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trace amounts and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. the un security council the us tells around the world will be watching its response to anti-government protests. and i think this is live from london coming up in the program. they say he's.
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a moron and. the author of a tell all book about donald trump and his fact as it hits the stores early the president says it's for the. first a phone call now the two sides will meet face to face north korea agrees to hold talks with the self. is taking a famous fish market prepares to relocate the final new year. with very expensive. so in new york the united nations security council has held a special session to discuss the recent anti-government protests in iran that have killed more than twenty people the u.s. called a meeting accusing tehran of stifling the voices of its people the u.s. ambassador to the opportunity to issue a warning to the iranian leadership. once again the people of iran are rising up
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they are asking for something that no government can legitimately deny them their human rights and fundamental freedoms they are calling out think of us if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer it the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do well it's because what i'm mike hanna joins us live now from the u.n. might say that was the us who else did we hear from. well we heard from all fifteen members of the security council including the six nations have recently joined and certainly the u.s. did receive some support for its position in particular from the united kingdom its ambassador insisting that the security council had every right to discuss recent events in iran quoting the seldom used part of the united nations charter but there
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were others who were insistent that the matter should not have got to the security council chamber insisting that this was an internal domestic matter the security council should not be empowered to debate such issues among them of course was iran allowed to take part in the discussions at the invitation of the president the iranian ambassador saying that the u.s. had a long history as he put it of attempting to disrupt the process of democratization within iran following such acts of disruption take in these u.s. administration as floating international law and this is spec'd into practice as of civilized behavior in international politics is that ministers in is not the spirit of the ching for that keeps it a flute. there is a long history of u.s. bullying at the u.n. but this is preposterous example well this position
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backed by russia which had been vehemently opposed to the fact of this meeting taking place saying that it was a very dangerous precedent to investigate or look at the domestic affairs of member states adding that it was a precedent that could at some stage be used against the u.s. the country that it actually set it by calling for this particular resolution used in the put up loop of the rule reason for convening today is not to protect human rights or promote the interests of the iranian people but rather a veiled attempt to continue to undermine the iranian nuclear agreement which we consider it an acceptable to intentionally undermine the agreement but mike it wasn't just those who you might expect to differ with the united states and others had the very impatient student. yes there were there were a variety of positions within the security council but that issue about discussing
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the internal domestic affairs of by member states was one that was repeated by a number of the members we heard from equitorial guinea for example ethiopia making the same point and saying that the real danger here is that the unity of the security council itself could be undermined by such discussions and a traditional u.s. allies such as france also taking sides saying very clearly that this was a matter of internal domestic issues that the security council should not be looking at this and intend to in turn focusing its attention the french ambassador on the joint comprehensive plan of action that are a new nuclear deal something that the u.s. has vehemently opposed under president trump so even france are moving away from the u.s. on this particular issue at the end of the discussions perhaps the warning of ethiopia are borne out of it because after this discussion after this debate then
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it would appear that the security going council got up more divided than it was when it set down or my thanks very much indeed that's my kind of reporting from the united nations. publishes of a new and scathing account of donald trump's first year in office have released the book early ignoring a legal challenge from the us president to prevent its publication michael wolff the all through fire and fury inside the trump white house says trump has no credibility the u.s. leader has branded the book as phony and full of lies and estabrook as the story. crowd swarmed this washington bookstore at midnight friday snatching up copies of fire and fury inside the trump white house present the crisis right now i can't take your order of the phone politics and prose opened it ten am within thirty
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minutes eager buyers had nabbed all thirty copies the store had i'm super excited to read this i went to a couple of different bookstores even midnight last night there was another bookstore selling this they sold out in twenty minutes why are you so interested in this book. why would i not be interested in this book it is so salacious and to see . politics die hard and scary to read it at three hundred twenty pages this is a relatively like home but it is filled with explosive material the author michael wolff said he spent eighteen months conducting about two hundred interviews with senior white house staff in one passage wolf says former british prime minister tony blair offered this nugget of information to the president's son in law jared cushion or there was he suggested the possibility that the british had had the trump campaign staff under surveillance blair is denying the claim. another passage describes a potential change in saudi arabia the president was considering before his trip
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last spring to the middle east in the days before his departure he was telling people that the saudis were going to finance an entirely new military presence in the kingdom supplanting and even replacing the u.s. command headquarters in qatar fire and fury wasn't supposed to be released until tuesday but the book's publisher move the date up after attorneys for president trump issued a cease and desist letter threatening legal action in an interview friday morning author michael wolff stood by his book and added this observation the one description that that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child's. and what they mean by that is he has and a need for immediate gratification it's all about him the white house is labeling fire and fury tabloid trash president trump wouldn't answer questions about the book friday afternoon but tweeted i never spoke to him for the book full
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of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist still fire and fury is yet another distraction for a white house that is trying to advance among other things a new immigration plan and a spending plan to avoid a looming government shutdown dian estabrook al-jazeera washington but it's enough for america who's a political analyst and says that the response from the white house to michael's michael's book has been unprecedented not only is there information in the book that the trouble that trump white house doesn't want out there but perhaps they've struck a nerve that the president is willing to go so far and trying to discredit the author discredit the material in the book and again i think this is a very difficult time for this information and for this book to become out particularly when you look at all of the major issues confronting this white house
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and confronting this congress right now after more than two years of silence north korea and south korea ready to reopen direct lines of communication choose days face to face talks will focus initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the self but officials in seoul say discussions are expected to move on to what they describe as of the air is of common interest for as many as this report. in a few days the truce village of panmunjom on the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea will be a hive of activity representatives from the two countries will hold high level talks here for the first time in more than two years earlier this week north korean leader kim jong il dialogue at his address four days later his government agreed to hold talks the announcement came just hours after the u.s. and south korea agreed to postpone and your military drills for the end of february these have long been regarded as provocative by pyongyang. leaders agreed not to
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conduct south korea yes joint drills. and to do their best to ensure the security of the olympics. next week's discussions will center on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics as well as generally improving into korea relations but officials here in south korea are also hoping the negotiations will eventually lead to north korea returning to international talks on its nuclear program even so president cautiously optimistic saying we should refrain from making premature judgement expectation. the japanese defense minister also sounded a lot of caution when. north korea goes through phases of apparent dialogue and provocations but either way north korea is continuing its nuclear and missile development we have no intention of weakening our warning and surveillance. it is
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new year's day speech said north korea would meditate its nuclear weapons program and even called for the mass production of deployment of nuclear warheads and this house. from the conservative perspective in north korea trying to buy time the majority seems to believe the north korea is trying to finalize its technical development to to achieve operational i.c.b.m. so you know as us the cia has announced before they are talking about two three month time in terms of finalizing the i.c.b.m. system and it looks like this is a perfect action on their side you know to buy time. last year north korea test fired three to continental ballistic missiles or i.c.b.m.'s including one that it's capable of reaching the u.s. made any hope the upcoming talks to be the best option for now of deescalate the crisis on the korean peninsula largely al-jazeera so when earlier we spoke to
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before me or sam bacile to south korea that's christopher hill who believes we shouldn't read too much into these latest talks beyond the olympic games. i think it's important to understand there are two sets of negotiations one is the so-called six party process aimed at the security issues the other is so-called peninsula talks aimed at trying to reduce tensions on the peninsula and i think it's especially important for the south koreans right now to engage in these talks after all they have the olympics coming up it has been an enormous investment for south korea both in money terms but also in national prestige so they really want these olympics to go very well and so they see a real opportunity here in the short term whether this can become something for the longer term whether the north koreans would be prepared to for example return to discussions about denuclearization on the korean peninsula i don't really see any signs of it but certainly in the context where we've had zero good news on any aspect of the korean crisis this is i think one ray of hope and so it's quite
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understandable why why they've engaged in this the united nations humanitarian chief says that yemen could become the worst humanitarian disaster in fifty is the war's having a devastating impact in yemen with widespread food shortages and a major cholera outbreak fighting continues in many parts of the country stephanie deca has this. forced to live out in the open these yemeni families of escape the fighting need to border with saudi arabia now they have to bear the elements on the streets of the data they did he reach in now for everyone to see this war has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. i came from we ran for our lives now we sleep on the floor no mattresses or blankets and it is really cold we have no income our children are suffering if any of us fall sick we cannot afford treatment our condition is really terrible and needless to say we are living in fear. this
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war now almost into its third year is all about regional politics and control and the consequence of that has created what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis the situation in yemen today right now to the population of the country looks like the apocalypse we need to scale up our response the cholera outbreak is probably the worst the world has ever seen with a million suspected cases at the end of twenty seventeen this terrible news demick of diptheria a bacterial disease which should be completely preventable by immunization as already affected it out to five hundred people with dozens and dozens of deaths in the last few weeks that is going to spread like wildfire and aid agencies are not able to access the majority of those in need let them xanana we had to skip the war our life has turned upside down and we can't afford a decent meal we're now begging to eat and feed our children were living in the streets on charity. some basic supplies are getting through
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a blanket to keep warm it is winter now and temperatures drop at night in a fire offers that will comfort these people face an uncertain future with no idea when they can go back home what will be left of it once they do stephanie decker al-jazeera. so the head of the program the fight against cholera in the locals pitch in to help the army set up barricades in the capital lusaka. and we travel to one british town to look ahead to how brics it is likely to shape two thousand and eighteen. holloway have warnings in force right across that toria for the pending heat way much of southern australia does look fine and dry further north around the top and in all the piles of queens that would cause. very heavy showers but down into the
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southeast this is where we're going to see some extreme eight over the next day or two adelaide forty one celsius be could touch forty two in melbourne with the winds coming in from the north that break feel the wind coming in really lifting those temperatures on saturday afternoon come sunday it's all changed twenty one celsius noticeably fresh air coming in by that stage in effect the cricket temperatures in sydney at around thirty seven celsius so some glorious sunshine there in sydney twenty six else is the top temperature there for perth getting up to about thirty seven in alice the showers continue across northern parts of australia for some rather disturbed weather to making its way across new zealand this book of cloud bringing some very wet and windy weather in for a time said blustery showers coming through twenty two cells just for today over the next couple of days increasing cloud spilling into southern parts as we go on through sunday meanwhile little bits and pieces of cloud coming into japan over the next couple of days but for many it was they thought it dry tokyo at nine.
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on counting the cost of a look at the economic reasons behind the rest in the middle east second largest economy plus new year new rules for european finance but that's not all when i asked the chief global economist at u.b.s. what's his dangerous idea counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. opportunity to. a very different.
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but again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has told the security council the world will be watching how the iranian government responds to protests special session of the security council was called by washington in response to the death of more than twenty people in government rallies. the author of a controversial book on donald trump says the u.s. president has no credibility he's like a child michael walsh and fury inside the trump white house. despite the president's attempt to hold the case. north and south korea will hold face to face talks for the first time in two years on choose day officially told about next month's winter olympics in the south seoul says discussions are expected to move on to other areas of common. the french president has warned his turkish counterpart the democracies must respect the rule of law during a meeting between the two leaders in paris the visit to france was reza typo to
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one's first since he failed two thousand and sixteen and one of only a handful to europe he was confronted by. dozens human rights protesters were attempting to block his arrival to the palace micron's said recent developments in turkey did not allow any progress on the accession. but turkey is ruled by law europe's always tells us that the judiciary must be independent while in turkey our judiciary is independent they make their own decisions independently. tera just not just happen after the public there are those who support him they water it they prime it they're like gardeners who grow plants they nourish tara. but. i really do believe that we have a challenge which is wonderful all leaders but also all modern democracies democracy must be strong against terrorism because the legitimacy of the state
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means it must protect its citizens but at the same time democracies must respect the rule of law of the united nations has condemned the recent series of death sentences in egypt with twenty people reportedly executed there in the past ten days the human rights office says death sentences should not be used to combat terrorism it also expressed concern that the use of military courts to try civilians was seriously concerned that in all of these cases due process and fair trial guarantees do not appear to be followed as military courts typically deny defendants rights accorded by civilian courts reports also indicated the prisoners who were executed may have been subjected to initial inforced disappearance and torture before being try pakistan has responded angrily to the us is suspension or military assistance to islamabad pakistan foreign minister has told the wall street journal that the white house is not acting like an ally washington has cut millions of dollars worth of aid to the country on tuesday it blames the government for
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failing to take action against taliban fighters targeting u.s. troops in neighboring afghanistan. zambia has launched a major military operation to contain a cholera outbreak that has killed more than fifty people in just over three months the u.n. has lent it support the fighting two million vaccines beds for sixteen hundred people to tour again as more. extreme measures to contain a national health crisis this is a barricade in zambia's capital lusaka street sellers pitching in to help the military close off one of the city's crowded marketplaces that have become a breeding ground for cholera before their own say the rainy season dollars petition that ready to terminate a recovery in season is getting. deeper into a period where there will be crowded waters in several places the government decided to needed discredited air force and get in the military the outbreak began
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at the end of september with bacteria showing up in shallow wells into densely populated areas on the outskirts of restock of the wells were filled in but not before the disease spread to the city more than two thousand people have been infected in just over three months color is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water it preys on the most vulnerable the frail and weak but even the healthy are at risk left untreated it can kill within hours with the backing of the u.n. zambia has launched a color a vaccination campaign set up treatment centers and closed off some public spaces jets gatherings in the at the same time as in areas where the epicenter. of now much bad. and the least as has been provided by our colleagues from the command center and not allowed funeral gatherings and not allowed public
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gatherings and not hold. the ban extends to schools due to resume classes this week and two restaurants where health workers have found contaminated food the government says it's confident the outbreak can be contained within the next few weeks but spreading the message of proper hygiene and sanitation may take longer than that the story goes in the al jazeera zimbabwe's new president has ruled out for me a coalition government with the opposition emmerson men of god who made this statement off to visit seeing the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai who suffering from cattle council has. came to power in november off to force a long time leader robert mugabe the first change of president to more than four decades has led to renewed who have returned to democratic norms. german a right wing politician says he would apologize to the son of former tennis star boris becker for a racist slur on social media was also blaming it on one of his staff members this comes a day off to no becca whose mother is of african-american descent filed
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a criminal complaint against politicians says beck a tweet was written by one of his assistants at the anti immigration alternative for germany party who has since been disciplined. two thousand and eighteen is said to be a critical year in british and european history with the brits it plans jus to be finalised the latest part of looking ahead series saw u.k. correspondent part of the phillips travel to come to bring in england to understand people's attitude to one of britain's most significant and divisive decisions in recent years. on a busy holiday. a town steep to lease history and one which voted in favor of bricks hit by almost exactly the same percentage as the entire u.k. so a good place to find out what people think about rex it and whether to reason they can meet the challenges of twenty eighteen she's tough.
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she just rolled over for. interest. in or didn't expect it to be. true. i can only think. about rex and. i think the economy i think it's embarrassing when you go i think. yeah. just like the people of canterbury the governing conservative party and the opposition labor party are badly divided over breakfast in twenty eighty the realities of what it means will become much more tangible and prime minister to resign may and labor leader jeremy corbett will struggle to hold their parties together. the prime minister faces a dilemma does she choose
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a so-called soft breaks it that keeps britain closely aligned to the e.u. to victimize economic disruption. or does she choose a hard bricks it bore divergence from europe more freedom for britain to make its own decisions but also a risk that it becomes a poorer more isolated country. corbin is seen by his supporters as the prime minister in waiting but he too has dodged the most difficult decisions on bracks it if he wants to lead the country labor's ambiguous some say confused position will have to become much clearer in twenty eighteen. scottish nationalists and their leader nicholas sturgeon had a disappointing twenty seventeen support for independents dropping but if bracks it talks flounder they will sense opportunity. so which way will the political winds blow for the future of the united kingdom and not just its leading politicians
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a crucial part of the phillips al-jazeera pattering movie and whether it matters now on the monster snowstorm gripping eastern parts of the united states is left emergency services scrambling thousands of people are without power flights have been canceled and streets are clogged with the snow it is not just people who are suffering in florida it is so cold iguanas have been falling out of trees this is struggling to warm up enough to move in the city of lake worth people helping out by moving them from roads so they don't get run over. well famous fish market is held its last new year's auction in its historic site the sale of a bluefin tuna fish more than three hundred twenty thousand dollars. market is being relocated as part of the city's redevelopment and that's ahead of the twenty twenty limit games how is more. they get taken allegedly stroll down
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a supermarket aisle this is how competitive shoppers buy. auction house in downtown tokyo is the world's largest fish market where tourists mix with michelin starred chefs hoping to reel in a worthy catch. this shoppers snagged the prize attraction pain over three hundred twenty thousand dollars for a four hundred five kilos premium pacific bluefin tuna this big fish was paraded through the market not an easy task considering where you see equivalent of a grand piano this market has been here for over eighty years and it's expected to close its doors and move to a different site as part the city's redevelopment of the twenty twenty and pick ups some say that's the reason for this year's high prices but there was an air of excitement of the auction and i expect that the fish market will grow livelier as the year goes on although i feel some concern for the markets relocation i'd like to enjoy the moment too. despite the excitement here activist
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a warning bluefin tuna numbers are dwindling there is an international push to have the fish registered as an endangered species the japanese government wants pino regulations on pacific bluefin for fishermen who exceed the sec quota. it's hoped these new international controls will help the bluefin tuna numbers saw to record levels in fifteen years' time and as this take a landmark gets ready to move to a different site two kilometers away on a manmade island the traders here hope their good fortunes continue hannah hawkster algis their. all right let's take a quick look at the top stories here on out is there and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has told the security council the world will be watching how the iranian government responds to protests these special session of the security council was called by washington they responded to the deaths of more
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than twenty people in government rallies where the government counter-demonstrations they were taking place in the streets of iran for the third day in a row. once again the people of iran are rising up they are asking for something that no government can legitimately deny them their human rights and fundamental freedoms they are calling out think of us if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do. the author of a controversial book on donald trump says the u.s. president has no credibility and it's stuff say he's like a child michael wolf's inferi inside the truck white house is going on sale early spike the president's attempts to halt publication it paints a damning picture of government dysfunction that the u.s. administration has branded it as
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a lie. after more than two years of silence north korea and south korea will reopen direct lines of communication choose days face to face talks will focus initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the south officials in seoul say discussions are expected to move on to where the what they described as other areas of common interest. the u.n. humanitarian chief says that yemen could see the worst humanitarian disaster in fifty years un is released more funding to try to prevent hundreds of thousands of people dying through famine and disease the civil war in the country has resulted in ten thousand. french president has warned his turkish counterpart that democracies must respect the rule of law during a meeting between the two leaders in paris visit to france was arrested top of ones first since the failed two thousand and sixteen coup and one of only a handful to europe was confronted by
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a dozen human rights protesters who tried to block is a rival by the main stories coming next how difficult it is. valued as a jam in africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades took to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hand from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnegan the. counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week post sanctions iran is still a hard place to find a job we'll look at the economic reasons behind the rest of the middle east second largest economy also this week meltdown and suspect these are the nicknames for the two major flaws discovered.


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