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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2018 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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views the slur to describe their countries as well as haiti and el salvador he denies the allegations those are your headlines the news continues after super thirty. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have to train a good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented. and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative of this time on al-jazeera.
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this now more than halfway through the course. it's hard going yeah how planning on taking place that i gave up my bus if my hundred of the ones which are where it's going to. brawl only unsolved and i was going to. reality going on and on the part of the room about how i. don't say we i think i was. i think i think about
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a thousand years from that. i never think i think yeah i think i can. then they can mean i was. a family. living together in one room luckily they get on well. thank you because the money you've got became his big hand though you get the money. spent on the others because they can make a modern man or a child. the best any cubicle. but it's on the river ganges it's an ancient city and can seem very far from the thrusting world of modern india. across the river is a small town called haji. comes from his father has
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a clue that. the money that. they got that was the brother for. one. thing. i think they've been made out there. along all morning we've got the power that for you in a month i'm going to be providing the argument. but i'm not. but i. did experience. so they got everything we're going to become a family. affair. you. are but i prefer to. help pull
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a oppa. i don't mind but i like the fact you're. a much feared. for how the lausd of you are. rather than a comma. so. tell the. how major. minor part of the. margin. but now with the close then having an afternoon out super thirty style. unknown kumar's good news for them the already feel some workload is set to increase still further. for the job for
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a very simple and politic march to appear. the last blast but harald out on with their big nor x i v eight may not pull and i like the look of it of course with the self to new name is the only time life with the super could ever be called a picnic in any triangle prove that in a by a b. policy. here by b. policy to be buying c. policy policy by b. is greater then they are working every hour that they're not sleeping and it's not in a very formal process that they work every. anything that you do. while you're. talking while you're even coming to the classroom you're thinking thinking about the problem. so there are always thinking.
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someone thinking about the future like run of prince. for the moment he's the star of this year's super thirty he's come top in almost every exam he's ever sat. religion for the going go anywhere we like to give you. an idea if you like. mike scientist one of. the chinese. medicine to call. this larry king live on this. program. there's a good man that america. focused. are made out of it blessed to be examined to be made by.
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his god i did not then i thought of but i. just. really. just. look this good subject matter i used to. get some school. flushed away take on the first thing. that i'm not although he might ask you first. of all do go into it because of the. law of the book. oh. good. for you that's the. book's big band and i love all the books i'm going to call you out there like all i want though as i go to one i don't. go to go . you gotta wonder what the fate of problems are are there. but.
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what have the gas going to take to get those cell phone. let's say this is true. prince is an outstanding student so he's also competing for the physics. god. but. the limit is in addition to all the other exams he's sitting. just. a.
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is having a rare day. he's visiting his ancestral village deal. he's paying for another school for about two hundred young children it's run by his uncle who's retired from his government job and come back home to teach. if. you go. through school without the. war but. it's. anon who was born in but spent much of his childhood here in the village. years. there. is.
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how many there were there at that place. with barracora great. members of a nonstandard family still and around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding the super thirty but the landscape has a darker aspect suzhou divisions here. than in the towns is specially for people from the lower backward. backwards. here out of. here he bowed to.
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go but you have. heard. all.
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the sun set long ago on british rule in india today the old colonial buildings of a home to the police dog brass including their deputy chief of a on and on monday afternoon he opens his office to anyone with a grievance it kika compares to the. there are certain issues which can be resolved only in this living. damn good that i love but i think about it in the mean. time i'm. going to. put us on the moon i'm going to give it a moment of none learn from our boy phonemic.
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sometimes worlds until mingle he's worked with the super thirty not as a teacher but of policeman two years ago shaun got the father was murdered albeit not one of our war on the war actually and. he has been shot dead by some criminals. this is and. you are almost september eleventh men don't interfere. shaun's father was a government lawyer a natural dog for the but no mafia you're prosecuting criminals. so there is a bit in. reasonable fear. that is if he has been through one that if it gets expressed and it is the norm then maybe read take some action like providing bodyguards that is one preventive action or treaty maybe it is thing that
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individual and trying to find out why he is freeing in some countermeasures can be taken but if it is not the express then it is difficult. the killer hasn't yet been caught the victims are often warned in advance but if sean's father did get a message he kept it to him says did say it would have come to his father and he may not have shared it with his family that happens. i. was worth it if i. play your guide. shuns already sat for once and failed this will be his second and final chance to get. good in their power to undo all of. now it's time for the results of yesterday's test fixture for her kumar
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sixty two it's no surprise who's come for not being the rental car. of the flight oh that's just what. everyone's happy except sushi she still waitlisted but is now unlikely to be accepted she's upset and doesn't want to be filmed anymore. john. karr people are going to their car reward but i ask you bob do this. get that you put on a medal all day and all discuss psychological treatment here so the politically correct me got to go up midget that his car had been here or take it home looked at that they queue ah you are. a chuckle.
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like all indian cities is growing rapidly there's work to be done much of it is dirty but preferable to a life of of the india today is a nation of migrants sean has his sights set on an elite university in a distant city but today he's going home to see his mother. told me. so because it would please. me not only to city to help it. but. to get it to show.
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the mark. of him but he. really should have said i think it's a good chance had free tuition with a non for more than two years his mother works as a nurse but there's not much money the market. can match it with chipotle achievement. she's made tomato just need for him to take back to the host of. nobody ever doing it dimity literature took a hit. a wall a time when i was. younger. then .
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john. she's a vital part of the family business. look . at tell. me.
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how. much. they have a global sulk because they knew the member named by suited. may have the bond. markets of another. better.
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than. it april harvest time in deal cali village everybody's working to bring in the wheat. after seven months living in the city some of the super touchy on losing touch with their rural background fee. in previous years and look would have been helping his family not any more.
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it had the. bad but i may add that. i had them but i. feel. like winning and i brought her you did not partisan have been a good public school year communal totemic among my. looks mother davey is making one of her occasional visits to her husband they're still living apart and neither sees much of their son. so they have the added we have. for think about. right handed millions of. the luck that he's easy to has that be this and i'm just ahead but i'm going to have a bill about that that had to be this made every day that. it's
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the day before the eye of. the climax of the super effort. and the. raw juice at home doing his last minute revision. oh the family's key for the big game. clearly. matching portions of what you know what. sean meanwhile has moved into a hostel here it's easier for him to focus away from the distractions of home
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just. thinking. about. that because the boy is very performing in the hall and the whole family is in. there for a luncheon but. after seven months of intensive preparation a non commodities feeling a different kind of pressure he's hoping for the perfect result. one hundred percent. with. a pisces what if it this with a lot these luck but it. up at the bottom of the city. i am eighty exam day is a news event all over india. but not
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a know twenty thousand young people will sit the two paperless. the super thirty us gutted across ten exam centers. rodgers arrived early the teaching team already here to wish him good luck. with the longer. term we are. ten minutes before the exam starts they can read the questions at last it's nine o'clock. in these next few odds quarter of a million students compete for a future that promises wealth prestige and membership of the indian elite.
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the nature of news as it breaks the government of mali so maggie has pushed to have as a result of all that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive say with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stops us it doesn't read all the cost of college are done by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this in the. in. the foreigners.
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we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly diverse as thousands of rodin just seek refuge in bangladesh a new armed group is taking shape fighting the government and me and mom can only attack them because they refuse to give us the basic rights as citizens i mean for the first time a member of the ara can row hengist salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time it's called the pole of the north the largest freshwater lake in northern china it's about to be transformed into an urban backa region to ease pressure on nearby beijing president xi jinping has taken a personal interest in the project this area relies on hunting ground water a human consumption and that the culture and groups like greenpeace are concerned about the impact of millions more people moving here on the lake side at her
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restaurant a guest house changing says she is concerned about what the future holds but has faith in the government if you have more people you have more garbage and the environment could be damaged but i believe the government will look after us this is seen as she didn't ping's legacy project and many people believe if he has the will and the results is to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha and fully back to bowl welcome to the news great in discriminates as strikes arbitrary arrests and possible war crimes.


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