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i want to agree to share i know some people he may cheat. on the question then yes this circumstances have changed in changed political struggle over the mild at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. and for you. this is al-jazeera. you know i'm right matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. celebrations in ethiopia after the
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release of an opposition leader on hundreds of other prisoners as part of a government amnesty. uniting for the lympics long time rivals north and south korea plan to form a team for next month's games and have their athletes march together. the white house chief of staff reportedly tells democrats the president's pledges on immigration joining the election campaign where uninformed. pope francis' wades into a centuries old conflict in chile calling for unity in the struggle for indigenous rights. has freed an opposition leader as part of a mass release of prisoners who were jailed over anti-government protests in twenty fifteen may get a good deal no was released with more than four hundred other. people are always
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denied violating the law his release is part of a government drive for national reconciliation paul brennan has more. morality dina is a hero to his supporters and thousands of excited well wishes for the guard of honor to restore his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of paris to his home in the nearby town of braille. the leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago was accused of collusion with outlawed groups a charge always denied by save i have very violated while it is there no owes a former member of parliament and it was a construction in the low. hour. i have been always you know respect things that. anyway it's good that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed
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hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies generally the third in a move into defusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would release many prominent dissident politicians always out without a party in their members who will decide is it makes their weeks what to do the right road to do all. the free jelly out to do is a government the call for national debt or if it is real in the honest the we are for it but amnesty international and other observers warn that a few high profile releases will not be enough the regime has to do more stories rescind this reckoning loz has to instill judicial reform this security sector reform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people will be really sets. thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail
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accused or prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the us embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases paul brennan al-jazeera mohammad amo is founder and editor of all pride dot com an independent news website about ethiopia he says the release is a direct result of the overall more protests. i think you know about a year ago i said i'm jailed fighting for my people my people were let me for free in doesn't say what happened today i think what gives a lot of people of them is aimee's this is a young population that is demanding it is right that is asking for more in ethiopia faces a challenge where the purposes are not going away in it has pushed the ruling party to a corner where now there are divisions even within the governing coalition where.
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members of the ruling ethiopian peoples democratic front is saying surely embracing the protesters demands in calling for reforms i think they challenge power struggle within the party and the fact that there is an assertive younger generation of leaders within the ruling party in that in the fact that the protesters and the young people who are taking to the streets in demanding their rights this gives people a lot of them ism because one way or another change seems inevitable in ethiopia is just a matter of how soon it will come in the way we are going to see more chains at least twelve people have been killed in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my degree at least forty eight people were injured and it could do in a state in northern nigeria government of kidnapped two americans and two canadians
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and killed two police officers. north and south korea will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics that also field a joint woman's ice hockey team for the games in chang in south korea the gesture of reconciliation was announced after their first high level meeting in more than two years other measures include joint training and cultural events and pyongyang will send a cheer leading the squad to the games kathy novak has more from the south korean capital seoul. this is a significant agreement between the two koreas especially considering that before high level talks last week there had been no official communication between the countries in more than two years now they have agreed to march together at the opening ceremony under a korean peninsula flag they've agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team and interesting li they are planning to stage events inside north korea they've agreed to hold training events out at a ski resort that is
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a pet project of the leader kim jong un they're also planning to hold a joint cultural event at mount kumgang now south korean tourists have not visited there since a south korean was shot by a security guard ten years ago and north korea has tried to bring up restarting that tourism program in the past there have been displays of unity at sporting events before for example the two koreas marched together at the opening ceremony of the two thousand and sydney olympics but this is agreement follows a period of heightened tensions and increasingly threatening north korean nuclear and missile tests south korean president says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in a stablish in peace on the korean peninsula but others are skeptical the japanese foreign minister has told the meaning of his counterparts that they should not be naive about north korea's intent nor should they be blinded by what he called its charm offensive saying that even now north korea continues to develop its nuclear weapons program or korea analysts say to voters foster says the agreement works
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well for both sides but it may not be a long lasting solution to reduce the tension between the two rivals. south korea for the last six or seven months has had a left leaning government that would ideally very much like to bring back the sunshine arrow which is what a ton of the century time basically when the to chris got on much better. but that's really difficult because of the whole new career missile issue when in fact kim jong un had completely ignored moon day and was the name of the the news newish softer president i also have a chill as he put forward ever since he was elected last year and it being completely ignored until now so yes graciously the north agrees to the olympics probably trying to drive a wedge between south korea and its us ally hasn't succeeded safe august alone trump has decided that all this all the credit goes to him and the president made his very wisely sucked up to him but then that's annoyed the north koreans who caused him
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a brown nosing around charlie love to use that weapon as the word they used so you can see how it could all still end in tears it's perfectly clear now under the one of the many un sanctions that have been visited on north korea for their nuclear missile test you can't have no country can have joint ventures past present or future with north korea and don't you know so that can't happen but sports as far as it goes you know what why not and if if perhaps we'll just have to see you know when this is all over the paralympics finish what two months from now it lasts whether or not you know everything just breaks out again or whether there is any lasting gain plenty more ahead on the news hour including. united in defiance catalonia separatists make every turn to the regional parliament plus. from a possible outbreak in northern part of. the other brother three things why. not take every breath and. rafael nadal keeps his cool at this training in the open on his way to round three he's going to have all the usual novel and spoke to.
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syria's main kurdish parties urging the un to act quickly to protect kodesh controlled territories in the country's north the p y d has warned that one million people live in the own flavor of africa which turkey has threatened to attack president to one says he will launch an offensive soon to push out kurdish forces tanks have gathered on the tucking side of the border and cut a link to the city and why p.g. kurdish fighters to turkey's outlawed p k k party which has fought for autonomy for decades strongly criticized the u.s. for arming and funding the white p.g. which has played a significant role in the battle against i saw u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says he will take talkies account concerns into account but in a speech about syria there was no talk of stopping support for kurdish groups the
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united states hears and takes seriously the concerns of our nato ally turkey we recognize the humanitarian contributions a military sacrifices turkey has made towards defeating isis towards their support of millions of syrian refugees and stabilizing areas of syria it is helped liberate we must turkey's close cooperation in achieving a new future for syria that ensure security for syria's neighbors you know hit on site is a research fellow at the middle east research institute is joining us now from arlington in the u.s. states over genia thanks very much for being with us why is afrin so important to turkey. please one of the three johnsons of the current study consulate sees two thousand. and. thirteen two thousand. in two thousand and sixteen launches your first or operations to make sure that the only ones which is.
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go bonnie and announces you know not feeling it too often soon for true. believer that if you will be able to eliminate the y p g threats from that region it is for the that there. is a border in the vine it will be able to undermine any work and show the kurdish autonomy in the future and in the northeast of syria. turkey's president as i mentioned before president out of one has said he will launch an attack soon to push out the kurdish forces realistically speaking given the fact that the us is supplying support to these kurdish troops is that likely. it is just. because our has been actually interesting his rhetoric about launching out on dakotas especially so he became
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pretty disappointed that the us administration down on some of the decision was top and kind of need for the kurds in in in syria now seems to me three days the us decided to even for a thirty song want to target is in the syrian console in the kurdish. controlled area areas of syria that has really concerned it you think that the feather. pose a threat to the turkish not. security in that region all that well but in my view like the kurds have been there since two thousand and. eleven their control of the border that is really and will protect the turkey in many ways socially from that you have even from the other extremists that's for me the third is more psychological of the kurds than of the club or. i think the
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best way to address these security concern is to engage with the kurds through dialogue and then to a military operation and the event that turkey does take net a tree action against the kurds in syria how do you think that's going to play out across the region. i think it will lead to these answers for everyone for the kurds for what the u.n. is for so it is as well because if turkey will launch a military operations into offering i don't think twenty plus and then kurds on the other side of the border will be silent and just. so in two thousand and fourteen when coke was under siege thousands of kurds you know cross turkey were looking forward to the truth you should see if you knew there were protests and you know the to kish policy toward it is our job but with syria and kurdistan in the meantime became inclusive it is not water and even if. it is water of the
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mountain into the city which it led to the destruction of. most of my kurdish neighbors dish in the e.r. workers and sounds of charity and also hundreds of lives were not so i think the the operation if ever what would go through according to some reports is of the moment george p. is not shelling some of the while these are provisions in austria and i think eventually it will be a relief not to us instead of send the property in turkish national security i think it's well undermined turkish national security. you have and so you thank you very much indeed the parliament in spain is catalonia region has met for the first time since snap elections in december they're still on the certainty over who will be the new president of the parliament separatist parties want to follow money to put them all but he's
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a self-imposed exile in belgium called pan hall reports. but the first vote in a new session of the cattle and parliament and the separatist members of the new assembly the next chapter in their campaign for catalonia to split from the rest of spain. we're not going to back down we're going to work to build up the grassroots and turn a goal of an independent republic into reality. yellow ribbons marked the seats of elected members of parliament who are in jail or on the run judges accused them of rebellion for leading the campaign to create a breakaway republic when spanish prime minister used emergency powers to call snap elections to the cattle and parliament is clear aim was to try and realign the balance of power but that gamble has not paid off because once again separatist parties have been able to build a majority and ruling coalition. of the
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process session coalition was elected parliamentary speaker at wednesday's inaugural session but i learned that if the. parliamentary speaker is an important job he will effectively control the political agenda within the next two weeks he must organize a vote to choose the new head of the cancelling government the separatist party's want to reinstate ousted leader demand who fled to belgium when the spanish government declared emergency rule in october that we. will have brazil with him on in. spanish police say they'll arrest poos demand if he returns unity politicians who favor remaining part of spain also reject the proposal this increase in their force the new forest minister must be hearing catalonia not abroad we will not accept the savior the moccasin virtual politicians are holograms
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. separatist m.p.'s ended the opening session with the capital an anthem a rebel song about breaking the chains of spanish oppression while outside several thousand rallied to support the separatist cause they sense the stage is now set for a new showdown with spanish government leaders in madrid. the white house chief of staff has reportedly said president donald trump's campaign promises on immigration where uninformed u.s. media is reporting john kerry made the comments while discussing immigration with democratic politicians democrats want guarantees to protect undocumented immigrants before backing a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown would she have a chance is joining me now from washington d.c. she had just give us some context here what was of the general kelly actually said
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well it seemed to be another case and we've seen a lot of this recently particularly in that book by michael wolff the fury of someone very close to donald trump politically always been a bad mouth him and boasting about their influence over donald trump john kelly said that while donald trump was on the campaign trail his policies his signature policy his keep all of the build the wall was uninformed and the kelly had to explain to donald trump that it simply wasn't possible geographically topographically to build a cement wall from sea to shining sea in addition there was no way that the mexican government was directly going to pay for it so that's what was so strange about this that was kelly was bragging about this it's all very well but the problem is everything that trump says in public doesn't suggest he has evolved as kelly was suggesting to lawmakers in congress it's kind of added to the confusion as to where the administration stands kelly then did an interview with fox news there after these reports surfaced where he said he gave it
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a much more benign context to what he was trying to explain to the members of congress he wasn't bragging about anything it seemed he was just explaining how the realities of politics work after an election and you begin governing. he's adjusted the way he's looked at the south asia strategy in afghanistan he's very definitely changes towards the darker issue and even the war once we briefed him when i was at the h.s. so he has evolved in the way he's looked at things campaign to governing in two different things and this president is very very very flexible in terms of what is within the realm of the possible and that she had as we mentioned before this is all part of talks leading up to trying to find some sort of agreement ahead of this friday deadline for the to prevent the government shutdown now we've been in this situation before we saw it during the obama era but at that point the two sides were much closer this time they're very far apart what do you think the expectation is that there might be an agreement that will actually avoid this shutdown. but
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there is more of a chance now that there might be agreement on they might have been a couple of days ago but let me explain the key there is duck which you heard john kelly mentioned deferred action on deportees for this is these are the immigrants who came to who came to the u.s. as children without the proper documentation president obama gave them a waiver against the federal donald trump said he was going to he was going to stop that deferral but gave congress until march to come up with a way to come up with some sort of replacement for he said oh i love these people after all but there's another reason why there's not confusion as to what the white house position is because last week it seemed there was a bipartisan agreement have been come up for daca but on tuesday don't seem to love it by thursday famously when with profanity he said he hated he hated the compromise the reason why that's part of these budget negotiations that you were alluding to is it seems that some democrats are saying look unless we get a deal on daca we're not going to vote for any kind of continuing resolution or
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a yearlong budget resolution which will fund the government for another year the government might shut down on friday say the democrats some democrats unless we reach a deal now the republicans have shifted things slightly in the house what they're know rather craftily saying is look we may not be able to come up with a deal on dhaka but what we will do is have a continuing resolution a ten other temporal resolution to mid february to fund the budget but in that we will add a provision to fund a childhood help child health insurance program for six years and that's another key democratic demand and don't trump has let that languish this child health insurance thing which is so important millions of children around the country so that kind of daring the democrats to vote against that when that is when other one of their one of their one of their goals so that there's a chance now that there might be some compromise and darko might be again kicked down the road and we'll have a temporary resolution or all some democrats are saying no deal will be possible without resolution on these dreamers that the deferred action for childhood
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arrivals several times a life for us in washington d.c. thank you very much. britain's lower house of parliament has approved a bill that will help the country's withdrawal from the european union the reform is going to transfer european laws into u.k. laws the bill now goes to the upper teens wherein they face more resistance it's expected to have several amendments added before being sent back to the lower house for the debate while bragg's is expected to be a major point of discussion when britain's prime minister meets france's president in london later on thursday people on both sides of the english channel are worried about their livelihoods once the u.k. leaves the european union the tasha buffet reports from the northern coast of france where the economy relies on its close links with the u.k. . for generations the fishermen of below in sylmar have fished freely in u.k. waters under european union rules the northern french port is only fifty kilometers
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from britain across the english channel the fishermen worry it will no longer be possible after britain leaves the. remaining fission english waters at this time of year so that is taken away from us life would be very hard he is one of the thirty five thousand tonnes of fish that are landed here each year two thirds of from u.k. waters and don't forget also that five thousand people here live on the seafront in the street and in large estates the processing industry so if we don't get that fish from the u.k. waters that would impact also that side of the industry. fishing leaders say that unless a deal is made people on both sides of the channel have much to lose or you measure if there was a hard brecht's it it could be difficult for the english to bring their fish to france about eighty percent of british fish and up on the european market mainly via france. are going to be a northern front for always being close to the. troops who were in the french
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president and british prime minister marie contreras great people here her that britain leaders will work to protect their interests is a link is crucial and read. it and develop it so we are trying to convince those of us and the british florent to do more. it's unclear at this stage which way the olds are stacked but they're all signs that paris and london wish to stay on good terms on the agenda for thursday summit the possible known of the bio tapestry to britain the eleventh century art work depicts invasion of england by french troops it has never left france if it crosses the english channel now the symbolism lost on no one natasha butler al-jazeera. pope francis has celebrated mass in the southern shelley in town where yet another
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catholic church has been set on fire as one of at least ten that have been set ablaze in the past week the pontiff stopped in the region is seen as the most complex of his trip because it's the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups from to mco a lot in america had it alyse a new reports. this is how indigenous map which is pray with branches and cries to the sun and the earth and it was with their traditional rites not the catholic churches that pope francis began his visit to chile's most rest of region. but. we can hear alco sing of a sorrow that cannot be silenced who said trees of injustices that everyone sees taking place. the pope dedicated his homily to the my pooches acknowledging that their blood was spilt on this very airbase chosen for the papal ceremony and it is still being disputed by seven hundred families thousands walk long distances from
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all over the region to attend even from neighboring argentina but. we are separated by the andes mountains but we are the same people with the same demands for the return of our ancestral lands that were taken from us. but many couldn't get here because of barricades put up by massed groups who clocked access roads but yet our region has been beaten by too many conflicts since the pope is closer to god than we are hopefully he can into seed and i will be have for peace. three catholic churches were targeted by arsonists in the lead up to the pope's visit no one has taken responsibility doesn't. hear. about them and neighbor. francis privately you know him there. but the
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vatican spokesman told al-jazeera the pope is not here to mediate the pope called for my pushes to be recognized as a peoples but he made no mention of the key issue of land rights instead he warned against confrontation and violence. violence begets violence destruction increases fragmentation and separation violence can turn even the most just cause into a law. book francis's repeated plea for unity is what many wanted to hear but it's unclear whether it will contribute to easing a centuries old dispute in chile's poorest region you see in human. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why australia's government says it's not as tough on refugees as the world believes. and drawing lines in the sand the leader of the dakar rally extends his overall advantage on stage eleven of all the
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details in the sport. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello once again temperatures in china are on the rise they shouldn't be but they are the forecast for shanghai is twelve degrees and thursday twenty one to hong kong in fact virtually anywhere in central southern china is above average temperature wise some cloud is building in the west as the ground starts to rise with a sheriff here of rain not snow rain but a significant rain cayley's there were any here over the philippines the last day or so we've seen one two hundred millimeters fall in luzon the bit further south that's slowly drifting away there was a talk clouds are still in existence through indonesia or linus sydney given persistent rain in java and sort of ways it will carry on doing so and if you get
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to proffer you guinea the circulation might fall anyhow it's the rain even more here it's the wet season i suppose we should expect this sort of thing now or nothing is just the flow of the air act all in northern india delis just sitting in fog or small or both all the time as you well know is twenty odd by day and we're down to single figures quite a few places by night is what you should expect this time the year and it's certainly what's happening there and he didn't showers for crossness are going to a little bit more clouds in the sky bit of architectural cloud to look at. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. i am doing this on the benefit of saddam people. so in that they see the importance of the outcry.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what president stated in no country that is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and build winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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you're watching all just here a reminder of our top stories this hour if the opiah has freed opposition leader mariana good enough who was detained during anti-government protests and twenty fifteen the government's released more than four hundred others as part of what it says is a national reconciliation drive. north and south korea will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics but also field a joint hockey team the gesture of reconciliation follows the first talks in more than two years. i want us to. stuff is reportedly said president donald trump's campaign promises on immigration uninformed u.s. media say john kerry made the comments while discussing immigration reform with democratic politicians. israeli forces have killed a palestinian man during a raid in janine in the occupied west bank israeli media are linking it to the
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search for the killer of a rabbi who was shot a week ago some palestinians were injured in gunfire injuring the raid. the un's agency for palestinian refugees is looking for other donors after the u.s. cut its contribution it's withholding hof of the one hundred twenty five million dollars that it pledged to the un relief and works agency in twenty eighteen washington was under was biggest donor and accounted for about thirty percent of the bodies budget that latest cuts comes in top of an already drastically reduced contribution from the u.s. in previous years imran khan reports. it will be camps like these jalazone in the occupied west bank that will be affected most by the us decision to cut a refugee funding to the united nations relief and works agency otherwise known as . there isn't a household here that doesn't rely on whether it's health education a waste collection fifteen thousand refugees live here yeah it would be
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a big problem with. the agency wasn't here for just two days you would see thrashed by leg up on metal in places like gaza residents fear they will be left destitute because of the u.s. decision the israeli siege of gaza already creates acute shortages of food electricity and other essentials as well as causing high unemployment and infrastructure to crumble. i think he should have mercy on the people and the little ones my husband isn't president i can't buy wheat eleven on syria jordan and elsewhere five million palestinian refugees are reliant on. the agency has a deficit and says this new cut further harms its operations we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the
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middle east we hope that regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the us would auction politically the palestinians say the u.s. is no longer a part of the peace this is another way sure does the heart of been the thinking over there but a senior leadership and it shows that we are part. it shows the reading of the political product of where the president and his administration would have come from to this issue it proves every day because of the euro zone and because of the another one us president donald trump has already caused controversy internationally with the announcement that the u.s. embassy will move from tel aviv to jerusalem and that's angered palestinian president mahmoud abbas. this sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake
5:36 am
of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the us has chosen to violate international law how can we trust his administrator how can we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them as mediators between us and the israelis the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side the us president donald trump said he was looking for the deal of the century which we need and the palestinians or palestinians say that that deal is now history imran khan al-jazeera gelatine refugee camp in the occupied west bank egypt is preparing for its next presidential poll in two months but the outcome already appears to be a foregone conclusion president out of c.c. looks likely to be reelected reports. even before he entered politics egyptian president of the fatah al sisi as head of the supreme council of the armed forces
5:37 am
which governed after the fall of hosni mubarak showed adeptness as a political trick to shoot. we will not agree approve or allow egypt to enter a dark tunnel of conflict or internal fighting or civil war or sectarian strife or the collapse of the state's institutions. but almost four years into his presidency many are disillusioned with his leadership this consolidate sorry time to the autocratic security state that prevailed under mubarak rendering that to a square evolution only a brief experiment in democracy the system is all set up for him to both run and win i think the more interesting question is. to what extent are they going to play with the constitution amend the constitution to give him additional terms beyond this next four year stretch but there's no question that he will run in this round and there's also no question that he'll win because there's no competition real opposition to c.c.
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in the march election is likely to be seen on the ground potential candidates of either withdraw him or seen that candidacy blocked some have blamed most fail fear . says his swept to power in twenty thirteen after a military coup propped up by a cult of personality that's lost that through the two thousand and fourteen election where he hoped tamed ninety seven passant of the boat. his rule has however been marked by a brutal crackdown on three dome of expression and civil liberties economic turbulence an increasing up tuck's by armed groups he has deemed thousands of all points including many of those involved in the two thousand and eleven uprising that toppled mubarak street protests have been effectively banned human rights groups have been placed on the severe restrictions and many critics in the media have been silenced he's allies however dismissed accusations of abuse. the saying these tactics are needed for security in the face of an insurgency the most sinai
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region has expanded to include civilian targets terrorism and violence have increased so you know the formula is not to you know roll back freedoms and carry out campaigns of elimination that's not the formula for security and stability and you know fighting terrorism while many dread four more years of. somebody may not helpful he can save the country egypt they say is simply too big to fail mohammed zero zero. nearly two and a half thousand refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya in the last week that's according to the international organization for migration the number of people attempting to cross the mediterranean to reach europe is down from last year however the number of people killed remains high at least two hundred refugees drowned in the first two weeks of twenty eighteen that's a similar figure to this time last year the story is government is defending its
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tough stance on immigration highlighting the fact that in per capita terms it took in more refugees from the un's refugees resettlement program than any other country but just one percent of refugees in the world put forward to be we settled and or thomas reports. australia is known for being tough towards refugees denying asylum to anyone who arrives by boat but its government says that in fact the country is generous towards refugees. markel area is a refugee who agrees the magician originally from iran says australia has been welcoming everybody respect each other they're good things more to cut their country and all these different different nationalities live together in one country. australia's government says being tough on unauthorized migration has put it in control of its borders that means it has public support to take in large numbers of prescreened refugees by the united nations official resettlement along
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with the united states and canada the most generous provider of places under the refugee and humanitarian program in the world last year the united states took in nearly a hundred thousand refugees canada took almost fifty thousand and australia took twenty seven thousand six hundred through the united nations refugee process on a per capita basis as a percentage of its small population australia resettled more refugees this way than any other country. but these figures are selective the number of refugees resettled by australia is dwarfed by the two point seven million sheltered by turkey or the one point five million in pakistan what is true is that for those refugees australia's government brings in on its own terms the support once they get here is some of the best in the world as well as education and counseling are entitled access to help to his magic show there's
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a government supported finance scheme to help refugees develop small businesses that critics say it's not enough to treat one group kindly while locking out another the ability to seek asylum is fundamental to refugee protection around the world and the why the destroyer trades people coming by by undermines that fundamental protection australia is generosity is real but is being overshadowed under thomas al-jazeera sydney. space scientists in japan have launched the world's smallest satellite carrying rocket after a failed attempt last year to mini rocket blasted off from space center on a mission to collect images of the earth's surface developers used parts found in a home electronics and smartphones to build the rocket they're hoping similar low cost models are going to fuel demand for small lights. joining us from sydney is morris jones a space analyst and author of the book when men walked on the moon thank you very
5:43 am
much indeed for being with us just give us a context here if you would in terms of the size i will i wasn't entirely sure from the pictures that we just saw there just how big that rocket is when we're talking about a smaller rocket what size are we actually talking about. we're talking about roughly twenty four mazes in the standard model which is fairly small when you think that the rockets that launch astronauts to the moon was roughly one hundred nations told so and it's not just the height it's the ballgame it's the fact that it's not just small. slim and it's also very simple in terms of its components so all of this adds up to a small rocket that actually costs a lot less in terms of the components that they're able to find i believe as we mentioned that they can be bought pretty much off the shelf why has it taken so long to get to this stage in rocket development when it would seem that if the
5:44 am
stuff was already there to buy off the shelf we'd have been doing this some time ago. well a rocket in space engine is a very conservative by nature they like to use top grade components and they like to use components that have been developed especially for the space industry and this is mainly a question of reliability now you've got the other side of that is the fact that what you can buy off the shelf is growing steadily. better and better as time goes on and we finally get to the stage where the very ordinary off the shelf electronics is now good enough to sort of in space industry so it's probably because the technology is good but it's also in an attitude change on the part of the people who are building the rockets what kind of impact is this launch and others like it going to have on the development of a rocket technology around the world. well i think right
5:45 am
now there's a bit of a race to see who can produce the most cost effective rockets we've got this japanese rocket you've got private companies. in america and china and because these companies sometimes government but sometimes commercially driven they have an incentive to build these things at a cheap price that they can get more people on board so even the idea of trying to build things within a reasonable budget is a big step forward in terms of management attitudes in the way that the engineers think about what they built and so it's not just the japanese it's part of a global trend that we see i'm told i do think that this is going to mean that we're going to see a wider number of countries on private individuals around the world sending their own satellites and. it's making it possible for a lot of small countries with very small budgets to finally get to space and part of it's the rocketry but the other side of that is the fact that satellites are also getting cheaper and they're getting cheaper for the same reasons that it's
5:46 am
getting easier and easier to gives off the shelf components and send a delegate tronics and just build a satellite without the sort of multi-million dollar budgets that it demands in the past it sounds a lot like space is going to become even more crowded than it was before but so mars jones space on those thank you very much indeed for your type. france's abandon plans for the new airport after decades of indecision in the north a long airport was slated to be built and known to in the northwest it has faced opposition from activists and environmentalists says the idea was suggested in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven squatters who set up camp on the proposed site have been ordered to leave by spring still ahead on the al-jazeera news are we take a dive to a one of a kind cave in mexico that could help shed some light on the mayan civilization. in sports a headache for the umpire this truly an open and is going to have the details on this for.
5:47 am
5:48 am
it's time for the sports here's andy thank you very much for north and south korea will march together at next month's opening ceremony for the winter games in pyongyang the two koreas made the agreement during talks on wednesday as well as appearing under a unified flight the two koreas will form a combined women's ice hockey team taekwondo athletes supporters and musicians will also be parts of the north korean delegation on north korea boycotted the last olympics in south korea that was the one nine hundred eighty eight summer games in
5:49 am
seoul twelve years later at the two thousand sydney olympics athletes from the two countries walked under one flag at the opening ceremony the two thousand and six went to games and suranne was the last time the two countries appeared together at an olympics is all sports correspondent lee wellings. well the significant developments don't have to be confirmed by the international olympic committee and roseanne on saturday but i will confirm them because this is very good for the i.o.c. the same as peace brokers when in fact they've just been perfectly positioned to be used by the koreans to come together it's not unprecedented but it is usually significant because if you go back to two thousand and six the korean team marched together i mean one hundred ninety one north and south korea competed at the world table tennis championships together so it does happen but this feels bigger because of the political implications and there are also difficulties involved no doubt about that if you look at the women's ice hockey team that will represent korea or
5:50 am
south korea or quite strong north korea on so that dilutes that same having some north korean players of course there are going to be some upset south korean players some of the coaches some of the people in south korea are wondering whether this should happen that one of them said look it's it's not the same as gluing a broken plate together so not everybody is happy about it but what's happening transcends the huge delegation from north korea that we're going to be in pyongyang we're talking about around five hundred fifty people means more than who wins a medal they three at the australian open so rafael nadal and caroline wozniak you progressing through to the third round in melbourne is a tough day for some of the big names but as johnny guys are oscar reports the men's world number one looks to be on something of a hot streak. rafael nadal continued his bright start to what he hopes will be a seventeenth grand slam title with no sign of his knee injury the dow was in the pink against leonardo mayo nothing's getting it is why not even
5:51 am
a ball go. and the world the one who passed the argentinian three set to reach the third round they were. third seed grigor dimitrov survived an epic encounter in the second round as he was taken to five sets by the donald the world number one hundred eighty six just didn't have the edge over the ball gary to the end david chalke winning this one eight six set australia's may carry us also had a fight on his hands against picture troitsky the seventeenth seed complained several times to be on par about noise from the crowd and of the two microphone and the umpires headache didn't get there. i but kerry also eventually saw his tricky opponent seven five six four seven six as a compressed into round three was the women strong second seed caroline busch necchi came from five one down and set the save to much going to back with
5:52 am
aspirations yes but they were going to possible future contender for the crown an ounce tougher presence on wednesday at fifteen years old ukrainian vata cost york became the youngest player to reach the round of a glance time since one thousand nine hundred seventy should be alleviated by ups guys. i heard a lot of time that i'm talented and i know dad. i know that only talent will learn how to play good so. i can say that i'm. i'm working pretty hard. to walk about five hundred twenty one the next great compassion i mean especially you know as she hopes to keep progressing in melbourne jonica. just. in june football's governing body will decide where the twenty twenty six world cup is to be played a joint bid from the u.s. and mexico and canada is the front runner with morocco its only rival right now the
5:53 am
countries hosting the african nations championship asuna hamish reports from casablanca. these were the scenes eight years ago when south africa hosted the world cup and in eight years the continent could once again welcome football's biggest showpiece. morrocco has surprised everyone no with their last minute bid to organize the twenty twenty six edition and the man in charge of african football has given the country his full backing. cinnabon and this is our hope and dreams and has it is unfair that a great continent like africa has only been allowed to organize one world cup in a century i think it is legitimate for us to want one of our countries to make this commitment and i'm myself as a president and committed to join in this bid and. the twenty twenty sixth edition there is the first expanded the world cup consisting of forty eight countries this newly renovated one hundred the fifth stadium here in cousin blanka could be
5:54 am
a showpiece venue but morocco has to prove it can handle such a big event it's building a good track record right now by hosting the continent second biggest tournament the african nations championship it's also staged the bigger africa cup of nations and the francophone games which featured one thousand seven hundred athletes and although morocco faces a stiff competition from a joint usa canada and mexico bid this confidence within the country that they can deliver the debate which we are facing is is is very hard you know we are competing against strong economies we are competing against america canada mexico but then as i said. so to system has changed a lot of things have changed world also has has changed during the last years basically in terms of infrastructure we are seeing more and more developments in
5:55 am
morocco the north african country has already had full failed bid you know not going to from wherever we see that morocco has perfectly organized the african nations championship and it can host the world cup in twenty twenty six moroccan football is on the rise russia twenty eighteen will be the first world cup for. years they'll be hoping they can make it fifth time lucky with this bit. of fun hamlisch al-jazeera casablanca moral code color science has extended his lead some more than an hour at the dakar rally after stage eleven the spaniard finished in third place on wednesday also had a ten minute penalty removed by the organizers which was given to him earlier on in the week over an alleged collision with a quad bike science leads by one hour and forty five seconds from frenchman stuff and has a handsome with just three more stages remaining ok but as always both are not more lights out. now from over the dunes to under the sea the archaeologists in mexico
5:56 am
have discovered what is believed to be the largest underwater cave in the world the network of flooded tunnels and chambers is around three hundred fifty kilometers long divers have found human bones and pottery and they're hoping to use them to gain a better understanding of the mayan civilization culture tears in reports. deep underneath the state of kin tunnel row in eastern mexico new the sandy beaches of can coon the tourist resort on the caribbean coast scuba divers explore what they say is the world's longest and largest underwater cavern on the property with stretching for three hundred forty seven kilometers the freshwater caves are known as sea not dead dust off hosts the maze of underwater channels is not only extensive but also deep up to one hundred meters in some spots on the sea in the sea not these muscle meaning of the scene there are about two hundred underwater caves in the secretary a system which we thought could be connected but we were not sure of that so now we
5:57 am
know about the collection and the flows of water while the city can put them into the way. that scientists think the kids were used as a source of fresh water during the ancient maya civilization divers began exploring the mayan our coffers in the one nine hundred eighty s. mayans considered the cave sacred to the portal to talk with the gods north down a northern me email or use of it gives us a wonderful perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and how the ancient mayans developed it allows us to understand more clearly the rituals and the pilgrimage sites and finally the great prius ban example means that we know of which run along this cave system. at the peak of their civilizations in the six to ten centuries mayans mastered agriculture mouths and they're strong to me as well as building hospitals and sporting arenas and they're credited with creating calendars and discovering chocolate. mayans abandoned their cities around one thousand years ago when spanish explorers arrived hundreds of years later they
5:58 am
found most cities overgrown. this discovery by divers deep underwater may shed more light on what happened above so long ago. al-jazeera. don john is going to be here with the latest news in a couple minutes i'm rob matheson thanks for being with life and. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way. our impeccable senators remain. but none comes breaking. business. trip to see the three stooges.
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when they're conducting business sharing a special journey. to the thing still. the search for. someone. trying some of these. you'll sing in the sky. to see you speak. honestly newsgroups. can zone and we're going places together. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time
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on al-jazeera. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and influenced the course of history the salt did not get enough credit for it in the book will be a big historical figure but he was not the biggest cold in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on. celebrations in ethiopia off the release of an opposition leader and hundreds of other prisoners as part of a government honest.


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