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you enjoy your. it's game on between the koreas the north says athletes will be at the winter olympics in the south as the a strange neighbors talk for the first time in more than two years. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead france's
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president demanding mccaughan targets improve trade and diplomatic relations on his first official visit to china. the race is on to prevent any potential environmental disaster off china's east coast where the rainy an oil tanker has been on fire for three days. and will meet the nigerian migrants forced to return home from libya was giving up their dreams to get to europe. north and south korea holding their first official meeting in more than two years with a few diplomatic breakthrough as pyongyang is sending athletes and a high level delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea seoul says it will consider temporarily lifting sanctions to facilitate that visit but the meeting isn't just focusing on sporting ties as kathy novak explained some soul. until recently the north koreans have refused to even pick up the phone when the
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south koreans tried to place calls at the border hotline so it was significant to see recently one the man in charge of into korean relations for the government in the north stepping over the border into the southern side of what's known as the truce village at pun one job leading a five member team of high ranking officials into a meeting with his south korean counterpart. in our talks resume after north and south korean ties have been severed for a long time but i believe the first step is have to journey on what is number one we came to this meeting today with a serious and sincere attitude and with the thought of giving our brethren who have high hopes for this dialogue in valuable results as the first presents of the here . the meeting did produce results and agreement for north korean representatives to attend next month's winter olympics in pyongyang chung south korean president monday and has dubbed them the peace olympics and it's hoped that with its athletes
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in pyongyang north korea may be less likely to conduct any missile or nuclear tests the united states and south korea have already said they would put off any joint military exercises until after the winter games. south korea also proposed more discussions on reunions for separated family members to coincide with the lunar new year next month as well as military talks to defuse tensions at the border that talks between the koreans are happening at all is seen by many in the south as a positive step. i believe these formal diplomatic discussions can result in peace for an a c. the korean peninsula is a dangerous place that's under the constant threat of war and i hope those concerns don't become reality. but skeptics are concerned the talks won't do enough to resolve the major issue of north korea's nuclear weapons program south korea says it mentioned denuclearization drawing little response. their nuclear
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weapon development program is a threat to the regional and international community and the united nations has implemented very strict sanctions so we need to maintain our stance that they need to abide by the resolution as we have been asking them. still japan says it welcomes north korea's change in attitude on attending the winter olympics kathy novak al jazeera seoul now the news france's president is pushing for stronger ties between his country the european union and china emmanuel mccall will be signing several deals with chinese leader xi jinping he's trying to strengthen trade ties to reduce a thirty six billion dollar trade deficit with a chain because offer to open up france to chinese investment and in exchange wants better access to china's nuclear arris space and food sectors for french companies that speak to rob mcbride as our correspondent in beijing this is the first official visit by the french president to china how is he being received in one of
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the two leaders been up to. it's been treated very favorably here in china macron is saying and doing all the right things today he has been visiting the forbidden city with his wife bridgette looking around the historic aspect of beijing and getting he says an appreciation of the depth of chinese culture china of course likes world leaders beating a path to its door macron is one of the latest european leaders to come here but he is probably one of the more influential ones at the moment given that angela merkel of germany has her domestic political worries britain obviously is busy with its breck sitting it leaves it to macro really to be the standard bearer for the you representing their interests here as the biggest trading partner of china and i think appreciation of just how important china is now to france and to your up says
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he wants to make this an annual event coming to china once a year for the rest of his presidency sightseeing and ceremonials aside there is a big banquet happening tuesday evening here in beijing we are now into the more businesslike aspects of this visit he is meeting with likud chang the premier of china and another meeting with the himself before the two leaders will be making a joint communique we're expecting within about an hour or so from now they're expected to sign a number of trade deals rob and also one of the big issues for france is environment i imagine and china's continued support for the paris canada court. it's made all the more imperative that china does support this of course since the united states walked away from it it was signed only two years ago and there's been real concerns just about where it's headed i think china and france seem to be
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positioning themselves now as the two global leaders when it comes to tackling and trying to reverse climate change obviously france was the big promoter of the paris climate accord and china is the biggest emitter of carbon gases so it's very important that it is committed still and they have given all the right indications that they will continue to do that i think it's also worth noting firstly that this summit this visit has been taking place under clear blue skies in beijing this doesn't happen normally during beijing winters in northern china we normally experience very high levels of hazardous air pollution but china has said recently has clamped down on the use of coal for heating in northern cities it's a controversial move it's had to relax that somewhat because there isn't enough gas around to keep the furnace is burning but it gives you a sense of the kind of control the compact kind of power that china has in
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controlling its own environment how important it is that it is owned board in getting behind the paris climate accord rob thank you very much that's rob mcbride reporting there live from beijing and he rainy an oil tanker that collided with a freighter off china's east coast on saturday's still on fire and doesn't rescue boats have spent three days trying to control the blaze it's here the tank and main explode and sink rescuers are looking for thirty one of whom members are still missing the body of one of them has been found adrian brown has the latest from near shanghai. the drama is happening some one hundred sixty nautical miles out in the east china sea it's happening in international waters which is why the response has been international south korea has sent a number of coast guard vessels u.s. military has sent an aircraft to help in the search for the thirty two missing crew members from that stricken iranian oil tanker now at the moment there are two
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operations taking place one to put out the fire the broke out on the tanker the other of course to find those missing crew members and other tanker was carrying more than a million barrels of light crude oil knows as condensate it's very toxic it's also colorless odorless which means it's very very hard to detect the priority now is to prevent the ship exploding and then sinking and of course that would threaten a real environmental catastrophe in the meantime officials in shanghai say there is no evidence that this accident is affecting traffic going into or out of the port shanghai of course is one of the world's busiest ports officials also say that an exclusion zone is now in force which means that no vessel can sail to within ten kilometers of the accident site and it's possible there is this rescue operation continued that exclusion zone will be widened. syrian government and russian air
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strikes have targeted several towns in eastern go to any of the capital damascus twenty three people were killed and the rebel stronghold has been under heavy bombardment on monday government forces reach a military base in the city of herat freeing two hundred troops the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says ass strike on eastern go to have killed one hundred twenty six people since december twenty ninth go to has been a target of government forces because of its close proximity to the capital damascus the area has been under control by loyalists to the free syrian army which are backed by the u.s. and turkey eastern go to is among four so-called deescalation zones set up early last year by russia iran and turkey in a four year government siege has led to a major humanitarian crisis with severe shortages of food and medicine another rebel stronghold has also weakened in recent weeks with more than sixty thousand people leaving their homes since november first all the spokesman for the u.n.
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secretary general says civilians are being forced to flee into areas already overcrowded with displaced people the un is deeply concerned for the safety and protection of ten themselves and of people in southern italy in rural hama in northern syria northeastern syria where ongoing hostilities are reportedly calls hundreds of deaths and injuries of civilians tens of thousands of civilians already in dire circumstances have been recorded is displaced since the first of december due to the fighting with the onset of winter save shelters among the biggest concerns is many families are fleeing into areas that are already at full capacity into communities with depleted resources. syria's army says three israeli rockets have targeted its military positions it says the weapons were fired at could not typhus city along the syrian countryside this is the twenty fourth israeli attack against syrian targets since the war began in twenty four team israel hasn't claimed responsibility. the head of nigeria's immigration service is aging more
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international cooperation in the fight against people trafficking the government ordered the media's evacuation of about five and a half thousand of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture but many of the migrants returning home still hope to one day reach al-jazeera as i am an interest traveled with a man has this exclusive report. well these first time nigerian migrants heading home from the schooling facility in tripoli i worried that the plane will leave without them. the only thing on their mind now is to get in with that when you people leave here they're taking us back to that prison i don't want to continue we should help us by only. but many others here have been through this routine before for that person or ceratin vincent says his destiny allies in europe and he will make another attempt to get there so almost everything i have to buckle is going to go but all like like you are like
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a madman not limited to this attitude has surprised even the experts who say as many as forty five percent of deported migrants from libya attempt to go back. as a human being. i would my most important goal in life is to preserve my life and knowing that i come so close. to to to what i've seen i wouldn't go but you know survival is also important to a person. if you are in a place you don't see a future then that pushes you to government officials in west africa admit that there are vast porous borders makes it difficult to stop what they call irregular migration i most times border police feel powerless to make arrests because of an existing pact that government cheese freedom of movement of goods and people. it's that same agreement traffickers and illegal migrants exploit but the challenges go
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beyond that. it's frustrating that we us country when working together including europe it takes more than returning it takes more than public city to do this we need to walk together sauce. this nation going to did with a clean medical. for now african countries continue to evacuate citizens from libya preventing those citizens from attempting to reach europe again is proving difficult regardless of what happens to them in transit. comedy grease al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera setback for alzheimer's and parkinson's patients in the search of finding a cure for the disease since last. we had to argentina where the birthplace of tango is dancing to a different tune. hello
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there we've been watching some very heavy downpours make their way across the philippines we look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds of have been drifting their way across us for the last twelve hours or so but just over the past couple of hours they've really turned heavy particularly in the eastern parts of mindanao and that's where we're seeing some particularly heavy rains at the moment now over the next couple of days again there will be some showers here but i don't think they'll be quite as heavy instead they'll be some wetter weather a little bit further towards the west here over parts of borneo it does look very wetter for wednesday and then those showers transfer a bit further towards the west on thursday and it singapore and k.l. where we're likely to see some of the wettest of the weather in fact k.l. really does look particularly wet as we had a bit further towards the south in australia we've seen a storm that's gradually pulling itself together that's in the northwest it could well develop into
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a tropical cycle certainly whether it does or not this region is likely to see some very wet weather very enhanced rainfall and very strong winds as well as we head through the next couple of days else where the temperatures have largely got back to normal except they're going to become a little bit higher again as we head through the next few days that's thanks to this weather system edging its way eastward ahead of that the winds all drawn down from the north so adelaide in melbourne will both be up thirty three. this is the architect of. the self appointed time asks to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring into a little beauty came to vietnam's child king urban spaces. and to convince developments that is dreams are attainable to changing minds can be as good as altering spaces. the architecture continues with meaning in the city at this time
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on how disease. welcome back our top stories our knowledge is iraq north korea says it will send a delegation of athletes supporters and officials of next month's winter olympic games in south korea. holding its first high level discussions with seoul since twenty fifty. france's president is pushing for stronger ties between his country the european union and china and will be signing several deals with chinese leader xi jinping is offered to open up funds to chinese investment. and any radiant oil tanker that collided with
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a freighter off time is east coast on saturdays still on fire dozens of rescue boats spent three days trying to control the base rescuers are looking for thirty one crew members who are still basic. pro-democracy activists in hong kong are in court again over their roles in mass protests in twenty fourteen. eagles conard benny ty and eight others are attending a pretrial hearing they face charges of incitement connected with their roles in the movement demonstrations sarika has more from hong kong. this is the pretrial hearing for nine pro-democracy activists who've been child's withinside in public nuisance for their role back in the twenty four st occupy hong kong protests which shut down parts of the city but almost three months the group arrived at court determined to have some of these charges dropped stating that though politically motivated now there have been a number of pro democracy activists before the courts but this particular group has
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attracted greater interest simply because there are three of the founders of the occupy hong kong movement that includes benny time who's the hong kong university legal academic dr chung can men and reverend chu uming now the group started that they don't regret an issue the pro-democracy demonstrations back in twenty fourteen but i believe the charges of inciting public nuisance are inappropriate as they were one of hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets during these demonstrations now the pretrial hearing will determine if these charges are up killed or chimes before the group goes to trial and coming up. japan is rejecting extra demands from south korea on a compensation deal for so-called confit women in twenty fifteen tokyo apologized to women who were forced to work in brothels during world war two and agreed to set up an eight million donna fund to help the victims critics of the deal want direct
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compensation and said south korea's foreign minister says her government doesn't want to renegotiate the agreements. come on our government will not demanded we negotiation but hopes that japan will accept the truth as it is according to international standards and continue efforts to help the victims regain honor and dignity and shield their hearts camas return to a town in tunisia where an anti-government protesters was killed on monday the interior ministry denied the protester was run over by a police car in the town of hebron about three security forces were injured during overnight fighting protests spread to other times as to nations criticize higher prices for basic goods and tax rices protesters have matia the white house because two hundred thousand immigrants are now salvador face expulsion from the united states families being torn apart and some are accusing u.s. present donald trump of past occasion from a sundress rob reynolds reports ricardo escobar makes his living improving the
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houses of people much wealthier than he now the migrant from el salvador may be expelled from the country where he's lived worked and raised a family for nearly two decades by this is a country the immigrants. all the world has immigrated here he. was in washington demonstrators gathered in front of the white house monday protesting a decision by the trumpet ministration to take away temporary protected status or t.p.s. for more than two hundred thousand salvadorans they had been permitted to live in the u.s. following disastrous earthquakes that struck their homeland in two thousand and one this issue you know where he wasn't completely unexpected but he's real and it makes me sad that i have heard members of the union call me. crying because of this decision hired me what are we going to do the trumpet ministration
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says t.p.s. was never meant to be permanent and that social disruptions caused by the earthquakes no longer exist last year the trumpet ministration stripped temporary protective status from tens of thousands of people from eighty to nicaragua living in the u.s. . el salvador is one of the world's most dangerous places it had the highest murder rate of any country in two thousand and fifteen powerful gangs operate with near impunity and poverty and unemployment are dire escobar does not want to bring his family there but hey yes i worry a lot about my children if my son goes there go force them to join a gang and if you refuses they'll kill him activists say political pressure is needed to reverse the decision and that many children of salvadoran parents were born in the u.s. and thus are american citizens border two hundred thousand u.s.
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citizen children than your current voting age so today i'm asking are to be as rogue or families and both undergrads who stay at home are u.s. citizens and then a vote you know some action cannot go into anything ministration has given the salvadoran residents eighteen months to find a way to obtain legal status or leave the u.s. forever in el salvador the foreign minister urged salvadorans in the u.s. not to become agitated nobody muto going to get you know. the first thing i want to tell people is they need to remain calm we have another eighteen months between march this year and september twenty ninth tain. but it's difficult for people to stay calm when their family's futures are on the line. al jazeera los angeles. millions of people suffering from alzheimer's and parkinson's have been
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dealt a blow a drug make a fire and its research into the debilitating diseases john hendren has more the decision by drug maker finds or to end its expensive high risk research into all timers and parkinson's disease marks a devastating blow for tens of millions of people around the world in a statement pfizer says this was an exercise to reallocate spending across our portfolio to focus on those areas where our pipeline and our scientific expertise is strongest the oldtimers association says it's disappointed that pfizer is ending its investment in neuroscience research pharmaceutical companies have long argued that the more money they have available for research the more patients would benefit it was a sales pitch pfizer c.e.o. made in washington last march our responsibility is to produce the best and greatest medicines we can they make them a biggest impact on human life this industry needs to have
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a return that allows it to continue to do its research although president trump answered that call in part with the largest corporate tax cut in u.s. history pfizer like many other companies is not plowing the benefits back into research it's just announced a plan to use the tax break to benefit its investors by buying back ten billion dollars of its own stock pfizer which makes the lucrative pill vi i grab does say it plans to detail its plans to create a neuro science fund later this year but that's likely to come as cold comfort to the more than seven million people across the globe living with parkinson's in the forty four million living with alzheimer's john hendren al-jazeera. french prosecutors are investigating tech giant apple after it admitted last month that it deliberately slowed down older phone models the inquiry focuses on the commercial practice forcing consumers superior to me replace products this is illegal in
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france sample says the slowdown is intended to extend the lifespan of phones by putting less pressure on aging batteries. emergency crews in central argentina are struggling to control wildfires which have been raging for a week now hot dry weather has worsened conditions in a national park in the center of a province there using heavy machinery to open roads and cut off the frames the wildfires have burned through one hundred thousand hectares of land so far well it's summertime in argentina and dozens of cultural festivals are in full swing organizers say one of them is unique as to resettle reports the milan bull festival reflects the heart of argentina's traditions where men train for years with the dream of becoming dance champions. the small city of level of a in the central province of the court of the law is transformed every year by my lambo . danced exclusively by men who train for years to be able to compete here.
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as a way of life it is choosing a lifestyle it's not a job it's a passion. for him with the with the. dancers from argentina's twenty three provinces travel to the most important competition in the country it took choir skill strength and a lot of street. the dancers are dressed like they got the traditional horsemen but once roamed the land. they come along behind me straight away from the counter to beat my hands with one another back in the seventeenth and eighteenth century to the brim of the town and i can tell the same for these people as a way of preserving argentina's tradition. he said teacher from the southern
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province of know. this is his first time at the competition. it is very difficult for us to be here especially when you don't have a lot of financial support only your family sometimes you want to abandon it all. he explained the two different style that they need to excel at if they want to win the biggest price what's unique about the competition is that the winner cannot compete ever again in the same category. i was champion seven years ago he started to dance when he was ten years old one of the lol. when you win you also have some sadness because you want to continue competing but at the same time being a winner means so much is like retiring and being champion all in the same night. you know. it's a symbol of masculinity and unlike other argentine dances like tangle women have yet to join in with
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a lot of women who want to dance and verse some categories where they can like in couples dancing but they're not allowed in the main competition. character and style. as the dance itself and even though it has changed over the decades it has not lost the spirit. that helped forge arjan time cultural heritage. and argentina. it's a special day for catholics in the philippines one million of them a gathering for a religious procession in the capital they are hoping to touch a seventeenth century jesus christ which they believe can perform miracles to me and then into the records. every year these have become a kamil years scenes around the million filipinos camped out for the annual procession of the black as a rain more than ninety percent of them come from the poorest communities with hopes and prayers they come here longing for
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a respite from the harshness of their daily lives and the reason i became a nazareth deaf with the ease i used to be unable to walk when i got healed i devoted myself to the nazarene my understanding it leaves you with a light feeling. that's nothing if you're you can bear it for those who do not believe in the wonder of something rather. it is still not something that is over the interest by the hierarchy of the role but now the church in the house if you like it or they're. the ones with the street the only name you are living would. be your girl but it will be. no again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera north korea says it will send
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a delegation of athletes supporters and officials to next month's winter olympic games in south korea pyongyang is holding its first high level discussions with seoul since twenty fifteen south korea is considering temporarily lifting sanctions against north korea and has proposed military talks. come from north korea's participation in pyongyang's winter olympics is needed to promote peace olympics we'll consider lifting the sanctions against north korea if it's necessary to facilitate the visit of a north korean delegation under close consultation with the un sanctions committee the united states and relevant countries. japan is rejecting extra demands from south korea on a compensation deal for so-called conflict women in two thousand and fifteen tokyo apologized to women who were forced to work in brothels serving world war two and agreed to set up an eight million dollars fund to help the victims but critics of the deal want direct compensation instead france's president is pushing for
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a stronger ties between his country the european union and china emmanuel mccall will be signing several deals with the chinese leader xi jinping he's offered to open up france to chinese investment and in exchange wants better axes to china's nuclear aerospace and through sectors this is his first visit to china rescuers are trying to find thirty one crew members of any raney an oil tanker who disappeared when their vessel collided with a freighter off china's east coast on saturday firefighters are still trying to control the blazes he had the time to me explode and see. syrian government and russian as strikes have targeted several towns in eastern go to near the capital damascus twenty three people have been killed the rebel stronghold has been under heavy bombardments and protesters in the u.s. have marched to the white house because two hundred thousand immigrants from el salvador face expulsion from the united states the government says or any temporary resident status granted to el salvadorans who fled an earthquake disaster seventeen
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years ago those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's a rebel architecture status. you stand the difference is the air and the similarities of cultures across the world. and al-jazeera. architecture has always defined the human world. from the simplest strategy to the greatest monument. and rebellion is underway. led by a new breed evocative and it puts people in this hall i don't. on the texts using the tools of the train the least.


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