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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel a punch this side and decide like this and like that i really love this i don't. because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously to. go through a. divorce or just to prove a life. myanmar's military admits for the first time that its soldiers killed of muslim remains were buried in a mass grave. in
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this is their life and it was a coming up. run and russia defend the iranian nuclear deal while u.s. president ponders reimposing sanctions. protests continue in tunisia against austerity measures more than two hundred people are arrested while the prime minister conned. a mudslides and flooding street where homes in california at least a dozen people are killed with many more missing. understood international is calling for an independent investigation into suspected atrocities by me and my military follows the army's admission for the first time that its soldiers murdered ten muslim rangar their remains were found in a mass grave in the western rakhine state last month the army's commander in chief says action will be taken against the soldiers involved a crackdown was launched by the military against the rangar community in late
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august scott hyder is live for us in bangkok this is a reversal for the military isn't it scott. it is ginia back in november they issued an internal investigation as to what happened in rakhine state and. sees me august and september after there are rebel attacks on some military posts in rakhine states and then we had this very very heavy handed crackdown for the weeks that followed the military coming under a lot of criticism obviously and weeks after that by the international community because of eyewitness accounts of atrocities so they did their own investigation they said and the outcome of that they announced back in november said that there was no wrongdoing by their soldiers on the ground in rakhine state obviously that is reversed by the statements that we're seeing now on facebook from the commander in chief's facebook page saying that there was wrongdoing that their soldiers were involved in the murdering of ten the hinge in rakhine state and on earth in this
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mass grave so a reversal of some sorts in that report from that report saying that and they say their worst was no wrongdoing now saying yes in fact some of the soldiers were involved in the killing of ten ranger and is likely to raise or appease international consent. definitely were i would say raise international concern obviously it could be viewed as a favorable that the military is now saying that yes there were some elements within their ranks they were carrying out going wrong doings ranging from obviously murders here but also a lot of accusations more serious accusations so yes it's a probably viewed as a good thing because the army is coming forward with statements and evidence that yes there were some wrongdoings but what's interesting is that how things move forward from here is this the tip of the iceberg is this all that the army is going to say that their soldiers carried out when it comes to wrongdoings because it's
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such a closed situation in rakhine they have an independent investigators that's we heard amnesty international calling for they've been calls for that for the months since these atrocities supposedly took place but this is the first time the military said that yes there are some within their ranks that there wrongdoings but obviously it's going to increase the international call for access to rakhine because it's been so very limited for independent investigators from international bodies like united nations but also for journalists it's very very restricted so until independent investigators and reporting can be done inside there's always going to be i believe an international call for more access to thank you for that scott had that. european leaders are set to meet an iranian delegation ahead of a u.s. deadline to reaffirm the twenty fifteen year russia confirmed its support on wednesday when its foreign minister lavrov met iranian counterpart a reef in moscow the iranian delegation is now in brussels to meet helped broker
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the deal the agreement needs to be signed off every ninety days and the u.s. president has until friday to decide if he'll re impose sanctions. as the deadline for the iran nuclear deal approaches the world's once again second guessing trumps next move. is taking over the middle east the us president's repeatedly threatened to tear up the agreement that was so far he's reluctantly kept it alive. it was a moment in international diplomacy seven countries signed the agreement at a time of heightened tensions across the region some of iran's neighbors have been talking about a possible military strike against the country. iran's made no secret of its arsenal of russian ballistic missiles israel and washington's middle eastern allies feared it also had an active nuclear weapons program. iran insisted its nucular
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agenda was purely civilian but under the deal it agreed to end research in return for the partial lifting of sanctions allowing it to access global financial markets and crucially sell its oil. as part of america's commitment to the deal congress requires the u.s. president to confirm every ninety days that iran's up holding its part of the agreement trumps recertified the deal several times so far but things could be about to change last october he announced a new iran policy iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions it's a strategy many iranians believe is motivated simply by trump's growing support for israel i think on the tram u.s. and israeli interests are closely aligned and i think trans main problem but iran
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is that the class of for that simple reason so for that reason i would also add that should iran and israel's relationship improve which is not on the horizon any time soon you would see major changes in the wrong with. trump's refusing to recertify the deal until congress amends it he's called for sanctions on iran's revolutionary guard which he described as a corrupt personal terror force of iran's leader he also wants to extend time limits on the country's nuclear research and could tell its missile program but as congress didn't draw up the deal it's not down to them to change it any alterations it makes with the president would be in breach of the international agreement. it leaves donald trump with two choices recertify the deal and keep it alive reject the deal violate the agreement and almost inevitably trigger an international crisis needs parker. demonstrators rallied in brussels on wednesday head of the
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meeting to discuss the nuclear deal they called for the iranian foreign minister to leave because of his government's response to recent protests hundreds of people have been arrested and at least twenty two killed during demonstrations across iran the u.s. says it's disturbed by reports of some protesters being tortured or killed while in detention. against the e.u. a void think you're aiming for a minister to brussels. they think that this is a very bad message for the iranian people because they expect europe to be on their side to be critical to condemn the current. repression. iranian regime is carrying on in iran has been more violence between police and protesters in five cities during a wave of anti austerity rallies more than two hundred thirty people have been arrested during four days of demonstrations protesters are angry over the
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government's planned price and tax hikes the opposition is calling for the twenty eighteen budget to be scrapped and his prime minister has urged calm saying the economy will improve this year when i have was that he said. we would like to send a message to the protesters no matter what the government undertakes its top priority is improving economic and social conditions and ensuring the trust in the country and its institutions the government wants open dialogue regarding the demands for the leagues have emerged of attempts by gyptian military intelligence to influence media coverage in the country in recordings broadcast by the medical melian t.v. channel an officer can be heard instructing a presenter to attack the emir of qatar the intelligence officer also tells the presenter to pressure should be increased on kuwait the military officer says kuwait should stop supporting cata in the gulf crisis egypt the u.a.e.
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saudi arabian bihu and impose an economic blockade on qatar since june kuwait has been attempting to mediate in the dispute. he was president don trump is insisting that any immigration reform must include funding for a border war with mexico his immigration policies are under pressure with a federal judge blocking plans to end protection for undocumented immigrants puerto the u.s. as children watch as correspondent kimberly how could two ports donald trump was defiant when asked in a joint press conference with the norwegian prime minister whether he would sign an immigration deal that does not include funding for a border wall with mexico. for you know no it's got to include the war we need the wall for security we need the wall for safety we need the wall for stopping the drugs from boring in trouble appears to be giving little ground on finding a compromise to immigration reform i think there needs to be a willingness on both sides it comes one day after signaling he may be willing to
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yield to demands by democrats to keep in place protections for illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children but a tuesday california court ruling blocking trog from ending those protections outraged the president who took to twitter suggesting the decision that will likely be challenged is flawed the program commonly known as dhaka allows kids brought to the united states before their sixtieth birthday to remain in the country democrats want to keep it and have threatened to stop funding the government over the issue we cannot wait we cannot tolerate to. delay as a turk to employed by those who do not wish to see a deal. in addition to demands for funding a wall to block illegal immigration trump is also tying the current battle over immigration to funding for the u.s. military it's not
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a point of negotiation we can say oh we're going to give you money for your military but you have to give us money for something that frankly is much less important trump says he wants to work with democrats but time is running out funding for the government ends in a little more than a week and there is no sign of a resolution can really help get al-jazeera washington. millions of dollars worth of jewelry is believed to have been stolen in an armed robbery in paris police say five people smashed a window of a jewelry store at the ritz hotel on wednesday evening three people were arrested at the scene two other suspects escaped on scrutinous. slaves on al-jazeera the u.s. steps up efforts to fight smuggling of a dangerous synthetic drug behind a nationwide abuse epidemic. and of people killed and more missing as tropical cyclone eva tazz through madagascar.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. rather we can start forecasting heavy snow are by fear of the next couple of days is a massive cloud over seas still bad but rather weak a system than it was and much of this in eastern europe is just grayness it's miserable feeling for remain here turkey six degrees yes it might feel like that but i think you probably feel less than six just because it's miserable overcast above you for the rest the sun is art the sun is over the rather snowy slopes of the alps but the avalanche risk exists no rain seems well it's been the story for northern spine but across the western mediterranean including its early and eventually greece of the next two days that rain will be welcome in italy suffering a twenty percent deficit just reported from last year or should have a bit more right than they did to soften this also the circulation starting to
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build up in the central mediterranean there will be in effect a mild syria and today's ignored you see cloud that has been running falling there's more to come the temps has held at the low teens and rather windy weather seems likely crew through the gulf to sit as a result of that to the sas well much of north africa frankly at the moment is clear skies is a bit of a breeze blowing of course and they should be. even that stop to be strong all the writing to be honest is for the surf side sold records or. the weather sponsored by cats on race. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on sex no evil person just wakes up over the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation
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at this time on al-jazeera. again the top stories on al-jazeera amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into alleged atrocities by me in mars' military it follows the army's admission for the first time that its soldiers killed ten muslim . found buried in a mass grave the un has accused me. of ethnic cleansing. european leaders are said to meet in the rain delegation in brussels ahead of a u.s. deadline to reaffirm the. deal russia confirmed its support for the agreement on
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wednesday. violence has flared between police and protesters and five. in the wave of anti austerity rallies protesters are angry at the government's planned price and tax hikes more than two hundred thirty people have been arrested. this growing international pressure on the me and my government to release two boyce's journalists japan's foreign minister is expected to raise the case during a three day visit while loan and choi queues to violating a secrecy law and face fourteen years in prison for reports. december the twelfth. they've been covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims have fled a crackdown on the myanmar military thirty one year old while alone and. twenty seven are accused of being given classified documents by two policemen prosecutors have charged them under the country's official secrets act which carries
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a maximum sentence of fourteen years in jail. this is unacceptable i want to tell you that they are charging us like this to stop us finding their actions are wrong and unfair. is facing heavy international criticism over its treatment of the ranger the latest crackdown was sparked after a really good rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of policemen in august rights groups saying the myanmar army killed nearly seven thousand men women and children in the following few weeks and more than six hundred fifty cells and ranger have fled into neighboring bangladesh with the u.n. accusing me of ethnic cleansing the government has denied any wrongdoing but refused any independent investigation and banned journalists from going to rakhine state oh i don't want me out we are protesting today about the two journalists because we have permission to do this we are here because as you heard why lone
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shouted from the police car asking us to support him. the case is cast a spotlight on myanmar's difficult transition to democracy after nearly five decades of military rule analysts say it illustrates deteriorating press freedom and the number of cases against journalists have focused attention on the civilian government of nobel prize winner on song suchi her administration shares power with an army that still controls all security policy and other key leaders of government but she has not personally denounced the action of the army in rakhine japan's foreign minister is expected to raise. the case when he visits myanmar on january the eleventh. the japanese government has conveyed his concern about this matter to the government of myanmar freedom of speech basic human rights and the rule of law are immutable common values shared by the international community and it is
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important for all nations to safeguard these values. the two reporters have been working for the reuters news agency there will turn to the court on january the twenty third for legal arguments when lawyers will decide whether to accept the case under a legal system described as having changed little since colonial times with his insistence of reporters innocence their families have suggested they were set up and missed international the u.s. and the european union called for their release. al-jazeera. authorities in pakistan have a race to three police officers for opening fire at a group of protesters and killing two of them it happened when dozens of people attacked a police station hours before the funeral of an eight year old girls they had been kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered the demonstrators claim police haven't been doing enough to find her attacker. the u.s. is implementing new measures to prevent smuggling of the dangerous synthetic drug
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fentanyl it's one of several opioids responsible for a nationwide epidemic of drug abuse pennsylvania is the latest of several states to declare an emergency using illegal protocol usually reserved for natural disasters christensen has a story. of president donald trump has signed legislation aimed at preventing opioid drugs from entering the country the measures include allocating nine million dollars for chemical screening devices to be used by customs and border protection agents it comes amid an opiate abuse crisis that has affected swaths of the country in the state of pennsylvania governor tom wolfe declared a disaster emergency citing a skyrocketing number of deaths by drug overdose i don't take this action lightly. we know that this crisis has taken far too many lives has broken for too many families it is decimated far too many communities and it has gone on for too long
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newly released to to stick show a thirty seven percent increase in fatal overdoses in two thousand and sixteen four thousand six hundred forty two in total and initial reports show that number continued to climb in two thousand and seventeen when overdose related emergency room visits rose eighty two percent through the third quarter this despite state and local efforts to address the problem and clean up areas where drug use is rampant declaring a disaster emergency will allow the state to temporarily reduce regulatory burdens . making anti overdose drugs more available and expanding access to treatment the governor's also establishing an opioid operation command center to better coordinate between agencies in south carolina where they've also declared a disaster emergency the governor announced a new public education campaign this is a different kind of spirit it's a silent. seems through things that are not. every service
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to take a home they used to say that this is society is not a spectator sport you got to get out of the stands and get down in the game while president trump has resisted calls to officially declare the opiate epidemic a national emergency pennsylvania is now the eighth state to declare a disaster a disaster designation last ninety days but governor wolf left open the possibility of signing another one when this one runs out kristen salumi al-jazeera china's transport ministry says there's been a new explosion on the stricken oil tanker off the coast of shanghai it collided with a freight ship on saturday in a fire has been burning onboard the tanker ever since that he once said is a missing but the ship's operator is confident survivors will be found edge and brown reports on china's east coast. the stricken iranian
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tanker adrift in one of asia's most important shipping lanes what remains unclear is the environmental threat posed by its combustible cargo but pictures on chinese state television appear to show the fire is now under control what's less clear is how much oil has so far been spilled that is a worry for fishing communities along china's eastern coast something here that a large oil slick could poison the waters on which they depend twenty one survivors of the collision all from the hong kong freighter the sea of crystal were brought here after being rescued by local fisherman one of those fishermen told us that their trawler had been close by when the tanker and the cargo ship collided he said we heard a loud bang before the night sky was lit up a short time later he and the other fisherman were helping the crew of the sea of crystal out of the lifeboat it was too dangerous to reach the tank of though he
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said. it took us about a half an hour to get there it was a big fire then tourist explosions was still happening. in iran the tankers owners still hope some of their crew are alive. we think that it's likely they will find survivors since the vessels engine room is not directly affected by the fire and it's about fourteen meters under water there is hope. on wednesday chinese official said no large scale oil slick has yet appeared but with environmentalist still unsure how much has actually spilled into the sea a full assessment of the risks is not yet possible adrian brown al jazeera joshi in eastern china. the u.k. government is planning to announce new taxes on plastic bottles and takeaway cartons to reduce environmentally damaging waste the measures are expected in
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a speech by prime minister to resign may it follows the introduction in twenty fifteen of a mandatory levy on plastic bags in major supermarkets in england the move cut by ninety percent the number of bags used. the number of people killed when tropical cyclone ava hits madagascar has risen to thirty three and other twenty two are missing ever reached speeds of up to under ninety kilometers an hour when a tour through the east coast over the weekend because of roads and displacing thousands reports. it's been a dramatic change in life in less than forty eight hours for people on the east coast of madagascar. was the latest psych load to hit the island it has now subsided but it has left them homeless sea and in desperate need of help. we are six in our family and our house is completely submerged in water my child had a strong fever so we decided to come here from morning the moment you step down
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from your bed we're forced to walk in water water is everywhere and that is the reason we came here. it's like none of us sped up the east coast of the island on friday before heading out to sea on sunday heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred and ninety kilometers an hour left a trail of destruction. dozens died in floods and landslides up to nineteen thousand fled to temporary shelters hundreds of homes have been destroyed roads submerged schools shut down and towns cut off from one another by the sudden appearance of new lakes region of. four hundred kilometers south of the cups antananarivo was worst affected among we asked the state to come and see what we are going through and to look at our situation and find a solution to clear out the water but it is stagnant and we don't know where to put our children. is not the first legal storm to hit madagascar in the last twelve months in march cyclonic know killed at least seventy eight people and destroyed
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a lot of crops rescue workers are struggling to cope with the phenomena. we have a contingency plan that contains three scenarios of floods and so i clone the first one is currently in progress and the expenses so far are no less than twenty million dollars. and as the cycle of natural disasters returns to strike madagascar the financial cost as well as the human cost continues to rise powerful storms on poverty combined to that effect. at least seventeen people are dead when mudslides triggered by heavy rain destroyed homes and swear to a cause in southern california a large rescue operation is underway to find more than a dozen people who are missing and to reach hundreds of others still stranded in the disaster zone rob reynolds reports on meant to seattle. the day after disaster struck montecito mud and storm water covered highway one hundred one the main road
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connecting los angeles and santa barbara were crews and heavy trucks fire engines and police cars were the only vehicles plying the normally busy highway which could now remain closed for days the force of tuesday's mudslide smashed metal barriers and swept cars downstream from the canyons above residents describe a terrifying night of poor in the rain and roaring flood the sound with boulders and huge boulders because after storms like this you go down the creek and there's boat is the size of votes wagons left that you have behind eighty year old bernard sandler and his wife tried to walk to a pharmacy to get his heart medicine but they got stuck in thick unyielding mud two hours later was still standing up for middle of our thighs and mud and my wife almost fell and i thought she would die and i have actually.
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been married fifty seven years this month. and i really felt that. many of the roads in the narrow canyons around this area are so badly damaged the only way to rescue stranded residents is by helicopter a u.s. coast guard jayhawk helicopter rescued a maroon to family of five including a newborn baby and two pet dogs on wednesday afternoon local authorities gave an update we realized that this is going to be a long and difficult journey for all of us and for our community and we ask for your patience we ask for your understanding. and i ask you for your prayers people hear of lived through nature's punch first wildfires then floods california. they've seen it all that's an attitude that
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will no doubt be valuable in the days ahead as the cleanup continues robert oulds al-jazeera california the world's largest electronics trade show is in full swing in las vegas in a new product that could make travel is stealing the spotlight a chinese firm has unveiled a suitcase that follows you around the airport never gets lost invention. uses a tracking device and g.p.s. . but it wasn't all fun and games at the consumer electronics show visitors at the convention were left in the dark during a power cut some areas were without light for more than an hour forcing people to use their mobile phones to find their way.
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at the top stories amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into alleged atrocities by the military it follows the army's admission for the first time that its soldiers killed ten muslim rangar found buried in a mass grave the u.n. has accused military of ethnic cleansing scott hide from bangkok. if the military is taking this step now reversing itself from its internal investigation now what does that indicate are there more graves like this in rakhine state because it's very difficult to know for certain because independent investigators journalists independent international organizations have been very restricted and pretty much barred from going anywhere and conducting investigations in rakhine state so we really don't know outside of what the millard military is telling us what exactly happened in their european leaders are said to meet an iranian delegation in brussels ahead of a u.s. deadline to reaffirm the twenty fifteen new kid deal russia confirmed its support
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for the agreement on wednesday agreement needs to be signed off every ninety days but insists fled between police and protesters in five cities during the wave of anti austerity rallies protesters are angry at the government's planned price and tax hikes. further leaks of amidst of attempts by egyptian military intelligence to influence media coverage in the country and recordings broadcast by the t.v. channel an officer can be heard instructing a presenter to attack the amir of qatar intelligence officer also tells the presenter that pressure should be increased on kuwait to prevent it supporting cattle in the gulf crisis egypt the saudi arabia and bahrain imposed an economic blockade on qatar in june kuwait has been attempting to mediate in the dispute years president don trump insists any immigration reform must include funding for
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a border war with mexico and choose a federal judge blocked the government from ending protection for undocumented immigrants who are brought to the u.s. as children those are the headlines the stream. as thousands of seek refuge in bangladesh a new armed group is taking shape fighting the government. because they refuse to give us basic rights as citizens for the first time a member of the ira can just salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time. ok in the street. today a recent rise in attacks on migrants is shining the spotlight on racism inquiry and also calling on the country to examine the growing popularity of a right wing political party.


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