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cool you don't like bush when. you call it can be a feat if you are who. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam he's a dad this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i leased ninety migrants drowned almost three hundred rescued in separate incidents
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off the libyan coast. south korea's president says he's open to meeting is north korean camp but only under certain conditions. look through the trees or just really don't true true true. rescuers search for survivors in southern california after mudslides. and anger over stares the sparks protests in tunisia as the government warns it'll crackdown. at least nineteen my gran's drowned when the rubber boat sank off the coast of libya another three hundred on all the boats were rescued from the mediterranean sea on tuesday libya is where most migrants are trafficked from as they try to reach europe. has the latest from the libyan capital. according to
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libya's coast guard that from ninety to one hundred migrants died in the mediterranean during the last twenty four hours libya's coast guard spokesman says that they have risky wood two hundred seventy nine migrants including one thousand women and seventeen children they also include seven migrants from bangladesh and two from pakistan the majority of the risk you would migrants are from african countries now libya's caused a spokesman says that they have received distress calls from the migrants on the dingus and we know that usually the people of smugglers give three or four or. less devices for the migrants to call the libya's coast guard in case the dingoes capsize now during the last twenty four hours libya's coast guard have managed to reach out to the drink is and they have found those homemade it were clinging onto
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their elastic elastic rubber parts of the ding is and the thing is we're very very bad and they were partly destroyed now many people here in libya are angry these say that this crisis if excessive bit more there of they're worried that this could be taken as a pretext for international intervention in libya according to libya's coast guard the waves are in the mediterranean were as high as two meters and there were that was very honest table and that's one of the reasons why. capsized during the last twenty four hours. south korea's president says he's open to meeting north korean leader kim jong il if certain conditions are met when james comments follow choose days official talks between the two sides the first in more than two years from salt kathy novak reports the first official talks between
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north and south korea in more than two years ended with an agreement that could make president vision of a peace a limp dicks a reality says domestic support for his policy of dialogue with north korea helped bring about the rear meeting and he had someone else to think as well. there will be accomplished mint of south korean dialogue was largely credited to president trump i'd like to express gratitude to him in a statement the white house welcome to the talks and said the u.s. and south korean presidents recently agreed to continue the campaign of maximum pressure on north korea toward the goal of complete and verifiable denuclearization moon says the other purpose of that pressure is to bring the north to the negotiating table adding that he would be willing to talk directly with north korea's leader kim jong un. i keep myself open to any meeting including
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a summit if it's helpful for an improvement of south and north korean relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue president says even though south korea prefers a policy of engagement it also supports the u.s. approach of maximum pressure but he acknowledges that with more sanctions come more risks of escalating tensions that could lead to a possible armed conflict. ultimately south korea wants to find a diplomatic solution to the problem of north korea's nuclear weapons but north korea has continued to indicate they are not up for negotiation. regarding the nuclear issues our strategic weapons including atomic bomb hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles are only aimed at the united states not our fellow koreans but moon says both south korea and the u.s. are threatened by the north's nuclear weapons and will continue to work together to address that threat kathy novak al jazeera saw beijing's ordered the closure of
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north korean businesses and china to comply with u.n. sanctions while the deadline for the closure passed on tuesday but as rob mcbride reports from beijing some businesses remain open according to the directive yesterday the ninth was when all north korean restaurants were meant to have closed so that by today the tenth north korean lunch should be off the menu but we've just been inside this restaurant and were able to order a full meal with no sign of it being closed down we don't know exactly what the setup is here with this restaurant but it's suspected that some north korean restaurants may be changing their management structure to make it look as though they're now owned by chinese management when in fact money from them is still finding its way into north korea china has promised to implement fully all u.n. sanctions but coming after claims that it's been allowing north korea to get around some other embargoes news that some north korean businesses still seem to be
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operating will fuel suspicions of a disconnect between what china promises and what china implements. plenty more still to come on the news hour including israel's prime minister defend himself against corruption allegations to a recording of his sonne these leaked secret documents reveal how advisers to the ukrainian president played a role in the seizure of one point five billion dollars and installed the former world number one elbowing his way back into grand slam contention and you will be here with the. thousands of homes in southern california all buried in think of mud and debris after a powerful storm mudslides and flooding have killed at least thirteen people forced thousands of others to leave rob reynolds reports from los angeles. torrential
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rains moving inland from the pacific ocean devastated the very same parts of california that were ravaged by wildfires last month the only words i can really think of to describe what it looked like was it looked like a world war one battlefield it was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere. deadly mudslides raced down canyons in montecito near santa barbara leveling homes and destroying everything the fires left on the harm i heard the rumble of the rocks and looked over the river and the trees are just coming down true true true we've heard of a little baby. she will. just don't know maybe the rescue. got it out of the but that's no. hope that's ok to. a car lay stranded the feet of its owner on known
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rivers of thick gray muck course through upscale neighborhoods and roads were. overwhelm including the major north south coastal highway one hundred one the recent fires strip steep hillsides of brush and other vegetation that normally anchors the earth in place firefighters say the landscape makes the soil more susceptible to giving way without warning in heavy rain what happens once the ground gets saturated the soil it starts giving it's kind of like building a sand castle at the beach says out sand get saturated with water it's going to slough off and that's what we're seeing here behind me. as crews work to clear roads and move debris word came that several residents had died in the floods thousands of others were under mandatory evacuation orders the death toll is expected to rise rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles island is in
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madagascar mourning the dead and repairing the damage from tropical cyclone the number killed has risen to at least twenty nine with the southeastern region of. the worst affected for the north many parts of the capital antananarivo remain flooded winds of up to one hundred ninety kilometers an hour hit the island on friday several people remain missing and at least seventeen thousand die in this have been forced from their homes. russia has asked turkey to control armed groups in syria province after a suspected drone attack on one of its bases this comes as turkey's foreign minister accuses iran and russia of undermining agreements to reduce fighting in so-called deescalation zones but the smith reports. in northern syria is supposed to be one of four so-called deescalation zones set up to reduce fighting if anything battles between government and opposition forces are intensifying
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russia turkey and iran agreed last year to be guarantors of cease fires in those mainly opposition held areas now the turkish government says the syrian regime is claiming to attack what it calls terrorists targeting the so-called moderate opposition. ninety five percent of the violations are carried out by the regime or the groups who backed the regime why is the aim to exploit this process to completely wipe out the moderate opposition in the civilians iran and russia should meet their obligations as guarantors and stop the regime this is not about simple airstrikes near the border the regime is advancing toward the inside of it live so here the intention is different. but the syrian government's russian allies disagree saying recent drone attacks on its air and naval bases in syria were launched by opposition groups from italy russia's defense ministry released photos
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it said was of a downed drone in a statement russia says data for the attacks could only have been obtained from one of the countries that possesses no how in satellite navigation. and with the kremlin knows the perpetrators russia will increase the shelling bombardments against them but if the attack represents a message from those who are not happy with the russians and want to negotiate with them then russia can slightly change it stands and put some pressure on a damascus regarding active groups around latakia. in the syrian army's offensive around it led forcing thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey turkey's foreign ministry has summoned both the russian and iranian ambassadors to lodge a formal complaint about what's happening there bernard smith al-jazeera. carter's foreign ministry is considering more legal moves against the blockade inflicted by for our nations on humanitarian grounds saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt cut ties with seven months ago restricting their airspace and
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banning car series from entry and un human rights council investigation found the blockade was having a great impact on carter's population by separating families he's also said the measures weren't only aimed at the government but also the people carter says it's proof enough of to move forward with international arbitration. to take heed and now a human rights report represents a legal basis to prove that these countries have been respected agreements and contracts and as a consequence it has even hurt individuals finding support the steps are taken by some organizations who are seeking arbitration through international courts and u.n. institutions firefighters say the four day long blaze on a rainy an oil tanker could burn for another two to four weeks so far there's been no major spill off the coast of shanghai in china the ship's iranian operators say this still hope of finding survivors the body of one sailor was recovered from the
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sea thirty one others remain missing after the tanker collided with a cargo ship on saturday. china correspondent brown has more. in the city of joe shrine in eastern china because this is where twenty one of the survivors were brought to and details of the dramatic rescue operation are starting to emerge we've been speaking to the captain of a chinese between faller just like the one behind me and he was in the area at the time of the collision he says he saw a huge explosion on the horizon they then received a distress signal by the time they got to the scene oddly college young twenty one crew members of the hong kong freighter the sea of crystal were in a lifeboat. the fisherman was able to haul those twenty one members on board the trawler they then made their way towards the iranian tanker by this stage the tanker was well alive he said the flames were burning so fiercely it simply forced
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them to pull back well those twenty one survivors were then brought to this port and they eventually went on to shanghai where they've been receiving hospital treatment and also been interviewed by officials from shanghai's maritime safety board who've begun an official investigation we've also been hearing from officials from the south korean ministry of oceans and fisheries and they say it's possible the fire on the iranian tanker could burn for other two to four weeks and also officials here in china say the oil slick so far is not that big malaysia's government has signed an agreement with the u.s. space private firm to resume the search for m h three seventy the malaysia airlines plane disappeared with two hundred thirty people on board in two thousand and fourteen the company ocean infinity is dispatched a vessel to the southern indian ocean to look for debris from the plane under the deal payments will only be made if the wreckage is found i feel very happy and then
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it's also a bit pending you know where the they can be bungle no you know it's just like. you know four years ago when we have to every day. any. temporary israeli roadblocks are hampering access to the area around the occupied west bank city of nablus security forces are looking for the killer of an israeli rabbi thirty five year old died in a drive by shooting near an illegal israeli settlement following that attack there are reports of israeli settlers throwing stones at palestinians driving through the area the u.s. ambassador to israel has condemned the mass which applauded the killing. harry forces sent this update from one of the main israeli checkpoints on the road to nablus in the occupied west bank well initially operation a day after the shooting continues to be a fluid one this is the main route in and out of the south of the palestinian city
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of nablus the who are a checkpoint behind us here was closed early on wednesday june the time we've been here and seem to be operating pretty normally but in the last few minutes they've decided to close the exit route out of nablus that turning around all the vehicles and telling them to go back just a few kilometers away to the west is the illegal outpost of how about gilad that is where the thirty five year old victim of this shooting at the rabbi. had lived with his family his six children and wife it is now where his funeral has taken place this afternoon according to his widow very much according to his wishes he wished to be buried there it is an illegal outpost built without even any israeli permissions the fifty or so homes there there are now cabinet ministers some of whom have attended the funeral calling for israel post talked to legalize that construction of course all settlements in the occupied west bank are ruled illegal under international law and around novelis especially there's been a lot of tension between the kind of ideologically driven settlers who tend to want
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to live in this area well away from the border with israel proper and local palestinian populations just in the last few months during all of harvesting season there been a number of attacks by settlers on palestinian farmers a number of olive groves burnt in those attacks and the cabinet ministers who have been at this funeral are calling for justice for the attackers the head of the israeli army has visited the scene there is a major hunt underway for the shooter or shooters who killed this man on tuesday night. israel's prime minister is defending himself against corruption allegations following a leaks recording of his son netanyahu seemingly drunk boasted to the son of an israeli businessman about how his father pushed the natural gas agreement netanyahu government was finalizing the deal at the time of the recording which dates back to two thousand and if he left the i was currently under two unrelated corruption
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investigations. of those yeah you didn't know about the gas deals he had no clue about that he didn't know anything and what he said in the recording he said under the influence of alcohol in a tasteless joke with a friend but he had no idea. gil hoffman is the chief political correspondent and analyst for the jerusalem post joins us now from west jerusalem good to have you with us. and no doubt know the prime minister is already under investigation for bribery breach of trust and fraud do you think the content of this recording particularly as it relates to discussion about pushing a gas deal is going to add to the investigation against him not at all this is an example of a kid getting drunk and saying stupid things and a security guard catching him on tape in order to try to make money by selling the tape to television stations. or has his own problems with his own criminal investigations but this will have no impact on him whatsoever people or after the
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murder that there was last night don't even remember what happened to you with the way the news cycle works or fast around here what about political support even if it doesn't have any legal consequences will it have any political impact. no actually i wrote an article about how it wouldn't have any political impact whatsoever on the ows coalition is strong they just passed a few bills over the last few days that will make it even stronger there's no one politically could challenge netanyahu and the reason why is because it's in the owl makes the people of israel feel safe what could challenge that and now is murders like the one that there was last night when you see a father of six getting murdered for no reason on the road and the palestinian authority then go in and sort of law to what we could come back to them tell me that we're discussing which ones about the corruption investigation into nathan now and the latest recording rather than other issues
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a prime minister is patrolling himself as a victim here. asking parents to think about how they would feel if recordings of their children are leaked out into television stations do you think that will not be at least some public taste over this it's absolutely disgraceful that the young man went to strip clubs using a car and bodyguard in a driver provided by the state no prime minister before in israel had ever requested security guards for his children these were provided by for security reasons that we can't really understand but there's no reason anybody should be paying for it and people are very much upset about it it won't have any political impact on that to now because that to me now than go to a strip club only his son did and i don't see anybody in his coalition government leaving the government over it but it definitely has
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a bad taste in our in the mouths of the people of israel who are already upset and it's now for his own criminal probes all right we'll leave it there for now thanks so much bill hoffman. and the poll there have been protests over the arrest of a popular anti corruption crusader detained because he called for the resignation of the chief justice to give in the case campaign to clean up malpractise in the medical sector has now gone on hunger strike behind bars so we know has more from a protest in katmandu. where in the middle of monday where protesters have gathered to protest against the arrest of dr kobi the casey an anti-corruption crusader who was arrested on charges of contempt of court case in a fast on to death demanding the resignation of the chief justice who he accused. the chief justice slapped a contempt of court case against. has been slipping down in the transparency
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international's corruption indexes the economy has been crippled and sprayed the structures are seen to be highly corrupt very little has been done about it this is the fourteenth time dr casey has been fasting demanding action be taken against corruption specially in the medical field casey has been demanding that the medical education be free off corruption political parties have been seen to ruin the standard medical education many of the agreements between the government and dr casey have failed. now dr casey has a very strong support across the nation especially among scotland is middle class and the protests on the streets have been supported with protests on social media with how i am with dr casey chief justice has wanted to bury cases for
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its rest and have not only amplified it but it is also given many a chance to question the entire independent. intern is in a place of five to gas at demonstrators who stormed a supermarket in the capital tunis and the government process have been taking place since monday when people rallied in ten towns against planned price and tax rises with actual aim reports. it's the economy just as it was in tunisia during the revolution that spawned the arab spring in two thousand and eleven. tunisians are looking at their circumstances and saying enough . although this time they're also saying not much has changed since they succeeded in bringing democracy to their country. but. it's been seven years since
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twenty eleven and the government didn't do anything for us so it's natural to protest i think the demonstrations will be bigger than before because of these major price increases people are no longer accepting the high cost of living and that is contributing to the process of the country poor people like me can no longer bad the part of these high prices i'm afraid and i'm sorry. there have been protests across tunisia at least one man has been killed although there are conflicting reports about because dozens have been injured including police officers. we saw the better you have i think what happened yesterday is a violation of the law since the state of emergency has been declared in tunisia i mean these protests are the results of operations that aim to revive the unrest on social media but protesters say they have only to look at their wallets to be reminded of how they're struggling to afford basic necessities anger has been bubbling since the government introduced austerity measures on january first after
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the government raised the price of fuel and taxes on many items in an attempt to reduce the annual deficit. unfairly sought by limbs the violence we witnessed yesterday the fan to listen to this. wars and the private property obviously don't accept it however it can be seen as a natural result of the starvation and the impoverishment of the tunisian people for years. while tunisia has been heralded as the one success story of the arab spring nine governments have been unable to ease the economic concerns that have driven protesters onto the streets people have vowed to continue demonstrating until the austerity measures are lifted natasha going to just zero. in sudan there have been more protests against high prices for bread and wheat products three people have been killed since sunday in violence with security forces the price increase is a part of the gulf as measures to combat high inflation have
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a morgue and has the latest from khartoum. right now in khartoum it's pretty quiet most of the protests have been happening here has been happening around one of sudan's meaning for city's cartoon when you first who are students who are trying to go out on the streets to protest but they were met by riot police so they were prevented from coming out but we also know that protests happened around different parts of the country a student was killed in darfur and several opposition members of been arrested the sudanese congress party which is one of the major opposition parties in sudan reported that at least half a dozen of its members around the country have been arrested and that nearly a dozen of its students around the country have been arrested as well and they've been calling on the government to release them now let's remember that the protests thought it not just because of the government lifting subsidies or subsidies of the wheat products in the country but also because of the country's economic situation the dollar and the sudanese pounds the responsibility to the dollar has been devaluing sense two thousand and five when it was one one dollar to two sudanese
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pounds then it went on to want to eight in two thousand and twelve and want to twenty eight up until early january just yesterday it hit a record low where one dollars equals to thirty sudanese pounds and the world bank said more than half of the country's population live below the poverty line. more than thirteen thousand tourists stranded near switzerland's matta home peak because of heavy snow and the risk of avalanches ski slopes hiking trials and train services to the nearby thailand of zion that has been closed about four hundred people were flooded out earlier this week helicopter teams have been deployed to trigger controlled avalanches and ease the snow build up on the alps. get some weather and find out is there any hope for those people stuck there then yes despite not stop snowing as you just said it's not a launch risk and that's the big problem because you have for example the chocolate box image of a swiss village like exam mark in the summer looks beautiful we just have at least
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to meter for in less than a day hence the problems this is just you know this is the benign part of it this is not a picture of avalanche yet but the risk does exist and we've seen many of them that wasn't just the alps involved in this not sort of major snow but the whole system's been around for a few days and this may be a more interesting the artistic result of two days of freezing fog and occasional freezing drizzle these are indeed cars seems a sort of shame to have to ever use them again doesn't it yes that's scrape it all off to my mind looks rather a beautiful picture anyway that is also c. style this was in germany. some were waving at this line just to the west of it there's still a massive cloud here as you can see but not over the alps we're going to swing back from the systems the words the snow showers are possible but temps have risen current considerably we're talking about eight degrees in zurich survive about freezing the tops of the alpine mountains it's even warmed up further research that pool of cloud is still the grey i don't present weather still more snow to come for
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germany even at low levels and in denmark but you can see into tomorrow night you should enjoy the sunshine in the alps not help at all with preventing avalanches something. by so much rob well still ahead here on al-jazeera a year on and still no government northern islands for the call troubles just deepened unable to afford a home the poorest people in brazil's largest city take matters into their own hands and it's for the dakar rally champions title defense comes to an abrupt end.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. correspondents live and bring the stories they tell of this was not good news none the less the south. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news.
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welcome back you're watching out of here a time to recap our headlines south korea's president says he's open to meeting north korean leader kim jong un if certain conditions are met when j. and says he has no plans of easing sanctions against pyongyang until it ends its nuclear program. dozens of houses in southern california are buried in a thick layer of mud and debris after a powerful storm of flooding and mudslides have killed at least thirteen people. at least ninety migrants drowned when a rubber boat sank off the coast of libya another three hundred on other boats were rescued from the mediterranean sea on tuesday libya is where most migrants are trafficked from most think trying to reach europe. and on sunday the libyan navy rescued two hundred and seventy two people refugee agency say they were from
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gambia guinea sierra leone mali ivory coast senegal cameroon and nigeria even though two thousand and eighteen is just begun it appears refugees and migrants will continue to risk their lives to reach europe most traveled route amongst all the africa north through libya and across the mediterranean sea to italy in two thousand and seventeen more than one hundred nineteen thousand people arrived in italy that's a third fewer than the year before but three thousand people drowned all disappeared in the mediterranean sea most of them off the coast of libya journal reports. in just the past forty eight hours three boat loads of migrants and refugees have run into trouble off the libyan coast and around three hundred people were rescued by the coast guard tired and cold but
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alive dozens more have perished in the winter waters of the mediterranean but for those who have survived relief is short lived. it's unclear what will happen to them in libya a country with a growing slave trade and in which lawless fighting groups have helped create a transit and people smuggling hub. last summer italian television filmed these pictures apparently showing libyan border guards firing at rubber dinghies packed with people and forcing survivors ashore at gunpoint this after the european union prevailed on libya to help stop the seaborne influx.
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after receiving a call from the fishing vessel about the presence of a migrant boat we headed to the site and found the boat dilapidated we found about sixteen people alive unfortunately the rest of them were missing. at least three thousand people died last year trying to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean flimsy vessels provided by people smugglers proving no match for the high seas. trying to search for them thinking that maybe we might find the migrants alive but unfortunately we did not even find bodies the sea was very rough already the signs that two thousand and eighteen will be no different jonah how al-jazeera. and joining us on skype from geneva is leonard doyle he's the spokesman for the international organization for migration good to have you with us so two thousand and eighteen has already has just started and we're already seeing a number of cases of attempts to cross the mediterranean of people drowning and so
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on. are the numbers increasing once again well the numbers are starting at about eight hundred so far and considerably down and last year i think what's troubling is you're seeing these apparent number of drownings perhaps as many as one hundred. people are taking desperate and the smugglers the traffickers are putting them to sea in really all in conditions there's caught between a rock and a hard between the risk of abuse and potential being sold as slaves if they stay in libya or drowning is the city so there's clearly a big problem here what is driving people to continue to try and make this journey after all the measures which the european union took coordination with the libyan coast guard i think at the root of everything that we're seeing is an enormous disparities in income huge income inequality between these countries in west africa
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in particular and what they think is a waste in europe. that's what's driving it and the absence of the comic development the absence of good governance back home where people feel they have a stake in this started in the opportunity to move on. striving people and then of course add in the lure of social media and you can see perhaps on their phone at a clip there's a possibility of going somewhere else you know it really realistic it is another of these people have been rescued by the libyan coast guard and return to libya we've often look to what happens to them when they're rescued by the italian coast guard what's happening to people who get taken back to libya. going to take it back. in there in that was in libyan waters anyway so they're not necessarily been taken back but they're brought back to land typically they would be registered by the un migration agency if there's any medical needs to be looked after and then it's
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really for the libyan authorities and unfortunately most of them are taken into detention and we have been calling persistently in consistently for migrants not to be detained or if they are in centers that they should be open they should be allowed to come and go and perhaps work in the economy but that's not what's happening. in recent weeks there is a big push to get people's whole this is follow the reports of slave trading and like massive boost the african union requested that. the man the european union has funded very generously the huge amount of effort is going to bring it home the problem with that is that it is happening so fast. there reintegration into their societies isn't going to quickly enough and that's an issue when they return home they feel they come back to nothing there is some hope for them you know for the focus now asked. all right thanks for talking to us thank you very much the european union is calling on me and martha released to reuters journalists why loan
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and choice so you know arrested last month while covering the rangar refugee crisis they face fourteen years behind bars for illegally acquiring information to share with the foreign media child strafford or affords. the two journalists were arrested on december the twelfth they've been covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims have played a crackdown on the myanmar military thirty one year old while alone and. twenty seven are accused to being given classified documents by two policemen prosecutors have charged them under the country's official secrets act which carries a maximum sentence of fourteen years in jail no i'm not allowed you know many of this is unacceptable i want to tell you that they are charging us like this to stop us finding her through their actions are wrong and unfair. is facing heavy international criticism over its treatment of the ranger the latest crackdown was
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sparked after a review of rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of policemen in august rights groups saying the myanmar army killed nearly seven thousand men women and children in the following few weeks and more than six hundred fifty shells and ranger have. led into neighboring bangladesh with the u.n. accusing me of ethnic cleansing the government has denied any wrongdoing but refused any independent investigation and banned journalists from going to rakhine state oh i don't want me out we are told testing today about the two journalists because we have permission to do this we are here because as you heard why lone shouted from the police car asking us to support him. the case is cast a spotlight on myanmar's difficult transition to democracy after nearly five decades of military rule analysts say it illustrates deteriorating press freedom and the number of cases against journalists have focused attention on the civilian
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government of nobel prize winner on song suchi her administration shares power with an army that still controls all security policy and other key leaders of government but she has not personally denounced the action of the army in rakhine japan's foreign minister is expected to raise the case when he visits myanmar on january the eleventh. the japanese government has conveyed his concern about this matter to the government of myanmar freedom of speech basic human rights and the rule of law are immutable common values shared by the international community and it is important for all nations to safeguard these values. the two reporters have been working for the reuters news agency that will turn to the court on january the twenty third for legal arguments when lawyers will decide whether to accept the case under a legal system described as having changed little since colonial times with his
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insistence of reporters innocent their families have suggested they were set up and missed international the u.s. and the european union have called for their release charles stratford al-jazeera. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud has sane it's been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt for same is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly denied he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. donald trump's former advisor has resigned as executive chairman of the breitbart right wing news website steve ballons been in the headlines a lot lately because of a new bestselling book the former right hand man of the u.s. president described the meeting between trump's son and a group of russians as treasonous trump said bannon lost his mind and his lawyers have tried to have the book banned than easterbrook has more from washington d.c.
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. well steve bannon and breitbart are both saying that he left the his position at breitbart but there's a lot of speculation in washington that he was probably pushed out one of the investors and one of the board members that breitbart is a republican a billionaire republican donor by the name of rebecca mercer she hopelessly called bannon out last week over the comments that he made in fire and fury so there is speculation that she probably had something to do with his leaving the breitbart news. this afternoon what is the political future for steve bannon kind of hard to tell right now he appears to be rather toxic this was a man who had a very meteoric rise started at breitbart in two thousand and twelve sort of led this nationalist movement and helped get president elected and then was part of his staff now he's fallen out of favor with trump he's lost his job at breitbart and
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he's also lost a show a radio show on sirius satellite radio so who sort of lost that platform for that nationalist movement but washington is a city where there are a lot of second chances he was working to try to get some people that were running for the midterm elections elected he may have to step aside at this point because of his relationship with president trump but again this is a town of second chances he's likely to step aside lick his wounds and maybe really emerge over the next several months. outrageous that's how the white house describes a judge's decision to block president donald trump from ending an obama era program that protects immigrants who entered the country as children without documents the deferred action for childhood arrivals program provides legal status to around
4:45 pm
eight hundred thousand young adults in san francisco judge said they would suffer serious irreparable harm if ended abruptly. three month cease fire has expired in colombia but rebels have agreed with the government leaders to negotiate another one the national liberation army or e l a and ended its truce after no direct confrontations for one hundred one days and both sides accuse each other of violations including the killing of a governor as well as seven cocoa farmers northern ireland is no closer to having a government twelve months after the power sharing of ministration collapsed politicians in belfast are warning the peace process could be at risk and blaming the government leaders in london for failing to guarantee their security and economic stability lawrence lee reports. when the mainstay of an economy is farming you might expect it to be reassured that it's safe in a changing world but apparently not the border between northern ireland and the
4:46 pm
republic is fifteen kilometers down the road and cross border trade is crucial yet there has been no agriculture minister in northern ireland for nearly a year brics it is knocking on the door the farmers have come to look at politicians like these sheep leaderless and quite stupid it is hugely frustrating with that minister and players to make the final decision to be sitting round the table. getting the point across about the importance of northern ireland arguer culture. it is frustrating to recap the former leader of the irish nationalists shin fein party collapse the government shared with the pro british unionists a year ago when their problems became too difficult to resolve since then the two sides have refused to compromise. it means in the government buildings in belfast the lights are on but nobody's home no major piece of local legislation or work in
4:47 pm
northern ireland can happen there is no sign of a resolution it's only fourteen months until this province is on the front line of a u.k. outside the european union everything here has gone wrong at once the people voted to stay in the european union but the u.k. is leaving anyway the government fell apart and after a year shows no sign of being able to get back together the u.k. government has proved incapable of sorting it out let alone the much greater issue of what's going to happen to the border between northern and southern islands and all that volatility that sense of vacuum is very dangerous for a province that's not really at peace with itself predictably nationalists who wants a united ireland and hate the idea of borders here are looking to dublin to help the two hundred leading nationalist figures written a joint letter to the irish prime minister urging him to intervene by virtue of the fact that there is a constitutional vacuum. there only. considered conclusion from bob
4:48 pm
there is a risk to the peace process because it caused by bribes that but as with everything here the same argument cuts both ways union this saga that a violent is helping the nationalists when they need london to support them it is very unnerving for unionists and i think that there is an irony in this a very deep irony that the d.p. with the largest voice in northern ireland calling for breaks that they are not the party which faces deep uncertainty as a result of breaks it and what was once an absolutely and cast guaranteed seemed for at least a generation in northern ireland would remain british is no longer quite as certain as it seemed the good friday agreement is twenty years old in april the treaty which officially ended the sectarian war here has guaranteed the peace since then but brecht's it as throw it into doubt london and dublin between them it's a cut through the fog at the moment nobody has any idea how closely al jazeera
4:49 pm
belfast will still have an al-jazeera chelsea's marriage or a verbal volley in the direction of a premier league right.


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