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as i recall but primarily it was material support to terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa i'd definitely shared this with a political trial and that these were political prisoners because we were able to see the secret over them we were able to tell in a two part series al jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land five at this time on al jazeera world. damning chronicles of human rights violations a un report says the saudi led coalition may have committed war crimes in yemen.
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bugs the hell rahman you're watching out is there a life war headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes u.s. president donald trump extends the iran nuclear deal but with tough conditions for the future russia says the move is extremely negative. we shall intensify our efforts to realize my deep vision of a united south africa. the african national congress is new leader val's to revive nelson mandela's legacy. plus international tech giants to stand on the vegas strip we check out what's on offer at the consumer electronics show. for twelve years or we start where al jazeera has been given access to unpublished u.n. reports that chronicle the extent of human rights violations and possible war crimes
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in the war in yemen it also deals with details the extent to which saudi arabia and iran have intervened in the conflict the assessment presented to the security council is sharply critical of sided coalition airstrikes which of course the majority of civilian deaths in the war the findings also bolster accusations by the u.s. that iranian weapons have been supplied to who the rebels breaking a u.n. embargo the report further accuses the united arab emirates of running torture camps in yemen where people have been beaten and electrocuted the panel paints a devastating picture of a conflict that's killed more than ten thousand people and led to widespread famine and displacement well after there was diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. in new york. this is a report to the u.n. security council has not been made public it's only been given to the fifteen members of the security council but i've been allowed to read
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a copy and it's very hard hitting and very critical of all of the parties in the war in yemen it questions whether yemen can continue to be one country it says in the south because of the length of the war in the divisions that have emerged there is the real possibility of secession into a separate south yemen it says in the south of the country people displaying the flag of the old country of south yemen and are not loyal to president had he although they're formally under his command it says that president heidi has no longer effective command and control of the military and security forces in the south of yemen it says one of the reasons that there is this lack of stability in yemen is actually the forces that have been built up by the saudi led coalition it says that there are proxy units that they have drawn up but it says that these units will do more to further the fragility of yemen then they will do to hold the
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state together it says they pose a threat to peace and stability in yemen it is also very critical of the coalition for civilian casualties in yemen it says that it appears that the saudi led coalition has not been following international humanitarian law and it says it's likely that some of those who are responsible for planning and executing airstrikes fall under the designation of the security council as people who should be subject to sanctions again the another damning part of the report is about the u.n. a part of the coalition in the camps there running inside yemen it says that there has been torture in these camps it talks about beatings electrocution constrain suspension the use of what it. calls the cage which is confinement in a cage in the sunlight and the denial of medical treatment it says working with the government of yemen gives the u.a.e.
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plausible deniability so it is a possibility are now now given this report by the panel of experts that the security council must consider whether there should be sanctions against members of the coalition and also sanctions against iran because the who these sides are also criticized it says that there have been military remnants of military equipment and drones that are of iranian origin and were introduced in yemen after the security council adopted an arms embargo well as in bahrain is a fisting fellow at the european council on foreign relations he says it's unlikely the un report will be followed up by diplomatic action in yemen. these were crime allegations have been going around and been voiced by a number of u.n. officials for some time don't get me wrong i think this is very important that these things are being documented if not you know perhaps for immediate action for the sake of the future and for it to be recorded in history but i think in
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a lot of ways unfortunately and particularly with. i would say the lack of u.s. leadership in the region at this point it's really hard to imagine there being sustained diplomatic action on yemen at this point despite the i would say severity of the allegations that we're seeing in this report and the deep severity of the situation in yemen right now. when you look at it it's easy for them to for people to kind of deflect and that goes not just for the states that are involved in this conflict with the risking saudi arabia whoever it on. but this is also in terms of internal parties and you've seen i guarantee you that you will have significant reporting on this document by media aligned with all of the key word parties that being said which are going to see is you know when say the who fees and they're aligned media are talking about this report they leave out all of the stuff criticizing the hoodies and when you see you know. media aligned with some of the coalition member states they'll completely report on the allegations against these
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and the documented uses by the these but will leave out other things so i think that's kind of an in issue at this point is there is this climate really of of impunity in the conflict in yemen and when you have all sides really committing these kind of violations it makes it even harder to really hold anybody to accounts and unfortunately this just underlines the extent that this conflict continues to be just a horrific tragedy for the yemeni people who while the leaders are largely crying rich off this war continues to suffer the world's worst humanitarian crisis well u.s. president trump has extended the iran nuclear deal but said it's the last time he'll do so. because european allies that hill withdraw from the twenty fifty to be able to list what he calls disastrous flaws although trust russia says troops comments are extremely negative. well there all it's foreign minister mohammad says the twenty fifteen deal is not free negotiable on twitter he called trump's
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announcement a desperate attempt to undermine a solid multilateral agreement there was a spoke to people on the streets of tehran. nearly two and a half years after the nuclear deal was signed many iranians say they haven't seen any real benefits and that president hassan rouhani promised more than he could deliver on but that's not the stuff they did get a house the money plea deal had no impact at all in my life the price of rice as doubles expenses to millions in rent meanwhile the children of official people don't exist money to my pocket or to the woman selling things on the street which people but some are still willing to stand by their president communism on television news when it is doing his best of course there are some problems in the country sanctions pressure from abroad naturally impacts the livelihoods and the economic situation but if we just blame the president and say he is the one who has to do something of course he cannot we should stand next to him cooperate with him
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and tolerate the situation the nuclear deal had some success the lifting of sanctions let iran sell oil again freely on the international market exports are up to more than two million barrels a day but gains have been overshadowed by u.s. president donald trump's aggressive stance towards iran every few months the iranian nuclear deal was thrown into chaos and managing that political turmoil takes up so much of the iranian government's time that there isn't a lot of room left for public discourse about much else trump has created so much uncertainty about the nuclear deal that iranians say it's been as harmful as sanctions that the deal was meant to lift many people are frustrated that foreign investors are too scared to come to iran and the value of their currency keeps falling. trump is a person who has a psychological problem his. opinions have no balance on any issue there's always changing his mind and for me as an iranian and for most iranians it doesn't matter
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if the us pulls out of the deal as long as european countries cooperate with us we will stay in the deal the. summer audience don't care about the nuclear deal and say they simply want to get on with their lives i doubt their money may have had to live on the show i just want to make people happy that said and i don't care about anything else making people happy is a kind of arts and i'm not interested in these kinds of nuclear conversations. like upload the iran's government says it's ready to deal with any scenario so to it seems our its people. the old easier. than you had of south africa's ruling african national congress has to crack down on corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission the party's one hundred sixth anniversary several ram opposer has been outlining his vision for the anti-apartheid movement that became the country's first democratic government he's widely seen as a possible successor to president jacob zuma who is expected to step down when his
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term ends next year we shall pay tribute to the contribution god knows and mandela may over the close off is ninety five years to the struggle for freedom and the cause of humanity we shall make it up her god we drew lessons and inspiration from these lives as we confront the charlie age of the present moment we shall use this is still an equal case in to unite to reboot and jury knew his movement. syrian government forces. continue. so far the violence has killed thirty people in three days the regime is also battling opposition forces. to take.
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it. home for the thousands the past three weeks. the refugee camp in the northern syrian village of. people living in the. began by the syrian regime or they were. being wrong and. losing each other but the fact is they were. they were stuck between two fires by the regime and. so they mainly when we called them late. home the more than m. on that because even one captured they have been there and. the. residents of the area member or their all the others. in short i can say that they escaped from that. choice and. here because they are
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continuing. everybody that there will be more people leaving being displaced leaving their homes then i mean immigration. the number of migrants grow it is impossible to control them and. by that people mean. and also the government that there will it will be different to differentiate between the three million and the. other groups which is very. well still ahead here on al-jazeera africa members of the u.n. demand president trump are trying to this reported vulgar description of that country's accusing him of racism and xenophobia. but of a more real frantic of the protesters in the democratic republic of congo unites catholic leaders against the country's president.
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however we've got plenty of crisp once a sun shine across much of north they say we had some snow across the northeast of china recently lost a clear skies coming through now and that's produced a very pretty picture in the same province where we've got the arrive on the trees and the snow fails as in clear blue skies coming through behind on the chilly side certainly feeling rather cold at least the winds not too strong but minus to the top temperature there for that of our stop plus two for pyongyang four degrees celsius four so not seep out across much of japan and we will see some rain and some statement to the north of the country as we go when it's a monday temperatures in tokyo getting up to around eleven degrees celsius a touch woman that for shanghai at thirteen degrees celsius was the sunshine there
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across southern parts of china and it stays that way as we go on into monday getting up to around twenty celsius there in hong kong again with some very pleasant sunshine attempt just starting to bounce back nicely places say we got some dry weather now coming back into the mill a peninsula still rather just around this area of low pressure which has been producing copious amounts of rainfall it will not just well little further north which as we go on through monday with more heavy downpours with more heavy down poles in the shia. education with a difference in the interpretation of his law is absolutely different from mine as a muslim woman a taliban school for girls in afghanistan reveals a way of life rarely seen to. go through not only tell them about their bills and regulations that less thought but to teach them about everything gets an exclusive documentary gains access to the ghosts of the taliban. at this time on
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al-jazeera. he or she has their arms the whole robert these are all top stories the u.n. report has condemned saudi arabia iran and the u.a.e. for their role in the war in yemen it says the war has had a devastating impact on the population more than ten thousand have been killed in fighting in their stride and more than seven million are on the brink of the us president all trump has extended the iran nuclear deal but said that this will be the last time he does so he swore to america's european allies that he'll withdraw from the twenty fifth agreement of his demands to change it or not bennett says
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chops comments are extremely negative. and the new head of south africa's ruling african national congress has vowed to restore nelson mandela's mission several other poster has been addressing the party's one hundred sixth anniversary celebrations he's widely seen as a possible successor to president jacob zuma is expected to step down but his term ends next year. african nations are demanding an apology hundred traction from the u.s. president over his reported use of vulgar language in the meeting on immigration donald trump is said to have used a slur to describe the countries as well as haiti and salvador african ambassadors to the united nations have issued a joint statement condemning transfer box the african group of a bastard to the united nations met in emergency session on twelve. twenty eighteen to consider their remarks made by the president of the united
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states and is extremely appalled. and strongly condemn the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks a tribute to the president of the united states of america as widely reported in the media. demands a retraction and an apology. well president trump is also being accused of lying us to denying that he made those of use of terms the democratic senator he was in the meeting with trungpa said that the comments were made a white house correspondent kimberly how the controversy spread far beyond the u.s. capitol. surrounded by members of the african-american community at a white house ceremony honoring the civil rights icon dr martin luther king donald trump made no apology for his alleged racist comments a day earlier. wright series of early morning tweets donald trump
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denied media reports that he had called haiti el salvador and african countries shitholes during a meeting with senators on immigration but he did admit the language used was tough he also denied saying anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country of my own we're here today standing beside the president in the oval office with dr martin luther king jr's nephew later he told al-jazeera he believes trump has much to learn about tolerance but is not hateful i honestly don't think the president trump is a racist i think he's racially uninformed we've got time to do it democratic senator dick durbin was at thursday's white house meeting and says trump made the controversy all comments words he calls vile and racist he said these hateful
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things and he said there were people. traps comments have stunned many in the country including the tens of thousands of haitians who came to the united states after the devastating twenty ten earthquake it was kind of disturbing you know it was hurtful to my community and my carry. members of the president's own republican party have distanced themselves from trump's comments calling them problematic as politicians try to come to an agreement on immigration and funding to avoid an imminent government shutdown i read those comments later last night so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate unhelpful it is incomprehensible that these words came out of the mouth of the president of the united states of america a country that was founded on. being free from discrimination the calls for the president to apologize for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the
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united states but for now it appears that apology is unlikely kimberly helped at al jazeera washington. supporters of a palestinian teenager detained by israel have been gathering in the occupied west bank to demand her release sixteen year old me has been behind bars since last month when they video of her slapping israeli soldiers went viral lawyers say to me he could face jail time if he's convicted of the charges which include assault i'll find it you express concerns over to me in these situations in one car has more from the seller in the occupied west bank. well they gathering just behind me the most just down the road they're going to walk up the hill to the to mimi household which is just there and they're going to gather and issue a statement and a press conference that all the messages that are coming out here very simple this actually two messages that are coming out one to the palestinian leadership that
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there needs to be a determined peaceful nonviolent resistance movement to take place and that's really what they're calling for here but also want to the israelis as well saying i had to meet me and her mother need to be released from military detention as worth pointing out here here in the occupied west bank there are two forms of law for the israeli settlers and the settlements they come under israeli civil and criminal law the palestinians are actually coming and military law and those military courts are the ones that had to me is going through in this hearing on monday which is why they're doing this gathering today have been criticized for being incredibly harsh particularly on mine is by international human rights groups. leaders of the catholic church in the democratic republic of congo vowed to continue fighting for justice following violent protests for months demonstrators had been demanding president joseph kabila step down after his term expires a year ago catherine soy has more from the capital kinshasa. catholic faithful in
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kinshasa hold mass for people killed by police in reason political unrest the charge had called for protests a new year's eve after the expiry of a political deal between the ruling party and opposition signing to sixteen when the presidential election failed to happen the politicians had agreed to for the poor last december that did not happen either the deal had been brokered by the catholic church i. and by the. disorder and. the victim or why did. i descend a distance away for tacky to shake and his friends carry his father's body for burial joseph attacker was a staunch catholic they say he tried to seek refuge in the church the police kept shooting him in. every human being is seconds it's the responsibility of the government to protect people. he was one of more than forty million catholics in
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the country that's more than half the population with such a big following many people feel that the church has the power to push for political change many callie's are increasingly looking towards the catholic church for guidance in this difficult times they hope that the power was this has been taken by the charge is going to put more pressure on the electoral commission to organize a credible election without delays and on president kabila to peacefully step down but some political analysts say by organizing street protests the catholic church has overstepped its. all and somewhat lost its neutrality whether expenditure to do is to continue to denounce this regime to denounce this government and say that maybe strongly and frequently and follow up and hopefully that may lead to.
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some momentum that will galvanize the qualities and lead to a river mission by the people not by the church president joseph kabila stam ended a year ago and the electoral commission has since built to organize an election citing logistical security and financial problems the opposition on the other hand has been we can't buy in tanel wrangles most people in the democratic republic of congo like those who are burying jews if a tacky say they're angry and frustrated catherine sorry al jazeera kinshasa. for indian supreme court judges of held an unprecedented news conference to criticize the chief justice they accuse him of bias and allocating judges to cases the judges said all his this presents a danger to democracy in india the chief justice has yet to respond. we're going through some of the report. this morning although. there are many things to
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do list can be very going to happen i am going to the last three months and you're wrong well we're going to come instead when i move to the st louis girl in the main building be quantum or do. we democracy even more so where you can just feel good when you can. elop rizal a car is a senior resident fellow at the center for legal policy he says the indian government now faces intense pressure to increase the transparency of its judiciary . in the short term given that there will have to be some sort of of reckoning a public reckoning in terms of what is happening of i don't think in the short film we will get an instant solution of that the site the fact that the four judges have come out in the public and said all of this is just the that and mechanisms fit to go back of it yesterday's press conference started with though a preamble that the floor does as well but it does up in the in the morning listing
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of decadence and doesn't as of the post and that is that they've been raising these concerns for months now internally the discussions have been happening but a normal acceptable solution and i bet they have simply been rough to say which is why they have been altered this step none of them would be good for any person and getting away from which is why i think of the fact that they're hopeless that suggests that there's something going on that that is a myth as fit after the film that i want to it was an audience possible once and i know is that a good you should be fields and realize that that would give us intuition and was in place mechanisms in these plans but it's in accountability. along comes an ideal is that the government finds a leader who are going to be undermining the credibility from the city from the outside. well police not duracell find that people protesting the reelection of president juan orlando and mendez demonstrators smashed windows and set fires during scuffles with military police and i this was awarded victory several weeks
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after the vote in november the opposition disputes the result in a split to continue protesting until his swearing in at that and for months. now two more bodies have been discovered on the iranian oil tanker that's been burning in the east china sea since last week twenty nine crew members are still unaccounted for the search operation had beat hampered by the extreme temperatures of the tanker which have reached eighty nine degrees celsius the iranian ship is currently want million barrels of oil when it collided with another vessel. now the biggest consumer technology expo in the world is wrapping up in las vegas the consumer electronics show all the c s s it's no featured thousands of smart gadgets artificial intelligence devices and high tech cars rob rattles reports. at the annual c.e.o. show there isn't any startling new innovation no new must have shiny tech object there's no one awesome gadget this year it's going to be new technologies it's
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going to be virtual reality augmented reality and i don't think i've seen any one thing i've seen lots of trends and ideas one of those trends is toward more and more sophisticated technology in automobiles toyota announced a deal with amazon to deploy the aleck's artificial intelligence assistant in some of its vehicles eventually automobile will discern the mood of a human driver by emotional mapping in sensing more stress the car can actually then offer to take over more control of the vehicle and become fully autonomous auto makers are moving swiftly toward their goal of fully autonomous vehicles the ride sharing app. lift says that by the year twenty twenty one the majority of all rides it gives to its customers will be in self driving cars another theme this year a fierce rivalry between alexa and google assistant to spearhead ai in the consumer
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product category amazon took the early lead and i i think that they're probably going to keep it at least for the near future in the virtual reality field purchases are predicted to increase by twenty five percent to nearly five million units in twenty eighteen and then there are the now familiar internet connected household appliances l.g. and samsung both have fridges you can talk to i don't know why you'd want to have a conversation with your fridge the consumer technology association predicts the total consumer tech industry revenue will reach a record three hundred and fifty billion dollars this year robert oulds al-jazeera las vegas. you're watching all just their arms the whole robin these are all top stories a u.n.
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report has condemned saudi arabia iran and the united arab emirates for their role in the war in yemen it says the war has a devastating impact on the population more than ten thousand have been killed in the fighting and asked rights of more than seven million people on the brink of famine and he's a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations he says it's unlikely the un report will be followed up by any diplomatic action if you haven't there is this climate really of impunity and the conflict in yemen when you have all sides really committing these kind of violations. it makes it even harder to really hold anybody to account and unfortunately this just underlines the extent that this conflict continues to be just a horrific tragedy for the yemeni people who while their leaders are largely crying rich off this war continue to suffer the world's worst humanitarian crisis u.s. president donald trump has extended the iran nuclear deal but said that this will be the last time he does so he's warned america's european allies that he'll
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withdrawal from the twenty fifteen agreement with his demands to change it are not met moscow says trump's comments are extremely negative. the new head of south africa's ruling african national congress has vowed to restore nelson mandela's mission several opposer has been addressing the party's one hundred sixth anniversary celebrations he's widely seen as a possible successor to president jacob zuma who's expected to step down when his term ends next year african nations are demanding an apology and retraction from the u.s. president over his reported use of vulgar language in a meeting on immigration donald trump is said to have used a slur to describe their countries as well as haiti and el salvador he denies the allegations. supporters of a palestinian teenager detained by israel are gathering in the occupied west bank to demand her release sixty year old ahead to levy has been behind bars since last
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month when the video of her slapping israeli soldiers went viral her mother is also in detention those are the headlines here on al-jazeera next on al-jazeera it's inside story to stay with us. violent protests in tunisia hundreds of arrests there's anger over the price rises and tax hikes but the government says there's no other way to cut a ballooning deficit so how will two new zero resolve its deep rooted economic problems this is inside story we.
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