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at this time on al-jazeera when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and its ilk to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sue turton this is the news hour long from london coming up.
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an al-jazeera crew captures the moment a suspected russian airstrike hits a makeshift refugee camp in syria. hundreds of people protesting the chin is in capital to mark seven years since the revolution that sparked the arab spring. keep the lid. on the catholic pope speaks out in defense of migrants he says fair and should not determine our response to new arrivals. and i'm peter stennis in doha with all the day's sports news as liverpool bring him into manchester city's twenty two game unbeaten english premier league run with a four three victory. a new wave of attacks by syrian government forces and their russian allies is forcing thousands of syrians to leave their homes around one hundred twenty thousand
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civilians have been displaced in rebel held province in recent weeks but instead of finding safety many continue to face danger. no law no let up well we know what to do that's not there i don't know the fate of freedom but if they're there if you know law. but there will be a rock this al jazeera crew was filming in a makeshift camp ended when an attack happened they tell us a missile hit very close to civilians who had escaped earlier bombing attacks in the nearby hammer conscious side al jazeera correspondent milan file can be seen among men women and children desperately trying to find cover and i gauge it says
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say they're overwhelmed by the scale of need in syria and they're warning that if the bombardment continues a million displaced people will amass at the turkish border so then costello reports. up to your email had lost his home when the syrian government bombed an assistant hama in december he arrived in ram a refugee camp in l a province fifteen days ago with his wife and five children the fifteen year old farmer's things he had very good business back home but he had to leave it all behind the family went to st george first taking refuge in a cave but the safety they found there didn't last for long government forces were advancing on the area abdel and his wife say they were afraid of being killed and i'm not happy i'm not used to living right this here you don't feel free we are sleeping with our children one now we were hiding in a cave with the regime forces of pants towards our lads we were afraid they would
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kill us and left them and after the bombardment. a lot of people moved to sunder the first few bombardments of deisel of the regime started their fight we had to leave again and stay out in the world sleeping under trees aid organizations came to us to this camp but you see this is not home. it was built only a couple of weeks ago and has already pooled five thousand people are here but still more are arriving every day most of them are poor families from missed and how much as the weather gets colder the main fear here is illness hygiene is a major issue so much of the prevention falls on the women here as they are the ones responsible for feeding and cleaning in dire conditions. the primary needs are tents some things like marshes blankets and carpets also items that are specially needed by children and women you name it people and syrian leaders even finding
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a nail clipper is an issue. so a viable mother to cation is the priority here many of these children have been on the run from the bombings for some time some of them haven't been to school in years they're left to think again and i scape from the sad reality of their homeland people have managed to escape the regime's air strikes and the fight against arsenal they were able to find a reference here in this care in northern live for now they are safe but no one knows what will happen if your syrians come to the region say now because all of al-jazeera northern italy. mowen but karbala is the director of policy analysis at the doha institute for graduate studies he says the attacks on civilians are an attempt by russia to kickstart political negotiations. this illusion was part of the disk illusion agreement which has been agreed by the three of. russia to the
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key and iran into a sit down or process and whenever you see escalation like this we should know that things are not working small between these three parties in recent weeks actually we have been seeing sort of tension in the relationship between turkey and russia on two things number one is the sushi the sochi conference which the russians are this desperately seeking to have by the end of this month they want the syrian opposition to attend the suci conference of president putin wants this very much because he wants to translate his military gains on the ground in syria into something political this is exactly what president putin is trying to do put maximum pressure on the civilian. community of those fighters in order to force them to agree to a. compromise. a spokesman for turkey's president says an american
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operation to help syrian kurdish fighters set up a new border force is unacceptable under the u.s. plan thirty thousand troops will man the borders of territory carved out of northern syria by the syrian democratic forces which are mainly composed of kurdish why p.g. fighters turkey has condemned the move as it fights kurdish separatists within its own borders kurdish turkish forces have repeatedly threatened to capture areas under kurdish control and are warning of an imminent attack on the syrian city of afrin let's go now back to sin and who is a life for as in antakya on the turkish syrian border what exactly are these border forces going to be used for what kind of area are they going to be stationed and why is the u.s. backing them. well sarah sorry. the u.s.
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planning to station these troops to turkey iraq and syria iraq border according to the u.s. perspective these forces will be stationed for providing security and stopping the infiltration of the radical groups to the area so this is the u.s. plan and they're planning to use as the forces there most of these forces but of course this is not a well comes by turkey because turkey claims that the white p.j. the syrian kurdish fighters group are an offshoot of the p.k. k. they could disarm workers party and not only turkey but also the u.s. and the you either you have listed the p.k. k. as a terrorist organization so many i can state that turkey is see is this situation as a national threat to its border security and territorial integrity that the
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turkish president released his spokesman has responded is not very favorably can you give us a bit more information about. well yes as i said turkey sees it as a national security issue because turkey has been fighting against p.k. k. for thirty seven years so almost forty thousand people have died in this thirty seven year old conflict in turkey both from the turkish and kurdish side and turkey believes that by this move the united states is trying to legitimise over s.d.f. and security forces and transform it into an official army so they are afraid that by this the year of war they struggle against p.k. k. will be abolished and presidential spokesperson you brian cullen stated that turkey reserves that's right to rip spawned any any threat to its national security and territorial integrity and its time anywhere it wants whether it's inside turkey or
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outside turkey and as you have also said turkish president our don stated today that this week turkish army is going to be lounging a military operation in our friend but we are going to see whether it's going to be realized or not thank you very much said and speaking to us from the turkish syrian border several people are in hospital after a suspected chemical attack in the rebel held area of eastern guta the damascus suburb which was designated a deescalation zone has come under heavy bombardment as government forces seek to take it back from rebel fighters aid workers at the scene say the victims are being treated for suffocation from what they suspect is chlorine gas. hundreds of people have protested in the changes in capital to mark seven years since the revolution the sparked the arab spring many of the issues which brought people to the streets
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back then are still causing problems today anger has risen over new austerity measures after a year of rising prices the government's promise to more assistance for poor families but many say it's just not enough to send this update from the trinity and capital tunis for minutes and this is a moment of national pride parents along with their children converge here on the how do you give a square which was the focal point of the two thousand and eleven revolution to commemorate the vans and to honor those who were killed in two thousand and eleven to defend democracy and put an end to the autocratic rule of the former president zelaya between bin ali but i have to say that there is also this feeling of frustration over the track record of the government and this feeling among people that this worried about their future because of the instability of the city continues and because also the austerity measures that were implemented by the
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government a few days ago for the tunisians the biggest problem is not the budget deficit or the need to tackle corruption and embezzlement of public than the government funds the government on the other hand says the only way to cut or reduce the budget deficit is to increase taxes and they need to do it to maintain the economy the balance of the budget to be able to find and social development programs in the near future so this remains a very delicate moment for the tunisian people and for the government on one hand the need to increase taxes to get more revenue for the same time they cannot afford to upset the people because of the go to the streets that's where we might see more instability. while back in twenty eleven twenty six year old fruit vendor mohamed by. z.z. set himself alight in protest at place harassment sparking an uprising that forced out longtime china seem president zina i've been in an alley and some
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a binge of aid looks back at the revolution that toppled the dictator and the uncertainty that followed. this was that uneasy in capital seven years ago when protesters made history. but simple demands and joblessness and improved prospects for young people the spark the regional arab spring uprising . the perseverance ended the rule of business in a lab a demon ali who had been accused of corruption and rights abuse but also began an era of political uncertainty lest you stad then i am not prepared to be the person who takes decision this which result in the loss of life. and the conservative islamic party banned by ben ali was on its way to win elections. we have seen the popularity that in that the has around the country. and after a turbulent nine months the ushered in
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a democratically elected government in october two thousand and eleven. there were more demonstrations a year later despite a ban on protests and the challenge for tunisia is security and law and order especially on its borders with their geria and libya. three years after the revolution demonstrators took to the streets against economic hardship a new technocrat government was still failing to improve living conditions in two thousand and fourteen therefore to new zealand's did get a new constitution hailed as an important step towards full democracy. the two thousand and fourteen elections brought power to the second learned that to this party which later formed a coalition government but the conservative in the party but the security situation failed to improve. the lives of twenty two people including twenty one foreign tourists were killed when a gunman opened fire at a museum in the capital tunis in june thirty nine people nearly all of them foreign tourists were killed in a gun attack on
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a five star hotel in sousse than easiest tourism industry has struggled to recover since then. people were out on the streets once again now they didn't feel safe and also had no jobs in two thousand and sixteen tenn a build a two hundred kilometer barrier along its border with libya to try and keep out fighters and refugees but in march fifty five people were killed when dozens of fighters stormed through the town of been going down near the libyan border attacking army and police posts last may president the sipsey ordered the army to protect all facilities in the south after protests planned to destroy production. the media has made major advancements in achieving democracy and improving its institutions but on the streets the economic hardships which sparked the protests seven years ago still continue. some of the job ahead of their. climate plenty more still to come on this sort of al-jazeera news hour and new threat images for files of people who lost their homes to flooding in the democratic republic of congo twelve million tons of baby milk in eighty three countries the true scale of
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a sound without a scandal begins we manage and flawless why it's a perfect performance sends this double olympic champion to pyong chan we'll have the details in sport. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has been addressing the payloads central council meeting in the occupied west bank when the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital dominating the agenda they now stand by washington in december has sparked protests across the world palestinian groups hamas and islamic jihad have declined an invitation to observe but not take part in the meeting which is taking place in ramallah they say there is a lack of agreement on how to respond to the u.s. decision let's go across to iran karl who's following events from ramallah in the
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occupied west bank and did the president use this this speech as a rallying call what kind of things they have to say my. it was a very strong speech an absolutely rallying call the kind of language. i'm afraid we're struggling to see emraan yes i think we might have to give up on that. ok a member of the cattery of all family says he is being held against his will in the united arab emirates shake a. phony released a video statement saying that have nothing if anything were to happen to him cattle is not at fault he has been living in saudi arabia since a blockade by some of capitals neighbors began the un he denies the allegations and says he's free to leave whenever we choose this well we're going to go back to enron car. if possible and run your cutoff just as you started in your prime so
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just give us a sense of what the palestinian president had to say. was a very strong statement he talked about jerusalem being eternal capital of palestine you also said it was a jewel in the crowd there you also heard chris side where you got criticized president on the trip for taking jerusalem off the table he said he said this in a tweet but you also said that this was talk of the palestinian factions to come together to talk about jerusalem and the politics were being put aside and this is why the central council meeting had been convened let's take a look at some of the like they did. in. we say that politically driven person is our capital in our religion is how comfortable graphically it's how come people. but it was removed from the map with a tweet from mr trump. now we say no to trump we won't
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accept his plan we cited deal of the century is the slop of the century. and around islamic jihad and hamas refusing to accept the invitation to come to this meeting what kind of things to the palestinian president have to say about them. well as he's been a long time talking about the five islamic jihad in their mouths where they criticize them for saying that this was the wrong place for me to take by sitting where else would a meeting such as this take place he was very disappointed that they didn't attend this meeting he said that this wasn't a political meeting this wasn't about elections for job or any other disagreements that. we did have it is well that this was about the future of a need. everybody needed to get together as you had very strong words for hamas and islamic jihad but also at the other school functions that refused to come to this
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meeting as well so you trust that but what this was was a very much a rallying call from the president but we both think that this is. and the thing will leave emraan khan that many thanks for a person varying with out from ramallah thousands of people who lost their homes in to flooding in democratic republic of congo last week all facing another threat health workers are now dealing with a cholera outbreak that skilled a thousand people in the capital kinshasa from what catherine saw and now reports it's hard to be much in just a week ago holmes studia this is a neighborhood on the outskirts of kids. when floodwaters came crashing down from a nearby river many people didn't even have a chance to rescue their loved ones and belongings. this month shows me what you mains of the two bedroom house he shared with his wife and three
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children he says he knows if you take his family to higher safer ground but they're still here despite the obvious danger. i am afraid because you still leaning but i don't have any money to move them we've got no help from anyone moving from here means lending the house. but the rains are expected to continue for the next three months and this means more trouble for a country that is facing a cholera outbreak the worst in two decades about a thousand people have died since last year more than fifty thousand from across the country have so far been affected the government has declared cholera a national emergency and set up treatment centers the government has set up this facility here in the most affected area in the city we're not allowed to go to the wards where the patients are because of the nature of the disease since november at least thirty people mostly children have died in kinshasa alone.
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cholera is highly infectious also easy to treat if detected early but with a poor health system and financial problems doctors are overwhelmed. our government international appeal for eight million dollars has not helped less than two million has been raised and. only few countries in africa can deal with this situation like this by themselves this is why do government launched an appeal for help in november and declare a national disaster. so here health who it is focus on prevention talking to anyone they can about the importance of good hygiene and visiting centers like this one oddly enough. they are preparing themselves for more difficult times ahead in this rainy season catherine song al-jazeera kinshasa well the world health organization
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has called cholera a disease of inequity is a vaccine almost three million people every year of those cases nearly one hundred thousand are fatal the bacteria spreads through water contaminated with human waste which means most deaths occur in countries with inadequate sanitation over the past week as zambia's army has enforced a curfew after the disease claimed at least seventy lives yarran is in the maze so one of the worst ever recorded outbreaks with one million cases and more than two thousand since april and as we heard in conference report more than one thousand people have died from cholera in democratic republic of congo since july the w.h.o. is fighting back launching a new strategy to reduce deaths from the disease by ninety percent or for more we're joined by don't think kennedy is a lecturer in global health at queen mary university of london thanks so much for coming in to al-jazeera a very basic question discolored just kill poor people. not just that i think with
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with cholera we have to remember that it is very easy to prevent a very easy to treat and so if you have a supply of clean drinking water if you have toilets then you don't catch you don't contract cholera if you do contract a collar it's actually very easy to treat with antibiotics and with or rehydration therapy you can be well within a few hours so it only reoccurs where there's a failure of the national governments of the international community to provide a good health system and decent sanitation and clean water so yes it tends to affect poor people in poor countries so is it basically almost a manmade issue that we're talking about places like yemen where the infrastructure is broken down where medical supplies broken down where vaccines can't be provided we are looking at something that we are creating that is killing people exactly so it's just a superficial manifestation of a much deeper political malays. a failure to provide clean clean water
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sanitation health system which is really quite easy to do and as you say it is treatable so what should we be looking to the big international organizations to be doing just concentrating more on making sure that they can get this medical help vaccines or they can assist in that way is to basically live in an ideal world that's what we would want but it's very difficult for the debate for example. continuously troubled by by funding they have a lack of funding and it's quite easy to raise money for diseases like a bowler that potentially threaten rich people in rich countries but diseases like cholera that affect poor people in poor countries it's much harder to generate any kind of interest among governments in the global north and also we see that this is a manifestation of a much bigger political and economic problem it's the result of a iniquitous economic system that allows some people to be very rich and something very poor and the just don't have the capacity to deal with that kind of problem
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it's beyond their remit i mean they have put this figure wanting to replicate ninety percent of it is that realistic can it be done just to explain with the difficulties i hope so and because it's so easy to prevent and street treat then it's possible but it will have to. be part of a total revolution in the way that global health factors see health problems in the global south i'm afraid and it's hard to see that that will happen in the next few years interesting you pick up on a bow and how it was suddenly a worry to the western nations and all that money came in we seem to report on the situation in yemen nearly every day and that figure is rising and nobody does anything about it how can the engineers change that situation when i mean n.g.o.s are operating within a much broader context and if we look at yemen for example it's a society collected affected by a terrible conflict a conflict that is. that is involves the satellite alliance and
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who are backed by the u.k. and the u.s. governments and it's very hard for global health factors to deal with that they can't they can't stop that conflict they just have to deal with the symptoms of that conflict for the kennedy thank you very much for coming in thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera the traditional craft of cockpit weaving is unraveling in gaza we look at how the blockade is affecting the ancient business of earning iranian in the east china sea world its crew still on board and in sports find out why one of the greatest of all time doesn't feel the favorites to win the australian tennis.
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hello there we've got a fair amount of cloud of rain still affecting us in turkey you see this swirling system here that's trying to edge its way eastward and its own plenty of cloud ahead of it it's moving through pretty quickly though so it does dry out for many of us here on monday instead that cloudy wetter weather is across back to and stretching all the way across towards there minus three is the maximum and do expect some snow further south fine dry no problems for us q a city there getting to around twenty one the winds will pick up though we head through into tuesday said the temperatures easing a little bit and those winds are heading towards us here in doha they will be with us quite yet as we head through monday say twenty six degrees it will still be quite warm but then the winds will hit and twenty three degrees this time will be the maximum for us further south of course no problems it's the law and all temperatures twenty eight down towards the southern parts of africa and here we're seeing a fair amount of wet weather mostly in the northern parts of our map stretching from angola all the way across towards madagascar
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a few showers around madagascar some of them are likely to be heavy around the coast but the wetter weather is around the coast of mozambique and into tanzania as well further south largely fine a draw except for durban here twenty nine degrees will also be accompanied by a few outbreaks of rain. you are making very pointed remarks whether online the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up over the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had al jazeera fortunate to
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be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. to cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . welcome back reminder of the top stories here and i'll just. an al-jazeera crew has filmed a syrian government missile attack on account for displaced civilians in the north
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of the country it comes amid a government offensive to retake the rebel held it led province this caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee the area. palestine is president mahmoud abbas has told the p.l.o. central council that the palestinian authority will never accept washington's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but other palestinian factions including hamas and islamic jihad have declined an invitation to the event citing disagreements over the response to trump's policy and hundreds of people have protested in the chin is in capital to mark seventy years since the revolution that sparked the arab spring anger has risen over new austerity measures after a year of rising prices. one of the world's biggest dairy company says it will pay damages to families affected by its content ated baby milk french company luck tallis was accused of trying to cover up the extent of the salmonella contamination of one of its plants now in a rare media interview c.e.o.
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emmanuel best near has admitted the problem affects eighty three countries where about twelve million tins of powdered baby milk are being recalled lawsuits have been filed by families who say their children have suffered salmonella poisoning after drinking the milk at least thirty on known to have fallen ill in france and one in spain the reports. of two weeks of silence over the contaminated baby milk powder scandal the balsa french company luck tallis has responded to critics who say the manufacturer covered up the extent of the risk emanuel has told a french newspaper. our priority has always been to handle the crisis and make sure that no more children become sick we have never minimized the risk of salmonella we consider that there was no breach of procedures on our side in december like telus began recalling some of its baby milk products in france it had discovered the salmonella bacteria in this factory in the northwest but it's only now that the
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extent of the contamination has become clear like tallis has now withdrawn twelve million tins of baby formula for more than eighty countries salmonella can be deadly for young children and dozens of families in france say that their children became sick after drinking luck tellus baby milk they have fog lawsuits against the company saying that it tried to hide the risks and failed to help it klepper of and families were lied to shamelessly and that the fear was spread by the telephone helpline number which was provided at the time or can you believe an operator who tells you that your milk is not affected but then three weeks later you learn that it is. the french president a man or mark or says locked alice could face penalties and on friday the finance minister said the government would do everything possible to end the crisis like that is like to lease will take back all baby milk products manufactured at cow
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regardless of their production date from wherever it is being sold in particular from supermarkets and chemist the aim of despair to call step is simple not to avoid delays problems in sorting but is in the risk of human error like dallas his boss says his company has launched its own investigation and will pay damages to the salmonella victims for parents the focus will be on making sure their children are not exposed to the life threatening bacteria natasha butler al-jazeera paris. pope francis has held a special mass to mark the world day of migrants and refugees at a time when there are more displaced people than ever before according to the un's refugee agency more than sixty five million people are being forcibly displaced twenty two point five million are refugees more than a quarter of them from syria and there are ten million people who are stateless not considered to be citizens of any country that includes more than six hundred fifty
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thousand were injure forced out of me since august one of the most dangerous places in the mediterranean more than fourteen thousand people have died in various waters since twenty fourteen trying to reach europe peter sharp has that report. in the five years of his papacy probe francis has stressed time and again christianity is mission to welcome the vulnerable and the marginalised and on sunday at this mass and some peter's basilica to mark the world day of migrants pope francis invited refugees asylum seekers newly arrived immigrants and their families to join him in prayer to celebrate the special day highlighting the fear and suspicion that has so often blighted the lives of those looking for a new start going into. the. local communities are sometimes afraid that the newly arrived to disturb the established order will take away from what has
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been long labored to build up in the newly arrived also have fears they are afraid of confrontation judgement discrimination and failure of these fears a legitimate having doubts and fears is not a sin the sin is to allow those fears to feed hostility and rejection. pope francis speaking out at a time when wealthy western countries are tightening their borders even though there are more displaced people move than ever before dress by the pope is important for. two main reasons the first is that we've seen all too few world leaders willing to stand up for refugees in fact have seen quite the opposite over the course of the last two years we've seen a hardening of the refugee rhetoric which the report references in his address pope francis leaves on monday for a week long visit to brew in chile he'll be taking his message of compassion for
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the uprooted people of the world along with him and in malaga in spain on sunday the latest reminder that this crisis is not going away there's another one hundred nine migrants from morocco including nine pregnant women and sixteen children who bought a sure shot al-jazeera. at least eight people have been killed in a fire in a community building in portugal around fifty more are being treated for their injuries many of them crushed in a stampede to escape the place they say they were gathered to watch a car tournament in the social center in the northern portuguese town of villanova there reyna the fire started when they would running stove exploded in the two story building. liberia's ruling unity party has expelled the country's outgoing president after an internal rao unity party members accused ellen johnson sirleaf of not supporting the candidate chosing to run in december's presidential election the vote was eventually won by george weah
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a former football star supporters of the unity party candidate joseph black i claim sirleaf favored we're although she did not. soldiers in the democratic republic of congo have launched an offensive against an armed group suspected of killing fifteen un peacekeepers the group calls itself the allied democratic forces and is based mainly in northern keevil province shallop ballasts reports. the beginning of an offensive by congolese troops on rebels hiding on their border the ugandan group known as the a.d.f. killed fifteen peacekeepers in an ambush on a un base in north kivu province in december it was the biggest single loss of peacekeepers in nearly a quarter of a century those killings triggered this response. army vehicles transported three hundred troops to the area with tanks and armored vehicles to port said. we decided to launch an operation against the i.d.f.
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and all other armed groups in the area this is the last operation and we are prepared to fight to the end so we can restore security and peace in the region. the congolese hope it's the last but it certainly isn't the first here is a joint un and congolese task force starting an offensive against idea fighters beckon twenty fifteen. originally ugandan rebel group have been rooted in the d.r. seize run the national park for twenty years they retreated here after a failed bid to turn uganda into an islamic state they also oppose the ugandan president yoweri most a female who's been in power thirty one years. the i.d.f. has a brutal reputation it's blamed for seven hundred civilian deaths and binny over the past three years as well as mess right and recruiting child soldiers. the december
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ambush that killed fifteen peacekeepers and injured more than fifty came just two months after the idea if killed two other peacekeepers. c. is the un's largest mission and now one of its most dangerous it says it is planning to bet congolese forces against the rebels but is yet to engage shallop ballasts al jazeera. at least twenty one people have died after a bus veered off the road in cameroon at least thirty eight others were injured when it drove into a ravine and crashed into a tree on saturday the bus was traveling from the shan to do allah in the country's west region officials have not yet determined the cause of the crash at least one person has been killed and dozens of others injured in an earthquake on the southern coast of peru this footage shows extensive damage to homes in the town of a car of the seven point one magnitude quake hits in the ne hours of the warning the epicenter was in the pacific ocean and elliott tsunami warning has been
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canceled. the u.n. secretary general is in colombia to discuss the breakdown of peace talks between the government and the rebel group until you get terrorists was welcomed by president juan manuel santos talks with the land were suspended on wednesday after a series of attacks on government targets the latest involve the kidnapping of a petroleum engineer a one hundred in one day truce expired on john river nights. money i would like to make clear in every way our commitment to peace there is no justification for armed violence peace is the only answer that can solve the problems of poverty development equality and democracy today our commitment to peace in colombia is total. iran says it's released hundreds of people detained during antigovernment protests the government spokesman acknowledged at least twenty funny people were killed during the unrest started at the end of december thousands of iranians took to the streets for several days in protests initially
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motivated by economic hardship security forces insist they've now restored. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has begun a six day visit to india to boost trade ties and discuss new delhi's decision to scupper defense still india's prime minister narendra modi jiang netanyahu at a war memorial in the indian capital earlier this month to india cancelled a half a billion dollar order to buy israeli missiles india is israel's largest arms market buying around one billion dollars worth of weapons every year. waivers of traditional handmade carpet cigars say they're struggling to keep their ancient craft alive they blame their own raveling fortunes on israel and egypt blockade of the gaza strip welcome weapons this report. weaving sheep's wool into traditional carpet is one of palestine's oldest professions it takes
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skill patient and a steady hand. been doing it since he was ten now he says he's too old to be strained relatives to work on his looms hearing. it's been a family business for longer than he knows even his family name so after means will my mother minorities i mean i'm an old woman i am seventy two years old and i've done this work my whole life before me my father before him my grandfather it's been in our family for four hundred years or more maybe ever since the prophet muhammad we've done the same work. it's possible archaeologists have found the remains of wooden looms in this region that are thousands of years old the techniques of past verbal eat down the generations like these not recording the order of colored stripes in a design. that mahmoud says things are not how they used to be mainly because of
9:44 pm
israel and egypt blockade of gaza. electricity used to prepare the wool is off most of the time importing wool and exporting carpets have become difficult and expensive mahmoud's looms just next door to the shop it's quiet no customers he says it's like this most of the time these days. like this one takes nearly a week to make and sells for just over one hundred dollars the economy is down in gaza because of the blockade so not many people can afford that. these a cheaper factory made carpets mostly from turkey become common mahmoud says dance also hurt his business he showed us a carpet he made that was among many ordered by an israeli designer then handmade hearing gaza he says that kind of trade in corporation is impossible any more he had to wait days for a customer to come to his shop and asked to speak to we asked why pay more for
9:45 pm
a traditional handmade carpet. heritage is very important for us and for the new generation if we can't see our heritage it be a big problem we should protect it. sales may be slow but mahmoud says the quality of the work continues to improve and he'll keep struggling to preserve this traditional craft malcolm web al-jazeera in gaza. aviation officials are investigating why a plane skidded off the runway at an airport in turkey turned down. the pegasus airlines flight had just landed when it slid off the runway and stopped just meters above the shoreline trams on the black sea one hundred sixty two passengers and six crew were on board no serious injuries have been reported to the airport has been temporarily closed. the iranian all time care that's been burning
9:46 pm
in the east china sea since last week house sunk these pictures broke out by chinese state t.v. show the ship barely visible above the water twenty nine crew members are missing but iranian officials say there is no hope of any of them will be found alive the tanker was carrying nearly one million barrels of oil when it collided with a cargo ship on general six adrian brown has more from beijing. well according to chinese state controlled television the senshi sank at around noon local time on sunday before it went down there was a large explosion and also a large plume of smoke more than a thousand meters high these pictures were recorded by china's coast guard now the century was involved in a collision with a hong kong registered freighter the crew of that freighter all survived all twenty one crew members sadly the crew of the century were less fortunate so far only three bodies have been recovered the senshi was carrying
9:47 pm
a cargo of one hundred thirty six thousand tons of ultra light crude oil known as condensate what concerns groups like greenpeace is how much of that crude could potentially leak over the coming days weeks and months we know that some of the oil has been burned off but not all of it now this vessel has gone down in waters that are part of japan's economic zone so presumably japanese authorities will now be investigating to see how much of their waters have now been contaminated because of course fishermen in that area depend on those waters for their livelihood sale ahead on this sound is there a new tower packages in your home the new warning as al wells become ever more connected and the new england patriots progress we'll tell you how the super bowl champions got a step closer to defending their title in sport. al-jazeera
9:48 pm
. where if you. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera.
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am. i am. now american actor mark walberg is donating one point five a million dollars to the time's up campaign a legal defense fund for victims of sexual abuse here in the figure reshooting scenes for the movie all the money in the world while his costar michelle williams made less than a thousand dollars scenes have to be reshot after kevin spacey was removed following accusations of sexual misconduct. we're all aware of the risk posed by hackers whether it's to our phones bank accounts even elections but what if cyber criminals could get into your house that's the new worry as dwellings become ever
9:50 pm
more connected brunell's explains from the consumer electronics show and. by now you've heard all about the internet of things or i.o.t. so-called smart homes feature internet connected t.v.'s washing machines thermostats door knobs and locks all controllable by smart phones there are web link security cameras smart showers and yes you guessed it online toilets the internet of things also includes underthings as neema manova g. of speier explains simply put it right here the gizmo attaches to your bra or your briefs and gives you feedback on your health incidentally our clothes are going to be informing us about how to make the small baby step micro decisions that actually to better health by twenty thirty the io team a and fourteen trillion dollars to
9:51 pm
the world economy according to the management consulting firm accenture sounds great doesn't it but the more connected people and their products become the more at risk they are for a digital attack it opens up the possibility for risks of security natures of these are computers that have some computing power always on always connected and they're very appealing to the bad guys and the problem is as you're rushing to put the stuff on the market you sometimes use products off the shelf and they have bugs in them and you you distribute those bucks to your customers in recent years we've seen how vulnerable even formidable institutions are to hackers like the credit reporting agency equifax the movie studio sony and the us super spy. bureau the national security agency big defender is marketing a box that will defend all your systems and online connections it's
9:52 pm
a complete solution it's a multi think of it like a sandwich at technologies that basically employ our machine learning in ai to understand the behavior of connected devices and figure out when something nefarious has happened unfortunately cyber security is not the top priority for many device makers or it seems for many consumers at this point the convenience and wow factor and excitement of new electronics are essentially winning the day consumers might want to consider whether smart devices are making their lives better or putting them in their families at risk robert oulds al-jazeera las vegas after all and i to sports news that's guy was a piece a endo ha. thank you so much shrunk away english premier league leaders manchester city's seemingly unstoppable charge to the title has finally hit a speed bump after twenty two consecutive games without defeat city were at long
9:53 pm
last beaten on sunday by liverpool at anfield the reds charge into a four one lead in the second half thanks to goals by alex oxalate chamberlain roberta familiar saudia man a and mohammed salam and despite a late surge by city you're going clubs men held on for a full three victory now that when flyers liverpool into third place and they only trail manchester united on goal difference now as you can see in the table city still with a very comfortable lead over although fifteen points ahead of united who face stoke on monday now it's being just over a month since angie pasta called lou quits as the head coach of the australian national team of the guiding them to a spot at the world cup but the former socceroos boss has already found a new job he'll take charge of japanese league team yokohama if merinos inevitably the big question was why he chose to leave australia before they played at the biggest football tournament in the world. and everyone in australia wants reason.
9:54 pm
look at. it from our perspective i had a fantastic four years national country when you coach your own country with the highest honor and. you have a nice four years we won the asian cup we you know we qualified for a world cup and i just felt it was the right time for me. to try new adventure there are three group games on sunday in the african nations championship that one taking place in morocco the competition which exclusively features players who play their club football in domestic leagues in africa has already seen an upset the ivory coast were beaten by namibia would you believe before sudan opened the campaign with a win beating guinea and coming up soon zambia face uganda. the n.f.l. playoffs will see another four teams reduced to two this sunday right now the jacksonville jaguars are playing against the pittsburgh steelers in the a.f.c.
9:55 pm
divisional round well you can see there the jag is one of only two opposing teams with a winning record at heinz field since two thousand and four is looking good at the moment forty nil to the good remember they drafted quarterback of ben roethlisberger all those years ago jacksonville in the lead it is still though in the first quarter now ever wins that game will have the dubious task of facing the super bowl champions next the new england patriots quarterback tom brady threw for three touchdowns as they beat the tennessee titans thirty five fourteen to reach the a.f.c. championship game for a seventh straight time that in itself is an n.f.l. record i think the thing is we don't really take it for granted around here. i know are hard it is to get to this game and you know we're very blessed to do it takes a lot of things a lot of good fortune lot of hard work but obviously a lot of a lot of great blessings and i think you know our team's proven over the course year you know we can win important games against good teams and we did that tonight
9:56 pm
and that's why you keep moving on in the n.f.c. the philadelphia eagles will face either the vikings all the saints for the championship title the eagles beat the atlanta falcons fifteen ten to win their first playoff game in the early a decade. the biggest emotion for me was that i was out the team the guys the resiliency of this football team and you know our backs against the wall people you know discount us don't don't give us much credit whatever it might be for our team to battle against a fine football team you know a team that was obviously this time of year is playing an extremely well hot football team. that's one thing about this team that i love so much they battled to the end roger federer says he's too old to be considered one of the favorites to win the australian open as he gets ready to defend his title the thirty six year old is in good form ahead of the tournament this week the one thousand time grand slam champions opening matches on tuesday where he plays slovenia as. having no expectations was was so nice after all these years i was having expectations like
9:57 pm
this year again but with age i feel like you know i played down my chances just because i don't think a thirty six year old should be a favorite of a tournament should not be the case so that's why. i see things more relaxed you know later stage of my of my career one of the best snowboarders in the world shaun white is heading to he's fourth winter olympic games. thirty final rock put your hands together for sure it was our final competitor here to. go the two time gold medalist qualifying for pyong chang inspect accurst in colorado on certain a he scored a perfect one hundred for a second time on the half pipe he's the only snowboarder to ever achieve that white swimming running through to two of the toughest tricks on the halfpipe the double back to us twelve sixty and the front side double cool fourteen forty and just listen to the reaction to the final score the fact. i think
9:58 pm
oh i was trying to do right by. we leave a very familiar more sport for me again later on for now it's back to you in london soon great reaction thank you pete said that is it from me for this news hour but maryanne demasi will be with you in just a moment with much more of the day's news thanks for watching. as thousands of row hinges seek refuge in bangladesh a new armed group is taking shape fighting the government and me and mom can only
9:59 pm
attack them because they refuse to give us a basic rights as citizens for the first time a member of the ira can row hengist salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so maggie has pushed to have a series of laws that if as will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stops us it doesn't rattle the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why buildings influence the course of history the salt did not get enough credit for it in the budget it will be the biggest or go figure but he was one below the biggest
10:00 pm
a hole in the wall the prisoner and the president who came together to end up pot odds in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on all jesse. al-jazeera. where ever you. a makeshift refugee camp hit by an as strike as hundreds and thousands more syrians displaced by new fighting up.


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