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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:35pm +03

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the way of life rarely seen. your goal to not only tell them about their bills and regulations to teach them about them but. an exclusive documentary gains access to the goals of the talent. at this time on al-jazeera. the. syrian civilians freed towards turkey in freezing temperatures as government forces of violence on the rebel held it live province. you know i'm a clock this is out zero live from london also coming up in the program thirty two
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missing after an iranian tank it collides with the free to off china catching fire and spilling its oil. pakistani political groups blacklisted by the u.s. unite to rally against trump recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and as the u.s. east coast and kind of a struggle three record breaking low temperatures. bush fires raged near melbourne and sydney experiences its hottest day in seventy nine years. so then syrian government forces and their allies are advancing on in the province for an offensive to recapture it from rebels there are already reports of intensive raids on towns in the countryside it's called thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey in freezing winter conditions it lead busy largest remaining rebel held territory in syria and the operation was expected after the
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defeat of isolate last year its fit a full blown government offensive could cause large scale destruction and further displacement well let's take a look at it according to the u.n. and the province is home to more than two point six million syrians around one point one million of them have already fled fighting elsewhere in the country like a leper so for more let's talk to. al sharif is a spokesman for. the humanitarian organization joins us now from chemists in turkey which is close to the syrian border to tell us more about the situation on the ground please. heinecke. as you know on the second year in what he. meant to start to work on east on south and moderate to nonsense set out there is only a couple number i know. that bought
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a number of the i.d.p.'s and will differ on the flip. it one to three thousand seven hundred seventy five funnies it went to one hundred not even thousand six hundred ninety four percent and they now there are distributed in many cows. and if you know them they have reached the c.d.n. turkish border up course international organization they did their job but i was unique as you see the number is higher well much and also the price is very old for this reason we form far from food items fun to feel they have to see everything but then that is a big need for to end on milk. cartons absolutely i magine shelter and blankets and so forth are. essential right now because the conditions are freezing up there. yes exactly so how serious is this what will
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happen to civilians already who have already been forced out of other areas like aleppo. the problem is it did you know lee all these cons are full of the peas and when you see this is a huge number of these i gently we start stunning the tents and restart to providing the food items for and the clothes for the church and then for the old people but as you know we are trying our best to work with united nations and or chop. lump birds to. provide them that image that the set was says which it is they are the need this mission and this winter of course weather and what have you learnt about the situation on the ground as syrian government forces and their allies advance on on it. just might be
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yes i guess that the government they want to reach through the. military airport for this reason they are trying to talk about the way this is from the from the civilians and from the opposition. i don't know what will happen in coming days but i guess that the number of ivy priests will it will increase they by i think. it would be three of the oppositions. or it will leave in the sun and tell us about the very serious situation the thank you thank you thank you thank you very much. thirty two people at missy in the east china sea alternate oil tanker collided with
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a cargo ship and caught fire it happened off shanghai where the yangtze river meets the east china sea search teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and from bangladesh who work for an iranian shipping company rescue is save the twenty one crew of the other ship involved robert bright has more now from beijing. the cause of the collision is unknown but it led to a devastating fire on board the tanker that has burned for hours the tanker the senshi carrying one hundred thirty six thousand tons of oil was headed north to a port in south korea the other vessel involved is a bulk carrier that was carrying grain would seem to be heading south to a port on china's southern coast when the collision occurred some three hundred kilometers east of china's coast of shanghai a big international rescue and recovery effort is underway with vessels being sent by china's maritime or thora t's they've also been helped by the coast guard from
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south korea sending a vessel and an aircraft in what is an international operation but it is being hampered now by the hours of darkness also strongest seas and winds are not making any easier there are specialized vessels taking part of the are designed for dealing with oil slicks and we do know that there is an amount of oil in the in the seas but it's not known yet just how bad the pollution will be from this but the east china sea is shared by not only china but south korea and some of the islands in the south of japan and all of those countries will be following this closely clearly concerned about whether there is a growing pollution threat and if there is a slick which way it is heading several religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been demonstrating in the northwestern city it is the second in a series of protests initially organized in the wake of the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel of the groups behind the rallies include. the organization led by the two thousand and eight mumbai attack suspect. well the protests comes days after the u.s. accuse the government of allowing the country to become a safe haven for radical groups it's also suspended hundreds of millions of dollars of security aid pakistan islamabad denies the allegation but has banned more than seventy groups which are named in the u.n. security council sanctions list among them is dramatic and led by the two thousand and eight mumbai attack suspect saeed the u.s. has offered a ten million dollars bounty for information leading to his arrest the trouble ministration also wants action taken to get see conny network it operates in pakistan and in afghanistan and is seen is having close ties to the pakistani military but analysts say it's a difficult balance for the united states which doesn't want to alienate islamabad
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as it relies on its support against a resurgent taliban in neighboring afghanistan welcome to hyder has more now from the protests in the shower. and shore from there yet if i gotta get on to frank count. the ballots dine and up the front of me i gotta go so i'm all for joining before people like your logic on your show dead and then running against everything you read by the us president mr from the mideast on n.p.r. ameri corps in india by themselves a terrorist but sadly they apply mean muslims in pakistan to supporting terrorists despite the fact that muslims all over the world a victims of their brutality and with the blessings of the almighty allah we will get rid of them very soon they are get on a dog that is back in the fight. and they didn't do no more do i think the american then they go sorry mephedrone shouldn't have run it on the government all the things that the americans ever bring the bank and the next from die should have
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done it on a good note blaming the gift on failure and i've run it on this particular organization right now be holding rallies across the country my first show that the people of baghdad gonna be supporting the president in zero four tickets me a predator and above all hanging all over the united states president mr garner trauma as. the jerusalem decision by the united states president the kashmir issue and of recent tweet by trump compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite and activate the people against the cruel decisions against muslims and pakistan on. the days large gathering did not have our first day and that the good thing i did the government get done which having on the pressure for the united states which they don't accept and by the.
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nigeria is in the process of flying thousands of citizens home from libya large numbers of nigerians are trapped in libya where they were trying to cross to its knees by sea but was stopped by local factions and by leave his coast guard and now facing dire conditions and abuse the nigerian government says the flights will continue for as long as they need to testimony today about five thousand five hundred migrants will be fled. one person is dead and three more are missing in madagascar in the wake of tropical cyclone eva the storm brought heavy rain extensive flooding in property damage more than ten thousand people have been forced to leave their homes a verse expected to weaken as it moves back out to sea south africa's parliament is expected to start reviewing its rules on how to remove president jacob zuma from power the constitutional court ruled at the end of december that lawmakers had failed to hold the scandal plagued president to account so human has survived several no confidence votes in parliament over recent years mostly relating to
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a string of corruption allegations he denies any wrongdoing. yemen's say they've shot down a saudi coalition warplane saudi media is reporting two pilots survived the crash which happened in yemen side a province i'm in syria which is the forces t.v. channel says he says that the scuse me as i can thank says that the forces. t.v. channel says that the fighter plane was a british made tornado so they had this trying to break the deadlock angler merkel meets with these social democrats as she works to form a government. they may be the biggest creatures on earth but they're still no match for speeding ships the attempts being made to create a warning system for whales. well
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again look at the weather across central and southern parts of china and we're going to see quite a change here we've got some really cold air pushes way south shanghai just six degrees quite a bit of snow and to the south of that some really heavy rain now hong kong not too bad with temperatures of nineteen degrees but as we head on into tuesday as that front comes south just eleven degrees here dry weather following on behind it with quite a dip in temperatures gerri and it's looking pretty chilly across northern parts of vietnam nori really rather gray misty fair breeze and only thirteen degrees across the rest of indochina of the states it should still be fine for laos and miramar into south asia and is really the visibility the poor air quality the main issue across many parts of northern india and into pakistan just nineteen degrees the high in delhi is also the threat of some showers affect in sri lanka times with otherwise it's dry now as you head across into the arabian peninsula we have got
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a threat of some showers here wanted to show is just moving down through the gulf region may clip the northern end of qatar but i think there's a high risk of some showers for the rest of the gulf states on the other side of the plane sure is generally looking fine but we have got an area of sherry to vittie towards the southern end of the red sea sun a major pick up your chair but from mecca it should be another fine day and highs of thirty one. in the philippines millions live in overcrowded slums but some have found another place to call home public cemeteries one on one east meets those living among the dead at this time on al jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the police trillion dollar debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government real people.
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i've got a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and the syrian government has launched an offensive to regain it in the province in the northwest of the country has caused thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey and freezing winter conditions in syria's largest remaining rebel held territory. thirty two people it missy in the east china sea after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and called for such teams and looking for the missing scientists. and conservative and religious conservative religious and political groups have rallied to gain pakistan by continuing their protests against u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital as well as the trump
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ministrations harsh rhetoric against pakistan since the. german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic of for me a coalition government almost four months off to the country's general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democrat party and the social democrats form a coalition partners a potential sticking point is the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany. it's come it's coming. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us always hope that politics will solve problems and create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work well for as we go straight. in the capital berlin and david what are the chances of
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success over the next five days. well there was very optimistic going in the the social democrat leader martin shultz was saying there will be no red lines and so i think everyone is realizing that if they don't get some sort of policy agreement between the parties then they will face either a minority government which angela merkel has ruled out or another election and everybody fears the instability that that could bring and the results it could bring so i think there is a real concentration of minds at the moment they realize they have to find something and these are only nick talks about talks because when we get a result there will still have to be passed through the social democrats meeting on general the twenty first so modern shows realizes that he's got his own supporters his own base to convince as well and that means that these are going to be very
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tough talks and there's going to be essentially a bit of a media blackout to make sure that we don't see a repeat of the last coalition talks where people were giving interviews and that was feeding into the actual coalition talks and damaging those talks so they'll just be prepared statements at the end of each day they were not expecting one at the beginning of the talks today so it's a very tough five days of course says and it's going to be very worrying because the people of germany are worried about the fact that they've now almost gone four months under a caretaker government that's the first time in post-war german political history right as we go for a long time is that some political observers say that this is the turning point for merkel what will this mean. well it certainly is a turning point mick because the polls are showing a drop
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a pretty significant drop in support for angela merkel so the tide seems to be changing in her political career it's moving away from her so they must take this opportunity this is the five days where they really have to concentrate but for angela merkel of course she's been seen as the main stateswoman of the european union and the woman that could give the most support to president. plans in france to try and start reforming the european union so this is at a point really if she fails to get the coalition to to form around that even germany will be in a weak position to try and combat the populism that leaves seen rising throughout europe apart from france and of course in the united states so this is a crucial time for her she knows that support is ebbing away from her and they need to make sure that they can hold a coalition together because she will refuse to do minority government all right to
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be instant see it all turns out david chaytor in berlin thanks a lot six soldiers in mineral have been injured in an attack in western iraq and states the army says they were attacked by a group called the a kinder hinges salvation army for has a separate incident on friday would be made bombs were used against a truck transporting government troops bangladesh mimo say they're ready to go ahead with a plan to bring their hands refugees back home but aid agencies in the un have called the agreement a foster child stretford has this report. tess lima begum her husband and three children fled the myanmar military crackdown on the river in late december she says a boatman demanded seventy dollars for each person before he ferried them across the naff river into bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand ranger have fled across the border in recent months rights groups say myanmar's military killed around seven thousand ranger men women and children in the first month off of the
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crackdown began in late august but the bangladeshis and governments are already preparing to offer what they describe as voluntary repacked for refugees who want to return to myanmar. plus lima like many refugees says she will not go back. out of what i had you know we want to go back not under these circumstances we've been persecuted and brutalized that they took all our possessions our crops and cattle he would rather die he had to go back under these circumstances. the repatriation agreement is based on a similar initiative by bangladesh in myanmar after a previous crackdown on the region in one thousand nine hundred two it involves the myanmar government verifying the identity of refugees who want to return. but sounds of ranger have never had sufficient identification documents proving their residency. then burma's government stripped them of their citizenship in one
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thousand nine hundred. nine miles army has destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months so the repatriation plan involves putting those returning into temporary camps. dealing kluges a role for the un but in what capacity remains unclear. at the present the situation is not good for the battery issue hundreds of thousands of refugees here are traumatized i mean psychosocial support. the third coming to baghdad is on daily basis even. the bangladeshi government is estimated to be spending around four million dollars a day to help house and feed the refugees and it's signed off on a separate plan to move around one hundred thousand refugees from the camps to temporary shelters on a coastal island that critics say is highly vulnerable to typhoons wisdome governments including the us say myanmar's government is guilty of ethnic cleansing
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of the predominately muslim ranger they ask who can guarantee the security of the refugees like to sleep family if they return to myanmar and how can they go back when their lack of citizenship which is made them so vulnerable to violence and persecution for decades has not changed chance strafford al-jazeera. temperatures in sydney have soared to the hottest on record forty seven point three degrees and in southern australia around fifty bushfires were sparked as temperatures soared above forty degrees firefighters battled dry windy conditions to try and stop the spread well the winter deep freeze continues to grip much of the northeastern u.s. and canada mt washington new hampshire is one of the coldest places on earth as the wind chill brought temperatures to minus sixty nine degrees celsius and there temperatures follow a storm dubbed the bomb site clone that can be seen in this satellite image is
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being blamed for nineteen deaths in the u.s. extreme cold alerts and wind chill warnings are in effect meaning the i mean exposed skin can freeze in less than ten minutes. u.s. president donald trump continues to criticize a book documenting a crisis behind the scenes in the white house returning from a retreat at camp david trump said he had been putting up with fake news since announcing his run for president he says he has to put up with what he now describes as a faith book the white house has dismissed details written in the book foreign fury written by john the michael for this let's talk to john hundred in washington d.c. and john president trouble simply cannot leave this alone tell us more about what he's had to say i think the reason for that nick is that he feels like this has left a mark adam schiff a congressman from california democrat has been critical of trump was on television
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this morning saying he doesn't know anyone in congress of either party who doesn't privately voice some of the same concerns expressed in this book that trump has been talking about for several days now. the white house line on this is that when trump gets hit he hits back hard and he has been doing that for several days now unable to avoid tweeting yesterday several times in the morning and then talking about this in a press conference where republican leaders wanted to talk about a new immigration reform program and then again this morning he began off presidential daily by talking about how he was leaving camp david in a tweet but then right after that he went on to talk about the book in that fake news tweet that you just talked about and sent out another tweet excoriating a presenter for an interview this morning for the white house has been really strong on this he has been hitting back however he seems to have stopped hitting for the moment because he just landed at the white house and he was asked questions by reporters but did not take them in and i believe john the triumphal the chief of
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stuff steve benen has been talking a day. that's right steve benen has sent out a note to the new service axios saying after several days of being criticized for some of the things he said in that book he called donald trump jr unpatriotic and he said his actions were treasonous in meeting with russian officials and now he said he has expressed regret and he says donald trump jr is a patriot and a good man he says my support is also unwavering for the president and his agenda and he has lost a financial backers over this and a lot of political supporters there's been a split in the republican party between the banon ites and trump and the more conventional republicans so that has cost ben and ben and is now expressing regret for that but the white house has also dispatched a number of people to talk on trump's behalf for the sunday talk shows they've just
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patch cia director mike pompei out nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations former campaign director corey lewandowsky and white house aide steven miller all of whom challenge the assertions in this book for now this may be the end of it we don't know but of course every day is a new day and we'll be watching for the president's tweets all right john thanks very much as a picture from washington d.c. john hendren then off the coast of california enormous containment ships travel full speed to the port of los angeles the shipping lanes cut right through walked it's used by great whales and every year danger whales killed as well reynolds reports now from santa barbara scientists are trying to develop a warning system for ships that. the blue whale is an all inspiring creature the largest animal that has ever lived they can weigh one hundred thirty six thousand kilos and stretched thirty three meters from nose to tail me live from eighty to one hundred in ten years but in the santa barbara
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channel even blue whales are no match for giant cargo ships when ships hit whales whales die there are about eighty endangered whales that are killed every year ago along the coast of north western north america and that's a lot of whales for some of these whales that are quite rare in these populations we really think that that road kill is inhibiting the recovery of slowing down the recovery of these whales commercial whaling reduced blue whales to about one percent of their or original number before killing them was banned by an international agreement in one nine hundred sixty six the whales population is increasing worldwide but given their slow reproductive cycle scientists and government officials are concerned about their survival we're at a point now where we have a chance to bring blue whales back from the brink of extinction we need to find the ways to slow ships down along the california coast researchers with the university
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of california and the buying off ocean initiative are working on a technologically sophisticated new way old warning system and a radio a visual surveillance hydrophones thermal imaging and data crunching all that information comes together to be alert that says hey ship's watch out today is a bad day for whales please slow down if the ships build in two to four hours of their transit to accommodate for slower the slow speeds and to protect the whales then we can achieve what we're trying to without regulation the government agency responsible has asked shipping companies to voluntarily cut their speed and even offered modest cash rewards for those who will do so but never the less ninety percent of all ships that too. transit these whale rich waters go full speed ahead in shipping like any other business time is money no vessel master wants to hit a well it's a tragic thing when it does happen and we do take steps to try and avoid it but the
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industry opposes mandatory speed limits in blue whale territory what we would like to see is the continuance of voluntary programs in order to collect the necessary data to inform that decision making process what's known already is this unless the ships slow down more of these magnificent animals will become road kill rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara plenty more and all the stories that we're covering right there on our website al-jazeera dot com is the address al-jazeera dot com. so just time to recap at the top stories here on out there and syrian government forces and allies are advancing on province for an offensive to recapture it from rebels has caused thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey in freezing winter conditions it is the largest remaining rebel held territory in
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syria since isobel driven out late last year thirty two people are missing in the east china sea after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and caught fire it happened off the coast of shanghai such teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and from bangladesh who work for an iranian shipping company rescue is save the twenty one crew of the of the ship involved several religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been holding a demonstration in the northwestern city of it is the second in a series of protests initially organized in the wake of the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel groups behind the rallies include. the organization led by the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks suspect and feed. the jerusalem decision by the united states president the kashmir issue and of recent tweet by trauma compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite an activate people against the cruel
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decisions against muslims and pakistan. to nigeria which is in the process of flying thousands of its citizens home from libya large numbers of nigerians are trapped in libya where they were trying to cross to italy by sea but they were stopped by local armed factions and by libya's coast guard and now facing dire conditions and abuse the nigerian government says the flights will continue for as long as they need to it is estimated about five thousand five hundred migrants will be flown. chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic of forming a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks of resumed in berlin between her christian democrat party and the social democrats to form a coalition partners a potential sticking point is the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany all right europe stay with headlines on
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al-jazeera got more news coming up right after one on one east africa. january on jesse the african heads of state and governments will gather in at his ababa for the state's assembly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda mad the aasan engages in rigorous debate cutting through the
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headlines on the front and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera. for the poor life in one of asia's megacities can be a grave situation. in the philippines they are finding a home in the most unlikely of places public cemeteries this is ways like with your grandson on top of the terror yes. is there a mattress on top of it or. i have my. you have like a fireman and put on top you have to get worried about sleeping on top of that and . many residents in the capital manila are choosing to live in graveyards to escape the densely populated.


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