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destroyed when al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the government has pushed to a series of laws that is says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government structure so he doesn't hold the cost of jumped by sixty percent the clues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. president trump kicks the u.s. in the iran nuclear deal for now but says the deadline for allies to agree to an.
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al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha with millions of a peron i'm also ahead. the president now in the news that for. more the. democrats dismiss president truman's denial of his offensive comment about some countries which is spot on global outrage a new u.n. report blames a regional rivalry between saudia drom for worsening the war and yemen. and a high profile arrests as a corruption investigation targets argentina's junior as. us president donald trump has extended the landmark iran nuclear deal but said this is the last child's he's warned america's european allies that he will withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen agreement of his demolished to change it and not met alan fischer has the latest from washington. europe's diplomats met in brussels to
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urge the u.s. to continue with the iran nuclear deal saying they believed it improved global security know donald trump has agreed but says he won't do it again in a statement issued from the white house he called on his european allies to negotiate a supplemental deal in the next one hundred twenty days which would place a fresh restrictions on iran saying today i am waiving the application of certain nuclear sanctions but only in order to secure our european allies agreement to fix the terrible flaws of the iran nuclear deal this is a last chance in the absence of such an agreement the united states will not again we have sanctions in order to stay in the iran nuclear deal and he warned those who for whatever reason choose not to work with us will be siding with the iranian regime's nuclear ambitions and against the people of iran and the peaceful nations of the world under u.s. law the president has to regularly recertify the deal donald trump has repeatedly called the iran deal the watch he's ever seen and pledged before he became president to scrap it at the end of last year he want he was ready to step away
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iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal but one of the deals architects says the deal is working there is no dispute that iran is living up to its obligations which we negotiated with iran and it's like that we should live up to our obligations to that does not mean that we shouldn't address other aspects of iranian behavior which course concern whether it involves aggressive foreign policy its ballistic missile program its human rights record top white house also knows the new round of non-nuclear sanctions targeting groups and individuals it believes have committed human rights abuses and blocked freedom of speech in iran but insists it is outlined to europeanize what it wants to see happen but there's no indication the unit peons are ready to renegotiate a deal in the next one hundred twenty days that took years to craft and put in place alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well iran's foreign minister mohamad john the degree of says the two thousand and fifteen deal is not renegotiate all on
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twitter he called trump's announcement a desperate attempt to undermine a solid multilateral agreement was aimed as larvae spoke to people on the streets of tehran to get their view. nearly two and a half years after the nuclear deal was signed many iranians say they haven't seen any real benefits and that president hassan rouhani promised more than he could deliver his own but has said that the stuff they did you could have the need to deal had no impact at all in my life the price of rice is doubles sixpences to millions in rent meanwhile the children of official people don't exist money to my pocket or to the woman selling things on the street which people but some are still willing to stand by their president communism and television news when it is doing his best of course there are some problems in the country sanctions pressure from abroad naturally impacts livelihoods and the economic situation but if we just
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blame the president and say he is the one who has to do something of course he cannot we should stand next to him cooperate with him and tolerate the situation the nuclear deal had some success the lifting of sanctions let iran so oil again freely on the international market exports are up to more than two million barrels a day but gains have been overshadowed by u.s. president donald trump's aggressive stance towards iran every few months the iranian nuclear deal was thrown into chaos and managing that political turmoil takes up so much of the iranian government's time that there isn't a lot of room left for public discourse about much else trump has created so much uncertainty about the nuclear deal that iranians say it's been as harmful as sanctions that the deal was meant to lift many people are frustrated that foreign investors are too scared to come to iran and the value of their currency keeps falling. trump is a person who has a psychological problem his opinions have no balance on any issue is always
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changing his mind and for me as an iranian and for most iranians it doesn't matter if the us pulls out of the deal as long as european countries cooperate with us we will stay in the deal oh oh. oh summer audience don't care about the nuclear deal and say they simply want to get on with their lives about the money they've had to live on the shore i just want to make people happy that's said and i don't care about anything else making people happy is a kind of arts and i'm not interested in these kinds of nuclear conversations oh oh oh oh iran's government says it's ready to deal with at least so to its or its people. the us president has denied using the word shithole to describe haiti el salvador and countries in africa but a democratic senator who was in the meeting we're trying to legibly made the comment says that's not true of a white house correspondent and can really help it has more on
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a controversy that has spread far beyond the american capitol. surrounded by members of the african-american community at a white house ceremony honoring the civil rights icon dr martin luther king donald trump made no apology for his alleged racist comments a day earlier. writing a series of early morning tweets donald trump denied media reports that he had called haiti el salvador and african countries shitholes during a meeting with senators on immigration but he did admit the language used was tough he also denied saying anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country. we're here today standing beside the president in the oval office with dr martin luther king jr's nephew later he told al-jazeera he believes trump has much to learn about tolerance but is not hateful i honestly
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don't think the president trump is a racist i think he's racially uninformed we've got time to do. democratic senator dick durbin was at thursday's white house meeting and says trump made the controversy or comments words he calls vile and racist should be set forth with which and he said there were people. traps comments have stunned many in the country including the tens of thousands of haitians who came to the united states after the devastating twenty ten earthquake it was kind of disturbing you know it was hurtful to my community my current members of the president's own republican party have distanced themselves from trump's comments calling them problematic as politicians try to come to an agreement on immigration and funding to avoid an imminent government shutdown i read those comments later last night so first thing
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that came to my mind was very unfortunate unhelpful it is incomprehensible that these words came out of the mouth of the president of the united states of america a country that was founded on. being free from discrimination the calls for the president to apologize for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the united states but for now it appears that apology is unlikely kimberly helped at al jazeera washington when a short time ago african invested as for the united nations issued a joint statement condemning trump's remarks the african group of a to the united nations met in emergency session on twelve. twenty eighteen to consider the remarks made by the president of the united states and.
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is extremely appalled at and strongly condemns the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks attributed to the president of the united states of america as widely reported in the media demands a retraction and apology. culhane has more on the international reaction to trump's comments. he once said when he was in the oval office america would be respected around the globe that isn't happening just the opposite actually according to polls and that will be even worse now that he has called africa el salvador and haiti shitholes reaction from the united nations was quick these shocking and shameful comments from the president of the united states i'm sorry but there's no other work on can use but racist. you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as
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shitholes whose entire populations who are not white. not welcomed the president's muddled denials not believed by most considering he so often gets caught say blatant lies this remark is being taken personally in haiti marking the eighth anniversary of a deadly earthquake you know you've got a value we all have to get together and respond to trying to say as many years since haiti has been a shithole country now we are in emerging countries we can do things we want our independence in the past in kenya unfortunately the american people elected an individual who's been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault is a proven liar and clearly a racist i don't want to leave my country i love my country it's a beautiful country with beautiful people south africa well what i feel about what donald trump is that right now with the statement that with i've never met god never have made the mistake that people would cite and zimbabwe is now proves
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everything that he's a white supremacist by now when you come up with outright racist comments i think i just learned to. various nations of the woods yet i learned from the american people themselves around the globe condemnation disgust even now after so much a sense of shock this is the president of the united states who many now see as an unapologetic races. how did al-jazeera washington. james know which one is a republican strategist and trump's a porsche and he says the president's remarks of exposing divisions within the party well i would agree i think the republican party is in big trouble in the republican party is in many ways in the middle of a civil war i think there is multiple parts of the republican party right now and many that don't support you know president many that didn't support more for very good reason and i think the reason that doug jones was elected is because
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a lot of republicans did vote for him and give him money and supported in many different ways and and that's a good thing so you know i think all of these terrible bigotry and things that are being said need to be you know washed away and and the republican party needs to quickly as fast as they can and move on from these these types of ideas and things they're thinking so it's very troubling and you know it needs to be dealt with but that's been some of the challenges you know all the way along here again whether it's some sort of tweet we had a tweet two days ago about pfizer legislation that's important here in the u.s. where the president seemed to oppose what was happening on the hill and that came to a surprise to a lot of people and then you know comments like he made that you know apparently last night in the oval office obviously you're going to set back immigration reform efforts on capitol hill which it seemed like they were going to move forward on on tuesday and now are they you know puts it all in jeopardy so absolutely these things are are very troubling and you know cause a lot of issues and you know democrats seem to be picking up
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a lot of steam frankly in there could be a big wave for democrats you know come this november here in our midterm elections and so i think that that's you know part of the issue in if you look back part of the reason that trump was elected was because of his message of dysfunction in washington and now that he's been here you know a year he seems to be also part of the dysfunction in washington and those comments are are part of that and so i think that's you know a big challenge. a new u.n. report on the war in yemen shows the extent to worked saudi arabia and iran have intervened in the conflict the report bolsters accusations by the u.s. that iranian weapons have been supplied to what the rebels u.n. experts are also critical of some of the lead coalition airstrikes which have caused the majority of civilian deaths and diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. . this is a report to the u.n. security council has not been made public it's only been given to the fifteen members of the security council but i've been allowed to read
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a copy and it's very hard hitting and very critical of all of the parties in the war in yemen it questions whether yemen can continue to be one country it says in the south because of the length of the war in the divisions that have emerged there is the real possibility of secession into a separate south yemen it says in the south of the country people displaying the flag of the old country of south yemen and are not loyal to president had he although they're formally under his command it says that president heidi has no longer effective command and control of the military and security forces in the south of yemen it says one of the reasons that there is this lack of stability in yemen is actually the forces that have been built up by the saudi led coalition it says that there are proxy units that they have drawn up but it says that these units will do more to further the fragility of yemen then they will do to hold the
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state together it says they pose a threat to peace and stability in yemen it is also very critical of the coalition for civilian casualties in yemen it says that it appears that the saudi led coalition has not been following international humanitarian law and it says it's likely that some of those who are responsible for planning and executing airstrikes fall under the designation of the security council as people who should be subject to sanctions again the another damning part of the report is about the u.n. a part of the coalition in the camps there running inside yemen it says that there has been torture in these camps it talks about beatings electrocution constrain suspension the use of what it. pools the cage which is confinement in a cage in the sunlight and the denial of medical treatment it says working with the government of yemen gives the u.a.e.
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plausible deniability so it is a possibility are now now given this report by the panel of experts that the security council must consider whether there should be sanctions against members of the coalition and also sanctions against iran because the who these sides are also criticized it says that there have been military remnants of military equipment and drones that are of iranian origin and were introduced in yemen after the security council adopted an arms embargo still ahead on the bulletin after months of uncertainty a breakthrough in talk to form a new coalition government in germany and the latest take on the annual consumer electronics show we have a poll from las vegas. how
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low in the east and west has come up recently got a couple of days of pretty warm weather but that obvious diagonal is a cold front behind it still cold that's dropping snow as far south as tennessee is for seventy cross the appalachians and once it's gone through the temperatures behind drop quite considerably once more see about that a minus eight in chicago as a daytime high minus ten in toronto but plus twelve in new york they weren't feel like that in the cultural setting rushing out to us now all this time it's been pretty quiet on the pacific coast no more shop attention south southern california in fact you got a good north of the border to get rain or snow that's up in b.c. temps atlanta seventy four degrees on both saturday and sunday and there's the four crossed the new york we're down to minus four washington minus three these are daytime highs so this arctic air has returned once will orbit with nice sunny skies . now we have had some significant rain recently in the bahamas there it is
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disappearing some in haiti as well off to the skies look relatively clear but the still a weakness in the atmosphere other words rain potential it's still than like me growing itself once more so more potential weapons for costa rica panama and jamaica. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men. one on one east meets those desperately seeking any way they can at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments of top real people.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. president says he'll extend the iran nuclear deal one more time promising to end it if it's not renegotiating he's calling on america's european allies to put new restrictions on avan us part of the agreement african him back to the united nations have demanded an apology from the u.s. president reports he used offensive language in reference to several developing countries and a white house meeting on immigration reform and a new u.n. report on the war and yemen shows the extent to which saudi arabia and iran have intervened in the conflict and bulges accusations accusations by the us that iranian weapons have been supplied to the rebels and un experts are also critical
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of. strikes which of course the majority of civilian deaths. now several of those high profile union leaders facing corruption charges many had organized mass protests against government cuts to salaries and pensions choice by reports from the where the latest arrest took place. this house in the small city of. has raised a lot of questions over the years its size and opulence intrigue people like until your ts who has been living here for ten years he has just found out that his neighbor is a fugitive argentinian labor union leader. there was something strange because of the amount of money and i believe that maybe it was money laundering but he was good with the community and it was none of our business the owner of the land this matter. the leader of an important labor union in neighboring argentina he was
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arrested here last week and he's awaiting extradition to his home country police say they found at least five hundred thousand dollars in cash and weapons they also ceased luxury cars like mercedes and ferraris worth at least two million dollars. not a fellow out of fear owns at least two properties in order wiring in this one specifically hole so had a private so with exotic animals this place was raided by the police at the request of an argentinean charge that is investigating him for money laundering and corruption because his lifestyle is not compatible with his income as a labor union leader well see though he's not alone leave the union leaders are being investigated and detained in argentina most of them are accused of corruption many in argentina are shocked by the amount of money seized by the police in different operations we're going to you know we're going to remember you argentine
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society is demanding that the leadership be less corrupt and the justice system is reacting we asked people in a poll which were defines labor unions and most of them said corruption since the government of president one played on and his charismatic wife evita labor unions in argentina have had a crucial role in defending workers' rights precedent magli says argentina needs to change and he's planning to push for labor reform but union leader. the latest arrests are a way of pressuring unions to support the government's plans. if the risk irruption then it should be investigated a new leader should emerge but there are many that are not corrupt i will continue pushing the government in the poll says it wants to impose that i believe would hurt many of the cim its workers again to argentina's labor unions are among the strongest in latin america but corruption has tainted their image their capacity to
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tackle this problem will likely decide if they have what it takes to look after the people they represent. as. your ally. the spanish government has dismissed the possibility of former. governor in the region from self-imposed exile and brussels. members of his pro independence movement in the belgian capital on friday some of the new separatists m.p.'s said they hope purged would be approved for another term as president of the class a lot of regional parliament but the madrid government says it will contest any attempt in the courts. german chancellor angela merkel's conservative party has made a deal with that center left rivals to formally start coalition talks leaders say they are hoping to end months of political uncertainty following september's elections david chase reports from berlin. the breakthrough came after an exhausting twenty four hours of negotiations between the parties concluding more than five days of talks the political limbo in germany seems finally to be over
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it's it it was steve the c.d.u. unanimously approved a paper or the results of the exploratory talks at which many participated and which was based on a broad funday should and we will recommend our party begin talks on forming a stable government selim akathisia for five s. the s.p.d. we have decided unanimously to give the party leadership a mandate to negotiate a coalition the biggest hurdle in the talks was to reach an agreement on refugees and migration the open door policy championed by angela merkel led to more than a million refugees being granted asylum in germany during the years twenty fifteen and sixteen the political price for that decision was the entry of the far right alternative for germany who gained more than one thousand seats in the parliament the border stuck by good numbers will now be kept to two hundred twenty thousand per year and agreement has been reached on even more controversial question of how many relatives will be allowed to be reunited with families already in germany one
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thousand cases will be considered per month with strict conditions attached friday's agreement though has one final hurdle to pass a special conference in bonn later this week of the social democrats will have to give their approval before the coalition tours can formally go ahead. well these are the sort of democrats is one of the most vocal parts of the party are calling for opposition they believe in s.p.d. outside of government would have the opportunity to to reenergize truing re think it's. in a radical shift on german objects pulled the party said they would end the be gently supplying weapons to countries involved in the yemen conflict and tighten guidelines on sales the talks also agreed common ground on strengthening the euro zone and close partnership with france and driving forward with reforms in the
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european union they also promised to boost germany's contribution to the budget david chaytor al-jazeera. to zambia now a business leaders are worried that a cholera outbreak in the capital a soccer could cost them their livelihoods the government's banned public gatherings had ordered food markets and businesses to close to help control the spread of the disease more than sixty people have died in the outbreak since september police are patrolling the streets to make sure other the markets remain closed now for indian supreme court judges have held an unprecedented press conference to criticize the chief justice they accuse him of bias and allocating judges to cases they also raise concerns about procedures to hire and promote judges the judges said all this presents a danger to democracy and here the chief justice has not yet responded to our facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has announced changes to the way the platform's news feed is filtered in the coming months it will start prioritizing pilots from family and
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friends said he wants to make the facebook experience more meaningful for its two billion members he says the explosion of branded content in recent years has crowded out personal moments he's also concerned about state influence. now but of consumer technology expo and the woes of wrapping up and los vegas they consume at atomic show c s featured thousands of smart gadgets artificial intelligence devices and high tech cars reynolds report. at the end you will c.e.o.'s show there isn't any start only new innovation no new must have shiny tech object there's no one awesome gadget this year it's going to be new technologies it's going to be virtual reality augmented reality and i don't think i've seen any one thing i've seen lots of trends and ideas one of those trends is toward more and more sophisticated technology in automobiles toyota
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announced a deal with amazon to deploy the aleck's artificial intelligence assistant in some of its vehicles eventually automobile a will discern the mood of a human driver by have emotional mapping and sensing more stress the car can actually then offer to take over more control of the vehicle and become fully autonomous auto makers are moving swiftly toward their goal of fully autonomous vehicles the ride sharing app lifts says that by the year twenty twenty one the majority of all rides it gives to its customers will be in self driving cars another theme this year a fierce rivalry between alexa and google assistant to spearhead a i in the consumer product category amazon took the early lead and i i think that they're probably going to keep it at least for the near future in the virtual
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reality field purchases are predicted to increase by twenty five percent to nearly five million units in twenty eighteen and then there are the now familiar internet connected household appliances. l.g. and samsung both halves fridges you can talk to i don't know why you'd want to have a conversation with your fridge the consumer technology association predicts the total consumer tech industry revenue will reach a record three hundred fifty billion dollars this year robert oulds. las vegas. hello again i'm elizabeth of the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he will approve the iran nuclear deal just one more time promising to end if it's not renegotiated he's calling on america's european allies to put new restrictions on avan this part of the agreement
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african basket as to the united nations have demanded an apology from the u.s. president follows reports he used offensive language in reference to several developing countries and a white house meeting on immigration reform the african group of a to the united nations met in emergency session on twelve. twenty eighteen to consider their remarks made by the president of the united states and is extremely appalled at and strongly condemns the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks attributed to the president of the united states of america as widely reported in the media demands every traction and apology a new u.n. report on the war and yemen shows the extent to which saudi arabia and iran have
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intervened in the conflict it bolsters accusations by the us that iranian weapons have been supplied to the rebels saudi led coalition airstrikes which of course the majority of civilian deaths have also been criticized. turkey is urging iran and russia to rein in the syrian government's offensive and province one of the rebels' last strongholds it says the army assault could force even move people to be displaced one hundred twenty thousand people have fled in the past three weeks russia and iran backed the forces of syrian president bashar al assad while turkey supports opposition fighters for indian supreme court judges have held an unprecedented press conference to criticize the chief justice they accuse him of bias in allocating judges to cases they also raise concerns about procedures to hire and promote judges the chief justice has not yet responded and german chancellor angela merkel's conservative party has made a deal with that center left rivals to formally open coalition talks leaders say
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they're hoping to end months of political uncertainty following september's elections as are the headlines on al jazeera i want to want east next. hour.


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