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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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in a show of strength against a week eventually government protests united states is for u.n. security council meeting to discuss the growing tensions it's. after more than two years of silence north korea and south korea will reopen direct lines of communication choose days of face to face talks will focus initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the south about officials in seoul say discussions are expected to move on to what they describe as other areas of common interest. the u.n. humanitarian chief says that yemeni could see the worst humanitarian disaster in fifteen years and u.n. has released more funding to try to prevent hundreds of thousands of people dying through famine and three disease. the french president a mental micron has warned his turkish counterpart the that democracies must respect the rule of law during a meeting between the two leaders and a visit to france was resit top to one's first since
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a failed two thousand and sixteen coup and one of only a handful to europe and there's amazing stories for no stay with its full super thirty.
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the homes in northern india beautiful impoverished still overwhelmingly rural. life expectancy is the lowest in india only half the population can read and write. people who flee the hardship of the countryside for opportunity in the capital. but know a city of three million is a magnet for those seeking to escape the limitations of that.
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this is the story of the super. these people are almost all backgrounds what they are is a talent for mathematics today they're sitting the first round of an exam that could change the entire course of their lives. thousand have made their way here from all over bihar only two hundred will go through to the second round they're competing to get into an elite class known as the super thirty its creator is. this report. mcbride. words participate because. he's a mathematician who set up the super thirty to help gifted children who come in from
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poor families. but. here or. all toward get bored but if they're putting their. those who get into soup with the will be coached for another more grueling ordeal the entrance exam for the indian institutes of technology or i i.t. it's india's most prestigious university the applicants for soup with the know that if they do make it to iowa they'll be set up for life. this seven were intended to produce an elite of engineers and technologists today many of the computer science graduates end up as silicon valley software
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millionaires danny i.i. t's head of computer science. the people who. see yours of major corporations banking finance telecom the most important of the tick is the fact that they can handle stress what did you question stands for is essential the very high quality instruction tremendous demands being made on stored and in terms of. product activity competition and deadlines. days are extraordinary everywhere the mit about five thousand students from all over india fifty or sixty candidates compete for each of the coveted places against this and none kumah success rate is amazing in two thousand and six twenty eight of his super thirty got into i.r.t. not many are go in bihar then education is still seen as less important than
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boys. and they are going with it because. fathers who got. really benefited the war in the name of love. problem are you. man. outside the school anxious relatives wait for the three hour exam to finish. at the end of the day four thousand exam papers are collected from marking most of the candidates will say only one in twenty through to the second round. incredibly this stupid exam scripts are taken away.
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by. round two of the entrance exam the super thirty will be chosen from these two hundred candidates. through. a paper. i can but. the general who could that. be in. the subject. has to go through. all. the fuss because. he's. just.
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as brother is the manager of super. competition for the school is so intense that the candidates bring photo i.d.'s impostors have been known to sit the exam. but if you're going to. meet with the. if you will all of you from wonder. if you. put a. stop. when i. could be a problem here. telling
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me. thank you. i have been reading. these did you not. i if you don't do i have feet deep thank you for not doing anything. anon in the indian capital. some of last year and now at. all. that should be read. out of. all the ha. ha.
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so. if you know me i'm pretty dumb or google it. and the reality is i'm going to. be dick. back in what. has almost. status some coaching schools even advertise their students' rankings in the entrance exams and everyone's cashing in except. because the students who make it into super thirty they nothing for their tuition. it's wholly subsidized by other project. school of mathematics. at the.
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five to seven. mathematics or hosmer fund. c b this what i'm talking america here on the unit though but. i'm going to get. all that it's going to do it from i know it's a. demand is high and the classes are huge seven hundred or more yet unknown so are nuns an unwelcome competitor for some of the other schools. of course. but the. fact that. it's clearly. clear that there are.
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some kids there but. for. all he ever had look up the harder it is other obviously. it's going to fall going to go scott. guthrie or. unknown kumar has received so many death threats that these days he never goes anywhere without his bodyguards. such is the reality of life in bihar. the village of deal cali two hours drive from but now even today the harsh countryside is home to nine tenths of its people. saying has lived here all his life mark on her margin it is
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a pilot he said i'm going out about as i behave as a dear gentleman. or him again later so. but. you get up with abo heard about her son is in the till but at the back the whole. the family is divided such as here with his mother his wife lives mostly in her own village her family's better off. often struggles to survive but is to think i'm here to work out a car you have one hundred thousand one hundred that i had i had a. party. so i cut them out of the. can have been about milliken and made. quite elegant how
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about they don't have to find out how to get here and i got out the board. but said younger circumstances could soon improve his hopes are invested in his son look he's been studying in patna and has just been accepted for super thirty. so i think in. part that. was coming near zero. both of us advanced. something. like most village children and look spent his entire life speaking hindi since moving to but now he's had to study in english in the radio one s a within the. last minute. he's given needed leaders of iran and iraq of
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a telephone. going you've heard that appears that are here to stay now while they're out here they are gonna similar. but her case. these days only rarely goes home he's rude to the future leads away from the village. a week of each other though because you can start to think. of you look back the way he. may not read other desire to be told. i didn't know him better which was a couple hundred a year make it work but i had to because i'm a huge i mean how you. could tell. that i had them in what i can do and archive
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what their. hindus in bihar still live in a hierarchy of costs many have the jobs traditionally associated with their cost like the dobies or washroom and who do partner's laundry they're among the lowest groups known as the shed yule costs man. and a fringe at this image may up the hour that the commandment. will. put a right to vote he. then years to get people opinion but birth is no longer destiny even in bihar education is often the key this family is still poor but they're on the way up. is the youngest of three sons like our look he's taken on nuns classes and has been accepted for soup with the even so
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it's not easy matter but i'm of the party we are made by teams to tell them about he was. coming with the atomic theory and the name. was but investment where there . was not a member bit unsavory similar possible levels like there. the family had to borrow money even to pay the low fees of the ram a new john school. a year. out of. five. today the students are making their way to the rama new john school those coming from remote villages may have to travel for days joe this is journey it's only across patna but it will take him into a different world. than america thirteen i think yasser.
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arafat and then i like. that i've been there in my career here you know. the rooms are basic but cost the boys nothing this is where joe tish will spend much of the next seven months. like the accommodation food is also free for the super thirty each has two different boxes the typically indian containers in which they'll be given them meals. really the. best. will be. for the. this. year.
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the argument. by. the family that. sushi lim meanwhile has been waitlisted for super thirty she didn't do quite well enough in the second exam. or depressed person it was if there's a. limit here. he will if. she's taking on classes and still hopes to get in if she fails this may be the end of her education. and. love of god young of the proudest ideas continually.
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bihar's a deeply conservative society it isn't easy to change people's attitudes. the kumar brothers also want to help those coming from the shed your casts and will even discriminate in their favor. if. you look with. two separate. phone. as a boy anon was a mathematical protege he was accepted for a ph d.
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at cambridge but couldn't afford to study in england he set up the rama nugent school and then super thirty to give other gifted children a better chance. carrier mathematics me. both he. human region like. my. mom is. that. there is no war to describe the mathematics it is filling. effect of knock you off roofs.
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he did he did he did they did but about them with. just just. today is republic day a major event in india's national. i'll buy on and it's the second most senior police officer in bihar he's on his way to the parade ground here in. every state. but it all. very important to the country which includes what he's meant. to the
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over the border or the other one. was on the top of the. mobile displays show off aspects of life in bihar and. today is also the festival of saraswati the hindu goddess of learning as a teacher ananth kumar has come to pay his respects. was. it's a public holiday so all india's schools are closed except there are new john school where it's a day like any other the parades now over and switched his role as well as his uniform because this top cop spends his free time teaching physics to the super . strengths have to be sustained weaknesses
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have to be identified and string them up by an unjoined the school shortly after it was founded by annan kumar and i want to run a school or. that . he did it. to make. their. own. but. there. makes him responsible for ninety thousand policemen he comes from one of b. hawes best known upper caste families they have
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a long tradition of public service i wanted to give back. and that's the main theme and all my activities hover around bad team. i work so much. that i have no problems about. not having and enough in life. i've had enough i'm sad to say. i could have given back only things which i have. this is the best that i had. a non background is very different he still lives in the rough part of town where he grew up he has a nice house but he's protected by gates a dog and his bodyguards with good reason given the power of the. kidnappings to take place. at times due to janet's reasons
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somewhat peculiar to this region. it does take place it does happen you get. security concerns. on counting the cost of a look at the economic reasons behind the rest in the middle east second largest economy plus a new year a new roles for european finance but that's not all lost the chief global economist at u.b.s. what's his dangerous idea counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera january
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. african heads of states and governments will gather. for the state of the african union where the goals set out say in seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be talk of the agenda. engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january.
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a u.s. requested u.n. security council meeting on recent protests in iran looks set to stop this despite russia's attempt to stop it. at all and acknowledge this is a lie from london also.


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