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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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our biggest strength is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america at about the same time but more importantly as well those two cultures north and south america at least has to teach it to very important place for al-jazeera t.v. . this is al-jazeera. logs the whole robin this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes mass evacuation nigerians trapped in slave like conditions in libya begin their journey home we have an exclusive report
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twenty five people killed in a car bomb blast in the syrian city of it clip it comes as government forces step up their offensive in the province. and making amends former trump strategist steve bannon backs off from explosive comments made about the u.s. president's son. and saving of the great whale scientists in california developed a warning system to protect the mammals from passing ships. good to have you with us welcome to the news hour about five hundred nigerian migrants stranded in libya have returned home the nigerian government ordered the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand one gerry and from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture and the dresser traveled with some of them here's his exclusive report
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a cramped office in the center of tripoli is the only decent place these nigerian teenagers have seen in years they left home with promises of a life of opportunity and comfort nothing prepared them for what followed in libya joy is not her real name she says she was sold for one thousand one hundred dollars to buy her freedom she needed to pay around two thousand five hundred dollars last week she and her friend saw a chance to escape from their buyers and they took. me well four hundred thousand naira nigerian money so did my said i'm going to be eight hundred thousand naira so rock job to get your friends so our minds we decided to run we jumped for his very high friends as mines so we ran. around we went to so young man simulates
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keeps iran libya she told us many like car have been killed for the flimsiest of reasons. at one thousand one hundred dollars she was one of the expensive buys some was sold for less than two hundred dollars in libyan sleeve markets. this is fifteen year old was promised a job as a tailor in a fashion house in italy. on reaching a transit destination in libya she ended up as a domestic servant why she says she was abused by her employers and the white people people the much treated me dig didn't give me my salary even seized my passport says everything about me it would be people dad brought me he had been admitted me libyan security forces say these nigerian woman who's been living in libya for seven years is a people trafficker she was alleged to have kept more than eighty goals as sex slaves but officers say as well as nigerian traffickers there are also libyans and
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some europeans in the trade. the nigerian government team on a fact finding mission in libya say they are shocked at what they saw and heard it talked about the various abuse systematic endemic and exploitation of all kinds i challenge to the senior officials as to the discrepancy between the numbers you know they came up with all kinds of not very convincing excuses this played into a narrative that we had been. told about that indeed. there are obviously interests that wanted to keep as many of them there as possible because they were commodities the delegation was told there are fourteen detention centers in libya other reports suggest they may be as many as thirty holding as many as forty thousand nigeria's the nigerian government is preparing for an influx of return e.-s. . habitation plan. has been concluded of terracini in
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them for a file in their older needed things to do is finish the first government repatriation flights took off from tripoli carrying five hundred nigerians the few over the mediterranean and the sahara desert tracing the route where hundreds of travel companions died in their terms to reach europe for most of the migrants on this flight it's a mixed feeling of being free at last and that of disappointment they've been through so much over the past years they're left with such promise but had to endure a lot of pain indignities of slavery torture and rape yet despite the hardships and dangers thousands more nigerians i sure like to attempt a judge in europe and beyond how many trees with nigerian migrants in the skies over libya. pleadwell more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya the coast guard said they were picked up from two boats and
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taken to ports in the capital tripoli that one of the vessels had sunk while the other was badly over crowded the coast guard is also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned survivors say dozens of others are still missing. at least twenty five people have been killed in an attack in the northwestern syrian city of president assad's forces have been making steady gains in the same province now government forces have also increased as trying some of the rebel held areas including including besieged kuta asama bin jeff it reports. the people of egypt city have become used to silence like this syrian civilians yet again caught up inside a war with seemingly no end in sight and. activists couldn't confirm if it was either a car bomb or a drone strike the target one of the many rebel factions who controlled parts of it although no one claimed responsibility some pointed the finger at the assad government. temple you'll bashar we will look leave we will die in syria
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the forces of the assad regime have been making gains in the north western parts of it live in hama provinces in the last forty eight hours if they can more areas in the countryside syrian rebels have not been able to stand the government's air superiority. but the relentless air campaign doesn't only target fighters this is what happens when people hear warplanes in the sky. to their population a village has more than doubled in the last few years over a million displaced people have been transferred to ad lib after the government starvin siege tactics in other areas south forces have also stepped up attacks on east and. these are two of the four deescalation zones agreed upon by syria iran russia and turkey. although there have been fewer attacks on bombs and when a threat which are the other areas under the deal but the bombings never stopped completely. more than four hundred thousand people are besieged in eastern brutal
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alone the un has declared that the captive indians face a complete catastrophe because the assad government has done a deliveries in besieged areas. and after getting. doors of the deescalation get ready to meet in the russian city of sochi later this month syrian civilians continue to suffer. there. well as get more on this now with a policy analyst at the arab center in washington d.c. joins me via skype good to have you with us kind of get your initial thoughts on this and initial assault on it that way we're seeing at the moment. i mean it was expected. that agreement. russia and. iran recently to be. completing zone in. recently. before the such a conference and basically and the last. police.
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force. and. we are we are seeing now the from the first result of this you know well if the agreement also talks about the escalations those which i'll talk about at a moment but if you are a civilian stuck in it now areas like it labe which is supposed to be a deescalation zone where other civilians have gone to from other parts of syria to look for a safe haven where do you go now if you're attacked. i mean that's a tough choice i mean there are there i don't know if you can still ration because there are basically between the syrian regime forces and the and the kurdish forces they have. to make a decision on the problem and this is. the story of the of this you know war cut out of control or no it's not going to let the syrians it's basically want to be more regional agreement and sooner than the first one. they saw this is
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one of the many as the result of syrian suffering. and i don't think they have learned. beyond implementing. the main players in the region so where do we stand there with the deescalation zones just as one particular issue because. those that are supposed to protect the civilian population turkey iran russia they've all signed up to looking after the populations in these deescalation zones as part of the agreement if they do not allow damascus to continue bombarding these areas won't they be accused of perpetuating a bloodbath. well this is relations on work in in there in there is to look at what the current who are. in the north and south so now basically. also the country and trying to do we can.
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do it you cannot control it. and now they are trying to contain them or end them especially. there are some who are this is a declaration. this for us for you and they are trying to visit you to control and basically. confidence and then enforce basically a new political reality for everybody. or just the what does after certainly for the moment job thanks very much for joining us from washington d.c. . steve bannon a major source for the bombshell behind the scenes book called donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the us president trump's former campaign manager and chief strategist has issued a statement saying he supports the u.s. president the book question trumps competence and quotes bennett as saying that the
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mr trump has lost it let's get more this a mechanic who's with us from washington d.c. and i mean the fallout might when he continues in the twists and turns of what was all not said in this book. well indeed steve benen as you say has issued an apology of sorts he contends that a number of the quotes attributed to him in the book fire and fury were inaccurate he says he never referred to don jr as committing treason when he held the meeting in trump towers with russian officials all russian representatives last year steve benen making very clear that he wants to get back into donald trump's good favors cynics would argue that he's got a financial interest in this given that many of the backers of his breitbart organization are indeed trump supporters but president trump continues to take the michael wolff book very personally it would appear and the tweet storm about the
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book continued this morning. president trump arrives back at the white house having spent his morning at camp david firing out a number of tweets that are one in support of his adviser stephen miller who angrily defended the president on a morning talk show jake tapper fake news c.n.n. just got destroyed in his interview with steven miller of the trumpet ministration trump said watch the hatred and unfairness of the c.n.n. flunky in another tweet i've had to put up with the fake news from the first day i announce that i would be running for president now i have to put up with a fake book written by a totally discredited author ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well so will i my author michael wolff float up the possibility of the twenty fifth amendment being applied in terms of which a president can be removed from office if the majority of the cabinet believe he's unfit to lead to trouble if i left out anything is probably stuff that was even
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more damning it's that it's that bad i mean it's it's an extraordinary moment in time and the last the last several days focused on on my book i think our are our proof of this this is what happened here what's going on here this is you know i i think not an exaggeration and not on reasonable and snotty and reasonable to say this is twenty fifth amendment kind of stuff in the course of the day to an apology from former trump confidant steve benen who was extensively quoted in the book he describes several disparaging remarks as inaccurate quotes and praised what he called the president's historical accomplishments in his first year. a senior senator was moved to comment on the president's mental status i don't think he's crazy i think he's had a very successful twenty seven thing and i want to help him where i can and we
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should all want him to be successful he's got a lot on his plate the white house released photos of the president meeting with cabinet members over the weekend the apparent intent to demonstrate that between the flow of irate tweets there was some governance done. well interesting to note that president trump is due for his annual physical this week it's understood that an examination of mental competence is not part of this examination but we shall wait and see thanks very much mike mike hanna in washington d.c. . well thirty two people are missing in the east china sea after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and caught fire now it happened off the coast of shanghai in our search teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh who work for a rainy and shipping company rescuers saved twenty one crew from the cargo ship the tanker was carrying about a million barrels of oil products but it's not yet clear how much environmental damage has been caused. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour we'll
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tell you what's on the agenda for the french president about what mike rogers in his first state visit to china. also german chancellor angela merkel hopes to break the political impasse and build a ruling coalition. and barcelona's record signing the rise to start his new job those details coming up in sport with joe. israel has published a list of the activist groups banned from entering the country twenty organizations have been blocked over their calls to boycott and sanction the jewish state over its policies towards the palestinians european u.s. and south african groups are on the black list and it includes the palestine solidarity campaign and the american muslims for palestine let's bring in joyce looney she's the secretary general of the american friends service committee one of
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the groups on the list joins me now from bethesda in maryland via skype good to have you with us on al-jazeera thank you very much for your time your organization received the nobel prize in one thousand nine hundred forty seven for saving the lives rescuing and helping the victims of the holocaust a terrible terrible moment in global history now your organization is deemed an enemy of israel how does that make you feel. yes i feel that. this has been. something of not a surprise we saw that coming. we feel that the palestine exception is now into play again. all over the world organizations and people are. our. people rejoice the fact that people are promoting nonviolence all over the world it is not an
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exception to that we've been working with nonviolent movements all over the world and we have been given prizes for that and for working towards that in palestine and israel obviously that is deemed of thing of a threat to the faith of this. how will you. be affected if you are not allowed to express your opinion in israel you will still be obviously continue a round the world as you do. no of course we will we you know we find it amusing that you know israel feels threatened by nonviolent action and by organizations with which have embraced or you know speaking truth to power and on behalf of the press and we were very resilient organ organizations i think i could speak on.
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his behalf and not other that are on the lift. and we will find ways you know this is not going to trash our voice and are working towards peace and justice all over the world on on account of those oppressed including palestinians how you viewed as a group within the us for example when. the commute to the society of the united in the u.s. is perhaps it was a divided on the israel issue because part of the constitution and legislation protects israel in terms of the politics of the country so how you viewed as a group trying to find equal rights for palestinians as well and potentially statehood for them as well. well i i you know. not everybody. accepts our points of views of obviously but we have many who support us and from within the friends quaker community and from beyond and so this is we have.
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had a very excellent track record on working towards peace and justice or for palestine and our. program on economic injustice is one of them you know so we we have worked on this issue for many years since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when we helped resettle refugees in gaza and so our work on humanitarian. injustice on economic injustice has spanned decades and so in the united states if a sees well regarded as an organization that is credible is does bold and courageous work fans for injustice regardless of who is affecting you know the organization has helped not only the jews escape from
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germany but also. to against apartheid the price i system in south africa it tells the have slaves escaped during the most and. in the united states and so this is. not. new to our work this is intrinsic to our work and so we are known for our work promoting peace and justice boldly and so this is not going to stop us or deter us from continuing with our messages ok well we shall see what happens of the future for the moment joyce judy thanks so much for joining us with us there in the u.s. like you think you're right. now iran's revolutionary guard says the wave of unrest linked to anti-government demonstrations is now ended families of some of the hundreds of demonstrators arrested have been protesting outside the in prison in tehran where some of them are being held rising costs unemployment and accusations
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of corruption sparked violent protests in a number of cities and towns in at the end of last month at least twenty two people died. now in a few hours time the french president on my problem will land in china for his first state visit it comes at a time of uncertainty of the crisis in north korea and tension in relations between china europe and the us rob mcbride has more from beijing with political upheaval impacting is e.u. neighbors president emmanuel mccraw comes to china with a clear message talk to me and you're talking to your. english and he's you know he's leaving you europe. germany's in a new very strange political position and france is very. macron president xi jinping have met just once before last year's g twenty summit
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and mccraw will be looking to china to reaffirm its commitment to the paris climate a cold to control global warming. it was signed just two years ago but damaged by the u.s. decision to pull out of it and it's very important for france to talk wiese china about government because america u.s. president trump and leave the conference this is macro's first state visit to china and we can expect the usual flurry of trade deals and possible agreements on future nuclear power projects in which both france and china have expertise but as permanent members of the u.n. security council they'll also likely be talks on the war in syria and on the north korean crisis in both china and france there's been alarmed at the kind of insults traded by the leaders of the u.s. and north korea and china will be looking for support for its so-called double
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freeze proposal that calls for the u.s. and south korea to suspend military exercises in return for north korea halting its missile tests for. this market i'm sure a china hopes will support this plan but if the french come up with his own ideas of china we are consider them carefully communion thinking and you in the face of so much international instability french and chinese diplomats will be hoping that the spectacle of two world leaders holding a state visit will in itself be a stabilizing influence macbride al-jazeera beijing. german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic she'll form a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democratic party and its former coalition partners the social democrats who had vowed to go into opposition
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a potential sticking point is europe's refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of people who fled to germany to join their families there is going to come really. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us always hope that politics will solve their problems and create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work or they were cheated has more from berlin. this is been the longest coalition talks that we've had in post-war political german history it's running up almost to four months now and the people of germany have been under a caretaker government it's very important for angela merkel and her prospective coalition partners that she sort out in these talks and remember there are only
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talks about talks in the next five days exactly where the red lines are what form of they can get where immigration is how can they get of the form of to reshape immigration policies and coalesce those policies in some way it is going to be as anglo merkel said in her statement before the talks began a lot of hard work but she said she was optimistic and her social democratic partner mark martin schulze prospective partner said there should be no red lines but there is a lot at stake it shows essentially that the the power at the heart of the european union that was angular merkel she was the one that had the strong partnership with the with france is beginning to erode she's less popular now with the people of germany are almost dismayed by what's happening how long it's taking and they want to result in an and in fact during these five days there will be a more or less
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a media blackout they don't want the sort of interviews they had during the last coalition talks which started feeding in to the actual coalition talks and that she increasing friction so we're not going to hear much about what's happening but i think that all a concentrated to make sure that will not be another general election and there will not be a minority government is in all their interests to come to a solution. now the seventy fifth annual golden globe awards will be held in beverly hills in just a few hours' time but the ceremony which usually focuses on the glitz and glamour of hollywood will have a more somber tone this year many actors filmmakers and producers were accused of sexual misconduct in twenty seventeen including hollywood heavyweights such as director harvey weinstein and actor kevin spacey. those in attendance are planning to wear all black as part of the hash tag me too movement which sought to highlight the issue of sexual harassment in the industry still ahead here on
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al-jazeera so the point is that entire treasury was rocked. the billions of dollars thought to have been stolen by the deposed president of ukraine viktor yanukovych. and egypt denies meteor polls are trying to stifle opposition to u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and its fall competitors tackle extreme sound dunes of peru in the dock all around me to stay with us here on just . how i would tell you have signs of some slightly moller air making its way towards that eastern side the north america is a go on for the next comes i say is there every a cloud that's bringing some snow in but with it being the cloud the winds coming in from a westerly direction temperatures edging up towards freezing no christ sakes but we
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are going to see slight improvement to such there will be some snow on the system having said that to the south generally seeing some rather wetter weather making its way across mississippi alabama easing towards georgia further west some rather wet weather there welcome right now i suspect coming into a good part of california go on into a choose day that will rain makes its way all the way down to l.a. cool one around sixteen celsius but nothing like as cold as it will still be across the eastern seaboard but just notice temperature in new york at last getting up above freezing down to the southeast in conus a bit some places of rain there into florida space in places of right also stretched across the caribbean then through us on posit cuba through jamaica still looking very disturbed just around panama that wet weather will stay in place more showers coming in across panama nicaragua costa rica west the weather that just over towards his daniella i will not just way into jamaica as you go on through tuesday kingston with a high of thirty degrees. there
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were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support for terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we were able to see the secret we were able to tell in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror. at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world they need more and find professionals a top priority is to model the new generation to study finds powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of almost any and all sexism shattering perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the
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interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. you actually i was there are these are absurd whole robin these are all top news stories about five hundred nigerian migrants stranded in libya have returned home but i jerry and government ordered the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery torture steve bannon the major source for the behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the u.s. president trump's former chief strategist issued a statement saying his support for the president is of wavering. a car bomb has
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killed twenty five people in the city of idlib one of the last syrian rebel strongholds there are reports that a rebel headquarters building was the target but it's still not clear who was behind the attack. al jazeera is investigative unit has obtained secret documents that reveal a plot by eastern european oligarchy to profit from billions thought have been stolen by victor young a covert the ousted ukrainian president who was overthrown in twenty fourteen officials froze one point five billion dollars soon afterwards but as will jordan reports the money is returned to ukraine is far from guaranteed. when he fled ukraine in twenty fourteen victory on a cove it took all that he and his men could carry they headed to russia soon after ukrainian officials found one point five billion dollars stashed offshore and they froze it the day he ran away from the country the entire korean treasury and its accounts had a few thousand dollars so the point is that entire treasury was robbed.
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today al-jazeera has discovered the young covert plan is working closely with the russian government we obtained an unsigned copy of a secret deal a plot to sell tens of millions of the frozen money unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between a criminal boss you can sign it with your blood. the document names to all agog says the buyers one wanted in ukraine the other a russian property magnate but the seller is hidden behind an offshore shell company based at this law firm in cyprus. other bank documents and company records eventually led us to moscow and a surrogate. gas tycoon who was young a curvatures money man and the seller of the frozen assets he was given control of a chunk of the gas trade he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it and to his political
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patrons which was you know get a commission yet again which is son. wanted in ukraine and sanction in the us and europe he travels under armed guard in a multi car convoy rarely appearing in public. we tracked down his former chauffeurs and they revealed his regular meetings with the russian government we often drive into the ministry of economic development the ministry of natural resources the national space agency also the russian presidential administration and state oil and gas firms. aside from frozen assets ukraine's intelligence agency says katrinka is trading oil gas and coal in the conflict zones of eastern ukraine fueling corruption and conflict in a country that was once his own. go didn't respond to our request for comment well jordan al-jazeera well egypt has denied pressuring t.v. hosts to play down the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the new york times
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quoted leaked phone recordings of a senior intelligence officer telling has to play down opposition to donald trump's move now it's been released at the same time that the arab league meeting was being held over the creation of a palestinian state mohammed jim children from ramallah and the occupied west bank . one month after donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel some members of the arab league met in jordan to say no definite will come our goal is to overturn the american decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and to assert that it has no it legal effect that we have specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital according to the june the fourth nine hundred sixty seven borders as many palestinians say that wall saturday's meeting in a man was important they were expecting more a little bit disappointed that they cannot go beyond just stressing this quarter.
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and try to be up to the challenge and take. measures to contain. to this very dangerous position of the united states at a time when many in the arab world believe regional leaders aren't doing enough to show solidarity with palestinians egypt stands is being called further into question by an article in the new york times the newspaper reported that some egyptian t.v. personalities have been pressured to play down opposition to president trump's decision on jerusalem. adding that in leaked phone recordings egyptian intelligence officer captain a showman fully reportedly told leading t.v. talk show hosts to influence their viewers to support the decision despite condemnation from the government and egyptians nationwide egypt's state information service denied the report stating that it was inappropriate for the new york times
2:37 am
to publish such an allegation and adding that the times report claims that captain of holy is an officer with the egyptian general intelligence without presenting its readers with the slightest evidence as to the truth of this piece of information or that a person by this name exists in the first place palestinian officials say they believe egypt is continuing to support them but that the u.s. has perhaps intentionally muddied the waters that i think that the. united states working. and tension only actually. to try to create and that's most fear which says that there has been. committed or taken with the tests that approval of certain out of governments these developments have not yet had much of an impact on the ground here the major concern for palestinians is seeking concrete measures to alleviate their suffering how much enjoyment does it up the occupied west bank. several
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religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been holding a demonstration in the northwestern city of the shower is the second in a series of protests initially organized in the wake of the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the groups behind the rallies include want to do the organization led by the two thousand and eight mumbai attack suspect hoffa say. how small from bashar. and shore from their dad if i gotta get on different accounts for the people of palestine and the people of russia me i gotta go through an opportunity for people like you at this country for sure did it then and again after rethinking this raid by the us president mr from a man who thought only our ameri corps in india but themselves a terrorist but sadly they apply i mean muslims in pakistan for supporting terrorist despite the fact that muslims all over the world
2:39 am
a victims of their brutality and with the blessings of almighty allah we will get rid of them very soon there i get done it already so i can fight for my i didn't do no more do i think the american then they go sorry mr granger no run it on the government i don't think that the americans have a good thanking the care from the guy should have done it on a good note blaming project on saudi failure then i run it on this particular organization will now be one big rallies across the country was there show that the people of pakistan are supporting the president and in oh so they're really bred that in and of of thing nor are they united friend again if they're going to drop their use of the jerusalem decision by the united states president the kashmir issue end of recent tweet by trump compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite and activate the people against the cruel
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decisions against muslims and pakistan. there's a large gathering. after a day and that's the good thing i did the government of pakistan which is giving under pressure for the united states which they don't accept them but while staying in the region bangladesh and being boss say they're ready to go ahead with a plan to bring rango refugees back home but aid agencies and the un have called the agreement a farce many of the refugees don't want to return to their homes i'm possessions were destroyed charles stratford reports. husband and three children fled the myanmar military crackdown on the region in late december. she says a boatman demanded seventy dollars for each person before he ferried them across the naff river into bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand ranger have fled across the border in recent months rights groups say myanmar's military killed around seven thousand ranger men women and children in the first month off of the
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crackdown began in late august but the bangladeshi governments are already preparing to offer what they describe as voluntary repacked for refugees who want to return to myanmar. like many refugees say she will not go back. no we want to go back not under these circumstances we've been persecuted in brutalized they took all our possessions our crops and cattle he would rather die here that go back under these circumstances. three petri ation agreement is based on a similar initiative by bangladesh in myanmar after a previous crackdown on the regime in one thousand nine hundred two it involves the myanmar government verifying the identity of refugees who want to return. but sounds of ranger have never had sufficient identification documents proving their residency. then burma's government stripped them of their citizenship in one
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thousand nine hundred. nine miles army has destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months so the repatriation plan involves putting those returning into temporary camps dealing kluges a role for the un but in what capacity remains unclear. at the present the situation is. hundreds of thousands of refugees here are. psychosocial support. that is on daily basis even. the bangladeshi government is estimated to be spending around four million dollars a day to help house and feed the refugees and it's signed off on a separate plan to move around one hundred thousand refugees from the camps to temporary shelters on a coastal island that critics say is highly vulnerable to typhoons western governments including the u.s. say myanmar's government is guilty of ethnic cleansing of the predominately muslim
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ranger they ask who can guarantee the security of the refugees like to sleep family if they return to myanmar and how can they go back with their lack of citizenship which has made them so vulnerable to violence and persecution for decades has not changed chance trafford al-jazeera. is due to open its first memorial to the members of the a indigenous minority killed by the military dictatorship many activists vanished during the one nine hundred seventy s. no remains were never found out as there is latin america editor lucien human reports now from. in central chile. native them up which a historian had none good he needed want the world to know when you. got to the center of this plaza goes through here to the quake it's a sacred space where only one day a year the sun rays pass directly from one side to the other. it's here
2:44 am
surrounded by seven hundred year old trees the first ever memorial to one hundred seventy one my push of victims of chile's former military dictatorship was soon be formally opened. shortly after the one nine hundred seventy three military coup could he needs twenty three year old brother nelson a left wing university student was detained by soldiers and never seen again but he made out of this board in the center of this pause it goes through here to the choir it's a sacred space where only one day a year the sun rays passes directly from one side to the other at a point towards one else including its family. that had shot him dead and thrown his body into this river to this day only one of the supporters who disappeared during that period with her mains were ever found. thousands of chileans were executed or disappeared during the pinochet dictatorship but the fate of the
2:45 am
indigenous my putsch victims has until now received little attention in a country where they have long been discriminated. remembers how secret police referred to her father a teacher and a poet as the indian she says they were all vilified for being my plutus mineable me. my father was vomiting blood and urine eating blood from the beatings he received when they brought him back from prison hours later they took him away again and he disappeared forever we've never been able to accept his death. and the other survivors welcome the opening of the soon to be finished memorial park in the hope that it will help chile see that them up which is we're not just victims of a dictatorship but of a society that never acknowledged their suffering you see in human i just didn't. south africa's parliament is expected to start reviewing its rules on how to remove president jacob zuma from power the constitutional court ruled at the end of
2:46 am
december that lawmakers had failed to hold the president to account zoomers survive several new confidence votes in parliament over recent years mostly relating to a string of corruption allegations he denies any wrongdoing. the largest animals on the planet and giant ships are on a collision course off the west coast of the u.s. dozens of blue whales are killed every year in shipping lanes in the waters off california prompting scientists to develop an early warning system for a ship's rob reynolds reports now from santa barbara the blue whale is an all inspiring creature the largest animal that has ever lived they can weigh one hundred thirty six thousand kilos and stretched thirty three meters from nose to tail. i mean live from eighty to one hundred in ten years but in the santa barbara channel even blue whales are no match for giant cargo ships when ships hit
2:47 am
whales whales die there are about eighty endangered whales that are killed every year ago along the coast of north western north america and that's a lot of whales for some of these whales that are quite rare in these populations we really think that that road kill is inhibiting the recovery of slowing down the recovery of these whales commercial whaling reduced blue whales to about one percent of their or original number before killing them was banned by an international agreement in one nine hundred sixty six the whales population is increasing worldwide but given their slow reproductive cycle scientists and government officials are concerned about their survival we're at a point now where we have a chance to bring blue whales back from the brink of extinction we need to find the ways to slow ships down along the california coast researchers with the university of california and the buying off ocean initiative are working on a technologically sophisticated new way old warning system in a radio a visual surveillance hydrophones thermal imaging and data crunching all that
2:48 am
information comes together to be alert that says hey ships watch out today is a bad day for whales please slow down if the ship's build in two to four hours of their transit to accommodate for slower the slow speed zone to protect the whales then we can achieve what we're trying to without regulation the government agency responsible has asked shipping companies to voluntarily cut their speed and even offered modest cash rewards for those who will do so but never the less ninety percent of all ships that transit these whale rich waters go full speed ahead in shipping like any other business time is money no vessel master wants to hit a well it's a tragic thing when it does. happen and we do take steps to try and avoid it but the industry opposes mandatory speed limits in blue whale territory what we would like to see is the continuance of voluntary programs in order to collect the
2:49 am
necessary data to inform that decision making process what's known already is this unless the ships slow down more of these magnificent animals will become roadkill rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara now i sculptors from around the world have been showcasing their talents in a competition in china the harbin ice and snow festival is no doubt it's colorful and extravagant sculptures which represent landmark from across the globe many of also a political message carving began on saturday and they have until monday to finish their amazing creations. still ahead here on al-jazeera in sports and lowly team proves that major upsets are still possible as out of the english f.a. cup. education the difference. is absolutely different from mine as
2:50 am
a muslim woman a taliban school for girls in afghanistan reveals a way of life rarely seen if you take your goals you not only tell them about their bills and regulations but you keep them about. an exclusive documentary gains access to the girls and the talent. at this time on al-jazeera. bureaus shunning six continents across the deal. al-jazeera is correspondents live in the story state. of the city was known. as the leftist young you. were at the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian refugee agency or sued in world news.
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the back is times for the history thanks very much and we start with a big upset in the english f.a. cup defending champions also will have been knocked out by nottingham forest forest went to one out in the first half thanks to two goals from american defender eric lick i any hopes of a comeback false and were ended when second tier forest were awarded two penalties in the second half which they converted for two was how it finished and that means that the most successful club in the competition will not get the play for a fourteen f.a. cup title fourth to newport county can also call themselves giant killers as they condemned second tayside leeds united to the knockout pile with
2:52 am
a two one victory no problems though for spurs who beat a.f.c. wimbledon three nil while west ham get a replay with trace bree town. barcelona's new record signing for the putin year has arrived at the nou camp the former liverpool midfielder is the third biggest transfer of all time at one hundred ninety two million dollars he'll finish the season with the spanish side and signed up for another five more after that continue will undergo a medical on monday. in sort of where. i think he will bring us a lot he is a player that has a very good relationship with the goal but he also knows how to give assists he's a huge player and i hope to help him adapt to the team and i hope of course that he can help us i wish him a lot of luck and if things go well this could be a beautiful relationship could sr missed barcelona's first much back after the spanish league's winter break but it was a winning start to two thousand and eighteen anyway the league leaders beat levant a three nil you know messi scored twelve minutes in it was suarez and sealed the
2:53 am
win in the second half and after nine points clear of a try to come a trade in the table. so this is how things stand in the league barcelona hold that sizable advantage over atletico real madrid were held by fourteenth place celta vigo to a two troop draw which hasn't really helped them make up their ground on first placed for landsea now nick carious has raised the hope of australian tennis fans one week out from this year's opening grand slam the twenty two year old won his first tournament on home soil embrace been curious is known for his role talent and his mates temperament but the australian struck his best form against ryan harrison he be american in straight sets six four six two it's curious his first a.t.p. tour title since two thousand and sixteen. coming here and you know i feel good always got the right of you guys ever tell us that you gave me such great support. you know i love playing for you guys even though sometimes it may not say in that
2:54 am
way. i think i well number three caroline version akki was beaten in the final of the espy classic in new zealand she went down to your gorgeous who has now extended her winning streak to fourteen matches six four seven six was the score this is the first time in nine attempts that the german has one this title as a hope of a thought or in relations between north and south korea ahead of next month's winter olympics officials will hold talks on tuesday focused on the participation of north korean athletes but this all issues facing the games as well in the next part of our series looking ahead to the stories set to make headlines this year florence louis reports from chiang the mountain town of p.r. the site of south korea's first ski resort and it's preparing for another achievement to host the country's first olympic and paralympic been to games some
2:55 am
of these slopes will be closed later this month for the event across town finishing touches are being made and people are looking forward to the opening ceremony in february. i'm excited and a bit nervous that i'll be able to watch such a big event taking place here. it's been such a long time since south korea hosted an olympics event it's a good opportunity to promote the country and especially this area it could also be a chance to improve into korea relations north korea has recently said it may send its athletes to take part in the event something south korea says it welcomes but security concerns over the north's nuclear weapons development remain organizers however say this isn't the first time a huge sporting event is held against the backdrop of heightened tensions but of course again safety and security are part of all of the olympic games and so it's a part of our preparations that we do but every other olympic committee has also had the same measures in place so we're working to ensure that everything is in
2:56 am
place in time for the games. but an even more unpredictable factor is mother nature for costa temperatures on the day of the opening ceremony could make it one of the coldest in thirty years and the stadium has no roof a deliberate design to save time and money officials say to counter the cold they're installing when she and will give out hot packs and blankets to spectators . this is a hot topic a pocket sized portable heater to give it a good shake the chemicals inside react this package generate heat the last for at least ten hours put in your pocket. warm and toasty. for those willing to brave the cold it's not easy to get to the venue with a new high speed train from seoul to p.r. china. south korea also plans to use the upcoming olympics to showcase what it says will be the most technologically advanced games should i mention that there's
2:57 am
a camera placed on the home and to competitors spectators can watch the event from athletes perspective in real time on this tablet which uses by g. technology. no efforts being spread to make the two thousand and eight winter olympics and paralympics a success florence li al-jazeera south korea michela shifrin will be one of the stars to beat at the pyung chang olympics the american continued home credible season winning her fortieth world cup race on sunday she clinched victory in the women's slalom in slovenia in what was her seventh win in eight races the result schifrin level with swedish great in the last denmark for the number of well cup wins before the age of twenty three. now competitors have tackled extreme but beautiful scenery in the second stage of the dakar rally is the fortieth edition of this annual event and sunday's racing took the cars quads bikes and trucks on
2:58 am
a two hundred sixty seven kilometer loop it started and finished in the previous city of pisk zero with some tough sun genes to tackle along the way frenchman cyril dupré won the stage to take the overall lead in the car category and that's all the sport from a phenomenal later thanks to you be launching the al-jazeera news hour with the cell rob i'll have more news on the other side of the break to let thanks very much for your time and your company.
2:59 am
senator. john you are on the. african heads of states and governments will gather. for the states assembly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business we'll meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be talk of the agenda matter the engages in rigorous debate cutting through the
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headlines on up front and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this jobs bill . me well four hundred thousand. reported traits hundreds of us citizens from libya al-jazeera has an exclusive report. alongside robin he wants.


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