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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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thank you. thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. i've. this is al jazeera. and i will acknowledge this is the news live from london coming up in the program nigeria starts evacuating thousands of its citizens being trapped in slave like conditions in libya. a car bomb kills at least eighteen people and syrian
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government forces stepped up their offensive on the province. thirty two missing after an iranian tanker collides with a freighter of china catching fire and spilling its own. we investigate a secret plot by eastern european to profit from dollars allegedly stolen by ukraine's former president. i'm joined again. at the f.a. cup home. and knocked out by forest in the third round. so the nigeria has started flying thousands of its citizens home from libya where they've been trapped in slavery like conditions large numbers of nigerians are stuck in libya had been trying to cross to italy by sea but was stopped by local and factions and libya's coast guard now facing dire conditions and abuse the
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nigerian government says the flights will continue for as long as they need to. well libya's is a poor tool to the mediterranean and to europe for refugees and migrants from africa in the middle east up to ninety percent of people crossing the mediterranean sea to europe depart from libya there are forty three thousand refugees and asylum seekers registered with the un refugee agency in libya the highest number comes from nigeria nearly seventeen in the whole thousand people followed by syria with sixteen in the whole thousands and then guinea and coast well let's take this on and speak to somebody interests who joins us from the nigerian city of port harcourt which she flew to earlier from libya with some of the nigerian evacuees and first of all i meant just tell us more about the reason why this repatriation is happening now well basically patrician efforts of the
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nigerian government started after reports of. african african migrants in libya are being sold on the slave market and of course put to put in slave like conditions and this doesn't even stop at those in the hands of. human smugglers in libya but also in detention camps official and unofficial detention camps across libya we met some of them over the course of four or five days in libya today more than eight hundred was while word dropped at the airport in tripoli to fall on their way home the initial flight of five hundred migrants stranded migrants came into port harcourt this evening and we spoke to a lot of people on that flight and they all have the same story to tell most of them are being exploited sexually physically and some of them i've been tortured and the situation among them is that they keep. even some of the migrants coming
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migrant camembert community community members there keep on sort of stealing or kidnapping some of these migrants and forcing their parents or relations back home to pay ransom before they release the money immediately one person is released another person takes over and demand ransom so it's a vicious cycle if you don't pay up they torture you and you go through several systemic abuses inside those detention camps and even the guesthouse are set up by the human smugglers across libya i would tell us more about the numbers we're talking about here and how many are being replied three. well basically when the nigerian delegation arrived in libya on wednesday they want to walk in with five thousand five hundred in terms of numbers but what we saw immediately in one of the detention camps we went to straight from the airport officials there were talking about three hundred sixty five nigerian immigrants in that detention center which by the way i'll just you know was stopped from tell me
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. immediately the minister demanded to see the the inmates of that detention center i've been numbers kept going up are first of all the three hundred sixty five were brought out and then more started coming in then the numbers by the time we reached eight hundred and sixty it's almost dark so we had to leave and move to the hotel and we were told by inmates of that detention center that basically there are more actually apart from those outside the minister was visibly disappointed with the scripts just in numbers. president has made available all the resources necessary to address whatever it is and i call him a lot of the left him to repaginate all the nigerians here mr added cancer can make here you know when when we came we were working around
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a figure of five thousand five hundred he can anomaly one hundred added comes to less can smear martin but the question of numbers. has become a bit problematic. now basically the the minister was disappointed that was that was not a press conference three days after the machine started and that is only in one detention center there are fourteen detention centers according to the government the government the internationally recognized government in libya there are fourteen detention centers but other other sources are telling us there are more than thirty detention centers across libya and most of these are actually in areas held by militias and rebels in syria ending in libya those areas are inaccessible but the nigerian government delegation said they will try and find ways of reaching those nigerian still trapped in those areas to try to evacuate them and negotiate
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with their captors but the problem now is not only those in the hands of libyans or human traffickers who carry them across europe is also a problem between the migrants themselves they keep exploiting each other they get kidnapped each other they demand ransom and they torture them they put a lot of young girls into sex slavery we met one particular woman the libyan air force is presented to us and that woman was found was alleged to have more than two young girls in a hostel keeping them using them as sex slaves some of the victims were actually present it was it's a very very disturbing phenomenon a very disturbing scenario in syria regarding african migrants some countries have started evacuating their citizens as well as countries like major democratic republic of congo mali and a few others but nigeria is looking at five five thousand five hundred migrants but the number could be as high as thirty or forty thousand people across libya there
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is certainly a troubling situation there it takes very much indeed for that i was reporting on the story of returning migrants from nigeria from libya. in syria a car bomb in the city of it was killed twenty five people more have been injured in the city which is under the control of. the syrian observatory for human rights says the explosion appeared to target the headquarters of an opposition faction it's not yet known who carried out the attack. well of the attacks come as syrian government forces and their allies pushed into a province in their offensive to try and recapture rebels have been reports of intensive raids on towns in the countryside it's caused thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey in freezing when winter conditions it was the largest remaining rebel held territory in syria and the operation was expected after the defeat of isolate last year if if a full blown government offensive could cause large scale destruction and further displacement according to the united nations in
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a province is home to more than two point six million syrians and more than one point one million of them have already fled fighting elsewhere in the country like eleven of the main target appears to be the rebel held base of the hole on the southeast and edge of the province and they also want to secure the damascus aleppo road that cuts through. shareef is a spokesman for the turkish humanitarian organization h i age and he says there's been a significant impact on civilians. on the second year in what he. meant to started on east and south mata not. set out that number now. that both the number of the i.d.p.'s and moved from live. at twenty three thousand seven hundred seventy five families to one
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hundred nine thousand six hundred ninety four percent. now they are distributed in many cows. but three of them they have reached the syrian turkish border up course now international organization they did their job but i did hear me as you see the number is high you know much and also the crisis is really. for this reason we fought for from i tunes one to feel they had seen everything but then now there is a big need for tech and it's on milk. cartons the problem is it all to you nightly all these cons are full of the piece and when you see this is a huge number of these i gently we start signing the tents and restart
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to providing the food items for and the clothes for the children for the old people but as you know we are trying our best to work with the united nations and. mum birds. to provide them that image that the said was says which it is there are the need especially in this winter very cold weather. say they have shot down a side a coalition warplane saudi media is reporting two pilots survived the crash which happened in yemen sada province. which is the hooty forces t.v. channel says the fighter plane was a british made tornado on the part of yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh was killed last month has named its new leader a former agriculture minister decide to move to us will be the new head of the general people's congress party salah was killed by hutu rebels after he switched sides and backed the saudi led coalition in its battle against. the former
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prime minister of egypt to ahmed shah freak has ruled himself out of the running for the upcoming presidential election so if he said in november that he intended to run in the vote which is set to be held in the spring he's now pulled out of contention saying he's quote not the perfect person to lead state affairs meanwhile egypt has denied pressuring t.v. host to back the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the new york times has reported leaked phone recordings of a senior intelligence officer telling hoes to play down in opposition to donald trump's move al-jazeera senior political analyst mark bashara as mall. well it's another attempt by another outbreak to have. its cake and eat it too on the one hand they want to. tell their people that they are out of the guardians of protectors of jerusalem that they are proud nationalists and that they do stand for
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the common interests of out about muslim people but on the other hand they also want to assure israel and the united states and western public opinion that they are i mean able to change and they are more than happy to appease president trump and his attempts at dictating a new policy to the palestinians on the question of israel palestine and how to move forward and resolving the conflict that iran's revolutionary guard says the wave of unrest linked to anti-government protests has no ended families of some of the hundreds of demonstrators arrested have been protesting outside the evin prison in tehran where some of them are being held rising costs unemployment and he's ations of corruption spot the protests in a number of cities and towns at the end of last month leaving at least twenty one people dead. thirty two people are missing in the east china sea though after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and caught fire it happened off shanghai where the yangtze river meets
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the east china sea search teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and from bangladesh who work for an iranian shipping company rescue is safe the twenty one crew of the of the ship involved from abroad it has more now from beijing. the cause of the collision is unknown but it led to a devastating fire on board the tanker that has burned for hours the tanker the senshi carrying one hundred thirty six thousand tons of oil was headed north to a port in south korea the other vessel involved is a bulk carrier that was carrying grain which seem to be heading south to a port on china's southern coast when the collision occurred some three hundred kilometers east of china's coast of shanghai a big international rescue and recovery effort is underway with vessels being sent by china's maritime or thora t's they've also been helped by the coast guard from
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south korea sending a vessel and an aircraft in what is an international operation but it is being hampered now by the hours of darkness also stronger seas and winds are not making any easier there are specialized vessels taking part in the are designed for dealing with oil slicks and we do know that there is an amount of oil in the in the seas but it's not known yet just how bad the pollution will be from this but the east china sea is shared by not only china but south korea and some of the islands in the south of japan and all of those countries will be following this closely clearly concerned about whether there is a growing pollution threat and if there is a slick which way it is heading coming up this news from london donald trump's former chief of staff tries to make amends for cooperating with a journalist for an explosive book on the white house. bangladesh say they're ready
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to bring revenge or refugees but aid agencies have the doubts about the deal. we have sport coming up to one of the most controversial players on the professional tennis circuit makes a perfect stop he sees. now several religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been demonstrating in the northwestern city of pasha it is the second in this series of protests initially organized in the wake of the united states decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the groups behind the rallies include. the old realisation led by the two thousand and eight biotite suspect cyanide. has more now from the protest and push on. sure from there yet if i gotta get you on different accounts for the dying and a fee for delphi she made
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a gift and also an offer to join it before people like your logic on your show did it then i guess that he can raid by u.s. president mr rahman i'm going to run. ameri corps in india by themselves a terrorist but sadly they apply mean muslims in pakistan for supporting terrorists despite the fact that muslims all over the world a victims of their brutality and with the blessings of almighty allah we will get rid of them very soon their credit don has already sacrificed far too much and they didn't do no more do i think the american then they go sorry mephedrone shouldn't of run it on the government all the things that the americans ever bring the bank and the bank from guys should have done it on a good note blaming the gift on failure then i run it on this particular organization right now be holding rallies across the country my first show that the people of baghdad gonna supporting the president in oh so ticker tape read that in
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and above all hanging all over the united states friend again if they're going to trump. the jerusalem decision by the united states president the kashmir issue end of recent tweet by trump compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite and activate the people against the cruel decisions against muslims and pakistan on. the gauge large gathering did not have our first day and that the good i thing i did the government of august on which caving on the pressure for the united states which that thing done except by the. state by the main source for a bomb shell behind the scenes book on the white house is trying to make amends that will transform a campaign manager in chief stuff and she does. say his support for the u.s. president and his agenda unwavering meanwhile trump continues to criticize the fury
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book which is written by the gen this michael wolff on sunday he tweeted i have to put up with the fake news from the first day i announce that i would be running for president now i have to put up with a fake book written by a discredited with a ronald reagan had the same problem that well so with. so well for more on this that speaks to john hendren in washington d.c. and john president trump really can't keep away from this topic any that's right nick the president can't stop talking about this book and i think the reason for that is that the president seems to feel like the book threatens to do lasting damage to his presidency and there's reason to believe that it's getting a hearing in the court of public opinion it's number one on the amazon book list it's there are now two to four week delays in delivering this book bookstores cannot keep it on their shelves and there's reason to believe that criticism has hurt him in congress as well adam schiff is
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a democratic congressman from california he was on television this morning saying that he doesn't know any member of congress in either party who doesn't share the concerns expressed in the book about donald trump's fitness to be commander in chief now the white house has been saying the president has been addressing this because when he gets hit he hits back ten times as hard and he has certainly been doing that he's been on twitter as you pointed out for the past two days at a press conference in which republicans want to talk about other matters of business and he took this on there through a question but he may be done hitting back for a little while anyway he's back at the white house as of a couple of hours ago and he did not take questions from reporters but the author of that book has appeared on television here on this sunday talk shows in the u.s. and this is what he had to say. i don't know when when the train is going to is going to finally hit the wall i think i think the the entire narrative of this presidency. and this this can of the see and then presidency has been it's going to
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hit a wall and the thing that keeps everybody's attention absolutely riveted this global attention. is that it took the train keeps going but the wall is still there and we've heard from steve benen. that's right steve bannon is now saying he's sorry he was quoted in that book criticizing people in the trump campaign including donald trump jr according to the book as saying they were treasonous and unpatriotic for meeting with officials who said they represented the russian government will no ban and says he was not ever intending to include donald trump jr in that group that he was talking about paul mann a fort a senior campaign aide campaign manager for trump campaign and that metaphor should have known better because he was a seasoned diplomat however bennett has not denied making those statements he just
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as he wasn't saying that about donald trump jr he said donald trump jr is a patriot and a good man now the trumpet ministration has brought a lot of people out to speak on the president's behalf despite the fact that he has spoken valuable ie on his own behalf one of those was corey lewandowsky former campaign manager this is what he had to say about bennett that's what steve said that he knows he owes donald trump e.o.'s don't trump jr he owes jerry coaching the entire family an apology if that's what he said if that's what he said then shame on steve bannon because that is so out of bounds to accuse somebody of treason is so out of line and so out of character for a guy like steve bannon that i have a hard time believing what wolf wrote but if that's what steve said then shame on steve. you know he wasn't the only trump administration official or person tied with the drug administration who has spoken on the president's behalf this weekend
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mike pompei o the cia director nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and white house aide steven miller all went on the television today to talk on those sunday talk shows about what the president about the president's point of view on this book and. it could not be clear that the white house is obsessed with responding to this book. our john thanks very much they join hundred reporting there from washington d.c. i don't drill hindu group has claimed responsibility for friday's ambush. military truck in western iraq kind state was wounded several soldiers the odd a kind that revenge of salvation army says it has no option but to fight to defend their hindu minority the military crackdown in rakhine state was triggered by the group attacking the security forces or the oldest twenty fifth last year well but in addition me i must say they're ready to go ahead with a plan to bring ranger refugees back home but aid agencies and the un have cooled
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the agreement to foster child trafficking has this ripple. tess lima begum her husband and three children fled the myanmar military crackdown on the ranger in late december she says a boatman demanded seventy dollars for each person before he ferried them across the naff river into bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand rangers have fled across the border in recent months rights groups say myanmar's military killed around seven thousand ranger men women and children in the first month off of the crackdown began in late august but the bangladeshi and myanmar government so already preparing to offer what they describe as voluntary repacked for refugees who want to return to myanmar. plus lima like many refugees says she will not go back. no we want to go back not under these circumstances we've been persecuted and brutalized they took all our possessions our crops and cattle he
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would rather die here that go back under these circumstances. three petry ation agreement is based on a similar initiative by bangladesh in myanmar after a previous crackdown on the regime in one nine hundred ninety two it involves the myanmar government verifying the identity of refugees who want to return. but sounds of ranger have never had sufficient identification documents proving their residency. then burma's government stripped them of their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred. nine miles army has destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months so the repatriation plan involves putting those returning into temporary camps dealing kluges a role for the un but in what capacity remains unclear. at the present the situation is. hundreds of thousands of refugees here are traumatized psychosocial support. that is on daily basis even. the
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bangladeshi government is estimated to be spending around four million dollars a day to help house and feed the refugees and it's signed off on a separate plan to move around one hundred thousand refugees from the camps to temporary shelters on a coastal island that critics say is highly vulnerable to typhoons western governments including the u.s. say myanmar's government is guilty of ethnic cleansing of the predominately muslim ranger they ask who can guarantee the security of the refugees like to sleep and her family if they return to myanmar and how can they go back when their lack of citizenship which is made them so vulnerable to violence and persecution for decades has not changed chan strafford al-jazeera the first president to meddle macron has attended a memorial to remember those killed in the charley attacks in paris it's three
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years since gunmen opened fire killing eleven reporters in a straight is the satirical weekly magazine president macro when the parents and his dog laid wreaths at the charlie had do offices and it's a jewish supermarket where another four people killed. so to come this news out of bush it's rage near melbourne in sydney as sydney experiences its hottest day in seventy nine years. and they may be that because creatures on earth but there's still no match for speeding ships its head is being made to create a warning system. i did support another day another victory for the world's most full steam.
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hello and welcome back now to take a look at weather conditions across the front and the western parts of asia is a little bit of snow for parts of afghanistan but really it's all fairly quiet at the moment fine around the caspian sea we've lost the showers which have been around to us twenty four hours find additions for baghdad and curiosity coming at twenty degrees and it exploits around the eastern side of the mediterranean in the space of the stay that way now during tuesday will see some snow pushing down towards the caucasus but otherwise no great changes expected here in the arabian peninsula we have an area of cloud and the the risk of showers who've been down through the gulf states so abu dhabi could pick up wanted to showers through the course of monday i think for doha maybe just the far north of the country will see some showers but here in doha itself it will probably be dry on the other side the plane temperature not looking too bad there for mecca thirty one degrees but in the southern portion the red sea we've seen the risk of showers over the last couple of days and that will continue as we head through tuesday heading down into southern parts of africa we've still got this tropical cyclone even moving very very slowly
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towards the south and still dropping large amounts of rain across the island of madagascar so flooding remains a risk here otherwise they're looking pretty warm across parts of botswana down into south africa with highs of thirty three expected in johannesburg. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between a criminal busts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing any investigation into. ukraine could use a bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just the president say challenges here investigations the only go at this time when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the
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story builds. up to date just what the president say in our country there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and build winning documentaries and live news on air and online. at a gator moto top stories here at al-jazeera and nigeria has started flying more than five thousand of its citizens home from libya large numbers of nigerians have been trapped there in slave like missions while trying to cross to europe i see. a
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couple news going off in the syrian city video killing twenty five people comes the syrian government forces step up their offensive a rebel held it in the province. thirty two people are missing in the east china sea after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and caught fire china has sent search teams to look for the missing sailors. now that out there is investigative unit has obtained secret documents reveal a plot by eastern european all the gods to profit from billions those have been started by its former ukrainian president was overthrown in two thousand and fourteen officials froze one point five billion dollars soon afterwards but it will jordan reports there's no guarantee the money will make it back to the ukraine. when he fled ukraine in twenty fourteen victory on a cove it took all that he and his men could carry they headed to russia soon after ukrainian officials found one point five billion dollars stashed offshore and they
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froze it the day he ran away from the country the entire korean treasury and its accounts had a few thousand dollars so the point is that entire treasury was rocked. today al-jazeera has discovered the young and covert plan is working closely with the russian government we obtained an unsigned copy of a secret deal a plot to sell tens of millions of the frozen money unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between a criminal busts you can assign it with your blood. the document names to all agog says the buyers one not wanted in ukraine the other a russian property magnate but the seller is hidden behind an offshore shell company based at this law firm in cyprus. other bank documents and company records eventually led us to moscow and a surrogate. gas tycoon who was young a curvatures money man and the seller of the frozen assets he was given control of
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a chunk of the gas trade he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it than to his political patrons which was you know yet ok mitchell image which is son. wanted in ukraine and sanctioned in the u.s. and europe he travels under armed guard in a multi car convoy rarely appearing in public. we tracked down his former chauffeurs and they revealed his regular meetings with the russian government we often drive into the ministry of economic development the ministry of natural resources the national space agency also the russian presidential administration and state oil and gas firms. aside from frozen assets ukraine's intelligence agencies. says good chink is trading oil gas and coal in the conflict zones of eastern ukraine fueling corruption and conflict in a country that was once his own. go didn't respond to our request for comment will
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jordan al-jazeera want to take this on we can speak to mark hayes who is in the money laundering campaign lead it with a charity global witness and joins us now from washington d.c. welcome to the program what we've been seeing that makes you wonder how deep this corruption problem is not only within ukraine but also across the region yes i think that certainly the right question you crane has a longstanding history of this whether it's the former prime minister lives or ranko funneling money offshore through u.s. shell companies or former prime minister got a covert doing the same through u.k. based companies but i think it's important for us understand that while ukraine has a sister e. the ingredients that this case really reveals and offer financial system all too willing to facilitate corrupt and criminal activity actors in the private and the public sector willing to collude and
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a vast amount of natural resource wealth all of those create a recipe for crime corruption poverty and oppression that's not unique to the ukraine so if we're going to be serious about tackling this we need to look at it from a global perspective and understand how the global financial system plays a role in facilitating it and once we understand how do we tackle it weighs in this case it seems like a whole nation's call for his finances in total which is cleaned up. exactly and i think this case also is somewhat an insult to injury you have the same money essentially being sold it sold twice if the allegations prove out so something needs to be done i think there's a glimmer of hope the details in this case many of them transpired years ago and since them a number of countries have pursued transparency measures to tackle aspects of this problem for example the u.k. passed legislation requiring shell companies to reveal their true owners and just last month the e.u. followed suit and that kind of data as this investigation others like it have shown
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is tremendously helpful when you can crack open the veil of secrecy that allows this kind of illicit activity to transpire so we're hopeful that new information as it comes online in public registries can be a critical tool to deal with it in should be noted the ukraine is doing the same however the u.k. still has a way to go in terms of ensuring its overseas territories follow suit and there's legislation pending that could do that while the u.s. is sort of a walking contradiction you have a sanctions bill passed by congress that might. secure some of the individuals involved in magnitsky affair that this alludes to but on the other hand one of the first acts of the u.s. congress controlled by republicans last year was to repeal an oil gas and mining transparency measure that would have revealed more details about these very detailed so financial centers like the u.s. and u.k. need to be serious about this need to really understand that they can't simply be tough on corruption on one side and allow the money to pass through on the other side right well quick question when when funds to this scale pinched for one
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a bit of a better way how hard is it to get them back. i won't lie it's quite a challenge the financial system all too often is stacked against anti-corruption advocates particularly in places like the ukraine where they have to jump through enormous legal hurdles that take time and money we've seen recent cases where there's been some success the. in her guinea thanks to the efforts of french into correction advocates and legal authorities were able to recover some of the assets stolen in that case but that took many many years so i think with this case wall we want governments like the u.s. the u.k. and europe to be constructive partners in asset recovery we have to ask ourselves what can we do to help prevent the money from being stolen in the first place not only in terms of what ukrainian government can do but we can do to avoid being complicit alright it's fascinating to watch you much very much as mark hayes and the money laundering campaign lead to global which. as i say it is
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a fascinating story if you want to follow the full investigation the only got here on al-jazeera for the first time is showing in just under an hour and a half that. g.m.t. german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic of forming a coalition government almost four months off of the country's general election christian democrat party has resumed talks with its former coalition partners the social democrats despite their original decision to go into opposition a potential sticking point is the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany let's go it's time to leave. i think we can do it we will what very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us always hope that politics will solve problems think we pray let the people to live well they don't country i'm optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is
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a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we're willing to take on the one. well david has more now from then. this is been the longest coalition talks that we've had in post-war political german history it's running up almost to four months now and the people of germany have been under a caretaker government it's very important for angela merkel and her prospective coalition partners that she sort out in these talks and remember there are only talks about talks in the next five days exactly where the red lines are what form of they can get where immigration is how can they get another form of to leash shape immigration policies and coalesce those policies in some way it is going to be as anglo merkel said in her statement before the talks began a lot of hard work but she said she was optimistic and her social democratic partner mark martin schulz prospective partner said there should be no red
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lines but there is a lot at stake it shows essentially that the the power at the heart of the european union that was angular merkel she was the one that had the strong partnership with the with france is beginning to erode she's less popular now with the people of germany are almost dismayed by what's happening how long it's taking and they want to result in an and in fact joining these five days there will be a more or less a media blackout they don't want the sort of interviews they had during the last coalition talks which sided feeding in to the actual coalition talks and that she increasing friction so we're not going to hear much about what's happening but i think that or a concentration to make sure there will not be another general election and there will not be a minority government is in all their interests to come to a solution. south africa's parliament says it will review its rules on how to
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remove president jacob zuma from power that's off to the constitutional court ruled at the end of december that lawmakers had failed to hold the scandal plagued leader to account zuma has survived several no confidence votes in politics of recent years basically relating to a string of corruption allegations he denies any wrongdoing one person is dead and three more are missing after tropical cycle eva tore through madagascar storm brought heavy rain extensive flooding and probably damage all than ten thousand people have been forced to leave their homes if it is expected to weaken as it moves back out to sea temperatures in sydney have soared to the hottest on record forty seven point three degrees and in southern australia around fifty bushfires for spots as temperatures soared above forty degrees firefighters battled dry and windy conditions to try and stop the spread of police are investigating whether one of the biggest blazes was started in liberally meanwhile the winter
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deep freeze continues to grip much of the northeastern united states and kind of there with record breaking cold temperatures in baltimore and boston and hot foot in connecticut at mt washington new hampshire was one of the coldest places on earth as the wind chill brought temperatures to minus sixty nine degrees celsius the low temperatures follow a storm dubbed the bomb that cycling is being blamed for nineteen deaths in the u.s. extreme cold alerts and wind chill warnings are in effect we need space skin can freeze in less than ten minutes thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed causing travel chaos. off the coast of california enormous container ships travel full speed to the port of los angeles the shipping lanes cut right through waters used by whales and every it endangered whales as struck and killed by these vessels as rob reynolds reports now from santa barbara scientists are trying to develop a warning system for ship captains to help prevent the death. the
9:43 pm
blue whale is an aunt's firing creature the largest animal that has ever lived they can weigh one hundred thirty thousand kilos and stretched thirty meters from nose to tail they may live from eighty to one hundred in ten years. but in the santa barbara channel even blue whales are no match for giant cargo ships when ships hit whales whales die there are about eighty endangered whales that are killed every year ago along the coast of north western north america and that's a lot of whales for some of these whales that are quite rare in these populations we really think that that road kill is inhibiting the recovery of slowing down the recovery of these whales commercial whaling reduced blue whales to about one percent of their or original number before killing them was banned by an international agreement in one nine hundred sixty six whales population is increasing worldwide but given their slow reproductive cycle scientists and
9:44 pm
government officials are concerned about their survival we're at a point now where we have a chance to bring blue whales back from the brink of extinction we need to find the ways to slow ships down along the california coast researchers with the university of california and the buying off ocean initiative are working on a technologically sophisticated new way old warning system and a rate of visual surveillance hydrophones thermal imaging and data crunching all that information comes together to be alert that says hey ship's watch out today is a bad day for whales please slow down if the ships build in two to four hours of their transit to accommodate for slower the slow speed zone to protect the whales then we can achieve what we're trying to without regulation the government agency responsible has asked shipping companies to voluntarily cut their speed and even offered modest cash rewards for those who will do so but never the less ninety
9:45 pm
percent of all ships that transit these whale rich waters go full speed ahead in shipping like any other business time is money no vessel master wants to hit a well it's a tragic thing when it does happen and we do take steps to try and avoid it but the . history opposes mandatory speed limits in blue whale territory what we would like to see is the continuance of voluntary programs in order to collect the necessary data to inform that decision making process what's known already is this unless the ship slow down more of these magnificent animals will become roadkill rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara. the seventy fifth annual golden globe awards will be held in beverly hills in just a few hours' time but this year the ceremony will have a more somber tone an email that says filmmakers and produces are accused of sexual misconduct in two thousand and seventeen including of course hollywood heavyweights
9:46 pm
such as kevin spacey and the director harvey weinstein and those attending are planning to wear all black as part of the hash tag me to movement highlighting the issue of sexual harassment against women. sort of come on the odds are news of fifty years old indigenous mapuche a victims of chile's military dictatorship finally being remembered. and in sport the n.f.l. playoffs get underway joe will have the latest from the wildcard we can. witness
9:47 pm
documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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chile will open its first memorial to the members of the indigenous minority killed by the military dictatorship under gusto pinochet many outfits vanished during the one nine hundred seventy s. and their remains were never found deserves latin america at its embassy in yemen reports now from to mco in central china. but me and native mup which a historian need not include a need want the world to know to new government. the center of the plaza goes through here to the quake it's a sacred space where only one day a year the sun rays pass directly from one side to the other. it's here surrounded by seven hundred year old trees that the first ever memorial to one hundred seventy one my put victims of chile's former military dictatorship will soon be formally opened up here. shortly after the one nine hundred seventy three military coup could he needs twenty three year old brother nelson
9:49 pm
a left wing university student was detained by soldiers and never seen again but he made out of this border and that's when i understood for the first time the meaning of state terrorism the fact that i could escape and go into exile explains why i'm alive to tell the story. it took twenty warrants for nelson quoting the family to discover the soldiers had shot him dead and thrown his body in the river to this day only one of the supporters who disappeared during that period with her mains were ever found. thousands of chileans were executed or disappeared during the pinochet dictatorship but the fate of the indigenous my putsch victims has until now received little attention in a country where they have long been discriminated. my dear linda remembers how secret police referred to her father a teacher and a poet as the indian she says they were all vilified for being mup which is.
9:50 pm
my father was vomiting blood and urinating blood from the beatings he received when they brought him back from prison hours later they took him away again and he disappeared forever we've never been able to accept his death. and the other survivors welcome the opening of the soon to be finished memorial park in the hope that it will help chile see that the map which is we're not just victims of a dictatorship but of a society that never acknowledged their suffering. you see in human i'll just call . with sport. nick thank you restart with a big upset in the english f.a. cup cup set if you like defending champions also have been knocked out by not seeing forest forest went to one up in the first half thanks to two goals from american defend eric. any hopes of a comeback for all snow ended when second tier forest were warded two penalties in the second half which they converted for two was how it finished and that means
9:51 pm
that the most successful club in the competition will not get some play for fourteen f.a. cup title. forth to newport county can also call themselves giant killers as they condemned second tayside leeds united to the knockout pile with a two one victory over problems though for spurs who beat a.f.c. wimbledon three nil wild west ham get a replay with trey's freetown. boss owner of made a winning start start to two thousand and eighteen as they returned to the pitch after the spanish league's winter break there was no sign of new recruit philip continue as the league leaders beat live on take three no you know messi schooled twelve minutes in a sore eyes and sealed the win in the second half and now go nine points clear of atletico madrid in the table. so this is how things stand in the league of boss sloan i have a sizable lead to real madrid currently sit in fourth but will be hoping to narrow that gap on third place for lengthier when they kick off against celta vigo in around forty five minutes from now one of the most controversial characters on the
9:52 pm
professional tennis circuit has also started his year in the best possible fashion it kerry also won the brisbane international his first tournament on home soil the twenty two year old is known for his role talent on his makes temperament but you're straight in struck his best against roy harrison he beat the american straight set six four six two it's curious his first a.t.p. tour title since two thousand and sixteen puts him in a good position head of next week's australian i'm. coming here and you know i feel good all wake up all right at home you guys ever tell us that that you gave me such great support. you know i love playing for you guys even though sometimes it may not seem that way but i do. i. well number two caroline version eki was beaten in the final of the espy classic in new zealand she went down to junior gorgeous who has now extended her winning streak to fourteen matches six four seven six with the score this is the first time in nine
9:53 pm
attempts that the german has won this title. the opening weekend of the n.f.l. playoffs continues with two games on sunday the atlanta falcons beat the los angeles rams in the first n.f.c. wild card game on saturday the falcons are bidding for super bowl redemption after being devastated by the noon of patriots last year they'll face the philadelphia eagles next. in the a.f.c. the tennessee titans beat the kansas city chiefs for their first playoff win in fourteen years coming up later the jacksonville jaguars are at home to the buffalo bills while the new orleans saints face the carolina panthers. australia's cricketers look set to complete a four nil ashes series win over england mitchell marsh and brother sean got their second series centuries of the season on day four as the australians declared on six hundred forty nine for seven in your ninety three four at the close of play and will need to bat out the fifth day in order to save the much. there's hope of
9:54 pm
a thaw in relations between north and south korea ahead of next month's winter olympics officials will hold talks on choose day focused on the participation of north korean athletes but there's other issues facing the games as well in the next part of our series looking ahead to the stories set to make headlines this year florence leary reports from pyongyang the mountain town of p.r. in china the site of south korea's first ski resort and it's preparing for another achievement to host the country's first olympic and paralympic winter games some of these slopes will be closed later this month for the event across town finishing touches are being made and people are looking forward to the opening ceremony in february. i'm excited and a bit nervous that i'll be able to watch such a big event taking place you know. it's been such a long time since south korea hosted an olympics event it's
9:55 pm
a good opportunity to promote the country and especially this area. it could also be a chance to improve into korea relations north korea has recently said it may send its athletes to take part in the event something south korea says it welcomes but security concerns over the north's nuclear weapons development remain organizers however say this isn't the first time a huge sporting event is held against the backdrop of heightened tensions but of course again safety and security are part of all of the olympic games and so it's a part of our preparations that we do but every other olympic committee has also had the same measures in place so we're working to ensure that everything is in place in time for the games. but an even more unpredictable factor is mother nature for costa temperatures on the day of the opening ceremony could make it one of the coldest in thirty years and the stadium has no roof a deliberate design to save time and money officials say to counter the cold
9:56 pm
they're installing when she and will give out hot packs and blankets to spectators . this is a hot tub a pocket sized portable heater to give it a good shake the chemicals inside react this packing generates heat loss for at least ten hours put in your pocket you hands out warm and toasty. for those willing to brave the cold it's now easier to get to the venue with a new high speed train from seoul to p.r. china. south korea also plans to use the upcoming on the pics to showcase what it says will be the most technologically advanced games should i mention that there's a camera placed on the helmets of competitors spectators can watch the event from athletes perspective in real time on this tablet which uses five g. technology. no efforts being spread to make the two thousand and eight winter olympics and paralympics a success florence. south korea. mckayla shifrin will
9:57 pm
be one of the stars to beat the americans hot starts the year has continued she posted her fortieth world cup korea win with victory in the women's slalom and seventy on sunday she's now won as many world cup victories as sweden great in boston mark the for the age of twenty three the american won by one point six four seconds she has now won seven of her last eight races. and those are useful for now but to make in london jail you very much thank you now finally ice sculptures from around the world have been showcasing the talents in a competition in china the harbin ice and snow festival is known for its colorful and dragons don't choose which a card to represent i call it it's from all over the world many also have a political message thousands of people are expected to visit last year eighteen million brave the million is that it's the degree temperatures to see it very
9:58 pm
impressive. and that is it for this. matter most of my colleagues will be right back in a couple minutes time with more the day's news but for me the clock the rest that city. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades took to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera.
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january on. african heads of states and governments will gather. for the state's assembly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda mad the aasan engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headline on top. and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera. all dizzy or explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why will raise influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle
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for civil rights the. resistance over. to oppress luther king and continue to make roles to be different but what about malcolm x. and martin luther king preached to fix at this time on al-jazeera. i cheeriest starts evacuating thousands of its citizens who had been trapped in slave like conditions in libya. i. know i'm in london you're watching al-jazeera coming up a call.


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