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yes we can see reaction to the liberalization of five just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be getting it already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government were and look after my interest then i will look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. well four hundred. nigerian trades hundreds of citizens from libya al-jazeera has an exclusive report.
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live from my headquarters in. iran and also ahead. the syrian government targets a rebel held city is causing deaths and forcing others to flee the carnage. envoys from padmini to head of songs talks with pyongyang and making a mess on the tram strategist backs away from explosive comments made about the us president. about five hundred refugees and migrants stranded in libya have returned home the government ordered the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand nigerians from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture traveled with some of them has exclusive report. crammed in the center of
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tripoli is the only decent place these nigerian teenagers have seen in years they're left with promises of a life of opportunity and comfort nothing prepared them for what followed. joy is not her real name she says she was sold for one thousand one hundred dollars . to buy her freedom she needed to be around two thousand five hundred dollars. last week she and her friend saw a chance to escape from there by air and they took. her to a guest jeff rense so our minds we decided to run we jumped for his very high friends as ninth's so we ran. around we're going to see a young man simulates keeps iran libya she told us many like car have been killed for the flimsiest of reasons someone who was sold for less than two hundred dollars
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in libyan sleep markets this if ten year old was promised a job as a tailor in a fashion house in italy. on reaching a transit destination in libya she ended up as a domestic servant why she says she was abused by her employers and what we did the whites people people the much treated me dig didn't give me my salary didn't even seize my passport says everything about me it would be people dad brought me here did they neglected me libyan security forces say these nigerian woman who's been living in libya for seven years is a people trafficker she was alleged to have kept more than eighty goals as sex slaves but officers say as well as nigerian traffickers there are also libyans and some europeans in the trade. the nigerian government team on a fact finding mission in libya say they are shocked at what they saw and heard it all the various abuse systematic endemic and exploitation of all
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kinds a challenge to the senior officials as to the discrepancy between the numbers you know they came up with all kinds of not very convincing excuses this played into a narrative that we had been. told about that indeed. there are obviously interests that wanted to keep as many of them there as possible because they were commodities but the delegation was told there are fourteen detention centers in libya other reports suggest they may be as many as thirty holding as many as forty thousand nigeria's the nigerian government is preparing for an influx of return e s. . the first government report christian flights took off from tripoli carrying five hundred nigerians. over the mediterranean and the sahara desert tracing the route where hundreds of travel companions died in their terms to reach. for most of the migrants on this flight it's
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a mixed feeling of being free at last and that of disappointment they've been through so much over the past years they left with such promise but hard to draw a lot of dignitas of slavery torture and rape yet despite the hardships and dangers thousands more nigerians are sure to attempt a judge in europe and the. nigerian migrants in the skies over the. well meanwhile more than two hundred fifty vestiges have been rescued off the coast on the via the coast guard says they were picked up from two boats and taken to port in the capital tripoli one of the vessels had sunk while the other was overcrowded the coast guard also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned survivor say dozens of others are still missing. let's move on to other news now at least twenty five people have been killed in an attack in the syrian city of idlib president assad's forces have been making steady gains in the northwestern province government forces have also increased airstrikes on other rebel held areas
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including the besieged suburbs of eastern gota a solid and job anthropoids. the people of the city have become used to silence like this syrian civilians yet again caught up inside a war with seemingly no end in sight. activists couldn't confirm if it was either a car bomb or a drone strike the target one of the many rebel factions who controlled parts of it although no one claimed responsibility some pointed the finger at the assad government was. real bashar we will look leave we will die in syria. forces of the assad regime have been making gains in the northwestern parts of it live in. provinces in the last forty eight hours if they can more ready as in the countryside. syrian rebels have not been able to stand the government's air superiority. but the relentless campaign doesn't only target fighters this is what happens when people hear warplanes in the sky. the population of
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village has more than doubled in the last few years over a million displaced people have been transferred to ad lib after the government stopped in siege tactics in other areas so it forces have also stepped up attacks on east and. these are two of the four deescalation zones agreed upon by syria iran russia and turkey. although there have been fewer attacks on farms and when a threat which are the other areas under the deal but the bombings never stopped completely. more than four hundred thousand people are besieged in the eastern two alone because they expect. a bit of agreement now due to russia and. iran recently two. conflicting. results. from the sochi conference and raised. the last.
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thing the un has declared that drops of billions face a complete catastrophe because the assad government has got a deliveries in besieged areas. and as the guarantors of the deescalation deal get ready to meet in the russian city of sochi later this month syrian civilians continue to suffer from injuries. to south korea now where the top nuclear envoy and has japanese counterpart a meeting will solve those talks are happening one day before the first high level and to korean talks and to hear the shuttle to take place there rare masing of expected to focus on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics well let's get more on the. pond and kathy novak she is following the story from seoul so i've had the chinese on warpath herself in the past few days and now japan kathy plenty of shuttle diplomacy taking place and the region ahead of those crucial talks between the north and south tomorrow. indeed in many ways these are
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the countries that have most at stake when it comes to these tensions on the korean peninsula we have as you mentioned the chinese envoy but he's been in town and also now the japanese envoy and of course japan saw two intermediate range ballistic missiles being tested out of north korea flying over its country so these are countries that really want to see some progress towards diffusing the tensions here and they are holding out hopes that these talks that will be happening here tomorrow will go some way to ease even of the situation the south korean news agency young is also reporting that south korea's nuclear envoy after those talks will be heading to the united states for talks with his u.s. counterpart joseph yun to update him on the outcomes of those talks and also to talk about possible follow up measures because of course it has been about two
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years since north and south korea have had any form of communication and now they are having these talks that are very being held at a very high level just ahead of the winter olympics in the hopes that north korea will send a delegation to compete in those winter olympics elizabeth and as you mentioned cathy there is hope understandably that the nuclear issue will be raised at these talks and we hear that south korea will definitely raise the issue but they are meeting of course over the issue off the wood to lympics and the north participation do we have any indication yet if the north will be willing to talk about anything beyond that. well it seemed from his speech on new years that the leader kim jong un was talking about more engagement and dialogue with the south korea so that seems to be at least a sign of a small step forwards to wards progress of course the elephant in the room is north
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korea's nuclear program and the fact that it continues to refuse to give that up but from the south korean side of the perspective of the president has long been that any engagement any dialogue with north korea has to be a good step forward in the past he has suggested perhaps discussing the issue of family reunions for those family members that have been separated since the korean war these are rare reunions that are held from time to time between both sides they haven't happened for some years now so things like sport things like family reunions that are not the bigger issues when it comes to nuclear testing and missile testing maybe somewhere to start but of course long term south korea japan china and the united states would want to move forward and talk about north korea stopping its missile and nuclear testing but of course north korea shows no signs of being willing to do that so what will come out after these talks really remains
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to be seen but there is some hope around the fact that they are happening at all elizabeth kathy thank you very much for that for now that's kathy novak joins us live from seoul thank you. french president a man you met on has arrived for his first state visit to china that comes at a time of uncertainty of the nuclear crisis and tension and relations between china and the u.s. the bride has more from beijing. this is an important visit for emanuel but also important for china to get to know this relatively new and young world leader this state visit is beginning in the ancient city of shia and it's symbolically important as one of the departure points of the ancient silk road that connected china with the west and macron is making a speech where he is talking about the historical significance of the franco
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chinese relationship france was one of the first western countries to recognize the people's republic of china and french president serve made it a point that early in their terms of office they come and visit china given all the uncertainties on the international scene right now both countries will welcome the chance of continuing this tradition that feels so familiar tomorrow tuesday the visit continues to beijing where in addition to meeting with his counterpart chinese president xi jinping and the pomp of official banquets and visits to the forbidding city there will also be the trade deals announced meetings between the delegation of french business people with their chinese counterparts macron in his new year address called upon your up to overcome its differences to become a unified force in the world democratic and environmentally responsible he said
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a force able to stand up to the likes of the united states and to china this visit gives him the chance to advance that agenda to head down the policy and egypt tonight's meeting of a port to try to quash opposition opposition to u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and with that in it which is on course for a full term as president will explain why russian politics and still a one man show. how are we to have signs of some slightly moller air making its way towards that eastern side on north america to go on through the next comes they say is there every a cloud that's bringing some snow in but with it being the cloud the winds coming in from a westerly direction temperatures edging up towards freezing no great shakes but we are going to see slight improvements as such there will be some snow on this system
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having said that to the south generally seeing some rather wetter weather making its way across mississippi alabama easing towards georgia further west some rather wet weather there welcome right now i suspect coming into a good part of california go on into or choose day that all rain makes its way all the way down into l.a. cool one here around sixteen celsius but nothing like as cold as it will still be across the eastern seaboard but just notice temperature in new york at last getting up above freezing down to the southeast in conus and bits and pieces of rain there into florida space in places of right also stretched across the caribbean then through our southern parts of cuba through jamaica still looking very disturbed just around panama that wet weather will stay in place more showers coming in across panama nicaragua costa rica west the weather there to just over towards his daniella i will not just way into jamaica's we go on through tuesday kingston with a high of thirty degrees.
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when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides was of shame at this time on al-jazeera. to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories about five hundred
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nigerian refugees and migrants stranded in libya have returned home the nigerian government ordered the immediate evacuation about five thousand of its citizens from the bia after reports of abuse slavery and torture. a car bomb has killed twenty five people in the city of one of the last syrian rebel strongholds there are reports that a rebel headquarters was the target but it's still not clear who was behind the attack and south korea's top nucleon boy and his japanese counterpart a meeting insult the meetings being held one day before the first high level talks between north and south korea in more than two years he is. staying back in the main source for the bombshell behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the u.s. president. strategist says his support for donald trump is unwavering meanwhile trump continues to criticize the book which in by journalist michael wolff mike hanna has more. president trump arrives back at the white house having spent his
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morning at camp david firing out a number of tweets other one in support of his adviser stephen miller who angrily defended the president on a morning talk show jake tapper fake news c.n.n. just got destroyed in his interview with steven miller of the trumpet ministration trump said watch the hatred and unfairness of the c.n.n. flunky in another tweet i've had to put up with the fake news from the first day i announce that i would be running for president now i have to put up with a fake book written by a totally discredited author ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well so will i my author michael wolff lot up the possibility of the twenty fifth amendment being applied where in terms of which a president can be removed from office if the majority of the cabinet believe he's unfit to lead to trouble if i left out anything it's probably stuff that was even more damning it's that it's this s.
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that bad i mean it's it's an extraordinary moment in time when the last the last several days focused on on my book i think are are are proof of this this is what happened here what's going on here this is you know i i think not an exaggeration and not an reasonable and snotty and reasonable to say this is twenty fifth amendment kind of stuff in the course of the day to an apology from former trump confidant steve benen who was extensively quoted in the book he describes several disparaging remarks as inaccurate quotes and praised what he called the president's historical accomplishments in his first year. a senior senator was moved to comment on the president's mental status i don't think he's crazy i think he's had a very successful twenty seven thing and i want to help him work in there was should all want him to be successful he's got a lot on his plate the white house released photos of the president meeting with
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cabinet members over the weekend the apparent intent to demonstrate that between the flow of irate tweets there was some governance done by kind of washington. german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic she will form a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democrats and its former coalition partners the social democrats who had valid to go into opposition a potential sticking point as europe's refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of people who fled to germany to join their families there. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting you always hope that politics will solve their problems in create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also
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know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work egypt has denied pressuring t.v. hosts to play down the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the new york times quoted leaked foreign recordings of a senior intelligence officer telling host to play down opposition to donald trump's move of it's being released at the same time an arab league meeting was held over the creation of a palestinian state mohamad john john reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. one month after donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel some members of the arab league met in jordan to say no. will come our goal is to overturn the american decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and to assert that it has no it legal effect. we have specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital according to the june the fourth
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nine hundred sixty seven borders as many palestinians say the wall saturday's meeting in i-man was important they were expecting more a little bit disappointed that they kind of go beyond just stressing this critic position and try to be up to the challenge and take. this to. the to this very dangerous position of the united states at a time when many in the arab world believe regional leaders aren't doing enough to show solidarity with palestinians egypt stance is being called further into question by an article in the new york times the newspaper reported that some egyptian t.v. personalities have been pressured to play down opposition to president trump's decision on jerusalem adding that in leaked phone recordings egyptian intelligence officer captain ussher of holy reportedly told leading t.v. talk show host to influence their viewers to support the decision despite
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condemnation from the government and egyptians nationwide bob eleven. i'm letting you know the position of egypt's national security regarding the issue of declaring to the capital of israel there have to be compromises if we reach a point where dru slim becomes the capital of israel and ramallah becomes the capital of palestine in order to end the war and avoid more death and we could probably do that but in return the borders have to be secured. egypt state information service denied the report stating that it was inappropriate for the new york times to publish such an allegation and adding that the times report claims that captain ussher for the holy is an officer with the egyptian general intelligence without presenting its readers with the slightest evidence as to the truth of this piece of information or that a person by this name exists in the first place palestinian officials say they believe egypt is continuing to support them but that the u.s. has perhaps intentionally muddied the waters they think that the.
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united states working. intentionally. to try to create that was fear which says that there has been. taken with the approval of certain of governments these developments have not yet had much of an impact on the ground here the major concern for palestinians is seeking concrete measures to alleviate their suffering. the occupied west bank now israel has published a list of activist groups banned from entering the country twenty organizations have been blocked over their calls to boycott divestment sanction the jewish state for its policies towards palestinians european u.s. and south african groups on the blacklist and interesting palestine solidarity campaign and american muslims for palestine israel's prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has called for the closure of the un's agency for palestinian refugees he stopped short of insisting on an immediate end to u.s. funding for palestinians follows a threat from u.s. president on trying to stop supporting the when's relief and work agency. i mean. i completely agree with president trump's harsh criticism of it's an organization that perpetuates the palestinian refugee problem it also in the narrative of the so-called right to return in a bid to eliminate the state of israel. should pass from the world right to russia now putin is expected to win another six years in power when russians go to the polls in march the country has a tightly managed electoral system the candidates are carefully screened and few surprises are expected but when everything is laid out according to plan it is difficult to generate much excitement and. looking ahead to the big stories this year roy chalons reports from moscow. the exhibition is called super putin
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thirty artists presenting vladimir putin various heroic depictions it opened at a moscow gallery home the same day the president announced his bid for reelection it's the kind of post modern political display you quickly get used to in russia one's never quite sure how seriously all this is meant to be taken. the real life ready made putin is expected to comfortably cruise to a fourth term in office this year he's running as an independent candidate even so putin's most publicly vocal critic is being barred from running against him alexina valley has called for nationwide protests in response. let's come out to the street for yourselves feel rights feel future for the fact that we do not want to lose another six years this action needs to be carefully planned and we will hold and cross the entire country on sunday january twenty eighth less threatening to russia's carefully constructed political order is cassini
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a subject she's the daughter of putin's former political mentor the journalist and t.v. personality comes with the liberal opposition credentials yet has been admitted to the race in the field. if sacred processions and many million st pres are a lot of position rallies should also be allowed as well as the atheist rallies carnivals and gay pride if church marriages are allowed civil l.g.b. t. marriages should also be allowed analyst andre kolesnikov says these decisions make political sense my violin is dangerous for this very stable construction stable model for the political system. check who's the new figure in this field is acceptable because she's not dangerous she can be such a person who can announce some liberal ideas but at the same time to discredit.
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liberal ideals because she's a girl from the party not more then there are the communists and nationalist l.d.p. are candidates in recent years neither of these parties are provided any genuine opposition to the policies of the government or gremlin the electorate doesn't seem enthused recently honey fifty eight percent polled russians said they were thinking of voting for a comparatively low figure for this country as super putin knowingly acknowledges russian politics is a one man show but beneath the debatable humor there's a contradiction if a superhero portrayed is ready to vanquish russia's external enemies as no credible domestic challenger then why should people bother voting for him in march superheroes do not lose elections but if turnout drops significantly next year then the kremlin loses some of the the just a missy it needs to support an aging political system or italians zero.
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and another country going to the polls in two thousand and eighteen is cambodia in our next feature in the series while the bride looks into concerns over its electoral system following a crackdown on political parties you can see that story here on al-jazeera on tuesday. police vessels and cleaning ships have been sent to the scene of a maritime accident in the east china sea thirty two crew a missing after their oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off the coast of shanghai the missing sailors are from iran and bangladesh and work for an iranian shipping company rescuers say the twenty one crew of the cargo ship the tanker was carrying about a million barrels of oil products but it's not yet clear how much environmental damage has been caused. forecasters say that ends in sight to the arctic cold snap that's gripped much of the northeastern u.s. and canada the one to deep freeze dubbed the bombsite clone brought record breaking
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cold temperatures it's being blamed for mine teen deaths in the u.s. thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed cause of widespread travel of chaos. the seventy fifth annual golden globe awards are underway in beverly hills the ceremony which usually focus on the glitz and glamour of hollywood has a more somber tone the seer many actors filmmakers and producers work of sexual misconduct in two thousand and seventeen including hollywood heavyweights producer harvey weinstein and actor kevin spacey so many on the red carpet or black as part of the hash tag movement which highlights the issue of sexual harassment just a reminder now that you can always keep up to date with the news on our website that's at al-jazeera dot com. hello again all of those of a prominent are the headlines on al-jazeera about five hundred refugees and
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migrants stranded in libya have returned home the nigerian government ordered the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture. address traveled with some of. the migrants and. it's a mixed feeling really a blast and dropped off to support. over the past years they love to such promise but hard to draw a lot of dignity is of slavery torture and rape you describe the hardships and dangers thousands more nigerians are sure to attempt to judge in europe. meanwhile more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya the coast guard says they were picked up from two boats and taken to the port of the capital tripoli the coast guard also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned . a car bomb has killed twenty five people in the syrian city of idlib one of the
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last rebel strongholds there are reports that a rebel headquarters was the target but it's still not clear who was behind the attack south korea's top nuclear on boy and his japanese counterpart a meeting in seoul the meetings being held a day before the first high level talks between north and south korea in more than two years steve bannon the major source for the behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the u.s. president travels former chief strategist issued a statement saying his support for the president is unwavering german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic she will form a coalition government almost four months after the general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democrat party and its former coalition partners the social democrats and the seventy fifth annual golden globe awards are underway in beverly hills the ceremony has a more somber tone this year after widespread accusations of sexual misconduct in the industry in two thousand and seventeen many of the red carpet on the red carpet
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rather wore black as part of the hash tag me too movement which highlights the issue of sexual harassment. as the headlines on al-jazeera of shame is coming up next. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades took to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. twenty sixteen was the deadliest year on record for migrants and refugees attempting to get into europe. over five thousand people died between libya and italy or turkey and greece. or italy the following film was first
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broadcast in two thousand and seven well before today's conflicts in the.


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