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i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy months and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. we cannot and will not accept you as a nuclear state the u.s. secretary of state sends a message to north korea the new clear pyongyang is not acceptable.
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and i mean this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a sliver of hope for yemen john cranes it could bring relief to millions living through the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. france's expresses pain and shame over sex abuse by priests in chile. stock market milestone in the u.s. the dow jones industrial average gets twenty six thousand points for the first time . so that in the state rex tillerson says a nuclear north korea is not acceptable and is calling for continued pressure on pyongyang if it takes steps to undo its nuclear program to this it was speaking at a meeting in canada looking at ways to back to implement the u.n.
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sanctions imposed on the north officials from twenty countries all the to keep plazas russia and china absence and speak now to our correspondent rose jordan who's invited cuba joins us now live and rose what are they trying to achieve. well they're trying to achieve more robust enforcement of the u.n. security council sanctions which have been imposed in the past here there's been a longstanding concern from washington that beijing and to a lesser extent moscow haven't done enough to actually fully enforce these sanctions which include stopping trade in such raw material as crude oil iron as well as dealing with issues of so-called ship to ship transfers trying to cut down on the illegal transfer of equipment and materiel that could simply. the government of him continue to build nuclear warheads as well as
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the list stick missiles now you've heard from rex tillerson in that sound bite is the same kind of message that there can be no nuclear north korea but the tone is has been varying a very tough message from the united states as well as from japan but the south korean foreign minister neck has shown a more accommodating as it were indicating that there is a possibility of trying to build on the recent opening around the upcoming winter olympic games only if north korea does something about its nuclear weapons program so more of an all of branch from south korea rather than simply saying we have to change the status quo in sight north korea and to rosa say two key players are not that russia and that's china they're not happy about this meeting getting ahead of an old so what can i hope to achieve without them. well
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there is a lot of skepticism about whether this meeting which does not involve the u.n. security council writ large because russia and china aren't here actually has any effectiveness that people have been it pains to try to figure out when the so-called human sending states those of the countries that supported south korea during the korean war between one thousand fifty and fifty three actually got together to discuss security issues on the peninsula this may well be the first time since the end of the actual conflict and so there are real questions about whether these countries which traditionally have not been involved in these type of high level diplomatic discussions on north korea can actually bring new ideas to the table as well as trying to generate some momentum in terms of trying to resolve
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the crisis ultimately analysts we've been speaking to suggest that this is going to simply come back to the united nations to the security council to really push for some sort of ultimate solution to this crisis with our road thanks very much indeed that's a picture in vancouver rose children reporting. the saudi led coalition in fighting the heathy rebels in yemen says it will allow for cranes at the port of her data to begin operation cranes bolt's with the us funds will be used to offload basic necessities such as food and medicine and as mohammed jenji reports that aid cannot come soon enough. amid the worst humanitarian crisis in the world what could be a sliver of hope these four to donald cranes which have just arrived at her data
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port in yemen funded by the united states agency for international development will significantly increase offloading capacity here at the port to ease congestion and improve ultimately improve delivery of humanitarian and other supplies to the people who desperately need it across yemen the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in northern yemen is promising to allow the cranes to begin offloading food medicine and other basic necessities. there have been guarantees before but aid hasn't always flowed it can't come soon enough is there anybody can use or need by far the enough to yemen their one language the that's not true give you what you is the problem and you know as i look into the matter. the international committee of the red cross
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stresses however that while aid is arriving in yemen it's not coming quick enough. in the city of tire is dozens of protesters demonstrated against what they said is government negligence government leaders are accused of failing to control the collapse of the national currency or protect yemenis from rising food prices the companies that you money do need is not enough these i found out and said can you even so many different agencies get enough fuel and crude and meant it for the whole country what we need to use for pollution what's that got me and then let will those inside the fish. the poorest country in the middle east is facing multiple crises the worst cholera epidemic ever recorded and a diptheria outbreak that is spreading quickly in a country with some of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world and where more than eight million people are on the brink of famine a new report by unicef details how children have been scarred by war and says that
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since the escalation of the conflict in march two thousand and fifteen three million children have been born in yemen that's approximately three thousand every day unicef says more than eleven million yemeni children need humanitarian assistance just one of the many reasons why few believe the suffering of the yemeni people will end any time soon. to know where pope francis is express what he's called his pain and his shame over the country's sexual abuse scandal it is the first time he's commented on the crisis running a former priest who was found guilty in two thousand and eleven of abusing teenage boys came before he held an outdoor mass in the capital santiago from there is a lot of america to use in human. chilean catholics and immigrants from many parts of latin america spent the night here for the chance to see pope francis helps me get you know there at the beginning it was worth it i love this point
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because he underscores the need for social justice which our political parties have forgotten. this isn't the largest park and organizers calculated four hundred thousand people came to the pope's first mass in chile less than half of the estimated one million who attended pope john paul the second's mass here thirty one years ago during chile's military dictatorship but those were different times back then john paul's mass was interrupted when riot police began firing massive amounts of tear gas into the crowd to disperse those who were protesting against human rights abuses and calling for the pope's support which they thought three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. so pope francis wasted no time confronting the issue in his first address here at the presidential palace he asked for forgiveness for clerical sex abuses against innocent minors. here i feel
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bound to express my pain and shame the irreparable damage caused to children by some ministers of the church and. i am one with my brother bishops for it is right to ask for forgiveness and make every effort to support the victims even as we commit ourselves to ensuring that such things do not happen again. this if we do many will be holding him to his word because a lot of that has to be correct or forgiveness is necessary but abuses have to be fought for every day no matter what the song during the mass the pope spoke of peace before leaving to meet women prisoners on tuesday he's into the most complex stop of his trip it's the epicenter of a restive territorial dispute by indigenous my pooches a place where chileans are hoping that his message of peace and reconciliation will
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be heard you see in human santiago. chile and police arrested dozens of protesters near where the pope celebrated mass they were marching towards you can square occurring and to church placards the police fired tear gas before moving in to make the arrests. the dow jones industrial average has raced poncy twenty six thousand for the first time in history the peak appears to show rising rising economic optimism under us president donald trump carol is under a small. whether it be here in the u.s. or abroad the first year of president donald trump's time in office has been beset by controversies and setbacks he's one of the least popular presidents in modern times with his approval ratings in the thirty's to at best low forty's but one area where trump has seen a lot of success is right here at the stock market many people saying the u.s.
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economy as a whole is roaring like a freight train now the dow is one of the oldest and most watched economic indicators anywhere in the world it's the weighted average of thirty significant stocks traded on the new york stock exchange and nasdaq it's been around for over one hundred in twenty years and the dow has reached twenty six thousand points for the first time ever shortly after trading began on tuesday and it's a signal of the strong health of the stock market and the u.s. economy as a whole the g.d.p. growth is up and unemployment is down the stock market started making gains shortly after trump took office on his promise to cut regulations that hinder economic growth and he's done just that cutting hundreds of regulations in the last year and now the markets are responding positively to trump's tax reform legislation which is promising huge tax cuts to corporations and seen as
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a gift to wall street add it all up and the dow has shot up more than forty percent since trump became president further helping is that crude prices are up to some of the highest prices in the past three years driven up by production cuts by opec and strong demand fueled by economic growth but going back to the dow in the stock market while without a doubt it is seeing record gains it is mostly benefiting the rich and well connected millions of americans are seeing no or very little effect from it or only one third of the bottom fifty percent of wage earners have stocks in many ways this is a search that's a lot about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. so to come on the program the problem kosovo's politician who was standing trial for war crimes shot dead outside his office. in the deal to repatriate hundreds of thousands of or
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hindu refugees is missing a lot of details. hello there we've got a big old storm system that's in store for europe at the moment is already pretty blustery am pretty wintery over the northwestern parts you can see of the speckled cloud here that's plenty of snow showers that have been rattling in on some very very strong winds but if we head through the next few days we'll see what's in store for us so this is wednesday then strong winds yet more of those showers but as we head through wednesday and into thursday see this system here galloping its way eastwards that's developing feature we'll see winds while over one hundred thirty kilometers per hour as a system borrows its way towards the east so very strong winds on that and also some very heavy snow even some parts of the u.k. are likely to have around twenty centimeters of snow from it as it crashed the
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edges its way eastward so i'm a just system here there are likely to be reports of power outages and trees down as well for the eastern parts of europe generally a lot quieter here but we do have this weather system here this bringing us some rather intense outbreaks of snow as we head through thursday for the northern parts of africa generally a lot quieter for us here we have had a little bit of rain in the far western parts about geria but that's all fizzling out now and we're just seeing a little bit more in the way of clouds roll the breezy though so that we could be picking up a fair amount of sand and dust in hades. the controversial leader of islamic jihad focused on the most wanted internists in history is really coming to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and aside the sense of being caught in the mask was the outcome is only death if someone tried to. talk to the media syrian intelligence was shut down
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the borders kill him in damascus at this time on al-jazeera world. ever get a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera and u.s. secretary of state bret phillips says a nuclear north korea is not acceptable he made the comments at a meeting in canada is looking at ways to implement u.n. sanctions imposed on. the saudi led coalition fighting the heathy rebels in yemen says it will allow for cranes at the port of poti to to begin operation cranes were aboard with u.s. funds and will be used to offload basic necessities such as food and medicine. pope
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francis has expressed what he's called his pain and shame of the abuse of children by priests in chile it is the first time he's commented on the scandal involving a former priest found guilty of abusing teenage boys. donald trump's former chief strategist has been subpoenaed to testify on possible russia collusion in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election understood that steve benen will be required to testify before a grand jury but it was recently quoted in a book saying that trump's son in law son son in law and campaign chairman met with a group of russians during the two thousand and sixteen campaign describing it as treasonous live to our white house correspondent can be how it can be tell us more of what you know about this right well it really marks a bit of a game changer in the ongoing investigation into potential trump ties and tom campaign ties with russia and here's why it's likely that steve bannon will never
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actually testify before the grand jury but instead this is a bit of a strong arm negotiating tactic by robert muller essentially what this could be is a bargaining chip look steve bam if you cooperate with us you ask investigators questions you won't have to go through the jury trial proceedings so essentially this could be very problematic for the president at the same time we've learned that the subpoena came out last week but we're only learning about it as of today we do know the timing is rather interesting given the fact that steve benen is testifying up on capitol hill before a house intelligence committee that's also doing a similar rush of probe steve bannon said nothing about the subpoena for the special counsel when he went into this all day affair of questioning but it's certain he will be asked about it by reporters on his way out kerry did mention that this could be problematic for the president especially considering of course their relationship which is all reveled in recent weeks. right you touched on it to
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nick at the beginning of the segment when you referenced that meeting in june of two thousand and sixteen between donald trump jr and kremlin linked lawyer where there was the promise of some sort of incriminating or damaging information on presidential candidate trump's contender at the time hillary clinton who was his of course rival later on we know that junior called this meeting a waste of time but we know in that book fire and fury that in fact steve bannon called the meeting in and of itself to be treasonous but of course also to the president has been name calling steve bannon saying was forced out of the white house on social media he said essentially that steve bennett had lost his mind well certainly the relationship has unraveled that could be some incentive for steve benen to do some talking as well to this is certainly frustrating the white house given the fact that the investigation continues one that they have said repeatedly will be wrapped up by thanksgiving will be wrapped up by christmas well it's still
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ongoing so there's that and also to there is the fact that the president is still frustrated this is is going he is recently as this morning was tweeting in fact calling this investigation once again a hoax and also name calling the journalist covering it basically once again saying that those who reported the story were simply part of the fake news media oracularly things very much they can be like a reporter from washington the. u.s. so calling for calm of your problem because of and politician was shot dead president described the killing of a live event which as an act of terrorism at a meeting in brussels between kosovo and serbia was brutally cold all for news of the shooting in britain as its report the yellow forensic markers show where all of the event of a tree fell in the sixty four year old shot at least five times outside his party headquarters in the town of me true. he was rushed to hospital but doctors couldn't
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save him. the killing appears well planned with no witnesses and the speculation a silencer may have muffle the sound of the gunshots and avoided drawing attention but the repercussions were quickly felt all across europe in the serbian capital belgrade the country's president and prime minister convened the national security council was sort of. the state of serbia considers this act an act of terrorism and we were treated as such to the costs of an government also convened its security council and warned against speculating about motive. shows us for us this was a shock for all of us particularly for kosovo so it is very important that as soon as possible we have the answer on who did this and in brussels as news of the murder emerged the latest round of e.u. mediated talks between serbia and kosovo one of broccoli called off its source of paramount importance is that the situation remains calm anything important at all
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sites and a show of restrain so that the rule of law and justice can take its course despite serbia losing control of kosovo after the one nine hundred ninety nine war some fifty thousand ethnic serbs still live in northern kosovo and the town of mitrovica remains starkly divided between serb and ethnic albanian areas after the war all over event of each came to prominence as a relative moderate among the mainly ultra nationalist kosovo serb leadership he was a central figure in the post-war talks involving nato the un and the e.u. . in two thousand and sixteen though he was convicted of war crimes linked to the killings of four ethnic albanians a retrial was ordered last year and at the time of his death if an of age was actually free on bail in july his car was set on fire and no one was injured now his murder raises serious tensions in a region where entity's were already delicately balanced twelve thousand dollar reward has been offered for information leading to the kilis. paul brennan al
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jazeera bangladesh says hundreds of thousands of refugees will be repatriated to neighboring minima within two years the by invest she says the deal was settled this week but there is no official word yet from in-law and no confirmation of when refugees will start going home more than six hundred forty thousand range of muslims have fled a military crackdown in me and most refined state since oldest last year scott hyla as the latest now from bangkok. after two days of talks in naperville myanmar's capital officials from bangladesh and myanmar have started to talk about the implementation of agreement they reached those two nations on the repatriation of those more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled from rakhine state over into bangladesh now they say that within two years they want all of the refugees to have returned to work and state now there are discussions over the two
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days of exactly how to implement that one is coming from myanmar side they are saying they have announced that they have to rate repatriation centers that they are constructing in rakhine state one is ready and will be online next tuesday they say to receive at least one hundred fifty refugees per day and nothing really coming from the bangladesh side is how that's going to be implemented but myanmar officials saying they're going to be ready starting next week now the united nations has come in and said that they're concerned about the repatriation process they say it needs to be verified that those repatriations are voluntary it's very important for that because of obviously the horrors that these people fled that they said they fled back last year that they need to make sure it's a safe environment for them to go back into so it will be a slow process at the beginning but both nations myanmar and bangladesh saying that that's going to start to go online very soon also next week there's going to be a new commission with international members on it for rakhine now this is an implementation commission that's going to have members from thailand from south
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africa and the united states to help the myanmar government implement recommendations from a previous commission headed by u.n. secretary general kofi annan former u.n. secretary general kofi annan they say they're going to start to meet and work toward implementing those recommendations from the kofi annan commission it's going to be interesting to see how and if the myanmar government takes those recommendations how quickly will come out but right now next week we're seeing a lot of movement toward the repatriation but it will be very interesting to see just how quickly it actually happens i mean are saying they're ready to start receiving on tuesday. it venezuela or a former police officer who'd been on the run for the past six months six months has been killed in a special operation was compared to his and his compass it stole a police helicopter in june last year and threw four grenades at government buildings and said he was part of an uprising against president nicolas maduro is administration is about has this report. these are the last images of all kind of
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barriers after the shootout with venezuela special forces and we told them that we want to turn ourselves in but they don't want that they want to kill us and i want the videos were posted online by paydays who is seen asking security forces not to show that they're ready to negotiate. they're attacking us with guns grenades the got snipers. the government says that several died in the shoot out among them got a base and two members of venezuela security forces five others were detained. she was a highly trained member of the forensic police who became venezuela's most wanted man when he stole a helicopter and threw grenades against the supreme court and other government buildings in june last year when thousands were taking to the streets against the government of nicola. since then he has been on the run posting videos online
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from time to time calling on the military to rise against models are. also starred in a two thousand and fifteen venezuelan action movie and then usually public profile for they usually secretive investigative police. the government says he was part of a terrorist cell trying to overthrow the president. the commander groups had to art part of the terrorist cell was killed the other power was captured more than five people were captured there confessing telling us everything they planned on a civil lawsuit on monday he's mother pleaded for his life so in my little i am the mother of all skipper is he is trying to turn himself in let him do it protect his life he is fighting for his country for venezuela. had been hiding in a home outside got out gas people there took to the streets to show their support
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for the pilot he's death adds more tension to the ongoing political crisis. the plain speaking president of the philippines is denied being behind a move that could close down a popular news website journalists at rappler have previously accused of using social media to generate online hate against its critics now it's not in baba reports they say they're being targeted you're probably the only one word and telling them hitting out at a website that's been a fierce critic of his and he's now said to be shut down the president of the philippines rodrigo to turn to denies influencing the regulators decision to revoke the license of the rappler news website the question of. question above us. by. this. switching to filipino he uses an expletive to accuse rich filipinos of misusing the media. his administration insists there's
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nothing political about the securities and exchange commission's declaration that rappler had broken laws on foreign ownership but the s c c's decision isn't final and as the website prepares to fight the ruling in the courts it is allowed to keep going its bosses despite having two foreign investors the business is really being targeted for its journalism let me make clear one thing the actual charges are false. rappler is one hundred percent filipino owned i own twenty four percent of shares i mean i know of they have all of the shareholders of rappler the journalist owned the largest share collectively the shutdown order comes as a parliamentary committee considers legal changes that would limit freedom of expression to the quote responsible exercise of the freedom of speech some filipinos claimed that could lead to more media outlets being closed down to see if
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things even if they. need a larger huge. case comes before we seek to marry the one thing to point out that the people didn't even get a feel for fifteen months last year media watchdog reporters without borders said the philippines was fairly free and going verse but noted what it called detect unveiled encourage men to violence against journalists now rattlers boss says a war of attrition is under way one she and her colleagues are determined to win the al-jazeera. plenty of all the stories we're covering right there on our website al-jazeera dot com is the address lots of comment and analysis as well as all the day's news at zero dot com. i let's look at the top stories now on al-jazeera a new u.s. secretary of state says
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a nuclear north korea is not acceptable and is calling for continued pressure on pyongyang to take steps to undo its nuclear program terrorism was speaking at a meeting in canada looking at ways to back to implement u.n. sanctions imposed on the north officials from twenty countries of that but to keep plazas china russia absent roseman jordan is in fact was in jordan to speak just at this point and let's move on the reports are emerging that the united states will provide sixty million dollars in aid for palestinians to the united nations relief and works agency but will withhold a further sixty five million dollars let's get the very latest on this we can join our diplomats to get a james bays at the u.n. james tell us more. this is going to be a big blow to the united nations that almost half of the funding is not coming for which is one of the oldest agencies of the united nations in place for nearly
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seventy years and meets the needs of very many palestinians operating in the west bank and gaza providing health providing education providing social services in neighboring countries is also the agency that deals with palestinians in refugee camps in lebanon and jordan it's not the u.n. h.c.r. the refugee agency it's that deals with the needs of pretty desperate people this news has emerged and i can confirm it from a source who is knowledgeable with the matter i can pretty sure this person knows i can't tell you any more details of the source it's clear to him that the u.n. secretary general was not aware of this when the news started to emerge he was giving a news conference to reporters and he said he had no news of the u.s. action he clearly was not warned in advance or james thanks very much today james bays there at the u.n. the saudi led coalition fighting the who thing rebels in yemen says it well for
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cranes at the port of who died at the data to begin operation the cranes were bought with u.s. funds and will be used to offload basic necessities such as food and medicine all right up to date with all the headlines here on odds are coming up next we have history of life enough. ok today on the street legal across the globe catching up with al-jazeera correspondents on the stories that reporting we are live right now and if you have questions by journalists put them in the comments section you can i would you have
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very best to get them on the. justice.


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