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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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a ward winning documentary and live news on and on line for centuries egypt to the sword to come on power over the miles if in doubt we are harming any of them out of place in a country they don't need for most of the day they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share i know some people you make your. own question then yes this circumstances have changed and changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. and on certainty as the us announces a major cost in a palestinian refugee. on sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from also coming up unprecedented agreement
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between the two koreas belmarsh together at the opening ceremonies of next month's winter olympics in pyongyang. catalonia is new parliament since for the first time facing the threat of renewed direct rule from madrid. at its latest stop in chile a pope francis confronts a difficult colonial legacy. now for the first time in its history the u.n. agency which provides funds for vulnerable palestinian refugees says it faces a challenge in meeting its mandate to trumpet ministration is confirmed it's withholding half of the one hundred twenty five million dollars it was given it was going to give rather the body established in nine hundred forty nine unruh is the united nation's longest running humanitarian program providing
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a lifeline some five million palestinians the money is also distributed beyond the palestinian territory funneled to refugees in jordan lebanon and syria goes towards health care and education the u.s. is under was largest single donor making up nearly thirty percent of its budget the european union the united kingdom saudi arabia and germany are the other top donors but even before this latest cut the u.s. contribution was already drastically slashed down from a three hundred fifty million dollars donation last year on was chief spokesman says the agency is facing its most severe crisis ever its pledging to do its best to ensure people don't suffer. we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the middle east we hope that
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regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the u.s. reduction imran khan has reaction from ramallah in the occupied west bank now that has been strong reaction already let me start with the palestine liberation organization what they've said is this once again the u.s. administration proves its complicity with the israeli occupation by attempting to remove another permanent status issue off the table the talking there about refugees now the p.l.o. central committee met on monday they issued a statement saying the u.s. was not an honest broker and privately what they say is that the u.s. is actually becoming part of the conflict by siding with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long called for the dismantling of the wall for the funding to be cut and the sixty five million dollars shortfall by the u.s.
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is going to have a huge impact here and we are expecting more reaction throughout the day already we've heard from young egeland the head of the norwegian refugee council he says he's disappointed and we've also heard from the u.n. secretary general himself saying that this is a u.n. agency and not a palestinian agency saying the whole there is in the bottle but are they a refugee camp in lebanon she said this update on how the decision will impact palestinians living there. under while the lebanese government n.g.o.s they were all warning of the dire consequences for refugees the funding is cut now it has become a reality and people are worried palestinian refugees are poor as you can see they live in so-called camps neighborhoods and there's really no infrastructure and palestinians are denied basic rights they're barred from working in many professions really is not a country. that has provided them with the services that they need that is why the
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refugees rely on. this is just one of the clinics in the well also run schools they provide relief they provide shelter to the refugees that is why many of you know what is our lifeline and already the organization was underfunded it had. a number of services already they used to. provide meals that doesn't exist any longer and now with. the amount of services they provide for the refugees living conditions. more than half of the palestinians registered in lebanon have left the country from four hundred fifty thousand the latest census shows that there are a hundred and seventy five thousand in lebanon many made their way illegally or legally to europe to find a better life so it's really a struggle living here many believe the decision to cut funding for an. administration to eliminate their right to return because gives them legitimacy to their cause if there was. a longer exists and their case falls under the u.n.
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h.c.r. then they move east to. third countries with the palestinian refugees is their right to return to their homeland. prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the u.s. embassy may be moved to jerusalem with an expected back to the mission to be relocated from tel aviv within a year however secretary of state of the united states for america's side the. move could take at least three years palestinian president mahmoud abbas meanwhile this donald trump calling the actions against his people sinful. here are the sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the u.s. has chosen to violate international law how can we trust is administrator how can
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we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them as mediators between us and the israelis highly then again the is a senior fellow at the brookings institution center for middle east policy he says the u.s. has lost its credibility in dealing with the palestinian israeli issue. it does look very much like it is about political pressure but at the same time it's very hard to imagine how such a heavy handed move would actually convince palestinians to go back to the peace negotiations under a donald trump sponsored peace process if anything this sort of a move i think objective really takes the united states really out of the game i mean we saw with the jerusalem decision and now on under what the united states is giving up the major leverage that it has on two key
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final status issues unilaterally and you know part of what gives the united states a modicum of credibility is the is the fact for example that it hadn't previously recognized jerusalem and was in keeping with the international consensus and also that it was the single largest donor to under water for most of the last seventy years and so by taking those two elements out of the equation the united states has really marginalized itself. very limited free calls role that a palestinian teenager and her mother will be kept in custody until the trial sixteen year old had to maybe was detained last month when a video of her slapping and hitting israeli occupation soldiers went viral she faces a prison sentence for assault stone throwing and incitement the u.n.
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human rights council says it's concerned by israel's treatment of to me. south korea says an agreement has been reached with the north to form a joint olympics team they plan to march together in the opening ceremony of next month's with games led to the olympics under the korean peninsula flag and form a joint women's ice hockey team this follows a third round of talks between the two sides the recent thaw in relations follows increased tension over the north nuclear weapons program in barcelona the newly elected members of the catalan parliament a meeting for the first time some aren't at the ceremony because they're in jail in self-imposed exile or being investigated for the role in last year's referendum carpeting hold joins us now live from barcelona so what did the parliament achieve today. well that said the
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first session of this new parliament has now concluded and what the members of parliament did achieve was to elect the new parliamentary speaker now that is a key position because it is essentially him who will now set the political agenda moving forward asked was widely expected to be a coalition of separatist parties impose their will and surf ective lead they are in the driving seat once again going into this new parliamentary session that is something that won't sit well with spanish prime minister mariano rajoy don't forget the back in december it was a whore used emergency powers to call new elections for the kaplan parliament hoping to change the balance of power here in parliament and in the political crisis which has been sparked by catalonia is bid to break away from the rest of spain but it was no only business today there was also some colorful scenes as well one of those was of course looking around the parliamentary arena
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there and you could see a number of the yellow ribbons placed in empty seats that was to symbolize those politicians a handful of whom are in jail in spanish jails and others who fled into self-imposed exile in belgium all of that to try and evade rebellion charges that have been leveled against them by spanish judges because of the way that they held a referendum back in october trying to push for catalonian secession sammy. does what you've just described mean that the showdown over the mall is now inevitable. well absolutely this is the next task the next central task of the cattle and parliament and that is to choose the head the new head of the catalan government now the separatists party's as i say firmly back in control with the ruling
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majority they have said they want to reinstate the ousted catalan leader carlos whose demand but there's no way right now that he can come back from self-imposed exile in spain in brussels because the spanish government the judges say that they will arrest him their opposition parties here in the capital in parliament who say that they won't accept a virtual first minister and also the spanish prime minister himself has said that he will not allow police to mount to come back and be the first minister of the capital and government and that effectively sets both sides the spanish central government and the cattle and regional government once again back on a collision course that is something that we expect to play out in the course of the next two weeks. thanks for that pakistan's opposition parties have come together as part of a mass demonstration in lahore to call for the resignation of the punjab chief minister they accused of being complicit in a two thousand and fourteen incident in which fourteen supporters of
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a rival political party were killed hi this is at the rally. it's a rare show of strength by their combined opposition party then. who are rallying behind dihedral qadri you can see where you're flagged of their different political parties participating among them the pakistan people's party led by arkansas leader also a pocket. front dr tyrell. and several other political parties they have a demo on that the chief minister and the law minister of the province surgery because they. want the bill for their dead over there doesn't support of dr cairo qadri police action and great four days this will be. by the budget for this year which has rallied behind. those recently their members
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i know i said if i wasn't even qualified and. some marginally the numbers are to go the same. i'm saying the same stuff we are here to get justice for the martyrs of mosul town who through to be killed by the orders of shahbaz government so he won't let their blood go in vain this is the final round and we will seek justice for them for the sake of our own lives. from the current government they have done nothing for the poor people of pakistan despite being well qualified now this is the time to get rid of this corrupt government interested in making money into structured projects but not the people. really important to the way that the opposition is different to continue with the men who forced the provincial government to resign. still to come on al-jazeera. they can't love our
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valley but they have our own mind the words of defiance. kong's pro-democracy leader says he won't be silenced by a jail sentence. however we've got some fine weather into central and southern parts of china at the moment so pleasant skies there in hong kong twenty one degrees celsius with the numbers around shanghaied around twelve degrees celsius a little bit of cloud towards the southwest of the country but nothing much to speak of might see a few spots of right here on friday possibility of a little bit of drizzle rain just pushing into hong kong as we go on into friday but essentially i think it should stay lotty fine and dry by say a little bit recently rattle some showers to winter's flanker over the next day or so but essentially across much of south asia it just looks settled and sunny we'll
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see temperatures in chennai getting up to twenty nine degrees celsius see a little bit of cloud there into southern parts nothing much to speak of temperatures should get up to around thirty one degrees still in the polish side there in new delhi temperatures here at around twenty two celsius and that's a similar sort of temperature that we can expect across the arabian peninsula twenty two celsius there for abu dhabi fun interesting here in doha with some pleasant sunshine once again hopefully not too much of a breeze you can see but getting up into the mid twenty's here over the next couple of days further north things not looking quite so pleasant around the east the start of the mediterranean some nasty storms coming through here snow over the turkish mountains temps in bahrain struggle to seventeen to greece. the scene for us when they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible in number happens not because the situation is complicated but
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because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. they're watching out the zero time to recap headlines now the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warned that a cut to u.s. aid will threaten security across the region it follows an announcement by the trumpet ministration it will withhold the financial assistance it had allocated to
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the body south korea says an agreement has been reached with north korea to form their first joint olympics team they plan to march together in the opening ceremony of next month's with the games. alone years newly elected parliament is meeting for the first time since last year's votes from spain these are the live pictures from the parliament building in barcelona some of its members at the ceremony because they're in jail in self-imposed exile or being investigated for their role in october's referendum. pope francis has arrived in to move just hours after a former church was set on fire nearby and stopped in the restive are ok in the region is seen as the most complex of his visit to l.a. because of the it's at the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups at least ten catholic churches have been firebombed in the past week latin america to lucy in human
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joins us now live from to move closer how the troubles impacted the pope's visit. hello sami it was the pope francis this moment still giving his mass here in an air force base where there are about one hundred forty thousand pilgrims. had to say unlike in his previous visit to meon by. here he went directly into the conflict the regional conflict which he dedicated to the indigenous my blue chip people he says that there is a great danger in this region of a division and of confrontation of confrontation of course which we know is already under way you just mentioned some of the acts of violence that have taken place leading up to the pope's arrival here let me he also said that the this region is crying for centuries or because of centuries of injustice and he said that they are . there's
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a lot of wind that they are celebrating this mass here to honor those who suffered and died he was referring of course to the mob who chase and who suffered the violence violations of human rights and who are still carrying the weight of so much injustice on their backs so he says he did talk a lot about the need for the bridges to be recognized their culture their language but also he had very stern words for those who have been carrying out acts of violence in this region he said that that was the right and to make a just cause a lie so we will see now whether his plea which he repeated over and over again to seven to leave a confrontation in violence aside and try to work towards unity and recognition of diversity will be heard after he leaves here sami. will he be as cautious as he was when he addressed the issue of the oppression of muslims and when he tackles this issue one of the sort of expectations for what he might say.
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well i think he hasn't been very cautious i thinking as i say i think he tackled the issue head on right from the get go as soon as he started speaking here in not everyone thought he would be quite so direct when talking about the historic injustices against the my people there are regional leaders and national leaders listening to him as well some of the richest men or businessmen in chile have been listening to him too and clearly they must have understood that he was criticizing them when he spoke about how these people have been marginalized this is also the poorest region of all of chile and so he had messages from all but again he ended by cautioning that the use of violence to try to vindicate just causes only makes these causes unjust or lies to quote him.
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of the u.n. is warning somalia is facing a deepening humanitarian crisis with a prolonged drought expected to continue well into the year an estimated six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance across the country or drawn out conflict than consecutive poor rainy seasons of led to the crisis and the earlier we spoke to vincent de lay who is the u.n. deputy who had a tarion coordinator for somalia and he says people need urgent assistance to cope with the loss of their livelihoods. we have more than three million people who need i didn't assistance on a daily basis the same same three million we need a system or livestock production on groping for direction or marketing of their produce basically to survive us from minis over the last four years progressively so money has not received adequate rains it's been below average consistently going into this year there will be very likely and i mean which means
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rainfall will be less the second rate a very serious problem is conflict and displacement a very very many somalis have been displaced from their homes. last year more than eight hundred thousand all together over the smaller than two million a fifth of the population one in two somalis is displaced away from their home this is fuelling suffering it is feeling the levels of humanitarian need and they do not have neighborhoods and other ways to survive and need assistance. now french police have raided the headquarters of the dairy giant like dallas over the salmonella scandal like alice has recalled milk powder from eighty three countries after it was revealed its factories were contaminated with bacteria the company's own test discovered the contamination in august but the firm failed to take action more than thirty babies in france were poisoned when children affected in greece and spain to
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. in hong kong two pro-democracy activists is starting jail sentences for their roles in the so-called umbrella protests more than three years ago the judge rejected a request for joshua wong on rafael wong to be released on bail while they appeal fourteen other defendants convicted of obstructing police all or even fined or given suspended jail sentences the vehicle pollen reports oh my god it's becoming a familiar sight because i'm off to see activists informants chin leaders in court to face charges stemming from the so-called umbrello are all key pipe protests four years ago one of the best known faces of home comes to mock prosy movement joshua one is facing more jail time this time for three months after pleading guilty to criminal contempt thanks i'll bet money but they have no mind when we look at now is it from we need to face questions that it's a question i'm going to go fight for democracy and if we're going oh oh the other
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activists sentenced to four and a half months prison is rafael long he's now the vice chairman for putin microsleep party thank the government is using the war as a tool against protesters and to punish activists think it will solve political problems that's a real contempt of court every day in all sixteen demonstrators were arrested in the vendor twenty fourteen for refusing to leave a protest zone being cleared by police the high court judge said even though joshua young had only spent ninety minutes in the protest area his involvement in obstructing the clearance operation was deep and extensive the judge said therefore the only appropriate punishment was immediate imprisonment a series of trials timing from the twenty fourteen pro-democracy demonstrations have been held in the past year and many more are scheduled this year so far about one hundred leading activists are in jail are facing the prospect of prison sentences critics say the prosecutions are an attempt to stop. constant ocracy
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movement the seventy nine day long demonstrations in twenty fourteen defined hong kong's fight for democracy the other fourteen activists in court received suspended sentences or fines only joshua one and rafael one remain politically active they are also the only two who are going to jail criminal concern is obviously a serious matter but i'm also surprised at the same time at the links that these young guys will be getting me and then to their political career an aspiration and at a time when hong kong need these young people to be in parliament to be doing political advocacy for hong kong joshua once known as one of hong kong's first political prisoners he's already spent two months locked up on separate charges as he heads back to jail it's a label that's not likely to go away if you go palin hometown. in thailand historian prosecuted for insulting a sixteenth century king as had his case dismissed so like civil question the
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official account of the king's role in an elephant battle more than four hundred years ago thailand has strict laws to protect the monarchy the eighty five year old scholar welcome the military calls decision but refuse to apologize for disputing ancient history the u.s. president dog trump is marking one year in office in a few days so we're looking into how is administration is fat so far one of its biggest foreign policy challenges has been north korea in the second of our five part series kathy novak reports from seoul. it was a year that saw the leaders of the united states and north korea exchanging threats of nuclear war and some rather undignified insults donald trump called the north korean leader little rocket man. the u.s. president
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a mentally deranged dotard they boasted about their nuclear buttons. the u.s. mainland is within the range of a nuclear strike and as you can hear bolton is put on the desk in my office at all times and sparked fears the korean peninsula could be edging closer to war they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen it certainly has elevated the level of tension on the peninsula president trump has made this issue his most important foreign policy issue so it has brought a lot of attention globally. during trump's first year in office north korea launched its first successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles demonstrating that its weapons could reach the united states it conducted its biggest ever nuclear bomb test and late last year declared its weapons development program was complete in response the u.s. has successfully pushed for tough u.n.
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sanctions including a cap on north korea's petrol supplies other countries in this region have been faced with a delicate balancing act signed us supported the u.n. sanctions but was unwilling to cut off north korea's oil supply completely and south korea has been pushing a dual campaign of pressuring the north while continuing to promote dialogue. with the new year came a shift for the first time in more than two years the two koreas sat down for official talks and agreed north korea would attend the winter olympics next month the south korean government is now engaging with the north korean government and dialogues and north korean delegation visiting south korean february so we're in a very different place than what people thought even two three six months ago so what happens next south korean president monday and thanked donald trump for helping bring about the talks and both say they would be willing to sit down with
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kim jong un under the right circumstances though trump has previously said any talks with north korea would be a waste of time mixed signals from his administration and even the fact that a year on he hasn't appointed an ambassador to south korea has some analysts questioning what trump's policy on north korea really is cathy know that al-jazeera sort archaeologist in mexico have discovered what is believed to be the largest flooded cave in the world the group of divers found a connection between two cabins after months of exploring a maze of underwater channels the cave is three hundred forty seven kilometers long and is shed new light on the ancient mayan civilization possibly and skeletal remains dating back thousands of years have been recovered. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warned that a cut to u.s.
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aid will threaten security across the region if all is an announcement by the trumpet ministration that it will withhold half of the financial assistance it had allocated to the body on or was chief spokesman says the agency is facing its most severe crisis ever pledged to do its best to ensure people don't suffer. we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the middle east we hope that regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the u.s. with auction. south korea says an agreement has been reached with north korea to form a joint olympics team they plan to march together in the opening ceremony of next
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month's winter games in the south korean city of pyong chang and israeli military calls for all the palestinian teenager and her mother will be kept in custody until a trial sixteen year old i had to me was detained last month when a video of her slapping him hitting israeli occupation soldiers went viral catalonia is newly elected parliament is that for the first time since last year's vote and says sessions from spain but some of its members aren't at the ceremony they're in jail in self-imposed exile or being investigated for their role in october's referendum pope francis has arrived into milko chile just hours after a former church was set on fire there by this stop in the rest of our ok near region is seen as the most complex of his visit today it's at the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups at least ten catholic churches have been firebombed in the past week. the un has warned somalia is facing
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a deepening humanitarian crisis with a prolonged drought expected to continue well into this year an estimated six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance is the stream now stay with us. every. day to down the street and across the globe catching up with al-jazeera correspondents on the stories that reporting we are live right now and you choose if you have questions by journalists put them in the comment section arab league and i will do that very best to get them on the air and imo it could be a lot of justice words enough has been trending on so.


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