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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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over forty charges as i recall primarily it was material support the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us. this was a political trial and that these were political prisoners because we weren't able to see the secret evidence we were able to tell in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land far at this time on al jazeera world. meanwhile as military admits its soldiers killed ten revenge of muslims found in a mass grave last month. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up up two hundred feared dead off
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the coast of libya from one of the latest boats to sink on attempting the journey to europe. police clashed with protesters after a fourth day of anti-government demonstrations. and a psycho hits madagascar leaving at least twenty nine dead and thousands homeless. and a million miles military has admitted that its soldiers killed ten range of muslims captured by buddhist villages who were found in a mass grave in rakhine state last month the army's commander in chief made the statement on his facebook page and posted a photo of the grave it's thought to be the military's first public admission of wrongdoing since it nourished a crackdown last august triggering an exodus of more than six hundred fifty thousand ranger it says action will be taken against the members of the security forces found to have carried out the killings. matt wells is senior cross advisor
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with amnesty international has been researching the situation in iraq and state he says the statement from in-laws military is highly unusual it is extremely rare for the military to admit to any sort of wrongdoing it's a it's a military in which soldiers operate with you know really near complete impunity no matter the nature of the crimes and the crimes are talking about here is the military has said today involve soldiers summarily executing murdering ten men who had been captured but i think one thing to note about the statements on the commander in chief's facebook page today is what it doesn't admit which is that this incident is not an isolated incident that in fact we had amnesty the un and media outlets around the world who have documented how there's a much wider pattern of killings of sexual violence and the burning of villages across rakhine state and so we need to see justice and accountability for this
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enormous range of crimes and not a pretense that there's really just you know one or few isolated incidents the u.n. children's agency says around one hundred range of children a stranded in me and without their parents is another sixty thousand range of children languishing in disease ridden camps inside the country to previous bouts of fighting in twenty twelve in magennis in myanmar have staged a sit in protest against the government's decision to charge to watch as journalists covering the range of crisis they're accused of acquiring information illegally to share with foreign media stratford reports. the two journalists were ryssdal december the twelfth. they've been covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims have played a crackdown on the myanmar military thirty one year old while alone and sure still twenty seven are accused of being given classified documents by two policemen
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prosecutors have charged them under the country's official secrets act which carries a maximum sentence of fourteen years in jail no i'm not a little over many out and this is unacceptable and i want to tell you that they are charging us like this to stop us finding their actions are wrong and unfair. is facing heavy international criticism over its treatment of the ranger the latest crackdown was sparked off to reveal the rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of policemen in august rights groups saying the myanmar army killed nearly seven thousand men women and children in the following few weeks and more than six hundred fifty cells and ranger have fled into neighboring bangladesh with the u.n. accusing me of ethnic cleansing the government has denied any wrongdoing but refused any independent investigation and banned journalists from going to rakhine state oh i don't want we have tried to sting today about the two journalists
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because we have permission to do this we are here because as you heard why lone shouted from the police car asking us to support him. the case is cast a spotlight on myanmar's difficult transition to democracy after nearly five decades of military rule analysts say it illustrates deteriorating press freedom and the number of cases against journalists have focused attention on the civilian government of nobel prize winner aung sun suu kyi her administration shares power with an army that still controls all security policy and other key leaders of government but she has not personally denounced the action of the army in rakhine japan's foreign minister is expected to raise. the case when he visits myanmar on january the eleventh. the japanese government has conveyed his concern about this matter to the government of myanmar freedom of speech basic human rights and the rule of law are immutable common values shared by the international community and
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it is important for all nations to safeguard these values. the two reporters have been working for the reuters news agency there will turn to the court on january the twenty third for legal arguments when lawyers will decide whether to accept the case under a legal system described as having changed little since colonial times with his insistence of reporters innocence their families were suggested they were set up and mr international the u.s. and the european union called for their release. for al-jazeera. survivors from a boat that sank off libya's coast on tuesday say about fifty people who traveled with them are feared dead the libyan coast guard believes the number missing may be as high as one hundred maybe as the most common departure point for migrants and
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refugees trying to reach europe from africa by sea with more than six hundred thousand people they hear a desperate journey in the past four years alone trying to haul reports. in just the past forty eight hours three boatloads of migrants and refugees have run into trouble off the libyan coast around three hundred people were rescued by the coast guard tired and cold but alive dozens more have perished in the winter waters of the mediterranean but for those who have survived relief is short lived. the good some. rights groups say a terrible fate awaits those return to libya a country with a growing slave trade and in which lawless fighting groups have helped create a transit and people smuggling hub it's what's happening to people inside of libya
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that. where there is a blind eye being turns to this this is horrible industrial scale human rights abuse of individuals there is widespread torture there is massive overcrowding of prisons two thousand people and one large prison cell as it were being detained arbitrarily there needs to be a greater degree of responsibility recognized by europe they are part of this. summer after the european union prevailed on libya to help stop the seaborne influx italian television showed libyan border guards apparently firing at rubber dinghies packed with people they're seen forcing survivors ashore at gunpoint but it's done little to discourage those determined to make it to europe. after receiving a call from the fishing vessel about the presence of
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a migrant boat we headed to the site and found the boat dilapidated we found about sixteen people alive unfortunately the rest of them were missing at least three thousand people died last year trying to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean flimsy vessels provided by people smugglers proving no match for the high seas events this week suggest two thousand and eighteen will be no different jonah al-jazeera. barlow's has fled again between police and protesters in five tunisian towns including the capital after a fourth day of demonstrations one two hundred thirty people have been arrested in the wave of rallies demonstrators angry about the government's planned price and tax hikes and reports. it's the economy just as it was in tunisia during the revolution that spawned the arab spring in two thousand and eleven. tunisians are looking at their circumstances and saying enough
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. although this time they're also saying not much has changed since they succeeded in bringing democracy to their country. but. it's been seven years since twenty eleven and the government didn't do anything for us so it's natural to protest i think the demonstrations will be bigger than before because of these major price increases people are no longer accepting the high cost of living and that is contributing to the process to all of the country poor people like me can no longer bad the budget of these high prices some of them i'm sorry. there have been protests across tunisia at least one man has been killed although there are conflicting reports about because dozens have been injured including police officers and he couldn't miss it. every time this is sort of friction in tunisia the vandals come out let's talk destroying things and recruiting children these people don't serve the interests of tunisia they serve the interests of the corrupt
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people that we stopped they serve the smuggling networks and they serve to weaken the state. but protesters say they have only to look at their wallets to be reminded of how they're struggling to afford basic necessities anger has been bubbling since the government introduced austerity measures on january first after the government raised the price of fuel and taxes on many items in an attempt. reduce the annual deficit around philly so our alums though the bylines we witnessed yesterday have to fan the lives of the stores and the private property when we obviously don't accept it however it can be seen as a natural result of the starvation and the impoverishment of the tunisian people for years. while tunisia has been heralded as the one success story of the arab spring nine governments have been unable to ease the economic concerns that have driven protesters onto the streets people have vowed to continue demonstrating
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until the austerity measures are lifted natasha going to just zero. purchase of continued ensued on a high prices for bread and wheat products three people have been killed since sunday and scuffles with security forces the price increase as part of the government's effort to fight high inflation. still ahead on jazeera hundreds awaiting rescue after much slide hit an affluent area of california already ravaged by wildfires. and colombia's government suspends peace talks after a year long rebels regime attacks on oil installations and the armed forces. hello there we're watching the northwest impossible straight yet very closely thanks to this blob of cloud which is all
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a developing feature it's gradually running its way towards the west and slowly then will buckle backed down towards the south again so this whole region is looking at some very heavy rains that could be under one hundred fifty millimeters of rain in some places i would also sees a very strong winds as well eventually that system starts to drift its way southwards many of us across this interior belt will see some rain as well and it could well cause a some flooding here meanwhile as we head across towards. new zealand we've got some rather active weather with us at the moment two plenty of cloud with us and plenty of rather heavy outbreaks of rain as well we'll see some wet weather again during the day on thursday it won't be warm christchurch there only at fourteen degrees for different in oakland all temperatures at twenty six degrees and plenty of sunshine here there's not a great deal of change as we head through friday still wetter across parts of the south island still dry and warm force in oakland as we head further north we've got plenty of snow for many parts of japan see it here mostly on the western side
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thanks to the winds coming across the sea as we head through into friday we're also going to see more snow here for the west it's quiet for the top temperature of three in beijing. coveted beyond well. thank you very much taken without hesitation. for to indict. our defines our. people in power investigate exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. at this time on al-jazeera.
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one of the top stories around was there in a rare public admission made mars' military has acknowledged that its forces killed ten ranger muslims were found in a mass grave last month. after one hundred people are feared dead after a rubber dinghy sank off the coast of libya another three hundred were rescued in the mediterranean on tuesday. and violence has flared between police and protesters in five pounds as demonstrations erupt for the fourth consecutive day. in the last twenty four hours at least thirty five people have been killed in eastern guta on the edge of the syrian capital comes as the un accuses government forces and its allies of killing at least eighty five civilians in the region in the last ten days alone damascus suburb which was designated a deescalation zone has come under heavy bombardment as government forces seek to
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take it back from rebel fighters at least two people have been killed in pakistan during protests over the rape and murder of a seven year old go dozens of people attacked a police station and a government building in eastern punjab province the violence erupted hours before the funeral of zainab and sari her body was found in a bin on tuesday police say she was kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered. rescue workers in the u.s. is searching for twenty four people who are missing after much slides swept through the heart of southern california and he's fifteen people have been killed and dozens of homes buried in a thick layer of mud and debris around three hundred people are still waiting to be rescued. joins us live from one to see to tell us a bit about that rescue operation how it's going. well lauren i'm
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standing right here in the middle of highway one o one that's a major north south artery between los angeles and santa barbara normally very busy as you can see the highway is closed and this is pretty much the end of the line here for all except for emergency vehicles police and other authorities now the rescue operation that's going on is in the hills up in this direction you can see this bridge behind me that's romero creek and the tributaries of romero creek were where most of the damage took place tuesday night this was a roaring cataract bringing down boulders cars debris of all sorts local people told me it sounded like a freight train was passing by their windows there are have been rescues going on using coast guard helicopters most of the areas still inaccessible so the only way into many parts of much to seeto right now are by air and i watch warning to people
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have put something on the scale could happen. there was warning in the sense that weather forecasters knew there was heavy rain on the way people were given voluntary evacuation orders a smaller number given mandatory evacuation orders but when the rain came it came very very fast a centimeter and a half in just five minutes and much more around that you know addition it was in the middle of the night is about two thirty in the morning local time when that when the floodwaters really started to come down that canyon so there were there was very little time for people who are not fully prepared to get out of the way as a result as you mentioned twenty four people are still missing fifteen unfortunately confirmed dead by local authorities and the authorities say that about one hundred houses have been damaged have been destroyed with hundreds more damaged. homes thank you very much and i hope to get from one to see to thank you.
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madagascar recovering after it was battered by a cycle in which killed at least twenty nine people thousands have been displaced and dozens of still missing and i would well report. it's been a dramatic change in life in less than forty eight hours for people on the east coast of madagascar. was the latest psych load to hit the island it has now subsided but it has left them homeless sea and in desperate need of help. we are six in our family and our house is completely submerged in water my child had a strong fever so we decided to come here from morning the moment you step down from your bed we're forced to walk in water water is everywhere and that is the reason we came here. it's like none of us sped up the east coast of the island on friday before heading out to sea on sunday heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred and ninety kilometers an hour left
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a trail of destruction dozens died in floods and landslides up to nine hundred thousand fled to temporary shelters hundreds of homes have been destroyed or roads submerged schools shut down and towns cut off from one another by the sudden appeal of new lakes region of. four hundred kilometers south of the cups antananarivo was worst affected. among we asked the state to come and see what we are going through and to look at our situation and find a solution to clear out the water but it is stagnant and we don't know where to put our children. is not the first lethal storm to hit madagascar in the last twelve months in march cyclonic no killed at least seventy eight people and destroyed a lot of crops rescue workers are struggling to cope with the phenomena. we have a contingent plan that contains three scenarios of floods and psych loans the first one is currently in progress and the expenses so far are no less than twenty
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million dollars. and as the cycle of natural disasters returns to strike madagascar the financial cost as well as the human cost continues to rise powerful storms on poverty combined to deadly effect of disease. colombia's government says eleven rebels have carried out attacks on oil installations and military forces just hours after a cease fire expired its prompted president juan manuel santos to suspend peace talks that were due to resume on wednesday i was under and betty has war from bogota a historic three months long ceasefire now over and in the worst way as the rebels resumed attacks in colombia many hope for an extension of a truce which the spike violations have been considered a success. but on wednesday columbia's last active rebel group perpetrated four attacks wounding two colombian marines and affecting many important oil pipeline
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colombian president juan manuel santos spoke forcefully against them. laura the government deplored the ilands decision to restart its terrorist attacks on the general public the armed forces and on parts of the national infrastructure we were always i repeat always ready to extend the ceasefire with the airline and negotiate very quickly a new cycle of talks in the will she added. inexplicably not only rejected this process but chose to restart their terrorist attacks on the very day that they were obliged to initiate the new round of negotiations. from quito where peace talks had been expected to resume elaine leaders said they were hopeful the talks could restart but then explain the reasoning behind the attacks the maze of the lugosi writing table was making progress during the cease fire so we maintain the decision to give continuity to what we achieved but we need
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a new ceasefire that overcomes the difficulties of the first one. president santos immediately recalled to the recently appointed negotiators for consultations experts say the failure to extend the ceasefire shows deep divisions among the leadership this six more radical we. will win. the match in this sense is not only that probably what will happen with this cease fire is what will happen with the table and the general process between the government and. the talks have long been complicated by a lack of confidence between the parties and to tangible results and we can now expect the colombian military to start a bombing campaign in rebels areas a full blown return of the of still it is that will make very difficult to resume the talks at least for now listen to. us president donald trump says
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he's open to talks with north korea to end the nuclear standoff on the peninsula earlier south korea's leader praised trump for helping to bring pyongyang to the negotiating table for the first time in two years from seoul kathy novak reports. the first official talks between north and south korea in more than two years ended with an agreement that could make president vision of a peace a limb fix a reality says domestic support for his policy of dialogue with north korea helped bring about the rare meeting and he had someone else to think as well. there was the accomplishment of south korean dialogue was largely credited to president trump i'd like to express gratitude to him in a statement the white house welcome to the talks and said the u.s. and south korean presidents recently agreed to continue the campaign of maximum pressure on north korea toward the goal of complete and verifiable denuclearization
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says the other purpose of that pressure is to bring the north to the negotiating table adding that he would be willing to talk directly with north korea's leader kim jong un. i keep myself open to any meeting including a summit if it's helpful for an improvement of south and north korean relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue president says even though south korea prefers a policy of engagement it also supports the u.s. approach of maximum pressure but he acknowledges that with more sanctions come more risks of escalating tensions that could lead to a possible armed conflict ultimately south korea wants to find a diplomatic solution to the problem of north korea's nuclear weapons but north korea has continued to indicate they are not up for negotiation. regarding the nuclear issues strategic weapons including atomic bomb hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles only aimed at the united states not our fellow
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koreans but moon says both south korea and the u.s. are threatened by the north's nuclear weapons and will continue to work together to address that threat kathy novak al jazeera seoul. president trump has blasted the u.s. federal court system after john blocked his attempt to end an amnesty program for young illegal immigrants the deferred action for childhood arrivals program protects children whose parents brought them illegally to the u.s. from being deported a judge in san francisco temporarily ruled that the policy should remain in effect a decision trungpa school. at a news conference with the norwegian prime minister the prospect of rejoining the paris comment accord was also raised under there was white house correspondent committee health it has more the norwegian prime minister ernest solberg lavish praise on the u.s. economy and donald trump but certainly in this joint appearance between the two
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leaders here at the white house there was one key stark policy difference and that is on the issue of climate change the norwegian leader expressing her disappointment over donald trump's decision last year to begin withdrawing the united states from the paris deal but in fact there may have been some sober second thoughts from the words of the norwegian leader in their private oval office meeting because when asked by a reporter about whether or not trump would consider allowing the united states to re enter the deal donald trump in fact said that it was conceivable in his words that the united states could go back in that he feels very strongly about the environment but at the same time he also said that it threatens the deal currently and threatens america's what he's called competitive edge and he said he will not let that happen thousands of people in sao paolo being in a tent city in purchase that the lack of affordable housing in brazil's largest
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city the people without fear camp was started by a brazilian land reform organization five months ago from home and spoke to some of its residents. on the first day there were five hundred families now there's a tent city on the outskirts of sound paolo it's a land occupation organized like many others to pressure the government into providing a food bill housing. some here are homeless others live in overcrowded often irregular dwellings like how to diana she shares a two bedroom house with her three children parents and siblings who want to seem else i want to house for my kids where they can be raised in safety and quiet our own house city house prices a so high that those are minimum wage would have to say for forty years to buy one would have the possibility to afford your own house. it's impossible she says. but until recently
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a pioneering government program was making the impossible possible mean you cause so many of either which means my house my life helped millions to get subsidized homes it's been drastically cut mean you're cus i mean you have either has accounted for three quarters of all homes built over the last decade it's been a tremendous lifeline for the working class but it's also helped leave the brazilian government broke now work has slowed down or stopped from developments like this one the housing deficit is growing again the problem may be resurfacing now but high open land prices have been a problem for decades was about to come down the housing expert says this is an opportunity for most sustainable solution to be found last year was the government should use its power to buy tracts of land and then sell them to developers to build moderately priced housing that way it can make a bit of money provide housing and regulate the system to reduce the price of land . for now the only method that the rana and many others have is to dig in and put
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pressure on a struggling government to provide john home in. sao paolo. armed robbers have attacked the ritz hotel in paris and the thought of stolen millions of dollars worth of jewelry police say five people smashed the window of a jewelry store at a luxury hotel on the plus one two and three have been arrested two other suspects escaped on scooters there are no reports of injuries could one about a website the rest of that is al-jazeera dot com and that's updated throughout the day. and one of our top stories on our jazeera myanmar's military has admitted that its forces killed ten revenge of muslims who were captured by buddhist villages and found in a mass grave in rakhine state last month the army's commander in chief made the
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statement on his facebook page and posted a photo of the grave it's thought to be the military's first public admission of wrongdoing since it launched a crackdown last august triggering an exodus of more than six hundred fifty thousand ringette journalists in myanmar who protested against the government's decision to charge two reuters journalists covering the range of crisis while known and. accused of acquiring information illegally to share with foreign media and could be jailed for fourteen years if convicted of two hundred people are feared dead after a rubber dinghy sank off the coast of libya another three hundred were rescued from other boats in the mediterranean sea on tuesday most migrants are trying to reach europe a traffic through libya where there's a flourishing slave trade and human rights abuses so there's widespread torture there is massive overcrowding of prisons two thousand people in one large prison so as it were being detained arbitrarily there needs to be
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a greater degree of responsibility recognized by europe but they are part of this. barlow's has fled between police and protesters in five tunisian towns including the capital tunis as demonstrations erupt for the fourth day with two hundred thirty people have been arrested during the wave of anti austerity protests and police have used tear gas to disperse the crowds are just as angry about the government's price and tax hikes which are meant to tackle the deficit. approaches to continue to the high prices for bread and wheat products at least three people have been killed since sunday and fighting with security forces the price increase is part of the government's effort to fight inflation. in the last twenty four hours at least thirty five people have been killed in estrada's in eastern guta on the edge of the syrian capital comes as the un accuses government forces and its allies of killing at least eighty five civilians in the region in
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the last ten days alone people in power is up next that's it for the team here in london thanks for watching by fatah. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. and the poochie people of southern argentina chile have long protested the loss of from sister lands at the hands of colonial era settlers territory that's maraton the budget by huge temperature states which have left the region environmentally deplete.


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