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incredibly. between criminal busts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominated director we're doing an investigation in. ukraine did you pay bribes in corrupt. corrupt did just the president say al-jazeera investigation is the only guy this time. this is al jazeera. the one from the city of fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha on the mall santa maria welcome to the news great jerusalem is off the table and to the palestinians maybe donald trump has further inflame tensions in the middle east with his latest diplomacy by twista well of reaction
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from around the world and the united nations a group which has looked at the palestinian refugees the decades also on the great another small step in relations between north and south korea for the first time in two years north korea has reopened communication inside the demilitarized zone which separates the and there are now government talks planned for next week and off the six days of anti-government protests in iran the government support has come out in the thousands to condemn the violence that has wrestled with twenty people dead. trains taxis and universities are at a standstill in parts of india as its lowest cast the ballots and demonstrate against violence we have reaction from the protesters and from those fresh treated by the boom in traffic harding connected us with a hash tag. you're with the news on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com. and for the third day running we have seen another blow to
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whatever's left of the middle east peace process this time it is a threat from u.s. president donald trump to cut aid to the palestinian authority which has been roundly condemned by the group trump also says jerusalem is off the negotiation table remember last month he recognized tourism as israel's capital and announced plans to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv for palestinians jerusalem is something which needs to be part of any negotiations as they want occupied east jerusalem as the capital of a future state now as a so often the case this latest decision got its first airing on social media here it is. it's actually it's not any pakistan we're going to pakistan later as well it's not only pakistan we pay billions of dollars to for nothing but also many other countries as an example we pay the palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars a year and get no appreciation respect they don't even want to negotiate a long overdue peace treaty with israel we've taken jerusalem the toughest part of the negotiation off the table but israel for that we've had to pay more but with
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the palestinians no longer willing to talk peace why should we make any of these massive future payments to them a couple big tweet there from donald trump ok so we can start with a reaction to that from both sides in a moment she hunted b. who is israel's minister of regional cooperation first though one assuredly from the palestinian liberation organization. i would say that palestinian diets are not for sale and we will not succumb to the acme that imperatives and the climate for peace and unilaterally president campaigns this story done it has a very sabotaged out assets at that evening and just peace and getting freedom and dignity for the palestinian people by that good nice thing occupy jerusalem as the capital of israel he has not done it disqualified himself as a piece of real courage only mediated by taking sides and by becoming complicit in this is occupation he has a job so don't give me some but there is yes totally this story developing
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foundations are feast is it in trump is absolutely right it is impossible to wait and wait and wait for so many years for the policy views to go forward and renewed the negotiation they left the room in april fourteenth and for four years almost they are reluctant to negotiate with israel and they should not be given so much money from the american taxpayer without no understanding that it's time for them to get from the mighty come to their senses and go shared with israel and then on top of this washington is threatening to cut off funding to you in our way that is that is the united nations agency which helps palestinian refugees i've got a website here just to give you an idea of what they do as they show you how they work in all these different countries where there are palestinian refugees and that amounts to five point two million registered refugees across fifty eight camps are the us gave them three hundred seventy million dollars back in twenty sixteen and
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that accounts for thirty percent of us funding let's see what the reaction is on our ground the reality on the ground with malcolm webb he is at a u.n. food distribution plant for palestinian refugees in gaza. these people are queuing to get food and other kinds of support from the u.n. the u.n. supports more than five million palestinian refugees some hearing gaza some in the occupied west bank and some in other countries around the region and the u.s. is the biggest donor funding this program the refugees of people who fled were forced from their homes by the israeli army in the wars in one thousand nine hundred forty eight and nine hundred sixty seven and their descendants economies down here in gaza people desperately need jobs and thousands of people here depend on this support to be able to get by with a can with if trump is going to cut off the aid of course it will affect us how are
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people supposed to get flour or cooking oil what will we eat or drink. these plastic sheets are given to people is one of the forms of assistance that the u.n. provides many of the refugees live in very basic accommodation in the plastic sheet can help prevent the rain coming in through the roof during the winter if the u.s. was to cut its funding and if no other donor came in to make up the shortfall for these people it would make a hard life even harder. in london for us now is christopher gunness spokesperson and director of advocacy and strategic communications nice to talk to you i mean it's one thing that you have donald trump gets political about jerusalem and the like and talks about funding to the palestinian authority but funding to earner is a completely different thing and will only everyday people. allow me to begin by saying that we have had no indications whatsoever from the american
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administration that it intends to cut funding form for under or indeed the u.s. has been one of our most generous is our single largest donor and our longest supporting one of our longest supporting donors and as i say we've had no indications whatsoever that the funding is going to be cut under a from the u.s. ok but there is a suggestion that is and i know that in the past israel has previously said that should be disbanded because it's believed to be in favor too much in favor of the palestinians as it were i mean these types of things must make your job and the job done are quite difficult. well indeed there's a lot of uncertainty in this very turbulent region and we must do everything we can and under is widely recognized in its humanitarian work to bring a sense of calm and indeed in two thousand and fifteen when we came close to suspending our services that sent shock waves through the refugee community five
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point two million people who are dependent. on under as first responders in times of war as we heard from our correspondent there in gaza we give out food aid a million people receive our food aid in gaza but also in terms of human development we educate five hundred thousand children over seven hundred schools around the region and let's be clear two hundred seventy thousand of those are in gaza doctors do nine million patient visits a year so our contribution to the dignity and the human capital of the middle east is widely recognized and we must do everything we can and we will work with our top donors to do that our top ten donors including the us give us over eighty percent of our funds and we will continue to work with them to make sure that we can deliver services as i've said there is enough uncertainty confronting the lives and the dignity of the refugees we serve you rightly point out that the united states is the biggest donated to earner and has been
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a huge supporter of the group. well i was going to up until this point but continue to be at this point i view happy though that it is given in the right in the right manner i guess that the united states is not trying to use it as well as other countries may to keep a lid on the situation in the palestinian territories to say look we are giving you money when you know where we're good people we're helping you out here just trying to keep we're using it for political means i guess. well certainly i am not going to sit here on al-jazeera and accuse our largest donor of using aid to some kind of political weapon as far as under is concerned and as far as the refugees we serve are concerned this is money which gives lifesaving services in terms of our emergency provisions and provide longer term human development and that remains the prime objective as far as under a nonpolitical humanitarian organization is concerned and that's why i say we remain grateful and let me stress again we have had no indications whatsoever from
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the american administration that they intend to cut money and we are making no contingency plans based on those assumptions we have no intention of cutting services as things stand christopher gunness from joining us from london thank you for that just something to remember before we move on in this refers to usaid in general this here a snapshot of the first budget released by this u.s. administration back in may of last year and these gray lines are all the budget cuts and you can see clearly at the top the one which gets the biggest cuts almost thirty percent is usaid it is well ahead of agriculture which is about twenty percent and down here in orange you see the things veterans affairs one and security defense the types of things we've got increases but right at the top of those cuts twenty nine point one percent was eight and as if to hammer home the point the united states is also vowed to withhold a quarter of a billion dollars of aid to pakistan that announcement follows
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a series of tweets by president donald trump that accused pakistan of harboring terrorists and of not showing any appreciation for u.s. funding roselyn jordan has more from washington. the u.s. president doll trump used his first tweet of two thousand and eighteen to attack the pakistani government accuse the pakistanis of not doing enough to crack down on groups such as the hunt khan the network or the talabani say that these groups are destabilizing not just pockets but also afghanistan to the west on tuesday the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley made it plain that the u.s. president simply wasn't tweeting eldred her in her words nikki haley said there are real concerns with what is law is doing to fight but the u.s. calls terrorism pakistan had played a double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbor and to
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cherish that attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration we expect far more cooperation from pakistan in the fight against terrorism in addition the state department spokesperson heather nauert told reporters on tuesday that pakistan knows what it needs to do in order to make the region safer and she said without going into too many details that it definitely means trying to crack down on these groups that are destabilizing the region and she said that islamic bonds complaints simply aren't going anywhere. for its part pakistan rejects the u.s. allegations its envoy to the united nations told al-jazeera we have contributed and sacrificed the most in fighting international terrorism and carried out the largest counterterrorism operation anywhere in the world's u.s. spokespersons should not shift the blame for their own mistakes and failures on to others pakistan's cooperation is not based on any consideration of aid but on our
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national interests and principles the thoughts now of just policy analyst on pakistan and professor of international relations at the university he told us pakistan's leaders shouldn't be surprised by the u.s. announcement. the americans are not asking about the hospice practically they are asking about the how can the network which buxton is denying that it did karli network i mean there from the taliban fighting all good that it does not possess any shift have been in pakistan because since yesterday or before yesterday if you see pakistan has once again to be created is that there is no see if i haven't thought of. anyone in pakistan let me have submitted that since one the buck standard americans perception on the modernity is on of on it's done have been. americans have been alleging they were asking about. this fifty dollars you can see
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it starts things you have to not forget here not only of the start of our current debt of because if you call it the alignment in the international falls things and pakistan is drifting towards euro ition alliances like china and that is not acceptable to the american if you recall who told the same to national security strategy which was released by the trump institution on the edge of december two thousand same thing that indicates ballast that indicated. as appeared all skewed to compute it a bit as boxed on is against trenton i think that since one year pakistan has been preparing to respond or to bid this kind of a burden that's why you started you see public uproar it is one type but on the other side of the government the armed forces are under pressure because no one is here the opposition to go home it is designed to appease america just a couple of months ago i interviewed pakistan's interior minister. talked to al jazeera already at that stage donald trump had been talking about his belief that
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pakistan get safe havens to terrorists and this interview you can hear mystic nonsense months where he says a country that has paid such a heavy price can never be friends with any terror groups that is in the top twelve to zero which is in the show section and down to zero dot com. ok so get in touch with us and fact that it was going to go on screen i'm going to read you a few of your comments because a lot of people had a lot to say he says looking for it on his computer about the situation at least the funding for the palestinians david says the world should cut ties with america until it decides to act like a reasonable nation and not a childish bully denise's no country should accept any aid they will see how much better their countries will be he is imposing sanctions on himself by not being diplomatic and also just to further we will see chatting with chris gunness from there he said he had not had any word from the united states himself about this but there are reports certainly nikki haley the u.n.
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representative the united states represented to the u.n. did answer a reporter's question about funding for in which she said the president would not be willing to finance the palestinians any further until they came back to the negotiation table. so let's move on north korea now for the first time in almost two years north korea has reopened communication inside the demilitarized zone with the south and this happened the head of the talks between the two governments next week but amid the hopes of improving relations on the korean peninsula the u.s. remains skeptical that the north is trying to drive a wedge between seoul and washington the details now with in its mouth this is the only official means of communication between north korea and south korea but for almost two years the north koreans have refused to answer the phone until wednesday when they placed a call to the south. kim jong un has given an order to reopen the hotline between the north and the south to contact south korea regarding our right time for
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talks and sending a delegation to the kyung chang winter olympics. the decision was welcomed in seoul a day after the government there proposed high level talks amid a tense standoff over north korea's missile and nuclear programs but the u.s. government wasn't impressed. we won't take any of the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea we consider this to be a very reckless regime we don't think we need a band-aid we don't think we need to take a picture we think that we need to have them start nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now. in his new year's speech kim jong un warned the u.s. he had a nuclear button on his desk and that that prompted donald trump to continue his apparent mockery of a president he's nicknamed little rocket man in a tweet the u.s. president wrote i too have a nuclear button but it's a much bigger and more powerful woman his and my book works north korea has been punished with unprecedented sanctions by the un over its weapons programs the u.s.
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has warned of more measures if young young conducts another missile test. but it's meant. and you know it is worth remembering even though we are seeing positive developments we are not in a particularly conducive period for reconciliation if you look at the scene for a graphic of got here from al jazeera dot com this is all the nuclear tests and missile launches with north korea has ever conducted and it is clear to say over here the most have come during kim jong un's that run i'll just remove that he had this last line which you see is the year in which donald trump has been president and we've had a bunch of these yellow ones here intermediary tree range missiles medium range missiles and green these two brown dots here represent the intercontinental ballistic missile test the ones that could conceivably reach the u.s. and then orange at the top here you've got the nuclear test as well so just a bit of perspective ideas context perhaps and so that him and graham on webb who
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is a research fellow at the institute for defense and strategic studies in singapore told us expectations for any positive outcome should not be high. i think there's a lot of hope and the the new found hope is a warranted one because we have had a very difficult year in twenty seventy with you know regulus not being from the north koreans of any offering of figleaves olive branches sorry towards the other side and now we've seen a letting up and so things have happened very quickly and clearly boresight are trying to capitalize on europe on the opportunity to try and set up the best possible stage in order for them to talk to each other i think we need to have a very modest expectation or what's in store for the upcoming dialogue next week is going to be very focused very narrow and very mediocre so to speak centered around north korea's intention to send an athletic delegation to the twenty eighteen
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winter games in february and i think that is a modest yet low hanging fruit that both sides should true on right now if they can get that right i'm quite certain that they can get the bigger things right along the way so this is really a moment to sort of secure this foothold talking to each other agreeing on something and getting something tangible done which is has dividends on and on cultural on a cultural and social level between will science. now what have you noticed in all of our first three stories tonight yes it is don't trump and twitter we know he's prolific at the best of times but in the past forty eight hours he's been particularly active to the point where u.s. foreign policy is pretty much being played out in two hundred eighty characters or few it the hunting festival hello nice to see you. what have you done
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diving into the found i should say diving into the trump card as far as foreign policy has wall to for starters i was his with what he said about north korea is not the first of this foreign policy twitter talk we've seen hash tag weapons in korea among the top trends in the u.s. at the moment after donald trump tweeted what we just saw on bernard smith's package with the nuclear button being bigger and more powerful than that of north korea's now online people are making fun of the tweet with the hash tag nuclear button others are using the hash tag to say what trump is doing is dangerous we had one person tweet saying that we should report his tweet as quote abusive or harmful that's a setting on twitter and also to say that it's threatening violence or physical harm now just after trump posted that tweet an activist group went after twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey wife well they're demanding that twitter remove donald trump from the platform the group projected jack is complicit on the side of twitter's headquarters in san francisco as a dig against the c.e.o.
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for not stopping trump online victor here though he rebuttal then he said shut down trump's twitter account why americans need to know how unbalanced trump really is now tweeting about foreign policy is nothing new as i said for president trump sometimes called the tweeter in chief his tweets have covered multiple global conflicts that have spanned across many countries we use a tool here on news grid called trump twitter archive where you can put in a keyword and see how many times he's used it since he's become president and since he's come into office so we compared some of. his top foreign policy tweets with other stories now when it came to north korea he mentioned that in eighty one tweets he said nuclear eighty four times he mentioned the israeli palestinian conflict here ten times or ron to seventy and in for the gold here china he talked about it how many times four hundred fifty six just to give you some perspective now george lakoff he's an author and
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a former professor at the university of california in berkeley and he came up with this map showing how trump tweets he says that trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle they mostly fall into one of these four categories he says starting with preemptive framing he says that trump likes to be the first to frame an idea he likes to virt attention from real issues attack the messenger change the direction and the fourth concept he calls it the trial balloon which is to test public reaction the example here he gives ironically is to test public reaction to nuclear arms escalation by posting about it on line now we want to know what you think do you think that this is that the next step in the next way to do foreign policy or do you think it's just too transparent we want to hear from you as always you can get in touch with me directly. or use our hash tag a jane is good thanks lee and if you're on facebook live right now what do you send us and questions immediately because we're going to talk more about this joining us
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from lancaster in the u.k. is richard johnson he's a lecturer in u.s. politics and international relations at lancaster university richard i have one part of me heights the fact that we have these discussions that we're talking about tweets and talking about donald trump's tweets all the time how with us if you look at just the last twenty four forty eight hours over the last two years if you want to put it that way what we are seeing the way it's being played out is like nothing we've ever seen before. well that's right and i think when we read trump's tweets we have to remember one of his key audiences is he's speaking to his supporters in the language of his supporters and we can't lose sight of that and so i think sometimes useful actually to try and consume some of the more sympathetic trump press and see how these tweets are being interpreted in those outlets and one of the things that they have been saying is that this is a sign that trump is you know is a breath of fresh air he is
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a transaction or person he's a businessman and money talks and so when we think of it in that sort of framing what trump is doing makes a little more sense from the sort of political perspective of what he what he's tweeting about it but how do we take it as gospel that he tweets as he has in the last couple of days about cutting aid to pakistan cutting aid to the palestinian authority taking jerusalem of the table do we take that as definitive u.s. foreign policy. well i think that you have to and you have to examine each one a case by case basis of pakistan for several months now the state department has being issuing on their displeasure with pakistan vice president went to afghanistan last month and suggested that the harder line would be taken against pakistan in the summer there was
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a. defend defense reimbursements will help out from pakistan and so in that sense it's although the tone in the form might seem alarming to us and it's strange and different and it is different that there is there has been some groundwork that's been paved by others in the administration before these pronouncements come out or maybe all of this this may follow up on some things you've already said but maybe all he's saying in public now is the type of stuff that was previously said in private or previously said in a back channel negotiations on foreign policy maybe this is actually reality and it's just he is the guy who says it. well i think what's happened is that the the sort of mores of the diplomacy are out the window when it comes to president trump and some of the niceties of language that we would normally associate from the kind of
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a statesman perspective our goal but there is certainly trump is expressing this this this pleasure that. administration officials have been trying to communicate perhaps through back channels a year with the pakistan example reports are that the administration was unhappy that the united states was unable to interrogate members the county network had been involved in the kidnapping of that u.s. canadian couple in efforts to find another u.s. citizen who's currently missing in pakistan and so these are some sense trump is you know he's putting a political stamp on something you know that's that's in the in the diplomatic fear has been bubbling away for some time now richard johnson talking at real down. from lancaster thank you so much for that believe it or not there is news elsewhere in the world doesn't involve donald trump and we'll go to sara in london for more of that. thank you start in ethiopia where in
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a surprise move the country's leader has announced plans to drop charges against political prisoners and close a notorious prison camp the prime minister haile mariam but they said lena says the move is intended to foster national reconciliation it comes after months of anti-government protests in a romania and in the tory a small collage prison will now be turned into a museum and charges will be dropped for all political prisoners on the prosecution with pardons issued to those already serving sentences left analysts at them a guy who welcomed the move but says it could be some time before it's fully implemented. the government of ideas money and decided the prime minister of egypt realizes that it should be going to continue to be a cousteau political country and that it has to stop the political dialogue
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in order to avoid really being sidelined by the international community secondly it is a complete that he's. not showing off real growth rate economically it is just enough that i mean this you got what was a double digit growth rate and if you want to continue ruling in are talking foreign investors and their what are you going into it from going to the world it has to somehow open this under democratic front the people who need to be read kahn and look at this as maybe and what do you do but not something that would be liberation of your child for mission of the country. norway is suspending weapons exports to the united arab emirates over the latter's participation in the war in yemen norway's foreign minister says they don't have evidence that the weapons exports are being used in the conflict but they are gravely concerned about the humanitarian crisis the u.a.e. is a key member of the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in the country the
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coalition has imposed a blockade on yemen leading to widespread food shortages and a major health crisis. a suicide bomber has killed eleven people at a mosque in northeast nigeria it happened during dawn prayers in gambado in borno state which is at the center of the conflict with boko haram on tuesday the group's leader released a video claiming responsibility for a series of recent attacks in the area. border checks within the europe's passport free schenkkan zone continue that's the spy temporary exemptions granted during the peak of the refugee crisis having come to an end for research reports now from one of the continent's busiest checkpoints on the sweden denmark border. from an open border for refugees to a closed border for anyone not carrying a passport or a swedish identity card sweden's policy on opening its gates to asylum seekers
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during the crisis of twenty fifteen is long gone. but police checks on the train from denmark don't seem to be going anywhere soon the bridge between copenhagen. was the main entry point for more than a hundred and sixty thousand people who applied for asylum in sweden in twenty fifteen that flow has now dried up on the law allowing restrictions has expired but sweden is one of the countries citing security as a reason for the controls to continue. the closure of the balkan routes has led to a huge drop in the number of refugees arriving in europe yet sweden france germany austria norway and denmark have all continued to impose controls on that front is. those restrictions legally expired on november the twelfth on the article twenty nine of the schengen borders code but article twenty five allows the countries to
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extend them for six months if they claim serious threats to public order or internal security. gains and swedes had previously been encouraged to see a newly branded aris and region as a place in which they could freely commute between the countries they say the increases in their journey times are unjustified this is mainly. for show internal swedish politics they're worried citizens are worried here in sweden about the mass influx of immigrants and trying to show that they're doing something and reality this nothing happens here this is. yeah almost a circus a waste. time journeys of thousands of kilometers from the middle east and africa have finally ended here in recent is the question of whether free movement in the schengen zone can ever begin again is still in the whole race al-jazeera.
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we're going to have all of these news for you from sixteen g.m.t. now though let's go back to come out barbara thank you for that context eight thousand screen for you now i had plenty of comments three on the situation with the u.s. funding towards or the palestinian authority and just read this one from elizabeth on facebook life is it how can one world leader dictate what is on or off the negotiating table for another country that's referring of course to donald trump saying that jerusalem he has taken jerusalem off the table i think elizabeth just highlights how strong the relationship is which we know of course between the u.s. and israel what that number is plus nine seven four five or one triple one four nine the hashtag is a.j. newsgroup be it on twitter or facebook this is the news good if you watching us on facebook live hello we're about to show you how rubbish from one of ghana's largest electronic waste dumps has been turned into small talk to pieces and then speaking out to the biggest collection of michelangelo's drawings ever assembled is going on
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display in new york more than two hundred works including his first ever painting in a sacred through in just a moment. how the weather looks loss if i don't try across a good part of the middle east over the next couple days no great surprises there but for the eastern side of the mediterranean it does look rather disturbed i say richter out a rolling across cypress across turkey will produce some very heavy rain here over the next few days and it doesn't look too pleasant at all particularly for you've been in the refugee camps here whether they're right across syria lebanon jordan right the way down into israel by reading around sixteen celsius over the next couple days that rain really setting in for friday as well so you can see many areas seeing some very heavy downpours jerusalem will struggle to get to around nine degrees by that stage elsewhere it's generally try and find some pleasant
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sunshine coming through that set in the case across the reagan peninsula twenty two celsius here in downtown thursday so down a little on race about his past about a top twenty four by the time we come to friday and you can see pretty much the case of wall to wall sunshine more case of wall to wall rain making its way into northern parts of madagascar over the next day or two we have this tropical system coming in that will bring some very heavy downpours into northern areas of madagascar hissing a little further south which is we go on through thursday on into friday so the potential for right but for much of southern africa it is fine and dry.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. in russia many cuddy's migrant black. greys a. global trend. labor force left. people in power investigate.
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the be. the. bad one another they were dealt and what's trending what's driving the protests in iran that was a an opinion piece i pointed you to. we're going to be discussing more about that in just a moment as well just suppose that's come up a number to be at lourdes seaman singer who's now become a target of bullying after dropping her charges in israel feel that story had gone away and still trending this is what city you are reading the state out of.
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the six days of anti-government protests the government supporters in iran are out rallying across the country in their thousands of gathered in several cities to condemn the unrest in which at least twenty two people have been killed matheson has the latest. on a rainy and state t.v. pictures of government supporters filling city streets condemning protests and deaths during the day and i think it's basically people who are believing that what so what's happening is against that he jeem and they want to support the regime by saying this is a revolutionary dream and we are in favor of it. the t.v. pictures of these days pro-government rallies are a contrast to coverage of demonstrations against iran's leadership which began last thursday. the government has shut down some social media platforms.
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but pictures have been posted showing damaged cars burning buildings and chanting crowds. protests about unemployment and iran's economy which has been struggling after years of sanctions have grown to include demands for greater freedoms hundreds of people have been arrested the u.s. is demanding an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council if the arrangement dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the u.n. must speak out. president donald trump has sided with the anti-government protesters he's tweeted the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets the people have little food big inflation and no human rights the u.s.
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is watching iran's foreign minister has tweeted back saying iran's security instability depends on its own people who unlike the peoples of trump's regional b f f's are best friends forever have the right to vote and to protest. more pro-government rallies are expected but there have also been calls for more demonstrations against the government it's not clear if both sides will be on the same street at the same time matheson al-jazeera so we talked a lot about the protests in the last few days the anti-government ones now the government supporters coming out again but we want to get more into the background of it talked a lot about why the protests are happening and a lot of it has to do with people on happy at the government over the economy and jobs so let's talk to java. who is a professor of economics at virginia tech in cambridge massachusetts joining us via skype thank you for your time is it as simple as saying that these protests in
6:41 pm
particular sparked from people unhappy at unemployment unhappy about the economy is it as black and white as that. well to a large extent economic issues of played a role i think if you're looking for economic despair nations of our people aren't happy you would have several candidates you know there's been this unemployment of young people for many many years is not a new thing and then there has been this new. change in policy from going from populism in asia and even if in previous governments to rowhani rather harsh wallaces of trying to get inflation down trying to get resources to production and attract foreign investment those haven't paid off yet so i would say there are enough reasons on the economic around to understand why people are so on tap and see the sanctions which were lifted by the west that was supposed to improve things
6:42 pm
now i know that's a very general statement i'm making but is it a fact that or is it the fact that sanctions were lifted foreign investment starts to come in but that doesn't trickle down or takes a long time to trickle down to the everyday person on the street. exactly the kind of sanctions that were removed have already helped iranian producers export more but they are also opened up the spigots for more imports to come from outside and so there is now it kind of an unfair advantage when you get a lot of oil money your currency is there rather expensive you know dollar is cheap so imported goods are cheap and longer producers have a difficult time never fighting that are competing so there are these two things are happening think it's partly to iran and to to blame for that and think he probably spent too much energy trying to get that trade to flock foreign investment is very difficult to get specially when the united states is threatening to punish
6:43 pm
those who invest in iraq in various ways you know iran is not such a good place upon investors to begin with because this economy is not run very well its banking system is in a deep crisis but when you add to that the threats of unilateral sanctions or penalties from the united states then there are a lot of smaller investors who might have gone to smaller cities. they they're scared are you not totalis not scared of this an energy company energy does not create jobs and it's kind of offshore so that's the kind of investment iran has been able to attract but not the kind that was set up shop in smaller cities so where is our grasp is now highest so then what to do obviously something has to be done about the protests to make sure they don't get any worse and more people don't die but the underlying issues what would be the first things you would tackle with regards to the economy you're talking about the banking system and the like there.
6:44 pm
yes well it's a bit too late now out at ronny has been in power for four and have years and he hasn't made much progress with the banking crisis you have to realize that the banking system is actually very closely tied to this unrest because it was these bank failures or rather smaller savings alone association failures that created almost weekly protests in all smaller cities you know in new trouble and my whole town i have business people go in front of the bank you know maybe a couple hundred of them chanting various slogans and recently the government has been coming up b. to build more of this populist. in the past you're saying we're going to pay people who lost money in this ventures but has been a serious source of resentment what i would do one of the things i would seriously rep rick and consider is undoing the budget of the government just unveiled three weeks ago and it was debated public. very much in the social media one of the
6:45 pm
things is budget it was to slash money for cash transfers now it's a lot of the public has never been a good job creating enterprise but he has been very decent in terms of taking care of the pork is a populist government and what group did is badmouths a magnet arts cash transfer program which was in lieu of our rising energy prices right so this not three weeks ago he comes and says we're going to raise gasoline prices by fifty percent and we're going to cut it down to cash transfers you know low and behold people get very upset they're alright java it's funny it's really interesting talking to you getting to the root of some of those problems in iran thank you you thank. even if you don't know much about art you probably know the name michelangelo his works at the grounds of modern western arts with many referring to him to him as the divine one and more than two hundred of
6:46 pm
michelangelo's works are now on display at the met museum in new york showing the role his drawing played in the development of his painting and sculpture underwent to have a look. art lovers examining the work of a legend a new michael angelo exhibit at the metropolitan museum of art in new york brings together one of the largest collections of the lesser known works of the man considered one of the most influential figures of western art there is this piece called the torment of saint anthony believed to be michael angelo's first painting it was completed in fourteen eighty seven when he was only twelve or thirteen years old but it's still a regional pencil on paper works that are the real draw when he draws serious forceful yes espresso he said marble sculptor is so he uses the chalk especially with great force on the paper almost carving on the paper as if it were
6:47 pm
marble although he considered himself primarily a sculptor michelangelo was also called the divine draftsman and designer at this exhibit there are one hundred thirty three of his drawings many of which almost never go on public display because they are so rare and fragile four hundred fifty years after his death his drawings are often an overlooked part of the artist's work it took the metropolitan museum of art eight years to collect all of the michelangelo pieces that are on display here they mostly come from over fifty different art institutions and private collections such as those from queen elizabeth and even the vatican an exhibition of this magnitude in importance is a global activity and the man has the resources the commitment the scholarship to do it and it's part of our mission it's part of our responsibility to serve the world in that way and a chance for visitors to look closely at the drawings in the sketch books of one of the world's greatest artists to get
6:48 pm
a better sense where his ideas originated gabriels on to al-jazeera new york. let's go off the grid now where he's taking us we're going to go to india one of india's lower castes the delegates there protesting and mumbai against what they say is constant violence against them the delic community in mumbai called for a state strike and peaceful protests after one of its members was killed in a nearby city ballots were celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of a battle they won against an upper caste ruler when they were disrupted by right wing hindu groups and things then turned violent with protesters throwing stones and burning trash traffic and rail services have since been halted and some schools and shops are even closed down protesters want an end to attacks but many citizens are not happy about the destructions said news i mean we learned anything from our history. but it is basically so although i didn't write it was.
6:49 pm
the list without first doing those things and going to a place and who did i mean to fight against upper crust. division still exists they are learning and. that's just a basic thing what we get to see from just to ration to begin to tears and this is wrong and it should not happen it should be protests if there is an issue but that should be done peacefully disrupting life like these vandalizing property buses and other vehicles does not help nothing to be gained out of it. there are around two hundred million ballots in india they're also known as the untouchables they suffer social discrimination mostly by upper caste groups the commotion was also reflected on social media online thousands commented on the situation room horace roy here he says that caste system exists and that dollars are not safe in this country anymore if this is the track we are moving forward delegates will never get equal rights
6:50 pm
and one of the most popular tweets says that in the streets towns or states of india dollars are not respected or recognized their only fully considered indian when they leave the country however a lot of people were not happy about the protests this user asks if bens or strikes are illegal why can't the protestors be arrested he says that there instilling fear among common people and then you have diarrhea here he says that he is he's one of many people in mumbai who is boycotting the strike he says i don't want my city to suffer because of a handful of caste obsessed people who have no work we have a nation to run now if you're in india we would love to hear from you especially if this strike is impacting you no matter which side of it you land on you can always get in touch with us with our hash tag thank you just a quick comment before we hit the break from franco in western australia who just this is just on donald trump he said by now we must accept twitter is the key
6:51 pm
communications tool understand his narrative this will continue to be exits the position it's not surprising we just need to enjoy it as it won't be repeated thank you for your current franco your comments your questions the hashtag a.j. news still ahead on the news good once again for on facebook blood use the money the color blind teenager got the gift of a lifetime and then in sports africa's footballer of the year is about to be decided on for the first time it's not just a judging panel but will be involved. thank you. thank you.
6:52 pm
hank. welcome back to children sport with football yes indeed thank you come all it's one
6:53 pm
of the most prestigious football awards in the world who will become african footballer of the year we'll have the answer on thursday and why last year's winner to riyadh marez of algeria didn't make the final three let's see who did twenty fifteen winner gabon's pierre emerick boming i made the cut he was the leading african score in europe's top leagues and twenty seventeen with twenty eight when display a goals saudi on monay of liverpool is trying to become only the second senegalese player to win it he helped his country reach next year's world cup in russia the third finalist mohamed salah also played a part in egypt making the spectacle for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety in bag for legals last year and was also named arab player of the year for the first time the public will help decide the winner of the awards let's take a look at the most popular player on social media will here's the twitter account of mohamed salah he's got
6:54 pm
a three point eight million followers check out his instagram page six point seven million followers his latest post with the caption can't really complain about a great twenty seventeen but very much looking forward to twenty eighteen that. that being getting over five hundred thousand likes saudia mani's instagram account has one point one million followers and with p.r. emerick about my anger to a non-existent on social media mohamed salah is clearly the most popular lot of people anticipating that this will be most solids year dave tweeted sell as expected will be crowned the caf football african footballer of the year on thursday it caps off a remarkable season for the egyptian ball it's got more on this from football journalist gary else he's live for us from ghana where the awards will take place and gary how much of a factor will this public vote and social media play in picking
6:55 pm
a winner. the thing about. specially when egyptians are concerned is that there's a running joke that isn't really a joke if you could anything in social media involving any gyptian he's going to win from the get go one popular web site in the world for both. the actually still running polls full moon of the month and for play of the month somewhere in october because. any time they put it in some hour and so that's a good i mean he doesn't want to be busy every company which is booted exclusively by foreigners and i'm told by inside is it wasn't even it. is the biggest they have and i see. all the women's awards are also taking place tomorrow tell me about the state of the women's game in africa considering the current champions didn't even play a game in two thousand and seventeen. yes nigeria is a team you're talking about and after winning their african cup of nations they did
6:56 pm
not kick the ball many conspiracy theories as to why this happened some see him punished some of the african in this form of skin form. and generally that's very one nation to be taken better care of but we don't know how true that is however it's in two months of not become because part from the individual teams and flew depending on the generally. perception and a very poor outlook to mess with in africa economy fine teams in this continent on this continent. for two consecutive years and it's a real challenge and you're let me ask you do you think when african players hear. easily. and tell me how seriously are these awards take it is it a big deal in africa oh yes. it's
6:57 pm
a very very big i mean i can't underestimate it's it's actually probably taken more seriously there is something like there. which many people see has been reduced to a contest between the highest. scores in the world especially when messi and. joined their feet about ten years ago. when it comes to quote discussions and prestige on this continent ok gary thank you so much always great to get your thoughts. thank you and who do you think will be the next african football player of the year you can tweet me directly at f underscore is small i'll be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to kemal for a thank you so much so that will do it for this newsgroup to get in touch with us thank you for your comments today as well. twitter look for the call outs you can find the thread with the hash tag
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a live stream is always up and running at facebook dot com slash down to zero when we're on air you can call me crazy what september's plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine thank you for all your comments today even to the person who said it looks like i'm wearing quote unquote. tamara three hundred fifteen hundred you say. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the made us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join
6:59 pm
us on said no evil person this wakes up the over the morning and says i want to call the world in darkness and this is a dialogue that could be was leading to some of the confusion in lima about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old in tommy saud what trains as hard as anyone and then. i feel so good i feel fresh approach the side and decide like this and like that i really love this a dirty like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously to. go with ruler of. the war in egypt to the female allies. in two thousand and
7:00 pm
eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. millions of dollars of aid to the palestinians and says jerusalem is no longer out for negotiation. barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program
7:01 pm
after days of unrest the tens of thousands.


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