on new year's eve twenty seventeen
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so the question would be what the motivation is behind the decision by these two ladies to make the comments they have made and the investigation is ongoing parts of india's financial hub known by have been shut down by protesting dalliance that's a community just like discriminated against in the hindu caste system demonstrations are a response to attacks by right wing hinges on monday the police didn't take any action against those who attack that had been celebrating the two in the anniversary of the battle for dallas aligned with british colonial forces and defeated an app or cast rule or. now positioning on doris is calling for a month of protest ahead of the president's inauguration on january twenty seventh and december one orlando hernandez was declared the winner after a tight runoff election but opposition candidates how littleness wallace says he was the organization of american states says there were irregularities and is calling for a new vote. the electoral officials have to respect my victory
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if they don't then the people will respect my victory. on january twenty seventh the popular will come to pass regardless of what they want to say some remote regions in colombia are finally receiving health care that they still with leftist. tating the delivery of medical service to service hysteria that were previously hard to reach. travel with a group of doctors who have enlisted in the marine reserves to see the progress. volunteer doctors setting sail their mission is to win support from an indigenous community longer afflicted by colombia's conflict a peace deal signed with five gravels last year means it's now easier and safer for the navy to bring assistance to poor remote areas through civic military brigades what people here are less hostile to know it's very forces now that they are
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holding presents they're starting to look up to the colombian state and i'm proud we are able to contribute to. that is a classic hearts and minds campaign in a territory where people's allegiances of long been wobbly and where state presence has been synonymous with military force see. the government's clear guidelines are to take advantage of the fact that these armed actors are not interfering in these territories anymore so the state seeks to enter with all its capacity and avoid further institutional gaps that might be filled by new criminal groups. but in villages like those gaps remain why filling them will require time and resources. our health post is not enough for all the villages on the river and they attend only people with health cars we'd love with the brigades could come twice a year. most kids here have rarely seen
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a toothbrush let alone a dentist. it takes three to hold this patient down while he has this tooth pulled out his mother says bringing him to a doctor ten hours down river was never an option i know in spite of the government efforts to improve the delivery of health services a major logistical problem persists last year sixteen percent of colombia's rural population have to first go medical care because of the distances to services. over the course of the day hundreds are taken care of twenty two year old students stephanie says it's worth giving up her weekends. i just like how i feel when people think when i can contribute to those without the opportunity or the money to get to a doctor for them i do not understand civil military brigades will hardly be a long time fix for chronically poor health care but me by this time as it tries to
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pacify these restless areas for good i listen to them. their way of stopping weapons exports to the united arab emirates over its participation in the war and you have it the member of the saudi like coalition fighting the rebels in that country coalition has imposed a blockade on yemen leading to widespread food shortages and a major health crisis it estimates more than five thousand civilians have been killed since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen and yet many people say they're continuing to suffer from the saudi led blockade and recent weeks the saudis have allowed humanitarian aid to flow into the country but it's a toss of her name reports in the port city of her data people say little was changed. far from the front lines and the ports it's a life of increasing challenges for so many yemenis bound by a feeling that they've been forgotten well. our life is miserable with the war
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raging for years i lost my job too we cannot afford a daily meal if we have a meal we are not sure if we are going to have the next one a house in salem says his family circumstances are unraveling in a way he never thought possible a lost job then a lost home and now uncertainty over how much worse things could get wound up like that and. we are left with nothing only god is our rock the nearby who died out port is no longer a source of employment or humanitarian aid since november the saudi led coalition has either blocked or limited access to ports of entry in yemen citing security concerns and i lay on fruit that a coalition claims to have reopened the port on december twentieth we're in the first week of january and the coalition is still misleading the public fabricating excuses to continue see jean and starving the yemeni people. the interruption in the flow of aid is adding to what is already described as the world's worst
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humanitarian crisis unless the mother thought the un reiterated that even if the data port is operating at maximum capacity it would not be enough to meet the needs of the yemeni people so you can imagine how dire the situation i just. salem and his family say they used to be able to rely on some assistance from relief agencies but no more like so many yemenis they are left to cope on their own natasha going to al-jazeera. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera palestinian leaders are content. u.s. president donald trump's threat to cut aid to the palestinian authority trouble also says truce lomas off the negotiation table donald trump angered palestinians last month by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital palestinians one occupied east
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jerusalem as the capital of a future state trump tweeted asking why the u.s. should make any future aid payments to palestinians when the u.s. gets no appreciation. tens of thousands of government supporters are rallying across iraq so if support comes after six days of demonstrations against the government there are gathering at least four cities to condemn the recent unrest and which at least twenty one people were killed north korea has reopened communication inside the militarized zone with south korea for the first time at almost two years there are talks scheduled between the two governments for next tuesday. north korea's leader kim jong un has given an order to open the panmunjom hotline between the north and south from three pm on january third to contact south korea regarding the right time for talks and sending a delegation to the peeling chuang winter olympics or they would each agape park in south korea's government welcomes north korea's response to yesterday's offer to restore the public communication channel who would discuss practical affairs
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regarding yesterday's all for self and north korea tour. after years of crackdown on the opposition and social media his government says it will release all political prisoners and also says it will close its notorious michael i would prison and turn it into a museum charges will be tropper off for the prisoners under prosecution and pardons to all of those who are already convicted in serving sentences protesters and rights groups had been calling for their release accusing the government of arresting them on trumped up charges. norway is banning weapons exports to the united arab emirates over its participation in the war in yemen the member of the saudi like coalition fighting hit the rebels in the country the coalition as imposed a blockade on yemen leading to widespread food shortages and also a major health crisis the united nations estimates more than five thousand civilians have been killed since the conflict began back in two thousand and fifteen. those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera the stream is
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next and then more news to come. with every. hi i'm molly could be and here in the stream are you living in a political filter bubble well there are quite a few apps for that but how much can technology do to get us out of our echo chambers. i'm dating in the us i'm an engineer at google and i'm in st. a slew of new.


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