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and i've been called up i did just what the president say challenges here investigations the only go this time on the fringes of some of africa's mega city. to make a slum is perched on stilts. play the fool. but the cities are beginning to develop even the rich areas where the. architect of the enemy is offering the most sustainable solution to the communities hardest hit by the tides of change. to continue with working all this time on a just. this is al-jazeera. carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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president truncates to us in the iran nuclear deal for now but sets a deadline for allies to agree to an overhaul. the president not only use that for what she needs it more than once democrats dismiss president tranced nial and his offensive comment about some countries which has sparked global outrage. and. crackdown on protests against price and tax hikes in tunisia close to eight hundred people have been arrested. and what's playing out of the world's biggest consumer show we'll have a live update from las vegas. and this is the last chance that was the message from u.s. president donald trump has extended the landmark iran nuclear deal but he's warned america's european allies he would withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen
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agreement all together it has to mance to change are not met trampas demanding the deal include other weapons programs and tougher sanctions also wants the so-called sunset clause removed which would lift restrictions on iran's nuclear enrichment program after twenty twenty five rounds one minister responded to trump's announcement calling it a desperate attempt to undermine a solid multilateral agreement alan fischer has a latest from washington. europe's diplomats met in brussels to urge the u.s. to continue with the iran nuclear deal seeing they believe it improved global security no donald trump has agreed but says he would do it again in a statement issued from the white house he called his european allies to negotiate a supplemental deal in the next one hundred twenty days which would place fresh restrictions on iran seeing today i'm waving the application of certain nuclear sanctions but only in order to secure our european allies agreement to fix the terrible flaws of the iran nuclear deal this is a last chance in the absence of such an agreement the united states will not again
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we've sanctions and. to stay in the iran nuclear deal and he warned those who for whatever reason choose not to work with us will be siding with the iranian regime's nuclear ambitions and against the people of iran and the peaceful nations of the world under u.s. law the president has to regularly recertify the deal donald trump has repeatedly called the iran deal the watch he's ever seen and pledged before he became president to scrap it at the end of last year he want he was ready to step away iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal but one of the deals architects says the deal is working there is no dispute that iran is living up to its obligations which we negotiated with iran and it's like that we should live up to obligations to that does not mean that we shouldn't address other aspects of iranian behavior which course concern whether it involves aggressive foreign policy its political missile program its human rights record top white house also knows the new round of non-nuclear sanctions targeting groups and individuals it believes
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have committed human rights abuses and blocked freedom of speech in iran but insists it is outlined to europeanize what it wants to see happen but there's no indication the unitarians are ready to renegotiate a deal in the next one hundred twenty days the two years to craft and put in place alan fischer washington has made a set of iran has responded to transfer approval of the nuclear deal let's go live now to tehran and speak to our insane best father so is saying what is the the foreign minister of iran saying to this is his response to trump's decision. well if there's anything that the u.s. president and iran's foreign minister have in common it's that they both like to use twitter divides the reforesting very little time and taking to twitter within an hour of president announcement to criticize the way in which president trump handles what many people in iran see as an inevitable inevitability sticking
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with the u.s. still not been practiced with a little as a reset that. trump white house and efforts in recent days to scuttle the deal were were desperate and what he means by that is that the deal negotiated with multiple parties iran maintains that it is a good multilateral agreement that the u.s. should remain committed to its commitments and a lot of the political think there's a lot of the lawmakers we've spoken to here see his disdain for the g.o.p. really as a disdain for. a legacy of former president barack obama it was a successful negotiation for the former president they see this as a feud with his predecessor playing out on iranian soil so to speak one of the other issues that is really just mentioned in his tweet were specific paragraphs in the joint comprehensive plan of action the twenty fifth senior clearview only pointed to those paragraphs saying that it is the u.s.
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in fact that isn't moving out is the u.s. in fact that is a living up to the spirit of the deal not allowing iran to participate in the global economy in the way that was promised as part of the nuclear deal and you very much for that so really iran doubling down on the world's words but they are committed to speaking to the deal by all accounts it has been beneficial for the iranian government and for the iranian people in many ways we've also heard today from a parliamentary committee on national security very quick as well we need an hour to take to. take to good use ways and and make a very. a clear statement that when it comes to iran's ballistic missile program which has been commonly criticized by the united states when it comes to the don't see the ballistic missile program iran's national security is not up for negotiation as far as the government here is concerned it's a part of their self defense strategy and it's not something that was ever part of
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the nuclear deal and not something to deliver compromise on in the future so very clear messages coming from both the foreign ministry and the parliament here into one so the on the the official responses and then now in parliament except i just tell us a broader than that how is this being or seems there absolutely when you know when when the nuclear deal was negotiated many people in iran regular working men and women felt that it was an opportunity for a major change in the country and while there have been positives that have come from it most iranians haven't really had it have the experience or the impact of the positives of the nuclear deal they haven't really felt it in their own lives we spoke to some of them today and here's what they had to say. nearly two and a half years after the nuclear deal was signed many iranians say they haven't seen any real benefits and that president hassan rouhani promised more than he could deliver jordan but that's not the stuff they did get or how they need no impact at
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all in my life the price of rice is doubles sixpences to millions in rent meanwhile the children of official people don't exist money to my pocket or to the pocket of the woman selling things on the street which people but some are still willing to stand by their president communism and television people that he is doing his best of course there are some problems in the country sanctions pressure from abroad naturally impacts livelihoods and the economic situation but if we just blame the president and say he is the one who has to do something of course he cannot we should stand next to him cooperate with him and tolerate the situation the nuclear deal had some success the lifting of sanctions let iran so oil again freely on the international market exports are up to more than two million barrels a day but gains have been overshadowed by u.s. president donald trump's aggressive stance towards iran every few months the
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iranian nuclear deal was thrown into chaos and managing that political turmoil takes up so much of the iranian government's time that there isn't a lot of room left for public discourse about much else trump has created so much uncertainty about the nuclear deal that iranians say it's been as harmful as sanctions that the deal was meant to lift many people are frustrated that foreign investors are too scared to come to iran and the value of their currency keeps falling. trump is a person who has a psychological problem his opinions have no balance on any issue is always changing his mind and for me as an iranian and for most iranians it doesn't matter if the us pulls out of the deal as long as european countries cooperate with us we will stay in the deal oh oh. summer audience don't care about the nuclear deal and say they simply want to get on with their lives i don't embody me if i don't live on the show i just want to make people happy that said and i don't care about anything else making people happy is
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a kind of arts and i'm not interested in these kinds of nuclear conversations was all over. the los iran's government says it's ready to deal with any scenario so too it seems are its people. and the us president has tonight using the word shithole to describe haiti el salvador and countries in africa is alleged to have made the comments during a white house meeting on drafting immigration legislation on thursday it has been widely condemned that comment is racist and offensive our white house correspondent kempley hucker reports. surrounded by members of the african-american community at a white house ceremony honoring the civil rights icon dr martin luther king donald trump made no apology for his alleged racist comments a day earlier that morning in a series of early morning tweets donald trump denied media reports that he had
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called haiti el salvador and african countries shitholes during a meeting with senators on immigration but he did admit the language used was tough he also denied saying anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country. we're here today standing beside the president in the oval office with dr martin luther king jr's nephew later he told al-jazeera he believes trump has much to learn about tolerance but is not hateful i honestly don't think the president trump is a racist i think he's racially uninformed we've got time to do with democratic senator dick durbin was at thursday's white house meeting and says trump made the controversy over comments words he calls vial and racist he said these people with which it is said there were people. trump's comments have stung many in the
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country including the tens of thousands of haitians who came to the united states after the devastating twenty ten earthquake it was kind of disturbing you know it was hurtful to my community and my career. members of the president's own republican party have distanced themselves from trump's comments calling them problematic as politicians try to come to an agreement on immigration and funding to avoid an imminent government shutdown i read those comments later last night so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate unhelpful it is incomprehensible that these words came out of the mouth of the president of the united states of america a country that was founded on. being free from discrimination the calls for the president to apologize for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the united states but for now it appears that apology is unlikely kimberly helped at al
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jazeera washington and the president of el salvador has filed a formal complaint with the united states in response to donald trump's comments. we have sent a formal letter of protest to the united states government also highlighting the value of salvadorans and remembering that they were compassionate who worked on the reconstruction of the pentagon after the terror attacks of two thousand and one and who contributed to the reconstruction of new orleans after hurricane katrina and who made a contribution alongside the united states and several peace missions from other nations a spokesman from the u.n. said the u.s. president's comments were racist in the african union has demanded an apology had a hand asked more on the international reaction to what trump said he once said when he was in the oval office america would be respected around the globe that isn't happening just the opposite actually according to polls and that would be
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even worse now that he has called africa el salvador and haiti shitholes reaction from the united nations was quick these shocking and shameful comments from the president of the united states. i'm sorry but there's no other work on can use but racist. you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents shitholes whose entire populations who are not white. formal welcome the president's muddled denials not believed by most considering he so often gets caught saying blatant lies this remark is being taken personally in kenya unfortunately the american people elected an individual who's been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault is a proven liar and clearly a racist i don't want to leave my country i love my country it's a beautiful country with beautiful people south africa well what i feel about what
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do not know with the statement that you have been that god doesn't have legs but his big people inside and zimbabwe is no. white supremacist but now when you come up with. i think just. of the woods. from the american people around the globe condemnation disgust even now after so much a sense of shock this is the president of the united states who many now see as an unapologetic races. how to call hain al-jazeera washington and the us ambassador to panama says he's resigning his post because he can no longer serve the u.s. president trying philly as a career diplomat and a former marine corps helicopter pilot at the state department says has to parchin was announce that beforehand and it's not in response to trump's use of racist
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language to refer to certain countries. but you are had on the news hour of uncertainty a breakthrough in talks to form a new coalition government in germany. and also report on how south africa is still struggling with the issue of land redistribution twenty five years after the end of apartheid. ensenada was here in kind of the blanco we're all close getting ready to host one of the biggest competition in the continent the african nations championship. turkey's prime minister is urging iran and russia to rein in the syrian government's offensive in a province one of the rebels last strongholds and says the army assault could force even more people to be displaced one hundred twenty thousand people have fled and just the past three weeks russia and iran backed the forces of syrian president bashar assad while turkey supports opposition fighters. has more from him talking.
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the situation is becoming more and more difficult every day for syrians especially from. hama since the crisis began in mid december in two thousand and seventeen in iran one hundred seventy thousand people have reached to the turkey syria border to the camps after the bombing started then across the whole country more than two thousand seven hundred people were displaced and a two thousand all of those this place start children where fifty thousand families have to leave their homes the situation is kind of dire especially in these camps nearby the turkish border because they're all rigged to fool with people who have fled their lens in the last couple of years we have been talking to n.g.o.s who are on the ground and they are saying that until now one thousand five hundred
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tents have been provided for those displaced but unfortunately is thirty thousand more tents are needed there is no infrastructure enough to accommodate all those people for now and n.g.o.s say that they are expecting more people come to the camps as the dire situations and humanitarian too rigid to continues in the province and the turkish foreign minister has criticized a new travel warning us travel warning on turkey he says that and hockey and washington shouldn't waste time on unnecessary actions earlier on friday both the u.s. and turkey issued travel advisories to their citizens warning of what they call the rising terrorism and arbitrary arrests these restrictions from the two countries were lifted at the end of december they had been in place after the u.s. accused turkey of attaining two of its consulate staff are suspected ties to the failed two thousand and sixteen who in turkey. demonstrations have taken place in
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palestine after groups including fatah and hamas call for a day of rage and response to the u.s. decision to recognize treason as the capital of israel the palestinian health ministry says at least thirty five people were injured israeli forces are still maintaining roadblocks and conducting raids on palestinian villages in the occupied west bank looking for the killer of an israeli settler eighteen palestinians have been arrested so far on thursday two palestinian teenagers were killed during scuffles with israeli troops. it's amazing authorities have arrested another one hundred fifty people including local opposition leaders and response to almost a week of anti-government protests close to eight hundred people have now been detained following demonstrations over plans to raise taxes and the price of basic goods. this report from tunis. angry crowds denounced the arrests of hundreds of people.
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that the government says those who have been detained were involved in attacks against police stations the protesters on the other hand accused tunisia and authorities of an indiscriminate crackdown and look what it was continuing to do and see in is the time when the biggest problem is with those who cover this nothing is changing chin this is the same elite the governess the same tactics they clamp down on our freedoms if you express your views in the streets you went up in jail the police are chasing us. the police have been given strict orders not to use force to disperse the crowds these are tense times in the country. oh. by the protesters are venting their frustration of the government introduced was targeted measures and increased taxes officials here say the measures are crucial to eliminate a budget deficit. and improved declining revenues from agriculture mining and
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tourism to his ears vital economic sector no no it's not funny but we want the government to scrap the tax increases many people are suffering because of the price rises particular import areas like city busied catarina where communities have been grappling with discrimination for decades this is made by the government as against the will of the people. prime minister yousaf has visited some of the areas of the protests he's accused of popular front a coalition of leftist opposition parties of inciting and rast but the opposition insists the rallies are legitimate expressions of frustration over a government they say has betrayed its own people army units have been deployed in many cities to protect government buildings and prevent it descends into chaos this is a delicate issue for the government if you backtracks all the tax increases the budget
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deficit will continue to strain the state's finances but if it goes ahead with the austerity measures public anger might lead to further instability. sonus german chancellor angela merkel's conservative party has made a deal with that center left rivals to formally open government coalition talks leaders say they're hoping ten months of political uncertainty following september elections david schaper reports from berlin. the breakthrough came after an exhausting twenty four hours of negotiations between the parties concluding more than five days of talks the political limbo in germany seems finally to be over it's it it was steve the c.d.u. unanimously approved a paper or the results of the exploratory talks at which many participated and which was based on a broad funday should and we will recommend our party begin talks on forming a stable government. as the s.p.d. we have decided unanimously to give the party leadership a mandate to negotiate
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a coalition the biggest hurdle in the talks was to reach an agreement on refugees and migration the open door policy championed by angela merkel led to more than a million refugees being granted asylum in germany during the years twenty fifteen and sixteen the political price for that decision was the entry of the far right alternative for germany who gained more than one thousand seats in the parliament the border stuck by good numbers will now be kept to two hundred twenty thousand per year and agreement has been reached on even more controversial question of how many relatives will be allowed to be reunited with families already in germany one thousand cases will be considered per month with strict conditions attached friday's agreement though has one final hurdle to pass a special conference in bonn later this week of the social democrats will have to give their approval before the coalition tours can formally go ahead. well the youth of the social democrats is one of the most vocal parts of the party are
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calling for a position they believe in s.p.d. outside of government would have the opportunity to to reenergize truing re think it's a gender. in a radical shift on german objects paltz a party said they would end to be gently supplying weapons to countries involved in the yemen conflict and tighten guidelines on sales the talks also agreed common ground on strengthening the euro zone and close partnership with france and driving forward with reforms in the european union they also promised to boost germany's contribution to the budget david chaytor al-jazeera in place of the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas to disperse churchgoers mourning the deaths of demonstrators who died in recent protests security forces killed at least seven people in the capital kinshasa on new year's eve and the demonstrations on friday
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were organized by catholic activists who have been protesting against president joseph kabila us refusal to step down from office. twenty five years after the end of apartheid land remains one of the most a vice of issues and south africa the vast majority of the best land is still owned by white farmers in our south africa's ruling party needs to celebrate its one hundred sixth anniversary and wants to make major changes to the constitution so it can seize land without giving compensation tanya page reports. these men a serving a sight they manage they think of themselves as property developers sorts this is what they call phase one of a land invasion more than ten thousand shacks they say they're tired of waiting for the antsy to give them land there was a pause when taking over from a bunch of government to support the center has a solution but they never done it. but there we are keeping on promise and promising promising but not now we are saying enough is enough one of the main
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reasons the n c was formed in one thousand nine hundred twelve was because black africans were losing their land often being forcibly removed from it more than a century later most of the best land in south africa remains in the hands of a few thousand mostly white commercial farmers. after twenty three years and how the and sees only managed to return a fraction of the land to black people the latest research suggests about twenty percent that makes land a defining issue and one the n.c.a. things that may be able to solve it changes the constitution allowing it to take land without giving compensation to the n.c. says it won't go ahead with the change if it will hurt the food supply dan craig can't see how that's possible he's been representing farmers and talks with the a.n.c. and says many people like him are committed to returning land to black people and we want to work with government and we have funding models and we extend property
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rights to new farmers we can actually make much much faster progress if we work together. i've not lost hope in terms of land reform in any way but from an economic point of view there are concerns over how changes to the constitution will impact farmers if you without compensation they would not be able to see all that practically all the detroit least seventy five percent of their through the value of the land so that they would default on those. loans that they have with the banks but these men believe the date owed to them and their people is far more important the n.c. government may have been too slow to help them but if it speeds up the transfer of land into the hands of black people it could dramatically change the face of land ownership in south africa tony page al-jazeera johannesburg. but i'm ahead on al jazeera that has president of spain's catalonia region that meets his newly elected
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m.p.'s is uncertainty remains over what he'll do next. facebook announces changes in the hope of creating a more meaningful experience that it shares take a hit. and sport the skier stays on course for a maiden the length a gold medal details coming out. howler in the east and he west has come up recently got a couple of days of pretty warm weather but that obvious diagonal is a cold front behind it still cold that's dropping snow as far south as tennessee has recently crossed the appalachians and once it's gone through the temperatures behind drop quite considerably once more see about that a minus eighty chicago as a daytime high minus ten in toronto but plus twelve in new york they weren't feel
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like that in the cultural city rushing off to it now all this time it's been pretty quiet on the pacific coast no more shop attention so that southern california in fact you got a good north of the border to get rain or snow and stop in b.c. temperate atlanta seventy four degrees on both saturday and sunday and there's the four cross the new york we're down to minus four washington minus three these are daytime highs so as to get house returned ones will well be with nice sunny skies now we have had some significant rain recently in the bahamas there it is disappearing some in haiti is well off to the skies look relatively clear but the still a weakness in the atmosphere in other words rain potential it's still there and it might even be growing itself once more so more potential weapons for costa rica panama and jamaica. and this is
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a good. it's business. meet young mover traders. the commanders be. looking to kill their let's bring. in gambling with. any just look risking it all to destroy one al-jazeera. al-jazeera. when ever you are.
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watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories this hour president says he will approve the iran nuclear deal just one more time promising to end it if it's not renegotiated is calling on america's european allies to put fresh restrictions on iran as part of the agreement. and worldwide condemnation after donald trump referred to some developing nations as quote shithole country is one of those nations was al salvador and its president issued a formal complaint to the u.s. government a u.n. spokesman said the comments were racist and tunisian authorities have arrested another one hundred fifty people including local office. mission leaders and
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response to almost a week of anti-government protests close to eight hundred people have now been detained following demonstrations over plans to raise taxes and the price of basic goods. back to our top story now the iran nuclear deal is not the only international agreement donald trump has been taking aim at since taking office he is quickly turned the us his stance on several of them so just three days after his inauguration trump signed an executive order canceling the transpacific partnership trade deal or t.p. with asia in august that have a ministration officially inform the un that it was withdrawing from the paris climate agreement at present the u.s. is the only country in the world not to be part of the board and has turned his sights on nafta the north american free trade agreement negotiated by the clinton administration he wants it renegotiated and has even threatened to just scrap it altogether early man levitt is the chief executive officer of strategic political political risk consulting firm she joins us live from washington d.c.
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we appreciate your time very much so. my first question do you think that donald trump has publicly made any type of a good case for why the iran deal should be renegotiated. fair critique says he made any fair critique. well i think the core problem that he faces is that he has no he has no alternative he has no alternative to the iranian killer deal either to explain to the domestic audience here in the united states or internationally and that has left him in a very difficult position where he has to keep waving sanctions that were imposed on iran years ago basically president obama's policy has to stay with it but not have any of the benefits that president obama was taking from the iran nuclear geo so he's really isolated the united states and i think principally because just as you point out there's not a real alternative case that he's made there's not an alternative that he's put forward to the iran nuclear deal so with all the bluster about this deal and i
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believe he said it was the worst deal ever negotiated he's been saying that well over a year now what is the effect of talking about the deal that way as opposed to having some sort of legitimate alternative. the factors really you know i liken it to an emperor with no clothes on everybody sees him for i think president trump for what he is someone who is desperately trying to fulfill a campaign promise to scrap the iran nuclear deal but who has no way of doing so and in the process he's really pushing iran into the arms of the european union china russia and leaving the united states out in the cold globally and within the middle east you know in a more narrow way so he's really leaving the united states very isolated doing it both in the middle east and broadly i do want to pick up on exactly that point you know we've listed all these other deals that he is threaten to pull out says he wants to pull out of. these things move forward without the u.s.
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the world doesn't stop because he says he doesn't want to be part of what are the implications of that and just some does he see it as a negotiating tactic. you know it's interesting i spoke to some people who are in meetings with people at the white house over nafta and in particular on nafta he has spoken about it president trump has spoken about what he's doing there is trying to just get leverage and i think in some ways he may think he's trying to get leverage here but leverage for what he has no reason for watch he wants as the alternative to the iran nuclear deal that he's even trying to get leverage for so it really leaves him with no no idea no strategy no vision for how to proceed going forward and in the meantime other countries in the middle east turkey iraq countries in the goal of kuwait god are oman across the middle east and then of course around the world china russia the european union they're going to go forward
2:36 am
because they understand they recognize that even if they don't like all of iran's policies that iran is a country of eighty million educated people with enormous natural resources you have to deal with it it's not you can't close your eyes and make it go away but that's the only alternative that president trump is really putting on the table so do you think at some point he will have to course correct using a tactic like this that maybe even some of his own people will try to convince him to course correct at some point. well we've seen i think a lot of disarray within the administration and in part over the summer even the cia director here michael pompei o who himself is a staunch iran hawk a real anti iran advocate when he was in the congress even the cia director pompei i had to admit that he had written a letter to general soleimani the head of the iranian revolutionary guard force because there is such there is there's such disarray that i think that people in
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the administration even those that are viscerally anti iran like the head of the cia understand that they need to do something they can't ignore the fact that iran exists and it's an important power in the middle east whether you like it or not so i think you'll continue to see president trump trying to stumble forward with all sorts of negative blustery rhetoric but then i think you may also see people like the cia director pompei o perhaps even rex tillerson the secretary of state or defense secretary mattis doing some other things to potentially reach out to iran or to at least try to stop the chaos that is caused by by president trans trumps rhetoric hillary mann levitt all for it always good to talk to you thank you for joining us. meanwhile president trump has canceled a visit to london to open the new u.s. embassy he says it's because he didn't approve of barack obama selling off the old building even though the decision to move the embassy was announced while george w.
2:38 am
bush was president from london the barker reports. the building at the center of a new trump twitter storm finishing touches it being made to the u.s. embassy south of the river thames away from the heart of the city but the american president's not happy the reason i canceled my trip to london he wrote is that i'm not a big fan of the obama administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in london for peanuts only to build a new one for one point two billion dollars deal the embassies now expected to be opened by u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson next month from the street like many other u.s. embassies around the world it's a giant forty five box this one happens to be surrounded by a moat there's also somewhat different is apparently very green topped with solar panels on the screens that designed to aid climate control is also taking shape in an area of urban regeneration that according to some is a little bit more evocative of the previous u.s.
2:39 am
administration than the present war and that could be the problem the mare of london sadique khan drew his own conclusions from trump's decision many londoners have made it clear he tweeted that donald trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda it wasn't long before the u.k. spahn secretary boys johnson intervened saying we will not allow u.s. u.k. relations to be endangered by some puffed up pompous poppin j. in city hall on a visit to washington last year prime minister theresa may invited trump on a separate state visit to the u.k. but no dates being sent the petition against the plan came more than a million signatures following trump's crackdown on immigration from majority muslim countries as for the old embassy in grosvenor square one of the most expensive addresses in the world it's been bought by qatar and the money used to build the new embassy america's association with the square goes back two hundred years is now destined to be turned into a luxury hotel behind on
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a minute could it be is it well almost a loan from london waxwork museum and to swords or donald trump may be unwilling to come to the u.k. himself but there is a rather suspicious look alike on standby any comment mr president. b. . and the president has had his first medical checkup says taking office. exam is meant to verify whether the president is fit for duty but it's taken on added meaning for donald trump after recent questions over his mental fitness a controversial book about his first year in office contains suggestions attributed to trump's close advisers that this is a quote he was incapable of functioning in his job the spanish government has dismissed the possibility of former catalan leader karl is governing the region from self-imposed exile in brussels earlier met members of his pro and dependents movement and the belgian capital they took thirty four seats in last month's election but still finished behind the unionist citizens party on friday some of
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the new separatists m.p.'s said they hoped it would be approved for another term as president of the carillon regional parliament but the majority government says it will contest any attempt in the courts today in baba has more from brussels ok let's move on to the next story now charity linked to the main suspect in the two thousand and eight bombing has held a rally and the pakistani city of a solid. protesters oppose the u.s. decision to recognize tourism as israel's capital they are also angry and violence in the disputed kashmir region. has more. the budget on defense counts a grouping of about fourteen religious and religious right wing political parties including the. tremendous support on the street also had how faith.
2:42 am
has come under scrutiny reached in play because the government is now threatening to dry up their foreign then make it an illegal friend there of course have been protecting the u.s. moved to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem there are also a border to border general. support for the crush me to cause and of course the indian kashmir where atrocities that have been committed against the ordinary people predicted of a knowledge gathering tens of thousands of people have been mobilized in the city of fed as you can see behind me the leader there directing the large rally head and of god there condemning the government for not doing enough to stand up to the international community especially after tear through a hard target on that it also anger over the palestinian issue these people are saying that dish struggle will continue until the last man and that they will not
2:43 am
give up the rights of the people of kashmir all for that matter the people in palestine for indian supreme court judges have held that unprecedented press conference to criticize the chief justice accuse him of bias and allocating judges to cases and they also raise concerns about procedures to hire and promote charges the judges say all this presents a danger to democracy in india the chief justice has not responded. here during the season of the super bowl that is not in order. and many things we do list can do that would require effort there is never a problem that must be money if you have all the world where the governments are going to live is in st louis build roads and indeed maintains its equanimity with. the democracy even more so when you can disregard any kind of business understands and they are worried
2:44 am
a cholera outbreak and the capitalist sockeye could cost them their livelihoods the government's ban public gatherings and ordered food markets and businesses to close to help control the spread of the disease where than sixty people have died in the outbreak since september players are patrolling the streets to ensure the markets remain closed. now would you like to read a story to your children in the evening that find you never have time answer can be found at the annual c.s. technology show and las vegas as luka a robotic owl that can read stories any time of the today is among thousands of smart cactus and artificial intelligence to vices being exhibited at the event our robert all scott the fun gig take at a las vegas and cover this so what are the things folks are talking about there rob . bullrush l d c e s twenty eighteen is coming to an end now people are heading for the exits we learned a lot about advances in driverless cars and artificial intelligence and virtual
2:45 am
reality as well as other technologies but there were some dark notes as well for example on wednesday the lights here in this vast conference center went out for about an hour illustrating the fact that even the fanciest technology is dependent upon what is often a very fragile infrastructure the c.e.o. of the corporate giant intel had to awkwardly apologize for deficiencies in computer chips his company made which were installed in tens and hundreds of millions of devices illustrating again the sad state of computer security and the threat of cyber attacks no one here was talking for example about the what the people the people who drive all those trucks and delivery vans in taxicabs will do when all cars are driverless and there were it's frankly kind of
2:46 am
sad to see robots be marketed as companions for elderly people as if technology were a cure for loneliness and also disconcerting to see the billions of dollars lavished on research and development of. actually frivolous items frankly like talking refrigerators wind since so much less money is spent on things like providing safe drinking water in the developing world and using the power of algorithms to identify and prevent mass killings like the one that struck this city in november killing fifty eight people nevertheless it does seem that technology is advancing relentlessly as are the massive corporate profits that it makes possible there will be another c.-s. next year and we'll be here to report on a shell yeah how would agree with you on that talking refrigerator. live in las
2:47 am
vegas thank you. head on al-jazeera and sports ever a trip to london doesn't care boston's n.t.a. championship push off course.
2:48 am
facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has announced changes to the way the platform's news feed is filtered in the coming months it will start prioritizing posts from friends and family so i can work said he wants to make the facebook experience more meaningful for its two billion members and says the explosion of branded content in recent
2:49 am
years has crowded out personal comments is also concerned about state influence social media analyst jacob silliman says the changes could be bad news for traditional media brands i'm afraid it's not going to help news outlets in any particular way over the last year we've seen facebook incursion news outlets and sometimes pay them to produce video which can be consumed very readily in the news feed and now that's probably all going away any publication that's done a so-called pivot to video is probably faces of trouble i think where this is also disturbing is that zuckerberg seems to distinguish between what he calls passive content and content that's more engaging that involves your friends and family talking now does that mean that he thinks that news is sort of passive content and not worth engaging with it certainly seems so and that in general news is going to discount in people's feeds because it's not seen as the kind of dynamic thing that people want to gather around her as far a now with sport thanks very much morocco is getting ready to host the fifth
2:50 am
edition of the african nations championship the country's football fortunes are on the rise after their qualification for this year's world cup as someone who reports morocco has ambitions to one day stage football's biggest of the. this is where many moroccan youngsters learn their football the beach doubles as an improvised training ground fans here i have a lot to look forward to oracle has called a fighter for the world cup for the first time in twenty years and the country is about to welcome many of africa's best players the city of gaza blunk is due to host the african nations championship the country hasn't hosted a senior continental competition since the africa cup of nations in nineteen eighty eight more or goes due to stage the twenty fifteen cup of nations but pulled out due to concerns about the spread of the ebola virus the african nations
2:51 am
championship so has been around for a decade but is still trying to establish itself the sixteen team event is soley for players based in their domestic league but with the decision to expand the flagship a cup of nations to twenty four teams and extra world cup places awarded to the african continent from twenty to twenty six some are questioning its value the man in charge of african football is this its future is secure. with regards to the position the competition takes at a continental level it's very important because if we look at the number of participants in qualifying matches increases day by day it means that the federations and the players develop a taste for it and profited little from this opportunity morrocco is hoping that by successfully stage in this tournament they could be given another chance to host the cup of nations. but there are bitches don't stop there with the country
2:52 am
challenging a dog bid from the us canada and mexico to host the twenty twenty six fifa world cup which we historically evidence for for us for american football. because last last year. our first team qualified for the world cup and we warn the champions champions league of america and we. we want inside let's continue with this. good moment and then i have now we've been preparing for this competition for some time i think we have good players that can make our country proud morrocco kick off this event against mauritania close to forty five thousand spectators will be at the renovated muhamad the fifth stadium home fans hoping they'll be back at the same stadium in early february to see their team play in the final final how mouche all desire has
2:53 am
a blanka morrocco english premier league champions chelsea will be in action on saturday they face leicester and will be hoping to make up ground on a runaway illegal eater's the manchester city and other matches the relegation battle will be highlighted with six of the bottom eight teams all in action only three points separate twelfth place brighton from stoke who were in the bottom three in the late match tottenham who were second last season host everton spurs are currently in fifth position though i think there will think of good players often see if players that play so well. but if you do so makes. everton. in church. and school.
2:54 am
is going to be tough to. canada's mikhail kingsbury kept up his outstanding recent form with a thirteen straight world cup victory kingsbury was in action at the men's moguls event deer valley utah where he won both of them so a canadian has now won all six moguls events in the current season he also won seven in a row last season very has a total of forty eight career wins which itself is a world cup record is not won an olympic gold medal but on current form will be seen as a favorite in. britain's mohamed far was forced to pull out of the doha marathon because of a tight achilles tendon the four time olympic champion was due to compete in the half marathon but withdrew after feeling discomfort during the warm up the thirty four year old was still the star attraction at the event even though he opted to run in the children's race instead kenya's alex cabot won the men's half
2:55 am
marathon. of the boston celtics to allow a road trip to throw their championship push off course the celtics are leading the way in the n.b.a. eastern conference and they beat the philadelphia seventy six ers at a game played in london so home reports. seeing the stars of the n.b.a. and everything that comes with that has become a regular treat for fans in the u.k. the boston celtics facing the philadelphia seventy six is in london the eighth regular season game in the country since twenty eleven. and they could be many more coming up in the future. the demand is there and the interest is there it's really more a question of our schedule and whether we can make it work it looked early on that those on hand in london were in for a shock result right across prowess does it matter to see who wants to be the sixers the seventy six has dominated the eastern conference leading celtic so much
2:56 am
of the first half empty building a lead in excess of twenty points but boston showed just why this serious championship material their star player kyrie irving who scored twenty points on the night not city. helping get him to come back moving here midway into the third quarter the celtics finally seizing the lead for for. to try to tie us air force to take the weight and they didn't give it up with any hopes of an upset in london over boston going on to seal it comfortably one fourteen to one hundred three for a seventh win in a row in the sixty's were playing pretty hard to execute. making some shots. we got off to a good start start something in the decency to be more we. probably just one is willing to help in the beginning you know it's natural while british
2:57 am
fans will have to wait a year to see the n.b.a. at home again it's possible they've already seen this season's champions in action so we'll malik al-jazeera and that's all your sport for now more later a football match made history because one member allowed. for the first time. they went to a designated turnstile to a section for women and families that's all for the news hour keep it here on the other side of the break.
2:58 am
carcinogen. conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snowed up it's just the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests that more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow
2:59 am
leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. to look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such infrasound tree part one people in power on al-jazeera. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum malika. is the driving force behind partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within
3:00 am
a few years of nine eleven happening nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous museums as an up and beautiful museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped that hydration is not about the political events that led up to five nation it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the sched history. president keeps the u.s. in the iran nuclear deal for now but sets a deadline for allies to agree to an overhaul.


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